Hello Kitty: Love It or Hate It?

12/28/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

I’ve come to believe that the world in divided into two: those who adore Hello Kitty, and those who detest her. I am in the former group. In fact, when jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino made a high fashion Hello Kitty “pearl” necklace in 2003, I was first in line to buy one. . . well, make that second because I think Cameron Diaz got hers first. And the love continues — Jennifer Love Hewitt and Vanessa Minillo recently stocked up on Hello Kitty cashmere sweaters from Kitson. Knitted, this cat’s not cheap — Hello Kitty cashmere starts at $198 for a sweater and goes up, but you can get tons of things for under $10 at shop.sanrio.com or check out faux-vintage tees, from $33, on 80spurple.com. Tell us: Do you adore Hello Kitty? Or detest her? — Alison Singh Gee

Photo: Maury Phillips/WireImage; 80spurple.com

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Misty on

Sure, if you are 6.

Erica on

I LOVE her! I am sitting at my computer next to a Hello Kitty calculator. I have a HK change purse, pencil box, ring, slippers, the list goes on. I don’t do the t-shirts or any “going” out fashion items as Paris does, (I am 30 years old!) but everything else is fair game. She was born in 1976 and so was I! It’s part nostalgia, and part love of pink! Besides, they make all the HK items soooo damn cute!

CeA on

Hell yeah I still love hello kitty!!!! She rocks,I have a lot of her items,, your awsome hello kitty!!

Angie on

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe Hello Kitty. I’m a number one fan!!!

Jennifer on

Until 3 years ago I probably would have also worn Hello Kitty – now my 3 year old is wearing it, it’s a bit too much for me!

j on

i adore her!! i have since i was little and always will. i’m glad she’s still around. ;)

Jo on

I ADORE Hello Kitty,

Jonny on

I love Hello Kitty,it is so cute!!!

Elda on

I love it!! She looks very sexy, i admire her because she’s another one who stopped wearing fur!! Go Paris!!!

Kim on

I love Hello Kitty! I own many HK items including clothes and jewelry. Its cute and fun!

Kristin on

I love it- for my 8 year old step-daughter- but not for me.

Jennifer on

OMG I am so sick of hearing or seeing anything about PARIS HILTON, she absolutely makes me sick. The way she portrays herself is ridiculus,she became famous for being a slut.I hate to use that name but when the shoe fits where it. These girls, lindsey, paris, jessica,etc. could spend some good time in learning how to be a lady, I would not and will not allow my children to partake in anything these girls promote or do. It embarrases me to know that these girls represent our country.

Cathy on

I love Hello Kitty.

Maria on

Luv Hello Kitty! Her face always brightens my day, that’s why I have an orange HK wallet!

Sarah on

I love Paris, she’s very entertaining.. but her HK shirt has got to go. Hello Kitty is corny unless you’re five.

Lizzy on

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty?!

LKD on

Paris sucks!As far as the hello kitty NO. Its for little girls. the only reason Paris wears it is because people in japan actually worship her(why i will never know)and hello kitty is popular there…

Gina on

Love, love, love Hello Kitty, and I have for the last 25 years (I’m 30). Hate Paris, though.

catherine on

Michelle on

HATE, HATE, HATE Hello Kitty! (and Paris, too!) I hope this trend dies–and soon.

KJ on

Hell, next we’ll see her in Stawberry Shortcake clothes! I have not problem with Hello Kitty but Paris doesn’t know if she wants to be a kid or an adult! She has no purpose!

Sammy on

Hell-NO Kitty!!

KT from Cda on

Only if I was a child. But I’m not and neither is Paris. If Paris was fat and ugly nobody would careless about her. All she does is party. Anybody who wants to get their popularity back hangs out with her. That’s all she’s good for and we all know it. Including Brittney. She’s constantly in the news since she started to hang out with her. All I can say is that life is crule and by the time she reaches 30, all that partying, drinking and what ever else she uses will catch up on her and boy will she ever look ugly!

Rita on


Alice on

I think Hello Kitty is adorable but at the age of 27, you won’t see me wearing any hello kitty items. As for Paris, please stop giving her exposure, she is a waste of space.

Sandra on

I LOVE her! I have a tattoo of her on my lower back. It’s something about seeing H.K. that always puts me in a good mood. It’s a nostalgia thing.

Heather on

Not a fan of either hello Kitty or Paris-

love the vintage look however!

Katie on

Love Hello Kitty — I don’t wear clothing items that are HK because I am 30 & I want to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, however my home office is completely Hello Kitty to the pink walls & the HK light switch plates. One thing to point out.. Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because the artist wanted her not be associated with only one language i.e. Japanese. Additionally… saying you hate Hello Kitty is similar to saying you hate Mickey Mouse, she is an icon of our age as well as a symbol of friendship and happiness. I can think of far worse things to be enamoured of.

Joan on

Hate Paris, love Hello Kitty!

Tiger on

I think hello kitty stuff is cute. I recently bought a hello kitty humidifier on sale at target but I would not wear the clothes. Who wants to wear the same style as a 5 year old? As for Paris Hilton, she’s a binging coke bimbo, probably why she stays skinny.

Michele on

incredibly juvenille

erica on

cool trivia about the mouth! i didn’t know that!

lindsay on

You know who’s a big Hello Kitty fan and is pushing 40? Lisa Loeb!

jenna on

hello kitty is adorable, but paris hilton should quit acting like a child. wearing hello kitty sweaters and proclaiming that you’ve sworn off sex don’t do anything for your “innocent image”…the one you’ve cultivated by hanging out pantiless with Britney, clubbing, drinking, and all that. it’s hypocritical.

KT fr Cda on

Why does she always look strung out?

Shari on

Get over it. Try a little class and style in your casual wear. My six YO neighbors are sooo over this along with Bratz and Barbie.

Softballer on

I will always hate hello kitty on adults! Those tops and accesories are made for little kids only!

micheleee. on

lovee the Hello Kitty on Paris but hatee the black nails. Who is she tryiing to be?

Adrian on

Ok, first of all, Paris is a child so that is why she still feels fit to where child clothes. Have you seen some of the dresses and outfits she wears??? HELLO!!!! the girl has no fashion sense what-so-ever. I think anyone who even wears hello kitty is just a wanna be Paris the Slut Hilton….. if your self esteem is so low that you have to wear what u see slutty celebs wearing, then thats your problem….as for the real women out there, WE’RE BOSSY!!!


i adore hello kitty. shes so cute.

also, to the people who always diss paris hilton, they need to stop. paris is a role model. shes pretty funny smart and has ahmazing clothes! everyone is just jealous and they need to get over. LOVE PARISS!

Cathy on

Paris is not the cutest girl. . .but she can be cute sometimes. She is just very spoiled and has always been and has alot of money to just shop all day and go out and be crazy. So stop making fun of her. . .Hello Kitty is cute and alot of the famous people along with not so famous people do like and wear the close not only Paris.

laurs on

While I’m certainly not addicted to HK by any means, I do like that spunky little kitten!

Adrian, your comments that everyone who wears HK just wants to be like Paris Hilton, and calling all those who do wear HK slutty and claiming that we all have low self-esteem, is extremely harsh, unfair, rude, and uncalled-for.

And by the way….REAL women are not bossy. We are calm, collected, dignified, and confident in ourselves. Bossiness screams of low self-esteem to me, IMO. It screams that you can’t get anyone to pay any attention to you unless you’re in their face, forcing your own opinions and thoughts on others.

Allison on

No Kitties for me!

Nicole on

Love Hello Kitty – makes me smile too!!

Have Hello Kitty PJ’s quilt cover set and a clock etc… I love cats & love hello kitty but dont think I would be paying for a cashmere sweater with her on – the only clothing I have is a very plain black tank top with a small hello kitty head and tiny bow in her hair – cute but tastefull!

Haley on

KT~ Probably because she IS?!?!

Rochelle on

I love Hello Kitty; the clothes, bags, jewlery, stuffed animals, etc. I got a Hello Kitty build a bear for Christmas, I just love it!

Storm on

Grow up, Paris!

Sandra La Gitana on

I’ve loved Hello Kitty ever since I was in elementary school, and now, into my senior year in college I still love her. She’s cute and I also believe is kind of a fashion statement. What I believe is that she represents everything fun and nonconformist. Some of the fashions nowadays are kinda like…frumpy. You got girls like MK and Ashley dressing like 85 year old ladies, when they look 12, just because someone on the runway is wearing those fashions. I would not spend that much amount of money to look like a begger!!! Anyhow, while I’m in my twenty’s I think my adoration with Kitty will continue, but into my thirties…I don’t know…that’s too much!:s

jessica on

I love Hello Kitty! It’s just so cute!

Not a fan on

I’m personally not a fan of HK, I think it looks ridiculous on most grown women. As far as it being a cultural icon, I do agree with that. But you know, that mouse gets on my nerves too.

Carol/NJ on

I detest Hello Kitty,never liked it even when I was younger.I do however love Paris!!!! I think she is awesome.

Bre on

for all of u who say u hate Paris u probably dont no her and u really have no right to say the stuff u do unless u have personally met her. half the stuff, maybe all of it, that the mags and tabloids write about her arent true! Imagine if a ton of people u dont no were saying all this horrible stuff about u, how would u feel???

…. and i do really like Hello Kitty

tom on

HATE Hello Kitty and Paris. I cannot wait ofr both to go away and hopefully never come back.

Melanie on

Hello Kitty looks great on Paris! But, she looks good in about everything she wears.

noebdhy on

Hello Kitty is a symbol of blatant and pointless commercialism. It is imcomparable to Mickey Mouse seeing as how Mickey Mouse was used in cartoons for years before his face was put on anything whereas hello kitty was made by a faceless corporation purely for the purpose of pushing merchandise before it was used in anything remotely comparable to mickey mouse’s stature. Hello Kitty is commercialism at its worst and you know when industrial products have planes designed after them, something has gone too far.

alicia riggs on

I am not a big fan of hello kitty, but I can understand where the nostalgia comes n. I was in the strawberry shortcake era. I don’t think I could wear it, But I buy my 1 yr old strawberry shortcake secretly for me!

steez on

Love. Love. Love.

Lohla on

I love Hk and I’m 16.but my 10 year old sister and her friends do too

erica on

Wow, Noe, take it down a thousand. Did HK murder someone? She’s just an innocent little kitty.

I loved Strawberry Shortcake too! I still have my original doll that blows strawberry scent out of her mouth and it still works!!

Nancy on

Hello Kitty ROCKS!!! I’m 30 and I still love her.

Sandra on

I am 45 years old, with 3 young boys, and I have loved Hello Kitty since “day one”. My boys, in order to connect with me, always point out things that have HK’s picture on it. Whether or not Paris Hilton likes Hello Kitty is immaterial to me. If wearing Hello Kitty makes you feel good, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Still, I admit, it may be “commercialism”; perhaps wearing an old burlap potato sack would be less less of a betrayal to one’s principles.

Abby on

I love Hello Kitty. It is so adorable and cute!!!!

kp on

My name is Kitty so naturally I love Hello Kitty things–it has its own charm and sweetness. And what isn’t commercialization these days anyway—from the food we eat to the shoes on our feet??? At least Sanrio makes items for people of all incomes able to purchase. Lighten up, good Lord its just a t-shirt…..

Tanya on

:D I love hello kitty

Brittany on

hello kitty is the best thing since sliced bread.paris however,is the worst thing since hurricane katrina.i got a billion tihngs hello kitty,even my bedroom is.HELLO KITTY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

@ngie on

does anybody remember the old hello kitty pencil boxes from the late 80’s early 90’s that had the buttons on it that you’d push and bam! pencil sharpener. bam! eraser holder. bam! pencils. nevermind. they don’t exist nymore.

kat on

hello kitty rocks!! i adore designers like heatherette and tarina tarintino who are making hello kitty for the modern girl!

humidifiers on

Love, love, love Hello Kitty, and I have for the last 25 years (I’m 30).

c on

cute. would buy one of those shirts. ive always loved HK

Susy on


Alexandra on

I love Hello Kitty she is so cute and awesome I’m her #1 FAN.

jess on


Ce Ce on

I am pushing 40 and I see nothing wrong with wearing Hello Kitty embellished adult clothing at my age. I have a Victoria Couture HK cashmere hoodie that I simply love. I look & feel great and age is a state of mind and should be celebrated. The days of frumpy old moos moos and Mrs. Roper dresses for women my age are over. Women my age look better than ever and shouldn’t be critiqued over choosing to wear adult Hello Kitty.

jAsMiiNe on

I LOVE HK!! =]

mani on

i luv her and im 17

Sara Foster on

light switches should be made from oxygen free copper so that they last longer-`;

Bench Saw  on

the light switch we have at home are made by Omron and they last for a long long time’.’

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