What Will Angelina Jolie Be Wearing on New Year's Eve?

12/29/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

When Angelina Jolie ushers in the New Year (presumably at one of the world’s exotic hot spots), she could well be wearing a Karanina convertible halter dress (on sale now for $173 from $345 on Girlshop.com). We hear that she recently scooped up three of them — including a reversible black and champagne version. This multi-tasking silk jersey dress has a extra-long halter tie that allows you to wear it in at least five ways — ten ways if you buy the reversible one! Fashionista translation: you can don the same dress to a few of your holiday parties and look a little different each time. No wonder celebs such as Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson also keep this handy little number in their closets. Now the only question is: What are you wearing on New Year’s Eve?

Photo: Dave Allocca/startraks

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KT fr Cda on

I wear black a lot myself. It makes me feel good as I’m sure it does for Angelina. She looks good no matter what she is wearing.

LG on

very nice dress

Caty on

My look for New Year’s is going to be black&gold: golden skirt, lacy open-toe heels and black top. Fits me perfect, I only have to think about the hair and jewelry.

Jean Leonard on

I doubt that Angelina will be attending any New Years’ Eve events at exotic hot spots…she will be in some 3rd world country spreading good will among refugees or other disadvantaged people. And…since she so detests publicity, she will make sure to let the media know where she is and what she’s doing! Do I sound sarcastic…you bet! I’m tired of hearing about all the “great” things she does and at the same time read about her wanting to have a normal life for her children. How in the world can your children have a normal life if you take them to Costa Rico for Christmas? They live like nomads! Stay home, bake cookies, play games, and enjoy the kids while you can!

Misty on

She is gorgeous no matter what she wears. That dress is beautiful and I am sure she will look stunning in it.

Frab on

Such a cute dress!!

j on

who cares what she wears. ms. ‘save the world’ is above doing something mere mortals would do such as celebrating the coming of the new year in HER OWN COUNTRY. she and lap dog brad can go back to namibia and disrupt life there. she doesn’t even work on having a relationship w/her own FATHER for pete’s sake, not to mention what she did to jennifer anniston. all the united nation work in the world will do nothing for her own inner personal turmoil. i am not fooled by the show she puts on for the public, hopefully others aren’t either.

Mandi on

I think honestly that this is what her children will always know as a normal life…this is what they are being taught to do~ Who can honestly say that they have done as much as her children have at such a young age? I have a 5 1/2 year old that I would kill to be able to show such a life. I mean, I don’t think having adopting kids from a country in which they would have lived in poverty, and teaching them to help those less fortunate then them is a bad idea? And, as far as the dress is concerned…it’s lovely.

Elda on

She perfect for that dress, it suits her well!

Rebecca on

Agree with Jean 100%- so tired of hearing about her/their latest do-gooding.



Misty on

Tired of hearing about her do-gooding? **Shakes Head** Sad…maybe you like hearing about negativity? But I don’t. I love to hear about someone that cares about things other than the Hollywood parties & such. Her kids are leading a life learning how to GIVE! At least she SPENDS time with her kids. Get over it already. Oh & Amber, Jen would NOT look better in that dress…Jen is too blah…

Kathy on

I DON’T care what she wears. I,like so many others, am sick of hearing ANYTHING about Angelina Jolie. While I do admit she does a lot to help those less fortunate, she demands too much recognition which makes me question her sincerity. And I think she needs to work on her own personal morals. In my opinion, she has none.

Nicole on

Probably a pair of cargo pants and a wife beater???

Nicole on

Oh! I thought we were guessing what we thought Angelina would be wearing on New Years! I will be wearing a black dress. I always feel better in black, it’s slimming!! Happy New Years everyone!!

Michele on

Is anyone really putting any thought into what she wears on New Years Eve or any other day for that matter…..WHO CARES WHAT SHE WEARS!!!

LKD on

Im wearing a black silk halter top with a black and white polka dot skirt! Its cute! Black is always safe and gotta love the polka dots!!!

erica on

I can’t believe how many people are judging Angelina!!! What have you done to help someone lately???

Chrissy on

I believe Jenn would look better in the dress…enough of Ang and Brad already! I think at the same time they are doing good for less fortunate children, they are also trying to make up for their cheating ways with the hope for America to look past their affair, and look at all the good they do for other countries. Sorry Brangelina…you kindness to other countries doesn’t make me look at you any different.

wildflower on

perfect dress for any new year’s party or event. I doubt she will be out at any party either though, I would imagine she would prefer to ring in the new year with her kids like the good mother she is….I know I will be home with my kids!

KJ on

I love the dress! I’m sure Angelina will look lovely in it – she is a beautiful woman and I wish her and her family the best. I’ll be wearing something much more casual. Happy New Year to all People readers!!

KD on

Wow! I love this dress! Especially with how the sash is tied on. I want one!

Disgusted on

To all of you complaining and judging a WOMAN YOU HAVE NEVER MET! Enough already, makes me sick to read all the bull&*$# you people spew about others and the negativity coming out of your mouths- wow, real sad. She, along with alot of people – celebrity or not – do so many things for the betterment of children and people in general. If she chooses to use her celebrity to her advantage, all the more power to her. But to listen to you pass judgment on a woman you do not know, basing it on the media’s CHOSEN perception of her shows alot of your own character and state of mind. Stick to the topic- her dress- and grow up. God, the world needs more people working together than cutting each other down. You should be ashamed, do you realize how immature and jealous all of you sound? What are you doing to make a difference? It is a beautiful dress and she is a truly beautiful woman. HAppy New Year to those that are focusing on the real world.

tasha on

Some of you women , Yes “women” need to get the hell over it. My God some of you guys act like you were married to Brad, the truth is no one knows what happened in Brad and Jens marriage , and no one can be stolen. For people to sit here and say that they are sick of another human , helping there fellow man is disturbing. If people here don’t like Angie , then why are you here posting. The conversation is about a dress…Not Jennifer Aniston…Get over it, Brad was not your husbands, Brad is not the boyfriend that dumped you, It has been two years GET OVER IT!

Kristin on

I like this dress! I would love to add it to my collection. Although I will probably be in jeans and a t-shirt for New Year’s Eve- we are staying home with the kiddies.

linda tate on

She has chosen to live her life this way. I prefer hearing about rather than Paris Hilton and her gang…Someone haS to pretend to care openly.

julia on

LOVE THE DRESS- already out of stock! :-( but whos cares what shes wearing?! Shes helping REAL people!
She ROCKS! They set a great example for the world to follow- people are so self-involved, lets all help someone in the world, your neighbor or someone in Bosnia, wherever…kinda like ‘pay it forward’ PEACE & LOVE to the WORLD!

linda tate on

I love Angelina. More power to her in trying to change the world. I help her by supporting her intentions.

spak on

I was wondering two things:

First, those who are upset over alleged Angelina breaking up Jennifer’s marriage, do you also believe the same tabloid stories of Jennifer choosing career over family and her marriage? If not, why do you choose to believe one aspect of the gossip stories (Angie being homewrecker, and not Jennifer being self-obsessed, career-driven woman?)

Second, if some of the stories of Brad wanting to be a father, and Jennifer not wanting to have children are true, isn’t that a good reason to end a marriage? It seems like Brad and Jennifer wanted different things from life. After all, Jennifer filed for separation without knowing anything about Angelina. Angelina and Brad didn’t come out as a couple until three months later. Brad and Jennifer grew apart as couple…..period. Everyone needs to move on….and work on their own relationships. (Bettr yet, ask yourself if your relationship is truly fulfilling…)

linda tate on

I love her. She had to grow in her own way just as the rest of us have. I respect her for choosing to help the others that she chooses to help. I support her ideals.

Rebecca on

Yes, I’m thoroughly tired of hearing about Angelina. So sorry. Yes, I do MANY good things and give to plenty of charities, but I don’t need to travel everywhere on earth to do it or broadcast it to everyone. I’d rather stay HOME and hang out with my kids once in a while, thanks!

Meg on

Angelina Jolie would be very beautiful in this dress…why not? She is the Hottest Chick in the Planet. Not to mention, the most desirable one, like Brad. And to add insult to Jennifer’s fans, she glows in every picture and footage, wherever she goes, people/ paparazzi follows. It seems she has found her peace and happiness with Brad Pitt.

To all Ms. Aniston’s fans, stop berating her like that. Instead, email Jennifer and tell her to move on. She needs all the support.

j on

i believe jennifer HAS moved on. ms. jolie is the one commenting on jennifer and brad’s relationship now, (jan issue of vogue) NOT jennifer. angelina is very disrespectful about the whole thing. maybe the outside package looks good, but the inside is clearly lacking. to do all her humanitarian work WITH tons of press makes her intentions very suspicious. of course people are still getting aid–including angelina herself. sandra bullock, and ashley judd do the same type of work, but they don’t get nearly as much publicity. hmmm. why is that? because they truly want to HELP others, not their image.
bottom line is that if you look back to the whole breakup, JENNIFER and only JENNIFER handled it w/tact and class.

anonymous on

totally agree with jean leonard, come on people, you can´t actually think she is a good person, she loves the publicity, she loves married men, simple, she is fake. But she is famous so why not huh!
maybe she does care about the world, but she must have a few magazine phone numbers dialled into her speed dial to let them know of her every single move!
But nice dress, the sort of thing that would look nice on most celebs, not just angelina or jen

Meghan on

That dress is very pretty it would be something that i would ware…i am tired of hearing about her and Brad…i mean she should be ashamed of herself for breaking a married couple…she is not half as pretty as Jennifer…my opinion she looks nasty in everything she wares

Sunny on

I love that dress. I love hearing/reading about Her world travels and all of the good she does for other people in our world. She has inspired me so much and that’s what matters, right? If she can motivate others (even if it’s just one person) to help a little than everything she is doing is well worth it.

Quinci on

Yeah, I don’t really care what she’s wearing.

spak on

Dear J:

Remember Vanity Fair in which Jennifer played victim to the reporter? Unlike Nicole Kidman, she kept whinning about Brad. She still does! She needs to move on!

Angelina, when asked about Jennifer, informed the report that Brad still “loves and respects” her. She said only nice things….

Furthermore, the reporters follows Angie and brad EVERYWHERE. I don’t think Angie contacts them to come with her.

QueenWiley on

I think that she will probably wear something in a shade of black accented with something else black. I think she thinks wearing black all the time is some sort of political statement. Or maybe she’s just a Goth:)

Mary on

Do you guys all have ADD or what? The original blog post asked what you all were going to wear for New Years Eve, and most of you go bashing/defending Jen/Angelina. It’s not even relevant. It’s amazing that the mere mention of Angelina and Jennifer in the same post causes all of you to go crazy.

I’ll be wearing a steel blue, low-backed BCBG cocktail dress, with silver Cynthia Rowley peep-toe heels. It’ll be fabulous.

Jamie on

Go Angie! I know she will look gorgeous in whatever she wears as usual.

Heather S. on

I get so tired of rich famous people who spend their time trying to help those they have the ability to help. I prefer a certain blond heiress who has never worked a day in her life and takes a $2000+ bag to the beach!

A little sarcasm there. Even if Brad and Angie are just publicity ho’s, which I don’t believe IMO, at least they are accomplishing things AND sparking the interests of others who will then help.

Meanwhile, I’m wearing a cute little patterned top belted at the waist and skinny jeans with boots. Happy New Year, everyone!!

Andrea on

i totally agree with jean leonard as well. that’s all i’ll really say about it.

for new years she will probably be wearing some sort of ethnic -wear to prove how culturally moved she is and the media will be right there with them while they pursue their charitable endeavors, just like she would expect them to be. i question her sincerity as well.

Leilani on

This is a great dress! It’s perfect for a New Years night out.

However I am getting sick of hearing about Angelina. I’m also sick of people who fawn over her while ignoring the crazy things she has done such as basically making out with her brother and wearing her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. Come on now, lol!

Robyn on

It’s her money. Anyone who makes a sarcastic comment is jealous. GO PARIS!!!

Happy as I am on

I am always amused when people assume that any negative comments about a celeb stems from jealousy. No one accuses people of being jealous of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, and their names get trash around alot (regardless of if they deserves it)so why automatically assume that we are all jealous of Angelina Jolie? Is it REALLY that HARD to believe that not everyone is a fan of “insert any celebrity name here”??

KT fr Cda on

Have to agree with Jean on her comment. Really am tired of hearing how great she is doing. It’s funny how when she adopted Maddox, she totted him around everywhere. Then she had Zahara, she carried her around everywhere too. (I guess she has never heard of strollers?) But now that she had her own, where’s Shiloh? How come she isn’t carrying around her daughter for the world to see like she did with the other two? i would say it’s b/c she isn’t from another country even though she was born in another country.

Melanie on

She would look good in anything! She is gorgeous!

mary on

Its nice to see People is finally printing what real people think. Angie may be showing everyone how she helps people in other countries and she also helps herself to other people’s husband’s or wives (she really isnt partial to men or women). Brad isnt the first and wont be the last.

nikki on

oh please mary, I’ve offically become ‘TEAM GET OVER IT NOW!” People magazine isnt printing anything. These are just comments on an internet site and as a publiation i’m sure they’d be a lot more objective than you when accusing people of stealing other people’s men. Newsflash, no one can still a grown man from the person he promised to love, honor and obey.What he doesnt have a brain?. I’m sure he didnt wanna be there in the first place. Anywho enough of that i’m sure angie will look fab! even though she could stand to gain a few more pounds…lol

nikki on

oh plz people isnt printing anything of the sort. i’m sure they’re a lot more objective than you

Danielle on

I know this is completely off the original subject, but who really cares WHY she/they do the work that they do? The point is that the charities get the money and publicity that they need. Even if her/thier reasons are (or are not, depending on your take) admirable, does it really matter as long as good is being done one way or the other? As for being “media hos,” wouldn’t it be difficult to bring attention to the various charities if they’re name wasn’t attached to it? Maybe THAT is why she/they flaunt her/their involvement like they do. As for the person who brought up the carrying the kids all the time… when you are in a crowded area, it is so much easier than a stroller, I used to do that with my son all the time… it was just easier. And Shiloh might be rarely out and about now because of her age.. she is, after all, still younger than the other two where at the times of their adoptions.

laurry on

i dont think she will be dressing up , angelinas style has become more dull, i agree with the comment made ealier , stay home and bake cookies , holidays were created to be home with family, her charity work can be done at another time. this is were the media is foolish to follow them

Dee on

Angelina would look beautiful in that dress. She is beautiful, inside and out. So is Jen. There doesn’t have to be a good girl/bad girl thing going on. Angelina simply uses her celebrity to bring attention to crises in the world. Think about how much more we know about obscure places like Cambodia and Darfur because she VACATIONS there! Not in St. Bart’s or the “Maldives” like some other celebs! Her and Brad, despite how they got together, are doing alot of good. None of us are in a place to judge. Happy New Year!

Relative Subjectivity on

The dress is cute…I’m going with cute jeans this year.

Some of the comments about Angelina above from those waxing philosophical on her current life past and present are a little sad. The reality (and I think a few others have mentioned this above) no one here really knows ANY of the 3 people involved. If ya did, you wouldn’t be on a blog commenting about it. There are always angles and perspectives that aren’t provided to the public. I am postitive that is the case here.

P.S. And you don’t ‘steal’ a man/woman or ‘wreck’ a home. It isn’t possible unless the two people in a ‘relationship’ allow it to be so. If a relationship is what it should be, nothing can shake it. No person can disrupt it! No Angelina, No Halle, No ‘insert any beautiful woman or man’. Free will people…free will. Brad chose and is choosing to be in the space he currently occupies. The longer he stays there, the more destined it all seems IMO.

Carry on :)

It's ME on

To the HATERS of Angie and Brad.. it’s 2007 already .. your not the one Brad divorced … for heaven;s sake… stop hating already… find your own boyfriend/husband.

KT fr Cda on

What’s the point of giving a comment. People get too defensive if you say something about the star other people just love. I think they should just shut down this entire blog section of People’s site b/c people are just getting too upset when you write down your opinion.

hollis on

I just love this couple, they are just fabulous together. Give ’em a break and let them be. How many other couples have broken up and divorced in the past 2 years, and do not get half the speculation and ridicule that this trio get; and most of these other couples have moved on and are dating other people. Brad and Jen did not make it, so be it; Angelina came along and she and Brad clicked… what’s so wrong with that, people need to find their own happiness with whomever they find it with. Let the truth be told, JenA cannot keep a man, she is boring, dowdy, whiny and insecure, Brad went where the action is because that mostly suits him. It’s time for everyone to let this one go, and give Angie and Brad a break. Let them enjoy each other and their kids..let Jen go off into the sunset and find someone who is more suited to her personality!!!

hollis on

I just love this couple, they are just fabulous together. Give ’em a break and let them be. How many other couples have broken up and divorced in the past 2 years, and do not get half the speculation and ridicule that this trio get; and most of these other couples have moved on and are dating other people. Brad and Jen did not make it, so be it; Angelina came along and she and Brad clicked… what’s so wrong with that, people need to find their own happiness with whomever they find it with. Let the truth be told, JenA cannot keep a man, she is boring, dowdy, whiny and insecure, Brad went where the action is because that mostly suits him. It’s time for everyone to let this one go, and give Angie and Brad a break. Let them enjoy each other and their kids..let Jen go off into the sunset and find someone who is more suited to her personality!!!

Jean Leonard (again) on

I’ve read all the responses following my comments. I do not discount the fact that Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman…she is. I also don’t have strong opinions regarding the Angelina/Jennifer/Brad situation. I question her sincerity and integrity. I’m critical of the way she tries to make everyone think she dislikes publicity, but then her photos appear everywhere! Even when she surprised Brad with a birthday tour of the famous home somewhere in Pennsylvania (I think that’s where it was)…how did the media know to show up and snap the obviously posed picture of the two of them outside of the home? I also think it’s very convenient when she shows up in some obscure country and the media is always there. She obviously needs to get recognition for what she is doing. Lots of people do charity work (myself included) and don’t need or want any glory as a result of what we do. Lots of celebrities do charity work (as mentioned by someone in this blog) and don’t go after the glory. Angelina and Brad also have double standards…they live very extravagently yet are soooo sorry about how poor people in other countries live…while Brad spends $1,000’s on cuff links, etc. And, one last thing…how about helping some of the poor right here in the USA?

MG on

To Julia above:

The dress is not sold out. It is still avail in 10,8,6,4, and 0 (size zero).

Post from a Ph.D. on the topic:

As a Dr (Ph.D.) (sorry, that’s not meant to be an ego-boost – just to provide context) working in International Development (overseas aid work as well as long term policy) with family members working in the UN (including UNHCR) – Angelina Jolie (& Brad Pitt) have interested/amused/annoyed me for some time. While I think it is good that she does some thing to help as an ambassador – this ‘work’ should be seen as it is (and certainly as it is recognized as within the UN) – which is as media/PR and not anything more. The reality is that many, MANY people work tirelessly (long hours, and often on mediocre pay) for the international organizations (UN, Red Cross, Save the Children, Care, etc.) and as these jobs are both difficult to obtain and complex – the average person will be expected to be highly educated (a Masters as a matter of course). The reality therefore, is that the research and actual work on the ground regarding issues to do with poverty, conflict, vulnerability, refugees (etc) IS done by researchers, doctors, engineers, aid workers, and other professionals who have, in my experience, worked many years to achieve that level of understanding and commitment to these extremely complex issues. Angelina receives FAR too many accolades for what is purely PR – and indeed, I too find it odd that she calls handing out gifts ‘work’. While, I think what she is doing is undoubtedly better than nothing at all, the level of accolades are out of all proportion to what she does in actuality. Moreover, the reality is that she DID pose with Brad P. in a 60(???) page ‘W’ spread – before his divorce was finalized…and that AJ married Billy Bob Thornton while he was STILL engaged to Laura Dern (impressive memory of pop culture hey ;). I think US magazines should do a piece on UNHCR work which displays what is ACTUALLY done by actual professionals in the field. I also think US mags could perhaps explore the way in which adoption by ‘movie stars’ can be done with impunity (AJ and BP were not married when they adopted Zahara, & she was a single parent when she adopted Maddox (with only a brief stay in Cambodia). Brad Pitt’s behavior has been questionable at best – he did not act with responsibility towards his wife (at the time) by engaging in a sexualized photo shoot etc.

erica on

I think you’re right!! People puts these topics up here and the women on here just fight and are really mean to one another!! I NEVER chastise someone for the opinion, but Oh MY GOD, the stuff women tell me just cause I have an OPINION and they happen to disagree!!!

rachel on

thats a gorgeous dress! for myself, im going to a casual party held by close friends. ill probably be wearing leggings, a long shirt, and uggs. either leggings or jeans, depending on the weather



K on

A short black silk CHANEL dress

Brenda Lomax on


C on

I’m sure she will look amazing in this beautiful dress.

tarryn on

Uuuuummm, why do people always comment when a celebrity wants to help people in another country. If people can’t help themselves in America then they’re pathetic. America offers more assistance to their poor then any other country in the world. It is the land of milk and honey and if you’re poor you can just get on the free for all welfare system we have here. Good for celebrities that see farther then their own back yard. The world needs help, not just this selfish country. You people who comment on thier adoptive children and their relationship are pathetic. You make out like you live a perfect life. Why don’t you leave the judging to God.

shopaholic on

Angelina would look good in a paper bag. she’s tried everything. (hopefully paper bags wont be next)shes gorgeous

Samantha on

I think Angelina would look absolutely beautiful in that dress. I would kill to look half as good as she does. She can make a garbage bag look sexy for Christ’s sake! As for all of you “Brangelina” haters out there complaining about the numerous reportings of her and Brad’s humantitarian work, seriously, just shut up. While you stay at home and party on new year’s, with your uncultured children oblivious to everything that’s going on in the world, Brad and Angie will be out there helping people. Yeah they may live like “nomads”, but at least her and her children are learning about different cultures, different ways of life then most children will ever know. I can’t think of more nobler people than Angelina and Brad. Oh and I’m wearing jeans and a sweater for new years. ;)

mimi on

Dear, Jean Leonard,
You’re not implying that Brad and Angelina shouldnt enjoy what they’ve been blessed with have you? b/c that would be completely ridiculous…
and on another note that allegec ‘PHD’should put his academics to better use and spend less time critizing celebs who try to make a differenc for living THIER lives the way they see fit. It’s a bit funny that people assuming bieng a PHD gives him some kinda authority over others. Now that i think about it I wanna see his/her degree…LOL

Ester on

i luv angelina and brad i think they are both lucky to have eachother and they show everyone what true hollywood love is. Their children are also the cutest! They deserve more than this critizisum that everyone gives them. they have done soo much to other people.


Ange on

Well, I am wearing my Sponge Bob pj’s… and my husband and I are sitting here laughing at all the Jen/Angelina/Brad haters.
The dress is nice, just I would have no place to wear it and I am 9 months pregnant…
As for celebrities in general, none of us really “know” them so who can honestly judge any of them… except maybe Wacko Jacko. haha
Happy New Years to all!

Victoria on

To the Ph.d

Angelina Jolie is doing fabulous work. She is making the needs of third world nations known to the wealthier countries of the world. She has made helping those who need it popular with her PR work. Who wants to read an article written by ACTUAL professionals – that’s boring and will not catch people’s attention. Angelina with her grace, beauty, and kindness has managed to make people listen and take notice. If memory serves, Nicole Kidman was also a Goodwill Ambassador and did not achieve the level of attentiveness from the public as Angelina has done. In order to get people to become impassioned about helping others, you need a person with enough charisma to make the media and the public know what is happening in third world countries. Her PR work has done just that.
Jennifer Aniston has not raised a finger to help others and Brad Pitt has definately found his better half. AND pictures of Jennifer Aniston kissing Vince Vaughn showed up in magazines before her divorced was finalized. Don’t make her out to be an angel. She’s just a whiner.

I am not Archie Bunker (the uncultured bigot) on

Uncultured children huh? Is this what this messagboard has stooped down to? WHAT DOES NOT BEING AN ANGELINA JOLIE FAN HAVE TO DO WITH “UNCULTURED” CHILDREN???!!! So i guess people who cannot aford to travel (like Ms Jolie) are IMMEDIATELY considered uncultured?! Hmmm, interesting…..

Courtney on

I LOVE Angelina!! I bet she looked stunning.

ash on

I think the dress is ok, and also this is kinda off the subject, but instead of going to different countries, there are people all around in our wonderful USA that need help. Why don’t we begin with them?

Susanna on

Wanne have her lips and body just for one night, and maybe Brat as well for one little night…just kidding

lizz on

the dress is very nice and i am sure it will look good on her. as for the charity thing- there are many other celebritys that do charity work inside the us that dont get half a much credit as angelina jolie.

Melissa on

this dress is amazing!! i have it in three colors! the colors on http://www.shopbop.com are AMAZING!!! i got so many compliments on the navy and cream combination!!! best dress EVER!!!!

TTee on

Jen is toast, SO what! This article has nothing to do with her, neither does Brad Pitt have anything to do with her! He is with Angie now. Get over her people. Brad did. If Angie didn’t come along someone else would have. He obviously did not want to be married to the woman anymore, or he STILL WOULD BE!! Angie would look good in a black garbage bag with arm and leg holes cut out. I just laugh at people because these 2 people have 3 kids together, do you think they care about what Jen would wear?

emeline on

To the people who say they hate her and to the people who say they love her.. Use knw notting about the woman… cope on!!!!
fab dress xx

gem on

i think there is nothing wrong with helping 3rd world countries, like she does.
and besides, it is about the dress, not about her.

if you got some twisted thought about her life, just post it in your myspace blog, please.

Rachel on

I ABSOLUTLY love the chic glam look! It’s so elegant looking.

Rachel on

She and that dress (plus the necklace) make the perfect dress!

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