Would You Wear Sheer Hose Like Katie? Or Go Bare Like Posh?

01/24/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Posh and Katie are at it again! Back in Paris where we first noticed their budding friendship last fall, the ladies are in town for couture week and the BFF’s headed out to an Armani store opening together last night. Though both women were wearing elegant black dresses, there was one major difference between their looks — Posh went for bare legs while an Armani Privé-clad Katie covered up in sheer black stockings. Though the nighttime Parisian temperature was near freezing, we can’t imagine wearing sheer black hose! We would either go for bare legs like Posh or choose opaque black tights. What about you? Would you wear sheer hose like Katie? Or do you go for bare like Posh?

Photo: Splash News

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Elba on

No! THat look is too old for her. She is 27 for god’s sake.

Jo on

Katie is looking very beautiful in this photo…from the waist up, that is! Sheer hose are extremely outdated! Go for opaque next time Katie! Victoria actually looks cute too, but bare legs AND bare arms? At least wear a coat if it is cold outside, Posh, dont freeze for fashion!

O'Wryly on

Maybe it’s skewed perception on my part {or perhaps just a smudge on my glasses}, but does Katie look alarmingly Stepford-wifish to anyone else? If she is such a good friend to Sour Puss Beckham, she should nudge her every now and again and quetly tell her to smile real purty and to stop looking like she just got a whiff of something odious. As for the hosiery question … so People people {in their infinite wisdom} think bare legs in near freezing temps is a better choice than sheer black stockings. Hmmm, must be some logic buried in there that I’m missing. I’d go the opaque tights route meself. Cheers!

Darcy on

No one under 50 should ever wear “stockings”, they make her look old, Posh is right on with the adorable dress, Katie in stockings and black velvet is dressing about 30 years older than necessary. Perfect, classy outfit for Barbara Walters or Oprah not Katie!

Jennifer on

If I had VB’s skin colour I’d probably go with bare legs in that dress. But my skin colour is more like Katie’s so I’d scare some kids with bare legs. I can understand why she doesn’t wear opaque tights – I’d have gone with a patterned tight rather than plain. Opaque tights just seem so casual when you’re wearing an outfit like she has on. Just because it’s fashion right now doesn’t mean it looks good with everything. Then again I wouldn’t wear a velvet suit but it is Armani Prive I supose.

Kaye on

We never knew Katie could be a fashionista … in her years before TomKat, she was a very simple cute girl. No clues whatsoever that she likes fashion at all. There are some women who even when they do not have the financial capacity (yet) love fashion already in their own little way, but with Katie… no clue at all. With Posh, you can already tell just with her name that she is a fashionista even before meeting David.

Well the good thing about them being rich after marriage is that they shop and put their money on the RIGHT elegant clothes…. nothing trashy at all.

Marie on

I do not know if you have ever been to Canada but bare legs in the winter are not a possibility and opaque thights with a sophisticated evening wear “ruins” the finesse of the look…
Sometimes fashion needs to get a little smarter..

Maria (MADRID) on

I love what they both are wearing, but i would probably go for Posh’s style cuz i really like to be more opened even though katie’s dress is gorgeous but i would go with Posh’s and besides she my idol!!
Real Madrid much suerte ante el Levante!!
Te amo

Lauren on

DEFINITELY TOO OLD!!! Unless it’s 30 degrees or less then you put something on your legs and it’s not sheer hose, wear Tights. They make sooooo many nice patterned tights, take advantage of thos. Posh got it RIGHT!!!!!!

Alejandra on

I think one of the key elements of good taste in fashion is to dress to the ocassion, and that includes the weather. So why on earth is Posh wearing a short-sleeved dress with no tights and no coat in the parisian winter? Completely tasteless. I don´t get the sandals in winter fashion either, are these “celebs” incapable of understanding a weather forecast or at least look outside the window?

Jennifer on

Who wears pantyhose anymore?

Courtney77 on


Sarah on

Katie really does look like she’s about 45 years old in that outfit. It looks like something more appropriate to her mother’s age. I also think she and Posh make a weird pair. Posh needs to have a sandwich or something. Way too skinny and weird looking.

KJ on

Considering the temperature, I think Katie dressed more appropriately with the hose but Victoria has such beautiful skin color that she looks good without them. I think they both look great!

shopdiary on

katie looks like brooke shields in this photo. as for what they are wearing, maybe it wasn’t that cold then? i’m more of a bare legs girl like posh though maybe katie went for comfort (or a little bit of it) with sheer hose.

Beth on

I agree with whoever said that Katie is almost stepfordish. Very scary and actually kind of sad.

Anonymous on

Elegance is elegance, it’s not about trends. Opaque tights with this outfit? Definately not.

KC on

Seriously, she looks so much older with those sheer black tights on! She needs to start dressing HER age, not TOM’S!

anonymous on

Elegance is elegance, it’s not about trends. Opaque tights with this outfit? Definately Not.

Janet Barker on

I hate Katies new look.She looks like an old lady. Go back to being Katie Holmes [please]

Kathi on

I’m always outdated……I wore tights when everyone was wearing hosery. I wear hosery and now everybody is wearing tights…..either they need to catch up with me or I need to catch up with them. Either way, WHO CARES???

She looks lovely by the way, though maybe a bit old for her age. but that’s the entire look, not the hosery.

April TMNT (i have kids) on

I would wear Katie’s hose only if I didn’t shave my legs!

Kristy on

Pantyhose are like shoulder pads…..horrible and hideous not to mention, uncomfortable and fugly! I am assuming Katie (Kate) is trying to break away from her old image due to her new union with Tom Cruise but she is too often dressing age inappropriate these days and I don’t mean younger. Her hair now is better no doubt….dark roots with split ended orange hair were a definite no no, but her outfits, nothing can take away from her swaying into the style of a Republican Mom. She is riding the old lady train and while she can still remain sophisticated and elegant, she needs to remember what era she wants to go with and pick the highlights instead of the low points.

Ax on

While a beautiful dress, Katie’s dress calls for pantyhose. Bare legs would look mis-matched with that dress, don’t you think? Katie has a timeless look, even aside from this outfit, and it is appropriate for her to wear pantyhose with a dress during the winter. I am not so sure about Posh…she and her style will (hopefully) fade away with time (although her style in this pic is right on).

Caroline on

I realize that not many people wear pantyhose anymore, but considering the formal velvet suit, bare legs would have been too contrary and tights too informal. I think she looks extremely elegant, unlike the underwearless crowd.

Dawn on

You know lets look at what katie wore what just 2 years ago. maybe little longer she has improved even if it’s a look to old for her. Posh well she just looks silly most time.

emilyhaha on

Katie’s suit is seriously hideous. Is that a wrap skirt I spy? And that fan collar? I think the hose are the least of her problem. Katie, my grandma called and she wants her outfit back!

Helene on

I think the black sheer stockings are fine. Katie has
certainly changed her look.

Amon on

I’m not particularly a Katie or Tom fan, but I do like what she’s wearing and definitely would wear sheer hosery as well. I would NOT go bare-legged, nor would I wear tights with outfits like those pictured.

cindy on

Would someone please, please, please find her a stylist. I’m so sick of her looking either completely frumpy, or 20+ years older than she actually is. And now this…sheer hose…utterly unacceptable.

Carolyn on

Hmmm…maybe it’s a Canadian thing (hi, Marie!) I know opaque tights are “in” right now, but I had no idea until a few minutes ago that sheer hose were “out.” They just seem like the most benign, everyday thing that I didn’t think they were subject to the whims of fashion! It’s like saying that bangs are “in” – that doesn’t mean that by not having them you’re hopelessly out of date! In my opinion, opaque or patterned tights are for more casual, fun looks because they remind me of something a little girl would wear, whereas pantyhose are for grown-up, sophisticated ladies.

India on

Ok…i can’t believe that people are suggesting patterned tights with a evening dress. she’s going to a couture event not a play date with her daughter. be for real. i happen to like the look alot. it makes her look classy instead of trashy.

Jillian on

I wish Katie wouldn’t dress so old she isn’t even thirty. I feel like I am having the same feelings of helplessness with Katie as I am with Britney Spears.

Makrie on

I think Katie Holmes looks trashy and nobody wears sheer hose Posh looks perfect katie is just not that pretty

Crystal on

I would go bare legged myself, I HATE stocking, but to each his own. But Katie is dressing way too old for her age.

Elle on

I think the sheer hose are tasteful and classy. It may be fashionable to go around naked legged but tights or worse patterned tights would have been clunky looking, and bare legged is too beach/SoCal. Definitely Katie.

erica on

i used to wear these in the 90’s I admit. I still think they’re sexy not grandmaish, but what do I know

sarah on

I would have worn bare legs myself…but I like the sheer panthyhose on Katie. She can pull anything off!! Several people suggested patterned opaque tights- but that would definately ruin the elegant evening look!

Mary on

Katie looks gorgeous! Bare legs are for summer or informal events. Opaque tights would completely ruin the chic presentation of this ensemble. If only more celebrities would dress as stylishly as Katie…

enigma on

Bare seems to be better here.

It seems to me Katie has wicked pale white pasty legs and she was so self conscience of her wicked pale white pasty legs she would scare the Parisians/French people but, she wanted soo much to be like her BFF, Posh, she felt compelled to show off some skin too, so she chose pantyhose!? Thats’ my guess!

For fashion sake, stockings would have been a better choice.
Is it me or does it look like Katie is having difficulty walking in recent photos!?!?!??


Maya on

Pantyhose vs stockings? Depending on the skirt length only – in my opinion. Unless, you go for trashy Britney look. I have more problem with Victoria’s bareness than with Kate’s stockings. Tights don’t go with a dress like the one she’s wearing, whatever is in style right now.
As for the Stepford wife’s comments, just remember how Nicole looked before she hooked up with Tom. I definitely see the pattern here!

lili on

can you tell me what these two women are about? Just hanging out spending the money their husbands earned. At least VB made her husband a fashion icon, but what about Mrs Cruise? she looks old, what does she do with her life? shopping with VB, hanging out with VB, she isn’t smiling the way she used to, she looks really old, and she’s only 27…She needs to find a real occupation, spendind her husband’s money will soon be boring.

Jaimey on

How can bare legs make a better choice than sheer stockings??? That makes no sense at all. Besides, the sheer black look better in the winter than bare legs.

melissa on

call me crazy but like the hose! and katie has great legs to pull this off anyway!

Judi on

I think Katie looked elegant. Ask any man and he will go for the sheer black stocking. Posh needs a coat.

Allison T. on

Didn’t Posh’s mother tell her to cover up her legs in winter, so she didn’t catch a cold?! In any case, I like opaque tights, too, but in a pinch, I think sheer hose works better than bare legs in the middle of winter! And who says pantyhose are “out”—is that really true??

Robyn on

Discussing…absolutely not!!!!

Angie on

I think Katie has a really great fashion style, but I must agree with everyone i hate pantyhose. A man had to of invented them just to torture us. I definatly like the bare leg better, or even fishnets

diane on

I hate to say this, but I suspect that black sheer hose making a slow, kicking and screaming comeback. I’m seeing it more and more on women in NYC today.

And the problem with Katie’s look was not the hose. The problem is that her entire outfit is too old, too sophisticated for her. She looks like she’s pushing 40 not 27 in this dress

eva on

I really miss Nicole Kidman being with Tom Cruise. she’s one of the most simple but ever stylish famous woman I know. She’s beautiful. She’s like Champagne when Katie Holmes gives me a flavour of Diet Coke. She’s a tremendous actress, Tom Cruise looked smarter whan they were together. But life goes on…
Sorry Kat, hope Tom has enough money to keep you busy spending it for a long time, but please, as an idependant woman, I can’t stand this dollish picture you give. Enjoy your husband’s money, but try to get your own!Even Paris Hilton tries…

Linda on

This is a beautiful Armani suit, that is if we were talking about for Meryl Streep. It is too old especially with the hosiery. But like one post said Tom Cruise has really stepped her wardrobe up. This Dawson Creek alumni probably never guess that she would flying around the world for fashion shows. The red lipstick is really pretty on Katie.

Pearl Lee on

While I do think Katie looks fabulous in the outfit, she looks closer to being 33 than 28. However, she may want to look older given the age of her much older husband, Tom. The sheer tights go with the outfit. The look is not supposed to be 2007-trendy, it’s supposed to channel timelessness, class, and sophistication.

Bree on

It hardly matters if Victoria was ‘cold’ for fashion. I guareentee they were outside for a matter of seconds anyway.

djc on

Love her look the stockings are elegant and sexy, especially if the are garter and hose and not pantyhose

Mary on

I think they both look great. I love both of their dresses. I guess I personally would wear the stockings, given the weather, but they are both big girls!

Isabel on

I think Katie looks just fine.. elegant if anything.. she makes sheer tights look good and classy on her.. common there are worse things that celebreties do to coordinate their looks..

liz on

It is a fashion faux pau to not wear nylons, but in Katies case a nice nude pear would have been a better choice. I think that all these stars that go bare legged should be arrested by the fashion police. There is nothing wrong with nude nylons with any skirt or dress, black on occasion, but its the people who break out the tan and navy that should think again….

ohmy!! on

I totally agree! They really do look dreadful. If I wear stockings(I’m living in Canada)I go for textured opaque or nothing. You would think she would pick up some dress-sense from Posh and forgodssakes she is in the fashion capital!!

Meg on

I think that black hose are fine for someone in their 20’s, assuming the rest of their outfit is age-appropriate… which Katie’s is definitely not.

Daniela on

Katie wore opague hose to make her legs look thinner. Katie has a pear shaped body. Her lower body is unusually heavier and her legs are thicker, compared to her upper half. Posh is thin all around so, going bare is meaningless to her.

Alexia on

Is she over 45?, I thought she was under 30.

shopoholic on


Lisa on

Katie has been dressing way to old for her age since she married Tommy boy. She needs to go back to the way she use to look, she is over doing it now get rid of the old lady outfits and stalkings!!

Heather on

To respond to the question whether anyone wears pantyhose anymore – yes. I’m only 31, but bear legs is completely inappropriate at most office and office evening functions- at least in the legal profession unless it’s summer and Friday and even then casual Fridays it’s highly suspect. It’s still seen as young, unpolished and unprofessional.

Sheer black pantyhose may not be the style anymore, but I think bare legs with evening dress looks ridiculous with many dresses, especially in the winter on pasty pale legs with too summery strappy sandals. Opaque tights are way too casual for evening dress like Katie and Posh are wearing, Katie would have been better off with nude pantyhose.

sandy on

In a world where there are so amny really important things to think about, whether or not Katie Holmes Crusie does or does not wear stockings is a total waste of brain power. Please folks, let’s get real, and put our money and our opinions where our intention is, somewhere where it really matters.


I love Katie! She’s a natural beauty ; She looks fab , classy and lovely as always! TEAM KATIE!!!!!!!!!

carmen electra on

What the heck is wrong with sheer black stockings? I think they’re much more sophisticated than tights. Plus tights would be way to clingy with the skirt she’s wearing.

sisi on

Katie looks elegant!! The hose do NOT take away from the look at all. She’s doing her own thing, good for her.
It seems most people today are scared to actually wear their clothes the way they want to, because they’re afraid to be judged!! BY WHO!! Who are they people that have the authority to do that. It’s pathetic really!!

EPearlM on

Katie looks chic, polished and incredibly stylish. The stockings give her an air of refinement and culture. I am 17 and if I were wearing the amazing Armani dress Kate is wearing, I would wear black stockings too. What has our society come to that we think it’s scary when we see a woman actually dressed in a modest and refined way? I admire Katie Kolmes for not feeling the need to flash her bare legs. I wish more of Hollywood would follow Katie’s example, instead of teaching young girls that the only way to get noticed is to wear short skirts and show a lot of cleavage.

Heidi on

I don’t know who Katie’s stylist is, or even if she has one, everytime I see a picture of her she is dressed old and frumpy. That outfit looks like a 60 year old should be wearing it!!!!!

Malvasia45 on

I think they both look lovely; both are reflecting the attitude of today’s women when it comes to fashion—I do what I want! Katie’s outfit may look outdated but, I guarantee that trend is making a comeback! Tights would have been too casual for that sophicated dress, hair, and make-up. On the other hand, Posh looks fabulous too. Be yourselves; make your own trends!

amelia on

Thanks Kaye and Maria for throwing in your two (common) cents worth – I completely agree. Opaque doesn’t look good in more formal attire, and bare legs in winter is just plain illogical. Come on people (People!), fashion has to be about more than what’s hot now, but also about what makes sense for the normal everyday men and women too.

Alison on


Posh is wearing another cinched-waist poofy skirt, with no smile and leathery, shiny skin.

Katie, again, is dressing too old. She looks ancient and we are the same age. I guess the only bonus is that she doesn’t have on those bug shades.

Lindsay on

I don’t under stand Posh’s outfit if it is that cold and why does she always look so harsh? She is way to skinny, her face is frightening. Katie’s outfit is too old for her but I don’t think bare legs and arms are appropriate either in near freezing weather. Truthfully, I don’t like either outfit for the situation.

Pat on

Katie is dressed like a 50 year old woman. That velvet outfit is way too matronly for a young person–she’s not even 30 yet for God’s sake! Also, I agree with a previous post that it would be nice for once to see a smile on Victoria Beckham’s face. She’s always trying to do the “serious cat walk” face. A nice smile would make her look 10 years younger. She’s always right on with the clothes though–love her dress. VB needs to start being honest with poor Katie–who’s very inconsistent with her clothing choices.

Robin on

When did “fashion” become the be all and end all regardless of what looks appropriate? Katie looks wonderful. Tights of any sort, patterned or not, would have looked dreadful with the evening wear she has on. Bare legs? With black evening wear? Again, I think not.

Heather S. on

I refused to wear hose at my wedding over the summer, but then I got a job with a company that requires women to wear hose. Since I run all the time, my legs are awesome, so I really appreciated the defined look sheer black hose gave me… but I always was certain to keep the rest of my look young. While she is definitely workin’ some in-shape legs, Katie seems to have some trouble with dressing her age… she has such a cute body and is only 27… why is she dressing like she shares a closet with Barbara Walters?? (Barbara dresses impeccably for her age, but still, I don’t think it’s advisable for Katie to adopt this style for, say, another 40 years!)

Heather S. on

Meanwhile, Katie looks so happy and is just glowing, so at least she’s making the look work for her!

Kristen on

It’s not the stockings, it’s the whole get up put together!
She looks far too old and like she’s trying to empress the
world, instead of dressing like herself. What’s wrong with this picture? I think Posh Spice found someone who is trying to develop a personality, they just haven’t picked one yet.

Sarah on

Definately bare legs, who cares about the temperature, the most they probably have to walk outside is 10 feet from the door to their chaffuered car. Katie looks about 50 years old regardless of the hose choice…so sad.

Deb on

I must be “out of it” because I think Katie looks classy and elegant. Posh looks good too, but its not June, its January and I think Katie is dressed better. Just my opinion. Also, I didn’t know sheer black stockings were “out”. I thought those were classic. Do people really wear bare legs at the office?? I haven’t seen any.

Natasha on

Sheer black hose looks awful… if she’s cold she would be much better off with skin color hose that looks like nude legs, even though it isn’t!

Sing4nds on

Honestly? Some of you think that dress would look better WITH tights? Come on … think about what you’re saying. If tights are her only “stylish/trendy” option, then she needs a different dress. But since she picked that dress (a little “mature” looking, but very classy), then sheer hose is the only way to go if your trying to stay warm. But TIGHTS? Out of the QUESTION. They are fast becoming an overrated “Cute” trend. Maybe she doesn’t WANT to look like she’s 15. Some people are just fine with growing up. Imagine that. Wear what you want Katie! You look just fine.

Keira on

Personally I think they both look great!!!! Posh looks cute with no hose and Katie looks like a “motherly type” so the hose fit her. She actually looks much older in this picture so maybe to keep young and fresh she should drop the hose. But what do I know, I don’t have a stylist, I’m just a simple girl from NC.
Smiles, who knows with a new baby maybe Katie didn’t have time to shave so she just hid it with hose. hehehe

sassy on

Katie looks elegant. A lot of women SHOULD wear something on their boney, white legs, they would look better. Sheer hose are great!!!

Britt on

I think Katie looks elegant and sophisticated. You don’t always have to be “trendy”!! I think with the weather, she is right on and a class act. Quit trying to be “like everybody else”.

olivia on

Bare legs is way too stark in that kind of weather. (I’m with the Canadian on that.) What’s wrong with pantyhose? I agree that tights are great, but not with a refined outfit like that……it’s like wearing a stocking cap or mittens! I don’t get it why opaque would be any better than what she is wearing.

Heather on

well i think all of you are lemings.

oh my gosh heaven forbid Katie deigned to wear something not dictated as “fashionable” by Vogue or Kitson or Sienna Miller or any of the other so called dictators of fashion. just because opaque tights are “in” right now why does that mean sheer hose are out. she looks classy and it works for her outfit and the occasion. shes wearing something that looks good on her and not just following whats in.

i mean really how many people are there who actually look good in skinny jean or bubble skirts or voluminous tops, probably only about a third of the amount of people who wear them anyway because thats whats fashionable. and seriously who here would have even considered for a second buying tapered jeans five years ago, i’m sure every single one of you would have turned up your nose in disgust

Becky on

Yuck! Too old! Good God, Katie! Dress your age!

beth on

Katie’s velvet dress is quite nice, and call me old fashioned, but I prefer the sheer stockings she is wearing to tights, which would be too much head-to-toe black and would make her look matronly. As for Posh, how silly she looks in near freezing weather with(skinny)bare arms and legs…would she wear a suede jacket in the middle of summer? Suddenly, everywhere you look, all you see are pictures of Posh shopping all over the world…scowling and looking annoyed at the press. Remember, her talent is being a former Spice Girl(ick) and her current notoriety is derived from being married to a famous soccer star. I am incredulous that she is getting so much instant and constant media coverage. She looks like she wants some privacy, so I say, For God’s Sake, give it to her!!

Sue on

I think the ladies look really nice. I think tights would have looked better of going bare legged verses stocking. They just look so dated.

Fran on

Gripe about pantyhose on a pale white person wearing a black dress in near freezing weather? Not at the top of my list of things to be bothered about.

Matilda on

Well,I reckon we do have a fashion diffrence between continents. I live in France and here opaque tights are considered to be very casual…

Euopean girl on

Bare legs only look good when you you under 25. For everyone above that age: pick nude or tan ultra sheer hose.
I know Parisian women do.

Bedina on

Katie looks so smart and elegant.

Nadine on

In a 100 yrs from now will we care.

Anna on

I personally think Katie is looking pretty classy! I like the look.

Teresa on

I live in Milan, Italy and sheer stockings are very in and very European. Opaque stockings would’ve been too heavy for this outfit and she would’ve looked horrible. I’m sure Katie Holmes was advised by her stylists/Armani on what stockings to wear and they weren’t wrong cause she looks stylish and elegant. Unlike Victoria Beckham – just goes to prove money can’t buy class!!!!!

Yulia on

you cannt compare them. they are wearring diferent styles. with a dress with short sleevs you cannt wear stockings. but with a smart suite Kat made right desission. and they advising opaque black tights???? very funny :)

ilse on

Katie Holmes is only 28! I saw ‘Batman begins’ yesterday and she looked so fresh and lovely in that. Now she looks and dresses like she’ s 40+. I get that she’ s into fashion now but still..act your age, girl!

Laura on

I personally hate the opaque tights look. Love the sheer stockings.

Dee on

Umm.. Why do people think sheer leggings are for old people? I think it’s very elegant, and I would wear them anytime, and I’m 21 years old!

mary on

What is UP with Katie Holmes dressing like a grandma??? That looks like something a 60-year-old would wear to a black tie wedding!

Dee on

Ops, I meant sheer stockings.

Mona on

Bare-legged would not suit Katie because of her fair skin. Opaque tights, fashionable or not, simply wouldn’t look right with her choice of dress, in my opinion. I’m not a Katie fan by ANY means, but I think she looks just lovely in this photo.

Susan on

I am a professional working woman. I must wear hose to work when I wear skirts. Opaque tights, in my opinion, are a terrible trend. They overpower practically everything that anyone wears with them. For example, black opaque tights with a white dress? Come on! It’s a high-school-uniform look to me. The only reason people wear it is because celebrities do it. I think Katie looks fine.

Susan on

By the way, Marie – I totally agree.

katie on

Posh (no surprise here) looks ridiculous~ the man behind her is wearing a winter hat and she’s got short sleeves and bare legs. People mag is just as looney to think bare sking is better than hose, not everyone wants to put on fake tan and some skin is too white- and dark tights look schoolgirlish. OWryly~ I said the same thing on the last Posh pic, that the women are just sent shopping- instead of being attentive mothers to their children. You never see Katie out alone with her babygirl- she was only an incubator… who in the world would want to hang alone with another woman when you have an adorable young daughter at home. I think Katie is on some sort of medication that makes her lack any maternal instincts- but makes her want to dress matronly, lol. And Posh looks like a sour scarcrow, including straw hair.

Amber Janel on

I have to go with Posh. She’s underdressed but I’m sure the warmth from everyone’s stares was keeping her warm. Poor Katie looks more like Suri’s fashionable Grandmother than mother.

The only place I wear stockings are to work (because they MAKE me) and to bible school (because they MAKE me). Try Sally Hanson’s pantyhose in a can. It’s great for those of us who need a little color.

And, whatever happened to a pantsuit in the winter? A real diva can wear pants and not look drab.

kell-bell on

katie looks like she stepped out of Vogue from 1989. and posh does look under-dressed for the weather, but impeccable as always.

Sonya on

I think it’s wonderful that they’re out having fun… but Katie does look too old. That dress is something that my 50 year old aunt would wear and I think she should have opted for either a more opaque black or tan nude.

donna on

I would go bare leg. I tan in a tanning bed mostof the year, and if my legs looked a bit off,I would slather them up with a jergens self tanner the day before.
the is also a product that sprays on perfect legs, I believe by Sally hanson. don’t quote me on that though.
but all in all, no hose or tights unless i am going to a funeral right after.

j on

katie looks gorgeous here, BUT–this is not the attire of a 27 year old girl. it’s just not. maybe for a high profile funeral or something. the shoes are bad, the hose are bad…i agree w/the stepford wife comment above. she looks manufactured, subdued, controlled…whatever the word is i’m not sure. i hope she’s retaining some sense of herSELF and not just what’s expected of her by freakshow (tom) and the scientologists.

Elda on

Katie and Posh both have beautiful legs, to me it doesn’t matter. Depending on the outfit you have on, sometimes i wear them and sometimes i don’t. But i do love the different styles of panty hoses you can buy now these days.

adia on

Marie-I agree with you! Opaque tights do NOT go with everything & sometimes a little something on your legs is better than nothing…especially when it’s freezing cold & your legs are pasty from lack of sun!

Angelina Pina on

I like the no hose look. It looks much more sexier!!!!

Morgan on

I think Katie looks fine. Opague tights with a COUTURE SUIT!!! Are you kidding me? I don’t care what the reason, that’s just not an attractive idea. And as for PATTERNED tights? Let’s examine the top of her suit; it’s got enough pattern on the right breast side that if anything else were to compete, say stupid looking tights, it would ruin the look. Katie (or her stylist) knew what they were doing. Now I agree, she looks years too old, but at the same time, I’d rather she look too old than skanky a la Britney Spears.

Candi on

Ummm, is it just me or does Katie’s dress look like something she pulled out of my Grammaws closet. Way to old for her. Posh always gets it right, that is why we call her a “style icon” She is gorgeous. I’m with Jennifer, who wears pantyhose anymore?

jodi on

Katie is a beautiful girl- I just wish she’d dress a bit more age appropriately. I’m all for looking sophisticated, but she looks like a 5 year old dressing up in her mother’s clothes!

Laura on

Katie needs to lose her attitude and the stuffy clothes that seem to go along with it lately! She has lost her smile, along with her pre-Tom wardrobe of jeans and flipflops. I do think that many of her choices are stylish, but she is only 28, not 40. And all that black? There was a time she used to wear colours.

kelly on

Could you tell us where Gwen Stefani got her multi colored purse in your photos for today 1/25/07.

Susan on

Ladies, ladies – what is Katie supposed to do, spray a tan on her legs so that her legs aren’t too white, and then have her legs look 5 shades darker than her face? Now that would be trashy. I don’t care what anyone says, opaque tights are NOT classy or dressy.

Janice on

To each his own. However in the City of Light, Paris, I believe wearing a light weight hose such as Katie, is definitely in order. Hose is the compliment to a couture design. I would say hose is in order.

Vic on

Would probably have gone for nude instead of black. My legs are REALLY white and they are my best friends along with my knee high boots!!

Kristin on

I think Katie looks great here. It’s probably one of the only things I’ve seen her in lately that I like. I mean, let’s be honest, sometimes when she goes for elegance she just looks ridiculous. However, here she looks classy and I think the sheer hose look great with the outfit. Not to mention the fact that she did a great job going for a strong red lip. Beautiful.

Jennifer on

Patterned tights don’t have to mean some kind of brightly colored striped things you’d wear on a playdate. Take a look at what Wolford or Oroblu are offering as patterned tights. Really elegant lace designs, still sheer but with that extra coverage. I’ve worn them myself on occasions when bare legs were out and opaque was not appropriate.

And anyway it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is when the only time you spend outside is walking from the limo to the door!

Tigress on

Katie looks great! The dress Posh is wearing would look great on a preteen, it just looks silly on her.

Nichole W. on

Katie is way too young to dress like a 90’s era 30-something actress. Does being married to Tom Cruise require acting 20 years older?

Alice on

Whats wrong a black dress and sheer black pantyhose? Nothing. maybe she has them attached to some sassy garder belts underneath the dress. If I see someone with bare legs in the middle of winter I would think they look ridiculous.

judyk on

Why does Katie Holmes dress so matronly? LOOSEN UP!

miss cat on

katie holmes is not a fashion icon. nope, never. sorry, people magazine. she looks awful. she is 27, not 47. she wears stuff a midwestern housewife would wear. boo-urns, katie. why must such a pretty girl end up looking like crap!? did her alien husband pick this out for her? no, no no.
posh on the other hand, looks fabulous. she always does. everything about her is fake and she’s still 10X better than katie holmes.

KC on

Err sheer hose? Is it sunday, and what church have I just walked into? Sheer hose haven’t been in style for I don’t know how long, as a matter of fact it’s not even about being in style the sheer hose are just not flattering. She looks frumpy and old nothing like a 27 year old. Barbara Walters in sheer hose, okay but Katie Holmes absolutely not. She is dressing way to old.

Stephanie on

Bare legs if u can get away with it. I hate stockings, even if it’s brutally cold out…

Jen on

Just because it’s Armani doesn’t mean she should wear it. A velvet suit with pantyhose…ugh
Even Tom’s ex Nicole dresses younger (and much more stylish) than Katie. I just never think her clothes are very flattering for her body type either. She should really wear a skirt that hits right below her knees…

Martine on

Not sure i like that dress on katie, or the hose for that matter, posh looks nice, until you get to her face where she is pouting as usual. The girl always has to be fidgeting with her hair… Posh gets it right most of the time though, katie is a very pretty girl.

Mel on

I don’t like the sheer hose unless you are going to work or something, but tights are much better or go bare. I hate when people wear hose with dressy sandles. That looks so tacky. I hate Katie’s clothes. Way too old for her. And she is a cute girl. Posh has some ugly clothes sometimes, but she has amazing skin and hair and it seems to work with her. I say no hose or if she must some patterned hose.

SM on

I am American and living in France now. The fashion over here is to wear stockings. (or spandex) They certainly aren’t the most attractive creation ever made, but they are practical. I am 22 and I teach University students, and I totally wear stockings to work when I wear skirts. Out of my age range? Probably, but it sure beats bare legs.

Dodie on

Well, sure am glad I’m over 50!! I’ve tried wearing shoes without pantyhose and yuck!! Feels dirty.

In a professional world, going without pantyhose does not work. However, in sandal weather, I would not be caught dead with pantyhose on. In winter, just looks cleaner and warmer.

I have also noticed that celebrities are wearing them more now. Must be coming back into fashion.

Lauren on

I think the sheer dark tights look okay. I really don’t see what the fuss is about. If it is cold why should she go out with bare legs – maybe flesh colored tights maybe, but certainly not opaque tights – that would make her outfit too dark from top to bottom.

I think Katie looks nice, but I do agree that she is dressing far above her age and I think she is trying to be too sophisticated now that she has snagged Tom Cruise.

I also cannot understand how those two are such good friends – what do they have to talk about and what common ground do they have other than wives who have nothing better to do then shop and fly around the world.

Charla Dickenson on

I think Poshy look is really fun and pretty, if it was summer, where is her coat? It reminds me of the days back in highschool with those silly girls who would stand around outside barely dressed just to look cute infront of the boys. Are all celebrities mentally still teenagers? It sure seems like it. I don’t like Vic’s lavish lifestyle but I can seperate that from the rest of her.
As for Katie she looks so First Ladyish. I guess it’s all the brainwashing that results in this style. It’s not about the tights, the outfit itself is so Presidential Campaign. With pants it would have been more chic, but still not a fun outfit. But I far prefer a little too conservative than the Paris/Britney style(cringe).You’d never guess Katie is in their royal skankiness’ age range. I must say Kat(-Tom) looks a little manish next to more petite Victoria. Sorry, Katie is very pretty though. Anyways, I wish these outfits could be mated together to make the perfect fun yet appropriate party dress! This fashion moment; out of season and not age appropriate but I’ve seen worse.

Jen on

Katie looks terribly old next to Posh. She doesn’t seem to dress very young and hip anymore!

Stefanie on

I would wear sheer hose like Katie. I think it made her look more sophisticated than Posh, and it looks more evening wear than going bare.

yen on

It´s freezing in paris right now and even if katie is wearing hose and why is katie wearing things that make her look ten years her age she might be trying to look mature but thats not the way she look beautifull but alot older

Kate on

Oh please! Katie looks incredibly polished and elegant. Although I’m not a huge fan of hers, I have to say that her timeless stockings perfectly compliment the Armani suit. Believe it or not people there IS a larger world ooutside of Kitson. I’m Katie’s age and I still think she looks young and fashionable…just not trendy which is…gulp…ok!

Em on

Personally, I think sheer black hose are making a comeback. I live in a large, metropolitan city, and I’ve been seeing all kinds of formerly-dubbed “outdated” hose becoming vogue again. I think sheer black hose are extremely flattering to any woman’s legs, and I believe they look great on Katie…and on anyone, for that matter! :)

marianne on

Let’s be Honest…Katie Holmes is now KATE CRUISE…she is soooo far different from the cute katie that we all loved, she married Tom Cruise and she totally changed her style, she looks like she is 50 years old in everything she wears…she looks ridiculous..like if she was trying to be somebody else, or because she is married to this super star she needs to wear royal type outfits they call couture..please…I think Tom Cruise buys all her clothes for her…stupid !!!

Sarah on

I usually go with black opaque but usually with a short pleated skirt or s/t casual- not when dressed up, esspecially not when wearing heels. When dressing elegantly legs should be bare or at least in nude tights.

Sharon on

Nest on Katie’s list of things-to-do: Posture and camera-ready poses! Cute girl… Stand up straight! Push your shoulders back! Walk with confidence!

Sharon on

Next on Katie’s list of things-to-do: Posture and camera-ready poses! Cute girl… Stand up straight! Push your shoulders back… Walk with confidence!

Vel on

Katie looks beautiful. I love sheer hose. They look professional and elegant. (Something like that never goes out of style). It seems like most women do not like nylons. (Whatever makes you comfortable I guess)

ashley on

What is wrong with her? Usually when you say “dress your age” your talking to a 50 y/o trying to be 20. Show a little skin every now and then!!!

Karina on

Has anyone noticed that Katie has been dressing more like a 40-something. Maybe she is trying to decrease the age gab between her and Tom with her wardrobe? I think she should dress her age.

Alice on

I agree with Em, I’ve seen plenty of people wearing sheer black hose lately, including fashionable young people. This isn’t new. Its a timeless look.

Mary Ann on

Opaque is too heavy for Katie’s look. I think she looks very sophisticated and amazingly beautiful. I agree, Victoria, smile, you have plenty to be happy about!!!!

Mary Ann on

Opaque is too heavy for Katie’s look. I think she looks very sophisticated and amazingly beautiful. I agree, Victoria, smile, you have plenty to be happy about!!!!

abc123 on

Are you kidding? You think STOCKINGS are the reason Katie looks old? She looks older because of her choice of attire! Even though her outfit is pretty, stockings (especially opaque ones) have NOTHING to do with it.

Victoria NEVER looks happy. But then, maybe she isn’t. MAYBE she’s tired of paparazzi tracking her EVERY move. People who have money or seemingly everything are not always happy. Things are not always what they appear to be.

Back to the subject, I would go without the stockings. It just looks better that way.

SAT on

Katie looks phenomenal in her suit skirt with black hose, and she knows it! Posh looks great showing her nice skin, but needs earrings and some lip color, and I think she knows it too!

sarah on

I think the object in question here should not be the hose… it should be that hideous dress she’s wearing. I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s absolutely GORGEOUS, but my grandmother was buried in a hipper dress than that.

marion on

I’m not one who follows fashion, but I know what I like and I LOVE Katie’s outfit, from top to bottom. As a fan of hers and her style, I can take it as a measure of how great a fashion plate she is that something as simple as stockings can spark such a debate.

Sami on

No one above the age of seven and under the age of 50 should wear tights or pantyhoes (with the exception of stuff like leggings and fishnets.

enigma on

Charla, you’re funny about celebs having teenagers mentally and the highschoolers too……….hee-hee-hee!

My boyfriend and I love to discuss fashion. He’s likes both outfits.

Posh does look alittle better in this photo but she needs to smile more and a shawl at least! And, Katie is pretty, Charla, you’re right, she has that political First Ladyish quality…..she reminds me of the debutaunte Jackie O.

Tanya on

I ahve noticed that she has been dressing too old for her age now that she is with him. I really find her outfits tacky. Shes young…she should be dressing her age. That dress if for an old women..even her hair and make up is awful.

samp on

since she married the alien she has been dressing waaaay too old for her age…this is a look for someone 50+, not someone under 30. most 40-ish stars wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit, but i guess if she likes it….

Rebecca on

I think its looks just fine here. Maybe not with other outfits but it seems to compliment the ensemble.

Leigh Ann on

I agree with you Rebecca.

beth on

She does look elegant and self assured-though she appears to be wearing my Mothers hose. Shelve them.

Genn on

Pattern hose would have been the way to go for Katie. I think Posh looks hideously overdressed in half the pictures I have seen of her. My advice to them is to stop trying to channel Nicole Kidman — she is one of a kind, and light years above them in her ease of wearing beautiful and classic styles.

Beth on

Am I missing something here? If Katie was worried about the cold, couldn’t she have worn a sheer, nude hose? Then she would have been covered without looking old. There are really good hose out there that look like you’re not wearing any.

Olivia on

While Katie’s dress would look silly without hose, for her age and personal style, she should’ve gone without them. Posh looks cute and Katie needs to dress her age! The top of that dress would’ve looked great with a nice pair of black pants.

hayden on

mmmkay…where to start. definately love posh’s dress but how cold is it…like, freezing? but i’d go for that any day over a VELVET suit and PANTYHOSE. katie’s 27!!! she’s dressing like she’s…30 years older! NOT a good look.

Lori on

Posh looks pretty… it seems to work. I think the sheer hose on Katie looks okay, but overall she appears matronly and she usually looks better.

Mega on

You people know nothing about fashion! Bare legs?? That’s trashy! The sheer black stockings are very elegant and it’s what everybody wears in Europe!

Pao on

Victoria looks better!!!

montana on

Sure. theres nothing wrong with them.

Rani on

Who cares?

Charla Dickenson on

Hey Enigma,

Thanks. You are so right Katie is chanelling Jackie O.
Fashion is so fun, that was the reason (as a teen) I started looking at people magazine to begin with. It’s cool that you and your boyfriend enjoy fashion together! Ya, I really don’t get why Posh doesn’t smile. Some people are really self conscious about their smiles. Who knows. I was looking at a bunch of spice girl pics(hilarious to look at now, especially fashion-wise) and she never smiles. Bizarre.

Take Care

Mayo on

Ok!!!Katie needs to make REAL friends with a truethful Fashion IQ…..

LJ on

Jillian: “I wish Katie wouldn’t dress so old she isn’t even thirty. I feel like I am having the same feelings of helplessness with Katie as I am with Britney Spears.”

WHAT?!? Katie Holmes is nowhere near the realm of Britney Spears…to begin with, she wears clothing that leaves a bit to the imagination instead of letting it ALL hang out. I think a lot of her fashion choices are beautiful, so who can blame her if she didn’t want to freeze her keister? And no, neither opaque tights wouldn’t do – they don’t match the elegance of the outfit.

Kindly lay off Katie! Her fashion sense might not be right on, but at least she doesn’t look like she gets her clothes from some hooker’s goodwill donations!

tinafeye on

I think Katie’s look is fine because she’s wearing crushed velvet. Posh is wearing a matte fabric, which is why her look is fine, too.

Monique on

Stockings, nylons, pantyhose, tights: what ever you want to call them…I hate them. They cost so much money only to last for a few hours anyway. Then they’re destroyed by running or catching on something. I’m glad other people are starting to not wear them with their outfits. It’s the worst thing ever made. Thanks Posh for stepping out without them.
But the question is whether or not Katie looks good in her sheer hose. No! She looks like she’s a few years behind in fashion. Sorry but I think Tom is corrupting her.

enb837 on

Bare legs in winter — idiotic. Katie looks classy, unlike Stick Figure Spice. She probably is just trying out an older look because now that she’s a mom, she feels like a “grown-up.” It’s just one evening’s outfit, for God’s sake.

Vickie on

Katie should worry about what she likes and not what Tom likes, dress how she is comfortable and how she wants too. I do not personally like the sheer hose with that dress, oh heck…. I don’t even like the dress, but that is her choice….

laila on

Noooo!!I hate Katies new look.She looks like an old lady!Her suit is seriously hideous. She looks like 60 years old!

critic on

She is too young for that. However, she tries to find her style but it does not work very well. Like this time, she looks like a 50 year old woman (very boring). It is not the name you wear, it is how you wear it. She should not show her legs in skirts as they are very masculin,heavy with big culfs. Trousers are a good option for her.

Becky on

Katie Holmes would still be a nobody (except to Dawson Creek Fans) if it wasn’t for Tom Cruise. I think Tom tells her how to dress, and it is obvious she now is sharing his BIG wallet, how else would she be able to afford these things. one word of advice though, get those damn teeth fixed.

ireen on

Help! Can anyone explain the difference between pantyhose, stockings, sheer black or opaque. I am not an english native speaker, so please help me understand.
Besides the stocking issue, I certainly would not dress like Katie, although I have her husband’s age. Posh shold wear a smile instead of fashion.

Lisa on

My husband thinks Katie looked “hot” and Victoria definitely “not.” VB always looks sickly and like she’s smelling something bad. Maybe it’s because I’m from the older genre but I have on hose today, but it’s freezing outside. There is nothing wrong with wearing hose, especially dressed in that beautiful suit — again maybe the reason I think it’s beautiful is because I’m 45. Opaque would be a big no-no for Katie in this outfit and yes, VB needs to dress weather appropriate. I like the dress, it’s just not appropriate without a jacket. As for the “beautiful” skin color on VB, first of all it doesn’t look natural and, second, she’s going to have skin cancer soon and look old and wrinkled way before her time — think about it, the sun doesn’t shine that much in UK (maybe in Madrid, but not UK). Katie, keep your porcelain white skin, it’ll last much longer.

jap on

Katie Holmes dresses like an old woman because she’s married to an old man. Think about it…how old was Katie Holmes when Tom Cruise was 25 years old.

Lisa on

If Katie looks 50-something, I only can hope I look that good when I’m that old.

KIM on

Katie looks way too old for her age

Jellie on

Sheer hose always makes women’s legs look beautiful. Bare legs makes you look incomplete. So, Katie is the one who looks elegant and sophisticated.

Karen on

I think Katie looks absolutely stunning. She has fit right into the fashion scene by keeping it simple but beautiful. Some of the other younger stars need to do a complete change in their fashion. Congrats to Katie…hold your own!!!!

Lynn on

No doubt that Katie Holmes wears some of the most beautiful and well-tailored clothes. However, everything she wears makes her look so much older.

Stina on

I think Katie’s sheer panyhose work!! It looks extremely professional. . . but I guess she’s not headed to an office, is she? Even though i like the look, she should have bared her naked legs for the world to see!

beth on

Hosiery? What about that hideous ‘Penguin from Batman’ dress Katie is wearing? I could barely recognize her from the thumbnail picture of her – she looks like she’s about 45 and she’s 27! Near freezing temperatures, huh? Well what about a friggin’ coat?! That just goes to show you Katie and Victoria like the papparazzi attention, and use them so everyone can see their latest fashions..

Cameron on

I think it looks cool

veronica on

I think that dress would look ugly without the stockings!

brit on

I think the black sheer hose add a bit of sex-appeal to her dress.. and they definitely look a little warmer than victoria’s bare legs!

TigMode on

Posh always looks so harsh and never smiles because she is STARVING. The woman needs a sandwich, STAT.

I think Katie looks very elegant. If dressing her age means looking like trailer trash ala Britney Spears, then three cheers for a young mother who opts for classic elegance rather than the lowest common denominator.

pstewart on

Posh looks really nice and Katie Holmes needs to smile more, the same grin is tiresome…

Melissa on

She looks sophisticated and elegant. 27 isn’t too young for that. She’s someone’s wife and mother. At least she sets a better example (fashionably speaking and otherwise) than Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.

Bree on

Katie looks older… Stocking like that umm, people over 50 wear… I bet that Tom is behind it,, he tries to keep her locked up and hidden away! Wants her to be Angelic.. Get a grip, SHe Beautiful and shold show herself off!

parker on

She looks 60.

jota on

Forget the bare legs and arms with no coat during winter, that must be a calory burning trick… to shake and shiver any food she had…

and as for Katie, I agree that opaque just doesn’t do it, but neither does sheer… plus all tights/hoisery look ugly.. couldn’t stay-ups of black fishnet do the trick? of course, with a velvet Armani ensemble, it may be a crime…

Gail on

Who are you all kidding she’s beautiful no matter what she is wearing.

Jennifer on

Eek, this outfit looks like something my grandmother would wear, the tights just make it worse. You are only young once, you may as well show off your great legs while you still can!

kayla on

she’s supposed to be 27, this is really elegant, but she looks like a old lady.

burlap sack on

since when did class and elegance = matronly? last time i checked, class and elegance = timeless. it’s nice that katie brings a little grace kellyness to a lindsay, paris, and britney-crammed scene. blech.

the pantyhose looks fine on katie. both ladies look terrific…though they’re probably freezing their filthy-rich tushes off.

also, to everyone who is talking about how pantyhose are “out” and blah blah blah – you really need more substance in your life if you follow every silly mandate handed down by the fashion gods, whoever they are.

CJ Cintron on

OH please i think she looks great!!! Seriously…I’m 21 and wear shear hose and I always get compliments from people on how great my legs look.

Katie looks awesome

CT on

I think both of these women look beautiful. It was probley cold and katie’s dress is a little shorter and the was it is made it lets the cold air go up easier!

niloofar on

sheer stockings are on again in aliens society…

Jan on

Katie always looks elegant and stylishly sexy, and this look is no exception. Classic style does not go out of fashion! I’d bet that most of the male half of the population would have a rather different perspective on the “out of date-ness” of her hose… Kudos to her for not letting the high style mandate of the hour dictate her life.

As for Posh, sometimes she looks gorgeous, and sometimes she looks like a train wreck. I like her dress here, but this look would work better without the leggings, or whatever it is that is showing above her knees, as it looks kind of like she let the band of her thigh-highs slip down below her hem… It would be nice to see some expression on her face once in awhile too – she always looks like a human manniquin. No smiles and no expression in the eyes.

Katie, you go girl! You’re always gorgeous!

Angela on

I think Katie looks as though she is trying to be something she is not. Like she wants to be a grown up or something. I don’t mind the hose so much. I wore them all through the 90’s! Thank God that’s over.

Heather on

I think Katie is beautiful, and looks great no matter what she wears. I am only 32, and I wear sheer black pantyhose. Since when are they only for older woman??? You look wonderful Katie.

Kelli on

Katie looks sophisticated, not old. She’s a mother now, it’s good some celebrities dress like one these days. And come on opaque tights… I bet she wasn’t going to a funeral.

stephie on

They are showing sheer black stockings at many of the recent fashion shows! Think eighties! There back…layers, stripes, leg warmers and yes black pantyhose! Yikes!

cecilia on

jan: it´s not leggings, it´s a shadow from the dress. from the “tyll” as we say in sweden. the pooffy thing under the dress.

and i love viktoria´s dress!

e foreman on

katie , once again, is trying to dress like she is royalty.
honey, it’s just tom cruise, not prince william, k?

dee on

I don’t think this is a question of practicalty, as some people are suggesting – i mean, just how much warmer are you likely to be when wearing sheer stockings as opposed to no stockings !?
The real issue here is that Katie is doing what so many women do when they are married to an older man: in an effort to ‘match’ their husband and look more mature, they begin to dress excessively frumpily.
Give it a couple of years, just look at Catherine Zeta Jones! She’s gone from zero to stylish in the past few years, and i’m confident that Katie too will come to her seses and stop dresing like her mom

Stella on

Regarding Liz’s comment on Jan 24 8:44 who thinks it’s a fashion faux pas NOT to wear nylons and thinks all bare legs warrant the fashion police. Either she lives in Amish country or she’s over 50 years old and hasn’t left her house since the 80’s. She is the ONLY comment on the whole page who is in support of sheer hose, even among older women and mothers! Opaque and textured tights are VERY much in style. SHE is the one who needs to get a fashion update and see what’s on the runway. Nude and sheer pantyhose is so grandma-ish and disgusting. I would never even work in an environment where I had to wear pantyhose. Pants over pantyhose anyday if you can’t show leg. I bet she thinks it’s “beautiful” to wear sheer hose with open toe and strappy shoes too. SHUDDER!

enigma on

You said you need help.

The difference between pantyhose and stockings is….

Pantyhose are of thinner material ( for summer, really) and allow skin to be seen.

Stockings are of thicker material (for winter, really) and sometimes have a pattern or a design of some kind.

Sheer black is a type of pantyhose, were the material is black but, you can see skin tone through it.

Opaque means you can’t see skin tone at all, just the material itself.

Well, I hope that helps you out a bit, good luck with your english by the way!
Cheers and Take Care!

Emerald on

i think posh is looking incredible. and yes, i agree that katie looks a little stepford wifish. tom is def ruining her. :(

marieke on

Katie Holmes might be young, and somewhat a debutante; but nevertheless she exudes an elegance that posh herself couldn’t master in a 1000 years. Her dress is impecable and her choice of sheer tights could not have been more appropriate.

Jenny on

Hey, I am all about being warm…posh always looks ice cold anyway so maybe that’s why she could go bare legged in the freezing weather. The sheer panty hose looks classic a la Judy Garland…..and the Hollywood of the Golden Era. I like the look for that reason alone.

Michelle on

I think Katie is very pretty and cute (Tom Cruise is lucky). But the sheer hose is not her. Katie take those off! Your a young and beautiful girl and I am only seventeen and I never wear hose. Their not for Katie and definetly not for me. Posh did the right thing.

Liz on

I think in general the look is too old for her, but there is certainly nothing wrong with stockings per se. There are some of us that still consider it ladylike and appropriate to wear stockings with suits and dresses–bare legs are not always a do. And on a side note, Katie has been looking fabulous since the wedding. Better than ever!

nicole on

the way i see it is if she wants to wear them then let her leave her alone. yes i would wear them there is nothing wrong with them. NICE look katie

ManoloGal on

She is trying to be older looking for Tom. I love Posh, hate Katie.

brittany on

Well she did it again. Maybe someone should remind her how old she is. Posh however, is looking great as always. Katie could learn a few things from her.

Heather Robbins on

This is totally a Stepford Wives outfit!!!

Alexandra on

Hey wait a second. it’s my mom? no.
my 1st grade teacher? no…ohh yeah it’s Laura Bush and Posh Spice!

Wendy on

Love both looks, but I agree that Katie looks a little older than she is…my question would be, is she trying to look older or does she just love this elegant look? I would have liked to see that outfit with bare legs…I think it would be wonderful. I have seen some very cool sheer/opaque patterned stockings in a diamond shape that are understated enough for evening wear, yet hip enough for a mini skirt. You never know……

Amanda on

I think Katie is dressing to old for her age. She is make herself look older than she she. Posh is looking great.

peachy on

katie looks beautiful all the time.Wishing her and tom all the happiness….needless to say..i’ve always been a big fan of tom and now katie too.She dresses appropiately for every occassion

jj on

Opaque black stockings/tights are extremely casual. To wear them with Armani Prive would be insulting to the designer! Sure, she could have chosen to go bare, but I think the sheer black stockings are a little retro, as is the overall styling of her beautiful outfit. Also, ask yourself, which one of these women look beautiful and elegant…..only Mrs. Cruise.

Mirka on

I think she looks great. The stockings go with the outfit.

Kelly on

Since when did real fashionistas worry about rules? You wear what inspires you. I would wear the hose, definitely!

Siege on

I like the look. I think more stars need to wear stockings, and opaque would be AWFUL with that dress. Yes, it makes her look a little grown up, but I think that’s the point! She just had a baby. She doesn’t really need to try for the teenie bopper bare-legged look. Posh should take a hint from Katie.

Yello on

Katie is dressed much more appropriately than Mrs. Spice. Freezing for the sake of fashion is much more outdated than hosiery. I personally feel that Katie’s suit is a bit old for her, but I prefer the sleekness and warmth of the stockings to bare legs or casual opaque tights. Katie made the correct decision and Posh is left to suffer through the cold Parisian winter air.

Jen L. on

I think they are both nuts. Posh never looks happy in any pics I’ve ever seen her in. She looks like she’s made of plastic. You would think with all the money she has, she would be happy just a little bit. Goes to show you money doesn’t buy happiness. As for Katie, she is definately a Stepford wife. Totally brainwashed. You almost have to feel sorry for her. I’m sure she doesn’t know any better. She was probably told by Tom that she has to look older and dress the part so she fits in better. So weird…

morgan on

i’ve got nothin new to add…kate’s look would be fabulous on susan lucci or jackie collins (though, i don’t know that they’d wear the sheer pantyhose, either). poor thing. i just don’t think she’s much of a fashionista and hasn’t made enough designer friends. though, look around at the casual clothing trends…very early 80s…maybe kate’s actually ahead of the game! maybe we’ll all be sporting the Dynasty look in a year or two.

cecilia on

Kaye… beeing a former spice girl and solo artist I seriously doubt that victoria needed to marry bckham to afford the fashion. she wore it before him.

Malvasia45 on

At your job it is NOT your job to show off your legs, unless of course, you work as an athletic trainer, stripper, dancer, model, etc. You get my drift, we as women need to find our power in the work place through the way we work, not how great our legs look to all. And I might add—I have stellar legs, runners/dancers always do! However, with that said, I still know how to work at my job without NEEDING to show off my legs. Do you really need that much attention? Think about it.

roahel on

too old? that look is so nice looking. excuse me for not wearing hideous mini-skirts. i think it looks really classy and it is in style. i wear tights and things like that every day and i am under 16.

Dee on

Katie looked elegant and beautiful befitting her new station in life. No stockings with that beautiful suit would be horrid and tacky! Hopefully this will inspire some people to dress better. She looked wonderful. Good for her. Keep it up.

deb on

take a closer look … Posh is wearing leggings that come just below the knee.
As for the hose on Kate,I think she looks fabulous. Her velevet suit would not look right with bare legs.
I love hosiery, especially in the winter. I can wear my skirts and dresses and retain a bit of heat as well as keep the wind off my legs. Sometimes we gotta dress for reality, not the fashion industry.

night on

What cave have I been living in? I think Katie looks fine in her outfit. What is wrong with sheer black hose? Does one have to be the old ripe age of 40 to wear them these days? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly like Mrs Cruise. I think she is a poor brainwahsed cult memeber. But she looks good.
As for the other one….She looks like a cadaver I disected years ago in college. someone had better tell her that she had best lie down.

LA in NY on

I think Kati’s entire outfit makes her look like an old woman. Not sure if she thinks its conservative, but its very dated and I personally hate hose and will opt for the hoseless look any day. However if its winter, please at least wrap up the body. Kati would have fared better with a nice pair of knit hose!

LS on

Yikes, Katie’s dress is ugly and she is too young to wear something like that. I think she is gorgeous when she is dressed up in outfits that are elegant, yet age appropriate. Two of my favorites, the silk Channel outfit she wore at the rehearsal in Italy and the cute outfit she was wearing when she returned from her honeymoon. Posh looks cute, but needs a coat and perhaps a scarf!

benson medley on

The first time I saw this dress I thought Katie looked like a dream come true – beautiful and elegant. Lucky Tom!

Suki on

Why would bare legs make more sense than any hose in the winter?

yvonne on

katie looks so elegant! even though that is kinda like too old for her, u could see something that she is going to be a mature, like a mother to take care of the family. she is great!

mariam on

Katie looks so elegants and stylish. I think victoria is trying to look younger than she is almost always. katie acts like a mom and cares for her SURI.Victoria is ugly and snobish and she doesn’t want to grow up. katie is responsable sexy all at the same time.

kv on

I think that the combination of the suit and the hose makes her look OLD. Posh Becks looks much better. Maybe Katie should take some style tips from her new pal.

Sarah Beth on

I think she looks very mature and classy. Everyone says she looks to old, I like her style though, because she doesn’t dress all hoochie mama!

cyn on

Why do Americans seem to have such a problem with sheer hose? Where I come from, it’s completely normal.

Laura on

I usually am not impressed with the way Katie dresses. So, to me it’s just her being her and like usual I don’t get it. On the other hand I love the way Victoria dresses. Maybe they were walking a short distance, maybe not.





rachel on

Their is nothing wrong with acting like a modest lady like Katie Homes and the hose is very appropriate for the outfit that she is wearing. Armani should be proud! She wears it with grace. Showing too much of your legs is a turnoff and should be a no-no like Posh. Just because it is comfortable doesn’t mean it is very feminine. Homes has got the feminine touch.

Mady on

Brainwashed and 27, gotta look old for the 3 piece suit wearer she lives with.

Debbie on

Forget worrying about the hose.. what about the dress? I think she’s turned Amish.

Tayme on

I’d go for bare like Posh. I really love Victoria’s dress and her shoes. I just love the cocktail looking evening dresses. I like Katie’s dress, but I would ditch the hose. Sometimes I forget when looking at her that she’s only 27 yrs. old and can’t believe the changes she’s made, even with her fashion. Someone said that women who have kids should start dressing the role, well, take a look at someone like Reese Witherspoon who has children, and she keeps her look soft, sweet, sexy and elegant. Someone like Gwenyth Paltrow, who is older and has children dresses in dresses like Posh is wearing. There is nothing wrong with wearing dresses like that. Katie would look good in either dress.

RU on

How old is Katie Holmes again?

Definitly Posh whats wrong with you people!

Valeria on

Katie was such a lovely, innocent, simple and cute girl before marrying Tom Cruise. After marrying him, I really don’t understand her. She dresses and looks like she’s over 40. What happened to her?

buffy on

I believe a year or two from now opaque will be out of fashion (again) and people will back and say “she is ruining that gorgeous evening ensemble with tights!” Unless she has a very high metabolism like Posh and can go without stockings and a coat, I say stay healthy and wear stockings.

Fangor on

I don’t understand why everyone says stockings are for older people. I consider it to be a form of lingerie therefore accentuates beauty. So I think it makes Katie look beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, Posh is quite pretty too, but I think if she had her legs encased in stockings, her beauty would be more pronounced.

Robert S Riley on

Posh’s legs, LOOK HORRIBLE. Just like every Hollywood type woman. When any woman goes out with no hosiery on you can see every bump and vein on their stick like legs. Todays women and their barelegged look may be “stylish” but they are horrible to look at. The barelegged look makes a woman look like a stick figure not to mention it makes a woman look like she was too lazy to finish dressing!

Chip on

Women look great in Sheer Pantyhose,,,can’t believe people say there out of style now or don’t like to wear them,,,Most Men now wear Pantyhose as a undergarment and for support,,So just turn the tables and let us guys wear them,,,PLease ,,then my wife would approve of them

Susan Frank on

I like the sheer black hose. I think the bare leg look is fine in warmer weather and if you have GREAT legs you can probably still pull it off with a lesser tan. But for really dressed up, I’d go with the sheer black stockings. Forget the tights with a fancy dress…that’s totally off.





Michael on

I like the way Katie looks. Her legs look enhanced with the hose. Victoria looks good as always but I find the bare leg look to be disturbing. Forego the bodybuilder shine, pantyhose adds class.

stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com on

Posh katie pari.. Reposted it :)

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