Should Kate Hudson Try a New Look?

12/27/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Ever since she burst onto the scene in 2000 as Penny Lane in Almost Famous, Kate Hudson has been working a boho chic look that seems to fit perfectly with her sunny California girl good looks and giggly personality. And we love when stars develop a style that always works on them, like Jennifer Aniston‘s laid-black classics or Cate Blanchett‘s cutting edge-cool. But as we head into 2007, the haute hippie look is beginning to look a little dated — we can’t help but wonder if it’s time for Kate to switch things up a little? She could just ease off the scarves (whether on her head or her neck) the beanies and the floaty sundresses for a while. Kate consistently nails an easy glamour when she’s on the red carpet, even wearing one of our Best Dresses of the Year, so why not carry some of that sophistication over in her everyday life? Tell us: Should Kate try a new look? Or should she stick with her signature style?

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Magi on

I don’t think that kate should change her style as long as she is feeling comfortable in it. I do think that sometimes she makes bold choices but isn’t that the best part of wearing clothes: trying new things and learning from your mistakes. I just love her style!!! Keep rockin’ Kate!:))

smadar on

like what do you want from her??????????
she is a mother!she doesnt need to dress like she is a party girl!
i dont get you ….sorry… in isreal here,everybody wears denim and t shirt…

Liza on

Honestly, I love Kate Hudson and I admire her personal style for boho chic. She’s had it for a long time now, before all the Mary-Kate Olsens and Nicole Richies. She’s supposed to be glamorous and sophisticated on the red carpet: it’s her job. What she does outside of work is up to her. I say let the girl wear this for as long as she so desires. It totally represents her personality and she looks FABULOUS!

Liz on

No!!! She looks gorgeous just the way she is!!

Mandy on

Kate Hudson always looks adorable and should not change a thing!

Dee on

Kate is very pretty, but maybe she does need a new look. Maybe she should try going brunette… That would be very pretty on her!!!

belle on

I don’t know, but I love the jeans she is wearing in this photo… what brand/style are they?

AFrosty on

She could wear a burlap sack and look great, but I would like to see her kick it up a notch and look a little more polished.

Kristin on

Why should she?? She is being herslef and that is NEVER out of style. I like Kate’s style, very fitting for her.

jennifer on

Kate is an individual and always looks great. Thank goodness she doesn’t look so typical Hollywood!

j on

it seems that kate is true to who she IS. this is her style, what she looks good and is comfortable in. she NEVER looks like she’s trying too hard (olsen twins, paris, jessica simpson), and as you stated: she looks incredible for her red carpet events. southern cally is laid back–i think she dresses appropriately (and cute!!) for her every day life.

Heather on

I think that Kate should wear whatever she feels like. I really admire her style. She is a free spirit and the way she dresses reflects that.

Lisa on

I do think Kate could use a makeover. She is gorgeous and needs to accentuate that with a better style. When she is dressed up she glows. I know she is busy and has a small child to keep up with, that’s even more of a reason to take better care of herself. It’s time for a new look Kate!

Marti on

No way!!!! I love her look and dont think it will ever go out of style. This is who she is and I think its great she could care less what any critics have to say!!

Misty on

Absolutely NOT! She is who she is & she sticks with it. She has her own style & doesn’t change for the sake of the people. Keep it up Kate! Nice to see a Hollywood Mother who covers up and takes care of their children.

Becky on

why can’t she just wear what she wants to wear? She is one of the few stars who is actually with her child, not partying. you want her to wear stillettos and a mini skirt? then everyone would be writing about how inappropriate she is because it would all be hanging out. she looks just fine for a young mother. that is what you wear.

Candi on

No I don’t think she needs a makeover. She is wearing everyday clothing. No, I wouldn’t wear some of the stuff she does, but that is just it. That is HER style and ALWAYS has been and she looks fantastic in it. She is still young and hip and is just doing her own thing and that is a lot more than most “young Hollywood starlets” can say.

Rebecca on

No, I don’t think Kate needs a makeover. She’s one of the few stars who looks appropriate wherever she goes- her casual look is carefree but not sloppy, and she always looks fabulous when she dresses up for an event. Love her style!


She (and her son!) are adorable exactly as they are.
Leave her alone, she looks awesome.

Kim on

Kate Hudson looks good in everything she wears. I think she is just absolutely beautiful and I love her style!

beth on

Kate wasn’t walking a red carpet here, folks – she looks like she is just running some errands. Her style is laid back, and normal – – at least she is wearing clothes and not showing her cooter, and that is appreciated and always in style!! Kate is a gorgeous woman who dresses well, and a good mom.

Amanda on

I think kate is beautiful the way she is!!! Your clothes are just a way to show your personality, she’s down to earth unlike some of the celebs we have nowadays!!! Kate is different and I think that’s why more girls can relate to her.

Mar on

Are you kidding me! She has a style that millions of people have copied since she came on the scene! She was one of the first prancing around in Uggs and we all ran to the store! she is adorable, beautiful and stylish. It is her look, she doesn’t feel the need to keep up with every rapidly changing fad. She shouldn’t change a thing…well maybe a few acting lessons, but that’s it!

enigma on

I did not realize Kate Hudson was needing a “makeover”, I certainly see no true reason for a change!!??

So, where is the logic in asking “should she”!?!

She has no problem being herself, which gives her a greater power!

Sandra on

I don’t think she does, however, her mother Goldie sure does.

Sandra on

I think she is young and very pretty. She doesn’t need to change a thing unless she wants too. Her mother, Goldie, does though. She is very much so aging herself with her look from years ago.

laura on

If it’s her trademark look, she’s a modern day hippie and it works! It’s natural!
Why should she change it? She actually looks cute.
People who should change their looks: Paris Hilton, The Olsen twins, J.Lo, Beyonce and Jessica Simpson. They always look pretty ridiculous!!

marie on

Kate always looks fantastic! There is no need for change!

Frances on

I think she looks great. She looks comfortable. No need to look “Hollywood” 24 hours a day. She is adorable no matter what she has on!

Beka on

She should change up her look every once in a while, i really don’t care as long as she give her son a really haircut

Michel on

Leave Kate Hudson alone. She’s doing just fine. Looks exactly like she should. Very comfortable/normal and not over-the-top.

O'Wryly on

She always looks like someone that is comfortble in her own skin and doesn’t have to try too hard so she should just stick with what works for her. BUT GET THAT LITTLE BOY A DECENT HAIRCUT!!!!! If you want a daughter, talk to Owen.

Toni on

Kate is great she is so down to earth leave her the way she is. She is just a cutie

molly on

kate looks cute in that boho look. she seems comfortable in her style and doesn’t look sloppy at all. on the red carpet she is perfectly put together. she looks pretty and trendy.

Zion on

Sometimes people aren’t actually trying to make a fashion statement with their clothes, but more so it’s who they are. The boho look may be in for some people but for others it’s not a fashion trend its who they are. Really boho clothes you don’t spend a fortune like these gals do, infact thrift stores tend to be where it is at. Sorry but the glamed up version of boho looks incredibly tacky

A on

No she doesn’t! She always looks comfortable and fashionable without looking abnormal. But her son needs a haircut (a shorter one)…I always think he’s a girl and then I get confused…although I admit that’s my own problem.

Sharon on

Why should she? What happened to individualism? She looks comfortable; her clothes are in good taste. There are probably more people in the public eye who could benefit from your critique.

amee on

NO! i love her look!

sam on

Nope.She has good jeans;a fitted tank;a scarf-like pullover;& a pretty face. Nothings wrong?!

sam on

its hot

Mrs. Chocolate on

Yes. Please. Let’s make her cookie cutter just like everyone else.

Any time anyone dares to be different (i.e. Olsens, Nicole), people scream “Makeover!”. It’s nonsense.

Elda on

Kate looks great, don’t change nothing girlfriend.

BonJovi Rules!!! on

Why should Kate change her style? I love her unique & comfortable style. I coulnd’t imagine her wearing mini-dresses or colorful clothes, that wouldn’t be her!!!! This woman is gorgeous as she is, so LET IT BE!!!! Peace Out :-)

C on

No way! She always looks great … beautiful, comfortable and confident.

rossen on

no i dont think she needs to change her style. i love the way she looks and the way she is. she knows her style better than anyone else in the hollywoodland.

Rhonda on

Kate Hudson looks adorable. She always looks great. Whoever thought of this blog must have been really digging or not a mother. She looks like a normal mother and a mother who is taking care of her child. When she’s at a movie premiere, she always looks stunning.What’s the problem?? She doesn’t need a makeover at all. Maybe the person who thought of this needs a makeover.

sam on


sam on


Cher on

Why should she change her style? She’s hot and has a great sense of fashion! You go Kate!

Jenny on

She looks fine. Keeping it casual, comfortable. Not trendy though, which is not always a bad thing. She might take tips from Goldie, who has had the same hairstyle for 25 years! :)

KT from Cda on

She looks fine to me. She is just trying to go on with her business w/out people noticing her. If you had of asked me who she was b4 you said it was her, I wouldn’t of known. The famous do need a break too. But, I think her son needs a haircut. Much too long. Just b/c his dad has long hair doesn’t mean he has too. Just a thought.

Robin on

Yeah she needs a new look the hippie, pot smoker, look is out!

Sarah on

NO WAY!!!!!! She has a great style for someone whose a busy mom.

dharm on

i think she looks great.kudos to her for staying true to who she really is.

J. on

I love Kate’s style, it’s comfortable to her and she shouldn’t change a thing.

Bre on

I think she looks great! The other ‘it’ girls right now are severly overprocessed. She is someone I wouldn’t mind if my little sister took after, unlike the rest of them. Rock on Kate!

Jen on

I love her style in fact I’ve been trying out the boho look. I think if she’s comfortable in it which is pretty obvious, I think she should stick with it.

katie on

I think she should do what she wants.

Sarah on

I love Kate’s look, I just wish she would cut Ryder’s hair!

Andrea on

i think her style is awesome. she has her own unique style. she doesn’t fall in to a lot of the trends out there. she’s herself. she has great taste. i love her jeans by the way!

Shari on

Kate is still young so she has time. Cameron Diaz on the other hand is not geting any younger and needs to update her look if she wabts to keep Justuin Timberlake interested. Unless of course she is afraid to let her real age be known. She is a beautiful woman not a little girl anymore.

Maggie on

No Way!!!!! I try so hard to look like she does! She always looks so comfortable, beautiful, and put together. People would kill to own her look as effortlessly as she does. And I love Ryder’s hair. Good job Kate!

Reyna on

no way- she is one of the few actresses who has a fresh, unique style all of her own. She always looks humble and happy and doesn’t seem to try too hard as other actresses that readers have mentioned.

I love her style!

rae on

I agree with the last comment, I think she always looks effortlessly great in whatever she wears and the colourful touches like the scarves only give her more personality.

Linda on

Does anyone know what brand/style of jeans Kate is wearing in this photo? Love them! She is adorable.

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