Madonna's Roots: Intentional or Oversight?

01/12/2007 at 04:44 PM ET

When Madonna appeared on The Today Show this week, more than a few of us noticed her multi-inch roots — in fact, they were pretty much impossible to ignore! We can’t believe that Madonna just forgot to have them done, and she’s not the first star that we’ve noticed lately sporting some pretty impressive roots. What gives? Oscar Blandi‘s lead colorist Kyle White, who tends to the locks of Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba, tells PEOPLE that “The reason natural roots work, especially on someone like Madonna who is such a style icon, is that it is causal chic — an ‘accidental’ look, which is really done on purpose. When roots are highlighted from the root down, it looks too contrived and put together.” Hmmm. Call us fussy, but we prefer the no-roots look. What about you? Do you like Madonna’s dark roots? Would you wear this look?

Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBCU

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j on

she needs to go dark. it’s not coming in gray so she should go au natural.

Chrissy on

Lately to me, Madonna has looked washed out. She needs to go darker in my opinion (or a different shade of blonde). And get rid of the roots…it just looks tacky. If you don’t have the time or money (which we all know money isn’t an issue for her) to get the roots done, at least brush the hair all together instead of parting it.

Elda on

Washed out!!!!

Rebecca on

That’s AWFUL! Done on purpose? I sure hope not. It only takes 30 minutes to fix those roots at home, but surely Madonna has enough money, people, time, to get her hair fixed at a salon. I agree she should go a few shades darker… then she wouldn’t need to worry about the touch-ups as often. She also could have tried a style to hide the dark roots instead of the center part that totally magnifies them.

Haley on

Yuck! As an individual who gets an at least 4x/year highlight, I know I detest it when my hair grows out. IMO it looks like sh!t.

erica on

This is yet another example of the “I’m a celebrity, so I can do anything and still be rich and famous and fabulous” hypothesis.
Similar to having chipped nails a la Lindsay or Britney. The idea is, yes, your nails may be perfect, but mine don’t have to be. I am Britney, Madonna or whoever so I am special!

Caren on

I cannot beleive Madonna does not have time to go see her colorist?
What has happened to her?
Looks like motherhood does not agree with her….

Noelle on

The “intentional roots” look is pretty edgy. I have naturally brown hair and I dyed it platinum, whitish blonde a couple months ago. I’m a pretty artsy-edgy girl, so I let my dark roots come in, because people KNOW that the blonde isn’t natural. With Madonna, it seems like she wants to make that sand color seem like her natural color, so the roots are not a good idea.


It looks HORRIBLE!!!!! she needs to a LIL darker!!!But ewwwww on tv it looked grey!!! but her image!!! = (

Melanie on

Iknow that I don’t always have the time to get my hair done, maybe she is just too busy. Maybe when she isnt out promoting or working she just wants to get home to her beautiful children?

Dani on

Honestly I didn’t even notice them. People are acting like she came out of the house in rollers and a multi-colored mumu with scooby doo slippers to finish it off. THEY’RE DARK ROOTS. BIG DEAL. And then people want to chastise her for it calling it sloppy and disgusting… It’s HAIR, not a big giant booger hanging off her nose. Hair grows. It’s her head. Get over it.

alice on

Who cares? Maybe she had something better to do besides sit in the salon.

Christian on

Her hair looks absolutely ridiculous.
Since she is so light-skinned, and that blonde is OBVIOUSLY not working for her, I agree with a lot of the people before me. Madonna should go darker.

It would set off her eyes nicely.

Fabs on

I totally agree with Dani’s comment. People it’s hair! Get over yourselves.

boo boo on


Jenna on

Im pretty sure her natural hair is coming in grey….isnt she in her 40’s??? she’s probably doing the dark roots look on purpose,to make it appear that her hair is still dark.

maria on

I find it hard to believe that a woman of Madonna’s age doesn’t have any gray hair. I am suggesting that these roots are touched up.

RB on

Dani, as far as I can read, you’re the only one who used the words sloppy and disgusting in their post. Maybe it was a Freudian slip?

If you were going on the Today Show and Letterman, would you not make sure your hair is looking good… not to mention the fact that she is freaking MADONNA?!? Love her, but the roots are completely unnecessary considering the occassion, don’t you think?

issy on

dont like Madona’s new look its awfull i think she and other actresses shoud keep to there regular hair color.i call or think of it out of style and Madona’s roots were the worst just keeping to natural hair color or darker color would be just fine.

julia on

COME ON PEOPLE! ITS A “NEW” MADONNA LOOK! Its just another new STYLE/ERA for people to copy and spend more $$$$$ on! THE ROOTS ARE PAINTED ON! To look edgy aand to be talked-about! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GREY HAIR! LOL ;-)
Anyone remember CARRIE (SJP) from SEX & THE CITY????!!!!! She had dark ROOTS and blonde hair for about 3 out of the 6 seasons it was on!!! SHE PULLED IT OFF! ATTITUDE!

Marc M on

I am astonished at the fact that any kind of publication would think this is worthy of news. Madonna has had roots at various stages throughout her career. Speaking from a hairdresser point of view, I agree with the stylist quoted, color or highlights right to the root does look too contrived. I reccomend my clients relax on feeling wierd when their roots come in, it gives their hair depth and dimension. This has been a ‘thing’ since Carrie let her roots come in on Sex And The City. I cant believe no one remembers that. It always surprises me when anything Madge does is newsworthy. I see roots on other celebrity’s all the time and it never makes the news. Professionally, I love Madonna’s hair, and anyone else who is confident enough to not take themselves to seriously! I am astonished at the fact that any kind of publication would think this is worthy of news. This just shows how we aren’t able to focus on whats important as a society!

Abby on

i think she intended for it be like that? Its a style.

Vanessa on

I think its cool and funky. Go girl, you got style!

Ashley on

it looks horrible! she has really looked bad lately, i agree with everyone that she needs to go darker, sorry madonna but blonde isnt your thing anymore….

KT fr Cda on

I never let my roots get that long. As soon as they show a little, I dye them. What’s the point of dying your hair and then have your natural colour show. If you like your natural colour then why dye your hair? Maybe she should also invest on some wrinkle cream for her around her eyes too.

KT fr Cda on

I loved her hair when it was very long and black. I don’t know if it was a wig or not but she looked completely different.

night on

I can’t believe that this woman has jet black hair under the blond. At her age I believe she is grey underneath and had the roots done intentionally. A woman of this age does not have jet black hair without a hint of grey.

Addy on

ok…. It is very sad but Madonna always was a very cute girl…what the heck happened?

crystal on

I will agree w/ Night, she has to have grey in there

Bonnie on

It looks awful. It’s not cute and this is just going along with the recent trend of girls heading out of the house in sweatpants and pajama pants thinking it’s casual-cute. It’s not. It’s just classless and tacky. If you don’t want to have to bother with the maintenance of hair dying, leaving your natural color is way more classy. Even grey can be classy. It shows maturity.

Elli on

Here’s the deal: this look was painstakingly achieved. At age 47, Madonna’s real roots are mostly grey. She probably darkened her roots to look younger and angsty. Not very attractive.

Candi on

Lets get real… Those roots are done on purpose. That woman is old enough to be my grammaw and she still has black roots? I think not… Those roots would be grey…

Antney on

Madonna looks fab… And she can do whatever the hell she wants with her hair because she is MADONNA!!! lol. LOVE HER!

BC on

the re -growth…was none on purpose I think she looks nice in this photo

Candace on

Do you people really have nothing better to do than comment on Madonna’s roots? wow.

Monique on


Thank you Madonna. I will finally economise at the salon and getting into this trend and be hip. A couple of trips less at my wonderful hairdresser’s will help in my yearly hair budget ;-))))))) Thanks Madonna.
She looks great;-)


Anne on

Hate it. It looks like a black stripe down her head. Why would anyone purposely leave it like that unless if they can’t afford to get it redone? And we know Madonna would have no problem with that….

cathy on

Madonna, you ARE NOT a style icon! You look washed up and out. Get a softer. more natural hair color. Little girls don’t want to look like you anymore and neither do we older ones! I keep my roots covered up and I don’t have millions!

Jaclyn on

Um.. hasnt Maddonna ALWAYS looked like this? What’s new about it?

Alexandra on

I like madonna very much. i think its really intentionnal its not a accident. her roots are probably gray and she paint it black so its not a accident. She is really in great shape and she is fashionnable. its my inspiration for my training. love u madonna

gabbb on

madonna looks awful.
her roots sucked.
her outfit sucked.
and how did her hair take long to do?
she’s so digusting in so many different ways, oh and she can’t sing. i don’t rally like her….

rachel b. on

Madonna could use a touch-up but having one of those day’s where she could care less and letting her hair go.

santi on

Madonna is an Icon of modernity. This roots are not casual. Madonna is 48 years old and of course she has white hairs!!! This is a super studied look to look younger and, I tottaly think, so fashionable and stilist. She looks amazing!!! Do you will look so fantastic at 48?

Grandma nature on

omg 40 don’t make me laugh!….lol….im 53 and she was just starting out when i was in my early 20s she was suppose to be 19 and never been touched…..SNORT….she looks like a guy and whatever color she dyes her hair she will still look like a guy. like her music anyway.

Ronald on

madge is just one of those celebs who can sport any look and get away with it beautifully. She always beam with confidence no matter what the whole world thinks of her.

giselle on

looks horrible!

Lin on

The reason she has those dark roots is so that people will think she has no grey hair yet. She does…..believe me. I know the tricks. She gets it coloured dark to look like natural growth.

justine on

i think it looks good on her its also more of a mother style but still sexy

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