Get the Look: Jessica Simpson's Date Sweater

01/04/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Everyone is buzzing about Jessica Simpson finally stepping out in public with John Mayer, but we just couldn’t stop thinking about how cozy her sweater looked during their weekend shopping trip. We know that she’s loves wearing an oversized sweater, and think it’s great that she kept it comfy and casual on her date. A little hunting revealed that this knit is Theory’s luxe “Juliet” sweater, and Jessica owns it in three colors! Unfortunately, her exact style isn’t available, but you can get the latest version in cashmere, for $495 at (rock-star beau is not included).

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Photo: Adam Nemser/PHOTOlink

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Heather S. on

They look adorable together! It seems like Jessica is really happy.

Heather S. on

They look adorable together! It seems like Jessica is really happy.

Katy on

I hope that both of them find happiness together…its still hard to see Jessica without Nick, but i wish them all the best of luck. The sweater is adorable too.

wildflower on

obviously, I don’t personally know them, but they appear to be the ultimate odd couple, he seems “deep” while she seems so shallow, none the less, I wish them all the happiness.

inga on

She is the hottest creature in hollywood…beautiful outside and inside…Go Jess, I love ya

monique on

John Mayer is creepy looking. I would really expect her to be with someone more on her level. :( Oh well.. the sweater does indeed look comfortable and cute without too much effort.

chiquita banana on


Stephanie on

Cute sweater, but cutier guy! I like them together, they say opposites attract!

Leah on

Jess has always been adorable and very naturally beautiful, she can pull anything off! They are an odd match but if they really like each other thats all that matters. I still miss her and Nick together!

j on

responding to the above comments, i do not understand the appeal of john mayer either. he seems to be really cocky as well. for what?? trying to be this decade’s kinda-sorta dave matthews wanna-be??
jess looks SO MUCH BETTER when she’s natural like this and not trying so hard!!! i wish her and her sis the best, they’ve both been getting hard raps here lately.

KT fr Cda on

The sweater is too high and bunchy around the neck for me. (Yes, I know it’s a turtle neck. I’m more for crew neck.) I do like the colour though. I just can’t see paying that much for it. I’m sure Walmart sells it at a fraction of what she paid. The famous always pay too much for what they buy. Yes, I know, they buy fashion products. It’s not about how much you pay it’s about how you carry yourself.

KJ on

I love the sweater! They seem like an odd couple but maybe they’re just great friends and enjoying hanging out together. I do really like John’s music. I wish them both great happiness.

Erica on

I like the looks cozy…But as to Jessica and John getting cozy…….uhh…They just look weird together…I miss her and Nick a lot..I loved them together..tear..LoL…But thats Life.. Bye!!





Alice on

John can do better, he’s a real musician not not a phoney pop star.

Rocketinu on

I like her more natural – like in this picture – without all the makeup.

Mary on

If you have money, why in the world would you want to buy ANYTHING at Wal-Mart? Cheap stuff is cheap for a good reason. That’s why I spend hundreds of dollars on my shoes. Cheap shoes hurt. Plus, Wal-Mart is evil. I avoid it like the plague.

Jessica’s sweater looks comfy, but it’s not my style.

emily on

uhh, walmart is not all that bad! i admit that if i had $$ i would get expensive stuff. but still. john is kind of weird, jessica needs to find someone else though. i love her laidback look though. definetly a plus.

kate on

jess’s sweater looks good…i like the casual look… don’t really like the idea of her and john mayer dating, but i’ll deal.

Nicky on

Jessica and John are lovely together. I love the sweater also. I didn’t think John Mayer was cute. But now that he’s hanging out with Jessica he looks so handsome. Funny how that works..They really look happy together. Opposit really do attract. Best Wishes to them.

Nicky on

Oh. I love the sweater. Geogous.

C on

Very cute sweater. They look adorable together, very relaxed, like they’re having a great time.

shopoholic on

She can keep the look !!!u won’t see me wearin that ugly thing any time soon!

nani on

jessica is so fake and self absorbed!!! they make an ugly couple , i think she should someone air headed like her.Her sweater is alright , i think it looks like a cashmere pancho, they sell a lot of them in tijuana for like $1.00, so everyone can look like a slob!!!

Becky on

Walmart is evil. they are ruining America

I agree she looks good without all the makeupm but they do seem like an odd couple.

Good Greif on

What does the personal lives matter? The issue is the sweater. I personally wouldn’t buy it, but if she has three, more power to her.

Jo on

Is it just me or does Jessica always have really stupid facial expressions? I don’t think she’s all that beautiful because she always looks so strange. Its actually kind of scary when she sings and jerks around like she’s possessed…

Alicia on

JO- you made me laugh!! Thank you! She DOES have the wierdest facial expressions- especially when she sings. I remember when Nick and Jessica had their short-lived variety show and she came out and sang “Take my Breath Away” and I couldn’t stop cracking up at her twitching and weird faces. I kept thinking that she must be kidding because I had never seen her perform before.

Anyway, I don’t know about the sweater-I couldn’t pull it off- to big, loose and bunchy.

Cathy on

The sweater I love. . .John scares the hell out of me.

night on

Jessica is starting to resemble Anna Nicole Smith in recent photos…check out the one of her in the red dress recently taken. This girl better stop going to Pizza Hut, or that company better get her to stop pomoting them…Looks like their pizza makes you bulk up and look like big fat sloppy celebrities.

cara on

sorry to dissapoint you, but the dress was stuffed for the campaign. you´ll see…

Kristin on

The sweater looks super comfy- I would wear in the cold Chicago winters. I have seen pics of a green one, too, on her- but I like this color better. Jess & John don’t seem right. She is way too beautiful for his dorky, plain look. Personally, I lioked her and Nick together- they seemed very at home with each other. But life changes.. I think she and Johnny Knoxville would be fun together…??

night on

cara, I hope she was bulked up with padding, cause if not she will be doing Trim Spa ads. I thought she was cute…but in that red dress she looks like ten pounds of sausage in a one pound casing….kind of like Anna Nicole…I hope you are right.

T on

I had thought John had better taste than this. God, I couldnt’ stand being in the same room with that fake ditzy idiot for more than a minute.

Bella on

I used to work at theory and i have that same exact sweater and the green one too…she look really happy….

Kristen on

Jessica, go girl you look fabolous! But him, he looks like a classic case of a 1980’s fashion victim and Stalker!
Jessica ditch the weirdo.

KT fr Cda on

Well, Mary, if I had a pile of money like you must then I guess I would shop at a more high end store. But not everyone does. And I only said Walmart as an example b/c I didn’t think that you’d know what Zeller’s or The Bay is. Up here in Canada, we don’t have Bloomingdale’s, JC Penny’s, Target etc. And oh, it’s only the name you are paying for when it comes to fashion.

johnni on

the sweater looks comfortable and i applaud Jess that she isn’t like some of the other celebs, wearing itty-bitty clothing out on a date. I wish them all the happiness in the world, together or apart. Also maybe she can help with those dark circles under his eyes

brunette babe on

i think that jessica and john are really cute together. it looks like they are having tons of fun and obviously laughing a lot. my opinion on the sweater is YUK! its gross but jess looks great natural

gracey on

John Mayer??? Jessica can do so much better. . .

Quinci on

Jess is wearing a very cute sweater, but she needs to lose the guy. John Mayer is too sure of himself, and he’s definately not good looking. Please get rid of him…fast!

katie on

I don’t think she can really be with anybody until she dumps her dad. What type of religious father makes a public joke that his daughter’s boobs are too big? Yuck! That’s as creepy as Donald Trump commenting that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he’d date her! I feel sorry for those girls.

Melanie on

The sweater looks good on her. She looks like she is having fun.

Michelle on

Jessica wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You guys look so totally in love and good for each other. I have a name for hollywood hottiest couple. “Johnica” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Love the sweater. Go “Johnica”

Patty on

She looks happy, as far as her personality, come on people do you know her personally??? I love the sweater, I do agree she does not need all the make-up, she has a natural beauty. But come on it’s stardom!!!! As far as these two together, I hope they are happy.

DumbAss on

I give it 3 month tops. He’s not into her. The only guy that wants her is Papa Joe.

jenna on

i love jessica simpson a lot it was so sad when nick and jess split i hope they get back together!!! but they probally wont jessica can do much better then john mayer. ryan seacrest maybe?? anything but john mayer they just arent cute!

nia on

i’m glad jessica and nick broke up cuz i didn’t think they were tht great together. she looks really happy with john now and he’s so adorable. Hope it works out!!!

kaitlin on

They look so cute together, but I still think Jessica and Nick were a better couple even tho its been a while since the divorce.

Pamela on

Jessica is beautiful and awsome and she looks happy. So what ever she wants go for it Jess!!

supriya on

well………..Jess looks gud in this pic…widout her make up…..n as for John…yeah he looks ok but not to fogrget she has an amazing voice n who also sang for his x -“ur body is a wonderland!!!”so u nev know what he may sing for Jess….n yeah the sweater looks cool n of course the they r flirting wid each other………i am sure sth.. is goin’ on anyways JESS gotta move on so.. !!!em happy for these J^2……..

nina on

they do not look good at all… jessica is soo desperate to be with somebody.. shes fake..

John on

nina Shut up! Jessica and John looks GREATTTTTTTTTTTT together. Lovely Pair. Jessica Desperate. Are you serious. She looked more desperate with Nick. Sitting around watching football all day long while she buss her butt to support both..Nick is a poor excuese for a man much less Husband. Much Luck to John And Jess. Both hard working individuals.

C. Zimmer on

I think that’s one of the best outfit’s I’ve ever seen on Jessica Simpson. I also, think that’s the furthest she’s been from the whole “Malibu Barbie” look she usually has going. She looks like a bona-fide person. Bravo. I give the whole outfit a 9 and a bonus point for having John Mayer accompany it.

Anna on

Any guy who sings, ” I’ll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it” is obviously a good pick. You go Jessica!

Kelsea on

totally cute!!!!!!!!

allie on

she looks so cute with him i just love her. and the sweater

allie on


Jen on

She is ugly, so is he. So I am happy that Nick moved on from Jessica to Vennessa, who is way prettier than Jess, and goes better with Nick. The sweater would be cute…if it were on someone else.

nachomomma on

She must have something going on if John Mayer spends time with her. He is awesome. Relationship seems unbalanced intellectually – who cares what they look like?

Sparkle on

I must say Jessica is so Beautiful without make-up. She really have a natural Beauty. She should not wear make up or atleast wear naurtal colors. I wish i had half of her beauty. And for the prior person. Who exactly is Venessa? Do u know what it would take for Venessa to even come close to being in Jessica’s shoes. Shop hating. I’m even sure what this girl (Venessa) does for a living. I love the Sweater and Jess and John looks lovely together. i love the way she has chosen to keep her relationship with him private. Nick should take a page out of her book and learn something valuable. Love Jessica and John..Good Luck.

Angie on

Jessica Simpson is so beautiful. I love her. Jess and john wowwwwwwwwww…Good luck ppl.

Pablo on

Jessica “will you marry me”? I’m better looking than John by far. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Karen on

I have to admit that when Nick & Jessica broke up I was upset because I thought they were the golden couple. But he has moved on as well as her. I wish them both happiness in whatever they do!!!!

Jennifer on

That sweater is cute, but i think she could do so much better than him, she is too pretty for him.

rhonda on

this just blows my mind !!!!!!!!she gave up nick for that . well nobody claimed the the girl is running over with smarts.



Nastashia on

I hate the sweater, maybe its just because ugly Jessica Simpson is wearing it. Im in love with John Mayer. Hes so talented and amazing in his own way [not to mention very very cute.]

Stick to your own kind J.S. Your a joke dating John Mayer.
What is this a, “Public Get Over of your Marriage”!?

Pathetic. on

Get the look je 2.. Smashing :)

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