Get the Look: His and Hers Peacoats

12/21/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Even though they haven’t been a romantic item for years, Brad Pitt and ex-fiance Gwyneth Paltrow are still on the same style wavelength. During his and Angelina’s visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Brad kept warm in snowy Pennsylvania with a millitary peacoat. A few weeks later, Gwyneth buttoned up in a similar black coat leaving a London gym. Peacoats are always fashionable, but both of theirs offer a nice twist on the classic style, with chic epaulets on the shoulders. Here’s a roundup of similar peacoats in stores right now.

Get a coat like Gwyneth’s
Splurge like a star: Alvin Valley, $1069, at

Great buy on sale: Marc New York, $206, at

The look for a steal: L.e.i double breasted, $98, at

Get a coat like Brad’s
Super-luxe: Double-faced cashmere J.Crew peacoat, $1,200, at

Durable investment: Polo Ralph Lauren, $395, at

Have enough left over for a matching scarf: Banana Republic, $250, at


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Kaye on

How i wish they just ended up together and they would probably be the chicest couple with 3-5 good looking children!!! Brad would not have broken Jen’s heart and he would not have gone desperate for children by being with Angelina who shows to the world how good and humane she is to the 3rd world countries when she herself cannot even stop HATING her own father.

nic on

those people in the 3rd world country has not done anything to hurt her feelings, unlike her dad. there are a LOT of people who are helping charities but they do not have good relationships with their own family.

Frab on

Um- guess someone doesn’t like Angelina. Anyway… love the coats. Comfy, warm and stylish.

Kristen on

I think Brad and Angelina make a wonderful couple. People need to stop critisizing them. Why do people assume that Brad broke Jennifer’s heart, maybe he was sick of her thinking about her career instead settling down and having the family he’s always wanted. Brad and Angelina are in love, leave them alone. They do amazing humanitarian work, for countries in need. They are using all of the money they make to help people instead of buying pricy houses and clothes. The last time I checked the USA was not a third world country. I commend all of the charity work they’re doing. They are also opening up a lot of other celebrities to adopt. And what does Jennifer Anniston do? She doesn’t do any charity work that I am aware of.

Misty on

Love the coat for him or her! Kaye…come on. I mean people need to get over the whole Brad-Jen deal. He chose what is best for himself and look at the end result…a beautiful child & they are helping out those who are less fortunate. Who cares about Angelina’s deal with her dad…we don’t know the whole story and frankily it is none of our business. They are a beautiful couple and obviously Gwyneth is happy as well.

Lets just wish both couples happiness as they BOTH have beautiful happines. Back to the subject…both coats are great and look very classy.

enigma on

Brad Pitt did not cheat on Jennifer Aniston. He FELL OUT OF LOVE with her before he met Angelia Jolie which is understandable……….Aniston is boring.

YES, it can happen…falling out of love…….and it’s ashame that love/relationships are put under a freaking MICROSCOPE in Hollywood!! Who are We as the public to say anything! People are so in love and/or infatuated with being in love, it’s very concerning!?

But, about these wonderful coats!
The Pea Coat has always been so stylish, sexy, and smart!!! Brad wears it well and so does Gwyneth.

Plus, I think these two are happy with their current lives and both have an understanding and most important a RESPECT for each other, which is good.


Elda on

I’m in animal lover and i ADMIRE celebs who don’t wear fur, I love Black, in fact i have two black jackets. I think they both look great!!! Good Luck Brad with your family and you too Gwyneth!

Kaye on

I really love the people here who give comments, they are good and confident people. Readers of PEOPLE magazine are civilized people and I admire them for that.

My comment earlier was out of being naive or curious … I mean Angelina already destroyed a relationship between Billy Bob and Laura and I belive the cliche “history always repeats itself” …. and knowing Angelina she loves challenges and OBSTACLES, it was probably a challenge for her to get Brad away from Jennifer, and she won. And most of all I believe that the only way you can give GENUINE LOVE to other people is when you are at peace with yourself and that includes being at peace with your family.

….This my friends are just my honest opinion. I am a realistic person and I am not a hypocrite.

yen on


erica on

Hello, we’re supposed to be talking about peacoats! Why do these things always turn into gabfests about celebrity misdoings???

Back to the coats: LOVE EM! I lived in my peacoat in college during the 90’s. I had a dark blue one, and even wore a blue knit hat. My dad asked if I had joined the navy.
Now, I wear a black cropped hooded style, a blue one (sorry dad) and a longer styled black one. It’s just a classic style that makes everyone look intstantly put together!

KD on

I love pea coats. I have been wearing them for years. I currently own 4 in different colors. I love the ones Brad and Gwyneth are wearing. I better rush out and buy more!

laura on

Gwen looks beautiful and stylish.
I like Brad’s too, but button it up! It looks sloppy with only the top button done and makes him look like he has a belly which he doesn’t!

LKD on

I love peacoats!!!

Rebecca on

I think Brad, Angelina, Gwen, and Jen are all beautiful intelligent people…..and I bet they all look good in peacoats. :)

october on

Peacoats are timeless…when I move back to a state that has cold weather that’s first on my list of things to buy!

As far as the whole Angelina issue, without knowing what went on in her personal family life, no one can really understand. There could be any number of valid reasons she doesn’t want her dad to be a part of her life. That doesn’t mean she can’t truly love someone! Sometimes forgiveness is given, but to protect your life or your children’s lives, you have to keep at a distance. It sounds great to say you have to be at peace with your family to be a good person…but its simply not true.

KJ on

I love pea coats! I have two and wouldn’t get rid of them for anything! They’re timeless and will be in style for years! Happy Holidays to all People readers!

enigma on

The Pea Coat comes from the days of merchant sailing. The Captains, Firstmates, and Helsmen of their beloved ships were the ones that wore these coats. The coats were made out of thick heavy boiled wool that kept out the wind, cold, and salt water. These coats were so thick that ice would form on top and could be shaken off. The coats were only woren when on deck not going aloft to fix a sail. And, the coats were always a deep blue never black. The long version of the Pea Coat was only woren by a Sea Captain.
Just alittle fun trivia!

O'Wryly on

Always loved peacoats … classic, timeless, stylish AND warm to boot! I prefer the longer version {mid calf length}. I invested in a wool one in Germany in 1977 and almost 30 years later, it still looks brand new. Guess that proves that quality and TLC go a long, long way!

jacky on

Life is not simple ,but you have to learn how to forget specialy when is your father, what kind of love she will teach to her kid, that crazy, you are not just walking around the world and show people love if you are not able to show that to your closest one, is stupid.
I don`t care about the coat, they have a lot of money they can buy want they want.I m just tired about brangelima

andrea on

her peacoat is beautiful. i would love to have one. i don’t own one, but have been dreaming of owning one for a while.. so i think i’ll breakdown and get one here pretty soon. very classy. :)

Mrs.Borrego on

I’ve always wanted a peacoat. I love the one Gwyneth has on. Its cute.

Cathy on

I love the coats and both of the people that are wearing them. I think that people need to stop talking about Angelina and get over it. Brad is happy now and she makes him happy. I think that they are a great pair. I love Jennifer Aniston also but sometimes you have to compromise when you are married and she is the one that choose her career. Everything happens for a reason. I do feel that if Jen would have put Brad first at one point they might still be together with a child.

wildflower on

wow, never expected Brad’s coat to go off on his relationships…what was I thinking?

I love these coats, always have, guess cause my dad is an old navy guy.

As for Brad, sometimes people have to make hard choices in life to find what really makes them happy. I am sure that Jen will be just fine and will find her own happiness…people need to cut her a little slack.

Cathy on

I love peacoats, in fact my mom just bought me one for
christmas……and by the way everyone here is talking about how Jen picked her career over family. How exactly do you all know that?? Were you there in their relationship when they talked about what they wanted out of life?? I love how we all read stuff in the media and take it for fact…’s all to be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t think any one of us would want words put into our mouths. Just my opinion….Merry Christmas:)

Alice on

I love the coats, they are a classic.

As for the other topic, I agree with Yen. Angelina does like a challenge and she probably wanted to see what it would take to break up Americas sweetharts. Based on her past, she seems that coniving to me. And who here actually knows Jen didn’t want a family? I didn’t see Brad slowing down his career either. For all we know, maybe she can’t even have kids. Just because you read it in a tabloid doesn’t mean its true.

Rocketinu on

I like the peacoats. Always have.

Jennifer Anniston is heavily involved in charity work for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital in Memphis. A great cause.

marianne on

I thought this blog is all about the peacoats. Ah well it looks good on them…I love the comfy style.

Misty on

Kristen~ I don’t think this thread is about what people think about Brangelina’s relationship, but their style. Try to stick with the topic before you go off.

julie on


KT fr Cda on

Julie, you are so right! He does! Finally, some fashion that I do like, but, not the price. The cost of his coat could of fed a ton of starving people in the country that Maddax is from!

jennifer on

I like the pea coats…They seem to look good on everyone.
But I also must say if I see another picture of Brad OR Angelina, I think I may be sick! PEOPLE please find some new people to take pictures of. Your top five is getting old!

Sandra on

I really like the coats, I think they both look great in them. I just want to say to some others here that it is possible to like Angelina or like Jennifer and not feel the need to bash the other. Thats just pathetic!

hellene on

i definitely agree with you erica
why can’t we just focus on those lovely coats instead of bringing up or labeling those people as bad
i mean who are we to say or to judge that other people are sinful when we ourselves and all of us are equally sinful!

hellene on

let them (brad and angie)
love them=]

BlingBrain on

No matter Gwyneth or Jennifer, the’re all way BETTER THAN Assgelina Jolie

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