Would You Wear Fluffy Uggs?

12/26/2006 at 01:30 PM ET

As trendy as they may seem, many of you refuse to give up your Uggs. In fact, eBay Marketplace Research has reported that in the past two weeks alone (December 5-December 18) 2,330 pairs of these love-to-hate boots have been sold on ebay.com causing a sale increase of 104.4% in only 14 days! But it’s not just about the classic shearling-lined Ugg anymore — there’s a new-generation style turning up on trendsetting feet. Mariah Carey (left) and Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan have been sporting the brand’s Fluff Momma fuzzy boots recently. Mimi kept her toes cozy with a pink pair while hanging out in Aspen while the actress threw a neutral pair over some grey sweats while last-minute Christmas shopping in LA. What do you think of the Fluff Momma? Would you wear a pair?

Get Mariah and Nicollette’s boots:
Ugg Fluff Momma, $300, uggaustralia.com

Photo: Ginsburg-Spaly/Splash News; Most Wanted/Flynet

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Crystal on

I personally woudl not wear them I don’t think they are cute @ all. But to each his own =)

Bunky on

Chewie? Is that you?

Rebecca on

Noooooooo! They are incredibly unflattering.

R on

Wow. How can I even begin to explain…

julie on

eww. i think they are so ugly

Niko on

I don’t think I’d wear anything that Mariah wears.

Sam on

These would be filthy in about 5 minutes in my neck of the woods (Western NY State). Completely impractible.

sara on

I like her jacket more so! But its way to small for her, she needs to start wearing things in her size! the boots gotta go though!

Mrs. Chocolate on

An huge bottom does offset a huge top…

GG on

I love them. I have very different style though and tend to like what most wouldn’t just because I don’t like to have the same thing as everyone on the face of the earth. They are a little pricey though. I think UGG has gotten a little TOO PROUD of their infamous boots though. But, everyone is entitiled to their own opinion and their own style.

O'Wryly on

Just when you think that Mariah cannot POSSIBLY dress any more asinine …

Amber on

Ya they are cute I’d wear them :)….

Courtney on

oh my goodness. they look like giant bedroom slippers. i don’t like them at all.

Sondra on

Anyone who wears these looks STUPID!

Kristin on

A tad too fluffy for me. I like my classic Uggs

enigma on

I like the muppets but, not as footwear!

Misty on

Nope, I think they look ridiculous! JMO but they look like little girls house shoes.


Excuse me Sondra but I have a pair of these at home and they do not look STUPID! Don’t worry though, I know we are all entitled to our own opinions and in my opinion these boots are H-O-T!!!

Lisa on

She is really tacky period. I haven’t seen an outfit on Mariah that I would wear in a long time. I think someone should tell her that small clothes doesn’t neccessarily equal sexy.

Luisa on

Anything she wears makes her look fat. Oh, maybe she is fat.



Lori Powers on

They’re obviously called Uggs for a reason….they are ugly. Looks like they have their dogs tied to their feet.

julie on

anyone who wears them is a complete moron. they look sooooo ugly.

julie on

ok, that just proves my point that they have no sense of style or fashion.

julie on


j on

i love the fluff mommas. but they’re not practical. if i was prancing around in the snow, in the mountains, i’d have every color!!!!!!!


These ladies are fools!! Is that Big Foot I see??

lacy on

i think there pretty cute, but the downside is it’s kind of like ur wearing a fluffy pomeranian on your feet.I’d so wear them tho

DeeDee on

Only if Matthew McConaughey was carrying me to his Bungalow.

Bre on

i think there hott! b/cc there furry and there uggs and mariah is awsome and can pull anything off! nicolette looks really ba din them but thats my opinian!

Corina on

If it is so cold, why does she have her stomach naked? And with such tight jeans the boots simply look ridiculous. She is not a teenager since a long time, so what is she always thinking?

Jamie on

I got a pair for Christmas….the dark pink pair! I LOVE them!!! They are a bit silly, but way too cute not to own a pair.

luca on

I own 2 pairs, one fluffy and furry and the other standard issue UGG. I, too, thought they were ugly at first, but they grow on you. The extreme cozy feet quickly win your heart.

yen on

they are uglyyyyyy, even worse in pink,it´s like your wearing teddy bears on your feet

Heather on

oh someone please help Mariah…

Erin on

No. Those are…..heinous, to say the least.

Dragonfly on

This trend saw its hayday two years ago. Let chewie RIP.

Gringle on

Oh yeah … it must be soooo cold … gloves, electrocuted pink pomeranians on her feet, a bare belly {do us ALL a favor and either keep that thing covered or get a world map tatooed on it – it’d more than fit} and a jacket that covers nothing. Yup, that’s showing those harsh elements all right. Puh-leeeze. But wait, since I think she looks repulsive, it follows that I simply MUST be jealous. Hahahahahahahaha ….. Too funny.

rocketinu on

Both styles are appropriately named.

Kiki on

I think they look ridiculous…they’re like a cross between Moon Boots and those fuzzy slippers you’d only wear around the house. Yuck, bad choice Mimi!

Stephanie on

Where will the world trend take us next? Ages 12-17 might be able to wear & pull this style off if….. it is cold and other 12-17 year old children are judging them!

Stephanie on


Kim on

I think the white ones are cute…

ilovejohnmayer on

Thanks, but no.
I’d sooner stick a burning, rusty nail into my eye.


Agreed, ilovejohnmayer.

Oh, Mariah, please.
The boots are just horrible, honestly.

They’d look ridiculous anywhere that doesn’t have snow (L.A., Phoenix..), and even more ridiculous anywhere that does. I mean, can anyone really say that those boots are any help in the middle of slush and gunk in New York City or Minneapolis?! No way. If your feet are cold, suck it up and put on some socks.

Grown women in giant furry boots seems like a scream for attention if I’ve ever seen one.

sara jean on

I live in Colorado. I wear Uggs. They are warm and comfy. Big WOOO!

marie on

why is it that mariah can never wear anything that fits her?!? the boots are a little too much!

Heather on

Looks like a taller version of my mom’s ratty house slippers!

Ashlee on

Boy thats awful. Please buy some clothes that fit and some shoes that doesnt look like your stepping on an animal

Kiri on

Seriously the ugliest things I’ve ever seen on someone’s feet…

Catie on

Can anyone say trailer trash?

Wendy O on

I would TOTALLY wear these to dust my hardwood floors…they are like, the most fashionable pair of Swiffer boots I have ever seen.

tracie on

hell no! so ugly. chewbacca!

sherri on

wow mc is huge

Reese on

I don’t think I would ever wear what Mariah or Nicollete wear. They’re not exactly fashionistas…they both try to dress younger than they are and come off as trash. Sorry ladies!

KJ on

Nope, those are not for me!!

enigma on

I like Wendy O’s comment!!!

Now you can clean your hardwood floors with dancing ease!
Try the NEW “Swiffer Slippers” today!
Watch the dust magically disappear before your feet!!!!


CA on

I find it really funny that women complain about the images of pin thin hollywood starlets floating around every where and here you all are saying that Mariah is fat. I can assure you she is not fat she may not be pin thin but she is in good shape there is nothing hanging over her jeans and although she is tall and broad she is in good shape, plus maybe this is not her best photo, have you all never taken a photo that made you look heavier than you are. I just saw her on MTV cribs and there was nothing fat about her. Women are hipocrits (sp)we complain about having to be too thin to be attractive but put down women who portray a healthy body image. Put a picture of yourself up here and lets all comment on you!

erica on

UGGS…when will you die aleady??? I guess people just like looking bad?

Beka on

I have slippers like that but i wouldn’t wear them out but i do love my natural looking uggs out here in colorado



Gina on

Sorry…they look ridiculous! Mariah looks like a a fat cow.

Stephanie on

they look ridiculous

O'Wryly on

CA, it’s not about FAT. It’s about wearing clothing that is simply too small for you … no matter WHAT size you actually wear. Stuff a size 4 body into size 0 clothes and that body is going to look FAT even though it’s actually not. So Mariah’s problem may not be that she’s FAT but that she is incapable of putting on clothes that fit her properly thereby appearing overweight. Just because you can stuff yourself into something smaller DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT FITS LADIES! Next time you are around hordes of people, look around. It’s a national epidemic and it’s repulsive to see.

Mrs.Borrego on

My first thought was : “How do people drive with those huge things on their feet?”.

Then again celebs have drivers to drive them around.

KT from Cda on

Oh my god! Is that what they are, I thought they stepped on polar bears. I am so glad that I am not into fashion!



C on

Ewww! Very ugly and unflattering.

SHERi on

I think it’s totally adoreable. I would most definitely wear the boots (Pink, Black, white… whatever) – Love it!

SHERi on

I find it to be completely adoreable. I would most definitely wear the shoes (Pink, Black, white….whatever) -Love it!

astoreri on

Why???? Why in gods name would any sane person wears these?? They do not look good, on ANYONE. Same goes for regular uggs.

astoreri on

Oh, and Mariah needs to start wearing clothes that fit her for a change. And start actually zipping up her coats, and realize that she DOES NOT have the figure to pull of skinny jeans. And realize that she is not 21 anymore so she needs to stop trying to dress like she is.

Leigh on

I think they both need to grow up. They are both entirely to old to still be dressing like teeny-boppers! Grow up and dress your age! Nothing is worse than an over-the-hill woman desperately trying to be still be “Hot” like she was in her 20s!

Sharenne on

i don’t like them at all, but i could wear nicolette’s ( isn’t as ugly as mariah’s) and stay horrible in mariah

Sharenne on

i don’t like them at all, but i could wear nicolette’s ( isn’t as ugly as mariah’s) and stay horrible in mariah

elle on

I don’t think i would ever wear them, but they look cutee on them

Angel on

OMG…. As an aside, will someone please send these ladies a clue? Apparently they can’t even buy one. (And not in just these outfits.)

Haley on

I think I’ll stick with my regular Ugg’s… those are a little over the top!

Damn, Mariah looks chunky in that fluffy jacket and boots! Ugh!

Catherine on

I have a pair of fluffy uggs and I wear them all the time. I LOVE them!

Melanie on

Mariah taste is in her mouth.

night on

they look like silly house slippers.

Jasmine on

The Fluff Momma’s are a bit much, but I did, however, buy a pair of fluffy white boots from Bebe a few years ago that I LOVE and look surprisingly normal. However, there is a difference between a teenager having fun with her clothes and almost middle-aged celebrities looking sloppy.

crystal on

Fluff is a little much, just reg UGGS would have been plenty.

Adrianna on

They look like something my cat coughed up.

And, this is why I don’t shop based anything any celebrity wears.

hottie on

Anyone who is still wearing Uggs, regular of fluffy needs to look down at their feet and realize that they make you look like big foot!
I don’t care how cold it is, blah blah, find a better LOOKING shoe that’s just as warm and don’t tell me “there aren’t any” because it’s just not true. YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT wearing these things. Why would people want to intentionally look bad???? I’m sorry, but this is tough love, like Stacy says on What Not to Wear, find something else that’s comfortable and warm, or else continue to look stupid!! Women, c’mon! loose these shoes already!

Cloëy on

I would never buy those… besides aren’t they made of rabbits?

citysoprano on

I have a white pair, I LOVE them! They make your legs look thinner (avoid a long top), and they are soooo warm, not even a smidgen of cold air gets through. That’s enough for me. Toasty tootsies!

Jen on

I wouldn’t wear themself. I think they great on Mariah Carey with jeans, but not with sweatpants like Nicollete Sheridan.

FH on

I agree that Mariah needs to dress her age. She’s a beautiful woman with a great body, she just needs to wear clothes that fit her and are flattering. And I agree with the comments posted about women’s attitudes. The main reason why there are so many women out there with eating disorders and poor body image has nothing to do with men (unless they are gay men in the fashion world) it has everything to do with women. We are horrible to each other. It’s a fact that the majority of women worry more about what other women think of them, then they worry about what men think. (Think about it and be honest, how many of you when you are getting dressed to go to a party think about showing up other women? Or once you get there, find yourself giving elevator eyes to all the other women and sizing up their clothing, hair, make-up, etc.?) Most men favor women more like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks or Mariah Carey over Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, etc. My husband is still crying over Lindsay Lohan’s weight loss. Men like curves, they like women to look fit yes, but they like women that aren’t afraid to throw down a cheeseburger with them without throwing it back up. Seriously, who wants to snuggle up to a skeleton?

As far as Uggs are concerned, these hairy monstrosities or the plain ones, have always been incredibly UGGly, and are very impractical, especially the pastel ones that get destroyed the first time they meet the ground. These make you look like you are wearing a Muppet! There are plenty of other boots out there that are ‘warm and comfy’ but don’t make you look like sasquatch. Also, ladies… the micro-mini plaid skirt with tights and Uggs look went out of style about six years ago, about five days after it started. Let it go.

micheleee. on

i can and do own a pair.
warning: these actract a lot of attention while wearing so yeaa.

Brooke on

I personally think those are the most hideous things I’ve ever seen. They make your feet look huge!!

KJ on

All I can do is laugh!!

Andrea on

LOL i am seriously cracking up over her. these are the most ridiculous boots i have ever seen in my life. if i saw someone on the streets wearing these, i would have to physically hold back from cracking up. who in the world said these look good?! they look like giant rabbit feet. where’s the rest of the costume??

robyn on

I own a pair of these and have had them for 2 years. Although I do not wear them as often as my other uggs I personally love them. Couple of bad things about the fluff momma is if you have a lot of wet weather they are not so good, if you have cold dry weather they are perfect. Yes, they do draw a lot of attention and no they are not made of rabbit fur. My trips to Chicago and New York, my uggs are always on my feet. Yes they are a little over the top but then again that is what sets us apart for the other. To each his/her own!

katie on

hey girls!
Those boots are adorible! I would buy them in a second… actually im going to ask my mom right now!! She will love them too! I have uggs too, but they are just the clasic tall ones… i want some funky ones like those!
XOXO! love ya!

Rachel on

I love Uggs–have 4 pairs, but I hate to say that I don’t like these and I don’t plan on buying them!

amw on

I am partial to the classic uggs, these fluffy things are horrible!!!

jazzy on

Enough about the shoes what is with the jacket..it looks like she borrowd a 1st grader’s jacket..the jacket cannot even zip up thus defeating the purpose of keeping warm..hello mariah..get yr size an XL not XS.

KT fr Cda on

She always makes it easy for us to critize her doesn’t she!. She always wears tight fitting clothes from the waist down and loose fitting clothes from the waist up so her huge chest can make a huge appearance. Please, for the love of god, stop! I don’t want to see your chest and neither does anyone else!

Nicole on

Mariah, for the love of God, can you wear clothes that fit!!!!! As for the boots, wouldn’t be caught dead in them!

who cares on

yuck. i luv mariahs voice but not her style. in one pic she looks normal sized and in the other sperskinny. And the uggs are ugly.

who cares on

i didnt read the thing closly. well mariah is not FAT she is just stuffing herself into clothes that are too small. that makes anyone look fat. and stupid

gretalynn on

I don’t really care what people wear, but in my opinion, after wearing big character slippers, I would think they’d make you walk bowl-legged. Not my style, but my style probably wouldn’t be approved by all either.

I must say I agree with the comments about Mimi wearing clothes too small. ALL people look better in clothing that fits properly. Someone needs to tell her nicely, because it does make her look larger than she is.

Seray on

I Love these boots! I got them in white this year for christmas! They’re adorable and there isnt a person I walk by when I wear them who doesnt pay attention!

Quinci on

Mariah Carey…eww…she’s so fat and ugly. Those boots make her butt look really big.

Naomi on

Mariah just looks WEIRD. There’s something about the way she’s standing or something that makes her look chunkier than she is. I can’t stand the woman, so it’s kinda funny! Jessica looks polished and fresh as usual. Don’t really like the fluffy Ugg’s, but I sure do love my “normal” pair.

Meghan on

AWWW…they are so cute…i want a pair of them…i want the white ones…i would even ware bright orange ones if they had them

Sherry on

They are cute. I like the white ones over the pink ones.

Ashley on

are kidding me they are ugly and second i don’t like Mariah she buys cloths and then takes that tickets of and changes them she fakes her size

Mariah is a FAKER

Andrea on

How UGGly…man, how can one wear those and still smile like nothings’s wrong?????

ginagirl on


ginagirl on


tammy on

ugh, mariah looks horrid.

Cat on

They’re cute maybe a little too BIG, but cute in they’re own way!

Emma on

i love them, i just won’t wear them because i don’t think i can pull them off

Sophia on

Work it, Girlfriend.

Sophia on

Work it, Girlfriend.

Lizz on

They are called UGG for a reason. And as someone mentioned earlier, Mariah DOES need to wear clothes in her own size!

Robertar on


Annie on


Shasha on

I love me some Ugg but the furry is overkill unless I’m wearing moccasins then count me out of any furry shoe. Keep the furry stuff on the inside. =D

Racchel on

Personally i think those boots are cute but i also think the only place you should slip those on are at home. because they’re very unflattering, make you apear heavier, shorter, and they look like monster feet!

rae kinniebrew on

These boots are not stylishly neat enough for me. I compare

them to eh low seat of the pants wearing down to the kneees.

I would suggesta bit of streamlining.

Marcella on

I would buy one pair, only to clean up the dust on my T.V.!!

Jenna on

If they are comfortable (the way they look they probably are) then yes who cares you should wear them, I bet you could find something cute to wear them with. Personally I stick with the orginal ugg boots, I don’t care if everyones saying there out of style.

Ulga on

It looks like she has dogs on her feet!!!

Tasha on

Haha! I love watching Mariah! She is such a funny cookie! She looks like she just killed the abominable snowman, dyed him pink, cut him in half, snd stuck him on her feet. Those Fluff Momma boots are RIDICULOUS! But I must admit, I have now become a fan of them. Only people who want to bring a smile onto others wear them – they really make me giggle!

Christine on

If Mariah is wearing them, then count me out.

Kate on

somewhere, chewbacca is is crying because they shaved his hair and dyed it pink…

ThusiusK on

They look horrible, do you really want to look like you have big fluffy bear feet? Ewww! Who would wear them?

Annie on

these r the cutest boots ever i own them in 2 colors they r the best

Stephanie on

I personally wouldn’t wear them. I prefer the original Uggs. But hey, every person is entitled to their own opinion

lizz on

the boots aren’t really my style but good for them if they like them. i do love nicollette’s purse though does anyone know were she got it??

Fiorella on

i think they are VERY cute n comfy!! but i would only wear them to walk my dog r chill.

Fiorella on

i think they are VERY cute n comfy!! but i would only wear them to walk my dog r chill.

Lauren on


lizz on

mariah needs to get a real jacet that fits!!

lizz on

(preferably one that doesnt multipurpose as a duster)

kelsey on

I have no idea why… but it seems a little barbish for some reason but i think its okay…

kelsey on

it looks like she skinned a poodle then pasted them on her uggs… poor poodle, poor mariah :(

Tiffany on

eww..she looks like she has a maltise strapped around her ankle.

jo on

Not a fan of the fluffy Uggs in general. As for Mariah and Nicollette, they are definitely too old to be even attempting the style with Mariah being in her 30s and Nicolette in her 40s. Furthermore, the boots and the jacket add pounds to Mariah’s frame, making her look boxy…and who is Nicollette kidding, she’s no college co-ed. These women need to get a clue.

Lisa on

I am thinking NO! Those look pretty fake and so cheesy! What was she thinking??

lizzy on

ring ring ring- call in the fashion police!! they are getting some big tickets!



so shut up and buy some fuggs because those aren’t even worth it!



so shut up and buy some fuggs because those aren’t even worth it!



so shut up and buy some fuggs because those aren’t even worth it!

Shannon & Brianna on

HELL to the NOOO!
UGGS are HOTT but these are NOT!!!

sooo shut up and buy some fuggs because these aren’t even worth it!!

Shannon & Brianna on

HELL to the NOOO!
UGGS are HOTT but these are NOT!!!

sooo shut up and buy some fuggs because these aren’t even worth it!!

Shannon & Brianna on

HELL to the NOOO!
UGGS are HOTT but these are NOT!!!

sooo shut up and buy some fuggs because these aren’t even worth it!!

iz on

what is with the gloves??

SA on

Mariah Carrey is a favorite when it comes to music.
But the fashion sense? I mean, by far the most unsuitable
clothing. I mean she’s curvy, sexy, but she demands attention to her chest or tummy areas in a ridiculously cheap way…:( Like come on! she’s not 16 no more:(

Beautiful voice still

Eric on

Why are they constantly using this 2 year, soon to be 3, old picture of Mariah? Mariah hasn’t worn Uggs since they were the “big thing” years ago.

Emily on

i love them i thin k they r very sexi…..

Allie on

No thanks I like regular Uggs

Fancii Stewart on

I have these boots, I love them they are unique and draw alots of attention. Not practical but so what…if you want ordinary buy a pair of timberlands.

hannah on

i think they shud make lads fluffy boots cos dat wud b so sexy ne agree datd just b amazin lads nomads hehe

heather on


leelee on

looks like they stuck there feet in a cotton candy machine

Michael on

My girlfriend bought me a blue pair and after much arguing I ‘HAD’ to wear them out, now I wear them all the time.
They are fantastic, I’ve even ordered another pair for winter, for a guy they feel a little strange to walk in at first but they are so warm and different.

Kayla on


Jules on

I think they are cute in a “house shoe” type of way..but I think you def. have to be able to pull it off and not many can, and you have to live in the part of the world where you won’t look like you walked out in your house shoes and people would ACTUALLY know those were boots. So basically they are cute but not for me! LOL

sarah on

i would look horibal in those cuz i am short

uggy girl on


lexy on

i’m wearing my white ones right now. theyre really cute with skinny jeans and they keep your feet so warm. my mom loves to walk a little behind me when we’re at the mall so she can hear peoples reactions to them :]


i love them SO MUCH. wish i had a pair :[

Tee on

I LOVE them the remind me of the Apres ski boots I had 30 years ago. A classic … although I am sure the UGG company will exploit it and say it’s their own. This look is not only timeless…but many years old! :-)

izzy on

i love them would defenetly wear!!>>

bubbles on

I think they are REALLY REALLY cute and VERY comfortably!:) a girl at school has a pair! they are amazingly wicked!!!!!!!!! and BTW they don’t get really dirty!!! :D

Candy on

I definitely would wear the pink

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