Angelina Jolie Picks St. John for The Golden Globes

01/13/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Is there any couple that lights up the red carpet like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Thanks to Brad’s well-deserved Golden Globe nomination for his work in Babel, we will get to see them again on the red carpet come Monday night. And while we’re sure that Brad will look suitably dapper in a tuxedo, we can’t wait to see what Angelina is wearing — as the face of St. John, she will be in a custom-designed gown from the venerable California label, the company confirms to PEOPLE. Something sweeping and black, maybe? Tell us: Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Golden Globes?

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Photo: Nick Poulis/Polaris

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Ann on

Who cares? I am tired of hearing about Brad and Angelina. But this is just my opinion.

Tas on

I think Angelina looks stunning in this pic. This was at the premier of THE GOOD SHEPHERD, and I loved her whole look: dress, hair, makeup. She certainly has evolved into a very classy and sophisticated woman, and I love her style. I’m excited to see what her St.John dress will look like, I thought she was great in their ads! I’m most excited to watch the Globes for her and Brad!

Jessica on

Personally, I’m tired of Angelina & Brad, they seem so stuck up.

fame on

I cant wait to see Brad and Angie on the red carpet. If people are tire hearing about them, why comment on this thread??

Me on

I am only watching to see Brad and Angelina walk the red carpet together, and maybe i’ll tune in to see if Brad wins. After that I’m changing the channel.

sara on

Some of you are so tired of Brad and Angelina and yet still care enough to click on news items about them and comment. I don’t know, if there are celebrities I’m sick and tire of, I just ignore them.

Belle on

I will never get tired of them because they are best couple I’ve seen. I know she will be look stunning.

so fresh on

I can’t wait to see Brad and Angie on the red carpet, the globes will be extra interesting this year.

A little advice to the people sick of them, it’s real easy don’t come to this thread and comment on them. The fact that you’re here shows that you’re not as sick of them as you say.

Masina on

It will be a magnificent evening, especially when the creme de la creme, Jolie Pitts, will be there to spice up the evening. They will completely outshine everyone there, of course,not only in style, but,the way they show their appreciation to the dedicated fans. You don’t see many celebrities doing that anymore in hollywood.

Linda on

Angelina is the sexiest woman alive on this planet. She will be stunning. I cannot wait to see her in the arms of Brad Pitt. They are Hollywood’s royal couple. Most importantly, I am rooting for Brad to win.

erica on

Brad was just ok in Babel. He showed pretty much one emotion…anger. and it wasn’t that great. the movie or brad.
the movie tried too hard, the only story line that was riveting was the mexican woman’s story.
the Mexican woman character stole the show!! she showed love, anger, confusion, grief, everything. she was brilliant. Of course, she’s not nominated though. why should a latina win? (don’t worry, i’m latina, it’s sarcasm)

leila on

have you see every woman who is alive on this planet?

KT fr Cda on

I wonder if they will bring their kids with them. They bring Maddox and Zahara to everything!!! but not Shilo. they never bring her anywhere.

Annie on

I love them together as a couple, they’ve done so much for other countries, can’t wait to see them walk the Red Carpet, Angie will look stunning in any gown she wears.

ML on

Angelina can wear whatever, she will never be as “golden” as Jennifer Aniston. Brad should be ashamed.

Ruth Samuels on

They are a beautiful couple. I love seeing them together especially when they show their great love for each other. Who could possibly not want lto see two beautiful people in love?

elena on

angelina is too skinny…her arms with too many veins…her dress will look ugly….and i ask myself why they call them the sexiest couple????

Sophie on

Angelina is the sexiest woman on earth, she will look stunning in anything. Can’t wait to see her. Love her and her beautiful family

scarlett on

I am sure it’s going to be something classic.

addy on

Brad and Angie..who???? who cares!!!

Kira on

Who cares? Her clothes are always ugly and boring. She dresses like a 60 year old woman anyway.

samira on

i think i’ll be something white!!

claire on

I love angelina no matter what they say!

Danielle on

Hey,she is so pretty no matter what.I liked her from the very begining.She is and will always be the most beautiful one.

kma on

I love them as a couple and i will not be tied of seeing them or reading about them and their family.
I wish Brad should win the supporting actor.
Love them and i want to see them shining on the red carpet.
Those tied of them you dont need to comment nor read about them, by commenting that show how you care for them.

amel on

Well there is enough great hollywood makeup to cover the needle marks on her arms. I guess something boring and black. Maybe billy bobs vial of blood around her neck. It would look really great with the veins bulging from her arms. Maybe she can buy a new kid and strap it on for an accessory.

stella on

maybe she could bring her brother. she has to have someone to play tongue tag with.

amle on

she will be accessorizing her veins with hoops.

BC on

I think she will wear black its kinda her signature color

Kay on

The only award show that we all watched is the MTV Music Award because it is exciting and it keeps us awake the whole time. We will be watching the Globe Award for the very first time just to get the glimpse of Brad and Angelina together. Angelina and Brad are naturally gorgeous in rags and they will be undeniably stunning all dressed up for the red carpet. It would be nice if Brad won just because it is nice to see good people win even though he is already completely content and happy. A bunch of us fans can’t wait to see them together on the red carpet!

carrie on

She may be sexy, and give aid to other countries (which is admirable)…but let’s not forget how she stole someone’s husband. In a recent interview she said that she and Brad formed a special friendship and she couldn’t wait to get to work (to shoot Mr. & Mrs. Smith), but he was married to his best friend. Exactly… he was married. She was flirting with a married man. What comes around goes around.

mtb on

Who cares. Can we all please get over these two? They are beautiful together, no doubt they have incredible love for each other. But who cares what she wears? Black. That’s what she’ll wear. That’s what she always wears. Hey! Hear’s a question. What’s everybody else gonna wear?

g121 on

of course angie would be stunning as ever..all those who are not interested with brangelina..why post!??? me i love love them and i am very positive that there are millions out there who feels the same way as i do!

Kim on

She will look great in anything she wears. She is Angelina Jolie for God’s sake!!!!

flo on

Angelina should just stay home with the kids on the night and just let Brad do his thing with his costars. Brad does not need her clinging to his arms the whole night. Brads got friends & co workers to mingle with, as for Angelina there will be no one there for her to talk or mingle with coz as we know she does not have any friends or anyone to hang out with in hollywood apart from Brad and those nannies who look after her kids.

Tina on

How can everyone forget who the real Angelina is?? She is sooo fake. And Brad….what kind of “real man” has a hair do???

shar on

I think that one pic of Angelina and Brad show that they are in love–for the moment anyway. That said, she has started to look great in anything. I too predict white or that golden beige color. I am glad to see everyone veering away from black (except me–but I am working on it).

However, I am still sad to know the way they got together.

lac on

I will be watching ONLY because of Brad and Angelina. Even on the site there is such hate which saddens me. The more you try and bring Angelina down the bigger fan of hers I will be.

Chris on

Angelina will look timelessly classy as always. People may say that she dresses like a 60 year old woman, but that is better than having her fanny or other body parts hanging out of barely there mini dresses. Angelina dresses as a mother who knows that her kids will be seeing the photos and wants them to be proud . I know she will be smashing and as always, beautiful.

KP on

I think she looks great! I have to agree with the other commenters when they say that these people are “sick” of them yet they still seem to comment! I think they will look fantastic! They are not my favorite people ever, but they are an interesting couple and I always want to hear what’s happening next!

betty on

I can’t wait to see the royality of holywood arm in arm. I love them.

mel... on

yep….who cares !! she’s becoming OLD NEWS.

MG on

Angie looks like she’s tired, thinnner, and more aged. It will be interesting to see what she wears.

Roselyn on

I cannot wait to see what Angelina will be wearing; I love her.

Polly Smith on

Who really cares. Angelina is a total goof ball. She looks like lately she only has one dress. Otherwise she is “blah” in black and unless you make her up, she is nothing to look at. Her motivation for taking Brad and having a baby are obvious to anyone. Don’t give us, “you got knocked up!” Like we believe it.

Lani McMurray on

I can appreciate beauty, almost everyone does. Why have we come to worship those who we don’t know more than we should be worshipping ourselves and the ones in our family? Not everyone is as physically beautiful as some of the stars we watch on the big screen, but there are a lot of people in this world who are striking and some are so beautiful because of who they are. Women should never be left to feel inferior because they don’t have the same sex appeal as Angelina Jolie. It makes building and maintaining self-esteem harder for women. I do enjoy reading up on the actors and their work, but i find it really creepy that we tend to know so much about these FAMOUS people and they don’t even know who WE are!! I think like everything, star gazing in moderation,admiration for them. We all deserve it. and for the people we actually know in our lives, lets save our admiration for them. We deserve it.

carina on

I think that Brad and Angelina preferred to be ignored and wanted us to focus on their work for the world. But we can’t help it. They are just two down-to-earh people who happen to be glamorous and at the same time people who choose to live their lives with a purpose. That is why I admire them most than any other celebrity. Keep up the good work.

Martha on

Angelina could wear a sack and she would outshine every woman there. She is so beautiful her clothes are irrelevant. And she will have the best acessory ever: a completely in-love and fullfilled Brad Pitt on her arm.

nines9s on

She will be perfect,by picking a dress from St John´s knights she will try to send a message “our focus in life should be “the people” human beings”, not the customs. Customs are stupid, they do not feel, do not cry, do not starve.
Wasting so much money in a high coture dress will not make the dress better, it will just make it more expensive and will be a waste of money.

J Dub on

I agree. Who cares what the homewrecking Angelina wears?

Angel on

Brad and Angelina look like one happy parents. I love Jennifer Aniston… and felt sad when Brad and Jen’s marriage didn’t work out. However, seems like Brad is happier with Angelina coz she gave him kids. I wish Jen finds her mate too.

shanti on

No matter what Angelina wears she will look gorgous in it.Her beauty is not superfical like other actors. Her beauty is her heart which will shine through.

Sonia on

I am very exicted to see Angelina and Brad at the ceremoney tomorrow. These two people have done more to improve this world than anyone else [in hollyowood] in the past year. Sick of them? Move on with your life. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on celebrites ups and downs or press cutings.

Jean on

RED is more her color (if you know what I mean) wink..wink..

Erin on

I can’t wait to see what they look like on the red carpet. They are a beautiful couple. It would be nice to see Angelina in all white though. She always wears black, which looks great on her…but it would be a nice change. I think she could pull off pretty much anything. Brad would look extra hot in an all white tux as well…that would be a great little theme for the both of them.

toni on

Does anyone care what this home wrecker wears. I’m sure she’ll look wonderful on the outside but what’s going on in the inside. EWWWWWWW!

Eve on

I admire and respect them. With their wealth and fame, they could have chosen other kinds of lifestyles. Yet here they are trying to do some good for the children of the world.

diana on

I don’t care what angelina well wear, what i do care is will jen aniston be at the golden globes. Brad and Angelina is so last year. There is Karma for everything u did

michele on

Brad and Angelina are the ONLY reason I will tune into the Golden Globes telecast.

lynn on

I’m sick of hearing about her and looking at her. Jennifer Aniston is a much better woman and better looking them her. Why don’t you guys focus on someone like Jennifer instead of a woman that will steel someone eles husband .



fiona on

Angie will look flawless as usual….Always with the best dress, perfect hair,classy!!!You don´t need to pay a fortune to a stupid stylist in order to dress apropriate when you have inner style…

Courtney on

Yay!! Thanks SO much People for getting this info!

I can’t be MORE excited that Brad & Angie will be there!!

Trinity on

I can’t wait to see them… they are, by far, the sexiest couple ever! I also can’t wait to see everyone else as well. I just love award season, just for the fashion!

Jenny on

I’m interested to see if St John creates a dress that is in Jolie’s style, or in St. John’s style. The St. John collection is more preppy than edgy, more coverage than cleavage. Since Angelina’s style tends more toward the edgy and cleavage, I wonder how St John will dress her. I’m very curious to see the result!

Senora on

Whatever Angie wears, she is sure to look very graceful in. I personally would like to see her in something pale green.

Mariana on

I think Angelina is wonderfoull, everything than she wears is perfect…I can´t wait to see what she looks like! I love her!!!

Mary Louise on

I’d like to know if Jennifer wil be there she is a great and beautiful woman too and we love her

MD on

Angelina may have a beauty look, and her work for others is good, but I still don’t like her because she stole Brad from Jen. Yeah, yeah, she claimed that she didn’t do it,…and so on. That’s is just a bunch of BS. I hate her ever since. Some of you commented that “if you hate them, don’t comment on them”. We have a freedom of speech…. especially, comment on someone that you don’t like. I don’t read about her and Brad anymore.

marcie on

I think Angelina is pretty but she shouldn’t go around wrecking homes. Brad wasn’t the first, Laura Dern was engaged to Billy Bob and when she returned from filming a movie he was married to Angelina.She should try to find people who are available. I think Jen is a more genuine person.

Allison on

I love this family. I am so happy about Brad and Angie. I’m so happy they found each other. I am alos happy they are good parents. May God bless them

Tina on

Marcia, enough with Laura Dern. She got together with Billy BOb while he was still married to wife #4! When Laura Dern came home and found Billy Bob married to Angelina..she began dating Ben Harper who was ALSO MARRIED with KIDS! So Laura Dern isn’t so innocent either!!!

Alyn on

Brad isnt that great of an actor. Let’s face it.. the only reason he was nominated was that the awards needed the publicity by having Brangelina there.

maggie on

I think Angelina has a nice face..but honestly i dont think she have a perfect body..lot of veins in arms,too bony,no arse.She dress nice sometimes..but not all dress suits her.Maybe she’s a good mother and a person maybe..she like helping unfortunate pple..but it does’nt make her a saint.The only thing that i like,are her action movies..she’s good at it.

night on

Look out all you women who think another woman can “steal” husbands….we can’t steal them…you throw them out….beware all you girls who think there are man stealers out there… might be so busy looking that you don’t even realize that you threw your own man out in the process…left for someone else to pick up the pieces…who cares how they got together……they ARE together and that is has gone on as long as time…they are gorgeous..happy…and raising their children…Aniston will go on in her own life and be happy too…maybe she will take better care of her next man…so he does not look outside for what he needs…( and NO..I do not refer to sex..for all of you with minds in the gutter)

Lori on

Angelina is a stunning beauty… I doubt it will really matter what she wears. But she usually always looks put together.

Joanne on

Hmmm.. don’t think I’ve ever seen Angelina look anything but stunning in anything she wears, be it a gorgeous gown or a white tee shirt and comfy pants.. she has come a long way and deserves every bit of attention she gets (but probably could care less about). I truly believe that she has grown into a wonderfully true, caring, beautiful inside and out, talented and yes, nice person. And she and Brad are over the top together… gorgeous couple… they both seem down to earth and .. well, can’t say enough about them alone or together. Together they double their star appeal. I love reading about them.. and for those who left the negative comments.. wonder why they bother to do it if they are tired of reading about them. They promote it with offering their comments. The woman from Pennsylvania, who was at Fallingwater with them summed it up when she said something to the effect of “they both were brought up good by their mothers”. Angelina.. MARRY HIM !!!!!

dunno on

I’m looking forward to see them on the red carpet.

sara on

I think that Angelina and Pitt will look great together. It does matter what clothes they were. They looked good in
their bike in Vietnam and in Vietnam when they just wear ordinary style of clothing.

Peg on

Who cares what Ms. Jolie wears!

leigh on

to those people who says Angie stole Brad from UGLY Jen are crazy and stupid! if Brad wanted to be with jen, then he would’ve stayed into their marriage. a person walks out of his/her marriage is not happy. a lot of people are judging others and not even looking at their own life if they are perfect enough to criticize others!
i would love to see angie and brad together. the fact that they are very committed parents is better than jen who is after fame and career and still think that she is rachel.

Rebecca on

Pitt should have concentrated on his marriage to Jennifer Anniston and Jolie once said she would never have anything to do with a married man because she saw how much it hurt her mother when her father cheated; so now Jolie does the same thing! Shame on both of them! Jolie’s last interview was obvious that she wanted Pitt and went after him. And watch out Brad, because it will happen again! She was so much in love with Billy Bob, remember? So one day, you will be the one left behind. Pitt should have had his first child and more children later with Jennifer Anniston and kept his marriage together.

leigh on

Jen, a more genuine?!! give me a break! she kept denying that she was dating vince and all of a sudden they broke up? whoa! that is lying!

michelle on

I can’t wait to watch the Golden Globes specialy Brad and Angelina. What ever she wears is stunning. She is still a human being. She went through alot like all of us. I’m happy for both of them. Im still number one fan from the Philippines.

nadia on

Hello everybody!!

A message from france!! I don’t care about what the stars will be wearing, I just wanted to say that it’s so unfair to believe that these two are perfect especially thanks to their charity work. American stars like them go and help poor people around the world, which is a good thing and i’ll hope they’ll keep doing it. But, tell me when you go in poor countries, you literally see people starving to death and many other sufferings, why don’t they completly change their way of life? You can’t give money spend some time with these people and then go back in a luxuary hotel room, wearing very very expensive glasses and have 10 houses all over the world. It’s not logic!! If you have principles, then respect them, don’t take the best on both sides!! here in France an actress was booed because she keeps talking about the poor and came to Cannes in a very very expensive dress, stop thinking we’re stupid people!!

P.S What’s the weather like in America?

Alice on

Wow, I didn’t know that people who don’t really care for “Bradglina” weren’t allowed to have an opinion about them.

fran on

I don’t know why everyone is calling Angelina a home wrecker because she isn’t one. If Jen’s and Brad’s marriage was that happy and secure no matter what Angelina did would had broken it up. I am sad that Jen’s and Brad’s marriage failed but stop blaming Angelina and start looking at Jen and Brad to why their marriage failed.

laurry on

guys , there have been many stories like this of breakup in hollywood, this is not the first time i dont understand why people area making this one of brad and angie so terrible.
i predict she will wear royal blue with her hair half down , just a prediction .

Annie on

I could not care less what she wears and will turn off my TV when either of the hypo-Pitts appear on my screen. Less brangelina please People. I’ve already canceled my subscription and now I don’t buy your mag off the racks much anymore.

Judy on

Before “Brangelina”, Angelina looked hot and sexy, dangerous. But now after having Shilo, she looks way too thin, tired and haggard. But i think she’s a great mom though.

BC on

Angie, did jennifer a favor…..he was not happy with her and if he is not happy it would have been someone else…jen will never move on …no one will compare to brad in her eyes however I do believe that angie will leave brad one day for someone younger just watch:)

Nicky on


GG on

Alyn, I think you have obviously missed several of his movies. He is a terrific actor. i.e Seven, Meet Joe Black, Babel, A River Runs Through It, and the list goes on and on and on. They don’t need publicity as a couple. They get enough of that just being them and I doubt very seriously that they are after that kind of attention.

Anyways, Angelina is extremely beautiful and she will look fabulous in anything that she wears.

melis on

I like to see what all the stars are wearing and personally I’d like to see Angelina wear something other than black all the time, but why in the world do you some of you people get so caught up in these actors/actresses lives and act like you personally know these people or something?! It’s like you have no life of your own



Carrie on


I am entitled to my opinion. I just call it how I see it. If you read on you will see that I’m not the only one with that view. Do you actually think everyone is going agree with you?? Anyway, it was obvious by the CAPS that you are soooo worked up over people YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW- it actually made me laugh!! :) maybe your’re the one who should “BE QUIET, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!!!”
Have a nice day, Carrie :)

luck on

Like many people i will watch Golden Globes award just to see this exetremely
beautiful couple. I love Brangelina! Eat your heart out Brangelina haters!

KJ on

I think Angelina is a beautiful woman. Everyone has a past and I feel safe in saying that she probably regrets some of the things that she’s done – as we all have. As for her style – she’s beautiful in a t-shirt and jeans or a gorgeous dress. I think she’s a classic and will look lovely as always at the Golden Globes. I wish her, Brad and their children lots and lots of happiness.

jen on

Does anyone who wrote about Jennifer Aniston know her personally? How do you know she didn’t want kids and that all she cares about is her career? Yes, Brad and Angelina are beautiful. Having said that, it’s best to not even get involved in ANY way with a married man (or woman)…no matter what the state of his marriage is. Angelina said that, when she was working with Brad, all she knew was that Brad was with “someone he loved and respected, and that was his best friend.” Isn’t that enough to stay out of it? Whatever you think of Brangelina, don’t blame Jennifer. She’s been a class act through the whole thing.

Meghan on

I think Angelina looks stunning in this picture, she is so hott, her and brad are picture perfect because hes gorgious too.

kelli on

I don’t care what she wears as long as she doesn’t accessorize it with a vial of blood.

steph on

I’m agitated by the comment that women throw their husbands out and allow other women to steal them. First, a marriage is a commitment (and not a perfect one, mind you). You don’t marry until the fireworks are gone or until you get tired of each other. And even if a wife doesn’t give her husband the attention he wants, that doesn’t give him the right to go find another one. You talk. You compromise. He says, “Hey I don’t feel like you pay me enough attention.” And she says, “I’ll try to do better.” You don’t just go separate ways. Yes, I think it was tacky that Angelina had any kind of “relationship” with Brad while he was married to Jennifer…but more importantly, Angelina wasn’t the one wearing a wedding ring…Brad was. If you want to blame someone for the inappropriate relationship, it should be Brad—he was the only one obligated to Jennifer. Angelina was immoral-Brad was unfaithful. Frankly, neither is a good quality.

Kelly on

I am very excited to watch the Golden Globes and see Brad and Angelina. I think she is so beautiful and love her. No matter what anyone says, I don’t believe she is a homewrecker. I think others should not comment on a relationship they know nothing about. I agree with some of the other comments, if Brad was happy he would not have left Jen. I wish them and their beautiful children the best and look forward to many more red carpets with this gorgeous duo!

ahliny on

I cant wait to see Brad and Angie on the red carpet!!!!!!!!!!!

i love Brangie!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so happy for both of them

By the way, if people are tired hearing about them, why comment on this thread?????????????

give me a break!!!


claudia on

For those haters out there, you guys are just jealous because Brad and Angelina are two successful people, who are not only famous, but help out so much around the world. They have a gorgeous family, and they love each other. Their lives are complete, and they don’t need or lack anything. When people are that happy and successful, there are always jealous people who hate. Don’t hate on them because your lives aren’t as complete as theirs. And we shouldn’t judge how they got together, we all have problems and things like that happen. Like others have mentioned, if Brad was truly in love and happy with Jennifer Aniston, he would’ve never left her, regardless of who tried to get his attention.

catt on

She has to wear St. John – its part of the millions she got in the contract (which of course she will be giving to charity – she has to let the world know this all the time). I will be watching like I do every year but will be hoping Pitt loses. I am so sick of People portraying these 2 as saints because they sold the pictures of Shiloh to this magazine. Disgusting!!!
Anybody can comment on here – if you want all Brangelina love go to!!!

amy on

Angelina is such a snit.
What is matter with her?
She acted like a spoiled brat tonight on the red carpet.
I hope she teaches her children better manners, such as speak when you’re spoken to.
She needs to learn to be a little more humble and a little less of a self absorbed snob.

Mary on

In reply to Annie.

I would say they take Maddox and Zahara to everything because they are both at an age where they can understand and start to appreciate things. I would say that Shilo is a bit young to be taken to many places (ie) sightseeing. Nothing worse than a baby crying at events, at least the other two are at an age where their behaviour can be kept in check. I am sure as Shilo gets older she will be taken to more places. Anyway doubt children are allowed at events like this.

Carol on

Since Angelina and Brad got together, they seemed to age more than 10 yrs than their actual age. They both looked old and tired. Jennifer Aniston is their exact opposite. She looks radiant and glowing every time she goes out at the red carpet. WRONG DECISION, BRAD!!!!

Sparkle on

Yeah Right! Come on Carol, the only 2 people who have aged are you and Jennifer Aniston over that DUMB decision she made NOT to give Brad the baby that he so desperatately wanted. Everytime Jennifer sees pictures of Brad and Angelina so happy with the children, she ages, and regrets WHY it is that she did NOT have his baby. Instead of letting her so-called career suffer a minimum of 9 mos to a year, now she’s suffering, DEEPLY, EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY! She’ll always wonder everyday, that if she had given Brad a child, would he have stayed. Now she’ll never know.


Angelina Jolie is very regal, they looked really good together.

YurIdiots on

You people need to get a life. You don’t know these two so stop acting like you do. Go find some real friends and stop obsessing over two plastic Hollywood bimbos.

Mary on

Carol, your comments are so shallow. Maybe they look tired because they have three young children and have just spent the past year travelling around the world, making films and visiting refugees. I would expect most parents with three children under the age of 6 years to look and feel the same. Given that Jennifer Aniston has no children and in between films only seems to shop and go to casinos, its hardly surprising she appears to be radiant and glowing. Also given that every interview Brad Pitt has done in the past ten years, he has mentioned how much he would love to start a family, it looks like he actually made the right decision.

Jill on

In reply to Carrie, these double standards really annoy me. You can’t steal someones husband. Husbands are not property, so how can they be stolen! Angelina Jolie did NOT force Brad Pitt from his marriage at gunpoint, she did NOT kidnap him up and force him to be with her. He obviously fell in love and left the marriage of his own accord. WHY OH WHY does the women always get the blame in these situations. Remember the saying, it takes two to tango.
People leave marriages because they are not working and not fulfilling their needs. Brad Pitt said for years he loved children and wanted lots of them, he has obviously found the perfect partner in Angelina Jolie, who loves children and wants lots of them. Hollywood stars are constantly making and breaking relationships, so why has there been such a downer on this one?

Mary on

In reply to Catt

What is so wrong with telling the world about her charity donations? I personally love to hear this and think it is great. It is a well known fact that if a celebrity is seen to contribute to a certain charity, then donations from the general public will increase too. What a fantastic way to promote a good cause. What is so disgusting about selling baby photos to a magazine and giving the proceeds to charity? I don’t think People Magazine portrays them as saints but quite frankly they should!! Most celebrities get paid for these types of magazine features and I bet most celebrities keep the cash for themselves.

Kathy on

They called Angelina and Brad Pitt the “Golden couple” at the Golden Globe awards…Funny isnt that what they use to call Jennifer Aniston and Brad??? THEY were the Golden couple NOT Angelina and Brad..Angelina is a home wrecker and always has been, she needs to go back to her lesbain lover or french kissing her brother and rubbing blood all over herself…

Kathy on

Sparkle…How do YOU know Jen would not give Brad a baby???
She has said over and over again she DID want a baby..Brad left Jen cause he was messing around with Angelina while he was still married and he used that as an excuse…

katie on

The dull-colored gray dress looked like cheap t-shirt material, the style wasn’t bad- just a total bore. I think those breast implants would be heavy enough for her slight frame, without a whole evening gown hanging off her chest too. And get that woman some sleeves, it would help support her clothes and cover her previous stolen man’s name-tattoo gaff. Of course you can’t steal a man, but just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you need to act on the impulse.
ps. I wonder if Maddox still has BillyBob as his father, since he was adopted while they were still married. I also wonder if she regrets chosing to name a child with their shared theme of “Mad”?

BC on

Angie french kissed her BROTHER? I never heard that it true? and Jennifer CANT have kids or she would IMO







J.J on


Amy on

It’s Jens loss that she didn’t want to give any kids to Brad. I don’t feel SORRY for her at all. And as for Angelina, I don’t believe that she’s a homewrecker. Brad would have stayed with his wife, if he was happy.

Alice on

Despite whether or not Brad was happy in his marriage or not, you don’t mess with a married man. How tacky can you be? And seriously, how do you all know Jen wouldn’t give him a child when she has said mutilple times she wants a family. Everyone accuses her of not slowing down her career but Brad didn’t either. Why should be be the only one to give up her life to have a kid. Some of you one here sound extremely pathetic.

Alice on

I really didn’t like Angelina’s attitude when she was being interviewed on the red carpet. She was really stand offish. I understand that she thinks she is too high and mighty for something as frivilous as an award show, but it is her fans that keep her in this business, she could be a little more respectful.

Carrie on

I have never been really interested in Hollywood lives (aside from surfing the gossip sites)…until now. For some reason, I’m really intrigued by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I think they’re gorgeous as individuals and an even better as a couple. I find myself actively searching for news on them.

My only hope is to see more pics of their family, especially Shiloh.

Susane on

PEOPLE SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY about this couple but there is no denying that Brad & Angelina are the most BEAUTIFUL COUPLE EVER as well as GENROUS with there TIME & MONEY. IF every Celebrity, Movie Star & Millionaire-Billionaire( I challenge everyone with this status to give $ 1 million dollars, &feel good about your selves of what you’re doing for the under privillaged) GAVE what these 2 geenrous souls GIVE, Everyone In This World would have FOOD, MEDICINE SHELTER,EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT. Blast & Critize those who DESERVE IT, not the people who are doing this WORLD SOME GOOD.

McKara on


Charla Dickenson on

These are facts, I am entitled to my opinion regarding them.
Angie and Brad brag and brag about charity work and talk about world poverty when they have their own PLANE and SEVERAL MANSIONS. That is the epitome of HYPOCRACY. Many people dedicate their entire lives to helping end poverty they would never have a mansion or brag about their efforts(like my mother who I am so proud of)
Their relationship happened too quickly. On the set of Mr.and Mrs. Smith by all accounts they had at the very least an emotional affair. Which is worse in many ways. Jen has said often that she wanted a family. They planned to start one once Friends was over, it was a mutual descision but when friends was over Brad was filming Mr.and Mrs. Smith. Brad didn’t even come to support his wife at the shows finale (which surprised everyone) he had already checked out of the marriage which made it kind of hard to start a family. Brad is the one who got off SCOTT FREE he let two women take the fall as the ‘homewrecker’ and ‘the one who didn’t want kids’. He is an absolute coward. Angelina says she would never get involved with a married man citing her mom’s pain. Well she did get involved with a married man. The divorce papers weren’t even drawn up when that infamous picture was taken on the beach in Africa and she clearly developped an extra-marital bond none of you would want a woman developping with your men. No, you can’t steal a human being but you can behave very badly and interfere in a marriage. The fact is if Jen was your friend or your family member you would hate what brad and Angie did. They behaved like two single available people on the set of Mr. and Ms. Smith and that is just plain wrong. They talk about their flattering charity work but neither one of them has appologized or owned up to their behaviour. It isn’t healthy to jump straight from a 7 year relationship (4 years of marriage) into an instant family. B&A have sent such negative messages to society and that’s what bothers me. Angie has already been in this situation with Billy Bob and Laura Dern that says a lot. I am not a fan of Jen or Brad or Angie, but my husband and I respect the sanctity of marriage and we are always discusted by celebrities who spend a million dollars on a wedding( when gay couples are not even alound to get married) and then can’t even make it last. If Jen was a mother already and Brad left her for a single Angelina Jolie this would all be viewed very differently. In the past people have been called out for this kind of behaviour but because it’s Mr. Heartthrob Brad Pitt and stunning Angelina Jolie they are allowed to get away with it? What message does that send to young people if your gorgeous you can do whatever you want. I think those of you who defend them are a little to starstruck to see the moral truth here. Just ask yourself if you would be defending Brad and Angie if YOU were Brad’s wife and this happened to YOU? I’m not sitting here wearing my team t-shirt, I just respect marriage, I made a commitment to my husdand and I will never hurt or him or behave this way. I find this kind of thing really sad and I think people should take responsibilty for their behaviour.

Mary on

In reply to Alice.

I don’t think AJ was acting stuck up or stand offish, I thought she handled herself very well on the red carpet or as well as can be expected with such an idiotic interviewer. I would image that she hardly talked because she was not given the opportunity to. Most of the questions were directed at BP and when AJ was asked a question the microphone was removed before she could finish talking. That Ryan Seacrest is a prize moron. I disliked him on American Idol and had to cringe during his embarrassing attempt to interview. Fancy asking someone what they had for breakfast. If I were in her place, I would be doing a LOT of eye rolling. Anyway poor old AJ is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Only a few weeks ago people were whinging that she dominated the conversation during a premiere, now they are whinging that she barely spoke. The poor girl can’t win can she?!

Renee on

Angelina & Brad are green earth, peace and social-economic activists, which much more than most people do for the world & people around them. They give millions to charities every year. So I don’t think “stuck up” is even an appropriate descriptor for them. If you don’t know who they really are or what they really stand for…. don’t comment. It just makes you look stupid.

Mich on

they are everywhere, which honestly gest on my nerves, and i think Brad’s a tryhard. Not in movies. I mean offscreen. With the charities and all that. Watever… And Angelina looked completely miserable on the Red Carpet. Inexcusable. I don’t think she was “unhappy” with the dress.

And, i’m sorry, i think she just tries way to hard to make herself compeltely charitable. it’s like bono. it just backfires. doing too much makes the world think u’re doing it to keep up the reputation. i mean, setting up a charity, adopting children, yeah OK that’s nice. but seriously? going there every single week, giving birth in Africa or wherever? Per-lease.

Mich on

Agree with Alice.

Alice on

Sorry ladies, I can see people for who they really are, I’m not a star struck idiot like some of you….

karla on

the thing is if i was paid 4mil dollars for a few pictures i´ll donate them too,they have enought of money and didnt really make any effort for the money they donate,like the ones from the pictures,and here they have a very good PR as well,one bullet how many rabbits….

TB on

Angelina is annoying! At the GG she was all over Brad acting like she cant stand on her own 2 feet. She is NEVR going to be as sweet as jennifer!! And I hope she knows that Brad left his wife for her, who is to say he wont leave her for some one who does not have these stupid views on life. Yea she does a lot for Charity… NOW… but there were the days when she would talk about sex with Billy Bob like it was something people needed to know about! I think Brad like the freak in her, and the fact that she has a few kids.
I hope he wakes up and sees that she is so insecure and demanding and goes back to Jen! That would be GREAT.
She wanted to daddy for all the kids she wants.. She seems a little too odd for me.
At the GG she acted like she was too good to be there! Stupid ass!

chines on

I wish them the best as a family and much continued success in their careers.

skyler on

I can’t wait until Angie makes another movie with a hot leading man. As long as he is in a relationship she will go after him. By the way Brad has looked like crap lately. He is not aging well.

mynah on

omg she is just gorgeuos

Bren on

Well I love Angelina! She is Beautiful!!! She looks good in anything!

And those who claim to hate her or dislike, are you gal jealous? Jealous that you all cant have what she has? Pity, that’s one of the SEVEN deadly sins! :)

Angie on

Angelina looks great in this photo. Not only is she a beautiful Hollywood star, but she also helps people in need. Before you critize Angelina, ask yourself, what have you done to help people around the world?

tiger on

she looked lovely in that st. john’s dress. she’s way way beautiful then jennifer aniston and plus she’s a better actress too. all i think of jennifer aniston is as rachael green from friends. she’s can’t ever play a role that is different. it’s always something that is like rachael green from friends.

From Russia with love on

tiger!! totally agree.
angelina is S T U N N I N G.
dont even mansion that Friends girl in the same sentacne… redicilous to even COMPARE a goddes like Angie with some plain boring girl next door…

Rachel on

I love the eye makeup.

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