Over $100k Shopping in One Day? No Prob for Posh

01/19/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

So maybe Posh really is trying to fit into L.A: She spent well over $100,000 in some of the city’s trendiest boutiques on Tuesday. At Petit Tresor — a favorite of Katie and Britney Spears — she bought soccer-themed furnishings for her three boys’ rooms as well as a bunch of clothing for herself, including: 48 camisoles, 12 tank-tops and 12 t-shirts — plus three Mia Bossi diaper bags including this Audrey bag that Madonna also owns. On to Kitson — a fave of Paris Hilton — Posh picked up the pink logo sweatsuit (soooo L.A.!), and his-and-hers Public Library tees simulating her hubby’s famous tattoos. After all that, we can only imagine that she worked up quite an appetite for her dinner with Katie Holmes at the Ivy. Looks like Mrs. Beckham will be a Hollywood mom before we know it!

Photo: Darren Banks/Splash News

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Matty on

Who cares if she spent that absurd amount of money on clothing. Now that she’s moving to America she’s going to be getting so much press coverage when no one in America took much notice of the Beckhams in the first place.

“After all that, we can only imagine that she worked up quite an appetite for her dinner with Katie Holmes at the Ivy.” Soon we’ll be seeing headlines like “Is Posh annorexic?” or “Posh’s shock diet”

Leah on

It’s really disgusting how much celebrities spend…no matter how much they can afford it.

WAGs (as they’re called in England..stands for Wives and Girlfriends..of soccer players) are just known to spend the money their husband’s make.

As if it’s not enough for her to be married to the hottest man to grace this planet… sheesh!

orchyd on

A part of me is fascinated with the grotesque extragavances of the so called “celebrity”. I am all for enjoying money “earned” and all for giving to charitable organizations, but in moderation, come on! People should think about what they need, and then think about all those that have NOTHING… Their insecurities in life have to make them strive for fame, fortune and power. always great to one up the next person, because when it is all said in done, that is the true measure of man, how many camisoles can i own in one lifetime… How do you rationalize that sense of self indulgence?

Michelle on

Maybe this is just jealousy speaking, but it’s insane to think that some talentless celebrity spent in one day what intelligent, competent people make in an entire year. Actually, it’s entirely ridiculous, but… what are you going to do?

janet on

Is she wearing a wig? It sure looks like it. Plesase say it is so.

Billie Taylor on

It would be so nice if Posh and more celebrities would stop spending so much money on themselves and help others. There are so many homeless people and people living in poverty, yet, there is so many selfish celebrities spending money on things that will soon be of no value. I applaud Brad & Angelina for the work they are doing to help others…it is a wonderful act of love.

issy on

hold up 48 camisoles who needs 48 camisoles i thought i was crazy.

Elizabeth on

I find it all so SAD. After seeing Posh and the Cruise’s in action it makes me realise that money really can’t make one happy. Yes they have everything but it just seem’s so FAKE. Who are they trying to impress?? I mean come one the two ladies go to the IVY and they are dressed to the 9’s. Posh’s engagement ring must be +20 carats. She goes to the private schools in LA dressed like she is going to a club? I don’t know… again just SAD!!!

Mary on

I am already sick to death of spoiled Katie Holmes and Posh Spice. I’d much rather read about Angelina who is a true women of substance. She could be shopping and primping all day too. Brad Pitt is no fool. He has a great women and he knows it.

KT fr Cda on

48 camisoles?? I didn’t know they where that popular?? Silly really. Does she really need that many? Are they not bringing anything over with them. Just think what a fraction of what she spent would of helped so many starving people in the world.

Alexandra Carey on

If she wanted to be a decent human being and not an absurd money hungry materialist grotesque excuse for a human, then she should have contributed to the Los Angeles Homeless and or any charity that would offer her more satisfaction and then she might get some respect from her new home. No one in L.A. will respect this ridicioulos behavior. She and Beckman need a wake up call. I would like to see her spend the night on the street in her new clothes.

Rita on

I agree with all of you about how disgusting this is. And I’m a highly intelligent, full-time working, extremely busy mother of 5 who doesn’t come close to this amount of money in a year. I’ll admit to being jealous that she has this amount of money from a husband who plays a sport. My husband and I are both extremely hard-working (50+ hours per week) and manage to raise 5 kids (ages 15/12/11/10/8) on a lot less than $100,000 per year. It would be nice to have a friend that could just give me what she spent in one day so that we could get ahead. We don’t have credit cards, even. Just hard-earned cash. Heck, that amount she spent won’t even pay our mortgage off. But it could pay our truck off and some medical bills that are holding us back from getting ahead. YEP, I’M JEALOUS!! But also extremely disgusted!!!!!!!!

Shechic on

Billie – how do you know they do not give to charity? I get soo sick & tired of people whining about what celebs have & what they don’t do…Why would you be on a site like this?! This is a celebrity watching/gossip site, it is fun/fascinating to see what is going on in the lives of “The Rich & Famous or Infamous”! If you do not like it, don’t read it, you knew what it was going to say when you read the headline! 48 camisoles, yes, a little out there, but at the end of the day, who really cares? Her husband has a job that allows his family to afford luxuries and these are the luxuries she so chooses to purchase. I personally think it is great…wish my husband were a soccer player!

Stacey on

Who cares how much she spends… If I was married to that totally hot David Beckham I would buy anything to look good for him…..

Sandy on

You may call her talent-less but in reality she was a member of one of the most popular singing groups (Spice Girls) for years. She is also a very astute business woman and has made millions on her own clothing designs, book and marketing deals. She does not sit on her ass but works continuously while being a very conscientious and involved mother and a devoted wife to David Beckham. She is very polite, always well groomed (take notice Britney) and has class unlike a lot of celebrities in this country. They make millions and it’s no one’s business how much they spend when shopping. Do you expect her to spend $30 at K-Mart?

Maggie on

Why is she wearing sunglasses inside? Ridiculous

Cathy on

All that money…and she still never has a smile on her face!!!!!!! She is so MISERABLE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!! What is her problem????

Jen on

Jeez people, leave her alone! It’s HER money and if she wants to blow it on camisoles, then so be it. You people all sound jealous and bitter.

jen on

Are some people just completely out of touch with reality? Does she have any idea how much just a portion of that money would help other people? I’m a teacer in a low income school where many kids where the same clothes every day because that’s all they have. It’s so disgusting it makes me sick!

BC on

she looks NASTY

heartofgold on

she should donate that some money to a charity. Or give it to me, I’m struggling to put myself through college, dammit!

Deb on

yeah, She should spend the money on her nose! You can look right up her nostrils!

Tandi on

Umm… In England she is famous because of her looks (not good looks, just he looks) spice Girls and David. She is a glorified housewife… She is spending that much to make AMericans accept her… Honestly who cares?

chasermc on

I fully agree that more celebrities should help those less fortunate, but come on people…if I had her money I’d be spending it on whatever the hell I wanted, and sure I’m jealous, but not judgemental.

Brianne on

Honestly, who are we to tell her how to spend her money. She was just moved thousands of miles from home to this insane country where she is now HOUNDED by photographers all day. I saw video last week where she couldn’t see anything through the flashes. Its insane to think of the culture shock she must be experiencing. As one person stated, they were never noticed until they came here. She has to be absolutely shocked and offended at how she must live her life here.
We never heard about how she spent her money before she lived here because it wasn’t our business then, and it isn’t now.
She somehow snagged the hottest man alive who just signed the biggest soccer contract. Of course I’m jealous, of course I wish it were me, however, it wasn’t. If it were you can bet I’d probably be out shopping away just the same, as would most of you. The simple fact is she can afford it, on top of her charitable donations.

Cassie on

Wow, I could have paid off my house TWICE with that kind of money.

C on

Are her clothes disposable? Why would anyone need 48 camisoles?

Amy on

Pathetic. And that’s all I have to say about her 48 camisoles.

KimberlyTX on

Great,now Katie Holmes is going to have to go spend $100 grand just to be compared to her new buddy. She is looking more and more empty and bored these days just like Victoria. I think Katie thinks the public has forgotten that nobody cared who she was before Tom.

Angela Markette on

oh give her a break, if she can afford it, why the hell shouldnt she spend that much money??? so what she buys 48 camisols.. she is making a lot of her own money as well.. just think of the rock&republic jeans line, her sunglasses line, her purse line in japan and her recent fantastic book!! (which btw is a pleasure to read!) that woman clearly loves fashion.. and has a great personality..
and just so you know she does things for charity.. which celebrity doesnt these days??
funny how people only have to mention starving people when they see pictures of celebrities spending their money on themselves.. like you think of a starving child when you go on a shopping spree, come on..

Robin on

She spent $100.000 in one day….sometimes life can be so unfair.

lovely brunette on

wow…$100,000 thats a little abnoxious!!!

kristen on

good for you posh. if my husband just signed a deal worth hundreds of millions of $ trust me i’d be shopping like that too. if people say they wouldn’t they are LIARS. i think it’s fantastic. it’s all relative people, i’m sure she gives more than any of us as far as charities go. welcome to america.

Shelby on

My I think it’s utterly ridiculous. She has no talent. Even doctors and our health care don’t get that much money to save lives and deliver babies.
I think angelina jolie and brad pitt do what they do to get a good name for themselves I like quiet celebs like j.lo she is successful she has a restaurant she’s a dancer singer actress and producer

Maci on

WOW!! That is a lot of money!! Dont you think she could spend her husbands money(ok maybe some of it is hers but mostly his) on someting more important!! She is barley famous anymore and the only reason she is in the magazines is because she makes friends with people like Katie Homes!!

Kristen on

I just keep thinking that all this money the rich have to spend, there should be no poor people, for sure not in our
own country. But hey, if I had the money the Beckhem’s
have, I’d spent alot too. When you spend so much, you should be the quickest one to give though.

Tracy Bland on

I think Posh should visit my brother’s Salon in Burlingame Cal. Sanford/William co. hen she returns to the states. She will not be disappointed. My brother has been in the business for over 40 years. He needs to be recognized for his talent.

shelley on

While I do agree that it is INSANE how much money she spent (especially considering how much she actually purchased…that much money in my hands would have gone quite a bit further) I think it is silly how many people are saying that she should start spending more money on others. This article wasn’t discussing her chartible spending. Who knows how much she and her husband give to charity. It could be nominal or it could be quite generous. There will always be people in need. There will always be causes which need donations. The average Jane and Joe should pitch in a little and stopped whining about how celebrities need to give more. Everyone, celebrities included need to give more, period!

kate on

Couldn’t this 100K feed half of the starving children in Haiti or someplace else. What is wrong with these “celebrities”?

Lori on

The total lack of privacy in their lives is not worth it. Let the woman spend! She is starting a new venture in life and is excited to make some changes, just like we all do.

Kaye on

JEALOUS …. you guys are just jealous! I am sure that if you have that much money you will also shop to death. Take note that these celebrities cannot wear the same shirts twice. Posh and other celebrities have to wear really nice clothes coz if they make just ONE mistake, they will be criticized by the press for being the worst dresser. And if they wear the same thing twice, they will be criticized as becoming poor and can’t afford clothes anymore. So, PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES and STOP BEING JEALOUS!

I do not shop much because I cannot afford much clothes, BUT IF I CAN… hey I should enjoy myself to the fullest. So what if my husband earns a lot of money, I TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS and being a housewife is the most difficult job in the world so I deserve some shopping money right?! And did I say that Posh also earns a lot?

So to those girls who are jealous, just be realistic…..i am sure that the temptation to buy a lot would be easy. If the Beckhams earns $1M a day, spending $100k is just 10%. And i know a lot of ordinary people who spends 50% -80% of their salary just for shopping and even way over (thanks to credit cards) what they earn…. THESE are THE PEOPLE who are JUST GROSS!


brit on

people need to realise that when celebs like the beckhams go and spend $100k, thats like us going and spending $100. They give plent yto charity, more in proportion than many people, and them spending $100k is so little in the actual amount that they make a year. People need to stop being so jealous and realise that they in proportion arent doing anything more than you and me

Charla Dickenson on

Shameless. I’m sure she spends just as much or more wherever she lives. I don’t think she’s the kind of person who tries to fit in. I have definitely made it clear how I feel about this kind of lavish living. We all need clothing and we all have the right to enjoy life. I believe the rich and famous should be criticized for living so greedily. I believe in living modestly. I never suggest that people give away all their posessions and go live in a box and wear newspaper clothing. I don’t believe in extremes, which is why I am so aggainst such greedy lifestyles. The hoarding of wealth creates great financial disproportion which results in worldwide poverty and the underfunding of many charities and vital organizations. The reason I post here is because I believe that the media and celebrities sell greed. Young kids want to grow up to be the next blinged out celebrity not Mother Theresa and that says a lot about our future.

But for the love of LOGIC could people not bring up Brad and Angie, I’ve have read of their own massive shopping sprees done for them by personal assistants no less. They have THEIR OWN AIRPLANE AND SEVERAL MANSIONS. PLease do not be fooled by the HYPOCRITICAL celebs they are even worse than the Poshes because Posh and Bucks, pathetic as they are, are at least upfront with what a selfish, greedy and image obsessed life they lead. There is nothing worse than fakes, hypocrites and the self serving. You cannot own SEVERAL MANSIONS and then go on and on about poverty and world issues…Oprah, Bono and Brangelina! Change your lifestyle and then talk all you want. I be overjoyed to see that, I do not delight in failures, but until then they need to stop lying to themselves and to the public. A lavish living celeb who does charity work and brags and brags about it is still A LAVISH LIVING CELEB and true charity is the opposite of living lavishly.

night on

why is this hideous woman famous? and…can’t we make her go away…to an anorexia treatment program or someting?

Me on

I can’t believe this talentess trout spends that much in what? one hour? when worthwile people like doctors and nurses and volunteers in third-world countries don’t even make that in a whole year. None of these so called ‘celebrities’ deserve the absurd amounts of money they make. It’s a disgrace.

sara mcnaughton on

Well all i can say thank god she has joined you all in the USA I am form the United Kingdom and we have had years of her in the press doing the one thing she is good at Shopping!!! nothing else might i add,all the poverty in the world you would think she would do something more constructive with her time but i am afraid this will never happen as she loves the celebrity life style and the perks that go with it.
I am sure you will all see this in the months to come.

miss s mcnaughton

Jessica on

Hey if I could do that I would! Of course like you are all saying I would help the charities first. But if after everything I could spend that much on clothes you better believe it!!! I mean come on, what woman would not LOVE that.

LD on

Get over it people. The rich are not like us and never will be. Angelina knows the drill (that people are going to follow her every move) and probably sends a servant or personal shopper to do her shopping. Posh will learn.


Courtney77 on

I mean she id BEYOND OVERRATED! I just dont understand why there are so many posting & photos & news articles over the Beckhams!? What have they really done to entertain us in the US?? NOTHING (except hangout with Tom & Katie ugh).

jen on

Cassie…where do you live where you can pay off your house twice with 100K? I’m jealous of that! I can’t pay off half of my small condo with that. dAnyway…those of you who say we’re jealous…give me a break. I don’t want 48 white cotton camisoles. Also, she IS used to the paparazzi…it’s much worse in the UK for those two. Why are some of you feeling sorry for her? She doesn’t need to go to high profile, trendy shops if she doesn’t like it. Gimme a break!!!

O'Wryly on

So we’re all jealous, hmm? I’d like to think that if I had that much money to call pocket change, I’d spend a little more responsibly. She’s one wafer thin homely woman with one of the THE most sour visages I’ve ever seen. She has a handsome husband and 3 healthy sons so that should be enough to plop a smile there every so often but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in evidence. Granted, it’s her money and nowhere is it written that you MUST magnanimously give to charities, like the Jolie-Pitts. {I’d have far more belief in and respect for THEIR generosity if the press weren’t alerted every single time they did something in some obscure part of the world. Makes it all seem terribly contrived and photo-opportunistic.} So let her spend the money in asinine ways. Just more cheap and endless entertainment for us lowly peons. A shining example of the hilarity is today’s photo of Mrs. Beckham at the airport. How could you NOT look at that absurd photo of her and howl with laughter?! She takes herself farrrr too seriously. We, however, should not.

kristen on

if you make $500 a week and spend $25 that same week than you are just as extravagant as posh. you people are discusting. she is living within her meens, are you? i bet she doesn’t have any credit card debt, how about you. hipicrits is what all of you whom have written a single negetive thing are. let her be. if you or i had the money she has we’d all be spending a lot more than we do now.

what is it with saying she is spending her husbands money. they are married, it’s their money. jealousy is the ugliest emotion, shame on you for feeling it.

kristen on

people talk about this as not being normal, what is normal??? it’s whatever you are used to or whatever you create for youself. i love her normal, she’s beautiful and very strong with a fantastic sense of style. good for her!!!

H on

I’m not here to argue Posh’s spending either way, just to reply to those few people who mentioned Angelina: I find it ridiculous that there are some out there who defend her, since they forget she just signed a $13 million contract with St. John for a WEEK’S worth of work (posing for pictures, nonetheless). Just because she is always “pictured” doing “saintly” acts or reported to be visiting poor countries does not necessarily mean she is ANY different from your other celebrities! She makes and spends money JUST like those others, albeit in a different way. Because she is always off flying off to third-world countries for a new photo opportunity, designers are required to send her stuff, which she pays A LOT of money for. Don’t for ONE second think she is different than others, or spends less (if you are in fashion, one look at her would let you know she has spent over $100,000 from head to toe) — and I’m NOT talking about premieres, just her regular NYC/LA visits. (All this is not to say she is a bad person, which I do think she is, just not because of her spending habits. If they have it, why not spend it?)

Katie on

i can’t believe that one person would need 48 camisoles. however, i can’t judge her too much. she is a self-made woman. doesn’t anyone else remember the spice girls? she’s probably still making tons of money in royalties. she can afford to spend a little cash

Stephanie Kelly on

this is sickening — there are people starving in other parts of the world and she goes out and throws that kind of money around? pretty pathetic…

Michelle on

Its nobodys business how victoria spends her money! I like how her and her hubby dress themselves and they’re not going to do that on any kmart/old navy budget so get over it! No one here knows them to know how much they give to charity, and nor do they know you to know who much you give (OR DO YOU?). How would you like other people talking about how u choose to spend your hard earned money? Like someonle else said 100k is nothing to them. Jealousy will hold you back not move you foward people so get over it. My oppinion I would have bought nicer things kitson is so tacky that all.

katie on

Victoria- always seen out pleasuring herself shopping~ never seen with her sons. Katie- always photographed out shopping alone with Sciencetology guards or with a girlfriend~ never seen out enjoying her daughter alone. Tom Cruise’s ex Nicole- always pics of her out with new hubby~ never pics of her son and daughter as a new family. Are these wives simply used to produce kids and then sent off mindlessly (48 cami’s!!) shopping? Why don’t they want to be with their kids as much as they want to buy objects? Curious, creepy and sad… enough money to not raise your loved babies.

rachel on

she’s sooooo luckyyy! i wish i could spend 100 grand a day on clothes, shoes,
and bagss!

Dodie on

To me, she is one ugly, insecure looking person. She is way too tan and looks leathery. Her nose job is horrible and that hair – blah! But the worst of it is she never SMILES. What’s with that?

Tammy on

To All you complainers…


P.S. Angelina Jolie does spend crazy money… do you think Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh wear kids clothes from JCPenny’s or Wal-mart?

Kim on

haha I had to laugh when I read what someone wrote about how she’s a housewife and being a housewife is the hardest job in the world. Oh yeah, I’m sure she’s scrubbing floors, cooking three meals a day, cleaning the kitty’s litter box, doing the kids’ laundry, etc!


Charla Dickenson on

Lets go over this again, since some people do not understand what many of us see so clearly. The mere fact that $100,000 is like pocket change to them is disgusting. Do some of you not live on planet earth, the concept that the amount of money that could buy a family a home is mere shopping money for them is horrific. Life is about balance and they are clearly unbalanced. I can guarantee 100% that if I had that kind of money I would continue to live my life modestly. I can also guarantee 100% that I am not jealous. It is so childish that when a woman has a strong opinion others immidiately jump to the conclusion of jealousy. I am not in highschool. I am a happily married woman and I actually have opinions and morals I like to stand up for. I would be unhappy being anyone but me, I love my life and I do not go around being motivated by such a sad and useless emotion as jealousy. I wish them well and I wish they would live with more dignity. If every spoiled rich person lived normally imagine the world… no more poverty, enough research funding to find cures to Cancer and AIDS, no more kids going to bed hungry, no more homeless. The money they waste could be redistribtued, their salaries could be lowered in order to create more jobs. The world would be a safer, happier place without so much suffering. OH, but they would have to do without their 48 camisoles and their homes the size of hotels. Ya, you guys are right let them live their lives if you’ve got it spend it, it doesn’t hurt anyone…. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE LOAD OF BS … wake up and take a look around.

me on

Tammy- even if we did do the same thing, it doesn’t make it right.

enigma on

On clothing for herself!????!! SHAMEFUL!!

I have always felt that Celebs should be obligated or under contract to donate/give away a certain percentage of their easy earned salary! They should be obligated to maintain a good caring selfless image of themselves. They should be obligated to create foundations, give scholarships to people who want to go to college (like heartofgold), help inner city schools, create medical centers for people in the USA!! Be real “rolemodels”………….!?!??!

I am artist, if I had $100,000. in my hands I certainly would not go on a spending spree of only good for one “season” clothing!!! I’d buy some art supplies, get a place to have my own gallery, and then give the rest away to fellow artists in NEED! As an artist we know how to stretch money and make it work.

I am with Charla, about the whole greedy lavish rub in the public’s face life style! These stars should be ashamed of their pathetic way of living….and doing anything to help make the world a better place……..stars are so momentry it’s a no wonder they are consumed with themselves!

Plus, to all those that say “we’re jealous” JEALOUS is not the right word at ALL…..it’s called being PRACTICAL and REALISTIC!

I don’t know why or how anyone could be jelly over someone like V.B.


i am a HUGE fan of posh if she needs to shop let her shop she is so awesome and is married to daviad beckam!

hoogee on

Posh is quite the shopper! $100,000 is quite a bit of money, but since her husband has over $250 million, they aren’t short of cash. I’m actually quite fascinated and 2007 will be the year of the Beckham tabloid covers. That’s what moving to LA will do for you.

It just gets Better on

Ok, I couldn’t resist the temptation to comment. First of all, 100,000 in one day? Come on!!! Who needs to spend that kind of money? I just think its completely stupid. How about you use the money for a good cause? Oh and while I am at it, I would like to comment on how robotic Katie, and Victoria are. They both have extremely dopey faces every time you see them. Its like “Oh look at me, I have no brain…but I’m married to Tom Cruise.”

Charla Dickenson on

$100,000 is a $100,000. Plain and simple. Anyone who can’t see that is delusional and not living in the real world. People need to learn the value of money. So for those defending this extravagance saying that for Posh 100 Grand isn’t a lot you’ve just proved my point. Have your parents not told you that money doesn’t grow on trees? Anyone who respects money would know the value of 100 Grand and would further know that no descent human being would ever blow that kind of cash on a bunch of camisoles and casual attire. I pity this senseless woman and anyone who doesn’t see how senseless she is. If celebs lived normally people wouldn’t be so obsessed with them, they’re jobs would be viewed like any other job, but since they live like insane kings and queens or gods on mount olympus people are fascinated by them and watch their every move. The paparazzi is their KARMA. All the ‘attention’ they get, that they hate so much, they bring every ounce of it on themselves.

Charla Dickenson on

Enigma is right on the money!
(Artists see the truth and share it with the world.
That’s why they’re so special!)

princess on

Uncle Sam will be laughing all the way to the bank.

judyk on

I hope that we are not going to be inundated with pictures & pointless stories on Victoria Beckham now that she and her husband will be gracing us with thier presence. Are they even celebrities in this country in the first place? I am tired of her already. She looks ridiculous most of the time & who cares about her spending $100,000 on t-shirts??

Carole on

Regardless of whether $100k is chump change to this woman, it’s still ridiculous and obnoxious. 48 camisoles?? huh? Do the Beckhams give to charity? Do the Cruises give to anything besides the CHURCH? How about just once in a while? I thought I might be but I’m actually not jealous at all. Katie and Posh look empty. Even shopping gets boring after a while.

j on

it’s her money, her business, and her perrogative to spend money however she chooses to. enough already w/the posts that say she should give money to charity!! no one knows whether she does or not, so drop all the jealousy fueled comments. what seems excessive to us is normal, every day life for her. no one is in a place to judge unless they’ve been IN that place. correct?!?

Lili~ on

Let me know when she starts to do something productive with her husband’s money… LIKE CHARITY!

This spoiled brat routine falls on deaf ears considering just how much “shopping” we watch these neurotic and image addicted “has beens”. Yet another woman who compensates for her lack of confidence by attempting to purchase every item known in the retail world. BRAVO!


How about something along the lines of “Posh helps poverty stricken families in New Orleans” or …. “Posh finds human kindness in her very own heart after donating second hand clothes to charity.”

Anyone can shop, now remind me why we care to watch “her” do it?


In short, whether she shops here or in the UK, she’s still a 0.01 on the Richter scale on this side of the pond!


elisa on

I think she looks absolutely horrible! no matter how much she spends on clothes. I could never be jealous of such a tasteless woman! if I were rich I would never spend such an amount of money on clothes! I wold rather travel around the globe. If i was her i would feel quite uncomfortable spending my husband´s money all the time!!! she is useless and can´t earn money by working on herself!!

Michele on

With that kind of money to spend on silly things, you would think she would have a smile on her face, even occasionally. This woman always looks bitter with that puckered puss of hers

LS on

I have to agree that she always looks unhappy and it is silly when celebs wear sunglasses other than when they are outdoors. It comes off as very Diva-like and snobbish. Money can buy her tons of material items, but I guess not the happiness she appears to be lacking.

Chrissy on

I find this whole thing absolutely ridiculous! I just don’t understand what the big deal is. Posh is spending ungodly amounts of money. That’s shocking? No. She’s a celebrity! And for those who think she needs to be giving to charity, it’s not her (or any other celebrity’s) responsibility to do that! Though I agree that those who have more should “give,” its ridiculous that people think its necessary for celebrities to be the “givers.” Last time I checked, it was everybody’s responsibilty to help others!!

Michaela on

To Charla Dickenson on her oh-so intelligent comments:

Excuse me, Charla, but maybe you should once in a while read a good book on business and economy before posting THREE extremely unintelligent messages.

1st posting: You say “I believe the rich and famous should be criticized for living so greedily. […] The hoarding of wealth creates great financial disproportion which results in worldwide poverty and the underfunding of many charities and vital organizations.”

– On the one hand, you keep repeating celebrities should not spend that much money, on the other hand, you say hoarding wealth (if we define that as money) leads to poverty. Get it? If they wouldn’t spend that much money on products, many of you would lose their jobs because nobody would be needed to produce, market, sell, deliver etc. those goods.

Michaela on

To Charla Dickenson:

2nd posting: You say “If every spoiled rich person lived normally imagine the world… no more poverty, enough research funding to find cures to Cancer and AIDS, no more kids going to bed hungry, no more homeless. The money they waste could be redistribtued, their salaries could be lowered in order to create more jobs.”

– Wow, that is pure socialism speaking out of you. Tragically, people never learn from history … So you would be the one to redistribute other people’s money? Okay, now imagine you are a hardworking business woman who only works so that other people like you can just steal her money and spend it on their preferred purposes. Would you keep on working? I don’t think so – you would stop working and just wait for receiving money for not doing anything. And could you please explain this obscure concept of yours of the world being without homelessness and poverty? And, please, base it on economical facts this time.

Jackson on

If I had the kind of money that she has, I’d spend it too and on whatever I wanted. I don’t imagine her shopping keeps food off of their table!

Kim on

I think she can do with her money as she pleases…Some people are saying that she is in shock from the paparazzi here in America. She and her husband are bigger in England than the Royal Family. This is normal for her not unusual. We have just never really paid attention to them. She is a business woman, very hard working. Also, for those who talk about her children and her not being with them, I truly believe she is a good mother, she is protecting her children from the paparazzi and doesn’t like them to be in the middle of that scene. She can spend her money where she pleases…it is no different then anyone else…you have no idea if all those camisoles are for her…or if it is even true that she bought that many. I am sure she donates to charity, considering what her husband just signed a contract for, it’s chump change to her. I can’t say I would spend that kind of money but I have never had that kind of money so who knows. I would like to think I would give to charity but who knows. How does the saying go “the rich get richer!” As far as Angelina being saintly…hmm had an affair with a married man, broke up their marriage…had a child out of wedlock…I think she might be trying to make up for her mistakes. I wouldn’t call her the best example for a “good” person, she has issues that are really not good examples of a good person.

Charla Dickenson on

You seem extremely angry and I find that quite sad. I like all people have the right to share my beliefs. I have clearly stated that I do not believe in extremes. I do not think you understand my comments in the least.
So if Donald Trump took a pay cut,(therefore more money in the company’s budget) to create some more jobs withing his organization this would be a bad thing? If he turned one of his mansions into a shelter for abused women this would upset the enconomy? If Posh bought 48 camisoles and donated them to a clothing fund instead of sticking them straight into her own closet this would be dangerous how? I never suggested there be some form of police out there inforcing modest living. I suggest that people CHOOSE to live modestly and with dignity. I suggest they use their massive wealth positively and intelligently. Poeople are unbelievably lazy and selfish and will use every excuse in the book to not better themselves or society. I suggested celebs stop living so greedily, not stop contributing to the economy. They can continue to spend their finances, but for the betterment of others, not to constantly spoil themselves. Spa days, sure, they can give them as gifts to some hard working single mom’s. Shopping sprees, great idea; to buy clothing for women in shelters. Another mansion, awesome; to turn it into a getaway centre for kids with cancer. Paying for tons of travel, terrific, they could help reunite families who have been torn apart by war. THEY CAN SPEND ALL THE MONEY THEY WANT my suggestion is they spend it in a MEANINGFUL way. They can still enjoy life, but in a respectful way, a nice home, some nice clothes, a little travel etc… They could choose to live within reason and moderation, the rest of their wealth could be spend purchasing things that would help those in need. When you are a celebrity with massive wealth and you are a public figure who people will listen to you have a tremendous opportunity to change the world and tackle many causes. There are so many creative ways to make a difference without turning the economy upside down. I would never suggest people take anything from anyone. I write with the hopes that people will choose to live generously and intelligently. Don’t worry, no Modern Day Robin Hood is going to come and steal people’s Channel purses and send them to woman in Africa.
I don’t subscribe to socialism, I have my own ideas and I think for myself.
If a child could have 10,000 toys because his parents are rich, wouldn’t it make more sense to let him have 10 toys and donate the other 9990 to kids in hospitals and shelters or should the 10,000 toys pile up in his room where they are forgotten and taken for granted. Most celebs hoard their wealth, meaning THEY SPEND IT ON THEMSELVES AND THEIR LITTLE WEALTHY INNER CIRCLE, when they could spend a little on themselves and the rest on other more important causes!
I believe in thinking outside the box and finding ways to make a difference in the world, instead of hiding being excuses that do nothing but justify people’s greed.

P.S. I practice what I preach, so I know it is doable.

Mandy on

Wow… she needs to spend only 50, 000 a day so people don’t get so upset.

Elena on

Not a long ago Posh proudly stated that she has never ever read a book in her life. No camisole in the world will ever make up for it!

BC on

good gawd this woman is ugly something funny about her mouth I dont know but she is ugly …

Mary on


You accuse celebs of living so greedily–BUT is is their money and their choice. Why aren’t people allowed to enjoy their own wealth? I am and will never be as rich as the Beckhams, but I enjoy the small wealth and lifestyle that I have created on my own (at the young age of 23). I grew up poor, but my hard work has been well-rewarded. It is MY CHOICE to drop $600 on a pair of Manolo Blahniks and NO ONE is going to make me feel bad about it.

Charla Dickenson on

Of course it is your choice. It is my choice to speak out about lavish living and try to encourage people to be generous. I also think people have the right to enjoy their lives. As I have said I don’t believe in extremes. I don’t think people should give everything away and only own one pair of shoes. I wish for a world where everyone can enjoy life. I believe in living in a way that is reasonable. Sure a hard working woman has the right to enjoy a nice pair of shoes. I don’t, however, think it is responsible for a hardworking woman to own 1000 pairs of shoes and to not once have thought of spending that money on those in need. As someone who grew up poor I hope you have compassion for those in need and that you choose to use your success to help others. That has been my choice in life. The money and time we give to others is so much more satisfying than anything we can buy for ourselves. When I see all the suffering in the world I can’t tune it out, I want to do everything I can to help. I feel that people should live in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable, but not direspectful considering the state of the world. Many people are not so lucky to be able to overcome growing up poor. I have met so many brilliant hardworking people who struggle just to put food on the table for their family. I see a world full of people who should and could do so much and try so much harder to help their fellow human. You can’t take it with you and the goal in life is not to see who has the biggest pile of stuff or who dresses the best but who can make the most of life and leave the world a little better than they found it.
I wish you the best in life.

P.S. It seems to me that those who stand up for Posh, are those who would do the same thing in her shoes. I feel good knowing from personal experience that I wouldn’t.

Fatima on

hey! i didnt work to earn this money, my husband did why shouldnt i spend it right. GO GIRL POWER!!!! Wasnt that it… :)))))))

samdy on

I think posh shouldn’t be compared with angleina. Angelina is way more beautiul and she has a heart of gold. Posh is not that much of a beauty and not giving as much as she and her husband makes. Angie gives a 3rd of her income think about it. Not comparable.

tseganesh on

I don’t think angie kids wear from walmart but she give a 3rd of her income. How many celebrities do that? think about it. Think about angie gets a potential of 250 million dollar deal. She will do much out of it to less fortunate. With all respect to posh she and angie are not comparable with looks either.

tiffany on

I am already SOOOO sick of hearing about them and they haven’t even moved here yet……I would rather hear about Paris…and I dont like her either.

kendra on

Spend away girl, your look awesome

vanessa on

Some of you guys are lame! let her get her shop on!!!

Judi on

I have no problem with “Posh’ or anyone else shopping for what they choose to buy with their money, my problem is that celebrities make an exorbitant money. I say this in comparison to those of us who struggle to make ends meet; while we do not have a job that entertains the public but we/I have a job saving the public.

I have a major issue with entertainers and sports figures receiving huge amounts of money to entertain the public while the majority of us who work in danger of physical harm and contagious illnesses start at near minimum wage while working 12 or 24 hour shifts. Ironically when they get injured we are the ones who are there for them, but depending on the person we wont even get an autograph [and by law we can’t even say we treated them]

I have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis, shot at, stabbed at, and wrestled by patients all for less than $10.00 an hour. I don’t get a stunt double, make up/hair artists or second takes, but I do get to tell families that their loved one will be ok, and I get the great feeling of being there for those who have no one. My shopping sprees are for groceries for the family, and even then I need to watch my budget.

I am ok with who I am and my chosen profession but it pains me that we live in a society that values the performing arts over the art of saving lives.

Victoria on

I feel extremely sad for you shopaholics that think this kind of behaviour is acceptable, and I wholeheartedly agree with those of you who empathize with the unfortunate souls in this world!!!!!!!!!!

Nina on

Let’s just give the girl a break okay? Let her spend her money the way she wants to. It’s hers anyway and it’s not like it’s stolen or dirty money. Posh and David help out so many charities and foundations as well. Maybe you’re all just ignorant about it but they’ve helped a lot of people already. Just imagine how much money they have and if you had it, you’ll probably be spending that much money too. If you think it’s such a bad thing, think twice. Maybe it’s jealousy.

kathy on

I think she look great, and it is her money so let her be, If I was her I would not spend that much but hey I am not her, same with abortion, same sex preference etc, I will not do it but if somebody do it, well it is their choice

momi on

Spending that big amount is there right! If they can afford it,then why not right? According to one of my supervisor, if you can’t afford it in cash, you can’t afford it…at least she is not using a credit card…hehehehe..

enigma on

Well said, you are noble and humbled! I commend you for your choices and actions!
I wish you all the best and to be safe too!

tammy on

jesus people its her money if she wants to shop let her shop its not up to her to help anyone just cause she is rich its HER money she has the right to spend it on what she wants

teresa on

they might be stupidly rich but remember one thing….they dont have the luxury of privacy like we do ..and privacy is something very important to me. they might spend like crazy but they are just buying things they dont need just to spend money to me that is no life …at least I can say when i spend money I am thankful. They just expect it. I would never ever trade the privacy for money.People would be talking about me like we are about them lol NO WAY. In my opinion we are the rich ones:)

elle hedden on

Gloria Beckham, you would think would smile at least once. This is an individual with absolutely everything imaginable at her finger tips. This woman is not only unattractive asthetically, she is an absolute snob. Her money is worn on her very expensive sleeves. Shame on you Ms. Posh.


cindy on

this woman is a snob ….shame on that

Sami on

I have to say, if I had that kind of money, I might spend it on clothes all in one day. But I wouldn’t go to stupid designer stores- I’d go to,like, Kohl’s or something with realistic prices!!!

Alyson on

Posh Spice has turned into Scary Spice—she’s too thin,she’s too Botoxed, and she’s way too self-involved.

mindy on

what in the world does David see in her???????

emily on

Personally, I cannot stand Victoria Beckham. She used to be a celebrity, back when the spice girls still existed. Now she is like a pasarite living out of her husband’s money and fame. She comes accross as someone incredibly plastic, fake and with a thirst for fame. I hope America doesn’t give her the satisfaction of giving her any attention. Hopefully when David’s time as a footballer runs out, we won’t hear about her anymore. She is irritating as hell and in the UK we consider her to be the biggest knacker of all time. Money doesn’t buy style, da’ling. Sorry!

legos2dot0 on

Wow…I just happened upon this picture and started reading all the comments. Really, if you’re going to insult someone (V.B. or each other) at least insult them with correctly spelled words. I’d understand if most are young kids but apparently, most of the posters here are adults. Education, it’s a good thing. No wonder every other country is doing better than us.

Oh by the way, it’s her money not yours. Let her decide what to do with it. If you don’t like it, don’t read the article or look at the picture then.

Lola on

Can u say petite, pinched, snotty, and perfect? Yeah sounds like the kind of person i would just love to right a blog about…..

Meng on


Celia on

Oh come on people. She’s got money to spend so why not? She’s earning for herself through her fashion & whatever was probably left from Spice Girls so what she does with it is up to her. We only read about Angeline Jolie giving to Cambodia, etc because they publicise whatever good deed they do however the Beckhams also have charities in the UK & also Beckham’s soccer academy in LA that no one knows about but are doing the same just like Jolie-Pitt are.

Carlee on

I honestly think she could be unhappy. She never looks like she’s enjoying herself. Perhaps she’s shopping to feel better. I do that when I’m bummed out or feeling insecure, and sometimes it helps. Albeit on a much, much smaller scale, but anyway. This is a fun site to visit, I wouldn’t take this to heart so much. I’m not here to judge anyone, just to be entertained. :)

Angie on

who cares about what she bought we have our own lives,but I agree with Leah about having the hot husband, why isnt she home with him.And for goodness sake can she ever smile im begining to think she never learned how to.

Mika on

Yes, the celebrities have the right to indulge themselves with 48 camisoles, but we working-class people have every right to have an opinion and think its just insane. We’re not jealous, we’re just surprised and confused that someone would be that retarded. $100,000? Isn’t that the total GNP for some 3rd world countries somewhere?!?!? And if you think that she has talent because she was a Spice Girl, well, I think you’re sniffing glue. And yes she’s a designer, but isn’t every woman a designer at heart??? We normal gals just don’t have the money to get our ideas out there. Don’t be stupid, we all know deep down inside that celebrities could be doing more with all the power and money they get.

Polola on

I am glad that there are weatlhy people available to spend so much money in clothes and personal items-. That would never give them happiness, either voiding beeing cheated and the absurd show of doing charity only idiots can believe. This last one is just to pay less tax….All of you guys are on crack wating time writing and reading this-. It’s my first and last…

Bree on

I love that everyone believes every single little thing they read. 48 camisoles might be 3 for all we know. And even if it were 48 – they could be presents. Besides… I read somewhere that Victoria (she has a bloody name… and its not ‘Posh’) donates all her old clothes to charity and what not… and she is often not pictured wearing the same thing often. Furthermore, if that’s not enough to get people talking: about not wearing the same thing twice – even if she did, she would get picked on for that too. Leave the poor woman alone!

Stephanie on

Who cares about Posh! What’s sad is that we are all so intrigued by what these so called “celebrities” do. This kind of wealth and frivolous spending is disturbing but not any of my business. I would rather see and read something about her philantrophic activities but this is what entertains us ….. sad but I ashamedly admit that I am drawn to these superficial stories about celebrities.

How in the heck did this become a bash on Angelina Jolie? She may spend tons of money on herself and family but she also spends a lot on the less fortunate in this world and I applaud her for that. Anyone who thinks she does this just for the press is sadly mistaken. She is giving back and seems to be fulfilling God’s purpose for her here on earth. What’s wrong with helping others? God Bless her and Brad for the work they are doing — let the others follow.

Saira on

i love it. if you’ve got it.. flaunt it why not. i understand for envious haters out there, yes that money can be worth a lot more elsewhere, but then again she’s more than allowed to spend their money on whatever they like. Don’t forget, they have and are doing something good for others already. i say do your thing Mrs. Beckham! Welcome to LA.

sandy on

Actually, for once I was encouraged when I read the comments on Posh Beckman. I enjoy looking at the idle rich, maybe they fasinate me in some way, but to emulate them in any way, no thanks. I would much sooner think that Posh would spend her husbands money on people rather than stuff and I honestly hope that she does not become a bad example for Katie Holmnes , who for the record, I believe is still pretty normal and sweet. But that is for us to see in the future.

Allison on

Just because she has money, it doesn’t mean that she has to give all of it away. I’m sure they donate plenty to charity. They earned their money so leave them alone even if you disagree with the way they made it.

Priscilla on

i agree with you charla dickinson where you say $ 100,000 is a $100,000…

so true. :)

Priscilla on

people are so selfish and greedy.

i completely agree with Charla Dickinson.

people are so augh unintelligent

Inas Rafidi on

That’s awesome and brilliant…… back off guys U R SOO annoying,jealousy & greedy…….if i have that money i would spend it all

Natalie on

What is up with her facial expressions!? Her mouth is always open and purposely pouted and her nose is so damn skinny it looks like she can’t breath.
Wait…maybe thats why her mouths always open, cuz she’s had so many damn surgeries.

She’s disgusting and so are her spending habits.
I wonder how much she’s spent on being “fake?”

Vic on

Good on her!!!

Everyone that lives outside the US knows it is cheaper for clothes than Spain or UK.

Also, she has her own money and was the highest paid between then when they got together. She isn’t a typical WAG. The ones that are typical WAGS are the ones with no job and never really worked (Colleen MacLaughlin) who spwnd the day spending their partners wages. Jealous….not me….

illiona on

maybe she need to spend little bit to those people out there who really need help

maccy on

so greedy u cant take it with u when u die. i hope these celebs have souls, god help them.

Gex on

At least she will be pumping this money into the US economy and not Spain or the UK

Scout on

Well she has to look good for the aliens that she and the Cruises’ will be entertaining at the Scientology Senter.

Charla Dickenson on

Thanks so much PRICILLA ( that’s one of my favorite names, it’s so pretty). Best wishes!
JUDI’s comments too were incredible. As far as I’m concerned, Judi, you are (and I’m sure you know this) richer than every celb out there. Saving lives is phenomenol. You know what life is really about and that knowledge is worth more than anything.
It is a travesty how much celebs are over paid. So many jobs deserve such better salaries, I find it appaling. Most actors just play characters like Judi. While Judi, and many others like her, are the ones with true character. It’s aweful with the Oscars, where these people sit in million dollar gowns and jewels patting themselves on the back for what … making a movie? Movie’s at their best can be very inspiring, but awards are for kids in science fairs and people who go running into burning buildings while everyone else runs out. People who save lives everyday and do it without needing camera’s to catch their good deed or an audience to applaud for them. I wish we could watch awards shows for the unsung real everyday heroes, instead of a bunch of self indulgent, overpaid and praize seeking celebs.
Sorry if my views offend anyone but I’m just trying to share my feelings. The reason I write here is because I think this all needs to change and I just want to share my views on the website for the biggest celeb magazine around.

Charla Dickenson on

Scout’s comment is hilarious! Maybe she is buying all those camisoles for the Aliens. And I went and posted all these messages about how greedy she is, SHAME on me. How generous, those poor Aliens must not have designer crap where they’re from … being intelligent life forms and all.

Celia on

I’m surprised most are making a big deal out of VB’s shopping. If I had that money I’d spend it like hell too. It was her choice to be a celeb – something we are obsessed about (by telling that you are all logged onto people.com ha!) – so leave her be. Most celebs do good too, they are giving away $ to charities & people like us are paying them by watching their movies & keeping people.com on line.

I like her style but yes I agree, if only she smiled a bit. She is a real Pommie snob everytime she’s photographed even with Katie who smiles but not her. Otherwise, if she spends that much $, then US should be glad to have them onboard to pump $700K average a week into their economy. So why not?

Angela on

victoria doesnt like her smile! because it wides her nose.. and she says it makes her look ugly, she said that in an interview once.. other people suck their tummies in.. everybody should do that what makes them feel good about themselves.. and if she would read what people write about her here i dont think she’d have anything to laugh..
why dont you just all back off and stop calling people retarded..
as it was written before, you people dont even know if she really bought 48 tops..
this is really one of the dumbest threads ive read in my life!
writing you’re “surprised and confused..” ?! – you’re simply jealous – BIG TIME!
“And yes she’s a designer, but isn’t every woman a designer at heart???”
i dont know where you live but most women i see on the street are definitely no designers at heart..
if youre saying that shes only out shopping and spending ridiculous money on clothes all the time, then i assume you all just sit in front of the computer all day.. just because she was photographed while out shopping doesnt mean thats all she does.. cant you just all accept the fact that victoria earns her own money and her and her husband do things for charity??

oh and..
“Thanks so much PRICILLA ( that’s one of my favorite names, it’s so pretty).”

i bet it is… veeery brown-nosed of you.. thanks for the laugh!

DollarFreak on

I’m not sure why most of the people are so jealous and bitter.. Sure, she spends money like dumping out bottled water. Who cares? She did it (meaning shes where she is today because thats what she wanted and worked hard for it). Most of us would do the same if we were in the position. Isn’t the whole point of making money to spend it? Yah, like im going to sit on a pile of dough until I retire… for which I may never see. Live richly people! We only live this life once.

NIcholas on

Your comments speak volumes to your own insecurity.

huhuh on

the seller or from whatever store posh bought from r definitely lucky…one shopping spree ..you get 100k profit…
bravo that…
posh loss(yeah she gets the satisfaction of shopping, you buy something then you have the urge to buy again-any woman would), the seller gain-way to go seller(money money money)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna (UK) on

Posh has great fashion sense, and if i had that sort of money id be a shopholic to! Money is for spending after all?! and we cant deny we wouldnt be that extravagant if we could!

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