Red Carpet Trendwatch: White Gowns

01/16/2007 at 01:40 PM ET

Forget Madison Avenue — last night’s Golden Globes red carpet took its fashion cues from ancient Greece by the look of things. From Jennifer Garner’s silver spangled Gucci to Hayden Panettiere’s Monique Lhuillier gold-belted gown, the stars looked like goddesses in their long white gowns with metallic accents. Or there were those who went for clean but never simple white, like Salma Hayek, Azzaro-clad Kate Winslet or Ellen Pompeo in futuristic Versace. We expect to see a lot more ivory, creams, and just bright white with the SAGs less than two weeks away! Tell us: Do you like the white gowns? Is this a look you would wear?

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Photo: Chris Pizzello/AP, Lisa Rose/jpistudios, FilmMagic

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RAY on


j on

yes, i’d wear a white gown. they all look gorgeous!

KT fr Cda on

Well, they are very nice looking but I’d be afraid to drink or eat anything incase I’d spill something on it! I wouldn’t want a train though b/c it would get really dirty dragging on the floor. White shows everything. Oh, and Ray, what are you talking about??? Ben is married.

enigma on

RAY, her name is Jennifer Garner and she is married to Ben Affleck and they have a little girl named Violet.

All these women glow and look beautiful!

And, yes, I would wear all of these dresses…….they look so romantic!


Reba on

This is unrelated, but I have seen a few pictures of the actors/actresses wearing a blue puzzle piece.
I tried to find what this stood for, but have
been unsuccessful. Does anyone know?

Candi on

Yes, they all look absolutely beautiful. I don’t care what anyone says, I think Ellen looked fabulous in her Versace clad gown. Salma, always beautiful and Jen looks beautiful as well. I didn’t get to see Hayden’s dress though, but I’m sure she looked gorgeous.

Marisol on

Jennifer Gariner dress looked like a Walmart dress! it was awful! Also did Angelina Jolie and Toni Collette wear the same dress, but different colors?

KJ on

Jennifer Garner is absolutely beautiful. She has such a glow and natural look about her. She and Ben are such a cute couple. I’m not crazy about Selma’s gown. It doesn’t seem to fit right although she is a beautiful woman. Ellen’s gown is a little too simple! I don’t know that I’d wear a white gown but I admire women that do!

Chrissy on

The color isn’t the problem with these dresses…it’s the fit! None of these dresses are flattering!

monique on

The puzzle piece has something to do with autism (sp?)

Ashley on

I think all three of these ladies look beautiful, especially Jennifer Garner and Salma Hayek. On a different note I was really looking forward to seeing what Angelina Jolie was going to wear and was utterly dissapointed. Her dress was drab and boring and that color was nothing less than depressing. I also thought the gold jewelary really didn’t compliment it either, quite frankly I thought it was hideous. I just don’t understand why she can’t venture out and wear colors other than different shades of black and white.

katie on

Dresses described left to right: a white sheet with sparkles, a white sheet in gathers, and hanging white drapes (on a body the color of a broasted chicken). Include Drew Barrymore’s white bath towel… all shapeless white blahhh’bs. It’s simply amazing that so much money and effort is spent on making women unattractive… a whole industry promoting white sheets~ now That’s entertaining!

don k on

lol yes thats jennifer garner and she is married to ben and has a child with him and yes she looked very nice so did the others, but i don’t no if i would wear white.

yaya on

I thought Salma looked so sultry and sexy…she carried herself so well in that dress…however, I did think the dress kind of made her look short and stocky…the color was wonderful on her dark skin, just the fit was “ok”.

distar on

yes the puzzle piece is for Autism Speaks, the charity that the head of NBC is heavily involved in. So everyone who has a show on NBC wore the puzzle to show their support.

Jay on

did not like Jennifer’s white dress. It looked cheap

gina on

Absolutely, white is very pure and classy.

gina on

Absolutely, white is very pure and classy.

Amber on

I think all of the dresses are beautiful. I also think that a nice updo would have complimented Jennifer Garner’s dress alot more.

Brenda on

These tree ladies locks great, but i do not like Angelina J. Dress, the best for my is Drew B.

Katie on

I think that white gowns make these women look so classy. Not everyone can pull off white like that, but the one’s that do it make it look amazing. It’s so clean and pure.. making them look awesome. They look so confident. I would absolutely wear white… :)

adriana on

LOL I think Jennifer Garner looked BEAUTIFUL!! and since when do they sell dresses like this in Wal-Mart?!! ;)

hello on

I think they all looked lovely. Ellen’s scary-skinny, her castmates (KatH, ChandraW,)looked much better than her.
AND Drew Barrymore was not wearing a white bath towel. It was pink! and she was pretty in it!

Joan on

They all look beautiful. White definitely is a clean and elegant color.

Listerino on

Good to see not everyone thought Jennifer Garner looked good because I thought she looked terrible. The dress made her look so thin and gaunt with no curves at all. It was a terrible fit for her although the dress itself was pretty.
Salma always looks great although this probably wasn’t the best dress for her either. Ellen Pompeo looked the best out of the lot but it still wasn’t that great.

Red on

I thought Drew looked fabulous in her PINK goddess gown. I don’t care for Jennifer or Salma’s dresses, but I loved Ellen’s!

Red on

I read Angelina’s dress is a St. John’s creation, whom she has a contract with… maybe the reason for it?

Meredith on


Lisa Gabrielle on

Jennifer Garner is gorgeous and I usually love all the gowns she wears, but yesterday I found the dress was awful,very simple and weird and made her look very thin with no boobs, no butt, no curves…..not sexy at all, definetely not……I mean she didnt have to go dressed like Beyonce to show she’s sexy, but at least something more revealing, like Drew Barrymore for example!
That was definetely a bad choice!

Jackie on

they all look great! in my opinion i think off-white is the new black. ummm hello – did you see how great the heroes ladies looked? ON POINT!

pstewart on

Jennfier Garner looked to skinny for the white dress and it made her head look huge.She should stick to dark colors if she is going to look fashionable because she usually dresses far from it!

Jayda on

Its about time People commented on Selma Hyak’s dress. She looked beautiful. When she walked across the stage and the camera cut to the audience, Men were in awe as they watched her glide to the podium. While Jennifer Affleck looked great, she looked like the same safe girl next door that she always has. She is replacing Jennifer Aniston as far as being the hot actress wife of a hot leading Hollywood man. Next- Beyonce. She looked a mess. Can we say trying too hard. Now Beyonce would have looked fabulous in Drew’s gown, or even something like Jessica Biel had on. She still doesnt quite understand the difference between hip hop couture and Hollywood classy. Ok im done for now, wanna read more, log in later to hear what I have to say about the Globes. The real- non Time Warner tained version of who wore what…and what went wrong .Jayda

Oh yeah on a parting note…What was up with Vanessa? Why doesnt people talk about what the Black actresses wore. Jada Pinkett Smith looked FANTASTIC. Forest Whitaker’s Wife Keisha Beautiful….whats up wit that PEOPLE?

Jenn on

i thought jennifer garner looked horrible along with Salma…Ellen looked best if I had to pick out of the 3!
Angelina looks like she has lost weight or something?

LSUTigerPrincess on

Angeline Jolie has a contract with St. John which states that all her red carpet dresses must come from them.

Leilani on

These women were beauitiful, but the styles of these dresses were not. I like the white but not any of the actual design or proportions.

Sasha on

Ellen’s dress looks trashy, I like the others.

Rio on

Yes.. They all look awesome. Especially
Salma Hayek, Talk about Real Woman Have Curves!! VaVaVoom!

Kris B on

Salma Hayek’s dress did not compliment her figure,, I know she is petite but this dress made her look like she’s put on a few pounds. She still looked lovely though,, Jennifer Garner looked slim and trim in her gown-nice.

Dd on

the puzzle piece is in support of Autism!

Whatever on

To me Angelina was the top. Nobody is -although beautiful- like her. She does not need to appear low-cut to attract looks. This woman looked like a Goddess. Even Brad was somehow opaqued by her presence, even though she was trying to give him the credit. They both were kind of serious, maybe a little uncomfortable with such and plenty vain environment, since the have changed their way to see life. To me they were and they are uniques… All of the other ladies certainly were beautiful, but Angelina… she is something different.

Elda on

All three look beautiful but Salma Hayek got them curves working! I agree with you Rio!!!

Whatever on

To me Angelina was the top. Nobody is -although beautiful- like her. She does not need to appear low-cut to attract looks. This woman looked like a Goddess. Even Brad was somehow opaqued by her presence, even though she was trying to give him the credit. They both were kind of serious, maybe a little uncomfortable with such and plenty vain environment, since the have changed their way to see life. To me they were and they are uniques… All of the other ladies certainly were beautiful, but Angelina… she is something different.

MindyM on

I am not thrilled with all the white dresses. White is a notoriously hard color to wear, not flattering to most complexions and not the most slimming either.

I did not like Jennifer Garner’s dress at all and the color was the least of the problems. The fit was terrible, the bodice very unflattering and it did look cheap. I happen to agree with the poster who said it looked like something you would buy at Wal-Mart.

Salma’s dress did not flatter her voluptuous figure at all. It looked like a giant white sheet draped all over her. She got lost in it and the fit again did not seem right. It just didn’t hang properly on her at all. She has looked so much better.

Ellen Pompeo looked washed out in the white color. She has a pale complexion and it washed out her face and her pretty green eyes. The design was nice and I loved her hair, but I think she should have gone with a color. She is thin enough to get away with white, but it didn’t do anything for her at all.

I would favor silver, like Jessica Biel, or grey, like Angelina Jolie, over stark white.

Emily on

I do not like Jennifer Garner’s, its all wrong, it doesnt fit and it looks extremely casual, it looks like something you wear to a picnic not an awards show. Salma Hayek’s dress is beatiful, just not on her, it was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. I loved Ellen Pompeo’s dress is clean its classy. There are some other white dresses which i think look way better, Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere both looked amazing in their white gowns

katie on

I think Jennifer Garner is a very beautiful woman, but the dress was a bad fit. She should’ve worn something that would’ve shown her curves, she looks very thin. ALmost scary thin!

Kim Teetzel on

What about Sienna Miller? I’ve not heard her mentioned anywhere as BEST — and while there were many good choices … she and her dress were STUNNING!

faith on

i think jen garner’s dress made her boobs look like they were sagging.

KC on

I think all the ladies here look ok. I agree with the people that said the fits were not right for Jennifer or Salma. There were much more stunning white gowns on the red carpet. Hayden Panettiere looked beautiful, and she has the complexion to wear white. Kate Winslet looked beautiful and classy as well in a stunning white gown. Kyra Sedgwick, and Yujin Kim (Sun on lost) were by far the two best dressed in white last night.

I also agree with whoever said that Angelina Jolie looked drab. The gown was a pretty cut and shape, but that color was awful. Talk about washing someone out. She looked extremely dreadful, and Beyonce went way overboard, like she always does. I am usually shocked to see her on any best dressed list, as she usually looks awful.

Jada Pinkett Smith, was one of the best dressed of the whole night! She always looks so classy and elegant, and I loved the pleats!

Amanda on

Ellen definitly is the best…I think she is gorgeous and her hair looked beautiful…plus she is on the best show in T.V. history…so how can you go wrong there?

Dakota on

I personally love the white gowns. I am bigger fan of blue, but that’s just me. I would most likely wear a blue dres, but they all look beautiful in white.

Dakota on

no Jen’s gown wasn’t very flattering, but WAL-MART? No. She usually wears such amazing gowns. This was a disappointment, but not because of the whole dress. It was just the top part.

model mom on

Y’all are crazy. Just because it isn’t skin tight and showing tons of skin doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit right and doesn’t look beautiful. Salma’s dress looks like she has a bed sheet just draped over her, which is very sexy, only she can pull it off. ellen is taking a risk but looks classy and elegant, i wouldn’ve done a different hairdo although. and Jennifer looks KILLER in this dress! She has a figure that can pull off something just hanging on her and she looks fab!!

Kate on

I love the white dresses…absolutely stunning!

Jennifer Sanchez on

I think the only one that looks good is the one in the middle. Jennifer Garner looks ugly and too skiny. And the other looks OK but not omg

Cheryl on

Its not the color, its the fit. Bennifer2’s dress looks like a night gown, Selma’s is unflattering on the top, but Ellen’s looks fantastic!!!!

Hannah on

i thought the white gowns were pretty..but i personally loved reese witherspoons gorgeous yellow gown.

Melissa Malcolm on

Let start with Jen: bad fit…she has no check to carry the look off..the top half of this dress just had too much fabric hanging.

Salma: love the top half of this dress but the middle down stinks…she’s short and this dress just made her look shorter

Angelina: she looked like a granny who has baked herself in the sun for far too long. Do you rember the old lady in “there is something about Mary,” she reminded me of her.
Her hair color was all wrong it overpowed the dress. The frown on her face all night was inappropriate, she seemed pissed off all night. Did y’all see her interview with Ryan, what’s the big deal about talking about how you got ready for your night on the town or talking about her kids. Brad, he looks old and exausted and it just made the two of them look acquard on the red carpet.

Kristen on

I like white gowns on the right figures. If your heavy set,
it’s usually not complimentry to wear a white dress.

ari on

omg!! ellen looked BEAUtifulll!! i loved the whole do..her hair,dress,makeup etc.. she’s my idol!! i loveeee herrr(L):)

ari on

omg!! ellen looked BEAUtifulll!! i loved the whole do..her hair,dress,makeup etc.. she’s my idol!! i loveeee herrr(L):)i’d wear any of those dresses in a minutee!!!

C on

The white gowns look beautiful, a nice change from black and other dark colors. I personally wouldn’t wear white, though, because my skin is very fair and I think I’d look like a ghost. It also does nothing to hide any lumps or bumps.

evelyn on

I think Salma Hayek is beautiful,
but mostly her face
don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous, but why is everyone so in awe of her curves when she bought her boobs??? You guys could have them too if you hired her surgeon! You know!!
Besides that, her other curves are pretty typical of latinas. She has a nice body, It’s not something so out of the norm though, a lot of latin women have curves. like every member of my own family! tranquilista people, it’s the norm where I come from. Knowing how Salma speaks in public, she’d probably say the same thing!!She seems down to earth.
On to the dresses!
The nicest dress of the evening: Angelina’s!! Only I HATED the color!! But it was the best cut and look of the whole evening. In a sky blue she would have looked more amazing. Gray?? Do women ever ever wear a gray dress???

The worst look: toss up between Beyonce and Cameron. But if I had to choose, Beyonce. Cameron was a least being risky, Beyonce was trying to steal the show, but Jennifer Hudson already has, sorry girl.

Jana on

I think Ellen Pompeo had the best dress of Golden Globes 2007!

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