Meet The Desperate Housewives Dolls

01/04/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

The ladies of Desperate Housewives are being immortalized as dolls (the fashion-plate equivalent of an action figure), but these aren’t your average Barbie. Created by legendary doll-maker Madame Alexander, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross are being taken down to size — 16 inches, to be exact. According to the New York Post, the likenesses of the five actresses, in their Desperate Housewives guises will pose and bend and be unveiled at the New York Toy Fair in February and in such stores at F.A.O. Schwartz by June. And don’t think these are for the kiddies — at $129.95 each, they are being marketed primarily to collectors. The ladies are in signature outfits from a green silk frock for Hatcher’s Susan to a prim white gown for Cross’s Bree. Tell us: Would you buy a Desperate Housewives doll?

Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Doll Company

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Susan on

I would not buy this doll. Desperate Housewives was a great show for the first season, but it is over now. I can’t believe that people would actually spend money to purchase these dolls.

A on

I didn’t realize that the target audience of desperate housewives still played with dolls…

KJ on

No, I wouldn’t buy one of the dolls.

Gayatri on

That doll looks nothing like her. Maybe her twenty years ago. I never thought she was very pretty though. But at least for that price, the dolls could look like the person their supposed to. So no, I would not buy it.

Michele on

Ewww, creepy, they look like teenage versions of the real stars. Marcia and Eva may look ‘younger’ but not the other two. I wouldn’t buy these at the dollar store!

Erin on

I would not buy the Desperate Housewives dolls, although I do like the show. Creating dolls is going a little overboard.

faith on

are you joking? i really want to know who is desperate enough–pun intended– to buy one!

and as far as the dolls looking too young? I think it would be kinda difficult, (not to mention upsetting to the actresses after all the money they’ve spent on botox), to put wrinkles on the dolls.

Erin on

That IS creepy! Although I like the show, I would never buy the dolls. Creating dolls for the characters of Desperate Housewives is going a little overboard don’t you think?

Lidiya on

I would not buy it. It is no longer interesting show

Jessica on

No,no,no. Too creepy and isn’t the target audience for DH a little mature for dolls? Even “collector” dolls.

Kristen on

DEFINITELY!!!!! I watch Desperate Housewives every Sunday.

Lis on

I like the show but dont think I’d buy the dolls. I’m not that desperate.

Cici on

It looks more like the Cher doll I had when I was a kid.

Sydni on

Thats creepy.

SarahBe on

I’m a huge fan of DH, but I wouldn’t buy this myself. I would definately accept it as a gift though!

rachel on

it it werent so expensive, i def. would. a few dollars, sure. but 130? no way for a barbie!

C on

No, I wouldn’t waste my money on those.



shopoholic on

ummm….WOW…Okay that dolll is like,really strange. why would they make a teri hatcher doll

Megan on

This show is finish, leave with dignity please. Teri….come one your in your 40’s not your 20’s! I would NOT buy this doll it reminds me of the Spice Girl Phenomenon, only the spice girls were for TEENS. The show is really starting to be over rated. Focus on plots not the teeny bops

sandy on

If there were green cheese for sale from Mars I would buy that first, so I hope that answers the question,”would I buy one of these dolls”???

Lisa on

Are you kidding?? No I would not pay $130 for these dolls. That is crazy! What would be the purpose of the dolls, they don’t even look like the real people. And what Adult would want them? And what kid needs a $130 Barbie Doll?

katie on

Did Madame Alexander recycle Cher in a conservative dress?

pinky on

There’s no way im gonna buy this doll! Looks so ugly! How come they expect people buy this doll for more than hundred bucks?

julia on

i’d buy them @ a $ store! lol

Alice on

Why would you make merchandise for the worst show on TV?

Tiffany on

Is the doll gold plated? Does it do anything special? Who is getting the money from these crappy looking barbie dolls? What a waste of money. Isn’t Teri hatcher supposed to have a big vein on her forehead too? They should add that then it would be worth money!

shelley on

I would NOT be interested in buying any of the dolls…and what child would want one?

ABC123 on

You’ve gotta be kidding?!?! Boy, I really wish you were! For who? Or better yet, why…what’s the point???

Kristin on

How funny…but I would not pay $129 for them.

Celestina on

Oh come on, do they really think that somebody will buy such dolls??? It’s really too expensive and stupid. I love DH, but dolls are way too much…

AMY on

Honestly , I would’ve bought it if it was a “DAVID BECKHAM” doll … ! lol

Lizzieb on

Tacky! I bet those women are not amused at all!

norma lee on

Whose idea is that? It`s really funny. I guess there is never enough money for some people… So bizarre

Milly on

I dont know, maybe if u keep the dolls in mint condish, it could be worth a little fortune as the show is a sucess

Brooke on

This is just a “desperate” attempt for publicity. Come up with a REAL scandal.

Lauren on

not for $129.95 i wouldn’t lol.

brei on

this doll makes her look like a nock off! it is soo fake looking i dont know who would wnat to buy this ugly thing!

KT fr Cda on

It doesn’t even look like Teri. That is a rediculous price for a doll. Mind you, even if it was $10, I still wouldn’t buy it. I don’t like that show.

m_a_s_14 on

the doll looks better than teri herself

KRE on

I luv the show but the dolls are WAY too expensive and they don’t look like the actresses!!! good luck to who ever is selling them, I don’t think you’re going to get too far!!!

Stephanie on

no they are ridiculous

enigma on

I agree with 97% of the comments here but, Milly does have a really good point….it seems like an investment item more than anything else!
Remember that “beanie baby” craze some years back!?!?

bianca on

i think that she dont lo0k nothing like that doll! that doll is ugly and i dont know wat lil gurl would wanna play with it n e ways!!!

maddie on

this idea sounds really gay…i mean who would wana buy one of those??? unless you’re a desperate guy lol

allison on

Ewwww! These women look just fine. Personally, I don’t watch the show but I know enough to say that they should not put out 125 dollar dolls!

Kristen on

I think that’s an incredibly ridiculous idea! Desperate
house wives need to not be so desperate for cash. Get serious and set a good example for the kids!

La La on

ummm. i luv the show but it doesn’t even LOOK like her! Plus, collector dolls for a tv show? a bit over the top dont ya think?

Jenny R on

This is just way too odd for me. I can’t recall an adult-oriented show marketing dolls (can ER possibly design a “history of” line and give us a George Clooney doll?!). Seriously, it seems a rather desperate (and pathetic) attempt to garner some attention for a program that doesn’t seem to be living up to past hype. And, as a side note, this particular model looks NOTHING like Teri Hatcher. Is it supposed to be her or just a generalization, i.e. long brown hair, slim figure, etc. Creepy…..

rose on

i am a big fan of DH but i will not buy the dolls!

RA on

HA for that price, they should at LEAST look more like the person!!! thats a very good show, but………..its not really “kid friendly” you could say, i think it might make the younger, barbie playing, children want to watch the show and then they will all be wayyyyyyyyy to “old” for their age. just take it off the shelf please…

Melanie on

$129.95!! For crying out loud! I doubt very much if that many people are going to buy them with that outrageous amount! They are gross looking anyway.

Avan on

I would not buy the dolls, I can’t imagine what will I do with it, play with it or display in my china…lol

Ken on

I would buy this doll if it wasn’t so expensive!

Dr. Micala Wilson on

As a collecter of 16″ Fashion dolls they are very well done and I plan to purchase the whole set. these 16″ fashion dolls are not dolls for children to play with they are a adult collectors item and are very expensive on the secondary market. There are 3 top brands of these dolls and they can go for upwards of $500.00 dollars for limited editions. So someone who does nothing but sit and watch desperate housewives probably can’t afford them or get off the sofa.

Jen on

I guess you have to be a stalker if you bought one of these dolls or an over obsessed fan.Just someones way of getting more money quickly for their own personal gain. now if the money when to something to help the homeless or diiferent organizations then that would make sense to buy one…but then again not really. Who wants a doll thats suppose to look like an actress but doesnt come close?

Meshka on

No, Sorry, I wouldn’t spend the money. The show was great the first season, I never missed an episode. Second season, well, not so great. I would have thought you’d get dolls made after your show once it’s been on the air for 10 + seasons…..but hey, it is what it is

normita tobias on

i think this doll is beautiful i would buy it for my dog

normita tobias on

i would definitly buy this doll for $130 for my dog he loves that show and so do i!!!

Normita on

This doll is too expensive but i do like this idea

Normita on

i really love the show and the dolls are to die for they are adorable

jean on

YES — I would buy the doll. Expecially since alot of the commentors said no, some rudely. It will be an excellent collection and will bring in a lot of monies ten years from now. You go girls.

DesperateFan on

My daughter loves watching Housewives with me and ADORES Bree. I will consider buying Bree for her as a birthday present.

kristin on

No, I would not buy these dolls. First, I am not a fan of the show, as I belive it promotes promiscuity and seems to have the general content of smutty romance novels. Secondly, I wouldn’t even pay that much money for any doll, Barbie, Desperate Housewives, or any creation of Madame Alexander’s.

Mikell Drake on

From MDin Ont.,Can. Are you kidding?!? 12.95 maybe as a novelty, and I suppose we’re expected to buy all 5 to complete the set! No thanks!

Alex Stone on

Ok, so I like the show! Im totally getting Bree. HI MOM!!!

Amanda on

Absolutly REDICULOUS idea!! They are cute dolls but such an insane price for a product without similarity to the actors thay are supposed to “be”. My guess is that maybe 5 will sell and even that is pushing it. Hey, its a stalkers dream.

Ania on



I can’t beleive people would be lame enough to buy such a _tupid thing!!!! or argue at those who think it’s _tupid, grown up and get a life!!!

Mandy on

Give me a break…what adult in this day and age would still play with a doll? Don’t tell me, desperate housewives are trying to also claim their profits in the children’s toy department. Honestly, I would not buy my child that doll. As if Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls weren’t bad enough, here come the ladies of Wysteria Lane…good gracious help these people.

Lisa, Amherst NY on

I would definitely buy the full set of Desperate Housewives dolls. I am a 46 year old doll collector and Madame Alexander makes exquisite dolls that are truly works of art and hold their value for years to come. These dolls are future collectibles that will double/triple their value within a few years of release – they are not “toys” to be played with as others noted in their posts. As far as the price point, $129.95 is relatively inexpensive for a collector doll. The “Susan” prototype is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the rest of the ladies from Wisteria Lane!

night on

I do not watch television so I can’t say I have ever seen the show. But I do think that the doll looks far younger and prettier than this unattractive woman who appears undernourished, and years older than her look alike doll. The price is crazy too. There are similar dolls at toy stores called My Scene dolls, or Bratz dolls…I think they are about $12.99, and they are not probably dressed in vomit green.

Skye on

If it wasn’t as expensive It might be fun to launch off a firework

Em on

$129.95?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? Totally not worth it. All of the over merchandising they have done so far is not worth it! WOW! People will buy anything!

Savana on

I like the dolls look sweet and is good for who is fan our do colettion only what i dont like is that be to much expansive more than barbies!

Leah on

I wouldn’t buy the dolls. I’m just not into that! Honestly, I can’t see spending that amount on a doll…not even as an investment.

Anitha on

omg like totallyyy. i love that show and i would buy one for my sister.

Soph on

No way! Little girls shouldn’t be WATCHING THAT SHOW, and if they buy the doll they’ll want to. Also ‘Desperate Housewife’ I mean what a horrible, horrible name for little girls to be getting into their heads! NO NO NO!

phyllis on

Seriously??? Maybe bobbleheads would e the show for it’s quirkiness, but the dolls are so not good!

LMS on

What the???? What is this supposed to be? I don’t even know anyone who likes the show, much less the DOLLS. I just don’t get people today.

LMS on

This is just another way to waste plastic, and add to the garbage problem. And the trees. Paper does grow on trees, but trees aren’t going to last forever! what do you think the dolls come in!!! Not tree-safe material thats for sure.
It’s not like anyone’s goona buy this anyway!! grrr





yo on


Leigh on

Im a huge fan of the show. I would totaly get the Marcia (Bree) doll, if they were not so much money.

Tara on

I’m guessing it’s more along the lines for people who love the show and who collect dolls (and yes I know a lot of people who collect dolls). I think it’s a cute idea and yes I would buy them. The show is not dead, in fact it’s still great!

Jesika on

This doll looks nothing like Terri Hatcher. Couldn’t they have atleast given the doll wavy hair as to look like the real character? Even the $15 barbie doll has that! Whoever gave the final thumbs up for this doll is dumber than a box of rocks.

Jennifer on

This doll is way too expenisve, if im buying it at that price it better cook, clean and do all my work.

dani on

i would definatly buy these dolls exspecially susan i love susan shes the best and anyway shes the only one who actually looks like who they’re meant to be !!!

Tyler on

God what a bunch of whiny people. The show is NOT over. The dolls are fun and campy. Yes theyre a bit pricey…but lighten up. Jeesh!!

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