Mariah-Oh-Meter: Rate Her Africa Look!

01/03/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Oh, Mimi. Even though we know she likes to wear short, tight dresses to children’s charity events, we were a little surprised by the curve-hugging, cleavage-enhancing getup she wore to the opening of Oprah Winfrey’s school in South Africa. The pearls are a duly noted conservative touch, and it’s always nice to see her with some natural curl in her hair. But a tiger print? Is that a nod to the locale or perhaps a safari was on her schedule later in the day? Well, at least you can say that she dresses for the occasion! Tell us: On a scale of One to Ten, how would you rate Mariah’s oh-factor in this look?

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Photo: Michelly Rall/WireImage

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iz on

6 out of 10- at least the dress doesn’t look like a dead animal like those horrible fluffy uggs. it would a ten if it wasn’t for the clevage. i dont think i would ever wear this though.

Allison on

I don’t think she will ever get it.

O'Wryly on

On a scale of 1 to 10? -3. This woman must lack any type of self esteem if she has to constantly display her cleavage like some neon advertisement. Methinks she’s simply trying to divert attention away from the fact that she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever i.e. personality, wit, charm, etc. She must also be a firm believer in “If I can stuff myself into it, then it fits!” She doesn’t have a wardrobe … just closets full of questionably fashionable sausage casings.

Jenna on

OMG, how embarassing. What made her think that going for a sexy, cleavage look is what you wear in the middle of Africa for a children’s charity event? The first poster is right, she’ll just never get it.

KD on

Poor thing, she’s clueless.

Tiffany on

What kind of message is she sending to these kids? Look like a street walker? She does not look good.

Bunky on

Why does she bother to get dressed at all?

Dawn on

When will she ever learn to dress herself so she doesn’t look like a lady of the night?

Becky on

she looks like a skank as usual. SHe is in africa i guess she thought she was going with a theme, but she was going to a girls school so she is showing girls to let it all hang out?
not a good role model at all, i give her a -10. I am sick of seeing her dressed like a hooker.

ljay on

I like the dress, but it’s way inappropriate. But that’s Mariah Carey for you.

Marta Jimenez on


Maybe Oprah can try to help her by putting her on one of her makeover episodes.

SA on

What else is new? Even in Africa in front of hundreds or young chldren she still feels the need to show off her chest…… I wonder what her kids will be like:D

KJ on

She is so full of herself! Oh well, what else is new?

Candi on

Since we can only rate from a 1-10, I’d have to get her a 1. Definitely not something you would wear to a charitable event that is honoring young girls. Way to go Mariah, lets teach our kids of the future to dress like a street walker. The dress isn’t that bad, but I think she is way to big to be stuffed into it. Sometimes size just doesn’t matter, if it fits and still looks horrible, DON’T WEAR IT!!!

lizz on

call an ambulance- mariah’s fashion sense is offically dead!! (then again when is it not dead?)

Stephanie on

The only thing I like about this pic is her sunglasses!

Elda on

I love this woman but not sure about the dress.

lizz on

hate the dress but i do love her necklace and earings though along with the sunglasses

Sandy on

She looks horrible as usual. I don’t know what it is about her, because I know she’s not fat, maybe it’s her choice of clothing but she just looks big.

Lisa on

Wow thats all I can say about that dress. She looks like a total skank and letting it all hang out just isn’t the way to go. i rate her a 1

Kelly on

Please! This woman has enough money…she should buy a clue and a stylist!

LKD on

YOU ARE GETTING OLDER PLEASE DRESS LIKE IT!!! She dresses way to young for herself!

Taylor on

She can sing, I will give her that. But, her style is just sick. Has anyone noticed she is getting a double chin. I liked her more when she wasnt soooo huge!!

Alice on

I don’t know why I am even surprised. You would think she would have some respect for the charity event she is representing but obviously not. The cleavage is so unnessary. Oprah had to of been embarrassed of her.

Kelly on

Will Mariah ever learn to dress for her size. She looks terrible in tight clothes.

lizz on

its just plain unappropriate – but knowing what mariah wears it isn’t that surprising.

Karen Tulk on

I’ve seen her wear worse. I can’t believe she’d think children want to see her cleavage though. I don’t. I agree, I hoping Oprah will make her over or she may be 90 dressing like a 20 year old.

Lucy on

I think Mariah looks great, and if you dont like it…then dont look. You go Mariah. Lots of Love for ya!!

SA on

Yeah I love the look too, totally, FOR MY BOYFRIEND IN BED..

Colie on

Totally inappropriate for the occasion. When will she ever realize she is a grown woman?

Michele on

OH GROSS!!!! There is no doubt the woman can sing, but as far as dressing herself goes, she really needs help…..Ok, while in Africa go with the theme. But for her an elephant would have been more suitable!!!!!

j on

i had to laugh when i read where she was dressed like this…the woman is consistent if nothing else!! *LOL*

Faith on

“Just closets full of questionable sausage casings”— HILARIOUS. Mariah dressed like this at the last kids charity event she atteneded too. It’s her uniform. And it’s a shame, because she really could be a good fashion role model for curvy women, if she would lay off the spandex and add more fabric and class. I would like to see her in a nice wide leg trouser paired with a crisp white collared oxford BUTTONED ABOVE THE CLEAVAGE, a sweater vest and long strand of pearls. That would show off her shape without totally exposing it. But she’ll never wear something normal like that. The only way Mariah will look better is if she only poses for pictures when she is standing next to “Borat” wearing that V-shaped neon green speedo/suspender thing. :)

Michelle on

Totally agree with Allison. I don’t think this over the top DIVA will ever get it. Seriously, yes you are going to South Africa but no you don’t have to dress like an ANIMAL.

Patricia on

This is totally inappropriate. I went to a girl’s school for high school and thank goodness I did not see any people coming to our school for presentations/meetings dressed like Mariah. It sends a bad message to these young women who are trying to make something of their lives and succeed. If I were Oprah, I would have brought a change of clothes for Mariah in case she showed up looking like a tramp. It is too bad that Mariah has not educated herself on what a “good impression” to young women is all about.

bb on

She looks like a prostitute….When will she realize she is too old and fat to dress like this?

Danielle Leveille on

I never get to see her left profile in either interviews or pics.. you can tell she has a very low self esteem.She desperately needs helps with everything..

joan on

Would someone please tell Ms. Mariah that she is not 20 yrs old anymore, she is well past the age where this ill fitting, chosen in poor taste outfit would be appropriate if ever.
She needs to start dressing like a woman in her 30’s and not a woman desperate to hold onto something she should have let go of 10 years ago.
retitle the page : attractive women who love to look ugly

JM on

Hello! Apparently, someone forgot to tell Mariah that there are no tigers in Africa. Tigers live in Asia — not Africa!
They have never lived in Africa.. they are strictly Asian cats.

Janice on

Wouldn’t a nice lightweight suit have been far more appropriate at the dedication of a young girls school wherein uniforms are prim and proper?

Rita on

The dress is extremely inappropriate for any event, except dancing for pay. However, on her side, where are all of you saying she is fat????? There isn’t an ounce of fat showing on her body. Anywhere. You are the same people trashing Mary-Kate & Ashley, Nicole Richie, and others for being thin. I think you are all being hypocritical. Mariah is finally one woman who looks healthy and normal, and you are all saying she is fat. Get off it. Knock the dress and her style all you want, I agree with you on those counts, but stop saying she is fat. I see no double chins, no rolls around the middle, no fat legs…only a healthy, poorly dressed, classless woman.

jessie on

The real question we should all be asking ourselves is why OPRAH felt this particular woman was worthy of such an honor to be at this particular event.I just cannot believe there was no one else that deserved that invite more than this sleezy woman.

Lizzieb on

All that talent and absolutely no class! The dress would be right on someone else at another time. Very sad!

Quinci on

She wore this to the opening of a children’s school? First off, the dress is cut too low, and second, it’s a hideous dress! I’ve always thought she was ugly and too fat to wear that dress.

Jenny on

So sad. Doesn’t she have a stylist, a manager — a friend, for goodness’ sake — who can tell her how inappropriate and unfortunate her clothing choices are? When she looks at pictures of herself, does she really think she looks good? It’s like reverse anorexia.

lizz on

i don’t think mariah is fat at all i believe that the clothes she wears to revealing clothing

nikita on

she is so beatiful..i love she cares about the negative comments and will dress like a nun..

abc123 on

Typical Mariah. There’s no surprise factor here.

This is not exactly the appropriate event to wear this to, given the real reason why she “supposed” to be there.

marie on

it could have been worse. i give her a 6 out of ten. she should have covered up her boobs a little more! i like her sunglasses!

Darlene on

She is obvious proof that money and celebrity do not add up to good taste.

Beck on

Pearls with leopard print? Cleavage around children? Maybe her l’s sound like r’s to her stylist (if she has one) and she was trying to say “classy”…

Ana on

Maybe she is hinting we should end famine in Africa by feeding them milk!


I love Mariah, always have, always will, but…She is so gorgeous, I wish she would dress better!!! The dress does not fit the occasion, but it never really does. Dam girl, get it together, Im still routin for ya!

Christa on

I rate her outfit a solid 1. We know she has a great body but I am really tired of seeing it constantly. Who is trying to impress?

Shasha on

NO.Just NO.

gloria on

Who ever told Mariah she looks good, was lying. She gives the ladies of the night a constant run for their money!

Amanda on

This look is not a good look for anyone anytime. However on her behalf, why do you people think she is fat. That is why there a nine and ten year old girls out there starving themselves to death because people think you have to be a size double 0.

astoreri on

Totally inappropriate to wear to the opening of a children’s school!!! But as other’s have said this is not suprising coming from Mariah. She has no clue at all when it comes to fashion. If its tight and low cut and short you can bet Mariah will be wearing it.

However Mariah wasn’t the only one who made a weird fashion choice at that opening. What was Oprah thinking with that bubble gum pink, floor length – looked like it was made from bed sheets – dress??? A nicely tailored suit would have looked much better.

I think the students were the only appropriatly dressed ones in their smart green uniforms!

Kristi on

Tigers don’t even live in Africa. She’s more dressed for streaking through India, hehe.

A on

hahaha! just because you are in africa doesn’t mean you have to dress like a wild animal! but, really, she’s too old to change her ways and she will never “get it”.

wildflower on

I don’t get why she was even there?

The dress isn’t terrible, just not appropriate for the occassion.

C on

She’s a beautiful woman with an amazing body, but she always looks so trashy. Wearing this hideous, breast baring dress to a children’s charity event is just tacky and tasteless.

atienne on

Clearly, she’s not a fat woman. There are lots of people with perfectly healthy sized bodies with chubbier cheeks. At least I think and (hope) that’s the reason behind the fat remarks. She appears to have no flub, is normal sized and is just always poorly dressed. I think the anorexics of Hollywood have become so much the norm, that anyone NOT a twig is deemed ‘fat’. As for a rating, I’d give it a 1 since we have to stay in the scale. The 1 is for looking dry. Everything else looks sad. She looks like the girls from ‘The Point’ featured on HBO -America Undercover…yes, all hookers!

lizz on

1 out of 10

Tara on

I have been living in Africa for the past sevral years, and I am shocked at her lack of cultural sensativity that mariah is showing. Especially in an area with growing Islamic influence, she has really confirmed how others view Americans.

stina on

whilst i always thought she looked weird, this dress just makes her look even moreso. (ps – i think she just seems fat because she has such broad shoulders and a wide rib cage. i don’t think she necessarily has a lot of fat on her.)

krw2006 on

I love her… She does HER all of the time!!!! She is pretty and looks good in her stuff. She IS over the top, but I say DO YOU!!!! And if that is her – so be it!!! Go Mariah!!!

Talia on

Mariah used to be so classy and now she is fitting into the Britney/Paris catagory.
Mariah you are so much more worthy than this as far as your self image goes! You are a beautiful woman and you need to strut your stuff in a classy way.




Alice on

Haha, there is only one person on here that actually liked this monstrosity.
I do agree with the people who are saying that she is not fat though. Mariah’s problem is that she choses to wear unflattering styles of clothing(obviously). If she wore something that actually fit instead of stuffing her self into spandex, which by the way nobody looks good in, no matter what size you are, she would look great. But she chooses to look like trash.

Lynne on

OUCH! Would I expect anything less from someone who wore tight spandex casings and a childrens leather jacket in 15 degree weather?! Aside from it being completely and totally inappropriate, at least it is somewhat of an attractive outfit. Perhaps though, she should have left it at home and opted for a more softer look like a previous poster mentioned…nice slacks and a buttoned down blouse and heels. By the way…does this chick have a mirror or stylist to tell her how bad things look or why didnt Oprah have the common sense to pull her aside and tell her to change her clothes?

Kavikins on

Seriously? This is the best she can come up with to wear at a CHILDRENS Charity event? She needs to re-think not only her fashion choices but her mental state. This is just vulgar and embarassing to watch especially visiting an impoverished nation.

Jennifer on

I think she looks gorgeous! I personally wouldn’t wear it because I don’t have her body, but it looks great on her. Look at the things she’s worn in the past, it’s a Mariah outfit. As for the Ugg boots, I don’t think so.

A on

Hi, I’m from SA. I think she looks terrible, but she looks like that most days. I actually think the african thing might have gone down well, as big bold patterns like that are quite popular here. I wouldn’t really agree with the growing Islamic influences… as the Africans ( even the rest of the population ) here follow many religions – from traditional African beliefs, strict Christian, Islamic or a blend. She was not appropriately dressed for an educational event with children present – but you know,you’ve got to come here and spend time with the locals to know that it was probably ok & accepted. There’s a different style and buzz around here when it comes to clothing, because the more into town you go, the more similiar it is to the clothing styles that you’ll find on these websites, but as you move out of town it changes. Also, the different people here dress differently.

So to make a long story short ( sorry about that ), yes in a style manner she looks terrible, and her dress is universally inappropriate for the event – but I don’t think it’s such a big deal here. Also it’s been so damn hot – you’ll see worse.

How terrible is that – the first time I defend Mariah Carey? Bleh..

Caitlin on

What a revolting outfit and can she please put her boobs away for even one moment?

Diana on

She should start dressing more appropriately for her age. Although she is in amazing shape and I would give anything to have the figure she does, at my age or her age, she is dressed way to liberally. I know she does it all the time and seems to get away with it but come on. Enough already. Her outfits are getting worse and worse as she ages. And to wear that to the opening of a Girl’s Academy is indecent.

Huronda on

I think that she yeah she was in Africa but to help Oprah on an all girls school not to make a video

hiay on


night on

She looks like ten pounds of bologna in a one pound bag.

Dragonfly on

-10 (minus 10)
What an excellent example to the girls. I wonder how bad she’ll dress when she hits 40.

lizz on

i think it is kind of sad about mariah’s style she would look 100% better if she knew how to dress for her age.

Heather on

I just hope SHE never breeds….yikes

Ricki on

i would say a 3

anonymous on

She may think that she is hot but she needs to learn that hot can be something other than a super short skin tight mini dress where she is falling out of it.

shayla p. on

she looks great!!!!

Vi on

If I saw something like this on Safari in Africa, I’d shoot it.

I know that writing this will make no difference whatever to how Mariah dresses, but the postings are REALLY funny this time.
And, no, she is not fat, she just dresses like she just lost her sense of style, class and charm.
Oprah seems to be able to tell everyone else what to do, and how to do it. Why, oh why didn’t she tell Mariah that she dresses like a tramp.

Lola on

I think I just lost my dinner!!! When will she get something that actually fits her!!! Everything that she wears only excentuates her flabbiness-PLEASE someone tell her to GET A CLUE!!!

jd on

just remember, the girl can sing

Stephanie on

Two words Mariah: GROW UP!

Heather S. on

I was really kind of proud of Mariah… she doesn’t look like a sausage in this dress, the bottom might actually cover her lady bits, and the neckline sparks the imagination without filling in ALL of the blanks. Then I read that she wore this to the opening of Oprah’s school… perhaps not the most appropriate venue. This lass is nothing if not consistent!

Chelsey on

I guess it’s because she drives me crazy, but she can’t pull off anything. At least she dresses herself or so it seems.

Mugs on

10, she is a hottie

stariray on

i love mariah, i really do (I actually sing her songs in the karaoke..!!)… but i don’t think she was wearing an appropriate outfit for the said event. it doesn’t show support for the vision of the institution is expressing…it does look good on her,if she’s going to a live show interview or presenting an award, it would be more appreciated. :)smile!

Jennifer on

She’s a twit who will just never get that tight clothes does does mean better…cover up a little please!!

Caty on

she looks like a seal…

abc123 on

Aside from her outfit being inappropriate, she is NOT fat. Whoever said she’s fat probably doesn’t like to begin with. She’s just busty with chubby cheeks.


Okay, I’m not a Mariah fan. The dress isn’t TOO TOO bad, but the cleavage has just got to go. I mean you’re here to open up a school for girls, not a club. And really I agree that she must have some kind of low self-esteem if she has to make her boobs pop out everytime. I think if she didn’t show the cleavage she would’ve overall looked good.

Caroline juhl on

I think Mariah looks great i can’t believe this rude comments about hert which leads to think that all these people are all “HATERS”.There is nothing wrong with the way she dresses she’s got a wonderful body no kids so why not dress like that. I think all you people are probably just “FAT” and “JEALOUS”of her so you all have nothing better to do then to bash her.Mariah, i say you go girl as long as you have it why not show it!

Enigma on

Ugly!!!Ugly!!!….and Ugly again!!!…sorry Mariah, but you don’t have style at all!!!

Cathy on

She is pretty. . .and like she cares about what any of you say.

john on



katie on

Both Oprah and Mariah looked like they were dressed for the bedroom. O with her bathrobe/Mistress of the Manor housegown. And Mimi with a naughty slip/Jungle nightie. They hardly looked like proper examples of how to dress as successful and influential female leaders. For shame!

yen on


enigma on

Hey “Enigma”

That’s my name Baby, you copycat……ha-ha!

Mariah needs to be told Tigers do not live in Africa!

Jazz on

She is going to the opening of a school, for young women and yet she wouldn’t look out of place if she were at a strip club, great role model. I do think she is a very pretty women and she has a lovely curvy figure, but she really needs to dress more appropriately for events such as these. and she also needs to go shopping and buy something other then a short dress that is two sizes too small.

Lisa on

Somewhere out there are BOLTS of fabric crying “USE ME PLEASE!!”

jackie on

she needs to stop wearing such tight clothes because she’s not so skinny anymore. it has me scratching my head and asking the same question as when britney spears went on all those award shows like right after pregnancy with a tiny baby doll dress with her thick legs and thick arms..i got to give it to them though cuz when jessica simpson starts gaining she starts covering it up with sweaters and jackets & turtlenecks but these girls seem like they dont care even after they see pics of them all over the place with an additional 10 lbs that the camera adds

Estela Fernandez on

Shes so pretty but the dress has GOT TO GO And the rating i would give is a 1 or3 {nobody wants to see that}

jennifer on

3 She looks good but she is getting old enough to know better.

Michele on

Mariah is not fat. I don’t like her, her music or her clothes but I will say that she is not fat. I am much more sickened by the skeletons of the Olsen twins and Nicole Ritchie. Their disappearing acts are much more frightening and unattractive. However, Mariah Carey is not a young lady anymore and she IS curvy. There are many flattering outfits for a lady of her age and size. This is not one of them. She has thick arms, waist,hips and legs. Her boobs aren’t ALL that either. It’s a shame she can’t be a better role model.

Juliet on

NO NO NO!!!!!! 0 is what I give her

Lidiya on

Oh Maria, I feel like throwing up, I have never liked her clothing. Some one need to tell that poor soul thatless is more.

lis on

Her outfitwas inapropriate for the event, it would look better if it were just a little bigger with less of her boobs showing. And shes not fat the average size of americans is size 12.

jade on

fat people shouldn’t wear any kind of print, it only makes you look bigger. this dress would look so much better on someone a normal size.

Mary Ellen on


Jane on

I think Mariah will ever get it. She is a skank. She cant sing and she is FAT! She has no idea what fashion is and will never wear anything right.

susie on

mariah is so fat. she looks like she weighs a buck seventy. good for her! does she think she looks skinnier if she wears nothing? well, when im 45 like her, believe me, i wont look like the nasty stripper that no one wants to give dollar bills to.

nani on


andreea on

I liked Mariah more when she started coming out, when she was more reserved. Now she dresses almost like a h…wearing to tight clothes and she is looking like the porn star Mary C(I don’t see the diference). She looks everyday more like her stylist hates her. She has changed over the years from a pretty young and simple woman into a classy wanabe. Sometimes I see her with better clothes.I guess that fame and money can’t buy everything.

Bonnie on

Mariah Carey is not fat. Good God what is the deal with wanting super-skinny people? Mariah has a great figure, although she does not clothe it well. Needs to cover the cleavage…

SA on

she’s not fat, but i’d pick her to be fat, over her low and cheap fashion sense…
mariah’s no role model, it’s a sorry thing because she’s
so adorable.

Tina on

I love Mariah, she’s beautiful, talented, and any negative comments are just jealous one

AJ on

Though I don’t think she should have worn that dress EVER, (it’s just an ugly dress and she’s too voluptious for it), why exactly are people calling her fat or saying she’s trashy? Yes, she has made some bad fashion choices, but she is still a beautiful woman, and her curves look great. I think some of you just want to be nasty to someone who won’t take the time to defend herself against you.

micheleee. on

Oh my gosh! Women are so judgemental. WHo CARES that tiger dont live in Africa. Who CARES that she is showing her boobs. Guess what? It’s her signature to wear tight clothes. She is a great singer so in that case, she is a good role model for young girls. What, is she supposed to dress in a tux?

Monika on

Mariah is not dressed appropriatley for the occassion as usual. I think she does this because she is such a diva and so conceited that she has to steal the spotlight at a children’s charity event, which is pretty sad. Oprah should have given her a strict dress code before she came to the event

Angela on

She wouldn’t know what classy dressing is if it came up and slapped her in the boobs, oops I mean face.

Crazy8 on

Hello…is anyone in home? Mariah your helping to open a girls school….your supposed to be a role model to these young impressionable girls. Get a grip and cover up….wear appropiate clothing for the occasion!

Anita on

The voice of an angel with a “pay to play” wardrobe! A lovely living paradox!

You would think someone of her talent would keep a stylist on staff. Her choices to attend nonentertainment functions is deplorable. I’m sure the media just love seeing what fashion faux pas she will wear every time she attends an event.

Mariah, sweetie, you desperately needs rehab for your Spandex addiction! Please get help! I love your voice but, you are embarrassing your fans! Please, PLEASE learn how to dress APPROPRIATELY!

ST on

What happened to her?? She used to be so sweet and pretty.. Dont you remember Someday??? She was beautiful with her curls and dignity.. I just feel bad for her now.

Gabriela on

She has a voice to die for, but her style just isn’t there. To me she always look uncofortable. She doesn’t wear the clothes…the clothes wear her.

Ri on

I Love her and I thinks she looks great but that outfit is not appropriote for the occasion at all!

Tabitha on

Wow, isn’t she getting a little old to be playing dress-up everywhere she goes? Where is her mother?

Sarah on

Fire her stylist! Does she even HAVE a stylist? Good Lord! Does she not realize that flashing boobies is always the best solution to fashion confusion?!?

vyo on

Hahahaha…she makes me laugh evry time i see her.She’s so fat.And the dress is like her.

Ed on

If Mariah would have only been around to come to my school’s benefit – if you got it……..!

Chris on

she used to look like a lady now she looks like a woman who puts the red light

vicki on

I think Mariah looks good but I also think she needs to dress for the occasion and this was certainly not the right time and place to wear this dress.

Liane on

um. she seems unaware that she is at an opening of a CHILDREN’S school. is all that cleavage really necessary? the animal-print dress also looks as if she is trying to fit in…unfortunately, she’s failing miserably. Next time, Mariah.

sarina on

mariah is totally clueless.and one of the ugliest people i feel sorry for her stylist or the lack of one.she has absolutly no class.

Caela on

she might as well well lingerie. its AFRICA for god’s sake
people don’t need her to dress like a slut. totally the wrong occasion for the dress

ytudgjh on

i think she looks pretty in the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Haley on

Oh wow, that’s absolutely hideous!!!

Kristen Youngman on

I think the dress is sexy and fun. How ever she’s not going to a night club, she’s opening up a school for kids!
Mariah just needs to know when to tone it down a notch.

Vandra on

i love mariah and all but cover up for the sake of the children next time your in africa, not u.s,not canada

anywayz much love mimi.xoxo


I think she looks like a dirty african hoe and a hotmess

marie is in da house on

all i have to say is eww

Heather on

I love that she isn’t conforming to the size 0 rule for famous women. As for the dress? Not my fave but still think she’s cool.

tasha on

Oh Mimi… She can do what ever the hell you wants to – she’s a DIVA! Should we really expect anything else from her?? She can strut her stuff in a dead tiger or a sawed-in-half abominable snowman. I love it!

johnni on

I’ll never understand how the outfits keep getting smaller and smaller especially to a children’s school? seriously what is this showing our kids! the children in the picture look to have on uniforms and then walks out this. I just don’t understand. maybe if you wore something to cover the top. Your at a school being opened for less fortunate kids whats that showing them?

Louise on

She needs professional help in the dressing department. I wonder why she loves to look “cheap” when she has money to look “classy”.

heartofgold on

I think the problem in general is that people are not really there for charity. They are there to get publicity out of this. Oprah’s whole stunt about helping children in South Africa was so annoying to me. The picture just really upset me. How can she come to this event dressed worth a million dollars, hair in perfect place and make up. She purposely made this into a news-worthy-event. This is nothing but a pseudo-event. Mariah looks so out of place here.

They should all take a clue from people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. You can tell that they are going to these places to really help and make a difference.

KRE on

Honey how old are you??? please we don’t need to see those! put them away!!! the girls need their privacy too!!!

who cares on

I love mariah’s singing. That said, this is not the right dress for this occasion.
She needs to:
a) Save that dress for maybe, a date with her boyfriend
b) Get it a size or two bigger, wearing clothes that are to small, no matter how skinny you are, maakes you look bigger
c) Possibly realize that that is a very stearotypical dress
and d) Realize that this is not a good dress because IT WILL ENCOURAGE YOUNG GIRLS TO DRESS LIKE THAT!

yfio on

Marsighah is always dressing for men. Certainly, she didn’t think Oprah was gonna get a thrill from seeing her cleavage. Put your “stuff” away girl…once you kill the mystery there’s nothing fun to figure out. As DT once said “you have to be careful about ingesting any or too much pop fad because sooner or later it’s gonna show and the only thing that’s gonna come out is fluff…” Yup that’s right Marsighah, we women aren’t buying but if you put a nice bow and price tag on your boobies and bum, I’m sure you can sell it to the guys. If this is what you call trying to be friends with women count yourself out…I mean just what are we supposed to do with those boobs…and don’t you get tired of everybody’s eyes always looking at your bum or your chachas! Cause certainly you ain’t sporting any brain! Guess that means good conversation is out! COVER IT UP!

La La on

It was a good try, but i have to say the lace did it for me. These children don’t want over flowing breast they want books and pens!!! Ha Ha Ha, but i still think she looks nice! Just a little over the top.

diana on

I think all the people who are rating her with 1,3, etc. are just jealous because they don’t look like Mariah Carey, I think she looks good for her age, she has no kids and is living life the way she wants to. And now-a-days nobody gets pleased by what actors, singers and etc. do or how they represent themselves. I think she looks good, so forget all the HATERS, HATING. What’s new.

Haley on

It’s one thing to dress like that when you actually ARE a size 0, but another thing to dress like that when you aren’t. Mariah, wake up and smell the hoochie!!!

Patty on

Voice=10, Fashion sense-10. What is she thinking????

v on

1-10: 2

Brit on

How horrible for those little girls in Africa. Could you imagine coming out of poverty and going to a school that was opened with celebrities and seeing a woman dressed like that and thinking how racy she dresses and then thinking you could never have the life that she does?
It’s disgusting, it just show that she has no sense of style, judgement or being able to be a good role model.

angela griffin on

mariah should be ashamed to display her self in front of a group of girls this way. try being a better role model mariah

dany on

2 out of 10

Andrea on

Mariah looks like a second rate hooker in this dress.
Which is bad enough on its own. She is in South Africa at an event for impoverished children. GET A CLUE!
Anyone with sense would try to show some humility.

I don’t hate on anyone for looking good. I think she has a good body, but this is NOT sexy. This dress is for the bedroom not a charity event. The dress itself is not that bad. Its where she wore it that is.

nia on

Class, the lesson for today is how to dress like a tramp. Exhibit A: Mariah Carey.

annie on

this woman has everything going for her…shes had a great comeback which most stars would DIE for…great voice which ive alwaysssssssssss loved and always will, but her brain refuses to work when it comes to clothing…

kaitlin on

No offense mariah, but thats not my favorite dress. Animal print isn’t very in anymore and especially not animal print dresses.

Janice on

I dont mind the dress all that much it is just WAY out of place. i dont think she realizes taht you can be sexy without looking skanky. also she should dress apropriatly for the occasion……. but her hair looks nice so i give her a 5.5

Madonna Andrews on

She is definitely talented, but not that talented when it comes to dressing. Whatever happened to the old Mariah?

Shay on

everyone hates this look but me
on a scale of 1-10 i’d say a 7.
Mariah has the body &the confidence for this outfit
so why not?
i think she looks beautiful confident &happy.

Sheila on

Oprah, please enroll this woman into your school. She is in desperate need of leadership. Maybe the example Mariah is setting for the girls in Africa is that money and fame are not replacements for taste, class, style or common sense.

faiza on

oh my god more money they have more they can’t dress well! je vais parler aussi en français ,mariah vas te cacher tu es affreuse!
translation mariah go home!

SB on

Money does not necessarily buy class, and this proves it :-(

stu on

OK, i’m a guy and i do like her but OMG!!! what is she thinking? this is no way to dress for such an event. but we as americans can dress as we please,but try and act as a roll model for children.

Rikki on

Wasn’t she supposed to go dressed as a role model for young girls? Honestly, I can’t believe Oprah invited her. She had to know she would show up dressed with her boobs hanging out.

Engee on

Clearly Mariah forgot why she went to Africa otherwise she woulda left this dress in NY…other than that I love her.

C. Zimmer on

Boo! Oh wait…it’s not Halloween is it? At least I’m not the only one out of it, Mariah is too!



Sharon on

I wish she would add a little class to her act. She does not need to try so hard to be sexy. She would be more sexy in a classier dressy. Try it Mariah.

Alicia on

Way too inappropriate for the occassion. It’s fine for the VMA awards or something like that, but for this charity event, she should have gone with something a lot more classy and ladylike.

Amanda on

I agree with most of you that this outfit is very inappropriate for a charitable event, not to mention one that’s for children. However, Mariah is a gorgeous woman and although some of her outfits are “Over-the top” she can pull it off in ways that “average” people cannot.

MM on

Tacky as always. She should hire a stylist or fire the one that she has. And what happened to her diet?

Jen Stone on

This woman has no class!!

nyv on

I think when Mariah had her nervous breakdown a few years back, she also suffered a stroke. She’s almost always dressed inappropriately. She is the poster child for an image consultant!! Someone seek her out and help her!!

chelsie jeffries on

ewwwwwww no way she looks like a dieing zebra

i hate it and its so ugly

she looks better in well anyhing enlse then this

roddy on

I am quite saddened by Mariah’s choice of apparel for such an important occasion. I can’t imagine that it could be so difficult to know when to dress sexy and know when not to, but in my opinion Mariah seems to know. She has one stlye of dress and that is sexy. Being beautiful does not mean that you never have to work on your self-esteem.

shelly sebastian on

Mariah is just Mariah constantly on fire. Somebody marry her please to calm her down. I really think Tommy Mattola did a number on her. She hasnt been the same since!!!!!

shelly sebastian on

Mariah is just Mariah constantly on fire. Somebody marry her please to calm her down. I really think Tommy Mattola did a number on her. She hasnt been the same since!!!!!

Jackie on

I am not surprised but I am disappointed. I have always disagreed with the way this female dresses when appearing in front of children. She has no shame and no self-respect. She takes women back many many years. Maybe she really wants to be a Las Vegas Show Girl! She needs a better image consultant. Maybe Alicia Keyes could give her some advise. That sista has Standards! Yes I! If she dressed more respectful I might be inclined to buy her CDs. I agree she can sing but she doesn’t seem to be able to think very clearly. Probably some childhood issues. Maybe a relative she admired always flanted their breast in her face. Guidance!

Stone on

Booooooooooo!!!!!!! It Is SSSSSSOOOOOOOO BADDDDDDD!!!! Ewww
I Mean C’mon!!!!!

ines fuentes on

Mariah needs some reaaly big help when it comes to fashion… She really looks like she shops at a flea market for her clothes… They always look like they came from the clearance section of walmart or something!!!
Somebody please help her….

hi on

its just a little too much cleavage fora school opening other than that 9 out of ten the sunglasses and necklace and hair are great MARIAH ROCKS I LUV HER SINGING AND SHE IS NOT FAT AT ALL EVERYONE WHO SAYS THAT IS JEALOUS

brattenheimer on


justme on

a little inappropriate,but not that serious…. the real issue is how are you raising your child????????????

Tiffany Rozenboom on

She does not know how to dress for this event! This is a nightclub dress!

F. Barnes on

I love Mariah Carey, and the fact that she has one of the most impowering voices on earth. Any women who’s still a success in the crazy music industry and still looks that great should be allowed to wear whatever she wants. And considering half the people run around half naked in South Africa anyways, it shouldn’t really matter.

Audrina on

I Think that she could of chose something else to wear. Not that she’s a bad person for wearing the dress. For Gods sake the girl is at a charity event. Just needs to realize that the show isn’t always about her. Thats what this dress says. “Hey everyone look at me!!!!”

sasha on

She looks like an idiot

A on

I like Mariah, always have, and think she’s beautiful…but, I really wish she would give the girls a rest once and awhile. It’s not so much her name that’s confusing her with pornstar Mary Carey!

pdsliq on

all she’s doing is putting the cherry on top of what we africans and the rest of the world think of you americans. She must cover up cos every1 is tired of kissing american backsides/ USA’s Backside.


I think she looks fine, people need to just leave Mariah alone. She’s a super star, she can wear whatever she wants! I give her a 10!

minnieb on

Okay, who said Mariah can’t sing? So not true. And whether she is fat or not, whether her clothes are hideous, or not, she didn’t get invited to the school opening because of her voice, or her wardrobe.

You know she paid some big bucks for that invitation. Now, how is that bad, again?

Yolanda Wills on

Mariah looks great! I’ll bet any amount of money that all the individuals hating on Mariah are a bunch of insecure, married, sexually-frustrated, over-weight Hags! It’s a shame that so much focus is placed on how a grown woman like Mariah is dressed. Instead of placing the attention on the fact that Mariah is a great humanitarian and was personally invited by Oprah to assist in a Music producing course. But of course you didn’t know that, Bunch of hypocrites!

Boo on

That’s just…just…NASTY!!!!

Amber on

I know it’s not PC, but if she wants to be one of the “sexy sultry” singers, she needs to trim the baby fat before she squeezes into this stuff. It looks a little silly to see this round face over a plunging neckline. Too bad, she’s got a beautiful voice.

nonofurbusiness on

Clearly a lot of you commenters aren’t very educated. Had she been dressed like this in an Western school, it would have beein inapropriate. However, she is in africa, these kids are accustomed to seeing naked people all the time. It’s a poor country and if it weren’t for Oprah bringing in the school and giving them uniforms, these kids would be naked themselves. AS for the cleavage bashing, only a flat chested girl would have a problem with it. Stop bashing other people who aren’t harming anyone. You’re worse then a bunch of rabid heffers!

Nicole on

I like Mariah but is she kidding!!

Tisam on

OMG! This is almost criminal… Did she change her career from singer to hooker? This is really bad, if your breast are hanging like that and you have that much money, GET A LIFT!

MJ on

I really think she is the best singer but she has no CLASS when it comes to dressing. She wore nicer dresses when she was still married to Tommy Motola. Now she looks very trashy. I wish she would take a good look at herself.

Tina on

Ms. Carey is a beautiful woman who just refuse to grow up. i do not like the way she dresses and would really like to see her dress like a lady for once. i can’t believe she wore this dress to such an important event. it was inappropriate and that’s not the example one should set to these girls, they really don’t need to see this.
Please Ms. Carey stop shopping in the junior department and please, please have a little respect for yourself. I know that you think you look good but the truth is that you look too cheap and trashy.
you will gain alot more respect if you respect yourself by dressing properly.

Almira on

This dress is fine, but she is just too big for it, and it looks too slutty on her! If someone, skinny though, would wear ti, it would for sure look much more prettier! Personally, I don`t like this tiger print!
My grade? 4!

Jami on

I used to Love Mariah. Then she turned into this. I looked up to her when I was a teen. Now if my kids were to tell me she is their favorite I would tell them to find a new favorite. I would give this outfit a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Vanessa on

well you guys need to just get over this thing already, mariah is such a beautiful person and she looks good in that dress …mariah always looks good in everything she wears basically she could pull it off


she does not look FAT in that dress but it’s always okay to hate……she has a good sense of style that no other person can reach….. but honestly look at her she has cures but beautiful ones …. you honestly can’t judge some by the way a single one time use outfit …..

cisne_negra on

Given the choices of either telling the truth or being kind, I’ll just be kind because, we have to remember that Mariah has a heart and I don’t want to break it. When I saw Mariah on ET at Oprah’s school opening I was shocked! Of all the places to wear a bare breasted dress, I just couldn’t believe it. I think that something must have really shaken her after her divorce from Tony Matolla because her ways have changed so drastically, and she seems to have lost her dignity. Please, let’s not be so harsh on her. Let’s all who love her and believe in God pray for her.

Marco from Philippines on

i think mariah is a very great singer and lets just STOP judging or intimidating her with how she looks or how she dresses. Take a look at your faces first before your judge a person like her who have been very helpful to African people, who showcases her talent for the benefit of those in need! please never criticize if you dont know what your are doing or saying. here inthe philippines, we will always PATRONIZE mariah for being such a great singer, writer and actress. WE JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

snowangel on

It looks like the African childrens’ first lessons of the day will be this: The number 1, the letter D and the word

The number of the day is “1”, because that is the lowest possible rating we can give Mariah on a scale from 1 to 10.

The letter of the day is “D”…as in her grade for her wardrobe and her uncovered cleavage’s cup size!!!

And the word of the day….psychosis. That’s (si ko’ sis) noun.,a mental disorder in which the personality is seriously disorganized and contact with reality is usually impaired.

Mariah dear, it’s time to get your GED from the school of fashion sense!

pia on

At the rate Mariah’s going, she’s on her way to becoming the female MICHAEL JACKSON past his prime… hek hek hek… Legendary singer but awful fashion sensibility….

Jennifer on

I think everyone one is wrong she looks beautiful, i give her a 10!!

Alex' on

Love the voice, love the human being and love that style… “What more can I say?”



Mariah your stunning!!…

dj on

i like the post that graded her wardrobe a D.thats debatable but im pretty sure the poster is right about a D for her cup size for sure.

theresa on

Mariah, you lost some weight you look really beautiful and you have a nice body. I like you in navy blue and black it makes you look thinner. But that dress looks cute on you. you go Mariah women are just jealous of you, pay no mind to the negative reviews.
love theresa

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