Who's Got Your Favorite Celebrity Look?

01/09/2007 at 02:00 PM ET

The People’s Choice Awards may not have the glam gowns of the Oscars, but how fun is it to vote for your favorite stars? This year, we are loving the OLAY Total Effects ‘Love Your Look’ Award, where we all get to vote for our favorite celebrity look from their list of nominees: Sandra Bullock, Evangeline Lily, Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, and Drew Barrymore. Not exactly the list that we would have put together, so we’re curious who you would nominate and vote for. Tell us: Which star’s look do you love most? Would you pick one of the nominees or is there someone they forgot to put on the list?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for all the fabulous fashions and winners from the People’s Choice Awards, airing tonight at 9 pm ET/PT on CBS.

Photo: George Shepherd/AdMedia;Celebrity Photo

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Candi on

If I just HAD to pick from that list I would go with Sandra Bullock. Other than that, who made that list anyways? There are tons of other celebs out there with a much better sense of style. I personally like both of the Simpson sisters.

Misty on

I love Reese’s style…she is one of my favs. Always classy.

Jackie on

def JESSICA ALBA. not only is she bautiful, but she can dress and doesn’t always look the same like others.

LKD on

Reese all the way she is always beautiful and classy!

Heather S. on

From the list? Katherine Heigl has made some beautiful choices in 2006. She definitely had the best gown at one of the the ceremonies last season (was it the Oscars? I can’t remember). She has such an easy beauty!

KJ on

Reese Witherspoon looks great is anything that she wears! She has such class.

Brittany on

I would vote for Reese Witherspoon. She is always dressed very elegant. She is never slutty or to revealing. 100% Class!

marianne on

I love Kiera Knightly, she has edge but still looks classy.

Rebecca on

I like the look of most of the women on their list, but I think they forgot Kate Winslet and Jessica Alba!

Sarah on

Drew Barrymore has the best style in my opinion. She always looks so glamourous on the red carpet, but when you see her in her everyday life she looks like a cute normal girl! to me, that’s what being a style icon means, always knowing what to wear in the right situations. i hate seeing all these little “it” girls all dressed up just to go to the grocery store! way to go drew!

ellie on

i love jessica biel’s style, she dresses very sexy but also very classy

j on

kate hudson for sure. she has her OWN style and is then able to transition it perfectly onto the red carpet. (go back and show her choices over the years to remind us all!!)
jessica alba always looks flawless as well, jada pinkett-smith, jennifer anniston, molly sims, joy bryant…

Angie on

My top favorite dressed celebs are:
1. Jennifer Aniston (she ALWAYS looks perfect!)
Jessica Alba, Haley Berry, Charlize Theron & Angelina Jolie.
They all look great at every event!

enigma on

What about Kate Hudson!?
She wore some beautiful metallic dresses and rocks when she runs!
She always dresses properly for every event from running to walking the red carpet to just hanging out!!

Kate Hudson gets my vote!

Jessica on

Jennifer Aniston will always be #1 in my book!! She is Eligant and Classy, more than i can say for BRITTANY SPEARS who seems to always have the attention! Who cares if her and Kevin are getting a divorce? Everyone knew that was coming, I’m suprised it didnt last 55 minutes like her other marriage! Lets get class out there and shine more light on those who are elegant and charming!

Trinity on

I am sorry but I am really glad that Jennifer Aniston did not make the list. She is always put togther, however, she is always very safe. One exception is the little black number in 2006… but then again its always black and white with her. Personally I really like Angelina Jolie’s style. Now SHE has edge. I think they may have overlooked quite a few people.

Vee on

HELLO … did everyone forget Jennifer Lopez ? Always beautiful and beautifully dressed.

siobhan on


Col on

I would say that Reese tops that list. I am also a big fan of Mandy Moore’s style.

Aizea on

I totally love Jennifer Aniston´s style. She always looks gorgeous and it doesn´t matter if she´s wearing just a pair of jeans or she´s wearing a beautiful night dress. She´s the best.
My second choice is Jessica Alba´s style. She´s very natural and casual.

Aizea on

I totally love Jennifer Aniston´s style. She always looks gorgeous.

Aizea on

I totally love Jennifer Aniston´s style. She always looks gorgeous.

Natalia on

Jennifer Lopez the Best!!!

kayla on

Reese Witherspoon is the best actress every

Teri on

Jennifer Anniston all the way!!

poochie on

Jessica alba all the way. she is really pretty and knows how to dress very nice. love her. she is the celeb ever!!!

KT fr Cda on

I’d pick Reese. She has nice classic style. Plus she isn’t in your face like Lindsay or Paris or Brittney. Reese is a true performer.

poochie on

jennifer aniston is sooooo ugly, thank god brad left her for angi not only is she beutiful but a good person too.

brandi on

I love Reese she is so classy and natural. I would pick her for sure!

Heather on

Good thing Jennifer Aniston didn’t make the list. All her dresses were just decent looking, none were stunning. I was disappointed when I didn’t see Kate Winslet on the list though.

Katie on

I think Emmy Rossum has a really great sense of style. She’s always put together and never trashy.

Alice on

I like everyone on that list, no one on there makes me cringe. But there are others I would of like to have seen on there.

Judy on

My favorites are Reece Whitherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Lucy Lui even though she’s not on the list.

Heather S. on

Cate Blanchet as well! When she gets it wrong, she gets it REALLY wrong, but when she gets it right, she is the most incredibly beautiful woman!

andrea on

kate hudson for sure. she’s got an amazing body and her style is really unique and classy.

if i would choose from the list here i would say reese witherspoon though, but i still say kate hudson tops it.

mirian on

i would vote for reese .

cate on

off that list i would pick reese for certain. shes never dressed inappropriately. very classy and sophisticated.

Jessica B on

I LOVE Kate Hudson’s lookS. She’s amazing and bohemian and laid back and just put together everytime.

Jessica B on

Kate Hudson. I love her lookS. She’s bohemian, laid back and always put together incredibly well. How could anyone NOT love her?!

C on

Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston are my favorites, but if I had to vote for someone on the list, it would have to be Katherine Heigl.

peanuts on

From that list I would definitely chose Katherine Heigl. But I personally love Michelle Williams!

lalalaaaaa on

keira knightley

Selden on

Reese all the way! She’s so classy and old hollywood glamour with southern style mixed into it! I love her!

Kristen on

I would say Halle Berry first, because she even looks
fabolous when dressing down. Second, would be Reese because she never over does her look, always dressed for
the occasion. Last would be Meryl Streap, for an older woman she’s got alot of style.

Racheal on

i think that drew is the pritties thing that has been in movies she knos how to derss free going like she has no care in the world and she seems really laid back!!

Melanie on

Reese Witherspoon for sure! She looks good in anything.

Tisam on

Rachel Bilson is my absolute favorite.. I love her style, she looks so glamorous whenever, wherever…

christina on

Jennifer Aniston is a down to earth person and does not try to be something that she is not. She is by far the best dressed.

Ally on

I have always loved Reese’s style. She has a great, realistic body, and whatever she wears always looks good.

Erin on

Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Halle Barry, Jennifer Anniston, and Angelina Jolie. This is without having ever even looked at the list. They always look great, no matter what.

Jenna on

Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Katie Holmes are much better choices.

andrea on

for the girls who agree with me that kate hudson’s look is amazing.. where in the world can you shop for this stuff?? if you know, fill me in here :) thanks!

Danielle on

I’d go with Drew Barrymore. For one reason, she looks classy on the red carpet, and like a normal person any other day. She doesn’t hold standards for herself, so she dresses however she pleases, and that rocks! Plus I look like her. :)

michelle on

Sienna Miller is my favorite


Jen Aniston will be #1. She’s very classy and elegant. Reese will be #2. She very elegant & sweet.

Maggie on

Reese all the way…. When is she going to get with Joaquin?!? We’re all growing impatient!!

daniela on

flor pietra should be on the list

Cheri on

Reese would be it.

eline on

LIV TYLER! why does nobody mention her?
classic beauty and incredible sense of style

amal on

jennifer aniston is simply the best

Lori on

Reese is very classy and looks great in anything.

Jane on

i would say drew barrymore, she is so adorable and has such a down to earth fasion sense! also, she is not impossibly/unrealisticly skinny either. she just seems more real than the other actresses. she has such cute style

KaTe on

she’s got the perfect style, non trashy unlike other stars, but simple and beautiful.

Candiace on

I love Reese! She always looks great. Drew is fabulous as well. The Simpson sisters don’t hold a candle to Reese.

soccerfreak on

I love Reese, she always has a glam look.

Maggie on

i think that resse witherspoon looks more like a celebrity because resse is america’s sweetheart and she is a smart blonde even though she got blonde hair. she is very talented at acting and she has won lots of awards and the most recent award is the oscars and she looked very beatiful. even though her recent divorce has gone public, it doesnt seem like it’s getting to her.her kids are so beautiful. so personally, i say that resse witherspoon is more of a celebrity than drew barrymore.

ishi on

i’d go for drew barrymore. she looks really really great.

ishi on

i’d go for drew barrymore. she looks really really great.


How could you not love Reese?

Courtney on

Reese Witherspoon all the way.
I’m her #1 fan!

Kay on

emmy rossum. her neat and classy style is amazing. i don’t think ive ever seen a picture of her with something less than gorgeous on.

m_a_s_14 on

i like drew alot but reese looks better

Liandre on

Reese looks great.

friendsfan22 on

if jennifer aniston was on the list, i would definatley pick her.
i think she is the most beautiful and best dressed star.
from the list…..i would pick reese witherspoon

Steph on

From the list, Drew Barrymore. Always looks fun, like she’s not trying too hard, but isn’t sloppy. I love Rachel Bilson, super cute and fun, yet knows how to look good when she dresses up at night. Christina Aguilera’s look is incredibly sexy and gorgeous, but it’s her own….you don’t see yourself rocking it when you look at her. And obnoxious as she is, Nicole Ritchie can dress.

Alfie on

both of them are best…there have their own style…Reese with the short dress and Drew looks more confident with long pants but more clasy with shorts…its make your legs look long and high if you wear killer heels..

Alex on

Scarlett Johansson all the way! I love her intuitive sense of the Golden Age of Hollywood….refreshing in a world of underwear-less Britney!

Pattie on

Jennifer Aniston enuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhiannon on


Kitt on

Reese Witherspoon, hands down.

abc123 on

Jennifer Anniston? She always plays it safe. I would have to say my list would be Beyonce, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba (or Biel), Victoria Beckham and (I hate that I’m saying this b/c I really don’t care for her at all, but) JLO.

Barbara on

Glam for Kelly!!! Jennifer is beautiful no matter what she wears! Reese has classic style and looks, she wins, hands down!

Barbara on

Glam for Kelly!!! Jennifer is beautiful no matter what she wears! Reese has classic style and looks, she wins, hands down!

marie on

fom the list, i would pick reese witherspoon. but i love kate hudson and jennifer anistons styles. i love how they are not over the top, but always look so put together and classy.

mikayla on

i love reese my vote goes to her!! she is very pretty..drew she not my favorite…reese is also the better actress i have lots of respect for that girl.!!

Ms.Bailey on

I’m not really a fan of either ladies, Drew has better style then Reese, but the style I like the most is Linset Lohen, I don’t know why, I don’t really like her but her style is hott!

katie on

Reese, she is beautiful and timeless. She doesn’t go with trends and knows what looks good on her body. someone not on the list is Jennifer Aniston, she too does the same, they both always look stunning!

Laurie on

Reese 100%.
She is a great role model.

sage on

Reese has my vote.She always looks so pretty in anything she wears.Why aren’t Anne hathaway,Liv Tyler,& Kate Winslet on the list?

Hannah on

Reese Witherspoon and keira knightleys styles are flawless

Callie on

Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron and Katie Holmes..the end

nancy on

JENNIFER ANISTON. she seems to be such a good person, who can really relate to her fans. She is always dressed in somethhing she is comfortable in.

heath on

REESE WITHERSPOON!!!!!!!!! no doubt about it

Nannabean on

Reese is always stuning in anything she wears!

Emi on

I love Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria’s style. They always look right for occasion whether its elegant or out walking in Beverly Hills! Both can make any outfit look great!

Jane on

Jennifer Aniston for sure!! She is so gorgeous in whatever she wears!

BC on

I like angelina jolie’s look!

Courtney on

ANGELINA JOLIE is my favorite celebrity of all time!

alaskan_chic on

reese all the way! she is totally natural looking and a lovely person! she doesn’t seem to try to flaunt what she doesn’t have, like everyone else out there (lindsay, paris) and looks great in any outfit.

Monique on


To all of you who chose Jennifer Aniston, you have made the right choice. I think her style is perfect and if I could, I would dress like her. She’s fun ;-)))))


jessica on

Okay I personally love Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce Knowles, and Rachel Bilson…I mean these girls have a great fashion sense and they all have their unique style which is really cool….But Jennifer Aniston always looks good in anything she is wearing…I have never seen her look bad.

jessica on

Reese, hands down. She’s just a classic beauty!

iris on

Drew Barrymore all the way!!!!!!!!!! She is very simple and looks great whether dressed up for the oscars or out on the town with boyfriend Fabrizio….no matter where she goes she never lacks a bright smile and down to earth attitude giving her a star quality none can match!

Kiki on

Reese Witherspoon, all the way! The rest are also pretty but Reese is just beautiful and confident.

Dimples on

I would have to say Gwen Stefani. There is no one like her and her style is original. She may have came out tryna be like madona, but there is no comparison

kiki on

I’m gonna have to go with Angelina Jolie….she has this exotic beauty that just leaves you breathless….she is also a smart actress who used her power to affect change as a way to bring forth problems faced in countries that on a normal basis had not been discussed…she’s under 35, has 3 kids, and proves that it is possible to have a “real” life in a world of glamour and riches that does not always seem “real.”

Marie on

I love Reese, Angelina Jolie, Cameron, Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Amanda Bynes and others’ style

me on

Reese Witherspoon always looks the best. She is very stylish and classy looking at all times and always seems to wear the perfect outfit for every event. I wish I had Reese’s great sense of style!!!

me on

Reese’s style is so classy and sophisticated! I always love to see what she wears since it is so perfect. Reese Witherspoon is a great role model with a great wardrobe, too!!!

mikaela on

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love the name evangaline but thats not the question so i would probably pick… i dunno! i hate misha barton’s style and the opposite of misha barton is reece witherspoon, not sluty just sooo beautiful,

charmie sta teresa on

definitely reese! always beautifully dressed, even in work-out outfits and sneakers. she looks sexy without showing too much skin. very much a lady. unlike, angie…full of tattoes…ewwwwwwwww!

marielle on

katherine heigl! who else? she is a godess!

norah on

I totally think that jessica simpson has the worst style of all……..she is so short and bland, barbie look alike with no talent that it makes me sick………Jennifer Anniston is to me the most stylish because she keeps it simple but classy and has a very warm personality that makes her so lovable and real!!!!!!!!!!!!

morgy on

OMG! I love Reese and her style. I really like her hair the way that it is now too. it makes her look younger and it really brings out her best features. Her ex was crazy to cheat on her or whatever he did.

Connor on

I love Paris Hilton she is my 100% idol

katie on

reese is so cute i wish i was her!!!

pinkkpanthur on

Sienna Miller and Emmy Rossum – I love the new edgy vintage thing!

milly on

hi paris i love your show the simple life there soooo kool and i love ya nicole you both my biggest selebraties

_MILLY_ on


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