What Was Vanessa Williams Thinking?

01/16/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Retro looks are usually glamorous shoe-ins for the red carpet — unless you are channeling Diana Ross in Mahogany. Or maybe Beyonce in the later stages of Dreamgirls? Whatever the inspiration, Vanessa Williams went for a totally hair-raising look at last night’s Golden Globes, complete with wild curls and braids. Vanessa is clearly a beautiful woman, but maybe a few less extensions would have been a better look. Tell us: What do you think of Vanessa’s hair? Is it a retro do or a total hair don’t?

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Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

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Sydni on

Oh my.
Vanessa really is beautiful, but that hair.
It just ruins everything about her.
I don’t like it at all.

me on

She looks like she has a poodle sticking out of her head.

lizzy B on

her looked awful. and i hope that fur was fake!

cid.gmuqt@gmail.com on

I think maybe the hair was a bit much. I guess the idea was that the hair was supposed to be big because this was a big night. I think it proved to be acceptably fabulous, they won twice! She did look great otherwise.

Linda Rasmussen on

I thought that Vanessa Williams looked drop-dead gorgeous.

Becky on

she looks like a witch in this picture. she is pretty but she is one of those women that do need a lot of makeup

Shelly on

I think it looks quite nice.

arlene on

vanessa is beautiful, her gown was beautiful her hair was a bit too much though, she should have left it soft the way she always has it.

Charlene on

I thought she looked fabulous!

Stephanie on

So bad, so very bad. It looks like she stuck her finger in an eletric socket.

Charla Dickenson on

Yes the hair was bad, she’s a gorgeous lady and her dress body and face looked lovely! Speaking of other bad moments. Could Jeremy Piven stop bringing his Mom as hjis date. It’s not sweet. Any ladies who have learnt a thing or two about men know the guy does it to help him pick up more chicks. Bring your Mommy and then you can have 5 ladies after the show if you know what I mean. If he brought some of the tv groupie skanks as his dates girls would see the PIG in the Mama’s boy clothing and he wouldn’t get anymore ladies. So he takes Mom to make him look like a sweetheart and he plays it up for all it’s worth and then goes bimbo bagging. I don’t buy any of the bull some men dish out, they’re so full of it! I’m married and my amazing hubby and I laugh at these dinks, too bad some girls buy it!

katie on

A little professional jealousy? Maybe America’s win has inspired Vanessa to get some ‘ugly’ in her. Well done!

sara on

Looks ok to me………although, what doesnt look ok, is the dead animal she decided to wrap herself in!! Will celebrities ever learn???!!!

KT fr Cda on

Scarrrrryyyy! What was she thinking??? She is a very beautiful woman. She could of done so much better.

chopsueyluey on

I thought she looked great – big hair, big night?!?!

Elda on

Her skin looks like it’s had to much sun!!

Cheryl on

OH My, that is just wrong in so many ways…..

Rose on

Gorgeous woman but hair from hell and it ages her.

Frab on

In her defense, that’s a really bad and unflattering picture of her.

andreina on

It photographs terrible, but on tv it looked much better. Thogh I would have never taken such a risk.

Rebecca on

Loved Vanessa’s dress, but her hair was HORRID!

NIck R. on

You need to show the whole ensemble. Cuz yes, by itself the hair is a fright, but for some reason when paired with her outfit as well she looked AWESOME! I thought she was the best looking of all the ladies that night

Celebrity Comments on

The fur jacket and the big hair, together, made it worse. She should have left the fur jacket off.

bre on

she looks like mufasa

KJ on

Her hair was a big much although her dress was absolutely gorgeous. She is such a beautiful woman – but I think she made the wrong decision with the hair do!

j on

she didn’t look this scary on tv. the only thing worse than the hair is the FUR. c’mon vanessa, you seem like an educated intelligent woman..?!

Jen on

I thought she looked fantastic. What’s wrong w/ big hair?

Gg on

Okay J, that is your opinion, but just because she is wearing fur doesn’t mean the woman isn’t educated or intelligent. It was cold out. Anyways, we don’t need to get into a battle of the FUR. On to her hair, obviously she wasn’t watching VH1 when they showed a clip of Christina Aguilara’s hair from an awards show a few years ago when she tried to make a statement with the afro. It didn’t go over well then, and it sure looks like crap now. Vanessa is a very beautiful woman but I have to say this hair isn’t doing a thing for her.

tracie on

the second i saw her i said, “OH! She will be on the worst dressed list.” which sucks because i love her in ugly betty! she is great and so beautiful.

ubfe on

I luv her on ‘Betty’ and pray that with hard work, I’ll look like that when I am her age. Maybe she was trying to incorporate a little Willamena into the awards!!

Chrissy on

She looks awful in this picture! Her face looks like a worn-in baseball mit! Ugh, and that hair…it looks like she attended shock therapy before the awards ceremony! Terrible, terrible photo.

Diane on

What a horror show. The dead animal wrap was awful and completely unneccessary. The hair looked like she was channelling Rocky Horror Picture Show. And the whole look made her look OLD!

H on

I am not a fan at all of Vanessa’s hair. But I did like others’ big-hair look. I know People put Jennifer Love Hewitt on the “worst dressed” list, and I usually agree. However, I thought she looked elegant and classy last night.

Kim on

She was just trying to differentiate herself from how she looks on the show as Wilhemmina. She may have gone overboard a bit but I think it was just to contrast her character’s look.

dee on

I’m sorry, Vanessa Williams can wear her hair any way that she wants. This woman has survived being dethroned as Miss America and being publicly humiliated by her second husband. Yet she still continues to find much success in her life and looks better than any 43 year old has a right to look. She has shown through her longevity, perserverance, and resilence that she is truly a Miss America! She is allowed to have diva hair.

Leslie on

I don’t know what it is but I thought Vanessa Williams looked absolutely beautiful! Vanessa’s attire was on from head to toe;normally I don’t like big hair but she worked it and showed some wisdom by wearing a little bit of fur in the cold weather while everyone else walked around pretending not to be freezing. Vanessa rocked.

stylemaven on

Someone in their twenties like Beyonce could pull this off, but once you hit your mid-thirties, it is time to be classic and simple with your hair and clothing. Vanessa is beautiful, but she needs a more sophisticated, simple look.

Bunky on

I *like* Sienna Miller’s Swiss-looking thing. Given that she sometimes veers toward the masculine a bit (not sure why – she just does), a little feminine whimsy isn’t such a bad thing. On the other hand, Naomi Watts could have put a little more effort into it. Just because you’re blond doesn’t mean you don’t have to try hard like the rest of us.

astoreri on

Seriously, how does such a beautiful women let herself get talked into a hair style like this????

The big hair MIGHT have worked if she didn’t have the fur jacket on as well. With the fur coat and the big hair she really does look like a poodle.

And I pity whoever was unlucky enough to be sitting behind her!

On a side note, as a Canadian who spent last week trying not to get frost bite waiting for the bus in – 30 plus wind chill temps, I’m just curious as to how “cold” and “freezing” it was last night in hollywood?

LS on

Oh my! She always looks so polished on Betty, what has happened here?

Ashley on

She looks like scary spice from back in the day…. scary lol!

arlene on

I already commented on Vanessa’s hair. I agree with other people though that she and other celebrities should not wear fur, there are other options.

Lindsay on

O NO. With all the money that woman should have, you think she’d have enough to pay for decent looking extentions? That looks like a wig you’d buy at an everyday costume store… nasty! But you are right, she is beautiful… and she’s aging very gracefully!

Ruby on

Alone-It was bad. With the whole outift-she looked absolutely amazing and way better than a majority of the women last night.

Jackie on

2 words – DRAG QUEEN

A Sista on

What would people prefer she do? Wear long, straight hair. That is just too much work for Black hair and it’s unnatural. Have folks forgotten she’s a sista and sistas have naturally curly and kinky hair. When is it going to be acceptable or even sexy for Black folks to wear their hair Black and natural?

A Sista on

Tim Allen was right….she looks beautiful.

H on

“What would people prefer she do? Wear long, straight hair. That is just too much work for Black hair and it’s unnatural.”

Ummmmmm…. yeah except that is exactly how Vanessa normally wears her hair. And there is NO WAY all the hair she is wearing there is her own hair. In fact I’d be willing to bet that most (if not all) of those curls are NOT her hair.

Chloe on

Oh My Dear God

missp on

Didnt we see this on Christina a few years ago!

liz on

I don’t know what Vanessa was thinking, but she must have been drunk whwn she told her hair stylist how she wanted her hair done for the Golden Globes. Maybe she said poofy instead of pretty

robin on

I thought if she didn’t wear the fur (hope it was fake)her hair wouldn’t have been so overwhelming,she beautiful anyways. And to the person who said Beyonce could pull this off,are you kidding? She was the worst dressed of the night.

Kristen on

Did Lion King on Broadway come to town?

Jessika on

She looks so old…and so orange. I don’t know if it’s the hair that makes it look more apparent, but her face is looking quite…aged.

KA on

She is absolutely gorgeous! Even with her retro hair style, it made a nice well put together ensemble. She get’s my “HOT” vote.

Mari M. on

Vanessa is a beautiful woman having fun AND expressing her ethnicity…she should not be expected to or should have to severely straighten her hair all the time. That being said, this is one of the few time where she did not pull off a balanced look wearing the fur stole; perhaps removing it off her shoulders while walking the red carpet would have been the best idea. Not only would we have actually seen her dress, she would have looked terrific with a break from her hair to the dress. With the odd shape of the stole, everything was just too, too brown and shapeless AND put too much focus on her hair.



Jackie on


night on

Years ago, in Jr Hight School…Before I learned about stying products…I had hair like this…I did not know any better…I did not have hair stylists…I did not have people to help me…..I have sinse learned to use the products on the pharmacy shelves, and have shed the nick name “BRILLO HEAD”…I feel for this woman….she needs a hair intervention

R.C. on

Don’t parents teach their kids to NOT stick forks in electrical sockets? Vanessa obviously missed that lesson.


I think she looks real. She’s proud to show her curls, unlike others that spend time and $$$ to have it straightened, and end up looking sooo fake (…Beyonce). She looks beautiful, showing her curls. Finally, someone with personality!

KoolKat321 on

I kinda like the hair but i agree i think its a bit to0 wild for me!!!

A Sista on

Sure, it may not be her hair, but it’s far more natural looking than Beyonce’s long, straight mane. Let the girl bring the Afro back. Wouldn’t it be nice for a sista to be able to wash ‘n wear her hair without someone callin’ her ‘Brillo Head’. Weave and extensions are expensive and painful. Come on, folks. Cookie-cutter is boring. Originality should be praised. Kudos to Vanessa! I’m going to start my Afro immediately and who care if you don’t like it. I got it from my momma!

Maria Lee on

I think she got confused. She was dressed like she was going out for FRIGHT NIGHT instead of an awards show. I have never seen anyone look so horrible. Everything from the hair to the dress, and especially that fur. Not only can she not dress herself, but she has shown no compassion, cause she obviously doesnt care about the torturing of animals.

See for yourself how fur jackets are made:

missPeach on

im scared :O

Teo on

Well, I think it’s not THAT bad. Sure, it’s a little wild and a bit too big, but hey, other than that it’s OK ;)

Nesie on

She is very beautiful. But what was she thinking?

annonymous on

i think vanessa’s dress was really really pretty, but her hair was not really sophisticatied as her dress was. maybe if had a little updo or a bun sort of look, then mayber her whole outfite would of looked fantastic!

Kiki on

Her crazy hair matches her disgusting fur jacket. Yuck. And the makeup (brown lipstick and heavy eye makeup) makes her look really old.

Kache on

What is with this stupid no fur thing? Are all you people crying about fur downing hamburgers everynight or wearing leather shoes? Grow up and get over it. Animal products are used everywhere so before you get on others for wearing fur take a look at yourself.
I’m sure everyone would really be crying if the animals killed for use had their fur/skins discarded and were never used at all.

night on

Hello “A Sista”…I am not a sister…and yes, some of us caucasions get called brillo head too!!! ( people can be mean to others of all colors I have decided!)I have since learned to control my curl with gel…and to love the terrific curl that used to earn me the name of Brillo head….But these curls of mine sure do have the need to be tamed….I think vanessa could tame that head of hair just a bit..way too much hair for my taste..but I DO know how hard it is to control

michael on

i love vanessa her hair was a wig it was fabulous she looked great it was in proportion and it framed her perfect face and worked with her gown. why does evey one want every one to have straight flat hair?
she looked happy and exciting i love her on ugly betty also
and whats wrong with diana ross in mahogany ? get over it and stop putting people into little cloan hair doos

MH on


Juri on

she is a beatiful lady but i think the hair could have been so much bettur

Tiffany on

I don’t think it’s that bad. Why does everybody want people to sport sleek, straight hair? I think the hair is not as much of an issue as the make-up, it’s wrong. Especially that shade of lipstick.

Jess on

It looks like she licked a toaster.

Hailey Hall on

i first saw Vanessa Williams on the Miss USA pageant, she was so beautiful in the old days’,;

Taylor Lewis on

i first saw Vanessa Williams on the Miss USA pageant, she was so beautiful in the old days;;-

Amber Phillips on

former miss usa Vanessa Williams is a beautiful woman even by Today’s standards:.:

Louie Holmes on

i remember Vanessa Williams as miss usa or something,:,

Anna Allen on

i remember Vanessa Williams as miss usa or something.”-

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Vanessa Williams have very beautiful eyes, i love those eyes~’~

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Vanessa Williams have very beautiful eyes, i love those eyes-~:

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i envy Vanessa Williams eyes, they are very beautiful;’:

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