Katharine McPhee: Better Glam or Natural?

01/22/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

After getting the scoop from her hair and makeup artist, we love seeing Katharine McPhee get glammed up for the red carpet. She looked perfectly polished at the Golden Globe after parties on Monday night. Then, for a Wednesday lunch, we spotted Katharine looking very natural with minimal makeup, straight hair and dark-rimmed glasses. The former Idol seems to be one of those lucky girls who looks pretty good either way. Tell us: Which way do you like Katharine? Glam or natural?

For the latest on the new season of Idol see our American Idol 2007 blog.

Photo: Lionel Hahn/Abaca, ISBP/ZFI/Bauer-Griffin

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Carolyn on

Hey, most people look better glammed up. She is a beautiful young woman no matter what she wears.

Becky on

She really is beautiful either way!

Lisa on

I think she looks “better” glam, although I don’t hate the other look. I think she looks good either way.

Cici on

Either look suits her she is gorgeous!

Betsy on

Wow, she’s not so good looking withough all that makeup, is she?

Cathy C. on

I think she’s a beautiful girl either way, but she should reconsider her choice of glasses and find a pair that don’t overwhelm her face.

Michelle on

I think that, although I have found her really annoying since her stint on AI ended, Katherine is a really beautiful girl which is emphasized by the fact that she really looks quite pretty with no makeup. But, I do prefer her with makeup (come on, everyone generally looks better with some makeup on) but I do think that she could look equally beautiful with just some minimal makeup as well.

kel on

both :)

Jessica on

She’s beautiful, but I have to say glammed up! Who doesn’t look better glammed up?

Heather S. on

Her hair is incredible!

kate on

Much prettier people out there. Kellie Pickler from this season is much more attractive. Katharine doesn’t look very good without makeup-quite plain in fact. She seems to think sex is what sells though by her recent looks.

lillie on

Can’t stand the girl. She is very annoying and fake so to me that lack of inner beauty destroys any outer beauty.

Mollysemanian on

Unlike poor Kelly Clarkson (who is WICKED NASTY w/o makeup), Katherine is a natural beauty, so either picture is pretty!

j-dub on

Amazing what a good make-up artist can do for a person! W/o make-up, she’s just a plain jane girl that probably wouldn’t turn many heads on the street.

j on

gee, this is a toughie…of COURSE she looks (tons) better all done up by professionals. who wouldn’t?!
next question.

Jessie on

I’ll tell you this… She looks a heck of a lot better than I do without makeup! Kat is beautiful either way!

staci on

Without makeup no one would look twice, with makeup she’s attractive. I don’t like her personality though. Just saying.

Twinkles on

She is so beautiful on the inside that it radiates
on the outside–make up or not.

Twinkles on

She is so beautiful on the inside that it radiates
on the outside–make up or not.

Katy on

I think she looks nice with no makeup…of course people look better all fixed up, but she still is very pretty.

Lisa on

She is so beautiful natural! I do agree that she needs to lose the glasses though. She looks great natural just like jessica simpson. Can’t say that for a lot of the others lol. Have you seen brittany lately?woof woof

BC on


Diana on

Wow, I have never realized how beautiful she was. She looks gorgeous both ways definetly. She has really nice skin…

Krystle on

I can’t stand her either way. She is annoying and very fake. I’m very glad she didn’t win she didn’t deserve it

Charles on

I’ve never been a fan of the “Kat in glasses” look, perhaps it is those frames she has. I do know, however, that freedom of going without the contact lenses can be a welcome one. Katharine has a wide nose (which is actually a good match for her face type) that looks best with a bit of slimming from the cosmetics. Some makeup also allows her to emphasize her best features, which are the eyes and high cheeckbones. So she obviously looks best with some makeup on, like everyone else. The heavy stage makeup should be saved for performances though, it isn’t good for the skin either.

Meg on

better glasses would help, but i agree that she’s pretty either way.

andrea on

She’s beautiful either way :D

arlene on

she looks good both ways,hate the glasses though.

Elaine on

the makeup helps hide her huge nose better though

C on

Very pretty either way.

robt on

She makes up well, considering her very broad nose and extraordinarily long chin and smallish eyes. Good cheekbones though.

ronda on

Looks like every other person in hollywood with makeup covering her imperfections. Worst idol runner up yet.

Andy on

Huge nose??Her nose is just fine. She’s beautiful no matter how much make up she has. She’s hot.
That’s all I’m gonna say.

suzanne on

She has huge cheeks!!

melissa on

She looks gorgeous either way. A rare natural beauty.

Simon on

She looks better without makeup than most women do with. I guess a few of the respondents here are very jealous of all that natural beauty? And then on top of that she has a beautiful soul and personality and she is also very smart and very funny. And the girl can sing and act too! Katharine is going to be hugely successfull in anything she does, unlike kate, lillie, j-dub, staci and krystal who are no doubt slovenly and plain and without charm or talent. And still haven’t got over the fact that Katharine beat out their idols and is now going to beat them again on the sales charts. You bitter, jealous hags, who cares what you think?

LS on

Katherine is beautiful either way, although she looks a bit more polished with make-up. Her hair is gorgeous and shiny!

Daniela on

It’s amazing what make-up can do! She’s looks just like all of us. I used to think she was ridiculously beautiful, but then I saw her in a few interviews, and her fake personality turned me right off. I found her to be aloof and conceited eventhough she kept trying to sound grounded. She talks about her body issues all the time, and goes on about how self concious she is, yet I saw her on a cover of a mag in her bikini. What the? Plus, all of her ‘red carpet’ dresses have nothing to them! Sorry, but if I had incurities about my bod, I wouldn’t be wearing mini skirts with tops that dip down to my belly button!

Abbey on

I agree with Simon-her hair and skin are perfect!

Jamie Caldwell on

Hey “Simon”, Why is it that you have to be jealous of someone if you think their ugly? I think she looks just like an average person without makeup. Shes stuck up and annoying. She said she didn’t want to use her bulimia to win american idol but i guess she thinks its fine to use it to get famous. Funny, isn’t it?

m_a_s14 on

she looks good either way but i perfer her glam

Viry on

The question was Which way do you like Katharine? Glam or Natural? I like BOTH, she is a very beautiful girl inside and out. It didnt ask us to bash her or put her down.

Carrie on

Katharine is gorgeous! I’d love to look like either one of those!

cassandra on

obviously glammed. but she’s not even that natural if she took the time to curl her hair the same way…?

Cathy on

Simon you need to chill on the comments about the other posters, very uncool.

Of course people look better glammed up, but Kat can pull off the “no make-up” look quite well . . . wish I was as lucky. Also, some people were blessed with good looks, some people were not; however, we all have only one soul and that is where the true beauty lies.

David on

Kat looks amazing with glam, but still beautiful without them. I think she looks the best with a little make up, so gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear her new album

kelli on

Simon must be one of those Kat fans who visit every blog trying to up the kat morale. Hehe. KAt is either lusted after or hated by people. She is plain without makeup-but most people are. I dont like her music nor her personality. SHe’s a wannabee celeb trying to rise to fame based on bulemia and actress aspirations. Her new music is a joke.

Marcia on

Either way is fine. She looks awesome w/ make-up of course, but for just hanging out she doesnt need all that extra on her face. She is a beautiful girl. She does however need new glasses…. or start wearing contacts.

Derrick on

Katharine is a beautiful girl au natural as well as with makeup. She is also a good hearted person that is completely grounded and in touch with her fans, unlike most of the stuck up stars out there today. It’s amusing to see some of you jealous catty plain janes hating on her. Why don’t you put your pics up so we can critique you with and without makeup? I’m sure your looks are as ugly as your judgemental personalities!

Sarah on

those glasses make her nose look rather large.

karrie on

funny how her fans call anyone who doesn’t like her ugly–you are showing your childish behavior and ages. Go back to class kids.

Derrick on

nah, what’s childish is assesing someone’s character who you’ve never even met and know Nothing about. Now that’s pretty ignorant. and I stand by my comment, it doesn’t take a detective to sense the Ugliness spewing from some of you hater’s comments.

Mackensie on

Catherine is beautiful either way. i think she is prettier glam but she is a very gorgeous person … and her hair is amazing!!!!!

kellie on

derrick how do you know people don’t know anything about her? Maybe people don’t like her because they do know her! Case in point for me. Oh but I’m sure you will say that I don’t.

Mickey on

I think she looks good either way but with the eyeglasses, it covers her beautiful eyes.

Christine on

She is beautiful both ways, but something’s got to be said for someone who looks that great without layers upon layers of makeup. Natural beauty is the way to go.

Vicky on

Katharine is one of those few people who can look beautiful without even trying. Katharine looks so pretty when she’s all dressed up. But she even looks better when she is just going out with friends.

Marlee on

Not a fan of the glasses photo. Just not a good picture. I’d have to see others to pass judgement.

I don’t really like the glam photo either though, lol. But I know that she looks great with makeup.

shaquana on

shes pretty much ugly no matter what!! hehe

Charles on

kellie (and the others) the idea here is you look at the two pictures at the top of this page and state if you like the Glam look or prefer the Natural look for Katharine McPhee. This page isn’t an invitation for her fans to vouch for her character and talent or for her detracters to declare her an immoral phoney. Does she look better in the left or the right picture? A simple question with a simple answer, and if you want to add a few words about why you feel one way or the other, then, great share that too.

Quinci on

I don’t like her either way.

abc123 on

She looks good either way. She can get away with little to no makeup if she chooses. NOT too many celebs (or people in general) can say the same.


Definately GLAM!!!!

net on

Leave Kat alone, AI is over. I’m glad the new season of started so you people can find some other talented beautiful girl to hate on.

George Clements on

I like both the Glam and the natural because you can do

studied on

She looks like she is wearing makeup in the so called “natural” shot so I don’t know how to judge this. Besides, this whole thing -Glam- or -Natural- seems very superficial, considering Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors.

Michelle Smil on

She is ugly anyway she looks.

ella on

Why are you all of a sudden “not pretty” if you wear glasses? Glasses are not ugly!

Michelle on

I think she looks better “glam”. She is a pretty girl, but most look better all dolled up. My question is…why does glam = massive amounts of foundation and overdone eyes? Why did they have to choose two pictures that represent the extremes? I think she would actually look best in natural “everyday” make-up.

susan hanson on

I think that she is very fake and should be banned from tv forever. The fact that she goes and tells the whole world about her eating disorder, and then had the nerve to say that the shows on tv and stuff glamorize the disease. What was she doing then? I mean girls all over are probably thinking OMG she has a great body i’ll just do what she did! How stupid of her to go public with that.

Jen on

Kate, Lillie, and Jamie Caldwell,
I couldn’t agree with u more!! She is stuck-up, annoying and just stupid. She can’t sing a note, and she did not deserve to win A.I. I can’t stand her!!
Oh, and she is ugly both ways! But i prefer the glasses one cuz it shows how ugly she really is!! hahahaha!

Cathy C. on

In response to Michelle…I was one who commented on the glasses earlier. I wear glasses myself[never contacts] but I think it’s wise to find a pair or pairs that suit your face. That was all that I meant….then when people look at you they see you not the glasses:)

Cathy C. on

Sorry….the response was meant for Ella not Michelle:(

Jessica on

She looks soooooooooo much better glam. How could anybody stand her with that natural look?

Alice on

Who is not going to look better when you have been worked on by a makeup artist, a stylist, etc? Come on, stop asking stupid questions!!!
I think she is an attractive girl but like someone else said, her inner ugliness ruins it for me.

angela on

she’s pretty either way, sexy glammed up, but sophistocated with the cute glasses. I think glammed up with the glasses would work too.

trendygrl on

she probably went out for lunch and wasnt camera-ready right then

Ryan S LaCorte on

she looks better with makeup, we all do! come on ladies! i am not a fan of her. i think she came out with the whole “bulimia” thing to keep herself in the spotlight. with that said, i would love for my skin to be that flawless with no makeup. this is about the pictures, but you know people are going to talk about more than the picture. so my vote, GLAM!

Audrey on

ay ay ayyy…..she looks WAAAAAYYYYYYY better glammed up

i mean, she looks like a normal person without makeup, but the makeup turns her into a Hollywood DIVA!!

Jake on


Anna on

I think she is beautiful either way. It’s nice to know some people in Hollywood know how to be normal and not so glamorous.

sabrina on

she looks pretty both wayz but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettuer glammed up

Katie on

Never really liked her, she seems so full of herself and very condescending in some of the interviews I’ve heard her do. She has an aura of fakeness about her, which to me ruins whatever beauty she might have, “glammed-up” or not.

RU on

i love kathrine mcphee but i do think she looks better “glammed” up

tracie on

I could not agree with you more katie. she is very full of herself and quite fake! not a fan.

Daven on

She’s pretty either way, but doesn’t it look like she got a nose job??????

Helenita on

I think she’s a doll either way, but the glasses HAVE to go! I’m biased, though. I have had the same pair of frames as KMcP for 2 years and I’ve grown to hate the way they obliterate the eye area….

vero on

i think she looks butiful both ways

johnathan on

ewww omg can you say freakkk? she’s a little hairy and those gucci glasses–so last season. she needs the chanel! and what are you talking about minimal makeup? it looks like she has NOTHING on. NOBODY should go out in public without makeup on or shaving. its just a must! somebody find get her my stylis immediately!! xoxo chaou

Lauren on

She looks good both ways. She is very fortunate to be able to pull off both looks successfully. It helps that she has FABULOUS Hair, shiny, healthy, thick and long.

Audrey on

She’s ugly either way. You can’t make someone look beautiful on the outside, if they aren’t beautiful on the inside. She seemed to have the idea through the entire season last year that she was somehow entitled to the roll of winner, and she wasn’t. Poor Katherine…

Angie on

I’m not a big fan,dont know much about her but i think so looks nice either way, I always like natural look better though, and I love her eye brows.


natural beauty

Vicki on

Glammed up. The glasses emphasize her big nose. She needs to ditch them. I think she is a pretty girl but like alot of people, her personality ruins it. She is a spoiled brat that needs to get a grip.

courtney on

what’s wrong with you people? she’s naturally beautiful. makeup doesn’t make a woman-it hides her. in this pretentious society it takes courage to go out without makeup. good for her.

MRS T. on


Amber on

I think that she looks ok with make-up, but without, compared to other actresses, she looks great. Most actresses including the really hot ones look better than her with make-up, but shhe looks better than most of them without it.

Sami on

She’s really pretty either way, but can she LOSE THE STEVE URKEL GLASSES?!?!?!?!

alli on

the bronze look suits her better in the glammed up picture. just a little bit more bronzer and would be perfect for her little too pale of a face for her glasses picture. she’s not that emo….

Princess on

I think she looks better glammed up, but she is beautiful no matter what…lucky girl!

kalina on

i think she looks good both but the makeup is beutiful and her hair is gorgeous!

holly on

it is sad that people think you have to wear make-up to be beautiful. She is a very pretty girl she doesn’t need to get glammed to be gorgeous

jenny on

i think she looks beautiful either way. she has great skin and exudes a quiet confidence in her appearance regardless of whether she’s glammed up or simply natural.

Sonia Ramos on

Either way she’s really pretty. She’s got the looks and the voice. Lucky, lucky girl.

Natalie on

Damn she’s ugly natural

guccihearts!! on

chick is fugly!!

Tayme on

Of course natural is the way to go. Of course any person with make-up on looks good, that’s what it’s there for, to highlight a person’s features and make them stand out. Katherine looks beautiful glammed up, but she looks just as beautiful just being natural and looking like a plain jane. I remember when I was in my teenage years, I was so afraid to walk out of the house without “my face” on, but now, I don’t really care. Now I’m more used to not wearing any make-up, and when I have to, it’s such a bothersom, because I just wanna have a bare clean face. Don’t get me wrong, I love my make-up, but I use it to the bare minimum, meaning I use less and not more. Katherine’s hair is beautiful also.

Melyssa on

Glasses, no question about it. A larger and more colorful frame (blue, red, purple, etc.) would be even better.

Juri on

your really asing me this! r u aliens or sumthing! of course she looks better on the left, who wants to go out looking trashy like that! LOL!

Chelsea on

Of course she looks fantastic both ways. She is a very beautiful woman whether she is glam or natural.

Julianne Maria on

she looks really good in glam, but in the natural not so glam

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