Over $100k Shopping in One Day? No Prob for Posh

01/19/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

So maybe Posh really is trying to fit into L.A: She spent well over $100,000 in some of the city’s trendiest boutiques on Tuesday. At Petit Tresor — a favorite of Katie and Britney Spears — she bought soccer-themed furnishings for her three boys’ rooms as well as a bunch of clothing for herself, including: 48 camisoles, 12 tank-tops and 12 t-shirts — plus three Mia Bossi diaper bags including this Audrey bag that Madonna also owns. On to Kitson — a fave of Paris Hilton — Posh picked up the pink logo sweatsuit (soooo L.A.!), and his-and-hers Public Library tees simulating her hubby’s famous tattoos. After all that, we can only imagine that she worked up quite an appetite for her dinner with Katie Holmes at the Ivy. Looks like Mrs. Beckham will be a Hollywood mom before we know it!

Photo: Darren Banks/Splash News

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Michaela on

To Charla Dickenson:

2nd posting: You say “If every spoiled rich person lived normally imagine the world… no more poverty, enough research funding to find cures to Cancer and AIDS, no more kids going to bed hungry, no more homeless. The money they waste could be redistribtued, their salaries could be lowered in order to create more jobs.”

– Wow, that is pure socialism speaking out of you. Tragically, people never learn from history … So you would be the one to redistribute other people’s money? Okay, now imagine you are a hardworking business woman who only works so that other people like you can just steal her money and spend it on their preferred purposes. Would you keep on working? I don’t think so – you would stop working and just wait for receiving money for not doing anything. And could you please explain this obscure concept of yours of the world being without homelessness and poverty? And, please, base it on economical facts this time.

Jackson on

If I had the kind of money that she has, I’d spend it too and on whatever I wanted. I don’t imagine her shopping keeps food off of their table!

Kim on

I think she can do with her money as she pleases…Some people are saying that she is in shock from the paparazzi here in America. She and her husband are bigger in England than the Royal Family. This is normal for her not unusual. We have just never really paid attention to them. She is a business woman, very hard working. Also, for those who talk about her children and her not being with them, I truly believe she is a good mother, she is protecting her children from the paparazzi and doesn’t like them to be in the middle of that scene. She can spend her money where she pleases…it is no different then anyone else…you have no idea if all those camisoles are for her…or if it is even true that she bought that many. I am sure she donates to charity, considering what her husband just signed a contract for, it’s chump change to her. I can’t say I would spend that kind of money but I have never had that kind of money so who knows. I would like to think I would give to charity but who knows. How does the saying go “the rich get richer!” As far as Angelina being saintly…hmm had an affair with a married man, broke up their marriage…had a child out of wedlock…I think she might be trying to make up for her mistakes. I wouldn’t call her the best example for a “good” person, she has issues that are really not good examples of a good person.

Charla Dickenson on

You seem extremely angry and I find that quite sad. I like all people have the right to share my beliefs. I have clearly stated that I do not believe in extremes. I do not think you understand my comments in the least.
So if Donald Trump took a pay cut,(therefore more money in the company’s budget) to create some more jobs withing his organization this would be a bad thing? If he turned one of his mansions into a shelter for abused women this would upset the enconomy? If Posh bought 48 camisoles and donated them to a clothing fund instead of sticking them straight into her own closet this would be dangerous how? I never suggested there be some form of police out there inforcing modest living. I suggest that people CHOOSE to live modestly and with dignity. I suggest they use their massive wealth positively and intelligently. Poeople are unbelievably lazy and selfish and will use every excuse in the book to not better themselves or society. I suggested celebs stop living so greedily, not stop contributing to the economy. They can continue to spend their finances, but for the betterment of others, not to constantly spoil themselves. Spa days, sure, they can give them as gifts to some hard working single mom’s. Shopping sprees, great idea; to buy clothing for women in shelters. Another mansion, awesome; to turn it into a getaway centre for kids with cancer. Paying for tons of travel, terrific, they could help reunite families who have been torn apart by war. THEY CAN SPEND ALL THE MONEY THEY WANT my suggestion is they spend it in a MEANINGFUL way. They can still enjoy life, but in a respectful way, a nice home, some nice clothes, a little travel etc… They could choose to live within reason and moderation, the rest of their wealth could be spend purchasing things that would help those in need. When you are a celebrity with massive wealth and you are a public figure who people will listen to you have a tremendous opportunity to change the world and tackle many causes. There are so many creative ways to make a difference without turning the economy upside down. I would never suggest people take anything from anyone. I write with the hopes that people will choose to live generously and intelligently. Don’t worry, no Modern Day Robin Hood is going to come and steal people’s Channel purses and send them to woman in Africa.
I don’t subscribe to socialism, I have my own ideas and I think for myself.
If a child could have 10,000 toys because his parents are rich, wouldn’t it make more sense to let him have 10 toys and donate the other 9990 to kids in hospitals and shelters or should the 10,000 toys pile up in his room where they are forgotten and taken for granted. Most celebs hoard their wealth, meaning THEY SPEND IT ON THEMSELVES AND THEIR LITTLE WEALTHY INNER CIRCLE, when they could spend a little on themselves and the rest on other more important causes!
I believe in thinking outside the box and finding ways to make a difference in the world, instead of hiding being excuses that do nothing but justify people’s greed.

P.S. I practice what I preach, so I know it is doable.

Mandy on

Wow… she needs to spend only 50, 000 a day so people don’t get so upset.

Elena on

Not a long ago Posh proudly stated that she has never ever read a book in her life. No camisole in the world will ever make up for it!

BC on

good gawd this woman is ugly something funny about her mouth I dont know but she is ugly …

Mary on


You accuse celebs of living so greedily–BUT is is their money and their choice. Why aren’t people allowed to enjoy their own wealth? I am and will never be as rich as the Beckhams, but I enjoy the small wealth and lifestyle that I have created on my own (at the young age of 23). I grew up poor, but my hard work has been well-rewarded. It is MY CHOICE to drop $600 on a pair of Manolo Blahniks and NO ONE is going to make me feel bad about it.

Charla Dickenson on

Of course it is your choice. It is my choice to speak out about lavish living and try to encourage people to be generous. I also think people have the right to enjoy their lives. As I have said I don’t believe in extremes. I don’t think people should give everything away and only own one pair of shoes. I wish for a world where everyone can enjoy life. I believe in living in a way that is reasonable. Sure a hard working woman has the right to enjoy a nice pair of shoes. I don’t, however, think it is responsible for a hardworking woman to own 1000 pairs of shoes and to not once have thought of spending that money on those in need. As someone who grew up poor I hope you have compassion for those in need and that you choose to use your success to help others. That has been my choice in life. The money and time we give to others is so much more satisfying than anything we can buy for ourselves. When I see all the suffering in the world I can’t tune it out, I want to do everything I can to help. I feel that people should live in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable, but not direspectful considering the state of the world. Many people are not so lucky to be able to overcome growing up poor. I have met so many brilliant hardworking people who struggle just to put food on the table for their family. I see a world full of people who should and could do so much and try so much harder to help their fellow human. You can’t take it with you and the goal in life is not to see who has the biggest pile of stuff or who dresses the best but who can make the most of life and leave the world a little better than they found it.
I wish you the best in life.

P.S. It seems to me that those who stand up for Posh, are those who would do the same thing in her shoes. I feel good knowing from personal experience that I wouldn’t.

Fatima on

hey! i didnt work to earn this money, my husband did why shouldnt i spend it right. GO GIRL POWER!!!! Wasnt that it… :)))))))

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