You Tell Us: Are Beyonce & Jennifer Bests or Worsts?

01/16/2007 at 04:35 PM ET

Let’s chalk this one up to beauty being in the eye-of-the beholder. During the Golden Globes, the concensus here at StyleWatch was that head-to-toe gold sequins ended up looking more showgirl than Dreamgirl on nominee Beyonce Knowles, while Jennifer Love Hewitt looked oddly matronly in her gilded ballgown. Others, like our favorite style guru Tim Gunn, thought they were among the evening’s standouts. Maybe it’s just us, but we prefer just a little bit of sparkle, like the splashes of beading on Jennifer Garner‘s white gown to the elaborate trim on Jennifer Lopez‘s Marchesa gown rather than an all-out golden gown.

What about you: Do you like the all-metallic look? Would you vote Best or Worst for Beyonce and Jennifer?

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Photo: Steve Granitz/Wireimage, MARIO ANZUONI/Landov

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Listerino on

Beyonce has just gone for her signature style and I don’t think it’s terrible although it’s not terrific either. She’s gone in what she enjoys wearing so good on her.
As for Jennifer Love Hewitt it’s a little too much gold but there were worst outfits worn on the night.

Alice on

I thought Beyonce’s dress was horribly tacky and what was with the poses she was doing? I almost felt embarrassed for her, she looked so silly.
I must of missed seeing Jennifer last night, but from this pic, her dress looks just as bad.

Maryam on

They definately weren’t the bests. But they don’t look hideous. Hideous are previous year dresses of Bjork, Cher, etc. Those were hideous. These are just not as pretty as some of the other choices of the evening.

Necie on

Beyonce dress did look horrible and so was that pose of hers what was she thinking………..

Jennifer wasn’t thinkin g at all

Jackie on

i would just like to say I TOLD YOU SO about beyonce. last week during our discussion, i predicted her tacky over-the-top dress, and BAD WEAVE. YUCK!

Jackie on

i would just like to say I TOLD YOU SO about beyonce. last week during our discussion, i predicted her tacky over-the-top dress, and BAD WEAVE. YUCK!

Elda on

I don’t know what’s up with Beyonce but Jennifer looks beautiful

ashley on

Beyonces’ body is so amazing that the dress really stood out. Even if she looked the best some women would still say she didn’t. The woman is beautiful and she is wearing the heck out of that dress.

MindyM on

Beyonce looked like a hooker. This is an awards show, not a Vegas act. It was trashy, vulgar and completely inappropriate for this type of event. Spare me the comments about her great body. In case you were looking, there were a lot of fabulous bodies there and somehow they managed to look classy and elegant and show off their figures without being an embarrassment. Her poses were so ridiculous that I was laughing out loud. It was pathetic. My advice to Beyonce – get a decent stylist if you expect to be taken seriously and, you just aren’t all that, girl!

Jennifer Love Hewitt just does not know how to dress. She comes up with something hideous for every awards show. If there was a hall of shame for terrible red carpet outfits, she would be near the top of the list. The dress is overwhelming, too much material, she is lost in it and it makes her look heavy. She always does this, I don’t know why, but maybe a new stylist would help or someone who would be honest with her for once.

These two were among the worst of the evening.

MindyM on

Beyonce looked like a hooker or a Vegas showgirl. Someone should have told her that this is an awards show. The dress was trashy, cheap and vulgar. If she expects to be taken seriously she needs to learn how to dress appropriately for a red carpet event. As for the comments about how great her body looks, give me a break. This is Hollywood, there were a lot of great bodies last night. But those women managed to look classy and elegant and still show off their figures. Beyonce’s poses were so ridiculous and self-conscious that I laughed out loud. Girl, trust me, you ain’t all that. Get a stylist and learn how to dress if you want to be a true star.

Jennifer Love Hewitt never manages to dress well for these events. This dress has way too much material and she is lost in it. It makes her look heavy and it even makes her look older. She always finds some unflattering, disaster of an outfit to wear. She should be in the hall of fame for bad outfits for red carpet events. Someone needs to tell her the honest truth for once.

These two were among the worst of the night.

Tammy on

Beyonce looked terribly uncomfortable in her too tight dress – in my opinion. Neither is a best in my book.

Diane on

I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dress was actually quite beautiful on TV 9not in still photography) but it was too much. Great for the Oscars, but not the Globes.

Beyonce took her signiture style too, too far. She looked about a hundred times better in some the other award shows.

Kristen on

I think that Beyonce’s look was completely wrong and inapproriate too. She dressed like she was going to the Grammys or the VMA’s. I don’t think she understands what being elegant and subtle is. Her hair was wrong too. It DID look like a Vegas showgirl outfit and her cleavage was way too revealing.

Sarah on

both dresses were incredibly ugly

Axelle on

HELLO…For those of you who think that Beyonce’s dress was ugly common now??? Don’t be a hater..Her dress was beautiful, it fitted her well, the only attention grabber would be she really did position herself for that pose, and the hair was a bit full..for sure, but hey this is hollywood and that’s what’s expected from these stars, some celebrities work it more than others, at the end of the day, they all work it. I don’t understand when Elizabeth Taylor goes All bling, she is a godess, when Jenifer Lopez does it she is the immitation (younger version) of Elizabeth Taylor but when Beyonce does it, it’s considered “ugly” or “too much”, talk about double standard!!!At least she wears panties.

Elizabeth on

Beyonce looked nice. Not her best but nice. She looks comfortable. I don’t get the pose though. Jennifer though, YUCK! So hideous. Ever heard mirror.

Claudia on

Beyonce’s dress was far from classy. It’s not that she’s ugly, it’s her dress that brings out those bad vibes. I guess that she was trying to stand out anyway that she could because she knew she wasn’t going to win the Globe.

Jennifer Love Hewitt needs to grow up and get a stylist that knows how to work with her assets.

Marcia on

I’m not gonna mess with Beyonce here. She has the body for this gown (I’m full figured and would want to die to squeeze into it!!!) Well Jennifer Hewitt’s dress… what planet she on???

Amber on

Beyonce dunno what she was thinking, i know its the GOLDEN globes, but that dress was ridiculous, too sexy and too exposed. Then the playboy posing she was doin didnt help her at all. Im no expert hollywood stylist, but i could have done much better.

As for Jennifer, not her best dress, but she looked better than beyonce. On tv it actually looked better, the main problem is i dont think it photographed very well.

missp on

Man was I on point last week or what too. beyonce went gold foil crazy. she looks like a rach of gold teeth.And what in the gods name is she doing in the pictures? Does she have a itch? I think she forgot to take the tag off.

Melinda on

Beyonce wore her over the top signature look.

Jennifer is beautiful. She has a great figure. She looked beautiful in her dress.

Irene on

I have to agree that I felt Beyonce over did it. Her dress was basically distracting for such an event. She could have looked stunning without exposing that much skin. She has plenty of opportunities to be photographed..Watching the pre- Globe shows she was one of the few people left on the Red Carpet- just walking around posing and posing- and some of the poses were a bit hooker- like. She was in almost every clip on T.V. those last few minutes before the Globes came on. Don’t get me wrong- she is beautiful- talented- but to me she has to be the one standing out and recieving all the attention. Do you think she might be insecure?

mica on

I think its time for beyonce to let the whole glitter, sequine thing go. She’s been wearing those glam outfits since she came out. I hope with 07 somebody tell her its okay to wear regular material. sometime less is better damn she tryin to blind you with everything she put on and jennifer look like she took scraps out of metal

RJ on

Beyonce looked like a goldfish
and Jennifer’s dress….
i dont know why she picked that one,
she could do a better job

Robin on

I hope Beyonce’s rapper boyfriend didn’t talk her into wearing this dress. I agree “what’s with the pose?” she looks like a hooker on the street corner. Come on Beyonce this is the GOLDEN GLOBES show some class and dress accordingly and learn how to pose on the red carpet,your peeers will respect you more and take you more seriously as a actress.

nancy o. on

both looked bad, not my favorites.

I’m just glad Beyonce did not win the golden globe!!!
She is so overrated, yuck!!!

angie on

oh my… both REALLY look horrible, even though I love Jennifer.. they, both have terrible dreessees

Kristen on

Beyonce looks like her dress is cutting off her air supply,
and Jenifer looks like she took the wrong fashion advice.

jaz on

i think they both look realli pretty but both dresses r UGLY

Kristy on

I think Beyonce’s dress looked great on her… HOWEVER, I feel that it was inappropriate for the occasion and she looked out of place. Something a bit more classy was in order.

darkangel on

Beyonce looked very beautiful, yes she did go too “over the top” but its not THAT bad, if someone else wore it maybe THEN you’d like it, yea what is with some of you out there? She looks good almost every time and you guys say she went too over the top?, come on dont be so jealous, she looks great, i dont get that pose though, yea she looks like a hooker, anyways she still looks pretty good ,except for the pose

As for Jennifer, she is NOT beautiful at all!! i saw a picture of her on tmz without makeup and she looked sooo ugly!like a horse!she always dresses hideously too, and her hair’s wierd,this dress isnt that bad though, its ok kinda ugly, but probably MUCH better than some other dresses people out there wore

Meg on

Beyonce is beautiful!! No matter what she wears Beyonce always looks great! Now Jennifer Love Hewitt looks ridiculous! She is a pretty girl with a great body, but the dress is awful and doesn’t do anything for her! Jennifer fire your stylist!! :)

Becky on

i never thought that Beyonce had good taste. although i love glitter and sparkly thinks she just over does it all the time. she looks tacky most of the time and i wish she would cut that weave/hair of hers lets get a new look not the big Texas hair she usually wears. I think Beyonce tries to dress like an older woman and not her age. I think her mom’s HORRIBLE taste has influenced her too much.
Jennifer Love Hewitt has yet to dress nice for any awards show she is another one that can’t dress her age.

arlene on

I agree Beyonce does look like a goldfish.
hate jennifer’s dress.

KT fr Cda on

Boy doesn’t Beyonce just loves herself! She looks silly in that pose.

Leigh on

I think Beyonce was dressing and posing for attention. I think she feels threatened by all of Jennifer Hudson’s attention and she wanted to remind her that “I’m already a star. I have 9 grammys.” Blah blah blah. It was a cry for attention.

Clarishi on

Jennifer looked great… Beyonce was beyond tacky… she looked like Mariah! and that is NOT a compliment!

j on

scary. beyonce needs to tone down the ‘tude. i hope she’s seen this pic and realizes that she looked ridiculous. she’s starting to become overexposed the way that jlo did a couple years ago.

Autumn on

Beyonce looked awful and she is normally such a stand out. This was a stand out in a Mariah Carey kind of way – ugh! As for Jennifer, she has a gorgeous figure that can pull off something sexier but I have to say that the cut is beautiful and the coloring is amazing against her skin tone and hair color. What wouldn’t I pay to be able to pull that off!

Truthbetold on

Honestly i think jennifer looks okay. It is not her best, though personally i have not liked the short little girl dresses she has been wearing lately. But i think she looks good. The dress compliments her for the most part. I just really dont like it from the waits down. Puff and ruffles at the bottom do not go hand and hand . If the dress just went straight it would have looked good. I think she was trying to go for a GROWN UP look here. Beyonce looks awful. I dont like how she has so much attitude. I used to like her but lately she has just been to much. i am sick of hearing about her. I mean come on she could have still had her signature style but gave it a classy edge, that dress is for a Vegas show girl. If she seriously is considering being known as a renown actress she needs to start acting like it more. Her pose looks like she is trying to scratch her back. Her hair looked awful too. I like straight hair it just looks to long and not taken care of.

Lisa on

Jennifer looked pretty.. not to thrilled with the dress but she looked pretty and wayyy more conservative than Beyonce. That dress is pretty hoochey. What’s up with that pose?

ppp on

i think i wore Beyonce’s dress to my high school prom in 97′. get over the glam dress, understated is the way to go

katie on

Beyonce looked desperate for attention. And the fake hair- disgustingly stiff like it needed a good shampoo~ yuck! Why would anyone buy from her fashion house, if this is an example of how it’ll make you look?

Stephanie on

I see that Beyonce let her mother pick put her dress for the Globes, how trashy she looks, cover up!
Jeenifer Love looks sweet, but the color isn’t good for her.

Lizzi on

Beyonce looks tacky. I was suprised when I saw her dress b/c I was thinking she’d be wearing Elie Saab, since she wore dresses by him to her Dreamgirls premieres. As for Jennifer Love-Hewitt…I don’t hate the dress, but it kind of looks like it’s suited for a high school prom instead of an awards show.

LG on

that’s so funny when someone here said beyonce looked like a goldfish! I agree! i think her posing is so ridiculous, just cracks me up! she’s not in the runway. she thinks she’s all that but aren’t. i think sometimes she is too full of herself.

mai on

yeah beyonce is so desperately wanted attention

ivette gonzalez on

i think beyonce looks great i dont know what you guys are saying yall jus haters she looks beautiful you guys dont know what good is

MD on

Beyonce had done better in the past, she is entitled to make a mistake, but her stylist will have it coming to her if it were me.

Erin on

Jennifer’s dress looked beautiful when she was on stage. But, in the pics that I’ve seen, it’s looked completely different. I didn’t catch (a standing) Beyonce on the show, but all of her pictures look absolutely ridiculous! Why was she posing like that? She looks like she was trying out her mermaid outfit for the Playboy Mansion Halloween party. I get that she has a nice body, but what’s wrong with also having some class every once and a while?

BC on

beyonce…..can we say black girl trying to be white with the fake hair?

Emma on

I don’t get the deal about how some people think Beyonce have the best body ever for sure she has a beautiful face but in my opinion she has way too much junk in the trunk for a dress like that.

amee on

beyonce’s dress doesn’t look all that original or unique, but it’s definiltey not a worst. now if we were judging POSES on the red-carpet, i’d give her a “worst” for this one. what’s with the exaggerated pose and oddly placed hair? i think all this stardom is going to her head.

tracie on

i am really not understanding beyonce’s pose?! someone loves themself!ha! anyway, i think both dresses are terrible. seems like “love” never wears cute dresses.

Candi on

Ummm, I’m a little confused. Does Beyonce think she is at a photo shoot, or does she even realize where she is at. She is the one and only that took that shot that seriously. The dress is entirely too tight and just because the name of the awards is “GOLDEN Globes” does not mean you have to wear gold or douse your skin in baby oil. Gross. She must have used that in order to get the dress on!!! Jennifer, I agree with some, he dress didn’t look that bad on TV but in this still picture it isn’t all that good. Definitely neither of them are bests, but they have looked better…

Alicia on

Beyonce’s dress: too revealing for this event and WHAT is that pose about? “Sure, Unsure?” sniff sniff…..

Jennifer’s dress: Hideous.

Kathy on

I think they both look horrible. Has anybody heard the way Beyonce just went straight to her car after the Globes and didn’t stay to get interviewd. She was bowed by everybody for being a sore loser.

Sophie on

Use an objective eye. I’m full figured as well and find Beyonce’s dress hideous and embarassing. It’s suppose to be a night of glamour, not a tryout to be a Las Vegas showgirl. This pose, how pretentious and vain! Her label should be changed to “House of Hores”

Angie on

Beyonce – award show not a strip club

Jennifer – I think it looks great – classy

C on

I didn’t like either gown. Beyonce is starting to dress like Mariah Carey — too tight and trashy — and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s gown is way too old looking and poofy for her.

Alice on

Did anyone else see on the E channel when Beyonce was walking the red carpet? She was stopping to pose like that and in other ridiculous ways the whole way down. It was hysterical. I know this isn’t her first red carpet, I don’t know why she was doing this.

micheleeee. on

how is this dress too reveling? it has a dip in the front.. that’s all. It’s not like you can see her nipples or anything.

Mattie on

Okay…prob. not my all-time favorite Beyonce dress. But that girl can work absolutely anything and if anyone can make that dress look good, it’s her. She’s the epitome of a glamour girl, and although this isn’t my taste, it works for her and her style. Jennifer? Too medieval for me…..she needs a new stylist.

Caitlin on

Totally agree with Alice. Why the hell was she posing like that?? She looked ridiculous and I also thought the dress looked trashy, totally inappropriate for this award show.

Eye on

Beyonce is over exposed. She should take a time out.

Claudia on



secreto on

Beyonce’s dress and pose was classless…if that is a word.

1Pattycake on

They both looked like they belonged on a street corner and not an awards ceremony along with Vanessa Williams and Cameron Diaz. What were they thinking???

Gigi on

Ok, I see where Beyonce was going with this; she wanted to highlight her bronze complexion with some shimmer and show off her curves in yet another sexy fish tail dress (a silhouette she dons so much, only actual fish wear it more). But somewhere along the way things went terribly wrong and what could have been fabulous became felonious. This look — complete with “a horse somewhere is missing his tail” joke-inspiring weave — is just too over the top…and down the other side for that matter. As for Miss Love Hewitt…her frock looks like a shower cutatin that should be hanging above Master P’s 24 karat gold claw foot tub.

Sanja on

Jennifer’s dress does really look like a shower curtain and I think it looks hideous. As for Beyonce I don’t see anything wrong with this dress. After all it is the Golden Globes-you are expected to wear something golden, so if you win, the statue goes with your dress. I’m glad she wore an Elie Saab gown as I was hoping. I don’t like the pose either, but you were the ones that said she always has the same pose, when the dress she wore on TRL was discussed.

p on

beyonce went for her usual showgirl look… it’s getting really tired in the ’07.. time for something new babygirl… and it’s magazines like People who always give her unnecessary accolades that make her head swell up so bad to do stupid poses like that…

JJ on

Beyonce looked terrible and was over the top in her poses. It was terrible.

I loved Jennifer- she looked stunning. I saw it on TV and thought it was an amazing dress- just beautiful. I watched it with other people and they all said WOW! look at that dress it is gorgeous! It was a very sophisticated look and it think it was much better then some of the others!

KC on

Both were complete and utter disasters. Beyonce needs to realize this is an awards even, not a music video, and JLH, looks short and bulky. AWFUL CHOICES, LADIES!

Toots on

Y’all need to give Jennifer a break. She’s cute and she looks like the ALL AMERICAN GIRL.(HOWEVER her dress is way over the top.) She tries too hard. AS For MISS BEYONCE: MY WORD? What the heck was that. MISS TINA definitely has to go to more fashion school ( if she went to any.)

Heidi on

I think thae dress beyonce wore for the Golden Globes was not the best choice for her. She looked better for the premier of Dream Girls.

Rebecca on

I think Beyonce and Jennifer actually looked beautiful, minus the fact that they both appear to have been attacked by some sort of Gold Tin Foil monster. I think the ideas of the dresses are gorgeous but Beyonce’s was a little too shiny and risque and Jennifer’s look too much like tin foil. If Jennifers was chocolate brown silk from the waste down it would have looked much more sophisticated. And if Beyonce toned hers down it would have been gorgeous. I definitely would not say they were the worsts though.

FiftyFour on

Jennifer’s dress is ugly.

But for Beyonce, I thought her dress was ok. She is into that sorta stuff– very glitzy and glam. But if you’re going to wear a dress like that, you have to make the other parts of your outfit softer. She should have gone for simpler shoes, simpler earrings, and a softer hairdo. The whole thing altogether is just too much.

erica on

are you serious?? You’re supposed to wear something golden? You were kidding right??

JJ on

I did not care for either dress at all.

Beyonce: Maybe the same dress in some other color would have been better suited the Golden Globes (I bet this dress would have been gorgeous in a navy blue or eggplant!!). She should have saved this one for the Grammys, where it would have been a much more appropriate choice. For a “newcomer” trying to be taken seriously as an actress – way too much, and not a very smart choice.

Jennifer – Hasn’t she done this style before? It seems she always wears a poofy skirt w/fitted top. Someone must have told her once before that this style was attractive on her, cuz it seems she’s always wearing the same dress! Jennifer is a very pretty, YOUNG girl – she needs to start dressing more age appropriate and wear colors that will flatter her.

As much as I disliked both of these dresses, neither one was as bad as Cameron Diaz’s gown – What was SHE thinking?????

merissa on

what were their stylists thinking? clearly they were not. Jen looks good from the sholders up the dress was a little scary a little too much. Beyonce needs to learn how to pose on the red carpet…she was just too much from the hair to the dress and that horrible pose, just way to exagerated

Rosy on

I think Beyonce look beautiful ,but the dress was too flashy for this event.She should have gone with a softer,elegent look.Plus this dress reminds me of past dress she’s worn.

Rikki on

Both looks are just over the top and silly.

Amber on

I like the all-metallic look, and I’d vote B & Jen Love in as best, Jen Garner’s gown is ugly and looked ugly on her, she looked anorexic; she has no cruves what so ever, and thats hideous to look like a striagt(thin) borad; she not even feminine looking(shes has a manly face, which is not good to look at, at all).

I still can’t believe you put B & Jen Love in the worst category, cause I think they looked very well put together(esp B).

Jen Lopez’s dress was :O STUN.ING(can you find if you can buy one that looks similar but is less expensive? ya that be nice :D)….

sachen on

i think beyonces dress was so predictable. everytime you see her she’s in a floor length gown and she has a lot of extensions. i was expecting it. im just about tired of seeing her in the same get-up.

as for jennifer she should leave this one behind her and blow us out the water at another awards show. jennifer can redeem herself, BEYONCE cant

Gracie on

I’m gonna have to give Beyonce’s dress a thumbs down. It is way too glam and sparkly. It also looks extremely heavy.

Mandy on

beyonce…always delightfully tacky.

i must confess to liking hewitt’s dress and would even go so far as to say it was one of my favorites.

Nesie on

I think Beyonce’s dress is better but she should have toned it done a bit. Perhaps a simple black dress for a change

Nesie on

I think Beyonce’s dress is better but she should have toned it down a bit. Perhaps a simple black dress for a change. I am tired of the blonde hair too.

Marlo on

Jennifer appears to like earth tone colors; she should go with lighter tones. I feel sorry for beyonce, she seems to be insecure and behaving like an only child starving for attention. I’ve seen her in some very elegant growns, this would have been the occasion for one. She comes off as very trashy, low class here and a poor loser, what a shame.

venesa on

Well the dress is too Las Vegas show girl for me but Beyonce may have been able to pull it off if she wasnt walking the red carpet striking these rediculous poses. What the heck was she on??? and who lied to this poor girl and ecouraged this behavior??? Jennifer is just all wrong not much else can be said about that.

Sanja on

Erica, that was sarcastic, if you know what does that mean. And, by the way, you’re supposed to write a comment about their dresses, NOT my comment. As I was saying I don’t think Beyonce’s dress is bad. I always encourage people that stand out, that don’t want to look like everybody else

Lauren on

BEYONCE LOOKS A MESS!!!!!!!!! She is too greasy looking and I’m tired of her wearing the same style of dress and the same hair style. Jennifer isn’t the best i’ve ever seen but I don’t think she is a worst.

Maci on

Beyonce does look beautiful but i think the dress was a little inapropriate for the event!! Maybe for the music awards that would of been fine but not the golden globes were everyone else was classy and elegant!!

Jennifer i thought had one of the most beautiful, unique dresses on i have ever seen!!

Giggles on

Beyonce’s gown was OVER-the-TOP!!! As far as the pose she looks like Diana False…Stop!!…in the name of FASHION! The whole arm pit theme looks ridiculous. I mean what’s really go’in on???? Beyonce get a grip, chica.

I must differ with the majority of you regarding Jennifer’s dress. I think its very eloquent…wrong color for her perhaps, but her look has grace and style. She came dressed appropriately. Kudos to Jen!

gina on




autumn on

I think Beyonce’ needs to find a new poss, not a new style!Jennifer looks awesome it fits her shape!

autumn on

I think Beyonce’ needs to find a new poss, not a new style!Jennifer looks awesome it fits her shape!

rackluvr on

Ppl stop posting in caps, it guarantees your ignorance.

Plus, Beyonce is a mess, way to overexposed. I get tired just looking at her.

sydney baby girl on

i think beyonce was very pretty and so was her dress and pose who ever thinks bad about her is just jealous of her good looks

jennifer does know how to dress nice but this time she messed up and so did her face she is ugly

so all you girls out there stop haten beyonce because she is prettier than you i protect you your biggest fan syd the precious baby girl.

leah on

beyonce looks number 1!!!the other girl looks ok!!
but i would say that beyonce looks good in al her pics!!!
wel ok

Bri on

Beyonce looks beautiful as usual. THat girl really rockin that dress…she needs to let me know where she got it from. Goldmember lol…but yea, my girl looks great in that dress..everyone else needs to stop with the hating. DOnt get mad cause she’s pretty.

Becky on

Well, Beyonce has an AMAZING body and i think beyonce did a great job throughout her career and i also think that beyonce ALWAYS looks good. Beyonce’s pose was sort of a statement to show off her beautiful curves. She is a nice woman [i met her in Japan] too. She actually greeted me and we are both from Texas so that was REALLY cool. I love you beyonce and keep doing what you do no matter what anyone SAYS =] =]

Sebastian on

The most ridiculous and absurd thing is that people spoof my comments by using my name. That’s what’s ridiculous.

kat eyes on

beyonce girl i feel u im ova the top 2 and i like it and ho eva of u peple dont like it keep it stepin cuz yall all haters u luked good girl keep on doing wat u do i like dat dress and the pose 2 dont listen 2 dem offie girls o boys that b sayin that u looked horrible o exagerated cuz u didnt SOOO STOP HATIN


Jessica on

I think Jennifer looks pretty all the time. She makes that dress look prettier than what it really is. And Beyonce…what in the world?!?!?!

Rachel on

They both look good but I like Jennifers Garners’ dress better it’s so Roman godess. And that’s sexy!

Sara on

Well, i think Beyonce looks awesome.
You guys really shouldn’t judge her.

andrea on

What are u guys talking about? beyonce is curvy and she aint afraid to show off her curves, that’s a true image of the black chic, u know!!! she really looks good in wat ever she puts on her butillious body. so those with giving her funny comments are just envious of the baibe, GO BEYONCE SHOW THEM WAT YA MAMA GAVE U!!!!!

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