Hilary Swank's New Bangs: Do You Love or Hate?

01/05/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Hilary Swank has joined the Hollywood bang-wagon with the likes of Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton, Nelly Furtado and Rosario Dawson. Last night at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie Freedom Writers, the Oscar-winning actress showed-off her new do. Next to her McDreamy date, anything looks good right? Do you like Hilary with bangs? Vote in our 30-second poll on whether she should keep her new style or loose it.

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Photo: Bill Miller/TLP;Glenn Weiner/stargaze

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wildflower on

She looks nice, the bangs soften her look.

Mrs.borrego on

I think she looks good either way. I do like the bangs better…she looks younger.

T on

I really don’t think anyone can pull off bangs unless they are off to the side…

Kate on

I like her bangs because she has a larger forehead the bangs tend to hide that and make her look even more radiant and beautiful.

Mintie on

She looks better with bangs

O'Wryly on

The bangs are a definite plus for her. Thank god she knows how to wear ’em {below the brow}. It’s uproarious when women hack them off anywhere above the browline. She’s come a long way since her “Boys Don’t Cry” looks!

W on

She looks like trash, anyway, but the bangs sure don’t help.

Lisa on

The bangs work for Hilary.

Lis on

She looks good both ways, but i think I like the before better.

Melanie on

I LOVE her bangs and wish I had the guts to cut a fringe into my hair.

Sarah on

I love it, looks great ^^

Lori on

I don’t like the bangs on her because they’re too thick. If she swept them to the side it may be more flattering to her face.

Shawn Grim on

I think she looks best without bangs … they are far too harsh and bluntly cut.

KT fr Cda on

She does look younger with bangs. But I agree, with T, it would be better if they where off to the side a little.

candice on

Bangs are a horrible thing for Hilary. She has a horse face, why call attention to it?

anonymous on

as long as it covers some of her face it looks better.

marie is in da house on

she looks good with or without the bangs

Ashley on

I think that she looks older with bangs!!I dont like it!!

Irene on

I think she looks better without bangs. I do think if the bangs were swept to the side, it would look more sophisticated and not covering her eyes.

Esme on

She looks great either way, but I love the bangs! I just got bangs like this a few weeks ago and everyone tells me they look great. It was a bit strange at first because I used to have the exact cut for bangs when I was a small child. They definitely made me look younger (I’m 32 & my friend said they made me look 18!!!), so I highly recommend them to anyone looking to shave a few years off their appearance!

KAT on


Lola on

If they were side bangs they’d be fine but the bangs are really slopy and slanted, I know cause im a hairdresser and hers didnt do a good job at all, the bangs a cut really weird…

night on

I can’t decide why I think this girl is pretty. Her forhead is big…her mouth is huge…her features are way to angular…yet somehow put together it all works, and she is a very pretty woman…..I don’t care for the bangs though…off to the side maybe they would work.

Rebecca on

I like how Hilary looks without bangs better- I don’t like how her hair hides her eyes. Like others said, they might look better swept to the side.

maddie on

hilary looks ok with the bangs, but i think that she should get side bangs, she’ll look younger

maddie on

hilary looks ok with the bangs, but i think that she should get side bangs, she’ll look younger

Kristen on

Hilary swank has very strong features, so When she has her
hair in Waves, or straight with some haird in her face,
not to mention her new hair cut it make her look softer
and feminant.

katie on

She looks alot more feminine with bangs.

Quinci on

HATE it.

marie on

i like the bangs, but i don’t like how they are in her eyes. they should be just a little shorter or swept to the side.

Melanie on

Like them!

Haley on

I would say without bangs is better, simply because she has a horse-face…. MUCH better w/o bangs.

Kiki on

She is gorgeous with any hairstyle…but longer, sideswept bangs would be more flattering to her face shape than this blunt ones. Plus they would show off her smile better.

Katy on


Katie on

They look awful. Period.

ilovejohnmayer on

i really dont like the bangs on her; she look georgous without bangs!

Patty on

Hilary is a natural beauty…she looks look either way, however the bangs does make her look younger!

BC on

good gawd this woman is hidious!

kaitlin on

I like them on some people, just not as much on her. But she still looks okay and i can’t wait to see her new movie

Kristin on

Either, I guess. She has the strong face to pull it off.

Jean on

i think she looks good with bang but she needs to wear move eye makeup ot balance out her enormouce mouth

kristin on

I agree with wildflower: the bangs soften her look.
Also, they decrease the size of her forehead, making her face appear more rounded instead of long and squarish.

Tina on

I like her bangs but they don’t need to start way back in the middle of her head.

Chrissy on

Hate the bangs!

abby on

god they sure do have alot of HATERS out there!! She looks good either way but I do like the bangs better

C. Zimmer on

Ok. no. Anne Hathaway looked tons better with the ‘big-bang’ look. I give it a 3 on Ms. Swank.

KJ on

Love the bangs! She is such a pretty woman either way!

Annie on

Last time Hilary looked good was when she was in Insomnia with Al Pacino. Short hair looks good on her, long does not.

j on

she looks good both ways. i agree w/all the comments that side bangs would be more flattering. i DO NOT agree w/the ‘horse face’ ‘beaver teeth’ posts, however. c’mon people–how would you feel if you read something like that about yourself?! her features are not perfect, but they make her HER. she’s very pretty and has a GREAT body–not to mention being a fantastic actress. don’t choke on your hate pills, geez…save the nasty comments for the britney and paris types who actually deserve criticism for the way they appear and conduct themselves in public!!

hoodin on

I think they look very good on her. She is one of those women who is just beginning to hit her best years.

tiffany on

She is extremely ugly….she should get some Botox for her wrinkles and fix her teeth. Then she may look nice.

R on

How can anyone say Hilary Swank looks like trash? And tiffany, they didn’t ask for opinions about ugliness or aging-You’re just jealous you can’t be on “what’s hot right now”. Personally, I think she is beautiful no matter how she wears her hair.


Hilary Swank is a great lady, she has got everything a woman needs. She has rang the bell on both sides, so I do not think she has any other thing to add or has to change her style. If that’s how far she can go now, I think she has the best of herself and let her keep it up. Thumb up Swank!

CoCo on

I have never thought she was pretty, she’s actually kind of FUG, and those bangs do NOT help. NOT PRETTY.

Jen Stone on

Hate the bangs!! They make her look juvenile.

Emma on

her face is huge and it looks better with the bangs….it looks smaller…. and better

allie on

its ok it is not my fave thogh she looks younger.

allie on

its ok she looks nice but it makes here look old.

M&M on

I think she looks good with bangs. It hides wrinkles more but I think the biggest thing is that it’s good for a change.

M&M on

I think she looks good with bangs. It hides wrinkles more but I think the biggest thing is that it’s good for a change.

Demi on

I think she’s gorgeous either way. She looks great with the bangs, but she still looks awesome without.

Sentinel on


larry on

a little jealous? How can anyone think Hilary Swank is ugly, she’s very pretty, maybe you should look in the mirror yourelf. She looks good either way!

Jordan on

I think she looks like crap. bangs on anyone i think look stupid. bangs are out. she need to grow them back out, like now…

Isabella on

I think she looks really beautifull with bangs. she looks yonger

Lori on


Rachel on

She looks better with bangs………….believe it or not…

BC on

mouth of a horse

Jennifer on

way to go j & r! As an added note to all the “haters” out there ~ learn to spell before you say something horrible about a far more beautiful person. Hilary, I think you are beautiful and your teeth are perfect. Hey people, take a good look in the mirror!!!!!!

Ieva on

She always looks so nice!

Jacqui on

I am appalled at W’s comment that Hilary looks like “trash”. I’ve known Hilary since she was 16 years old when I met her at her then-agent’s wedding. She has always looked classy and NEVER dressed inappropriately like other younger stars– irrespective of her age. She wears what is right for her body and not whatever fad is currently in. She was stylish before she ever had a stylist. This is one young lady who would never go commando in public. She has NEVER looked like trash in and out of the press. I think she can pull off a hairstyle with bangs because of her wide forehead as long as they are long and over the brow. She looks lovely in a wide variety of hairstyles on and off the face.

Giavanna on

her earings are so pretty!

jessica on

i think she looked better without the bangs.
bangs like that on anyone looks weird.

Stace on

I think these girls on here are RUDE, but anyway, I like her better without the bangs

Molly on

Hillary is so talented and beautiful, how could anyone call her trash??? Bunch of jealous females, jeesh.

julie d on

She looks ok, but I liked her better without the bangs.

AB on

I think some people on this list need worry more about learning how to spell and use proper grammar, instead of trashing celebrities. At least Hilary has a life… and she can probably spell. I like the bang – but like many others – would sweep them off to the side.

jap on

she has strong features, so no to the bangs. but i don’t like her teeth…her smile has too much teeth.

Rachael on

I think that Hilary looks alot better with the bangs, it makes her face look softer, younger and prettier!!!

Marge on

I think the bangs enhance her eyes and smile. She looks much younger and perkier. She is a beautiful girl.

Cheri on

I think her smile is enough to not notice too much…… but I prefer no bangs for her.

enigma on

I stand next to the comments by…………..

wildflower, j, r, Jacqui, and AB!



I thnk they look horrible i think she should get thewm cut again to the side

JJ on

I think the bangs look great! They soften her features and make her face appear thinner. As for the awful comments that some feel necessary to post…grow up! No one forced you to read this article, look at the photo or post a comment. Some people will do anything to see their name in print!!

I agree with Jacqui as far as being appalled, however, my disappointment is directed at people and the moderators of this blog for allowing those comments to post. The question raised is about Hilary’s bangs – not her teeth, smile or face! It’s the moderator’s job to remove posts that have nothing to do with the subject and/or are offending!! Shame on you!

Lana on

I think she looks great with or without bags. She is a great actress and has class. Who has won two Academy Awards at such a young age? She has nothing to prove. Some of you women are absolutely jealous, mean haters! Damn! I think she has a beautiful face. Great smile, lots of white, shiny teeth! Go Hilary! One of the true superstars!

Kari on

Nothing wrong with bangs, she should just move them them over to one side or the other for a more wispy look. The staight-down-in-her-face bang hides too much of her looks. It also changes the appearance of her personality that most of us adore.

Alexa on

I think she looks ok but her bangs look like they are stabbing her in the eyes! I don’t like this look.

jazmyn on

I really don’t like the bangs. They aren’t bad but to me they make her look older. But she still looks really pretty.

jazmyn on

I don’t like the bangs. They make her look older. But she still looks pretty either way.

Boo2013 on


Steven on

Call me insecure if you wish, but I doubt I’m the only one that thinks she’s very unfortunate in the looks department. No bangs looks better imo but it’s a shame how her mouth dominates her face. I was tempted to think someone went at her with photoshop!

Steven on

My daughter saw those two pictures and ran away screaming……so much for a second opinion.

Judah N. Wenkel on

From a male hetero standpoint, I have to say that 8 out of 10 females w/o bangs (with harshly naked high foreheads & ugly center partings)would absolutely look better WITH bangs ! -NOT the wispy/sideswept kind though !!!
Just look at Liv Tyler & Kate Walsh(Grey`s Anatomy) for example, and You`ll know what I meam.
There sure is a LOT of fashion/celeb industry anti-bangs propaganda victims around…and haters too, sad to say.
-One more point, Ms Swank has ALWAYS been FIRST class in ALL ways, unlike some others !
-Food for thought, eh ?!!
J. N. W.

bronze babe on

Omg those bangs are slaming hilary looks AMAZING

bronze babe on

OMG those bangs are slaming HAHAHAHA i have to agree they do make her look a little bit older. But she is aging just like everyone else so why not update her style u know!!!~~!!!

Haylee on

She look beautiful anyway!!!!!!:)

Blonde-bug on

she looks really good!!! love her:)

lauren on

i think she looks good with either one i love the bangs though

Al on

I kind of liked her with out the bangs but she still looks nice

Lolwut on

“Hilary Swank has joined the Hollywood bang-wagon”

Anyone else notice that? hahaha

Fidel on

I’m in love with this girl ,no more words !!

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