Are the Simpson Sisters Morphing Into Each Other?

01/19/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

We haven’t seen the Simpson girls out together in a while, with little sister Ashlee vacationing in Hawaii and Jessica laying low after ringing in the New Year with John Mayer. The other night, the sisters hit L.A. hotspot Koi, and we couldn’t help but notice how much they look like each other! Are they taking cues from another famous set of sisters? We know that their styles have been converging for a while — with Jessica getting punkier and Ashlee getting girlier — but with their long wavy blond hair, bright red lipstick and black coats, they look so shockingly similar! We like the girls when they stick to their own style guns. Do you like their similar looks? Or do you miss their radically different tastes?

Click here for more on Jessica, and click here for more on Ashlee in Off the Rack.

Photo: Chris Wolf/FilmMagic

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jennifer on

Ashley looks OK, but Jessica looks like a 5 year old who’s been playing in her mother’s make-up.

Bedina on

no, personally I dont like their similar looks…

KT fr Cda on

Maybe b/c I don’t have a sister, but I think it looks funny to be out with matching anything with your sister. Maybe if I did, I’d say why not. The colour looks terrible against their pale faces and blonde hair. Too bold for my taste. Though, maybe if I wore lipstick, it would look okay. But I think not. I do have to say that Ashley is looking way better then her sister!

KT fr Cda on

I just looked at the pic again and they have the same colour outfits and their hair is also down too. I’ve seen a lot of Jess with her hair short or up. Too many simularities for my taste. It also looks like Jess has the scarey cat eyes again. Stop! It freaks me out!

donna on

I have always thought that Ashlee was alot prettier than her sister jessica.
Jessica just looks weird to me, especially with bright red lipstick on those huge lips of hers. A definate miss for her.

Jo on

Jess looks like a Tranny. It isn’t often that Ashlee looks better than her sister, but she definitely does in this picture.

gemma on

I miss how Ashlee was – she was a good role model because she looked normal and still had a fab style and looked gorgeous. But now she’s gone and had such a drastic makeover, it’s such a let down because it’s kind of saying you have to be blond and look a certain way to be successful and get noticed, and be happy.

maud on

i miss so much rocky ashlee… she was fun and her style seemed to be her own…now she looks like any other hollywood star!!
jessica has always been like that and she knows how to deal with it so i guess that i don’t care!!!
but ashlee WAS so much better with her first album, although her second one is cool but still…

Stacie on

I love the Simpson girls!!! How can you not; there gorgeous & always looking very fashion forward. i think they embody a great image for Hollywood, their fans, and young admirers. They obviously have a very special, unique bond.

Becky on

wow, what is up with the hair. they need to brush it.
Ashley has a much better skin tone to wear that color lipstick. but i still think they are both weird.

Carol on

Well, seeing as they both look like crap, I preferred when Ashlee tried so hard not to be like her sister. Someone fire their stylist and give them a comb!

ClaudiaPortugal on

Well in this picture they look really similar, but most of time they have their own style. I guess on that day, Ashlee has no inspiration and ask her sis for some help, and that’s the result…

Cici on

Its really to dark a color for both of them. I must say Ashlee is looking much more attractive than her sis these days!

teeny on

i feel so bad for Ashlee no matter what is does she is always going to be the ugly sister.

Sarah on

They’re dressed so drab…and then to add that lipstick….they look like they should be walking the street! What happened to subtlety???

Katy on

I personally think that Ashley looks better than Jessica these days….I’m not much of a Jessica fan anymore, its sad because I used to be a big fan back in the Newlyweds days. I still love that show! Its sad to see her without Nick…but I wish her all the best and hope that she finds happiness and love.

Lola on

ashlee actully looks better with blonde hair then black.. but ever since nick and jessica broke up jessica’s looking more wrose than ever, i think its kinda cute for sisters to dress up smiliar every now and again but the both look better doing their own thing.

Carey on

They look similar because they ARE sisters! I think they do look alike, but they are different. They are different personalities for sure. Ashlee is actually prettier! I love her dirty blond hair. They both look great and beautiful. They DO have their own style.. it’s underneath those jackets! They are so cute together.

Kristin on

Ashley is certinaly taking on Jess’ stlye but hers wasn’t that great to begin with . I don’t think the punk look looks good on anyone. However, the red lipstick looks better on AShley as her skin tone and hair colors complement the red whereas Jess’ looks too pale. They both look great and are talented people.

j on

they’re SISTERS–of course they’ll have similiar taste w/some but not all things. ashlee’s whole punk deal was a PHASE, not who she WAS. at this point i think they both try to be as trendy as possible, not having found their own style yet. maybe they never will. over the last year ashlee has looked great; but jess appears to be trying too hard.

Allison on

I suppose they want their lips to announce their arrival. Look at me! Here we are!! I think they look super otherwise. Yikes on the lips.

Frab on

I’m not a fan of either one- but at least Ashlee used to be different from the crowd. After she got the nose job and changed her hair she looks exactly like everyone else.

A.J. on

Omg, that is way too much lipstick! what are they trying to prove? I’m sorry but thats too much and too horible. Maybe they should tone down the red lipstick 1 million shades lol – again – just horrible

katie on

Both of them have some nasty, ratty looking hair. Someone needs to yank those extensions out, stat!!

jap on

is it just me or does Jessica look like a man in that pic?!?

Elda on

I just don’t see her the same anymore, ever since she got a nose job, etc. I mean she is pretty and all but it’s just not her natural look anymore. Not sure what to think about the lipstick but Jessica always looks hot!

Mandy on

Who Cares!! So they decided to wear the same color lipstick once. They ARE sisters!! I don’t know how many times my sister and I will borrow each others stuff. Crazy, that anyone even cares about stuff like that!

Tiffany on

Jessica looks horrible in this picture. I have lost a lot of respect for her since her divorce from Nick. She looks like a tired old hag! Ashlee will never look good in my eyes. She is a poser (fake nose and all), who can’t sing!!!

Sarah on

I think Ashley looks beautiful! Jessica seems to be losing it……. I think she is due for a long holiday out of the spot light get herself together.
(Jessica almost looks Drag Queenish)

Rebecca on

I personally like them better with different styles, but what I think is interesting is that Ashlee looks BETTER than Jessica here. And she has for awhile…..guess she’s not the ugly-duckling sister anymore.:)

Jackie on

jessica looks so washed out. because ashlee is a bit more tan and her hair more honey, it looks wayyyy better on her. the blond hair, gray ensembles, red lipstick… I MEAN – GET YOUR OWN LOOK!

tkchi on

Give the girls a break is what I say. I know when Im out with my sis the most important part of the evening is not trying out a new lip color, but it looks like they’re relaxed, having fun, and enjoying each others company, so chillax!! They look cute!

Jennifer on

I think that Ashley is morphing into the prettier sister now that she has had work done. The color lipstick looks better with her skin tone too. I agree that Jessica looks pretty bad.

tracie on

it must really suck for jessica that ashley is the cute one now! that nose job is the best thing she could have done. jessica is not at all cute. no hubby, no record sales! ha!go vanessa!

Daniela on

I think ashlee looks sooo much better, she looks more put together. Jessica in this picture even reminded me a little bit of Britney Spear….a total mess!!!!

Trish on

I have 4 sisters and on more than one occassion we’ve been out and I’ve asked to borrow one of their lipsticks or lip glosses….Haven’t you ever done that when out with a friend?
I’ve never thought Jessica was pretty….period. Even though Ashlee had some work done, she’s still my favorite Simpson. So if she’s a fake then so is everyone who wears makeup, or has hair extensions….right? Think about it.

Candi on

Ashley is beatiful and so is Jessica but Ashley looks better with the bright red lips. Jessica is so pale and Ashley has a little color to her. I think that if you are going to go drastic with a bright color on your lips you need a little color on the skin or you just look washed out. I have a question though, what is with these unkept extentions. I know they look a little wavy, but they look like you haven’t brushed your hair in a month. Greasy and tangled. Both of them have beautiful hair, I don’t know why they insist on letting it look like that.

Amy on

You Know, It’s got to be hard always living in your older sister’s footsteps. Ashley was always the underdog and the ‘not as pretty’ one (according to most). I feel for her. I’m sure her sister is the #1 person she looks to. So I’m sure she is in need of finding herself. Go Ashley-your georgous-before and after.

Tammie on

I think that they look cute, but I think Ashlee is much prettier than Jessica now that she is more feminine. I have 2 sisters and it is very nice to share clothes, makeup etc… I do think that Jessica doesn’t look as good in the shade of red lipstick as Ashlee, but I think it is great to try different looks, I try to be positive about people looks to many girls are so negative to each other, I think it is great that they get along so well….

Kristin on

For those of you who are saying cruel things, you really need to reexamine yourself and your lives. The question was do you like their similar looks or miss their unique styles? The question wasn’t to say which one is “uglier” and which one is “prettier”. I can definitely tell that the majority of you must still be teenagers who don’t find anything wrong in saying negative things. Please just answer the question and stop being so negative. I personally feel that I did like their unique styles better, but they both are wonderful at what they do.

JuicyDee on

I hate that Ashlee completely changed herself! You can hardly tell her and Jessica apart sometimes! She used to be herself, but I’ve lost all respect for her after all the surgeries. She doesn’t even have her natural eye color anymore!

Nikki on

I think ashlee looks much better now that she dresses more like a lady. The red lipstick does not look good on either one of them. They need to go for a more natural look. As for Jessica she just needs to tone down on all that make-up she is wearing. I dont think there is anything wrong with them wanting to go out in public wearing the same thing and trying to look like each other, as long as it is not all the time. I use to do to do the same thing with my sister every now and then.



Tjohnston on

Jessica looks like a tranny and needs a stylist. Since her spilt with Nick, she has let herself go. This picture of Jessica is horrific. She is such a pretty girl, but loose this look.

Alice on

Ok, how many times have you been out with your sis or one of your girlfriends and admired their lipstick so you tried some yourself? Big deal, it happens. the world won’t come to an end because the Simpson sister wore the same shade lipstick.

ra on

Personally I think that Ashlee looks better this way, but Jessica needs to go back to her old self.

Henny Penny on

Ashlee’s hot, Jess is not. Her days of glory are over now that she dumped Nick.

Courtney on


KC on

Yeah this is not really a good choice for Jess! I think it’s less about the lipstick and more about how badly Jessica’s makeup is making her look, she is pretty washed out (pale even). Ashley actually looks pretty good in this color.

C on

I’m not a fan of either of these girls, but I think they both look nice. They’re usually dressed well when they go out in public and they look good in this picture. I don’t like the lipstick color on either one, though.

Chrissy on

I’m not a fan of the Simpson sisters and I think they both look terrible in that lipstick. Ever since Ashlee dropped her “punk rocker” look, got a nose job and dyed her hair, she looks like any other celebrity. She doesn’t stand out and anymore and Jessica NEVER did. It’s kind of sad that Ashlee “sold out”.

Vicki on

I personaly think that they both need a little less make up. I like it better when they do their own look.

Reality Check on

Let’s face it, Ashley isn’t even 21 years old and it is apparent that she has had plastic surgery on her nose and brow. She epitomizes the pre-packaged, promotoed, pimped product LA is now so infamous for putting out. Nothing original remains.

Kelly on

Since breaking up with Nick Jessica’s look has gone downhill. She does not look attractive in this picture, nor has she looked attractive in any picture I have seen of her lately. Poor Jessica…
The lipstick looks bad on both girls.

Kim on

I actually think Jessica needs a nose job – get rid of that bump – she’d look alot better. I really don’t see what the appeal is – Ashlee is definitely the better looking of the two, especially after the nose job. They both need some help with the hair though!

Carley on

Personally, I don’t care if they match…As far as I know sisters (and even best girlfriends) have been sharing makeup and clothes for a long time. Who cares if they match? We know they have a strong bond, so shouldn’t we expect that occasionally from two close sisters…about Ashlie’s transformation, she’s growing up, and in that process has changed her look, which is something almost all of us have done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of neither, not to say I don’t like them, but it just seems like common sense to me…

Carley on

Personally, I don’t care if they match…As far as I know sisters (and even best girlfriends) have been sharing makeup and clothes for a long time. Who cares if they match? We know they have a strong bond, so shouldn’t we expect that occasionally from two close sisters…about Ashlie’s transformation, she’s growing up, and in that process has changed her look, which is something almost all of us have done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of neither, not to say I don’t like them, but it just seems like common sense to me…

BC on

I LOVE jessica’s hair but her nose is rather bumby

PPD on

I think it is sweet that they look alike. I wish I had a sister to do that with!

jenjen on

Maud, I agree. I liked rocker/edgy Ashlee. Jessica is such a flake. Even with her lip synching blunder, I still preferred to hear Ashlee sing over Jessica. However, I have wondered why she is altering her face. I am expecting to see breast implants next.

Ashlee: You are beautiful. You have a beautiful voice. Be yourself. Stop compromising who you are.

jane on

this comment is for Teeny, you need glasses. jessica is the funny looking one. ashley is leaps and bounds prettier than jess. i wounder if your ugley and are jealous of pretty girls.

Elaine on

Jessica looks like a moron.

Vi on

OMG, there has to be more important things to report on than the color of the Simpson sisters’ lipstick. If this is what constitutes news in the US, I’m glad I live in Canada.

Julia on

ugh.. jess ugly !!!!!Ashlee looks much better.

sherry on

Jessica is way over exposed and ashley isn’t. that is why Jess doesn’t look so hot and Ashely looks darker. they both have on black in this photo but look at Jess’s coat its grey. over exposed. big time. they are both beautiful women and shame on all of you that post negative things about either of them. get a life and the next time you go thinking your perfect try walking on water and just see how perfect you ARE.

kat on

I’m not a Jessica Simpson fan, but with all the money these 2 have and the fashion sense they’ve been given, why don’t they use it! Bright Red Lipstick on a blonde that’s “Not put together” looks sloppy. Jessica looks like a Courtney Love take-off. Sorry Courtney – don’t mean to insult you.

Jenny on

That shade looks much better on Ashlee. Jessica looks like a clown.

Molly on

jessica looks trashy but ashley looks beautiful!

erica on

I have a sister and there’s nothing wrong with having similar looks. Me and my sister almost always bought the same clothes as teens because we both happened to like them. But we still had slightly different styles, as these sisters still do. My sister always lends me her lipstick and vice versa. How is that so bizarre?

me and my mom just bought the same exact boots and wore them out together! It’s fun. The same thing happens with best friends. It’s normal.

As for the Simpsons, it’s obvious Ashlee looks up to Jessica and feels she’s prettier. She even sang a song called Shadow about living in her shadow. So, naturally she wants to be more like her. But, most younger sisters look up to their big sis.

Alice on

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the Simpsons, but I would like to see each one of you post your pics on here and we’ll see who is “ugly”. Everybody has a bad day and everyone makes fashion mistakes. Now obviously, these girls are not unattractive.

Marcia on

They both look cute, throughout any of their styles. I am an identical twin, and speaking from experience, no matter how different you think you look from another sibling, sometimes you just can’t help it.

j on

i’ve already commented, but after reading some of these posts i have to ask : WHO CARES IF ASHELY HAD A NOSE JOB!?!??! it seems that in a lot of people’s eyes that made her a bad person or something. plastic surgery is a personal, private choice one makes to feel better about themselves–and if anyone is honest about it–she DOES look better! so get off your nasty, judging high horses and give the girl a break already.

kcee on

That shade of lipstick looks horrible on both of them. But what do expect from those two, not much

Jenny on

Some of you take these comments WAY too seriously. Calm down. We’re talking about lipstick. I don’t care how alike they look, the lipstick looks better on Ashlee than on Jessica. End of story.

b naylor on

They look nothing alike…they have different hair colr, different eye color, different facial features including their face shapes. Whoever writes this stuff needs glasses!!!!

Shannon on

I think the lipstick is to bold! They’re blond with farely pale skin tones so I don’t like it. But i think it’s cute to match one or a few items with a sister or twin, as lon as it’s not the entire outfit!

I’m also very diranged by ashlees “makeover”. I don`t find it matches her “rock-boyish” personnality. Why did she want to look so like jessica? I thought she looked prettier before.

Emma on

I think Ashlee is really cute in that red lipstick! But Jessica … nononono!

sandee on

I think Ashlee looks soo much prettier than jessica. Jessica should contact Ashley’s plastic surgeon ASAP. She really needs her ugly nose fixed quick!!

leahfromPA on

i dont like the fact they are dressing and acting alike. jess looks like a hooker and ashley looks like shes only 12 yrs old in my opinion im sorry i have sister but wouldnt want to dress like either one of them.. its pathedic that they cant have their own looks and both careers are goin downhill hello ladies maybe a change is in need!!!

anne on

Jessica needs a nose job really bad!! Ashlee is obviously the prettier sister.

ashton on

Jessica is so brave to take a photo next to Ashlee. Look at their noses side by side. Man, poor Jess. She really needs her nose fixed.

rhea on

Poor Jessica. Her face looks so masculine. Definitely needs help. a nose job perhaps will help,I agree.

Kristen on

Jessica’s make-up looks less expensive than Ashlee’s.
To be honest, since she broke up with Nick, it doesn’t
really seem like she knows who she is anymore.

B on

Jessica has that natural look, but that’s something that Ashley changed. Whether she looked good to the media and people before surgery shouldn’t matter, it was HER. She needs to stop being fake, she needs to be herself, NOT Jessica.

Stephanie on

The red makes Jessca look like a little girl playing wth Mommy’s make-up. Not a good color for her. Ashlee looks a little better, but I miss her brown locks….

Babs on

they are both a couple of FAKES who cannot move without daddys permission and have NO talent for anything and are so self absorbed that they have no outer beauty…they have had their 15 minutes and need to dissapear! I will never forgive Ashley for cancelling her Toledo concert because she got a bad review in our newspaper…then LIED and said she was “sick” and was caught rollerbalding in the hotel hallway! they are by far the two STUPIDEST peolpe I have ever seen and the least talented…if people stopped idolizing them they would go away and we wouln’t worry about their lips! LOL

sue on

I agree with the above posts. Ashley did look better with her old brown locks and I also agree that Jess looks masculine and needs some help with her make up. Maybe some nose slimming make-up tips.

polly on

They are both pretty girls but they are starting to look like the olsen twins with their unbrushed hair.

sulema on

You are so right Babs. They should BOTH just disappear. They have NO talent and Their Father is the worst simpson of ALL.

AJ on

They both look horrible, but I have to say with Jessica’s lipstick running past her lip line, she looks the worst. She really does look like, as someone else pointed out, a little girl who got in her mother’s makeup. Someone with her money should be able to buy advice on how not to look like a circus clown.

tracie on

Ashley always looks completely comfortable with who she is. Jessica on the other hand NEVER does. She’s on the fast-track to no-wheres-ville … and taking the trashy short-cut to get ther!

Bonnie on

I think Ashley is beautiful with her new look…but Jessica is not look good with her pale face….

justyn on

What is happening to Jessica? I use to adore her. She is going down fast. Quicker than the titanic. What a shame to see her not caring about her appearance these days. Too sad.

Deb Bailey on

I used to like Jessica when she was married to Nick. Out of
the three pop blondes of the time-she seemed underated and
had a sense of what seemed to be a moral background. Her
ditzy demeanor, made me want to root for her. Because she does have a strong voice. But, after the way she has treated Nick and let her father run her life. Well, I have lost all respect for her. What makes her ugly now, is not the lipstick or what she is wearing. It is how she has conducted herself. I thought she was a girl with a strong religious background, that would stay true to herself-and the fact of the matter is the whole family is a sell out.
I cannot believe that her father was ever a minister. Nick has taken the high road, even taking less money in the divorce than he was entitled to. Just to keep from hurting her. He stood by her, and believed in her, when she was trying to keep up with Britney and Christina. And as soon as she tasted that fame- it went totally to her head. She would have been nothing without him by her side. That is why she is ugly on the inside, no matter what she tries to portray on the outside. She will never have the career that she wants, because of Karma. Payback is a !@#$%. As for Ashley, she seems to have a better sense of herself than Jessica. She is probably a better actress than Jess, but I
don’t see her going very far either. They have about 8 min. left on their 15 minutes of fame. And of yeah Jess, John Mayer is just looking to get lucky. Nick has the real thing with Vanessa.

Sara on

Neither are attractive, both, especially Jessica, are overrated, and I’m tired of seeing them plastered across every magazine on the stands! I will say, least, Ashlee has a more realistic hair color than Jessica. That over-peroxided look is very 5 years ago.

RU on

i think jessica looks better with short hair with long hair she looks to sexy like ashleys new look but i don’t like all the plastic surgey

les Talenteld on

w0w! check out ashlee! she looks great! way to go!

anna on

jesus, everybody here is saying ashley looks prettier because jessica dumped nick. does it make any sense? who are we to judge? yes, nick was a great guy, jessica was a fool to let him go. but that’s not the point of this. We are here to say who looks better, and do we like their style?

Ashley looks ridiculous. That’s all I can say. She’d better go back to her own style before her time is up.
Jess can pull of the red lips. She HAS lips.

Anonymous on

I’ve always thought Ashley was prettier and more talented than her sister. Ashley had the bravery to embrace her individuality while Jessica has never had any brains and would have absolutely nothing to offer if she did not have her breasts hanging out everywhere. Ashley has humility, artistry and individuality and that far outweighs her sister’s sole market of having D breasts. Those suckers will sag one day. She’s no different from a stripper…nothing to look forward to except maybe her father taking photos of her when she’s 60 and trying to market those at that age too.

tiffany on

They kinda remind me of MK and Ashley….and that’s not a complement. In my opinion that lipstick is WAY too dark for their skin color. I think that in some pictures they both look beautiful but in others they look hideous.

Samantha on

Jess doesn’t look good here. The matching lipstick aside…. I still cannot believe what that little profile adjustment did for Ashlee. I cannot believe she is the same girl who was dancing the jig after making a fool of herself on SNL two years ago. I think she is a knockout!

Annie on

I think it is cool to look like your sister somtimes. Sisters do share everything sometimes – what is so wrong with that? They both look very nice.

:-) on

I love both of the Simpson sisters. I think that Ashlee’s drastic style change is her way of coming into womanhood, as her old style was the more immature teenage Ashlee. I always used to admire Jessica, becuase on Newlyweds, she looked beautiful without makeup. Recently, however, she looks ghostly, but maybe its just the picture– I just can’t believe Jess would go out looking so gross. If just the lips were the same, I wouldn’t mind… but I think the hair-lipstick-gray clothing combination make this too much. Although I prefer Ashlee in this pic, my support and admiration for Jess and Ash will never go away…

cookie on

Poor Jess, I dont know whats wrong with her lately, ever since her split from Nick she hasnt looked the same and Ashlee is taking over the spotlight, cause shes morphed into such a sexy, fasionista.

adrianna on

I think Ashlee looks so much better than Jessica now, although its fake she still looks beautiful. Jessica lost the glow she use to have, now she looks like your typical blonde girl…

emily on

Jessica looks like a drag queen.

Lynn on

I think they are both pretty, loswe the red lipstick, Jess looks much better with less make-up. But I have alwways thought that Jess was beautiful young woman. If they favor, guess what they are Sisters LOL…

Elizabeth on

Ashlee = Looks SO lost.
Jessica = WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?? She seems to forget she was a BEAUTIFUL girl WITH OUT NICK! She is obviously NOT taking the break up well, too bad.

Sonia on

I miss their differences. They are looking to much alike. I know they are sisters, but come on…they need to find themselves.

tianna on

hahah pesonally i think that before jessica was super gorgeous and dont get me wrong she still is, but in this picture she looks really different and i dont think that red lipstick is her type…i dont tthink that they should look the same, jessica is super girlie and ashlee is punkish-stay that way girls its how you are:]

robin on

Sometimes over the years my sister and I would get together and both been wearing similar colors or clothes its just a sibling instinct thing, they might have not even planned on dressing the same….they both look o.k. to me….and to the comment by Deb Bailey Wow! you really need to chill out, you sound so angry! It’s scary.

Maci on

I think that both the girls are equally beautiful!!! But that lipstick has go to go!! It does not look good on either of them!!

ann on

Ashlee went from “I am not like my sister” to dressing like and getting plastic surgery and ultimately looking just like Jessica. And Jessica the so-called preacher’s daughter has got a big head from all the fame that she forgot her values on marriage and could care less about anyone but herself. So who cares that they both look like crap with their $.99 red lipstick!

J to the Z on

EWWWWWWW. Omg you are right Jess does look like a drag queen… Ashlee is just so fake she will never change.

jenna on

ashlees prettier. she always has been and always will be. i dont like either of them.. theyre annnooying.

Mikie on

It is really sad how Ashley self esteem is so low.. Keep having surgery to change who you are and look like someone else (even if it is your own sister) is really repulsive. It’s sick. But what is worth, is that she thinks people is stupid enough to believe her statments that she did not have surgery!!!.
She just keep confirming her lack of inteligence.

a.j. on

Dont matter, they are hotttt !!!!!!!!

chantal on

i have a younger sister and she thinks its cute us dressing similar, i think its troublesome..and i don’t like it for the simpsons either. they should stick to their own looks, they looked much better…but i still luv em!

julie on

i love them both, and everyone goes out looking a little off sometimes. Dont worry ladies maybe red just isnt your color.

TB on

They ARE sisters, so they will look alike. Jess maybe a flake! But she is also a millionaire from her stupidity. Ashley is the younger sister who is trying to make a name for herself, outside of the world of Jessica Simpson! And good for her! I think they are 2 very different people… But genetics will always make them similar…

LeeLee on

I Love Jess I don’t think they look bad but ashley changed too much

gill on

I am wondering just how many females are leaving these comments….I understand women are so negative about such beautiful women. If we had a pole for men only I wonder how different it would be. Lets face it are they concerned with what women think about them or men??? Both of these girls are beautiful no matter what they put on their face. Black lipstick wouldn’t take away from their natural beauty.




i love both girls but they should keep lighter colors.

sarah on

jess looks like a drag queen-way too much emphasis on the lips. ash looks surprisingly okay. i hate how they are sporting the ugly tangled looking extensions!!

crystal on

They should both lose the lipstick,they look like they belong in a brothel.Ashley has worked hard to make herself look like her sister,in my opinion she should have kept her own look.

hoogee on

I don’t think red lipstick looks good on ANYBODY…and I don’t know why you would want to dress like your sister. I have one, and I would never dress like her.

Ashlee’s career is pretty much over…music and acting anyway. The only one she has a shot at is dancing.

People are getting sick of the Simpson sisters.

Nicole on

First, their hair colors need to be swapped. Ashlee is tanner and the lighter color would look much better on her. Jess is much more pale and the bleachy look is washing her out. She looked better when her hair was darker. Also, Jess needs to stop with the collagen on the upper lip, it looks terrible.

lizzie on

i dont like it, tashlee doesnt even look like herself anymore, shes losing her edge and her credability, and jessica just seems like shes trying too hard to be trendy instead of just being herself

brieanne on

Ashlee can pull off a harsh look like red lipstick but, jessica needs to stick to more earthy tones because of her light hair and pale skin.

A-ME on

I really liked ashlee when her hair was black and she was looking more like a rock star. now she looks like a jessica wannabe girl, its better for her to look different and to have a unique identitiy. love u ashleeee.

Katelyn on

I think that they both have way too much lipstick on.. i think blondes look better with like a light pink or something lighter than that dark red!! (but that is just my opinion)

rach on

I dont think its a big deal that they are dressed alike. A lot of sisters will experiement with style together and borrow eachothers things. However its weird that ashlee got a nose job and refuses to talk about it. She does look great though, actually a lot prettier than Jessica. Jessica is not that pretty if you really look at her.

Kat R on

Is it really even a question anymore how much they look alike? NO! Two peas!

Anony on

Jessica Simpson looks like a transvestite in this picture.

Rachael on

personaly, I would like to know what happend to the old jessica? and the old ashly? jess, used to be my fave, but now she is just tooooooo caught up in the fame. Has anyone noticed that ashly always has the same expression on her fase? that little smerk? Ashly is cute but she doesnt even look like the same person. Not to mention WAY TO THIN. Eat something please! Jessica looks beautiful with curvs. That is what makes a woman SEXY. Men dont like to look at your Bone structure.

Jay on

I think that the red lipstick looks horrible. And for those of you that are saying Ashley is a good role model for being herself bla bla bla… she had a nose job. C’mon. If she’s willing to change her look just for the sake of being “Hollywood” … whatever. Neither of them look good in that color of lipstick… and they are going a little over the top with looking like Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen.

MDub on

Horrible! if it takes plastic surgery and a lot of makeup to make it, I’m glad I’m not them… it’s one thing to dress alike, it’s another to just look bad… tone down the make up, tone down the lips and stick to a decent style!

b on

Do Jessica and Ashlee have sense of style? = question
Nose jobs,album sales,divorces,ugly,beautiful = answers??

Its a question about both sisters style morphing into one and others not their personal backgrounds who cares if one got a nose job one split from their partner!
My own view is that it is a really bad picture of the sisters for one both have black jackets long hair and wearing red lippie both both ladies have their own style. and i also think ashlee is coming into her own now.

Cathy on

I think that they both are so pretty. . .but I think that Jessica looks so gorgeous with very little make-up. When she has the more natural light colors on her face she looks great. But they both have changed and I love the new Ashley and Jessica needs to go back to the same way she was with Nick as far as her style goes natural and cute.



Svet on

Honestly – they both look bad. both of them are not pretty except for the ocassional outing and who know how much makeup they’re wearing at that point. aren’t there bigger issues to discuss?

Nicole on

I love them both. Does anyone else think that Ashley looks a little like Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Angie on

I’m not into the look in this picture, i think Jessica is really beutiful,but her sister is retarded who is she really she changes all the time.She needs to go away and just let Jessica be the famous one.

Loli on

I think they both look stupid with this make-up!It doesn’t suit them

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