Were You A Real-Life Ugly Betty?

01/11/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Do you know what it feels like to be smart, hard-working . . . and completely underrated because of the way you look? Then we want to hear your story! PEOPLE magazine is looking for real life “Ugly Bettys,” who like the character America Ferrera plays on the popular TV show, are “an ordinary girl – a slightly plump plain-Jane,” as ABC puts it. Maybe, like Betty, your intelligence, warm heart and hard work is overlooked because you aren’t as glamorous as your competition (a.k.a. Amanda).

How did you manage to get ahead despite your offbeat appearance? What pressures did you feel to fit in and how did you face them? What’s the meanest thing anyone ever said to you? Did you ultimately decide to undergo a makeover — and, if so, why? If not — how did you get people to take you seriously? What advice would you give to all the other “Ugly Bettys” out there?

Click here to submit your digital photos and a summary of your story, in 200 words or less, to PEOPLE. And remember: Ugly is the new Beautiful!

Photo: RON TOM/abc

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Jozi on

I luv the show ‘specially ‘coz nowadays it’s like all this pressure 4 u 2 look a certain way-th@ stuff wouldn’t m@er as much if those images weren’t projected by the media!

Gwen on

Yikes, I don’t care how you look, please learn to write real words.

But I do love Ugly Betty and was glad America won the Globe, she’s adorable no matter what.

Courtney on

I like Desperate Housewives a lot better than Ugly Betty. What’s so great about a girl who is ugly that is trying to fit in?

jessica simpson on

Ive only watched uglee betty only once but its soooo goooood! I HART it =}

LS on

Betty is a fantastic show. Not every woman looks like a supermodel, yet still needs a job and wants to fit in with her co-workers. I think we all go through that akward stage where we have braces, an unfortunate haircut and a style that makes us reflect and say “Whoa, what was I thinking?!” High school was that time for me. But in my 20’s I became the confident, stylish woman I am today. I am still a newlywed and my hubby thinks I’m hot. It’s like a thank you to me for going to the gym and doing all my beauty routines. He appreciates that! Betty is still going through a stage that most of leave behind in our teens. Isn’t that what makes the show so much fun?

DaBearsPlayOffs on

Clarification: By “plastics” I am refering to the physically obsessed clique in “Mean Girls”- sorry if it got misinterpretted. Anyway, Betty La Fea is a great show!

Betsy on

Wow, none of you can spell, it’s you’re not your

Charla Dickenson on

Funny thing I’d like to add, Ugly Betty is about society not JUDGING SUPERFICIALLY. Something we can all work on.Clearly people are horribly cruel to those considered UGLY a horrible word that should be changed to represent character not appearance. Nonetheless, if people think that socially beautiful barbieish girls have it made and GET TAKEN SERIOUSLY that is such a laugh. It’s more like they get treated like bimbo’s, other girls are catty with them and they have trouble finding friends who don’t want to pick them apart. They have to deal with perveted men hitting on them and disrespecting them. Most of them have delt with a lot of sexual harassment. Few people are interested in their pesonality and guys see them as a piece of A$$. The point is whatever your appearance is we live in a judgemental society and it’s hard however you look. I’m not saying boohoo poor pretty girls it’s just the notion that you get taken seriously when you are beautiful is so ludicrous. Women in general have a hard time being taken seriously, but in this stereotypical world who will most people label as “INTELECTUAL” and by extension TAKE SERIOUSLY? Betty not Veronica! It’s seems pointless and illogical to be all preechy about not judging the less socially attractive and then jumping on and labelling all the model types as Bimbo’s. We just all need to stop judging based on appearances, that’s the big issue behind it all. It’s easier said then done but I believe it’s posssible!

Diana on

I can honestly say that I was once an “UGLY BETTY.” When I was about 8 years old during my summer vacation my Mom and Dad worked during the day so they would leave me by my Grandmother’s house. My Grandma is kind of old fashioned so she serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time on a daily basis. She also never allowed me to help her with the chores. All I would do all day was watch television and play with my Barbie dolls. When the summer was over I weighed about 108 lbs and was really plump. I did not realize just how much weight I had gained because my friends were really nice about it when I came back to school. However, I joined this “beach club” group and the kids there were really vicious. They called me “Turkey,” and “Chunky.” When it came time to climbing trees and doing what regular kids liked to do I was not capable of doing it without being teased. I began to have low selfesteem and was very selfconscious of the way I looked. That summer I left to Florida and continued to be teased by my family members. Then and there I decided that I was not going to be called “Chunky” or any other vicious names anymore. I lost a mass amount of weight the right way (eating healthy and exercising) and when I came back home, no one recognized me and I became one of the most popular girls in school. What made that experience so worth it was the fact that i would never tease or put down anyone who might not seem to “fit in.” We are all human and I am happy I went through that experience or else I would not be the person I am today. After that experience I ran for 2 Queen shows and one 1st runner up for both (something I never saw myself doing). Today I am a successful 22 year old woman who already has the career of her dreams and is still doing big things. To all you “Ugly Betty’s out there, remember beauty fades so after that happens what will we all be left with?

Ana on

I have never seen Ugly Betty, but I like the actress Ferrara in ‘Real Women have curves’. I don’t understand what is the big deal women have about weight. When I was in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…I was the skinniest person and I was so self conscious and embarrased by it to the point that when we had PE and they measured us and weighed us, I put rocks in my pockets to weigh more. I was tormented when I was asked to wear shorts and short sleeved tops. Growing up, I wore loose jeans and long-sleeved voluminous shirts to hide my lack of flesh. As I look back, however this attire made look even skinnier than I was. If I were a guy I would be attracted to girls with some meat in them. I might say that all this waif-like looks in magazines really make me feel good and I have finally learnt to love and accept my body as it is. I now wear strapless dresses (something I would have never been caught on wearing! and shorts). At least I am not the only bony person around!

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