What Was Mary-Kate Thinking?

01/18/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

If you’re asking yourself what is that wrapped around Mary-Kate Olsen — a tablecloth? a blanket? a grunge-inspired toga? — you’re not the only one. Turns out that it’s actually a $1700 wool wrap dress from the Marc Jacobs fall collection. We have some serious doubts about the dress itself, but combined with the naughty-librarian platform loafers and a beaded evening bag, it’s a head-scratcher of a look. We won’t even talk about the scrunchie in her hair. All in all, we think that no mega-bucks designer dress should ever be confused for a hastily tossed-on blanket. Tell us: What do you think of Mary-Kate’s outfit?

Click here to vote on Mary-Kate, along with stars like J. Lo and Jennifer Hudson, in our Hit or Miss gallery.

Photo: celebritybabylon

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Kim on

It looks horrible and Mary-Kate has no sense of style. I have never seen her in something pretty or decent.

jenny on

Money can’t buy taste. Mary-Kate needs a (new) stylist. Same for her sister. These two girls consistently look terrible. This isn’t fashion – it’s a nightmare.

Elda on

I’m not sure what to think of it and i don’t think i would wear something like that.

Amy on

I think these girls could be so adorable…but Mary-Kate, who especially looks like a train wreck…seems like she doesn’t care about anything! Thats how it looks to me.

I do admire that they don’t conform to the ‘hollywood’ fashions (other than the shinny’ness). Maybe they like to rebel and get people taking! Well if so, it’s working!

KJ on

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the most ridiculous outfit that I have EVER seen and check out those shoes! It hope that the wind wasn’t blowing hard that day because she would have toppled over! Poor sad little person!

Nicole on

I think Mary Kate alawys looks like a “crazy bag lady”.

BC on

LMAO……ha ha ha ha ha

Melanie on

This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen
i mean girls wore platforms like that when they were in elementary school back in 1993
and the wrap, well i guess her anorexia makes her so cold she needs her blankie wherever she goes

Jackson on

She and her ugly twin just need to join the circus and get on with it! That entire outfit is hideous!

Candi on

I wouldn’t pay 25 cents for that thing at a flea market. That is hideous. Who in the hell is stupid enough to pay $1700 for that thing. When you have money to burn like that, I think you might have too much. The girl also has issues with the hair. Your hair should never be the same color as your pasty white skin.

She always has on rockin shoes though…

Kim on

I think that it doesn’t matter what I think. She is her own person with her own sense of style. She must like it, so why do we care so much? It isn’t something I would wear, but I don’t care if she wears it. I like the fact that she “just doesn’t care.” More people should have that attitude that we “just don’t care what anybody thinks of us!” I think we can actually learn from her…

marianne on


LW on

What in the hell is wrong with this poor poor girl and her equally trainwrecked twin? Why on earth would anyone where that outfit? And lets not discount those truly disgusting shoes and scrunchy. Obviously she didnt see that episode of Sex and the City were Carrie discussed that no one in NYC or anywhere for that matter wears a scrunchy outside of their bathroom. This gal needs some serious counseling and food. Lastly, get a tan girlfriend and not the kind that makes you look orange or burnt brown.

LKD on

SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK please stop dressing like a hobo, its NOT cute no matter who you are or how much money you have! Its even bad if your a hobo!

j on

excuse me while i throw up…ok, i’m back.
#1–i’m sick of seeing that stupid bag wherever she goes
#2–i don’t think i’ve ever seen roots quite like those– are they blonde? black? white? gray?
#3–stop trying so hard to be different. you might turn out ok that way. maybe. what do you say we give it a shot?

monique on

While I do think this outfit is ridiculous, I am still pleased as punch that for once she isnt draping her body in the carcass of a poor slain animal. Disgusting!

Alice on

These blogs are so disgusting. I have read so many of the most pathetic, cattiest comments on this website.Some of you really need to grow up and learn how to be secure with yourselves. Its one thing to comment on her outfit, but its another thing to go around calling this little girl ugly. I’m sure you are no prize either.

PS- Not everyone wants a tan, some prefer to be natural. Get over yourself.

niki on

This is getting to be beyond ridiculous… They think they are SO fashion forward. Sometimes money and the brand do NOT make the person… This get up is a clear example of that. What laughing stocks.

Alice on

Oh yeah, and another thing, for the idiot that asked if these girls even work. Uh yeah, they have been working since they were 6 months old. What have you been doing? And people wonder why they have issues.

Stephanie on

wow! Looks like she couldn’t find her pants and wrapped her boyfriend’s flanel sheet around herself to get home. Both her and her sister need to follow much needed advice and get a stylist to dress them….

Lorna on

So it’s actually a dress. Too bad for the designer. :(

Alicia on

It is sad to say but this is not the worst thing I have see her wear.

Caty on

I think this is actually the first time when absolutely EVERYTHING she’s wearing is wrong… so very wrong. The eyeglasses, the scrunchie, the hideous table cloth, the horrific shoes… why, mary kate, why? She probably thinks she’s so cool it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing. The truth is it does matter… just because she’s a star it doesn’t mean she can pull off anything. Even if she was a face in the crowd, this would have been an awful outfit. Hideous.

Judy on

The Olson twins are young and rich but they look so unhappy! They should get healthy and maybe then they will feel better about themselves and will try to put more thought into their appearances. A lot of young girls look up to them and want to be just like them. Not very positive role models looking like skeletons.

Jackson on

Alice, I don’t see any reason for the name calling! This is a place where you can voice your opinion and it just doesn’t matter. Hell, there’s nothing wrong with that and I don’t imagine what has been written would make a damn bit of difference to those two ugly Olsen twins. Lighten up and take that frown off of your face! Have a great weekend!

Angie on

For someone who has as much money as she does, you’d think she’d be able to hire a stylist and afford nicer clothes! UGH! I have not seen one thing on her that I’ve ever liked! She looks like a homeless person!

Jessica on

Ah, poor Marykate, this just goes to show not all of us can be perfect all the time. Here’s one of her better days:


I’m obsessed with this site, and they have a feature called ‘Ask a Stylist’ where you shoot a message about what you’re looking for, or how to wear something you’re not quite sure about, etc. and they have stylists who will actually track down what you’re looking for along with the contact info! I subscribe so that I get the e-mails to my sidekick each day :)


Ashlee on

I love the olsen twins. People who make rude comments are just jealous because they wish that they could afford expensive designer brand clothing and be worth millions.

Rita on

I’ve already determined that almost EVERYONE hates these girls, but what else is new. Very rare to see a nice word about any person on here. Yes, this dress is not fit to be worn, but it is gaining them the attention they so clearly are seeking. Maybe not such a bad idea to get what you want, no matter what it takes.

KT fr Cda on

It looks like she got caught fooling around with someone and grabbed the nearest blanket and took off quickly! Honestly, these two girls are the poster child for anerexic women.

Alice on

Sorry Jackson, I have better things to do than pick on a little girl that I’ve never even met before. Like I said, I’m not that insecure with myself to have to do so. Hopefully, one day you will get to that point in your life too.

Marcia on

I wouldn’t go with the look myself, but it actually doesnt look half bad on her. Compared to the crap she usually wears, this was ok.

jessica on

what the hell is she thinking that isn’t a dress. she has all the money in the world and she and her sister can’t dress themselves to look good they look like ho bos

j on

rita, i disagree: no one HATES the olsen twins. why/how could we?? we just intensely dislike how they don’t take care of themselves and always look so sickly and disheveled. it’s a little puzzling as to WHY anyone w/their potential looks and documented resources would take the fashion route that they do, so naturally it will cause a lot of speculation. ‘hate’ is a strong word and doesn’t need to be used when referring to these harmless blogs where people are ASKED to comment.

Heather S. on

This reminds me of the man’s flannel shirt, last night’s black tights, and ankle boots she wore out a few months ago.

MK, one college student to another, most girls try to HIDE it when they are doing the walk of shame. Will we be hearing stories soon, or are you just trying to introduce frat ho’ chic?

krysten on






wildflower on

The wrap itself wouldn’t be so bad, but the undershirt kinda kills the look, the shoes don’t work with the outfit, nor does the bag and she is really a very pretty girl, she needs to fix her hair to a nice natural color and learn how to put on some make up that doesn’t make her look like she is 1/2 dead and she would be super cute.

Jackson on

Alice, I’m not picking on the poor little ugly girl. Everyone who responded were asked their opinion. My mother always told me that opinions are like assholes – everyone has one and some of them stink. We don’t all have to agree and that’s okay. As for being insecure – I’m a very happy and healthy 47 year old woman and can’t wait until tomorrow! Life is good in my part of the world! Maybe we’ll agree on the next one – can’t ever tell!

Rebecca on

Actually, this is not nearly as bad as some of her other outfits. I just wish she’d fix her hair back to a more natural shade.

Jill on

A SCRUNCHIE?!? Who in their right minds wears a scrunchie out of the house? Sarah Jessica Parker and the TPS guy from Office Space totally broke up over this exact fight on Sex and the City.

JenB on

All I can say is *WOW*. And not in a good way…

Christine Charles on

Well clearly I don’t have to state how I feel about MaryKate’s lastest outfit because everyone else seems to have come to one consensus anyway. However, I just have a comment for Alice and Jackson, MaryKate is 20 years old and soon to be 21, she may be physically little but she is hardly a “little girl” so why don’t you at least show some respect and acknowledge that. You don’t have to like her clothes but I don’t think its necessary to be disrespectful either.

sarah on

these girls used to be trendsetters…now i just dont know what to think…

Kiki on

Lovely. A cross between a toga and a kilt.

Melanie on

The look doesnt surprise me. These two girls need a stylist ASAP. I have never seen them look put together or age approprite.

Mar on

She’s like a granny wrapped in a old blanket!

L on

If I would have known fashion was this easy I would have wrapped myself in a blanket long ago!

Dawn on

With all there money can’t they hire a stylist.????

Mar on

At leasts matches with her roots!

mrs.borrego on

My gosh Mary-Kate you looked much better dressed in your Full House days than now.

katie on

Give the girl a break catty-People mag! Mary-Kate looks much better than grungy granny ware… give her props for trying a fashion forward attempt instead of no fashion. I think the other pick in the gold dress is sweet too, she is actually *SMILING*…. so People~ DON’T RAIN ON HER PARADE!

Sabrina on

Does it bother any of you that all of these rude comments getting posted about a girl (and her sister) that had no choice what-so-ever about the industry she has ROCKED since birth is just putting money into the pockets of the jack-asses who are exploiting her? I thank God every day that I don’t aspire to and succeed at being a celebrity because of people like you. I didn’t even want to write this, what with giving satisfaction to some of you who will read this and talk about how dumb I am for posting my comment to make themselves feel better. Do what you need to do, but damn…

KT fr Cda on

I’m glad she’s not wearing the face swallowing sunglasses like she usually wears. The glasses she is wearing looks like the ones I use to wear in the 90’s though.

O'Wryly on

Everyone is slamming ol’ sad sack Mary-Kate when the REAL villian here is Marc Jacobs for “designing” the monstrosity in the first place and then plopping a $1700 price tag on it to boot. You can’t blame the Hollywood sheeple for sporting it out in public as they’ve proven they’ll wear ANYthing if you call it fashion. Hey, it MUST be fashion if it’s by ______ {fill in the blank with any designer name}, right?!?! Add some of those things known as “sleeves”, lower the price tag by $1680.05, and it would make a cute nightshirt.

michelle on

She looks great. Trust me, many people will be imitating this look. Most people could not pull it off but that doesn’t mean it looks bad.

Quinci on

Ooh baby, that’s hot. Okay, not really, that’s hideous. She needs a stylist, or if she already has one, she needs a new one!

Courtney on

eew, look at her roots in her hair. yuck.

micheleeee. on

Thank you Sabrina,, you took the words out of my mouth..

and to this blog,, i really like MKs shoes [[ sorry girls, i have a thing for platforms even though i’m 5 4 and a half ]]

taiysha on

Maybe someone with curves could pull this off… on anyone with a stick thin pale body it just looks like a freakin mess. What happened to the cute and sunny olsen girls from holiday in the sun..

jdklasdauiwhe on

hahaha you people are hilarious! i especially like alice and jackson’s little argument. entertainment right there.

Carey on

That is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen. I can not believe she paid for that.. how that designer made 1500 bucks off a couple yards of fabric he found at walmart.. does not make sense! I don’t get how the twins keep dressing like they shop at Walmart..and like bums! Come on, dress like you’re rich like Katie and Posh! If I had a couple million I would definetly shop at rich stores, not thrift shops or stuff they found out of a dumpster haha!

carol on

wow thats a waste of money u can just go get like a piece of flannel from like rag shop and just wrap it around u haha stupid dress lol

margot on

she’s cool,she does her own thing.

Melissa on

I think this outfit wouldn’t be so bad if she 1) had the wrap or dress, whatever; fitted and shortened to about knee length, and 2) Not have the tie on the side that makes her look like she just had a one night stand with some guy.

I really don’t mind the hair( although it does need to see a hair dresser and colorist) and i can live with the shoes, but this girl needs to see Tim Gunn. Quickly.

Sydni on

She looks like a crazy bag lady.
The hobo look is not in style, and I don’t think it ever will be.
Mary-Kate desperately needs a stylist and someone to tell her to eat something. I understand she was anorexic, but I thought she was past that. Shouldn’t she be gaining weight instead of relapsing?
I just think that someone needs to do something about the way she looks, because its not good at all.

Rosie` on

she looks horrible…. So much money for nothing. She should make that money useful and give it to the poor that need it instead of wasting it on Ugly stuff But then I have to admit those platforms are cute!

Zen on

GOD WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!! she needs serious fashion HELP!

Rosie` on

she looks horrible…. So much money for nothing. She should make that money useful and give it to the poor that need it instead of wasting it on Ugly stuff But then I have to admit those platforms are cute!

Vanessa on

Love it love it love it!!! This girl is really developing an interesting style. Keep it up girl!

Laura on

Horrible. With as much money as this girl has, can’t she afford a stylist and a decent hair stylist? Or at the very least a mirror?

C on

Just plain silly,

Lily on

more power too her. not everyone in hollywood has to look absoluetly perfect.

Sarah on

It looks awesome.. I actually wear this myself…Great look.. way to think outside of the box.. everyone is so negative?

Claire on

I think it’s a great outfit, the fabric must flow down nicely when it’s not windy – as it apparently was. The twins’ style is personnal and that’s great. They try on things. Remember when Kate Moss’ style was criticized by everyone? Well she insisted and she was right!

Evangeline on

This outfit is GREAT. You guys are crazy. (And so was Cameron Diaz’s dress at the Golden Globes by the way). And if paparazzi were not so nozy, no one would have seen it. How do you guys look when you go about your daily life?

confuse ! on

Before Mary-kate was soooo beautiful.. what the hell happend? It’s like she don’t even care to look good now… Her hair is so weird is it white ?! she was so pretty in blonde ! anyway… she needs a new wardrobe

kathy on

I agree with Alice, though I think MK can do so much better we should comment on her dress not her, everybody is always going into a phase, hope that phase will pass soon for her

m_a_s_14 on

i dont get how a billionaire dresses like a person that gets a dollar an hour

Lizzi on

Will someone PLEASE do this girl a favor and get her a stylist???? She desperately needs one!

Noelle on

I like it. It’s not everyday Old-Navy style clothing. It’s high fashion (as obvious since it is a Marc Jacobs dress.) Mary-Kate is a high-fashion dresser with a unique style. I think the outfit is really cute, and you guys are jealous because you don’t have the guts to stand out so much and look so confident and stylish.

michelle on

that’s one ugly table cloth! wonder where she pulled that one from. i bet i can make myself look better with a table cloth from crate and barrel!!!

Susana Skaugset on

…Yikes It’s her roots that bother me~ If SHE likes how she looks..fine! She does not have to please us, and she can wear what SHE pleases…However…if you’re gonna be a blonde, do the upkeep, especially THAT big of a difference..

bgill on

marykate, plz i know that u can afford, to look better than this, we get, u dont want people to think u are a money brat, but come on, your a pretty girl, so stop looking like that!!!

Charla Dickenson on

I’m Sorry if my comments are long. I have to say that I actually feel very sorry for this young woman. We all remeber the headlines about her annorexia, well it can take from 4 to 7 years or even longer from what I have read to read to recover from this illness and still when you recover it is still always a part of you and your strugle as person. That being said I think she is undoutably still going through some substancial inner turmoil. I see a girl who seems unwell, unhappy and lost. Not because she isn’t grinning from ear to ear and I know I don’t know her but you can just see it in her. I personally do not like the outfit, it’s always strange to me to see something worth more than two months rent that looks like it cost 2 bucks. I also find it highly disrespectful given the state of the wrold to spend what many live on in a month and in some parts of the world a year on a wrap dress. She is 20 and a billionnaire and she has been in the destructive land of Hollywood since she was a child so I’m sure that hasn’t been easy. I also think she leads a fairly shallow life. I have never heard of any great charitable action on her part. When you give and try to make a diffenrece helping others and learn in the process to lead an unselfish life you find true happiness. The kind of joy that no outfit, designer or otherwise, could bring. There is so much need in the world and with her wealth she could spend the rest of her life creating her own charities, spreading her wealth and changing lives. She could, for example, create an entire organization for eating disorders and build a wellness centre. I couldn’t live with myself if I had that kind of wealth, in this world of endless need, and I hoarded it for myself. She could change the world in ways most of us could only dream of. I hope one day she and countless other celebrities learn that a life of mansions and thousand dollar designer outfits is a life that never knows true happiness. So I wish her the happiness that can only come from a generous life lived with the moral dignity! These young wealthy celebs could do so much with their fame and riches, it just kills me to see that immense potential squandered away.

Jackie O. on

what happen’s when you give little girls millions of dollars…? A tartan-tablecloth sarong…

And sweetie, your roots are showing.

Sigh. It’s an unfortunate fate.

Stacy on

Mary-Kate ALWAYS looks like a messy, sloppy, undone, filthy, unhappy scragg. Her hair is completely hideous in every single picture of her. It looks like she never washes or styles it. I, like many others here, do not get why she insists on trying to look as sloppy and messy as possible.

The truth is, MK always looks sad, tired, worn-out, used and abused. Maybe her messy, sloppy look on the outside is truly reflective of what is going on on the inside? I feel sorry for her.

KTJ on

All I have to say is WOW. That outfit is hideous. It reminds me of grunge 90s gone bad. She’s also too thin again. She’s way too skinny. She should get help again. That’s not healthy at all. She looks so fragile.

wtf on

that IS a dress… from marc jacob… bloody wicked… m. jacob is a sheer guiness… he picked the trashiest, crappiest materials on earth- the rejects from wal-mal & salvation army… put an exorbitant price tag to solidify haute couture… and laugh his way to the bank…

Robin on

I don’t know whose more quilty Marc Jacobs for designing that piece of crap or Mary Kate for actually buying it and thinking it looks good on her!…..News Alert Stars just because it has a designer name and costs some bucks doesn’t mean you should wear it, if it looks ridiculous like this blanket being sold for $1700.

Anne on

I don’t get why everyone’s being such assholes about this. MK has a great sense of style, and sure, this might not be her best look but still. Totally unique. And she most certainly does NOT need a stylist. Maybe it’s you guys who just have a too mainstream society style.

Kristin on


Hate to break it to you but when you are a celebrity and dress like that- you WILL get made fun of. If they can’t take the comments, maybe they should NOT be in the public seye…

Mary kate looks like trash, as always. Rememebr when the were teenagers and actually looked cute- someone needs to reintroduce them to the art of fashion as apparently this chica has lost her senses.

jojo on

What’s with that girl and that purse? She even took it to the Globes. It has got to be somethin’ special.

Jackie on

this girl needs to go to fashion jail for life! what a mess up!

night on

she looks OK from the shoulders up….from the shoulders down it looks like a bad dream I had once…I forgot to wear clothes and did not realize till I was out in public..had to grab a ratty blanket from a dumpster…..Only for this poor girl it is REAL LIFE….someone had better wake her up.

Kimberly on

How sad that we have to pic on her for what she is wearing. She’s her own person and if wants to wear it and you don’t like it don’t comment. Mary-kate Jesus loves you girl no matter what you wear.

Chrissy on

Mary-Kate looks so sad and depressed. I guess money can’t buy her love or happiness.

This outfit is an absolute debacle! It looks like she’s wrapped up in a gothic picnic blanket! Those shoes look like they weigh about 10 lbs each! Where is her stylist?!

She looks so sickly these days…

i lover her on

It’s so easy for many of you to bash her and not consider that she has issues just like the rest of us. Does it make you feel better about yourself to talk about her? Yes, I’m protecting her. She has done nothing to anyone one you here. I have seen a comment on here that she hasn’t done any charity work or donated any of her time. If you took sometime and looked on the Internet you will see both of them have done lots for the community work since they were 9. Check yourself before saying something.
How does it feel when someone at school or at work talk about you while you walk by or say something about you that is not true? Now imagine millions of people saying crap to you while you are trying to shop or go to your car or eat or just have a nice dinner? She didn’t ask for this. she just wants to be left aloneShe has sacrificed so many thing that none of you can understand. If you can do anything for Mary-Kate just pray for her. Question: If you were here friend what would you tell her? Would you support her or talk trash behind her back? Why do you want to add more drama to this poor things life. Yes what you say can and will affect a person life. There is only so much a person can blow off or take. If you ever see her on the street smile at her don’t be mean or say nasty things just smile and maybe let her know that you care.

Kat on


Charla Dickenson on

I do not wish anyone any harm. Since I do not know her I can’t tell her what I feel she NEEDS to hear. As I said I feel badly for her and recognize that life must have been very hard. Life is hard for everyone like the people who have incurable diseases or who are orphans at her age( BTW these are people I know). I’m sorry but there is nothing charitable about having a lifestyle of designer clothes that cost more than many people make in a month. I have said it many times before, donating some time or money, doing charity work is fun and easy. The most charitable thing a person can do and the kind of charity I was talking about is the hardest kind. The CHOICE to live in modesty, not lavish greed. Again, there is not enough to go around for people to be greedy. Enjoy life, buy a wrap dress, but not one that could feed a family for six months to a year. When you have SO MUCH more than you need, more than is respectful in this world that is the OPPOSITE of charity. Living in mansions while others live in shacks, wearing people monthly or in some parts of the world yearly paychecks on your feet that is ANTI-CHARITY. If I saw her in the street I would smile at her, because as I said I wish her HAPPINESS, real happiness!

elle on

I honestly think she’s brilliant. I mean the fact alone that the way she dresses can inspire such angry, vile responses from people is a feat. Who knew fashion could be so powerful? I think she has fun with clothes and plays with her style — she’s being ironic and having fun — its a very early nineties, Kim Gordon, kind of chic.

Alice on

The funniest comment is when someone said they haven’t worked since 2004. First of they are running a business. Just because you don’t see them in movies doesn’t mean they aren’t working. Second of all, even if they had taken some time off, who cares??? THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING SINCE BEFORE THEY COULD EVEN WALK!!! I guarantee you haven’t been working since you were 6 months old. Maybe they deserve break??

Michele on

It looks horrible. We all know that. Even the ones defending her knows it looks horrible. Of course, I see people everyday that are not dressed to my liking, but does it get published in the local papers, internet, magazines, news, etc? NO! I think that is where it all stems back to is that the american public is too damn crucial about EVERYTHING. Does it really matter that she decided to wear that that particular day and god forbid with a “scrunchie”. Geez, of the whole article that is the most bothersome. Why the hell does it matter what is in her hair??? One thing I will say is it completely surprises me that these two girls make an adorable line for young girls. My daughter has lots of their cothing. I would never guess they were the designers after seeing what they are wearing lately. Cheers!


Got glasses?????

Beth on

It was me who said they haven’t worked since 2004, and like I said, they have other people designing those clothes, and running their business. They are reaping the benefits because they use pictures of them from when they were 15. So, if you call that, and getting your picture taken every once in a while for an ad “work” then, okay. Yep, been working since they were 6 months old.. with a million breaks and millions of dollars. I have been working everyday since I was 16, often overtime to take care of myself and my family, so you will have to excuse me if I get pissed off when some coke-headed celebrity barely works and makes millions of dollars. :-) But, I would not trade my beautiful mess of a life for hers anyday, no matter how much money she has! I’m happy, and hopefully, so are you Alice.

Allison on

I think she looks disgusting. Her entire style lately has been completely gross. why wear the table cloth why not go for sumthing nicer… like the persian rug.

Kristen on

Marykate needs to seek therapy! She always looks a hot mess, while her sister always looks nice. In my opinion,
table cloths will never be in season!!

Ale on

Normally I would rate Mary-Kate as fashion-trender and not a fasion-follower like the rest of the Hollywood A-listers, but this outfit was a bit off!

Kate on

Its the same bag shes carrying at a Golden Globes after party. I think she could have found the time to switch bags

les Talenteld on

omg! that is a mistake! just hire a new stylist please!

Suz on

I think that these poor girls have been in the public eye being critized, worshipped, looked up to, looked down on before they would speak!!! We take for granted that we were all allowed to just be! We didn’t have to work, we got the attention of our parents, we weren’t plopped in front of a camera and made to “be” someone they weren’t. Just think of the impact on a forming brain that would have! I think we all spend too much time critizing what the celeb’s are wearing, who they’re dating, what they are or are not eating, what they’re doing with their money, etc. How about taking a good long look in the mirror. To those poor people in thrid worlkd countries, we’re ALL rich! We have the ability to sit naked in our kitchens and run a tap! Seriously! Do any of you budget in an extra $100/ month to send to these people? Do the celeb’s write on forums…look at these people, just sitting around, not sending money away…they may have millions and billions and trillions of dollars but they also do a helluva lot more than we do.

As for her outfit…I could care less. I could whip out a thousand pictures of me that aren’t good. Bad hair days, when I first get out of bed, when I’m running to the store in my pj’s. None of this is significant to anyone other than me because I’m not “famous” but I am still a role model. I have children who look up to me and quite frankly I don’t think they could care less what I’m wearing.

Everyone needs to stop, take a deep breathe and start looking at them selves to make a difference and change the world instead of pointing fingers at the celebraties.

Lis on

I think its great that she is her own person, an individual. But I don’t think this is a good outfit. She and her sister were much nicer looking when they had their natural hair color, and wore more every day kind of clothes, you don’t always have to wear something to make you stick out or be noticed it’s OK to look the same sometimes.You can look unique and classy at the same time.

catherine on

way to go suz! you are so right! keep speaking the truth~

Becky on

I love Marc Jacobs and this look is such a great mixed look, love the shoes, love the dress!

Charla Dickenson on

My single mother dedicated her entire career to working in developping countries. For many years we lived and travelled to Africa for her work. And Yes I am following in her footsteps and yes I make as much room as possible in my very modest budget to give. As for my childhood it was incredibly painful and not the kind of childhood I would wish on anyone (I will not go into any details but as I said single mother). Even when I was making $7 an hour I sponsored a child in Africa. My mother raised me to live modestly, to always be grateful and to always be charitable. I don’t believe in bragging, but I am so proud of what my mother does and what she taught me. And I will defend myself when it comes to my definite right to speak about my moral beliefs. Why would I go on this website and put my heart into defending the morals I believe in if I was a hypocrite. I am not a celebrity who brags about charity work and then flies home to one of my many mansions on a private plane (which is the definition of hypocracy).I take many hard long looks in the mirror and I am very comftorable with the fact that I am a work in progress. I love life I do not and have not felt sorry for myself. The painful experiences I have endured have only filled me with compassion and made me want to do as much as possible to help others. I will continue to try as hard as possible to make this world a better place. I am sorry if standing up for the beliefs you work so hard for is conssidered a bad thing but I am sick of seing this world in such turmoil. I will not give up on my beliefs.

Grace on

they need to wear clothes that actually fit them. they always wear oversized clothing that swallows their tiny bodies.

Nal on

It does not matter which Olson is Which they both dress in trash bags and or sheets with big shades. The look TERRIBLE

Jenny on

Both girls could look gorgeous if they just dressed in something simple, put on a few pounds, and stopped sucking on the cancer sticks. (I can’t even talk about the hair issues they have had these past few weeks.) I’m sure it’s possible to stay ahead of the trends and not look like you’re wearing a sheet at the same time. Maybe this is just their ‘college aged’ phase and they’ll grow out of it and wear things that look good on them. I won’t be holding my breath, but it would be nice to see.

Jackeline on

I believe she is going for the artsy, Velvet Underground look. It is chic to look like the derelict when one is a billionare…let her, the vagrant line Marc Jacobs has created suits those who want to stand out in obscurity.

Melanie on

Yuck! Her taste is in her mouth!

Lexi on

Well, I guess we know who the better twin is. In style anyways!!

Neecie on

You are all very very wrong if you think this doesn’t look good. The problem with it is the pattern. This looks just like an Indian sari. If the fabric was a nice linen or silk in a solid color…maybe a little embroidery or embellishment on the edges, it would be fabulous. In this picture, the plaid pattern plus the platforms look a little 90s and Alicia Silverstone a la Clueless.

mary on

i think they look always terrible….and i cant imagine why is that…? i think, they`re so pretty and young, and they must wear young ladies fashion, because they ´re only few years old….its a shame… (sorry my english, i´m spanish)

mary on

they´re so young and pretty, what are they thinking when they have to choose the cloths? the must wear young fashion like every girl with that age.

jap on

and that bag is pretty. it has a nice shape and great colors. at least it’s not one of those oversized balenciagas she lugs around. at least it’s proportional to the size of her body.

Holly on

RETRO!!!! Guys come on… i think she looks awesome.. why not wear big clunky shoes… i intend to go buy many pairs myself and just give them away so people will wear them… hmmm wear do u get tartan from???

hil on

i like it

alice on

Beth obviously doesn’t know what it takes to run a company.

Angela on

I’m a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Mary-Kate Olsen. I usually like everything Mary-Kate wears, just because it’s not similar to what everybody is wearing these days. In fact, it’s really quite refreshing. But this picture isn’t really working for me. First of all, the hair… I HATE IT. I really wish she would have just stuck with the reddish- brown hair color. It looked SO good on her. And the clothes… Not too bad. But I don’t think she should be wearing it in the day time… But if she were to wear it at night, she should lose the t-shirt under it. :/ I LOVE Mary-Kate Olsen’s style, but WHOO! Sometimes she really doesn’t care what other people think…


Devon on

Mary kate is amazing and i love her, but can you reallt blame her for putting this on, blame marc jacobs for creating a weird design (no offense to marc jacobs, i live in his bags and flats)!!!!

a.j. on

well…it a definite NOT !!!!!!!! no comment on the hair or make-up either !!!!!!!!!

Carolyn on

I know the “thrown together” look has been a big deal of late, but this outfit is a little too thrown together for me. A picnic blanket? I don’t think of Mary-Kate as ugly at all, but her clothes and hair choices sure can be. She has looked radiant in the past with her strawberry blonde hair and clothes and makeup that flatter her body and complexion. This was a few years ago when she and her sister were taking the advice of a stylist. They’re young and still defining themselves, and I’m hoping that in the next few years, they’ll toss the tattered clothes to one side and play up their natural beauty. Underneath those odd style choices, they really are naturally stunning young ladies.

Lily on

Alice your soo mean u make me cry in a closet all thewhy are u soo mean man why why why alice
its an animal city its a cannibal world so be obediant don’t argue some are ready to bite you la la la if your gonna be a buttmunch don’t comment so
ALICE WHY DON”T YOU GO TO YOUR OWN WONDERLAND!!!! = ooooh burn and stir burn and stiiiiiiiiiiiiiir
all thats w. me say AHHHHH

Talia on

#1 Both sisters need to eat…something..anything. They look ill. #2 No amount of money can buy class, or taste. You either have it, or in their case, ya don’t. For Gods sake, someone dress them.

Lucy( not holly's friend) on

o dear holly! you have very bad taste. maybe you should get help! i think her comment should be removed.

erin on

she is a millionaire wearing clothes that someone of the lowest class would wear… it is one hting to do this to hide from the paparazzi yet now they know how to sport her the girl with really high heals,a blanket a dress or coat, and hair that was colored from a kit

micheleee. on

umm,, Beth? They are the co workers of a production company. AT 20 YEARS OLD! Do they use their faces for that too?

TB on

Was she thinking? As usual she dresses like a fool! I dont know why she has no stly, and why she dont GET a stylist… she CAN AFFORD IT! They both are very pretty girls… but for some reason they make a point of looking like stupid fools~

Alexis A. on

As a little girl, I idolized the Olsen twins, but now, they are a discrace. They don’t know what to do with themseles so they dress horribly. I think my 3 year old cousin could dress them better then they dress themselfs.

MeMe on

These comments are hilarious….personally, I think the only thing this outfit is missing is a cup of coffee from starbucks!!! I’m guessing she’s on her way to get it.

karen on

Ya know, there empire is a clothes line is at Walmart. However, Walmart seems to have better clothes. Those two girls where so beautiful as children. I quess this is what Hollywood can do to you.

jam on

Her and her sister have absolutely NO SENSE OF STYLE. The big shoes were out like 10 years ago. She looks like a crack head.

stephenie on

ewww! thi slooks terrible! what was she thinking…oh right she wasn’t thinking!

katya on

Ermmm…I think the only one rule those girls should learn is that such a high fasion CAN”T be worn on the streets.High fashion was invented to be worn on the red carpets and stuff.It’s HIGH becouse NOONE wears expensive evening dresses to go out for a cup of coffe.’Coz It looks just rediculos.

Percipia on

I can’t belive that Mary-Kate would wear that. i mean she has the money to buy herself some nice clothes. like from Dolce and Gabbana or Prada or even Mui Mui. but come on she looks like she found that look in the dumpster!!!

Madi on

omg it looks hideous

hoogee on

This look possibly could’ve worked (or at least looked better), if she had on a different pair of shoes (platforms don’t look good on anybody), and left her hair down.

crystal on

I think she looks like crap,but as long as she is happy and feels good about herself,that is all that matters.


I think it is fabuolus….ı like her style ver much.

Maura on

Mary kate seriously needs to cop on and get a bit of sense….we dont mind you setting trends but if your not trendy just go with the style thats already been set!

Emily on

All of you people raving about how ugly this outfit is…have you ever thought how trends and styles come to be? Maybe it wasn’t the most well thought out outfit but at least it isn’t mainstream and the twins aren’t afraid to be themselves. Just because they don’t just conform with what society tells them to wear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate their style and originality!

Katelyn on

She looks like she just got out of bed and wrapped a blanket around her!!

Marisa on

So many billions and so little else .

Dixie Marie on

Everyone that wrote a nasty message about MK, needs to get out thier own photo albulm and send it in to an agent and see how long it takes them to appear on the front covers on magazines. So the woman wore something that doesn’t suit everyone else, who is she hurting? I don’t see what the big deal is. She can wear what she wants. And about the scrunchie deal, I am the mother of two small children and I always have a scrunchie in my hair. I care more about other stuff than I care about what I look like. Some of you guys need to make some changes in your life to make yourselves happier. I hope I raise my daughter to never be as nasty and critical as some of you are being. Please think about this.

Tanya on

Both twins are horrible.No style

janet on

Sometimes Marykate looks stylish, but usually she doesn’t. Ashley’s style is more sophisticated but both gurls should get a stylist soon!

Niels-Peter on

She’s sooo sexy here!

one of the most glamorous celebrities ever!!

She dress way better than Lindsay Lohan and her gang!!

I love this…

she’s a trendsetter

Cici on

I think the clothes are secondary to the fact that she needs to put some meat on her bones, Too thin and pale!

Charla Dickenson on

“Who is she hurting? I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Check THE PRICE. If that doesn’t turn on a little lightbulb read some of the valuable comments based on THE PRICE. Secondly it is so tiresome when people ask the typical question of “so what do you look like, why don’t you send in your picture” Who cares what people look like. Yes there were a lot of rude and inappropriate comments here, and I’m sure some of them were made by drop dead gorgeous little cheerleaders and prom queens. Who the hell cares what people look like, they’re still going to have an opinion. If everyone’s post had a picture of themselves what would it accomplish, you’d find out that some really pretty girls write nice things and some right nasty things … in the end it’s meanless and irrelevant so please stop using that useless comment in your posts it’s boring, hypocritical, irrelevant and transparent to your own insecurity.

Dixie Marie on

Sorry, Charla. Didn’t mean to push any buttons. I am just saying that if you did all of the stuff you say you do, you probably wouldn’t have the time to write so much on a website that is just for opinions. I don’t know what I would do if I had that much money and grew up always having that much, but I dare say I would probably be the same way. Probably nobody taught her that there are people less fortunate than her. That is what makes the world go round. I’m sorry you had such a bad life. It sounds as though it made you a little bitter. Trust me, I understand the rough life stuff. Thank goodness I now have it pretty good and again, I’m sorry.


WHAT IS THIS! i mean really is she serious? this could be one of the worst day looks i have ever seen. i am very into fashion and this doesnt even fall into the category of fashion

Charla Dickenson on

Dixie Marie, I am sorry if my comments were too harsh and offended you.
I really do love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it. I am happily married and have learnt so much from all my experiences. I simply think it’s silly to pity child stars, life is hard for everyone. The reason I have had a lot of time to write is that I am very seriously ill. I am able to do little more than write at this point. Unlike many who in some part cause their illnesses; smoking, not eating well there is nothing I could have done to prevent it and nothing I can do to change it; sometimes peoples internal systems just fail (no need for medical jargon). Luckily it is not contageous so my family, who I cherish, is safe and healthy. The only reason I am sharing any of this information is because I have no shame about my life and I like to stand up to assumptions. I enjoy sharing my thoughts here, I find it a nice escape from my current circumstances. Despite my situation I am still able to continue my efforts. My comments are always written quite quickly so I don’t actually spend a lot of time posting, which is why I don’t worry about spelling or grammar. I’ve only been posting for a few weeks, it was just something I thought would be fun to try. I love to write. I am really passionate about my beliefs and I am sorry if that comes accross too strongly.

Take Care and sorry for any offense!

Jay on


Lindsey on

personally, I love it. Marc Jacobs is an amazing and innovative designer. Its hard to pull off a runway look for every day wear. Just because she is young and rich doesnt mean she necessarily needs to fall into the same style category as Paris Hilton or Hillary Duff. I admire them for consistantly having their own style while being in the publics eye.

Sues on

I don’t understand these girls. They used to be so pretty and such trendsetters, what happened? They even had their own clothing line at one point for young ones, I’d really be scared if my daughter came out dressed in something like this. Look at their pictures from years ago, they looked so healthy and beautiful, now they just look scary. I don’t know why they can’t see that.

Holly most definitely not Lucys friend on

Lucy mate i think ure taking things a bit to seriously… chill out love….

bethany on

I am so amazed by these comments! Funny! If we could only see her heart. I know God is the only one who can do that, so why don’t we let him be the judge.

Holly on

Hehe love u lucy u mental case… good thing ure my best firend or id beat u down!!! hehe xxxx

Angie on

I totaly agree with RJ what a sad little person she looked so stupid in this outfit, it just blows my mind as to how people can walk out of there house like this. Will all her money you would think she could buy herself some style.

Angie on

J I totaly agree will everything your saying, especially the part about throwing up HA HA HA, we dont hate them they just have no style and they are spoiled which make them really stupid.

Angie on

Jay you said it prefectly HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, that sums it all up pretty well.

rachel b. on

It’s ugly and a poor taste of Marc Jacobs on her. Raggity looking…She should hire a fashion dresser (professional) to give her an up-lift that makes her appear younger instead of older.

lu on

It seems like these two little undernourished girls have a fight against their closets every moning, and obviously the closets win every time. It should not surprise us that they look like a trash-can all the time, that’s just their “style”. I guess the homeless look is “in” for these kind of teens.

marymilan on

even women in africa would never dress like that am from there i know but maybe it was a bad day

lola_forever on

Jackson, if you’re a 47 year old woman, then WHY are you posting pathetic comments about what mary kate is wearing, i doubt you have better taste. its understandable if young girls/boys write their comments about her style, but a 47 year old woman? dont you have better things to do? “little ugly olsen girls” or whatever you said, you need to grow up a little. their both beautiful young women, and anyone who says differently definatly needs to take a closer look. her style really is something else, but that stops it from being so boring.

irena on

We all know that Mary Kate and her twin have that much money and know their fashion because of that……(fact). Totally hot look, the look like geisha and the shoes adorable. What would the rest of u all be wearing supre or maybe sass and bide???? Dont be rediculos, the girl obviously knows she dont wanna look like everybody else out there. Such a star, hope she keeps up the good fashion…………………..

Jessica Amy on

do these guys look in the mirror before goin out? i mean they have no style at all. i wouldnt even use that ragged blanket for my dog lool lmao..girl better learn not to burn money..and get a life cos ur anorexia is killin ya!

Laa on

i love what shes wearing.
if you don’t like it, then why bother making a comment in the first place? hahahaha

kparty on

okie first things first. you guys are bullies. second I am personally
not a fan of this outfit but Mary Kate looks great when it comes to grunge fashion which is a popular look and has been since the 90s. I’m sorry that you guys think you have to look perfect all the time but I’m a teenager and this is whats cool. And I’m sorrier that you guys don’t understand that and have to take out that anger on a poor girl.

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