Kelly Clarkson: Do You Like Her Glam or Natural?

01/10/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Since winning American Idol in 2002, Kelly Clarkson has been no stranger to mixing up her look — from blond to brunette, from sweet to sexy, from long to short — but we still couldn’t help noticing the dramatic difference between her most recent red carpet look and her off-duty style. At the CMT Giants event in late October, Kelly sported a perfectly curled coif and polished makeup. But this week, she visited the Broadway musical Avenue Q with no visible makeup and a newly cropped, darker do. It’s always intriguing to see stars with fresh faces, and this former Idol is no exception. Tell us: Do you like Kelly glam or natural? Which look is her strongest?

Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo;Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

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shopoholic on



rocketinu on

I can’t believe you even asked this question.

Danielle on

Wow! Looks like two different people to me. She looks fine either way.

gillian on

oh my god. i cant believe that is her. that is the most horrendous looking thing i have ever seen. yikes.

jennifer on

It’s refreshing that she looks like a normal person. I’m all about natural…

Sophie on

I love Kelly so it kills me to say anything negative about her however I must be objective. Lipstick, power and a strike of mascara would’ve improved her look on the right dramatically. I love Kelly!!!!

night on

With makeup is best. Witout makeup …kind of scary.

Melanie on

Ok! I just love her, but she really needs to have some make-up on. Glam is better!

me on

wow! she looks totally differant

june on

She looks ugly without make-up! Please, when you go in public, make sure you look a bit like a celebrity and not like you’ve been home for a week without seeing anyone.

june on

I don’t like her natural look at all! It’s like she has been home all week without seeing anyone.

H on

I’m sorry but she couldn’t look worse in the picture on the right. Kelly should stick to her glamour look, because without it, she doesn’t even look like she could be a famous singer.

nora on

OMG!!!!She looks awful without make-up!!!Definitely glam

Me on

Sorry, but this “natural” look is awful. Not saying she has to pile on the make-up, but a little never hurts.

ermira on

like you don’t know wich one to choose
ofcourse it is the left one the right doesn’t look that pretty don’t you think

mary on

oh my God! Where are her Greek genes? She looks awful natural! Great voice though.

SRB on

Kelly looks harsh and unhealthy. Her highlighted hair was much more flattering to her skin tones and eyes.

KT fr Cda on

Are you sure they are the same people in those pics???? Wow, I’d never go out in public without makeup on and I’m not famous. What was she thinking? And that hair colour is horrible. It makes her nose look huge.

Angel on


lizz on

she looks best glam

mich on

Definately glam! I love Kelly =)

AshleyL on

I love Kelly Clarkson but she has an uncanny resemblance to Rosie Odonnel in the picture of her with no makeup….

Leneya on

definitely prefer the glam

Sandy on

Ok, I love Kelly’s music but she could not look worse in the second picture. Somebody needs a makeover.

Becky on

although i do think she is great, she looks horrible without makeup

ana on

doesn’t matter…
either way she’s beautiful:)
it’s awesome to see a star still grounded and real.

pilat on

It’s obvious, she looks so bad in the second pic!

nikki on

Kelly looks so pretty with make-up. She looks really feminine. without make-up i think it looks terrible and like shes a man. Kel its called lip gloss.

Dee on

Woah! She’s ugly without makeup!! She looks totally different! Definitley prefer her glam look!

Mindy on

It’s amazing that she looks so similar in these two pictures. Usually, when a star is pictured without makeup, you can’t even recognize them.

She’s a doll and a phenomenal singer.

Kate on

I think these are unfair pictures to compare. There is a difference between being glam and not wearing any makeup at all. At least put a picture up of her with some makeup for the more normal look.

Kate on

I think this is a totally unfair comparison, between Glam and no makeup what so ever. I think you should have a picture of her with natural makeup and then the Glam pic.

Lisa on

Wow. It’s amazing what some makeup can do!

AJ on

Oh good grief… Glam hands down. I like Kelly but like most women SHE NEEDS make-up.

Rachel on


noneyabeez on

YIKES! Quick, put the make-up back on! Cute girl, but she seriously looks like she is 12? Definitely GLAM. The au natural look isn’t working for her….sorry.

Eva Moore on

Although based on this picture I like the old look better, I am sure when she does her hair and has some makeup on it will all look very different. Looks like she was not trying to impress anyone in that picture.

jenny on

Go glam Kelly!

Mollysemanian on

She’s got talent out the whazoo, but this is NOT a naturally pretty girl. The one on the left is DEFINITELY her best look.

Terra on

She is a very beautiful woman. But she def looks better in glam……..

Tara on

She definately looks better with makeup.

Leah on

She totally looks better glammed up. The natural look just isn’t working for her there she looks sick.

Renata on

As much as I hate saying people need make-up to look pretty.. This “natural” picture is awful! Kelly has a very chubby face.. She should have a nose job… And darling, do something about those dark circles… You can afford that!

Kari on

I think that Kelly looks cute with her natural look, but she looks gorgeous with her highlights and make-up.

kate on

ewwwwwwwwww she looks like a man w/o makeup

Sarah on

Yea, she looks better in the glam makeup, but I love the fact that she’s strong enough to go out in public with no make up on and have her picture taken. Loving yourself no matter how you look makes her the star that she is!

j on

i think her hair is a little too dark in the more recent pic. she KILLED it on the cmt giants program, her duet w/martina mcbride gave me the chills. i’m not a fan of country music really, but i came across this and she rocked it. amazing voice. cool girl who seems to be keeping it real.

Tiffany on

Kelly is beautiful no matter what. It is ok to have an off day, that is what keeps her real. I can not wait till she comes out with a new album!

BC on


Ms No on

She obviously looks way better GLAM, but in all honesty who doesnt!
Most of us need those little touch ups that MAC, Bobbi Brown and Proactive provide.

Nicky on

Wow. Glam. Natural is for ppl like Jessics simpson and others. Pretty ppl only could do Natural. Very few hollywood can pull off Natural. So far Jessica Simpson have my one and only vote.

okay, fine on

The dark hair is too overpowering for her face. She doesn’t look well in super blond hair, but medium brown hair with higlights is a good look for her. Also, the cut is a little wrong for her. She looks good with a medium cut, almost shag-like, with a little wave.

Erin on

Oh my gosh, she’s NORMAL!! ahhhh!! i think everyone forgets that a good 80% of celebraties look this way. it means that they are real people and dont actually have that unattainable beauty they portray. in other words, if we all had make-up artists, we’d all be supermodels. she’s just another person, like you or me.

steph on

I’m sorry, but no female should step out into public without a touch of powder, blush, and mascara. these three SIMPLE, 5-minute, touches add so much.

Lisa on


Sarah on

Although I do prefer the pic on the left, it’s nice to see that she’s not afraid to go out in public without make-up like most Hollywood starlets.

Dawn on

She defintely looks much BETTER all glammed up!!

gabriella on

dude, thats not even a question. obviously its glam. her skin is aweful otherwise. she looks like crap. i think she should go back to her old look ASAP.

Rachel on

That just goes to show you that anyone can look like a pop star with the right makeup and hair…I think it is awesome! Kelly is a great role model for young girls.

Carla on

She’s lovely with make-up but if she would put her highlights back into her hair and maybe just mascara and lip gloss, she would look nice more natural too. Her hair is too dark/flat in the natural picture.

Sandra on

She looks like a female, chubbier Jack Baur without Makeup.

KC on

Thank goodness for a great voice AND makeup!

funfun100 on

Oooooh.Why did she even go out of the house without makeup…That’s all I have to say.

SaBRy on

well, normally I like more natural looks than glamour, but this is just not the right pictures to decide. Of course the glamour one is way better than the other one. Are you sure this is the same person..!!?

kira on

i won’t even leave the house without makeup and no one is waiting to take my picture. what was she thinking..??? eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Katie on

I wouldn’t have recognized her without the makeup and maybe that’s the point. But when she saw the camera she had to smile or we’d be talking about how she’s arrogant and forgotten where she comes from. I’m sure most have us been caught those few times we’re out without makeup, at least no one took pictures of me when I did it.

brett504 on

She looks terrible , more like a teenager. She needs a more mature cut.

Diane on

Definately the glam look!!

semisocial on

she looks like a guy!!! wow, she really is one of those people who looks horrendous without makeup. whoa!

Cherry on


Norah on

Well, let’s see. Natural she looks like rest of us do when we have our “natural” faces on. Glam she looks beautiful, of course, as any of the rest of us would if we had a team of people working on us.
To those who say she “ugly” or “horrific” looking in the natural pic, … Get a life.

Squinky on

Her makeup artist does such a great job glamming her up that her “natural” picture does no justice to her pretty facial features. Instead, she ends up looking exactly like a GUY. Maybe a lighter haircolor and a little lip gloss would change that. (Or even tinted lip balm for that matter!)

Lizzi on

Glam, most definitely!

Amy on

Like you’re really gonna tell me you don’t go out without makeup on or your hair fixed? Come on! She may be famous, but she’s still human!!!!

Teo on

OMG, she looks hideous! I like her, but without make up she’s just scary!

carrie on

Probably 90% of celebrities look like that without makeup. Big deal! I think she is still a cutie and a fabulous singer.

Sherry on

I don’t wear make-up everyday only on special occasions, but I never leave home without my mascara and lip-gloss. IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Her lips need some moisturizer. They look dry. She looks like Rosie O’Donnell ‘s daughter.

jap on

she looks like a boy on the right (natural) side. it’s the size and shape of her face…she needs big hair to take away from it

yen on

make up really does miracles

joan on

I saw other pictures from last night when she went out to the Broadway show without makeup and she looked cute, You guys always manage to pick out the worst ones. Anyways, more power to her to enjpy a night out without putting on a ton of makeup. 95% of celebrities would look just like that without makeup. I just saw Britney without any and she sure looked different.

Mendi on

Kelly is a very pretty girl either way, but the highlights and soft, natural makeup in this photo make her beautiful.

Tamara on

In all fairness, Kelly looks just like anyone would who had their picture taken without makeup and with a bright flash. I see people everyday who don’t wear makeup and look fine. However when you are accustomed to seeing celebrities perfectly done up, seeing them the opposite way is a bit of a shock.

That being said, if I knew I was going out and there was a good chance my picture may be taken and mass distrubted, I’d probably throw on a good concealer or foundation, a little blush, some mascara and at the very least, some lip gloss.

Melanie on

silly question!Glam.

Denise on

duh….now THAT is a stupid question. she looks scary and masculine “au natural”.

Gazer on

She looks better glammed up in this photo, but other photos of her in a natural state look better than the natural one shown here.

Margie on

Uhhhh, what’s with the negative comments? We all look better with makeup. Kudos to her for being brave enough to go natural and give her skin a break. You can still see her beauty in her eyes.

laura on

ok!! well, what a difference. i have always thought natural is better but for her? some makeup would help. maybe just some foundation, blush, and a light eye shadow. that would be pretty. anything less than that is scary on her.

Nicole on

She looks like a boy in the “natural” picture

Judy on

Let’s face it, unless you were born with natural
beauty, glam is always better. Few people I’ve see
look good natural, Anjoli Pitt for one.



April on

oh my gosh, she does not look her best w/o makeup. She needs to always go glame!

KT on

I re-noticed that make-up is a magic.

hallie on

It’s amazing how makeup artists can really “paint” a prettier picture. If I were her I’d never step out of the house without my team of stylists working me over first. Makes you wonder what other celebrities’ natural look would reveal.

Leia on

I think that the ability to go natural and not care what people think is what makes us women beautiful. So I say you go Kelly show the natural beauty that GOD gave you.

Katie on

It is rare that someone will look good 100% natural. Thoes who do, are blessed! I like the Glam on her. She is pretty either way.

Meme on

No body’s perfect, least of all me, but I would not be smiling if I looked like her, I would run and hide.
Sorry Kelly, just trying to keep it real.

Kate on

you can still look natural with a little makeup, i think she must have not cared at all. prolly not a good look for her but no makeup at all isn’t a good look for many.

Nancy on

I wish the writer of this article constant papparazi coverage of her every move. See how you like it. Doesn’t every woman look better with make-up? C’mon. But most of us are lucky enough to not be photographed when we’re at our most “natural.” Unfair and snarky question.

Kristen on

Glam! She looks a bit scary the other way.

Claudette Davis on

I like Kelly much better Glam She is soooo pretty but no makeup is not her best attribute

Carolyn on

No makeup isn’t a “look.”

Carolyn on

Jennifer Aniston’s makeup from the People’s Choice Awards is a “natural look.” Going without makeup is just going without makeup.

Betty on

No one looks great without makeup on,unless, you are truly a natural beauty.Kelly deserves to go out in public without makeup if she wants to. I prefer the glam look just the same.

enigma on

Judy, you’re right!!

Some people just need glam to look better! And, I agree with some of the comments here….about this is the worst photo comparison possible!!

Plus, this photo was probably taken at some odd hour in the morning in some random hotel she was staying at!

I am sure she looks okay either way!

beth on

I love Kelly. I saw her in concert, and her show was amazing. She is a beautiful woman, however, I think the black is too harsh for her. The bridge of her nose looks like it was injured, too. I think it was brave of her to go out with no make-up on, and face the cameras, and subject herself to all of your negative comments. Just proves herself once more, that she is a kick ass girl. And just like myself and millions of other ladies, she looks much prettier with make-up.

Melissa on

HOLY HIDEOUS! She definitely needs a little make-up because the no make-up “natural” is not working well for her

Kristin on

You know the answer to that question- look at her- and I agree with Carolyn- that is not a natural look, that is sans makeup.

cheala on

i went to school with kelly, and that is just her being herself with no makeup. Its good to see fame has not changed her. But I do agree glam is more appealing.

Kari on

Definitely glam looks better, she looks too boyish otherwise!!

Caroline on

Well lets face it girls, we can all use a little help to look our best.However,I can’t believe she was brave enough to go out in public being a celebrity,without cover. Good for her.I could never be that brave knowing I would be photographed.

Michelle on

I am sure glam is best for most people, but who really glams up everytime they leave the house. So she looks doesn’t look her best without makeup. Very few people do.

Cara on

She looks like Rosie O’Donnel without makeup. LOL – Yuck. And I love her to bits. Sad to see she would even go in public like that.

Taylor on

Glam…she looks like Fred Savage with the dark hair and no makeup…

Michelle on

I am sure glam is best for most people, but who really glams up everytime they leave the house. So she looks doesn’t look her best without makeup. Very few people do.

andrea on

i would have to say neither. if i HAD to pick i guess i would say glam b/c w/out makeup she looks really scary and the black hair doesn’t do it for her. in the glam pic though she is wearing coats of makeup and you can tell. she almost looks sickly without makeup.

Jo Jo on

I think it is really nice she looks so happy in both and her smile is very beautiful with or without make-up. Most people don’t even have the courage to take out the trash without their precious make-up on. I think Kelly’s self cofidence and courage shines through without the make-up on and that makes her just beautiful!

cheala on

I went to school with Kelly and that is just her being herself with no make-up on. I am glad to see the fame has not changed her. But I will agree glam is more appealing.

annie on

I agree—I can’t believe you asked this question!! She does look like 2 different people. The glam look definitely fits her status as a super star and hopefully she will stick to it. Her “girl-next-door” appearance is history, along with her American Idol win.

Jen on

I think no matter who you are, everybody looks better glam. It’s just that us “little people” aka: not famous, don’t have money to look like that. Naturally she looks like everybody else.

Sara on

Wow! Totally different! She looks like a 13 year old boy. Glam is definately the way to go!

Alice on

Well, of course she looks better made-up, we all do. That is an unfair comparrison. For all we know, she could of been sick that day or working hard all night. We don’t know.

Anonymous on

I feel she looks better glamorous. She looks younger with no makeup but also at the same time no so attrative.


Hahahaha she definitely does look like a young boy in natural. Glam is definitely better!

Janine on

What is really ugly here are the people who make nasty comments about how someone looks. Shame on you. Suggesting plastic surgery? That is wrong.

haley on

Her natural look reminds me of the wicked witch from the west from the Wizard of Ozz. Their eyes are similar,and her new dark hair gives no color to her face.However, the amount of talent she has makes up for “fresh” natural look.

Tina on

I love Kelly but not like that! Even lipstick would have made a difference!

katie on

its must be a joke!

katie on

I have to agree with a lot of you, of course she looks better with make-up, but WHO DOESN’T?? Give her a break! And we wonder why women are so obsessed with looks. The comments on this page telling her to get plastic surgery, SHAME ON YOU. Having flaws is what makes us human. Focus on what matters.

Joanie on

Night of the living dead, they wouldn’t have invented make up if they didn’t wantus to use it…. SCARY SPICE

mich on

Definately glam!! I love Kelly =)

Joanie on

NATURAL of course……SIKE…..She looks like she walked off of the set of the movie Night of the Living Dead, that is some scary sh**, they wouldn’t have made makeup if they didn’t want us to use it!!!! YUCK

Katy on

of course people are going to look better all glammed up, but i think she looks great both ways. she looks like a normal person without makeup, whats so surprising about that? but im not a fan of the black hair, it does wash her skintone out a little. maybe a lighter brown would look best. im still a huge fan of kelly!

A. on

Wow, I’ve always thought she was butt-ugly, but that “natural” picture is something else! There’s nothing “natural” about her horrendous ugliness.

Meredith on

I don’t find her attractive either way, honestly.

Alicia on

Maybe she can look in the mirror at the “real” Kelly and like what she sees. Good for her! Hold your head high! You don’t have to be made-up to be happy.

jessica on

I think the Glam…but kelly is pretty anyway her personality is just off the chain…and that is what really makes a person. She is so laid back and cool and so I like her either way.

Stephanie on

she looks scary natural

Megan on

I’m probably going to severely date myself here but in the picture on the right she looks like Lou Ferrigno.

Greg on

She loks like Patton Oswalt from King oif Queens with no makeup on.

markus on

KELLY eeeww SHE SO UGLY w/o make up. She look like Rosie O’Donnel..yuck

linda on

I hate to be in the minority – but she is wearing make up in the second picture – there is definitely the clumping of non-makeup artist mascara aplication, she has pale lipstick and her eyebrows are drawn in. In one picture, she looks red carpet, as she should, but that make up/look would be over the top for normal day to day living. She looks like a normal person in her second picture with normal make up.

I think people’s perspective is warped by watching too many movies and too much TV. People live in real time and, hopefully, with a real life.

Brenda on

Some people are made natuarally beautiful and then for “the others” that’s why makeup was invented! Sorry Kell, I wouldn’t go all natural unless you are in the privacy of your own home!

Michelle on

She’s a beautiful person inside and out and needs no make-up to prove it! She looks wonderful in both pictures.

gary on

made up is great. she looks like a boy in the other.

analigia on

i think its the hair that make sher face look like a grayish washed out complexion, plus no cheek colour or eye definition i mean its one extreme to the other.they shouldnt be comparing cuz in this case the glam will always win.i guess hey welcome to what people really look like even if they have money and fame!we are all THE SAME!

Katy on

Wow, Kelly looks really pretty. But do tell, who is that man?

Evelyn on

OMG She looks horrible natural!
Is this a serious question?

shannie on

she looks better glam, unless she wants to look like a litle boy.

Danielle on

This picture is just plain scary. Sure Kelly Clarkson is a great singer, but damn! Put the makeup on! She looks like she’s 13 without it!!

Becky on

Kelly looks better all “glamed” but who cares with the voice she has, its good for her to still be down to earth.

Bunky on

Whoa – it’s Robbie Coltrane!

Brooke on

Glam deffinatley! She looks ugly with dark hair and no make-up! She’s such a pretty girl! Keep the make-up and lighter hair Kelly!

B on

I love Kelly, but I do have to say the glam looks best.

Andrea on

She looks good either way. You don’t have to put on a pile of make-up on your days off just in case you’ll be photographed.

lisa on

she looks very “unpolished” in the natural pic. as if she just ran out for milk and the camera caught her unexpectedly. but to attend an event like that, i think she should and could have presented herself in a more put together way.

Helisha on

…..Is this a serious question? or do they want to see who has really bad taste?

Michelle on

She looks a lot like kelly ‘osbourne’ not kidding!!!
glam look is totally better

carly on

she looks real ugly natural.

sarah on

wow…what a difference a little make-up makes?!? i think she could have least put some lip gloss on…love the glam look though!

Merissa on

She is a pretty girl and amazingly talented, but we all have to agree..we ALL look better glamed up!

Kerri on

Just goes to show that celebs look like normal people without all the makeup. Leaves hope for the rest of us that we too could look great if we had a team of professionals making us up.

Amanda on

I think she looks better in glam

Dawn on

It’s wonderful to see celebs minus a team of stylists with no make-up. They really look just like the rest of us. But I must say that “natural” is NOT her best look. I vote glam!

sarah on

okay…my opinion is…all of you who are saying that she looks ugly natural…who are you to judge? i’ll bet every one of you look like that without makeup, so quit being so mean. besides, she’s successful and you’re not.

kd on

even with going natural, you picked the worst photo ever. what’s worse is all the trashing of her, when it’s clearly an unfair photo. come on.

monica on

oh no she looks better w/ make-up on. she looks like a town-boy w/out it. i dont like!

B on

She looks scary natural. I’m voting for glam. Why would you ask such a stupid question?

Bob on

I think half of the movie stars out there look like Kelly does without makeup, most of them are normal people. I’ll take Kelly any day who is one of the most beautiful people inside than any of the other physically beautiful people out there. She is the nicest, kindest celebrity I have ever met.

Cathy on

Sorry to say, I think she looks like a man.

jenny on

i’m all for looking natural and expecting celebrities to be “glammed up” 24-7 is simply unrealistic but i think a little bit of lip gloss and blush (and maybe some concealer for the eye bags) couldn’t hurt.

ann on

Definitely better glam. Wow. That “natural” picture is just kinda scary….hair much too dark too.

lisa ponke on

she doesnt look to bad without makeup, its nice to see she has the confidence to go out without a society we put so much focus on beauty,seeing her without makeup lets young girls see that most women need a little help looking pretty.

Morgen on

Can you say ‘shallow’? I’m horrified at the comments here. She isn’t ugly, just not artificial and glam is fine but it doesn’t say anything about her as a ‘famous’ person if she wants to have a normal life. I’m willing to bet money that most of you who are so negative are not so great looking, even with makeup. Get over this unrealistic need for everything to be falsely, boringly ‘pretty’. And while your at it get over fawning over ‘famous’.

araceli on

i dont find her attractive at all,but i gotta say the natural look is not working for her.

Sara on

it’s amazing to see celebrities without makeup it really goes to show that they look no different from every other typical person out there in the world … but yes her glam look it was better than the without makeup look… but isn’t that we apply makeup????

trent hollman on

WOW!!! She’s not attractive at all without make-up.

Nicole on

Natural is definitely not her best look!

kelli on

UGH! She looks like a boy.

Niki on

Glam of course! She looks awful natural!!

CeA on

ditto!! araceli said it right!

Carrie on

What a cruel question and if you are going to be catty, don’t try to couch it in “it’s always intriguing to see stars with fresh faces.” Have the balls to be forthright at least if you are going to be mean. Kelly rocks regardless!

Poteet on

I have yet to see ANY celebrity who looks good withOUT make-up … it’s amazing what a little foundation, mascara and blush can do …

UNknown on

I would say she looks pretty both ways!
I would not always go for make up, girls, you look prettier without it than you think!

Andi on

OK, I’d like to know how many times a week you all go out without your makeup? I think Kelly looks gorgeous glam, and like a normal girl on the right. Props to Kelly for not caring if she looks like a regular person or pop star.

Cheri on


mindylu on

I love Kelly, and I think it’s GREAT that the Stars are JUST like Us. they have their Good days and Bad days. It’s Great that she is comfortable with herself to go with her Natural Beauty.

whatever on

without makeup she looks awful, she looks like a guy. i like her better with makeup

Heidi on

Lets be honest…she obviously lost some poundage between the natural pic and the glam pic. Who doesn’t look better when they are in better shape?

maryann on

i think she is pretty either way but i prefer the glam look.


does anyone think she looks a lot like rachel ray in the natural picture? I love Rachel Ray!! :-)
yayy for real people!!! :)

Amanda on

I like her both. I met her last year, she came into my work, she was doing a concert the next day and wanted to do some shopping while in town. Anyway she was dressed down, hair not done and had a baseball cap on. She looked good! Sometimes the glam look is a little much!

natasha on

Im always up for natural..but she looks really pale and sickly. She reminds me of rosie o’donnell without makeup.

Jessica on

I think Kelly should stick with being glam. the natural look can work if she didn’t start off in the spotlight with makeup on, if she had worn a little bit and we got used to that then it would be not such a dramatic change! I like kelly’s hair when its blonde, no black!

angelena on

I think she’s a pretty girl but she, just like most of us, could use a little make-up to enhance a few things.

hallay on

omg she is soooo ugly she is ugly both ways but god damn she is so freakin ugly natural she looks like a old lady ew

finnzmum on

I thought that was a picture of Kelly and her brother. Ouch.

Alex on

I like the natural…because if she did the glam all the time, it wouldn’t be anything special. And the more you go natural, the better your skin will look! I haven’t worn make up in 10 years, just a lotion with sunscreen and it’s because I noticed, with make up: the more I wore it, the more I needed it to cover up what it did to my skin! :)

Virginia on

Please!! I prefer natural to overdone glam any day, but some makeup would have done her a world of good. Not everyone of us is a natural beauty, and she definitely isn’t.

gwen on

Eeeeeeeeeesh. There’s a middle groud between super-glammed up and corpse. A little gloss and blush would have done wonders for her on the right without spending hours on it. And I hate the hair. Color washes her out and cut looks like a 12 year old tomboy.

Lynn on

Love the glam look for Kelly. It sure is nice to know that I’m not the only one in the entire world who should absolutely NEVER, EVER be seen “without a face on”.

Cherie on

I think she looks like Ozzy’s daughter Kelly Osbourne, more than she looks like herself, Kelly Clarkson.

tess on

Who’s that girl on the right? Ugly Betty?

Lisa on

must you use the Lord’s name in vain Hallay? That is so not cool. Kelly looks better with makeup, of course I agree, but watch the words. Shame on you People for printing!!!

Ann on

The pic on the right must be her long lost twin brother..she looks really ugly either way.

Becca on

A lot of people are obviously very shallow. Wow…Because I’m sure you all look perfect all the time right?

mandee on

i’m not a fan of the short, dark hair, but who hasn’t had a bad haircdo before? let the girl live her life.

Amy on

Goodness…It looks as though she has a brother in the “unglamed” photo.

Colleen on

Of course Kelly looks better all glammed up, people!! Who wouldn’t? As for the people making the comments that she needs to be all dolled up to go out in public–shame on YOU!! My goodness, YOU don’t get all dolled up I would bet!! Sheesh, give her a break. I’d bet it’s jealousy talking when comments are made that she is ugly. No she isn’t. She’s beautiful…glammed up or natural.

jamie on

kelly clarkson is a beautiful girl just how she is, and going black is not the way to go. glam all the way.

Sarah on

she is great, but, she should never be seen without makeup.

Jenny on

Whoa Nelly! She doesn’t look like a celeb on the pic on the right. She just looks ugly. It’s actually kind of scary. Stick with make-up Kelly!

paige on

i like her glam because they put to much mackup on this day and when you see them not with mackup on they look groos but thats my madn but byebye

Yeyette on

Godness… the only thing that is not ugly on the “natural” photo is her teeth ! lol
Yea she better make sure she’s always made up when she goes out…

Jennie on

She looks like Donnie Osmond in the natural photo.

Angie on

I definitely like her better with makeup and her hair done! I go out of the house without makeup a lot, but I am not in the public eye. Either way, love her music!

Candi on

They could have picked a better NATURAL photo of the poor girl. But between these two, glammed up looks better. Goodness, Kelley, dark and pasty white skin is so gross.

Laurapoo on

mmk so im all for the natural look..but on kelly..maybe she was just havin a bad day..?

lynn morphis on

OMG! That’s just down right scary! LOL But she is ugly either with or without make-up so i don’t think it matters too much.

n/a on

omg… so glam… she looks horrible!! naturral of course…^_^

amanda on

i think the black hair and no makeup has to go whats up w/ that girl come on?

Heather on

Eww… she looks like Shrek.. wait I take that back, Shrek is hotter then that without makeup..

michelle on

Does she have a wig on?

jenn.suz.hoy on

I thought the one on the right was her brother! They’re really comparing mug-shots though…not flattering for anyone.

Pakistani Rani on

i hate to be one of THOSE people but she’s definitely better WITH makeup. it’s unfortunate, but true.

muahh on

i dont think she looks GREAT with makeup, but its not so awful that i wanna stab my eyes out. she looks normal. kelly’s beautiful either way, make-up or not, but i prefer makeup b/c thats what im used to.

Tita on

Honestly, obliviously glam suits her. When I saw the 2nd pic, I’m not going to front, it was scary and I’m not exaggerating. But true beauty shines from within. But dam in the 2nd pic, she looks like a lesbian or a dude.

Crystal on

You know what? She looks incredible either way! It is what is on the inside that counts. She is very talented and I am a fan with makup or without.

Sabine Lerouge on

She really talented and beautiful. It doesn’t matter if she wears makeup or not she still pretty…

wow on

That is one scary picture! I really love Kelly but in the natural picture she looks like a guy…..Wear makeup please!!!

Emily on

Everyone needs a little make up sometimes….otherwise you get message like the ones below oh course she looks better glam that what make up is for to ENHANCE!!! Duh

Natural all the way!!!

tamayo on

Wow, she’s actually a real person.

I say no makeup. Makeup’s for losers anyway.

bradyboy420 on

Honestly, she looks like a dude natural. Yikes!

Emily on

Everyone needs a little make up sometimes….otherwise you get message like the ones below oh course she looks better glam that what make up is for to ENHANCE!!! Duh

Natural all the way!!!

sarah on


ashley on

i dont think its fair for these girls to judge her
shes brave to go out in public and not wear make up..
its about the confidence you have, not how you look
and besides her natural look most likely looks 100 times better than any of these girls commenting when they DO have makeup on.

Samantha on

She is SO ugly natural.

paige on

She looks fine….nobody’s perfect. She has a great voice and personality. That’s all that should matter. Can’t wear makeup everyday!

Sarah on

Kelly, kelly kelly. It can be a pain, but do include the magic of makeup in your life! You look horendous without any makeup!

Kendra on

She looks better made-up, hands down.

leighann on

i think that kelly clarkson is pretty either way but in that pic that is not glamor it is not doing her any good she really does look horrible.

Michelle on

Definitly Glam. She needs some makeup. But I still love her!

erin on

thats not jack osbourne?

bethany on

EWWW, her natural look is so bad. It makes you wonder what other stars look like without all their make-up on. I think that she is drop dead gorgeous with her make-up on, but without she looks super bad. I look better then her and she is a celebrity!!

Maggie on

why the h*ll would you ask us that question, of course everybody would say that they like kelly clarkson glam not natural. she looks as if she’s on cr*k, no affence to you kelly… that’s why they say beauty takes time and they say…. how do girls really look like without makeup?……. thank gosh to the creation of makeup and we all look like that in the morning and all girls use makeup because there are things that they want to hide… I LIKE KELLY CLARKSON GLAM NOT NATURAL AND THAT WAS A VERY STUPID QUESTION.

bo on

the one on the right is her mom.

smartypants on

some people wear makeup to look good, others wear it to look normal.

AW on

Kelly looks like the rest of us in the morning. Beauty is something we create anyways!

SOMe1 on

YUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Its amazing what makeup does!!

Tonya on

Wow! Damn! She should never go out without makeup again. Remember, paint makes you what you ain’t! Still love you and your music.

kodi on

what happend kelly soo the glam

erin on

I totally thought that the natural Kelly was a boy.. sorry Kelly

Katie on

I love Kelly to death but the short hair needs to go. She looks like a cubby little kid with self-cut short hair.

SlwCrw on

She looks like a boy when going nautral….stick to the glam Kelly!!!

Heidi on

Glam!! She needs at least a LITTLE makeup for her au naturale look, my God. She looks HORRIBLE.

steve on

She looks like a teenager in that right picture. Glam is more polished and pretty, per se, but it’s not like she’s in need of a bag in her natural state. Just a normal girl, and one that doesn’t give a damn if she’s out in her bare face. Cool.

J Hoops on

I think somewhere in between. She would look great with a soft lipstick and shinier hair.

raya on

Wow are people harsh/ugly today. I am glad there are actually a few stars that act normal go places w/o makeup. I sure wouldn’t especially with all these awful comments. The only problem with her face is she looks tired & either stressed or sleepy.

She looks normal w/o makeup just like other 23 yr olds and actually even pretty.

Cat on

She looks beautiful both ways!

Bunky on

Maggie – It’s funny that you assume everyone will give the same answer that you do (“of course everybody would say that they like kelly clarkson glam not natural”), especially since, if you had bothered to read the comments that came before yours, *they didn’t*. It’s true, the majority said that Kelly looks better with makeup, but a few people said she was beautiful either way, and a number of people took the chance to comment more broadly on makeup in general and the true sources of beauty. Someone capable of grasping that the question doesn’t require a yes-or-no response – someone clearly other than you – will come up with a more interesting prespective AND USE FEWER CAPITAL LETTERS. (And we won’t get into grammar and punctuation and the niceties of language because, well, there just isn’t time.)

Emily on

I think it is extremely offensive when those of you out there say how ugly she is without make-up. Like any of you look gorgeous without your make-up on. Personally I think she’s brave by waking up and not putting make-up on; it shows how she human she is. Re-evaluate yourselves before you judge her without make-up on! She is one of the most down to earth celebrities. You wouldn’t see Paris without her make-up on! Kelly Clarkson is beautiful inside and out.

Lindsey on

OMG! That is the same person. Wow, just goes to show how much more beautiful people are when Hollywood takes over! She is so not pretty being natural. I even look better when I get out of bed in the morning!

Selden on

Her nose looks 10x bigger in the “natural”. I’m all for glam

Ashley on

GLAM!!! She looks so much prettier glam. Natural she just looks frumpy, and, I’m sorry, a little trailer trashy.

Donna on

She looks horrible with no makeup. I can’t believe a celebrity would leave her house like this.

wellsvillerocks0 on

i think she looks pretty natural. She looks not like herself with all that makeup

Stephanie on

She NEEDS make up…and some highlights

Eileen on


Quinci on

Oh my god, the picture on the right is GORGEOUS!!! I’m kidding, of course. A couple of you actually believed me, didn’t you? Ha! Well, Kelly, stick to the make-up and you’ll be fine. :)

Gene on

OMG- Glam!!!

Katie on

I love Kelly, and she looks beautiful both ways. Its nice too see a star that looks like a normal perosn. Way to go Kelly!

Taylor on

Shes not terribly scary without makeup. But i think she looks fine without makeup! Hey celebritys can be natural looking too!

Laurie on

She looks like a normal person at least! I think she is pretty both ways. People calling her ugly are very rude,because at least she is real!

KT on

She put on her make-up becuase she needed to be looked
prettier than the natural her without it.
I do same when I have to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony.
I should look better, otherwise make-up is nonsense.

4luck2d on

I think she was intending on the “I hope no one recognizes me” look :) It is “flu” season.

rene on

who says she looks good anyway

okny on

hahahahahahah to what rocketinu said!! so true

Courtney on

SHE IS SO CUTE! I LOVE HER. But I think everyone loves glam on Kelly the most.

BooBoo on

So basically people are saying if you are famous you are supposed to be glammed up 24/7. People deserve a break. I go out in public with no makeup. I have not seen more than a few people who look good with no makeup on. My dermatologist said to not wear makeup all the time to allow the face to “breath” to avoid any breakouts and irritation on my face. What if Kelly was just doing that. Or what if she went with some friends and they decided last minute to go somewhere while they were out? That happeneds to me. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they arent human. I think she looks great in both. I have seen other pictures of her with no makeup and she looks great.

Carol on

I think Kelly’s glam look, looks great! We can’t all look as good without makeup. She’s matured a lot as she’s got older.

Cynthia on

Ummmmm…Kelly…I love you to death, and I KNOW that the paparazzi can be cruel, but this is just sooooo wrong. You are a pretty girl, but in that picture, you look like a very masculine she/woman…..It’s not cute, or pretty in any way…

Hey…I don’t wear full on face every day, but at least do the Bobbi Brown thing and look like you’re “natural” with make-up…..

Collette on

That’s why God invented makeup.

shantizzle on

Whaaaaa????? dear god! what happened to the poor girls left cheek?? did someone punch her? simon? paula? clay aiken??? someone beat her, mainly in the left cheek.

Kay on

well of course glammed up but that goes for anybody. but you also have to keep in mind that she is very pretty and everyone has bad pictures, and really bad days. at least she’s got the talent.

Seanaci on

Wow. Natural, she looks sooooo young. And I think she looks fine either way. You people who say she only looks good glam would look damn good too if you had a bevy of stylist to help you get ready for a bit night like that.

Jen on

She looks great natural.

Ashleigh on

I loveeeee kelly but she looks much better glam.

Patti Tibbits on

Well Kelly, I’m sorry, but you need to atleast put on some powder to cut back on the very greyish color that your natural skin shows and to cover those dark circles under your eyes! And a dash of lip gloss and a few strokes of mascara would do wonders! You don’t have to go all out and glam, but just a little would make a big, beautiful difference. Anyway, that’s just my opinion, you are still my # 1 American Idol and always will be with or without your make-up! Love ya!

tory on

I think she should be in whatever makes her most comfortable.

T Ray on

Oh Goodness. Sorry to say but natural is not the way to go but at least the Proactiv is working

Esmi on

My gosh!!! Looks like she has a twin brother!!! Glam all the way.

Jane on

She looks like a boy sans makeup. Natural is good, but behind closed doors. Don’t make the rest of us suffer.

Na Na on

Oh gosh! When I first saw that picture outta the corner of my eye, I thought that was like her twin brother or something! Kelly, please do us a favor; “DON’T EVER WALK OUT YOUR HOUSE LIKE THAT AGAIN, Thank You!” Definately go with glam, hon!

m_a_s_14 on


Amy on

I love kelly, but she looks like a boy in that picture.
She still has a great voice though :)

Mari on

She looks hideous without makeup!! I hope she never goes out without makeup again because she can scare the wits out of anyone. She not only has a great voice she has a lot of guts going out without makeup.

Aly on

I like her glam look better. Sorry Kelly, you look like a young boy without the makeup and a hair style.

sandy on

when you put yourself out there for public scrutiny, and you want to be seen and respected as a super star, then you must look like one and act like one and accept the responsibility that goes with fame…

Haley on

OMG, glam is the only way for her to go as a superstar. As a normal person, she looks fine.

JR on

Who’s the boy on the right?



Jordan on

Thank you Kelly for being unafraid to show your natural beautiful self. How awesome considering the pressures we woman face to “play up” our looks, and decry our God-given selves as “not good enough.” Rock on! You look good with or without the face paint.

Dawn on

Kelly is a beautiful person inside and out, I say who are we to say what beauty is….I think she is way too cute either way!

Jenn on

She horrible both ways! Yuck!

Rosie on

She makes a cute boy, with her natural look.

Lynn on

She looks like a guy in the photo with no makeup. Her face is wide, as are her nose and mouth and makeup, even minimal makeup can hide “flaws”.

Richard on

Kelly looks great no matter what. But with out her make up doesn’t she look like a younger version of Rosie Odonnell? You decide..:)

coronachick on

this is a really dumb question
i mean i am a huge kelly fan, but come on.

ally on

wow…not cute much? i still don’t get why people like this girl so much. it’s amazing what makeup can do.

susan on

Dolly Parton said it best in Steel Magnolias, “There is no such thing as natural beauty.”

Lori on

Kelly definitely looks better glam, but not horrible without makeup. She is such a talented singer… I love her voice.

Jessica R... on

She looks much better with makeup on she looks a little kelly osborn without it!

Brittany on

There is no way that is her w/ out make up. 2 totally different people. Just look at the features, teeth totally not the same and her cheeks are fatter in the pic w/ out makeup. If that is her w/out make up than she is UGLY UGLY!!!!!!

Emily on

I am so happy that she chose the natural look! She looks so beautiful- like always! I love her new ‘do!

Brittany Ann on

She looks like a man natural.

roxy on

I agree kelly looks terrible natural.But maybe if she grew her hair to hers shoulder and let it down she’d look better.

Bethany on

Why would she ever walk outside without her makeup on? The glam looks takes off about 15 pounds!

Jake on

She is a perfect example of what you see in pictures is not real. Young girls look at these glam pictures and think that is real. She needs allot of make up to look Glamorous. The other picture needs a bag. She looks like a daughter of that Rosie chick from the View.

megan on

people need to stop concertrating on these type of things!! She has talent and thats all that should matter!!!

Dora Tunik on

She looks like a freaking man. That is disgusting. People say that other celebrities look bad…eww.

Nichoals on

I think she look perfect either way, You see it is question like this one and answers like “shopaholics” That create anorexia in girls and guys, but she does just look georgous, I personally like it when girls don’t wear makeup, that way I can trully tell when a girl is comfortable with their self.

alexandra on

i am a kind person so i wan’t say what kind of piece she looks like..put on your make-up Kelly!!can’t u see it makes miracles??

Rob on

Do You Like Her Glam or Natural?…Um do you really have to ask?!!!

Mac on

I prefer Kelly’s glam look. The truth is that most stars who look glam on the red carpet look average without makeup and styling. Of course, mags use Photoshop and such to fine-tune their photos for publication too.

Bedina on

She looks like an ugly man naturally.

becki on

I’m sorry to say it but without makeup she kinda looks like a boy…

becki on

I hate to say it but without make up she looks like a dude… Sorry Kelly

Shae on

Hey, shut up all of you. You are all so stupid and shallow. She look’s FINE natural. Don’t diss. She’s better looking than you!

Shae on

Hey, shut up all of you. You are all so stupid and shallow. She look’s FINE natural. Don’t diss. She’s better looking than you!

Marine on

I can’t believe you even asked this question…Glam of course!!!

heartofgold on

you know it kills me that people even ask questions like this. How about voting on her talent?

She’s gorgeous regardless and at least she’s one of the FEW individuals who actually deserve to be famous.

Kim on

OOOOOOOOO that is not the best I have seen her.. but we would all look that good glam if we had a personal makeup artist/stylist…

Diana on

Looks like Rosie O’Donnell’s sister.

robert on

“hag” is about the best word i can use to describe her natural look…how old is she? she looks like she’s going on 40

unnatractive both ways, but i think covering up that face is her best option so unnatural definately gets my vote

Vanessa on

Oh my God!!!!
What was Kelly thinking!!?? Natural is not her best!

Laura on

I thought the natural look was her brother! Glam is definantly better.

Anna X on

omg she looks like kelly osbourne… I say at least put on some lip gloss and look a little feminine.

Gloria Vip on


Kitt on

GLAM, no question.

Me on

Definitly..Glam!! =>

Crystal on

I think Kelly looks good either way she is a really pretty woman. But, if I had to choose I would say she looks better all glamered up!

abc123 on

Glam…no question.

ljay on

definately glam, she looks like a boy otherwise

hallie on

Imagine going to bed with the left and waking up to the right. Yikes!! The guy should be asking himself how much beer he had the night before.

naturalbeauty on

I think this is a great reminder of how superficial celebrity can be! For people who are obsessed with celebrities and strive to look just like them, here is your wake up call – without a team of stylists, celebrities look just like everyone else in this world. Let’s try not to rip on them so hard when they actually come down to our level…

Marianne on

It takes quite a bit of self confidence to just be yourself. Good for Kelly. Shall we buy mirrors for all those making the nasty comments?

marie on

wow! what a huge difference between the two pictures. it’s almost unbelievable that the two pictures are of the same person. she kinda looks like kelly osbourne in the second picture.

Yery on

Glam of course! she doesen´t look like Kelly Clarkson!

Megulina on

Hey I bet everybody looks like this when they don’t put on any make-up so why the harsh comments? And I agree with marie! Take a look at yourself once in a while before you don’t put any make-up on and picture people giving you mean opinions.

christiine jenny on

SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE IS SICK!!the glam usually always works 4 ever1!!

Colleen on

I love her all made up…..But have to give her credit even leaving the house all natural…She is just one of us…You go girl……

mikayla on

i love kelly clarkson too she is awesome and sweet!!..of course make-up helps duh?.. anybody who doesnt fix themselves in the morning im sure aint all that pretty either !! kelly is down to earth and that is what makes her so cool and thats why we love her remember?? she’s not a diva like j.lo definitely not a diva..she’s just normal she’s human all celebrities are human they do have there ugly days you know they aren’t always beautifull like we think …

Lisa on

In the natural picture she looks a bit boyish. I like with the make up on.

kaimom on

pic on right looks like a homeless twelve year old

Chelsea on

Ok So Def. Kelly Looks way better Glam. Natural isn’t cutting it for her.

Sandra H on

oh lord she’s awful natural! she scares me! stupid question,glam ofcourse.

Ms.Bailey on

I’m not saying this to be mean, but she looks like a man with no make-up on (at least in this pic) Def. GLAM!!

Natalie on

It doesn’t matter what Kelly looks like, because her voice is too beautiful to critisize her looks!

Marta Perreira on

Yikes,she looks like Rosie O’Donnell’s twin. Please put some make-up on. You have a great Voice but the natural look doesn’t go with you. Sorry but it’s the truth.
Good Luck with your new look.

Elise on

Of course she should glam it up for big events, but who wants to do all of that everytime they step outside. I think she looks cute without makeup and beautiful with it.

sehaliah on

oh dear all i have to say is does MAC or Stila mean anything to her

Kate on

Look, here’s the deal. If a woman has stunning bone structure & fantastic skin, she can go natural. But EVERY woman, although magnificent in her own way, looks better with make-up, whether just a tiny bit, a whole glam look, or anything in between. Women have been adorning their faces for thousands of years, so the practice of putting on even the littlest bit of make-up is actually ‘natural’! Anyone who says that the picture on the right is better, or that Kelly should stick to the look God gave her, etc. is either lying to themselves or has low self worth. So enjoy your face and enjoy adorning it!

brittany on

omg i love her glam the most. her natural doesnt show off her personalities that she has about her. i love how they done her hair and make up. she dont look good in the natural pic as she does in the glam. she needs to keep the glam that way. she looks amazing and glamorous. way to go kellie. i would give u a 10 if we could vote.

Kristen on

Kelly should not leave the house with out make-up.

Yadie on

OMG. She looks like a plain Jane in the right….what make up could do

Julia on

Well, I can’t say I love it. But I think she is brave to go out with out make up on. Although i most certainly like the glam look better.



sarah on

how can anyone say she looks ugly without makeup? she looks just like everyone else you see passing by on the sidewalk throughout the day. who cares? she’s normal. big deal.

*tokio hotel* on

hey guys, I think everyone looks better with some make-up on!!!! natural is normal and make-up has more a “wow” effect! =)

leah on

Kelly looks like a man!!!! With her, there shouldn’t be such a look as “natural”. Glam is better.

Dana on

She looks like Rosie O’Donnell!!

tan on

make up always helps! she looks like a ghost without make-up

Meillissa on

the photo on the left looks like a typical celeb picture….glamourous, absolutely breathtaking, an all around beautiful girl!
the photo on the right looks like a regular person you would see at Wal-Mart…..boring and lazy!

Erin on

She looks like a young Rosie O’Donnell natural. So, if you still have to ask…GLAM!!!!!!

K on

She looks like a boy without makeup!! She look horrendous!

bob on

omg def glam no offense kelly but u need make up and when i say need i mean it is a necessity

common sense on

glam by far

Common Sense on

Glam by far, what kind of question was that?

Cherie on

wow she is so ugly!amazing what show biz can do for you!

Alexa on

I think that Kelly Clarkson is a very good singer.I also think that she is just a good person in general-she’s a Christian, like me!I think that you shouldn’t care so much about how you look on the outside, but should care about what God cares about-the inside.So, if Kelly Clarkson decided not to wear makeup,I would be fine with that!!!!!!!

V on

If I’d see her in a super-market line I would NEVER think it was her standing next to me. Glam by far! Or…you know she could use a bit of concealer and gloss-that’s all it can take to look good, and not pounds and hours of make-up hosed at your face.

Nicole on

there is nothing wrong with natural as long as you look good. she doesnt look good with out make-up on. I mean she doesnt have to go all out when she isnt going somewhere like an award show. Just a little powder/foundation would have been perfect and it wouldnt have been too much

Laura on

Even though she may look really horrible compare to her glam look, she still had the guts to show how she looks like without make-up. I bet a lot of celebrities look like that without make-up, but she had the guts to show it. So stop judging the way she looks, either way she’s still Kelly Clarkson. But it would be nice to see her with make-up.

Diane Tunnet on

Funny how we never see a male “before/after makeup”. What an obvious double-standard. Any woman who thinks she looks better with makeup needs to think about what kind of values she’s allowed into her vapid brain.

Erika Avalos on

What Kelly I would even know it was her and Oh and know she does not go natural….Make up really helps!!!

sara on

Yep stars are human you gorgeous do you all look with no make up on?and so what?people are so superficial,no wonder all the stars have so much surgery.I think she looks fine.

Jenya on

Oh my god! Who is that. And THIS person we call DIVA?!!!!!!!!

Haley on

Richard~ Ah-ha-ha!!! She DOES look like Rosie a little bit! LOL

leah on

au natural……no way….she looks disgusting..she looks better with her face on!

Haley on

Kate~ I don’t wear any makeup on a daily basis…. what are you saying about that??!


kelly is beautiful either way!!! you rock kelly!!


kelly is beautiful either way!!! you rock kelly!!

Gabby on

She’s not ugly.Make up might enhance your looks..but it’s nothing like a beautiful personality.I think she’d look better if she wore less make up.It seems like on the left it’s a little much…but on the right she just looks so plain…I bet she’d look awesome naturally with a tan :)

kaitlin on

firts of all nobody looks perfect and I bet that the majority of the people on here are not that good liikng if they dont have a little help from hair makeup. She’s a real person not just a celebrity jeez people act like they have to be made up all the time like they are in a music video. Get a life.

Lola on

glam because natural is to plain

Jayda on

OMG Glam of course….She looks like a boy natural

Pat on

It’s amazing what a little makeup can do. But….she sure can sing.

Molly on

The glam picture looks like an arm’s-length celebrity, but the natural picture looks like somebody I’d like to know.

lilly on

i love kelly, but– ew.

Abby on

when i look at her i think she looks better glam but when she looks at herself in the mirror she thinks “hey i look pretty today” also who would want to get all glamed up just to go to the grocery store? Not me!

McKenna M on

She looks better glammed up! Don’t we all?!!!!!

Alex on

Why are you all saying she looks awful? She doesn’t look like herself because when they (professionals did the glam look) do her makeup, they make her chin and nose look smaller! Good for Kelly for wanting to look like a normal everyday person! It’s nice to know that all Hollywood people don’t look perfect.

Jessie on

Obviously the “natural” look isn’t going to get her much attention… but sometimes that can be just fine. I like her both ways.

Robyn on

She is a straight dog without makeup.

megan on

wish you could do that to me

Tara on

Makeup is a shallow mask. With her natural beauty revealed she’s gorgeous.

Nannabean on

OMG! Why would you ask a question with such an easy answer?She is beautiful with makeup, but without she’s… well, butt ugly. At first I thought it was a picture of a boy!

Vivian on

Glam of course! I wouldnt think anyone who said natural really meant it.

artsysmartsygrrl on

she looks like a boy or like kelly osbourne without makeup – i say, always look your best in public! the opportunity to snap this photo of her au naturale should never have been allowed!

swissgirl on

it’s awesome was make-up can do !

stephanie on

wow! i cant believe she looks like that, i mean that she would even go out like that . a little foundation never hurt anyone!


I love the fact that this shows people that underneath the four layers of makeup is just a normal person. She’s not ugly by any means, but it shows that noone is just gorgeous all the time.

Jean Smith on

She looks different in each picture, preferably she looks better in the make over.

Grace on

I think in the world we live in we are obsessed with glamour and good looks–which does not make a person or tell anything about your character. It is refreshing to see Kelly comfortable enough in her own skin to show her “real” authentic self. We need to applaud her for knowing who she is in the midst of hollywood glam.

Emily on

It is silly to say that one photo is a natural “look.” That is just what her face actually looks like. She obviously looks prettier and far more polished with make-up, but she really can’t help what she looks like without it and probaly agrees with everyone who likes the other photo better. Geez.

jess on

Let me say this with makeup, she is a very pretty girl. Without, she looks like her twin brother!

Lola LaVache' on


Christine on

what kinda dumb question is ths? obviously glam. i not even sure why i wasting my time to comment.

Kelly on

As I have always said, “Only ugly people need makeup.” In addition, yes, I need makeup……

Danielle on

She is ugly either way!

Cranky Eater on

I liked the highlights–the dye job looks like she did in her sink with Clairol.

Stephanie on

I think Kelly is great, but the natural look is not good on her. I think if her hair was lighter it might be better. The dark is not good on her. I still love her though.

Bethany on

I can’t help admiring Kelly for having the guts to go out in public without make-up, not to mention the fact that she’s smiling! I think she looks beautiful glammed up, but it definitely shows how down to earth she is from the fact that she’s makeup-less and comfortable in her own skin.

Beth on

Without makeup she looks like George from Grey’s Anatomy!



Danielle on


Kaylen on

Kelly honey, if you’re gonna be in People magazine, then you’ve gotta make an effort. Sorry doll.

Nancy on

This is a trick question right? The power of make-up is a beautiful thing.

Kaylen on

Hey now, all of you commenting about Rosie O’Donnell….as a gay lady, I find her pretty appealing… I do Ellen, Melissa, etc….so lay off!

alaskan_chic on

amazing how many people in here are freaked cause she isn’t wearing make up. the chic can sing! doesn’t matter what she looks like! sounding like an old worn out record, beauty is only skin deep. i think she looks fine either way. celebrities shouldn’t feel pressured into looking like beauty queens all the time! i know we normal people don’t. heck, half the time i don’t even wear make-up to work. you people are all superficial in here.

Daniela on

Kelly (natural) looks like a HOT mess! It must have been when she just woke up. I know I look bad when I wake up. Ewww

Gaby on

Simon Cowell would say: ABSOLUTELY AWFUL….!

girlfriend; you need to pluck those eyebrows, get on a diet or suck the fat out of those cheeks and get yourself some hair extensions…

Brittani Rucobo on


i cant belevie thats her

it dosnt even look like her.

the reason why she looks like that is because of wearing makeup.

it bleaches your face.

she should stop wearing it for awhile.

go recover kelly!!

Gaby on

and by the way dear alaskan_chic; this is what “people” is all about… maybe national geographic is more your type…

Gaby on

the best answer to bleachy faces is… indor tanning!

Emily on

I thought the natural picture was of some guy who looked like her.

Candice on

Are you sure that isn’t Rosie O’Donnell on the right?

katie on

i honestly thought that the natural look was pete wentz at first. holy moly.

Jennifer on

UHHHHH……..she really looks bad in the non glam pic. She is beautiful the other way

jessica on

Holy crap! Keep the makeup on!!



Katie on

Only snobs would rip someone apart for not having makeup on. Who cares which picture looks better, doesn’t anyone ever look at the inside anymore? I know I look horrendous without makeup too, but the people who are important to me don’t give a damn!

Autumn on

You have to be kidding?!?! Of course she looks better with makeup, who doesn’t?? However, don’t you ever just want to go out and do something comfortable instead of going full out. Celebs are no different, they are regular people with or without makeup. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks but how you feel, if you are comfortable I say go for it. Nobody looks perfect all the time, so I say live it up once in a while and lose the makeup.

Patrick on

WOW. No Comment.

Steph on

In my family we use to say that: “there is no ugly women but poor women” it is incredible what make up can do!!!

Pam on

You guys need a life. Why get all offended cuz the girl’s not wearing any makeup? She didn’t show up like that to take you to the prom or anything, so you need to back off. She’s an awesome singer, and could out-sing all of us. I don’t care if she wears clown makeup, I’ll still buy her CD’s.

Barbara on

The answer is obvious. I think you guys just wanted an excuse to print a really bad photo of Kelly. Give her a break.

Groovy1 on

Although it is great that Kelly has the confidence to go out in public without make-up on, clearly she should wear some foundation and mascara. A little lip color wouldn’t hurt either!

Shelbie-Love on

I think that it doesn’t matter what she looks like! She looks good either way! It’s what is on the inside that matters.

barb on

If she is going for the Rosie O’Donnell look she succeeded. I love Kelly, but really…

Tabata on

She looks like a guy and the ugly one :)

barb on

If she is going for the Rosie O’Donnell look she succeeded. I love Kelly, but really…

Kiki on

Okay, so I’m not going to say she’s ugly or anything because she’s REALLY naturally gorgeous. But we all know what a little makeup can do for our faces–and she needs some just so she looks more ready for the red carpet, or just going out. I thought she was someone else..Andy Milonaukis or something…

lisa on

MADE UP!!!!!

niki on

I think this a ridiculous question! Most people look better with a little bit of makeup than without. Even celebrities are allowed to have a ‘day off’! Who knows what kind of day she has had. I wish people would stop being so judgmental of people’s appearances. Kelly is an amazing singer–why are people obsessing over her appearance when she is employed to make cd’s?

sarah on

i think a blind person could even tell the difference!natrual of course!JUST KIDDING!!!

Fashionista on

i thnik kelly should definily stay with glam and whear make-up

kelly on

Kelly Clarkson looks really nice with GLAM!!!!!
If she had the natural look it would be a dissaster!

Jan on

She is not that bad without the makeup. Confidence is the key to beauty!

betty on

She looks like a boy, she better be glam!!!!

crzygurl on

She looks like a boy with no makeup. I still think she is great though. LOVE YA KELLY!!!

jessica on

definitely glam!

Ruby on

Well…normally I’m all for natural:: but with her, it’s simple:: TOTALLY GLAM:: NATURAL MAKES HER LOOK LIKE A GUY:: NO OFFENSE TO KELLY.

Gabby on

She looks much better glamour, even though she doesn’t look as bad as most people natural

jrzygrl on

look, i’m not a fan of hers, im just really bored…. i support a more natural look, but she looks horrible, she couldve at least put on some lipgloss or something.

alex on

Wow, No one, NO ONE would be that dumb to say natural all the way.

Anna on

Everyone says she so ugly well if you wondered arounf with makeup ALL the time you would get sick of it so why not take it off!! You Rock Kelly!!!

Sarah on

I can’t believe all of you are so shallow! Not all celebs are that gorgeous all the time you know, and it’s a natural process called aging. Kelly looks glam either way, it’s just amazing that she’s comfortable enough with her own skin that she would go out without makeup on. That’s courage, and not ALL women need make…just insecure ones.

Jamie on

i definitly think she looks better glam!!

kimmyG on

why would you even post a picture of kelly with her natural hair like that? i mean, couldn’t you fix it on the computer or something?!

kristen on

I love seeing celebs without make-up…we are always use to seeing them all glammed up, and seeing without the makeup, makes me feel gorgeous. (especially that shot of kelly)

christine on

natural is NOT kelly’s best look!!!

Micheala on

Who really looks gorgeous without make-up? Honestly I give her props for not caring because a woman is gorgeous either way!

Tati on

Goes to show that anyone can look good with makeup. Still love her though!

natasha on

she looks allmost the same… she is ugly anyway

melinda on

She looks much prettier glammed up. I hate to say this, but she kinda looks like a man without any make up.

Deena on

ok. i LOVE kelly, but this picture looks like it could be her little brother.


shes not pretty shes cute. DARK HAIR DOES NOT SUIT HER.



traki on

I thought that was a boy!

Shirley on

People, what is wrong with our world. We should not be even thinking about this. She is pretty regardless of glam makeup or not, her talent is unmatchable. Why is this even an issue of discussion? I don’t understand, one minute everyone is upset that the world is so superficial and the next you are all supporting superficiality. Grow up and see the world through new eyes, eyes of beauty and love….
Kelly you’re so talented your beautiful no matter what!!!!
That’s all folks…

bec on

sorry but without the makeup she looks fugly

Chappy on

i love kelly… but the natural look just isn’t working for me. and her dark hair!! i definitely think she should keep it blonde or brunette. she is so much prettier than what that natural picture shows. and i absolutely love her glam look best!

MadMommy on

First of all, I’m ashamed that I’m even looking at this page. Secondly, all you commentors, if all you have to do with your time is tell someone else they’re ugly without makeup…yikes…go do something useful. Women complain that men set standards too high and oggle models, but we WOMEN are the ones who are messed up and seeking affirmation of our beauty from society instead of from God. Can I get an AMEN!

Claire on

Unfortunately she is in a profession in which if she is out in public, she needs to look her best. Most women do not look better au natural (I even wear a little eye makeup to the gym). She is a real darling so I hope she will make time to look a bit more polished when she is out in the public eye.

sage on

Kelly Clarkson is better with glam than natural

Tina on

what was she thinking?
Horrendously UGLY!!!!

Amy Coleman on

Damn Girl!!!!! Thank god for Cover girl. You still can sing you ass off so you good no matter which way you look.

mallory on

I definetly like her glam look!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maura on

omg wat in the world was she thinking going out without make up geeeeeese she cant pull it off!!! i like the word gilian used….YIKES!

paris wannabee on

Glam of course!!!

rachel on

Kelly Clarkson is not a natural beauty. She gets her glamous look from make-up and without it she is below her profile status.

linz on

Makeup is better…but I’m sure it gets old to have that all over your face all the time.

samantha on

she could use some lip gloss when natural, (we all should) but she looks fine either way

a.j. on


I luv John on

I would say she looks better glamed up up but she is a human being. She is going to have bad days. I know every person who is reading this had a day like this!

Ellen on

I am a HUGE Kelly fan! She is my gurrl.
She was so cute on AI. They do put a lot of
makeup on the contestents who are not natchral
beauties but I think maybe Kelly is tired of
looking like someone she isn’t.
She is not a natchral beauty. That is ok.
She can really sing. She doesn’t need beauty to
cover lack of talent.
Kelly has never wanted to be a gurrly gurrl. She
is not afraid for people to know this any more.

Rosie on

I love Kelly on the right. It looks like the
real her. No fake pretending to be feminine.
She is a great role model for young lesbians
everywhere for not being made up and fake.
Luv ya Kelly!!

Don on

Wow, I never thought much of her looks to begin with, but man, she is downright bad looking. Definitely shows what having money and help can do for you. Maybe she should pay them all the time, cause there is no excuse for looking like that. Normal non-celebrity women try to look their best when they go out. What makes a celebrity think they are immune to being considered ugly when the show fits.



Celica on

I think Kelly’s hard partying ways are catching up to her. She looks really aged for someone under 25. Stop drinking all the booze and sugary vitamin drinks Kelly and think about your health.

Carla on

its not all about the looks. Natural is where we
start from and cosmetics only enhances the beauty
of a person. Kelly still looks amazing w/o any makeup.

sonia buentello on

HOLY COW!! she reminds me of a cousin of mine, uuuggllyy.

Jessica on

I think she looks much better glam. Her natural look, not to be rude, looks boyish.

sanaya on

i think that she looks great glammed up but i still think that sometimes it is nice to go out without so much makeup and just have fun

carrie on

she looks like any other person with out their makeup. what’s wrong with that?

Sam on

Kellys gorgeous either way but stick to being glamerous girl

Shannon on

Don’t do this to Kelly!!!! She is a great
She never said she thinks she is beautiful.
She has been seen hanging with porn stars and
vandalizing someone’s house. It is on You Tube.
She STILL is popular and famous. So THERE!!!
Her reputation hasn’t hurt her sales. CLive
loves her.

Who Cares! on


Scully on

its bad to say, but i feel better about myself seeing her without makeup…so i like the one without makeup better, for my own personal selfish reasons

Jenni on

ABSOLUTELY REFRESHING to see a star who still feels comfortable in her own skin! Thank goodness she’s still down to earth! Bravo, Kelly!


First off I would like to say i do like and respect kelli.In my opinion NOONE has the right to say she’s not a natural beauty or that she should were makeup.She is NOT ugly in eighther pic. Why does she have to be “brave” to not wear makeup? Maybe she just decided not to put it on and that’s that!Second, how can you take the time to read and answer this question and then call it stupid or dumb? Really some people should go get there own life! I LOVE PEOPLE MAG.! Thanks for all the great Issues and websight!!!

michele j on

I cant belive how big her nose looks in the natural look, and her teeth are sooo yellow never realize that either and then the little bags under her eyes YIKES!!! Good god a day get that lady some make-up and some teeth bleaching stuff!!
The hair! The Hair! Go back to the light brown with highlights that was sooo pretty on her..this horrid dark brown washes her face out…

Alex on

Is her vocal talent the same? Because as far as I’m concerned, she is one of the only vocalists in today’s society with actual talent and it would be a travesty for people to go down on her for her appearance on one day.

samantha on

Its not fair to critize someone for not wearing make-up and having to judge whether she looks better glam or natural. Who are we to judge? IMO I know everyone thinks they look better with make-up on only cause it covers inperfections on our faces. SO how would you all feel if your picture was on here and all these ppl had to judge your inperfections on this webpage? Yes they are harish and some are sweet but you are no better looking natural then Kelly. You are no better looking glam then Kelly, Kelly has a beautiful face either way.

sadkellyfan on

It’s because of all the boozing she does that
makes her look worse.
Here is a look at her being herself.

director Sandy on

Wow! I love Kelly but she is looking awful in this picture. I am worried about her as well. she looks kind of burnt out. OUCH!

jen on

i think she looks good in either picture…but glam is better she looks cleaner…no glam she looks sorta dirty, unclean

bathandbody on

Kelly said she never learned good hygiene as a kid. She
can’t help isn’t clean looking. Living hard, boozing does
not make one conscious of cleaniness.

Andrea on

So totally natural. DUH She looks so perfect and Beautiful. I will now focus on looking like her, Au natural. I don’t think make- up looks that good. She is lovely. Absolutely gorgeous, without makeup.

Nancy on

She looks like Androgenous Pat in the “natural” photo. Horrible! Not like a star at all.

The Person That Matters on

OOOOOMMMMMGGG how can someone that pretty look like that without makeup???

Kelly never do it again.

leilah on

she is soooo both ways
but as we HAVE to choose..glam of course!!!

Shannon on

I was looking st some of the other pictures of women without make-up. Halle Berry is gorgeous with or without it. She just IS a beautiful woman. Kelly is not. Kelly has a good voice so her talent should help her but what this shows me is something I felt for long time now. She lacks that glowing charisma that makes someone a star. For better or worse, that is what works in our world. Christina A. has it and so does Beyonce. I don’t think Kelly could do much more than what we have seen. She does not have the IT factor. Girl can sing though so it will extend her time but not for the long term. Christina has it all and another one with that It factor is Carrie Underwood. Talent and Beauty usually go with long term fame.

ally on

that is a really dumb question of course glam!

kay teee on

wow. whatta change! i think she looks much prettier with a bit of giltz & glam =)

Beka on

I definatly love her with make-up more but come on she looks good for a women with no make-up on and we all go one or two days without make up on.


Some people look awesome natural. Sorry Kelly you look better with then without.

Jennifer on

Of course she looks better glam. BUT, I don’t think the reason the natural picture looks bad is because of her natural looks, it the unnatural DARK hair. It’s harsh.

I’m just glad I’m not a celebrity, who wants all this bashing?

Joana on

wow she looks pretty bad with out make-up

Missallyrene on

omg, glam definately, she looks gorgeous all made up. i mean leave the natural look for home when your relaxing with friends or family, or even with you pets. and use the glam look for going out and partying and going out to dinner, and etc.

Jennifer on

Kelly’s voice is good. I like her. She is just
no Christina in looks or voice.
Christina beats Kelly hands down!

rachel on

ewwwwwwwwww she looks sooo ugly w/out makeup!!! i cant even believe it! she should ALWAYS wear make up WHEREVER she goes!!! ahh!!!

T on

She looks absolutely fabulous all glammed up! I don’t really like her the other way….

brittney on

wow!!! totally ugly in natural look. how can u even show that picture in public.

Amber on

I dont think that people shoule have to be all glamed up 24/7 especially “famous people”. Its okay to look as natural and beautiful with or without makeup. “Famous people” have enouph to deal with, without people like us, to judge them about what they look like, or what they are wearing. I think kelly clarkson looks just as beutiful without makeup as she does with it. Let them be normal for once in their life, without people judging.

Ana Chavez on

I like her glam better. She looks horrible natural in this picture.

lexi on

yikes! surely nobody can dress to-the-nines every day, but this? it looks like she overslept, rolled out of bed and left without showering, brushing her hair or checking a mirror!

director Sandy on

Yikes! That youtube link of Kelly is very sad indeed. How degrading to women and how tacky. Why would she do that? I don’t get it. Lots of teens admire Kelly and she is a role model. what a way to blow an image. What is she trying to prove. I’m really rethinking my admiration for her. No wonder she looks so bad. She really is burnt out.

Diann on

If you could like the glam pic, why go natural??

heffalumparmy on

I LOVE Kelly Clarkson but:
She looks kind of like Kelly OSBORNE in the ‘natural’ one.

Hannah on

Ewwwww..this natural look’looks awful bueckkk.!

Casey on

So why exactly does it matter what she looks like without make-up? She looks like a normal person, which is exactly what she is. Most people look really different without make-up, so aren’t we kind of misrepresenting ourselves? The picture on the right looks real, the picture on the left looks like a wax doll.

Victoria' on

GASP!*!*! OH MY GOODNESS wow i cant believe thats kelly clackson wow!!!!!

shannonk68 on

of course Kelly looks better with make-up, most women do. The thing I’ve always admired about Kelly is her down to earth personality. She never pretends to be something she’s not and never acts as if she’s better than anyone else. Most celebrities feel such pressure to “look” a certain way and I for one think it would be refreshing to have more of them adopt Kelly’s attitude of just being themselves. I rarely wear make-up myself so that when I do people make a huge deal out of it, makes it actually mean something for those occassions when I feel the need to get glammed up. It’s not an everyday look and shouldn’t be. I think Kelly sets a great example for young girls that it’s okay to just be who you are, love yourself and the world will love you back and if they don’t who cares, in the end only one person’s opinion matters and that’s your own. ROCK ON KELLY!

Jenn on

Why would they be crazy to say that she looks terrible without makeup. If you are a woman, do you ever leave the house without make-up? God help you if you are a man, and your wife or girlfriend saw that comment. I wear face powder and mascara if I feel like wearing make-up period. People say I look too “made-up’ with a lot of make-up on. Make-up is a pain, and sometimes its refreshing to the see the real person under the mask.

Moesha on

Okay. So your what I have read you guys think she looks gross without makeup? But when you guys don’t wear makeup you all look great!? You all are sooo judgmental!

Jenn on

Oh and to add. I saw Kellie Pickler at a bar last weekend (I live in Nashville) and she had fake hair and so much make-up on she looked like a walking Barbie (in a a bad, plastic, fake type of way) So I guess thats what people prefer…

Angelica on

She didnt ask anyone to take her picture so who are we to comment on it? I think we should look past her looks and look at her beautiful talent she can sing her heart out and that’s is why she is where she is!

Sam on

Ooh, I love you Kelly…But this…*shiver* You look need towear makeup! You look beautiful with it.

nats on

My God she looks different. She should be glad that makeup can do miracles.
Nice voice though.

Josh on

Maybe the drinking is taking it’s toll on the girl. Definitely glam. And she does look like Rosie O

GirlyGirl on

She is a pretty girl no matter what, but she really needs to put at least a little bit of makeup on if she plans on being photographed! Her glam look is definitely better!

George on

can someone please dip this girl in bronzer? she looks like a fricking mummy!

Jenn on

I didn’t think the Kelly Clarkson link was so bad. She’s 21 isn’t she? She was at a concert having a good time, got got caught off guard and pressured to get on-stage. Like the guy said “This isn’t live TV, it’s not Nickelodeon” I would have hit a bottle of Chevis Regal if it was passed my way too! That is fairly expensive stuff. People are too hard on her. Who wants to look back on their youth and say they never got have fun just because they were famous. And what? this is pretty much the only time you’ve seen her act out. Look at every other famous person. She looks like a nun by comparison.

Jen on

GOOD LORD!!!! MAKE-UP REALLY DOES DO MIRACLES!!! Sorry, Kelly. I love you, but good grief, MAN!!!! What is that all about!?!?!?


well everyone looks better glam



Sarah on

I wouldn’t go as far as to say she is scary without makeup, but she does look homely. I definitely like the glam look better. I love Kelly’s music.

blanche on

she looks beautiful either way

Lexie on

The glam look brings out the beauty in her! When glam she looks like the true Grammy winner she is!! Kelly is very talented and beautiful but maybe a little more makeup would not hurt…

Caroline on


TaTíí_dUfFiTa on

GLAM OF COURSE……….really ugly without make-up….diuuu

Rachael on

I dont think this is fair… someone picked probably the worst picture of her without makeup on… so of course you are going to chose the done-up one… ive seen natural pictures of her where she looks very pretty, so…

neutralbystander on

There are plenty of AI contestants who are
very pretty when they are are not made up.
Kelly is not one. She is not pretty without
makeup. She doesn’t have to wear makeup unless
she wants to though.
Kelly Pickler can’t wear more makeup than Kelly
Clarkson does when Kelly Clarkson has those raccoon eyes.
Some females are not feminine and don’t want to be.
Kelly is one of those females.

nicole on

Who said “less is better?” Not me! Kelly, you are a cute girl, why would you do this to your image? You are in the public eye now so you must be careful not to put yourself in this postion. No matter what your are loved though.

Unknown on

Glam definitely!!! No offense but,she looks really bad natural!!!

mary on

Tell the truth, that is her chubby brother with the dark hair!

alex on

she kinda looks like a guy 4 her natural look!!!!

hannah on

i don’t like the new look i don’t know who would i hate it

holly Golightley on

kelly, doesnt have the complexion to wear no makeup, it doesnt mean she has to look glam all the time, but a little makeup would go a long wayyy!

Felicia on

Of course it’s glam but it’s good seeing a celebrity as normal people, at least she doesn’t look perfect all the time, that will be scary

sizzle on

we always see celebs with makeup, so to see one without it shocking and sort of disturbing, but i give kelly props for going out like this, despite being a “huge celeb”

Jaclyn on

Natural is nice it you’re naturally beautiful.. which Kelly is not. Even with makeup on she barely passes. lol

tropicalei on

I love her glam but give her an A for effort. She’s obviously confident in her own, natural, skin…how many of us dare leave the house without make-up? U Go, Girl!

Amy on

Her skin tone is so uneven that even if she is running to the store, she NEEDS to do some powder or someting to even it all out! Otherwise she just looks super average and not even that, she isn’t even pretty!

Lovisa on

kelly is so brave! I love her for proving that appearence isn’t everything, even for celebritys! most celebritys are always perfectly styled, which is really hard for normal girls to live up to. Sure, it’s great to feel pretty, but YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO LOOK YOUR BEST! I mean come on, what if she didn’t have time to get “glammed up”? Should she have stayed home just because she didn’t look good enough? Besides it’s so unfair, why do girls have to put so much time and effort into looking pretty, while guys don’t! i say GO KELLY!!!!!

brooke on

Kelly looks good both ways. Naturaul beauty is the way to go. I think she actually looks better without makeup.

lana on

Teeth are the same…

Libby on

Who is that guy? Her brother? UUUGH….I am all for the natural look, but she looks like a dude!!! Glam is better for Her, Definatley!!!

Jami on

She looks a “HOT MESS” natural! I believe, if a person is only attractive with makeup on, then they are not truly an attractive person. Obviously, she needs makeup on at all times to maintain a pretty persona.

Simone on

OMFG! I was about to heave when I saw this picture. She looks like a furry man. Who goes out in public like that! SHe looks like a friend of mine (cc)

Madame Q on

This looks like Kelly Clarksons ugly twin brother.

Mick on

She’s always been ugly and needed the help of make-up artists.

MEL on

She isn’t that pretty to begin with. She needs make-up.

Jennifer on

EVERYONE looks better with a little make-up

Casey on

Wow, most of the posts on here are incredibly rude. It’s fine to say you like the glamour look better, but to call some ugly or say they look awful is very mean. I can only imagine the way some of you look with out make up on.


SHe is beautiful no matter what!

P on

Kelly Clarkson is hot – makeup or not.

Joan on

Ugh… she’s so ugly…:/ of course Glam

Amy on

I prefer her glam. I’m sorry but I thought the neutral picture was a guy!

Robin on

You people are all shallow. What the heck do YOU look like without makeup going to the grocery store?

She’s an actual PERSON. And i think she’s brave for doing so.

Grow up!

Blurb on

Glam…please go glam.

kick1563 on

GLAM!!! i never knew she wat she looked like without all her makeup!!! she looks way better with th makeup!!!



CJ on

I am going to say that Kelly looks much better glam.
She looks like she got hit by a bus or worse in that “natural” picture. I think she has a great attitude and I love her music but that is one horrible picture.
I’ve seen other natural pics of her that look a lot better.

Linds on

I’ve loved Kelly since she first appeared to TV world. I think it’s awesome that she doesn’t worry about what other people think of her appearance. Why should she have to wear tons of makeup everyday just because she’s a celebrity? For all you people here that talk trash about her a pic of yourself without your “face” on and then we’ll see who laughs last…Cheers Kelly!

Paula on

Of course she looks better GLAM. Who wouldn’t? But all these people saying she’s ugly or scary..wonder what they look like natural.

Isabela on

She looks weird in both ways !
But she’s even worse without make-up… She looks completely grost in her natural look… And she shouldn’t even left home that day! Ewww

Ana on

just goes to show, what an “average” looking girl can look like with a little bit of help and turn her into a drop dead gorgeous woman. . . . Any woman can look flawless with some professional help . . .

stephanie on

Geez, maybe something in between glamour kitten and little lord faunterloy? Where in God’s name did you find that picture of her? Okay, so my vote is somewhere in between the two.

Kathy on

glam is the way to go for Kelly, she looked like a boy all natural

Ash on

Whatever! Kelly looks really beautiful antway! I think it is just flat out mean people think stars ALWAYS have to look their best! I mean they are regular people just like you and me!!!! So whoever thinks the same as I do YOU ROCK!!! And if you think some star should always look their best then I guess think what you want to!

Meghan on

She looks totally different, you can tell that all the famous people wear WAY to much make-up, they dont even look like themselves

chev on

She looks great, why should women have to wear make-up everyday?
Thats pretty stupid.
The natural look is in, better natural then plastic looking!!!

molly on

you no nothing.
she is so butiful any way dont give her grife!

Tracie on

The fact that Kelly is comfortable enough with herself to go”out” in public au natural is a statement in itself. FACE it, what other STARS of today would go out with such a clean fresh look?

Ma on

What kind of a question is that??????

Morgan on

This is almost an insult to her. Who would compare a picture of her where she has bags under her eyes like she had a late night to one where she looks like shes ready to walk the red carpet

Maci on

I think Kelly is one of the most beautiful people inside and out!! Although with some make up on she is even that more beautiful!!

Rachel on

I think she should wear make-up. I don’t think that she needs to be all glamed out all the time, but she really needs makeup.

Valarie on

She looks strangely like Mandy Moore. Are you sure this isn’t Mandy Moore we are talkin about. I’m sorry who were we describing again. Mandy looks great in both pictures. Natural probably makes it easier for Mandy to go out in public without being noticed.

dancing is my passion on

OMG How could you like Kelly W/ Makeup??? She looks like a monster!

Kayla on

She looks nice either way because thats her personal beauty But she dose look better with GLAM

concerned for Kelly on

Kelly can’t compete with Avril, Beyonce, Britney.
They all are hot talent wise and looks. Kelly knows she has to go another route to stay successful. Even the media
isn’t interested in her.
She may look like Janis Joplin but she sure can’t
sing like her. Kelly’s time is up.

kate on

Let’s be honest-what do any of you look like without makeup on? That’s why we wear makeup, but there’s no rule that says we have to. At least she’s smiling!

louise h on

the dark hair does not suit her skin color at all. If she was trying to achieve the male looking role in a lesbian couple. she has achieved it perfectly!

coco on

she is ugly in both pictures..needs to lose some weight..than the face wouldnt be so WIDE

Lea on

She looks YUCK either way! Good thing she has her voice going for her because she’s NOT very attractive.

Saavy Sara on

WITH MAKE-UP! She looks like Rosie O’Donell without make-up!

Lisa on

If I saw her in person sans make-up, I wouldn’t even know it was her. I would probably just think I was standing next to someone who resembles the singer. It’s surprising how make-up can be so transformative for some people. She looks a little worn down without the make-up, so she should probably make sure on her those kind of days she should wear a little bit of make-up.

Denise on

Can you say Linda Blair (right side of course)

ana on

she looks like a young boy without make up

Gemma on

Glam of course!! this is a good exemple of the make up miracles.

but I really like her musik

KL on

She definetely isn’t naturally pretty…

isabella on

Well I think she of course looks much better with make up but if u kinda look at the picture you can see that she still looks bad even with the “glam look” I personally think she should never again cut her hair short because it makes her head look even bigger and she looks like a dude. So I say longer honey brown hair with different eye make up that will accentuate her eyes will totally change her look and make her look like a woman.

Bryn on

Glam… she looks at least 10 years older and absolutely AWFUL natural… are you sure that is the same person??

Jasmin on

Now you all need to stop slagging off the women! She looks beautiful either way, you are all just jealous because none of youw would have the guts to come out of your house with out make-up on and she did and still look gorgeous. Make-up is as the name implies to “make-up” (or beautify) ones face it is for ugly, if you’re already gorgeous like Kelly, you dont need to wear make-up!!!!

Katie on

Of course she looks better glam, natural looks like a completely different person and glam looks a lot prettier.

Lindsey on

well, she looks alot more realistic the natural way, but everyone looks prettier when theyre all glammed up.

kailey on

kelly is really beautiful, but with out the makeup she kind of looks like a boy

Kelley on

She looks like a 12 year old boy with the short dark hair

Mariana on

OMG!!!! Who let the cemitery’s door open?????????

jaz on

OMG KELLY wat happened?? i alwyazz thought u looked great untill arrgghh!!!!

JG on

looks ike jackie chan when natural LOL+i choose glam

Heather on

Definetly with mape-up. She looks very bad without.

bella on

I dont really think any of you look better natural either… ;) but of course she looks better with glam when you compare it like that!

night on

Bella, I have to say that I DO look better witout makeup than Kelly does in that photo. It just might be a bad photo of her, but she looks awful in it. I’ll even go as far as to say that she looks ill…maybe the photo was taken after a bout with the flu or something..but she looks like she needs a pint of blood. Anyway..I am sure that there are a lot of us who look far better natural than Kelly does in this particular photo.

Ashely on

Deff all glamed up! If she was going out with her friends…I guess it would be fine non-glamed

Katelyn on

I think she’s Beautiful… she just needs to wear a little eye make up and she would be good… she’s gorgeous.

Gail on

Ok, at least throw on some blush and lipstick – a little color can go a long way. Glam is prettier but you can have natural looknig makeup too! That 2nd picture is not flattering.

Mona on

people please keep in mind the girl works her butt off and she was probabbly really tired and sleep deprived when this picture was taken.. the black hair makes it worse

Devon on

I think she looks A LOT better glam! i wouldnt even step out of the house if i looked like her with no make up!

shelby on

Kelly is naturally beautiful but I have to say keep on glammin’

Kelly on

I think she looks beautiful, either way.

rose on

what is the name of the name of make up she has on

Shirley on

Stop commenting on her looks. Why don’t those of you with nasty comments send in a picture of yourselves “with and without glam” and lets see what comments arise and if you would like them or if you could even handle them?

Juri on

oh my GoD!!!!!!!!!! what the heck happened to her on the right she may as well be a boy for heavens sake. that picture on the right is nasty.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky on

Oh please!!!! I love Kelly Clarkson I do. She is an amazing singer but she looks so much better glamed up! Don’t feel bad Kelly!!! Im exactly like you. I look like a princess when I dress up but when I go to the mall or something everyone says I just looked like I rolled out of bed or something! So pleae don’t feel bad!

Kristi on

I think that she looks great in glamor and she wouldn’t look better!!! The natural look doesn’t look as great but still she is beautifull to me in amyway!!! I think she is amazing and no matter how she looks, she still will have a great voice and she is just probably tired and the photographers took a bad pic on purpose!!! I love the both looks!!!

georgi on

kelly clarkson is gorgeous either way to her fans she rokcs and is beautiful in every single way

Momaang on

This is another talented beautiful person, but to do that outter beauty/features true justice, I must vote THE glam look. Naturally beautiful, but the glam brings it all into focus for the public and lighting that someone in her position has to face.
A true hearted Mississippi Girl/Woman & Mom

~IlOvEkElLySlAwNmOwEr!~ on

i love kelly either way……who cares what she looks like? that was a dumb question to ask, still, i like her with blonde hair better, but i dont really care, makeup/no makeup, blonde/brunette, whatever, i dont care, just as long its kelly clarkson, i dont care…..

jessica on

it is completely unfair to say does she look better glam or natural you have to realize that this hollywood world is all fake, people obsess and obsess about the way they look and we start to lose all perspective. Why do you think so many stars are ill or anerexic? Kelly is a beautiful girl and it is completely ignorant for anyone to say that she needs make up to be pretty. i think she has amazing courage to just be real. i mean look at what you are saying about her. If a picture of you with no make up was shown and people said you look like a boy and need a nose job i don’t think you’d laugh it off!Any decent person should see that theres far more important things in life. looks are only skin deep and perfection all the time makes you boring! Kelly’s personality and amazing talent shines through. Anyone who critizes her should see if they can sing like that! Always stay real kelly! Love you girl.

Maggie Chamberlain on

Does anyone know who designed the dress Kelly Clarkson wore to the CMT awards recently? I am speaking of the dress the is cream colored lace and strappless with a train. Thanks for any help you can give.

Erin on

I think that you looks gorgeous glam but I think they picked a bad picture of her for her natural look. Her hair is really black and it usually isn’t that dark.

allie on

lol who really cares its kinda pointless to even think about it. lames.

smiley on

I think that both pictures look good, I like the natural one better though because so many people are so dependent on looks and here she doesnt look like she is trying to impress anyone. I think that in the glam pic she looks fake and TOO well put together. I like the glam look but natural is better.

michelle on

glam. definitely.

ConnieCanada on

Glam or no glam – what a stupid thread. Everyone in the world looks glam in lipstick and mascara. What’s your point anyways, other than creating negativity.

Soccerkat on

I think that Kelly looks good in any way i don’t think it matter what you look like it matters who you are inside!!
I love Kelly!!!!!!!!!!

Hawa Johnson on

Dont talk about my gurl Kelly like that, everybody looks better with makeup on, DUH

Brittany on

any one looks pretty eather dont have to where makeup to look pretty..its not about the outside its about whats in the inside…u look pretty…so what ever you feel more better with some days i like to were makeup and some days im just like who cares if i have makeup on!!!

Lee on

SIKK!! I DEFINATELY prefer Kelly GLAM!!!
‘au naturel’ is obviously NOT her stronger point as far as looks go…
I liked the longer hair waaay better–the new do and lack of facial ‘aid’ creates an ‘old lady’ look…

If i were her (which i am not…) i would NEVER ever even dream of going out into PUBLIC without make-up or a WIG!!
She looks so oooold!!!

10-years-old-girl on

i really like kelly clarkson because she is’t like all stars that they think that they are the most beautyful in the world, kelly clarkson is just normal person and i’m her fan.I think she look ok on that photo.
p.s hi kelly clarkson i luv ur songs i would love to sing but i’m not good enough :D

Nicole on

I like Kelly natural, the natural picture you have up of her isn’t that great of a picture .Everybody, even models have some bad pictures, so how about when you post a poll asking whether or not somebody looks better with or without makeup, you put the same quality of pictures up, instead of putting up a really good photo and a really bad photo. Now between those two I wonder which people are going to pick…thats a really hard one!

rockin' it out on

kelly is aweosme either way. it still the same person, voice,and personality, so who really cares what she looks like?! she is always absolutely gorgeous, either with make up or without it. we love you kelly!!!!

Alexis on

I love Kelly Clarkson,but honestly i don’t think these are her greatest pictures, !I’ve seen better. So, i would have to say that i don’t like either. On the left she looks completely like a fake and on the right, she looks like she had just woken up, didn’t brush her hair, or wash her face, even though i go for natural looks, these two pictures are just not the best. So, i say NEITHER.

Lolly on

when i first time this pic, i think ”its her mother ,yes?” but when i read artcile, i see ,there is Kelly!!!ofcourse i more like her glam!

Mark on

Who let her out of her house without makeup? Yuck!

Julie on

I think she is one of the rare celebs that can pull off both looks… She is naturally gorgeous either way. Im not a fan so Im jus speaking truth =D

btu on

if she was going out, maybe she didnt want to be attacked by a ton of people

someonewstyle on

Kelly Clarkson needs some style advice she definitly looks better w/makeup. She looked absolutey horrible on Opray on Friday March 20,2009. Her dress did bad things to her figure. And her hair was blah. Someone please help her.

Jenna on

ew! glam!m i choose glam!

Julian on

I actually hate her natural.

sister grimm on

I never thought she was naturally pretty. IMO, even with makeup she’s average at best. Ya’ll who says she looks beautiful in the right picture need to stop lying! She looks like a mess in that photo! But she does have a great voice. Better than most pop stars lately.

Wes on

She’s cute made up or natural.

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