Vanessa Minnillo: How To Look Good In Short Shorts

01/05/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

As the host of TRL, an ET correspondent and the girlfriend of a pop megastar, Vanessa Minnillo sure is a busy gal.  But when BONGO JEANS asked the former beauty queen to be the new face of BONGO for Spring 2007, the self-proclaimed denim addict (she owns hundreds of pairs!) couldn’t say no — especially when she saw some of the clothes she’d be wearing in her very own ad campaign. “These shorts are special,” she told me at her sexy BONGO photo shoot, where she tried on cropped cardigans and comfy soft knit tanks, skirts, and shorts—some really SHORT shorts.  “I have no bum, but these give you a nice little booty.”   Ok, Vanessa, but when it comes to those teeny tiny shorts, booty isn’t everything—how does she keep her legs so long and lean?  “I’m not gonna lie, I do go to the gym.  But honestly, you just have to find time to be active,” she told me. Then she picked up a downright adorable pair of canvas pumps with red patent leather heels.   “But if you want these legs in these shorts?  These heels will help,” she said.  Spoken like a true pitchwoman.  —Kristen Mascia

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j on

move over jessica, that’s all i’ve gotta say!!! you’ve been replaced, and then some. hope your little flings were worth it…



Misty on

You go Nick! WOW! She has great legs!

Elena on

Maybe this is a really bad picture of Vanessa but she looks really bad in the pair of shorts she is wearing. There are no stomach muscles, her thighs are huge and the shorts do not compliment her body. Please, give us an incentive to wear shorts, not a picture to remind us not to. Show us Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, even Britney Spears(her body after 2 kids, wow), but please, don’t show us that.

nikki on

First! lol
She looks great! very cute lady

pstewart on

Vanessa looks cute in these shorts.Good luck to her career and personal life.

KiKi on

Note to Mary-Kate, Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, and all the other stick figures whose pictures I am constantly bombarded with: this is what good legs look like- toned, but curvy. Not those toothpicks they are limping around on. You can tell she works out, but (shocker!) she actually might put some food in her body every now and then. From an unofficial poll of my guy friends, it’s obvious that men like looking at Vanessa Minillo, but just want to feed poor Mary-Kate french fries. LOL

coco on

elena: are u blind or just plain jealous!!!!
take a look at today’s jessica simpson pic on star tracks…she looks huge and fat, not a very flattering pic. and whenever she wears shorts her legs lokk like chicken drumstickss…go vanessa!!!

Frab on

Elena- I really, REALLY hope you are kidding. Her thighs are huge??? What picture are you looking at??

Kayla on

Wow Elena, jealous much? Vanessa looks adorable here! Curvy and healthy, but still fit and toned. Guys don’t want to see stick legs coming out of shorts like that and Vanessa’s thighs are far from huge! I think she is plenty motivation to work out, but not become an unhealthy eating disordered skeleton like so many other hollywood girls. And btw Britney did look good when she first emerged after the baby, but her partying is catching up with her and she would definitely look much worse in those shorts than Vanessa does here. Don’t believe me? Check out any pics of Brit in the sparkly mini she was wearing when she passed out in Vegas on New Year’s.

MTM on

Eck, Eck, Ugh! Please, it looks like she was trying to dress the part of a little girl sailor and something went wrong! Yuck, Yuck regular jeans and a tee-shirt would have been better. Doesn’t make me want to buy those jeans. You really should blame BONGO for this picture.

ABC123 on

Ok…I need to know what do you consider “fat,” because clearly people are blind or envious when they see someone over 85 pounds looking healthy. OBVIOUSLY we are NOT looking at the same picture. WHAT exactly is fat about Vanessa?

And if SHE’s fat, then what would you consider Beyonce???

And FYI, EVERYONE does not need stomach muscles to show they have a nice shape.

Baaack to the subject, I personally don’t like short shorts, but Vanessa pulls this look off.

Kristin on

I kind of have to agree with Elena on this pic- doesn’t seem to be a totally flattering pic. Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful girl, just this pic does not do her justice. And since I ma a fan of both girls, Jess holds her own anyday.

Becky on

Elena you apparently are the most perfect person in the whole world that can judge her.
I don;t think Vannessa dresses nic but i think she looks great in that outfit, she has a great body. who the heck wants to see a rib cage.

Alice on

The outfit is hideous but her body looks great. I’m intersted in these bongo jeans that make you butt look bigger.

Cathy on

Ok Elena and MTM. . .you both are stuid and blind. She is gorgeous and like she gives a hell what you to think. She is flawless and has the hottest boyfriend ever.

Jennifer on

I think that she looks great! Nice and curvey compared to all the stick figures out there. She looks healthy and beautiful.

Julie on

Vanessa looks nice but she gotta needs to stop to choice kid’s clothes

faith on

I’m sorry but I have to agree with Elena to a certain degree. She isn’t fat, and I’m glad to see a healthy body rather than a toothpick, but I just don’t think these shorts are flattering AT ALL. She is such a pretty girl, but for some reason these shorts just look painted on and uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the way she’s standing or the angle of the picture…

Heather S. on

I didn’t even know who this girl was until she started date Nick. She appears to be very beautiful, and perhaps this picture doesn’t flatter her, but if I saw her walking down the street my reaction would not be “I want a body/legs like that.” But she and Nick seem genuinely happy together, so good luck to them!

A on

i don’t need shorts to give me more booty… :P

she does have great legs though…and even though all these things together look bad, individually they are nice pieces…ooh, except for the top…

Sandy on

She is beautiful! Not a huge fan of the shorts, but she is way prettier than Jessica! And not as annoying! I can’t stand Jessica’s fake dumb act…it’s really old now! I can’t believe Nick put up with her as long as he did! I hope he and Vanessa get married and have lots of beautiful babies!! :)

victoria on

i have to agree with Elena she has no body

Mrs.Borrego on

Vanessa looks super cute. I love her skin tone.

maryann on

vanessa is gorgeous. being a pacific islander, i love her sun-kissed skin color. she’s beautiftul and has got a great body. love her legs too…not too skinny and definitely not fat. i think jessica simpson’s legs are huge…she’s got bad thighs. and some, if not most, people in the entertainment industry are way too thin. personally, i wouldn’t wear the bongo shorts but i think vanessa is one of the few people who can look good in anything esp. in jeans.

monique on

I think it is the top that makes this outfit go awry for me. The shorts are cute though and I do think she looks good in them. It is sad that youth has such an odd idea of what beauty is these days. There is nothing cute about a walking skeleton. Vanessa is a pretty girl and I think her and Nick are cute together. Im sure I will get jumped for this.. but there is almost something more natural about Nick’s pairing w/ her versus Jessica. It just seems effortless….

Blanca Nieves on

here you can see more pictures:

Katy on

I personally don’t like the shirt, but she does look good body-wise. Its refreshing to see someone with a figure (even though she is still thin to me, but anyone under a size 6 is lol). I wish her and nick all the happiness in the world.

Melanie on

Why do people always HAVE to say “First!!” when their comment is 9/10ths of the time fourth or fifth? ugh.. oh, Vanessa? She’s hot, but not in those shorts. OR that clown blouse.

N on

I think Vanessa’s gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing.

Nicky on


night on

I am not sure who this woman is, but she looks cute in the outfit. It’s not something one should wear in real life, but for the photo shoot she looks adorable. As far as the curves everyone is saying she has…where are they? she is not Mary Kate thin…but she looks like a healthy type thin..curves..where?

michaella on

i agree that this is not a very flattering pic of vanessa ; i think she’s a pretty girl but she looks fat here and personally, i don’t see any of what people are calling “toned.” toned is having defined muscles, and she has none showing here that i can see. that said, the outfit is cute but not for her personally.

Abby H. on

Okay. My only point is…who are you people to judge?!! I would cry my eyes out if I read some of these things about me. Sad that we base everything on looks…

BC on

I hate her face but i will take that body anyday

Lana on

Vanessa looks terrible on this pic, she looks better on other pic’s. Her body looks nice though, I like her tan. The thing I don’t like on her is she stole that shirt from a 12 year old and short they are ugly! No offense, just my opinion.

Laurie on

I doubt Nick is comparing her to Jessica so why would anyone else? I don’t see the point. She’s a great looking girl and they look happy together. Who cares about Jessica. I doubt Nick does anymore. I would love to see the people knocking Vanessa. Bet they don’t even come near being hot people.



Danielle on

Vanessa Minillo looks beautiful AND healthy! As for the girls who have made comments about her not being “in shape” and having “large thighs”, they are either of the waif thin population OR jealous… or maybe they are both!

T on

Regardless of looks Vanessa seems like a better person than Jessica…Jessica is not faking with the dumb thing, she just is. She seems a whole lot nicer than Jessica as well. And the outfit Vanessa is wearing is probably mainly picked out by the Bongo people, it’s a bad angle of her, but she’s still very gorgeous and in shape.

Lindsay on

Elena put on some shorts and put your pic online. I doubt you look anywhere near that.

KT fr Cda on

Hasn’t this look been done already?

Lovely_1 on

One word…………..EWW

ana on

I don’t like that pic of vanessa.I kinda think her thighs look fat, don’t get me wrong i’m a total fan, but i just don’t like that outfit.

Jason on

Dayum she looks good.

night on

FAT? you people are sick.

Kristen on

Go girl! Nice fashion since, and can pull it off without
being a total slut. Nick should feel so much better now that he’s with someone, who appears to be more real.

KT fr Cda on

Give me a break people! You all go on about Nicole being too thin or Mariah too fat. Now you think Vanessa has fat leg and her stumach isn’t ripped. This is why there are so many people that are killing themselves to have the perfect body. Anybody that is less then a size 3 needs to put on some weight. Vanessa looks healthy to me.

marie is in da house on

omg that pose makes her look fat

m_a_s_14 on

it looks good on both of her looks

johnni on

She’s so cute. Great job catching your man to. I wish you the greatest wishes and Luck. God Bless

Annie on

She looks great there, perfect body, you people are just jealous because you’re probaly overweight so stop hating on pretty girls

KAT on


Reine on

I think she looks a bit wide in the stomach area. And the wedges don’t really go with the outfit. Honestly, I think the outfit is too teenybopper for her. But that’s really just my opinion.

Susane on

Am I the only one but this picture of Vanessa does look like a Daisy Duke shot that Jessica Simpson did to promote the movie The Dukes of Hazards, so the magazine companies and clothing companies are not letting these woman be indiviuals in anyway. Maybe Vanessa will start her own label and become a shop alcoholic also.

Susane on

The woman is beautiful and has a great body but this outfit is way to small for her and the shorts are to tight.

jane on

she has a great body but i dont think those shorts are particuarly flattering on anyone. i love the short shorts look but they are hugging her a bit too much leaving undesirable creases.

heartofgold on

OH MY GOD!! NO WONDER SO MANY GIRLS OUT THERE HAVE EATING DISORDERS! I can NOT believe people are calling her FAT! Are you kidding me?!?!?!

It’s such a shame to know that our very own society complains about some of the social issues that are going on here (such as eating disorders), yet everyone promots the idea that you should be a size -1 to be beautiful.

Vanessa is gorgeous and she has an amazing body. Want to know something else? She’s REALLY SKINNY! *GASP! IT’S SHOCKING, I KNOW!!!*

The average woman is a size 12. Get with it people.

carlon on

This pic just shows how clothes can make someone thin look pudgy. Terrible shorts. They give her camel toe.

ravn on

I must add those shorts look totally uncomfortable and ugly. They make someone think even look chunky. Try to sit down in them.

ravn on

The shorts make her look like she has balls hanging down.

SA on

she looks younger, and adorable, although I have no idea who she realy is in hollywood, but she looks adroable in all her photos! AND PPL DUN WATSE YOUR TIME cuz that photo reminded me that we need to get to the gym cuz we all need to shape up for spring!

grace on

Vanessa’s half asian!!!

Quinci on

Eww. The short shorts were for Jessica, stop trying to replace her. I’ve never like Vanessa, she’s ugly and not the one for Nick.

poochie on

this girl has PERFECT legs. i don’t know what picture some of you are looking at that makes you guys say her legs are fat. Those are the legs i want.

Haley on

Like Jessica doesn’t look just as hot in short-shorts?? Nick is a tool.

j on

i love her long lean legs and i love how she works out and promotes a healthy active lifestyle.., i’m hoping to see more of her in the near future :)

Me on

I agree with Elena, she looks awful. Why didn’t they pick someone who looks good in shorts?

Vanessa is Fake on

Vanessa looks better curvy (pre-Nick days). She’s trying to be too “Hollywood” now and is losing weight. I saw her in person and she does have a full, healty bum. I don’t know why she says she doesn’t. The only reason Bongo picked her was because of Nick. Nobody cared about her ugly, moon face before.

nina on

jessica forever

carolina on

i really dont like how shw is in that pic jessica looks much better in shorts nick i cant belive you are over she was your wife for 3/ 4 years she is much better

Annie on

her shorts look good, her stomache looks kinda out of shape, as if shes sucking it in..wel the only good thing i see is her legs….

annie on

the only thing that looks good in the pic are her legs!!…her stomache has weight that she could work off…well anyhow..shes far better than jessica, jessica has become a complete nutcase, as if shes lost her sanity after her divorce, she looks like another paris hilton wanna be…trying to act dumb and cute…and i hatee the way she laughs, she sounds like a donkey…lol

kaitlin on

I like Jessica better. She was so fun, ans plus shes a blondie like me. She looked way better in short shorts. But i still like Vanessa tho

B on

COULD WE PLEASE STOP ABOUT HER – SHE IS NOT AN ACTRRESS, NOR CELEBRITY, NOR SOMEONE IMPORTANT. I am sick to death of YOU PEOPLE making nobodies sooooo stupidly important.

Kindly grab some class, change your idiotic values to where they should be and stop reporting on nobodies… including Paris Hilton.. Thank you!!!

B on

COULD WE PLEASE STOP ABOUT HER – SHE IS NOT AN ACTRRESS, NOR CELEBRITY, NOR SOMEONE IMPORTANT. I am sick to death of YOU PEOPLE making nobodies sooooo stupidly important.

Kindly grab some class, change your idiotic values to where they should be and stop reporting on nobodies… including Paris Hilton.. Thank you!!!

Pamela on

Nick you got a good one!! Shes beautiful and gorgeous!! and she has great legs!

malisa on

first off this gurl is flawless and jessica couldnt hold a candle to her with her fake tanned skin while nessa is all natural and jessicas hair is so fake while nessa has beautiful dark hair thats real! shes gorgeous period! vanessa also has an awesome figure….. her legs are nice curvy and toned and jessicas are chicken legs! vanessa is smart and sophisticated while jessica is unintelligent and ditzy which is not sexy…. im happy nessa got nick in the end cause jessica wasnt good enough or smart enough! im sure we have all seen nessa in better clothes but one average photoshoot is great compared to the million wardrobe malfunctions jessica has had so kudos to vanessa and nick for going after what they want!

Melanie on

FAT?????? No Way!!! The pose is kind of weird, but she looks fine with her cute little body.

Charla Dickenson on

Vanessa is a healthy, slim and a very pretty girl. However I have seen many pictures of her that are far more flattering, I also do not find the outfit very attractive, it seems too small. When she wears her own clothes they suit her and fit her much better. We are all aloud to have our opinions, we should just be polite while stating them. A lot of girls are healthy and not dangerously thin yet do not necessarily have Vanessa’s shape. Appearance is far overated and every woman is beautiful. Women with curves want respect and they definitely deserve it. However so do naturally thin girls, it is so frustrating to see naturally thin girls attacked all the time, many were built that way and they have the right to feel pretty too; Natalie Portman is naturally thin for example. A general way you can tell a girl is naturally thin is that her body weight remains constant; no intense fluctuation. Girls shouldn’t be expected to be anything less than HEALTHY. However sometimes people’s weight is unhealthy and they have to face it and not hide behind the curves defense or pretend they are naturally very thin. Working out is something that we should all do. Hospitals are so clogged up and many people have serious and physically painful illnesses they have no choice over, like myself.( there is not a lot I can still do so I enjoy writing here on people, it’s nice to share my thoughts). I know weight is a painful and sensitive subject. However we have a responsibilty to take care of ourselves. The bottom line is that you can loose weight but you can’t loose many diseases and ilnesses. Vanessa works out, she looks great and she is clearly healthy and that is beautiful!

Rikki on

I think she looks healthy and fabulous. Nick has good taste.

Charla Dickenson on

Just a last comment; Vanessa is clearly very atttractive. However what’s not attractive is owning HUNDREDS of pairs of jeans. Come on now, that seems a little greedy and ridiculous. She could give so many to a woman’s shelter, I bet a lot of those woman don’t even have a pair of jeans. Fashion can be addictive, I’m a young woman I know I get it, but celebs closets the size of an average apartment, that seems selfish and disrespectful to those who have so little.

C. Zimmer on

She isn’t exactly rockin’ that outfit…

Can I get 5?!

Eva on

Vanessa look very good/ i hope she get pregnant soon. I can`t wait to see that baby.

Savana on

beautiful girl

Shelly on

Okay, she seems to be healthy..I see toned legs not lots but healthy. She looks good but honestly people its not about the way she looks its the darn shorts! She looks horrible in them and they are in fact ugly! Although I have to say that its nice to see the NOBODY actually getting some real work other than MTV. I rather see a new face here than the same old trashy Spears pics! or other young trashy celebrity. Hey, they should of hired Miss. America!! HA HA!

Audrey on

This is a beautiful woman. A real woman, with real woman curves. Nick is a very lucky man to have found such a beautiful woman to call his own. Wise up ladies who think that this real woman is fat… Let’s send a shout out to all of you, including the frail, skin on bones ladies that grace the cover of our magazines that a woman of this type is what we should be aiming to look like. If you don’t like the outfit, say you don’t like the outfit, but don’t bash her because she doesn’t look like every other woman on every other magazine that you see.

Eat your heart out Jessica!!

jessica on

she is looking sexy yo

Courty on

I think she looks great! Jessica who? You go Vanessa!

Michel on

Who is this?

Pam on

For the love of God. WHO IS SHE?

coco on

pam: she is a vj at american MTV, (TRL) I dont know if she still is…dont watch that anymore

Diana on


Pam on

Coco, Thanks. I don’t watch MTV or any shows on there no wonder i didn’t know of her.

nikkie on

she is definally cute and i love her tan tone. I just think she gets too much media time lately.

jessica on

I don’t like the outfit, but Vanessa is not fat. You people who are saying she is are either crazy or jealous. Most likely both. She is very pretty, the outfit just isn’t flattering.

SJM on

Do I see Nick Lachey knocking on your doors?? Doubt it. It’s always the uglies that are sooo critical. haha. Thanks for making me laugh.

SA on


lucia on

Vanessa is a really pretty girl. Unfortunately this shot of her isn’t so great. In all other photos she looks thin and really pretty.
Jessica is very pretty too, but I gotta say she’s looking totally chubby lately.

lizz on

i think this she looks fine in the shorts- but what has she ever done other then win beuty pagents and host shows oh yeah and date nick lachey- half the time i think the only reason magazines talk about her is because of her boyfriend.


HONESTLY..!! vanessa does have huge boobs but very thin thighs..& were lo0king at all the same picz you are.!

Jennifer on

She looks so good, Nick really hit huge on this one!!

sandy on

brunettes do it better!

star17 on

i don’t think that the shorts r the problem, i think that it’s the shirt, it’s unflatering on her which sucks cause she has a really nice body

e-bones on

Check out the pic of Jess and Vanessa beside eachother wearing short shorts and you will def see that Jessica looks so much better in them! I dont know who vanessa is trying to kid here..

SAS on

come on guys, Jessica is obviously the more beautiful one, shes famouse for her beauty, here in europe nobody even knows who milino or whatever is, Jessica’s beauty is far more reconginsed.

Maria Manaois on

Looks really great on her. Vanessa has a better assets than her rival Jessica. Oh and a lot smarter, too…

S. on

she looks so cute && shes not one of those super-skinny people either; great inspiration to 15 yr olds like myself.
love it.

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