Best Dressed at Sundance? Zooey Deschanel!

01/24/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Most of the actresses that PEOPLE has talked to at Sundance have bemoaned how hard it is to look cute in the frigid conditions (the wind chill in Park City is in the single digits), but Zooey Deschanel is managing to rise above the temperatures and still look as adorable as ever. No Ugg boots and parkas for this actress, who is at the festival promoting her new film The Good Life. From her shimmering silver sheath and white horse-bit pumps to her green boots and striped knit dress, this actress isn’t sacrificing any of her signature vintage style for comfort — and we think she looks just great. Tell us: what do you think of Zooey’s style?

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Photo: carolyn kaster/ap; Roger Wong/INF

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Christine on

Is she trying to hide the fact that she’s pregnant?

Meg on

Wow, Zooey has really cleaned up her act! I was so sick of all of her sloppy, over the top outfits, it seemed like she’d never make it off the Worst Dressed list!

I wrote a blog post a few months back about Zooey’s penchant for combining like 15 trends at a time (leggings AND belts AND headband AND boots, etc she always has way too much going on). You can check it out here:

Anne on

I’m not impressed by either… Green boots do not go with black and pink.

Elizabeth on

Where can I get that knit dress?!?!

Kate on

I agree that she looks great – but isn’t it a little hypocritical to make fun of Tara Reid for getting gussied up for Sundance when Zooey is obviously doing the same thing? Sure, I like Zooey’s style better than Tara’s, but Tara-bashing is SO 2006.

BC on

she is so pretty and i love her look

enigma on

All in all she does look fine but, what’s up with the green boots!?!?!? HHMMM?!?

laura on

she looks alike a space cadett

j on

i think she has a fun, funky style she pulls off w/out looking like she’s trying too hard.

Diana on

Okay let me get this straight. She is best dressed? No way… I hate what she is wearing… You have a complaint about what Tara is wearing and that is considered “stylish.” Weird… I don’t like how she is dressed: green, pink, purple and black? Okay stop please don’t make me laugh any harder…

Kristin on

Kate- I agree with 100% abot dissin’ tara Reid for dressing up when Zoey did the SAME thing. Nice going…

Anyway, the first dress is NOT all the flattering on her and the second is a huge improvement, minus the green boots.

diane on

I LOVE HER LOOK! she always looks so put together and adorable…and never skanky! :)

Trinity on

I love her! She always marches to the beat of a different drum, and I really respect that. I think fashion should be about looking like an idividual, not like the rest of the sheep!

Heather S. on

Neither of the outfits are my personal cup of tea, though she appears to have nailed her own personal style. Meanwhile, make the little white pumps in a pretty spring color (I have bad luck with white shoes!) and I COVET them!

Rei on

Anne–it is not now, nor has it been for some time, appropriate to be “matchy-matchy”. You’re about a decade behind.

C on

The black dress is really cute and I love her hair in that picture. The silver dress, though, eww! It looks like a maternity dress my mom would have worn in the early 70’s, especially with those ugly white shoes. Very Brady Bunch.

O'Wryly on

No one is claiming that she should be “matchy matchy” {how obnoxious} BUT the green boots don’t even remotely pull the the outfit together; they just look like an afterthought gone horribly awry. If this is considered “best dressed” I guess I’m relieved that I’m not someone that would be considered fashionable. You couldn’t PAY me to wear that crap.

jennifer on

Not trying to bash on any of you girls but you have to be a bit more opened minded considering the venue and the actress. It is indie-film Sundance, after all, and she’s an adorable non-cookie-cutter girl. Her clothes are fashionable, eclectic, cute & funky. Very much like I like to dress so I have to disagree with a lot of the remarks posted here. Re: Tara – hope she can continue to work on her evolving new style. That previously featured photo of her outfit at Sundance was pretty desperate looking and wearing fur is just plain awful. People that are still wearing fur must be uneducated about what an animal endures for their ‘fashion’ statement. I’d hate to think that they DO know about the horrible cruelty invovled and just don’t care. Hello J Lo – are you listening?

adia on

that silver dress makes her look like a pregnant lady. which, there is nothing wrong with if you are, in fact, pregnant…
it’s cool that she has her own style but she should try to flatter her looks instead of fight them.

abc123 on

the dress on the left looks like its made of hard material, like it’s made of paper or something. it almost looks uncomfortable. the one on the right looks nice. i actually like those colors (except for those green boots).

Brittany on

I absolutely love the originality she has going out with these outfits, especially the one to the right. She doesn’t follow the cliche “match this color with this color.” she has her own creative style and I love it

Ellie on

i like the outfit on the right, but the one on the left makes her look frumpy and old because it’s so shapeless. i like zooey, but her fashion sense is hit-or-miss in my opinion.

Z on

She needs to hire a new personal shopper and get hooked up with a designer. Horribly wrong.

Angie on

She’s a pretty girl but those outfits really suck, theres plenty of other close to chose from out there.

Michelle on

I live in Utah about 30mins from Park City and this girl is absolutely crazy to wear something like that out in the weather we have been getting….I won’t be surprised is she catches pneumonia or something!

Haley on

You all are a bunch of mindless people ruled by the dictates of what is “current and fashionable.” You don’t have the courage to dress the way you really want to because you’re afraid of what others will say… so you bash the people who do have the courage. Grow up and find something better to do.

Kristen on

Not my style, but a huge improvement for herself.

Jo on

I definately agree 100% with jennifer a few posts up….

“you have to be a bit more opened minded considering the venue and the actress. It is indie-film Sundance, after all, and she’s an adorable non-cookie-cutter girl. Her clothes are fashionable, eclectic, cute & funky. Very much like I like to dress so I have to disagree with a lot of the remarks posted here.”

RIght on! I dress that way as well, and people always say “wow, i never would of thought of wearing that/i dont think that i could pull that off, but it looks great on you!” etc.

and….those green boots are HOT!!!

katie on

The silver dress is horrid for a young slim girl to appear like a 9mo. pregnant woman. If this is what fake material does for your body, then I totally adore Tara’s fur jacket. How come all the anti-fur people attack women- and not Harley-riding men that wear leather or WallStreet types that eat steak and wear snakeskin? All the fur-haters should get out of civil society because they are also killing animals by the simple fact of their existance takes away wildlife habitats. Put your brain where your mouth is and stop being so righteous when all humans use animals for survival… do you think dogs really want to be dressed up?

Vic on

LOVE the black but the silver has no shape and is to rigid

Jackie O. on

I think she’s fabulous. She’s so unique and adventurous in her fashion choices (not that I always like everything she wears, but it’s a refreshing change from the “cookie-cutter starlet” look that we see so much). The black with the green boots is great and I like the siver too, although it’s not very flattering.

It just takes a lot of guts to go to these events looking so different when you know a bunch of people who don’t even know you are going to see your picture and critique what you wear later, so you have to give the girl some credit.

KC on

I personally like some of the people that get “fined” by the fashion police. Zooey being one of these people, like Selma Blair and Chloe Sevigney (spelling) she is a risk taker. Of course she doesn’t always look stunning etc, but I have to say “hoooray” when people don’t follow the norms and break trends. I think she is a very stylish and and cute indvidual. Many people can’t even name a movie she is in but they know her….and that’s why her style like it or not is right on! YOU GO ZOOEY!

Martine on

she looks ok

jennifer on

To Katie – You make some valid points which leads me to believe that you too feel strongly about animal & environmental issues for the good. Please don’t shoot down those of us who are hoping to make people realize the horrors of the fur industry. Fur always seems to be a way of saying ‘Look at me. I’m rich enough to wear fur.’ That’s just pitiful. There are plenty of materials available in this day & age that can be used to look stunning & fashionable. It’s not a matter of survival & warmth like it was many years ago. Sure – there are a lot of other issues that exist that do not make me proud to be part of the human race even though we are the ‘superior species’. I am not perfect. I frequently think about a quote of Gandhi’s – “the greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”. I just wish more people could consider this.

Kay on

OMG Zoey you look amazing. I really like the winter picture you look amazing!

Katie C. on

I love Zoey’s black dress on the right… its adorable. Where can I find it?!?!?!?!?

Sami on

I don’t like it. The second pic looks great, but the other one makes her look like a mixture of frumpy and tacky.

jonathan on

She’s gorgeous!

Lorrin on

Mischa Barton take note… this is how the shapeless dress is done!

Serena on

Zooey always looks cute and unique. It’s refreshing to see someone in the spotlight with their own personal style, not just wearing manufactured looks from huge designers. And at least she’s dressing sensibly since it is winter in Utah… I think she looks great.

Lizzie on

Ok, i like the one on the right, altho the boots would look better black, but i’m not so big on the silver one, but, hey, everybody has their own style.

katie on

jennifer: i read alot of people complaining about tara reid’s fur coat- but no one said the same about zooey’s leather boots. it seems like the bully syndrom, fur is easy to attack… why not be really humane and worry about the children dying daily? isn’t peta simply an easy way for rich white girls to protest their mothers?

Tamara Jade on

Sigh…only you deluded Cali types would classify this as ‘frigid weather chic.’ Don’t get me wrong: I love Zooey and I love what she’s wearing, but those are NOT cold weather outfits. At least in the 2nd picture she has on long sleeves and tights, but heLLO….that SNOW in the background people!! Having the spin of this post as how well she does cold weather fashion makes absolutely no sense at all.
I hate to pull the typical Canadian cliche, but up here we know how to dress for the weather and still look pretty good at the same time (hint: it doesn’t involve silver sleeveless shift dresses in the middle of January). Thanks for letting me rant.

LJ on

The black dress is cute, but I typically don’t like Zooey’s “signature style.” Besides which, it’s just dumb to not dress appropriately for the weather.

Miss D on

Mismatched, the dress is too bulky (preggers perhaps?), she looks messy…

Suzi on

I think ugg boots & parka would be the way to go! Who wishes to be uncomfortable? Do not like her outfit regardless of the weather!

mdub on

Looks so much better!

stk on

maybe you don’t know but the trend this year is to wear opposite colors…hence the green boots with the red and purple and black. i agree; the silver dress should be a little more fitting and I’m not the biggest fan of those white shoes…but other than that i think she pulls off those two outfits very well.

Marissa on


Trish on

ok I understand the green boots are a little over the top but just because the white shoes might match the outfit doesnt mean theyre the best pick….those things are haneous!

georgie on

love the boots! it’s always so hard to find anything other than the normal boring black or brown boots. and when you’ re wearing black any color boot is fine!

nina on

i seriously love this outfit and she loks adorable. she has great style with all of her cute vintage clothes. people are bing too mean just becasuse she is unique and differnt. she looks so good at the the Sundance.

Sara on

I love her style-as well as the green boots

Rania on

how is this girl best dressed?

Rachael on

I agree, the boots don’t go with her knit dress outfit, but yes, the right shades of pink and green DO go together. I think she looks cute, nonetheless, and that she has a great style.

Brooklynn on

She is fabulous!

She takes trends that are current and mixes it with her own flair, which is great to see since everyone else works too hard to look too cookie cutter.

And the green boots are fantastic. Something doesn’t have to necessarily MATCH to GO with an outfit. It’s a complete look.

Everyone should be a little more like Zooey in the sense that she takes risks. Fashion should be fun, not constricting.

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