What Was Beyonce Thinking Yesterday?

12/20/2006 at 02:00 PM ET

Even though we picked Beyonce’s frightening Barbarella-inspired getup as one of the year’s biggest fashion disasters, the singer has been doing quite well for herself, on the red carpet at least. She’s dazzled us in gowns as she attended premieres of Dreamgirls and even glammed up the talk show circuit. But what happened to Beyonce yesterday during her appearance on TRL? We have some issues with her big, teased hair — think: when beauty pageants attack! — and her teal dress which gives her some extra girth downstairs. Sure, Beyonce has done worse — but she’s also been so much better . Tell us: Do you think Beyonce’s has hit another bad fashion note? Or are you a fan of her ensemble?

Photo: Theo Wargo/WireImage

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LKD on

I like this look! Her hair is cute and the dress is nice! The only odd thing is the way her hands are, does she have her hands in pockets?? They look weird!? Other than that I think its a cute look, she has done worse!

Cynthia on

Well the dress is ugly for one, I think she should have gone more casual, come on it’s TRL for teens, she could’ve came in a some jeans and a shirt and still rocked it but she failed on this get up. She looks like she is going to a high school prom! I know she can do wayyyyy better!

AshleyL on

Its not that bad…. but its not that great either…. I would say mediocer at best.

Paige on

I think this look is adorable!

Heather on

Maybe the cut is not so flattering, but the color is gorgeous!! With all the celebrities that run around in public looking homeless, I’m not about to pick on the one lady that always looks like she respects herself!

Jennifer-Rose on

Well considering that today’s teenage girls dress like little boys, I think its nice for someone to show them how to dress and act like a lady. FYI People mag, black women don’t mind a “little extra girth down there”. Your report is culturally ignorant and insensitive. Not everyone wants to have the body or appear to have the body of a prepubescent nine year old boy. I think she looks beautiful, as always. She wears big hair because it’s glamorous and not everybody does it so it makes her stand out from the skinny, stringy haired “stars” so regularly on magazine pages.

Heather on

Nevermind… I just saw the feathered back!

mar on

prom queen ugly…hate the dress…hate the shoes…tacky, tacky, tacky…

wildflower on

She is so beautiful, I am not crazy about the dress, but if anyone can pull it off, it would be her.

N on

The dress is ugly…

Heather on

Hmmm…It’s not her best, but I’ve definately seen worse!

Nicole on

I think she looks fabulous, Kudos to her for stepping out the box how she does. It may not be everyones taste, but good for her to have her own mind and own fashion sense, not predicted by everyone else! I appreciate her individual sense of style, and have always been a fan of the person she emotes to be.

nikky on

When will we get to see her real hair…beyonce should be laid back for once, it become too much after a while. There is such a thing as too much glamour you know!

Me on

I think it’s a little culturally ignorant and insensitive to assume that ALL black women want little extra girth down there Jennifer. Every woman is unique no matter her color and personally, as a black woman myself, I prefer a thinner look to a thicker one.

Renata on

Beyonce is an artist… She has to dress oustandingly in order to stand out… I think she looks great. Exotic, but great… Who looks good Selma Blair, with that horrible hair and sexually-confused outfit?
Beyonce to me is one of the best-dressed women on today’s entertainment circuit.

Anna on

I like Beyonce and I think she’s gorgeous, but I wish she’d dress more casually sometimes!! You can look cute and classy without looking like you just stepped off the pages of a prom magazine! She should get casual-wear tips from people like Halle Berry or even Rachel Bilson. They look wonderful without looking over the top.

Ashley on

I think Beyonce looks adorable as always, but I do agree with Cynthia. Beyonce could have worn some hot jeans to show off those God given curves and a T and she still would have rocked the TRL stage. Her hair isn’t really that teased either. It her usual curly do’.

wildflower on

Totally off subject….
But I am going TEAM TRUMP! Gooo Donald! Let Rosie have it! ;)

kay on

The color is absolutely gorgeous as it compliments her skin color and she always looks elegant. This is different and definately a HIT. Isn’t Hollywood suppose to represent glamour?

teddy on

i like this outfit but shes too “thick” for it. put it on a petite girl and it would be adorable!!

Elda on

Her legs look to fat for this dress but the dress isn’t to nice either!!

Alice on

The dress is a little tacky. She tends to over do it sometimes.

Dee on

I like the dress…Luv the color…Hate the pose..Has anyone noticed that its always that same pose? I wonder what she’ll look like with a “short” Hairstyle…

sharon on

the dress makes her legs look HUGE. she usually looks so pretty, too.

Kenneth on

But of course, Beyonce has fell all the way off…. she still looks good physically but her fashion is simply **Regular**. SHe is Boyonce she needs to bring some **Wam Bam Thank you Mam** to the scene. Don’t get me wrong B is still that B.


I think her hair looks great and this dress is gorgeous, beyonce always looks amazing. some outfits she wears can be a little weird but this one looks good, all but the shoes, maybe she should have picked a different color. I’m with jennifer, most black women don’t mind a little extra meat on their legs and behind, the men love it. B is still the bomb!!!


I think her hair looks great and the dress is gorgeous, it’s different and that’s what beyonce’s style usually is. Everyone doesn’t have to walk around looking the same. maybe she should have picked a different color shoe than the one she has on but the outfit is totally Beyonce, no one can pull off style like she can. I’m with jennifer most black women don’t mind a little extra meat on our legs and backside, the men love it. B is still the bomb!!!!

janedoe1083 on

leave her alone she’s fine, it’s not her best but who cares?!!!

wildflower on

Beyonce is no where near “thick”! She has a woman’s figure, not one of a 10 yr old child. I would much rather have curves than be a stick figure any day of the week!

Rebecca on

The dress is a pretty color, but the style is not flattering for Beyonce. If there truly are feathers on the back, it’s a definite miss! I’m also tired of seeing the too-big hair and wish she’d tone it down more often.

Mrs.Borrego on

I think Beyonce’s hair looks fine. I like the color of the dress but I don’t like the style. I don’t like her shoes either. Her makeup looks good though.

Nadia on

You people obviously dont know real fashion. This dress is elegant and casual at the same time and she rockin’ it. I would wear it because i can just like she can. As for her hair, it looks good too. She’s hollywood, what you want her to look like you.

Becky on

I love Beyonce, and I think she looks amazing in anything she puts on. Not everyone can wear a dress like this one and pull it off! Although I would wear jeans on TRL,but I am not Beyonce either.

Chloe on

That dress is awful her hips and ass look huge.And those shoes look like they came straight from Payless. However her hair looks fabulous

Rendi on

I think Beyonce looked very pretty in her dress. She has been one that has consistantly looked, dressed, and actually acts like a women. Go pick on Brittney and all the tacky clothes she wears and has no respect for herself or anyone around. At least Beyonce respects herself.

Elizabeth Johnson on

I agree with Jennifer. I am not a fan of the shoes though, but I see nothing wrong with her outfit. There has been worse. Many women, including black women like a fuller bottom! The statement was culturally insensitive.

sarina on

i hate it she looks like a fright. i hate beyonce and in my opinion she has never had a good sense of style. she always looks like an overdone old woman.that hair is disgusting and i have no idea where she got that combination of colour and those shoes look like there plastic.PLUS SHE IS WAY TOO FAT DONT SUBSTITUTE THE WORD FAT FOR CURVY BECAUSE THE REAL WORD IS FAT.

Kel on

She looks like her mom is dressing her again – not a good thing!

kristin on

I like the hair, and the color of the dress is nice, but I swear to god I am going to scream if she poses like that one more time

tracie on


better_than_yours on

There’s nothing culturally or racially insensitive about your assessment to me. I’m a woman of mixed race, and I’m saying whoever we are, we need to know what looks good on our own bodies, then have the individual strength to say “no” to stylists (or mothers) when they want us to push a certain look. Beyonce let someone talk her into a great color, bad cut. Her hair is awful, not because it is big, but because it looks so fake. You can do big hair with a glamorous effect. Or you can do it so it looks like plaster. Hers looks like plaster.

Starla on

Beyonce looks absolutely awful-her legs look oversized and when will she stop wearing weaves/wigs, whatever? It’s TRL–wear some jeans.

Jared on

I wish everyone would stop hating on Beyonce and let her do her! She looks beautiful as usual and for anyone who disagrees, “Get In, Fit In, or Get Out.”

Heather on

I adore Beyonce..she looks fabulous. And to the people who think she looks “thick” are you out of your minds!!! She’s stunning!

Sanja on

Can’t a woman dare to be different, without being attacked by the media? It’s much more bold and risky, like her new CD, the dress is great, I really like the balloon style and hair is her usual, much better than the bouffant. And what’s wrong with some meat on your body? At least she looks healthy.

marie on

I agree with cynthia, why are stars going all glam for TRL? Anyways, i’m not too big on her outfit, but it could have been worse.

Sanja on

When you said feathers I thought of some enormous ones, but this ones aren’t so bad, it would be better without it, but it’s ok like this. Maybe she liked the front really much that she didn’t care about the back.

arin on

it’s not a bad looking dress. it may not be her best but she still pulls it off good enough.

Natalie on

She looks like a peacock!

Gail on

Ouch, I feel sorry for the bird that lost it’s feathers for that ugly dress!!! Beyonce you look NASTY girl!!!!

A.W. on

It’s not the worst she’s every done – but the hair, the dress, the shoes… it’s just not working

Rocs on

I can’t stand Beyonce anymore. Every picture she’s in shes looks like a mannequin. She is so stuck up now and is a poser. Look at her face and the way she stands in all her pictures! She’s too full of herself to make any outfit look good.

Rocs on

“teddy | Dec 20, 2006 3:59:32 PM
i like this outfit but shes too “thick” for it. put it on a petite girl and it would be adorable!!”

DUDE You’re nuts. You must like little girls sicko!

distar on

that dress does nothing to flatter her shape. and that color does nothing to flatter her skin tone. Beyonce is either a hit or a miss, and it seems most of the House of Dereon stuff is a miss. Mama Knowles has got to stop styling her!!

Rocs on

I think the outfits cute and she’s totally beautiful just the way she is. I just don’t care for her attitude!

Alyx on

OMG! what was she thinking?!?! I saw the upper part of the dress and it was all right. Then I looked down… what was she thinking?!? She’s not fat but she isn’t thin either and the bottom of that dress made her hips look huge… then she turned around and I saw the feathers *gasp*! but i forgive her because I’ve seen her in some lovely dresses before..but still.. that dress was a crime against fashion

shanice on

Beyonce has always done her best but i don’t know what happen this time. She looks nice in the face but her get up needs to get up and run.

Menuka on

Hideous! Why does she always look like she’s trying too hard? There’s something to be said about personal style that is easy and classy. She always, always overdoes it.

jessica on

oh my god she has a featherd tail it looks awful if anyone thinks thats looks good is nuts

Kali on

She looks beautiful as always…I think the dress is very cute and I love the hair! I agree with Jennifer-Rose, she’s actually making a statement with her big hair and outrageous dress, she’s complete Hollywood…they can do that! Who are we to judge them!?

oceane on

disgusting– i dont understand how she walks out of the house looking this way!!

Janelle on

Wow, she must have tripped and bumped her head, maybe her bum too, that is such an unflattering dress! Her style is usually a miss in my department! Keep trying girl!

suzie q on

i don’t care what beyonce puts on her body….she is absolutely gorgeous no matter what!!!

Dragonfly on

I think she looks like a dreamgirl. Perfect.

axelle on

I really do not see the big deal, i mean i have seen worse in hollywood. Regarding the dress, it fits her well and she carrys it with grace. Personally i do not think that women with well rounded bottoms should wear anything that is bulky or will enhance the size of their rear when it already speaks for itself, that is just my opinion nonetheless it is not a crime. Pertaining to her hair, god darn it!! most female celebrities have some weave stitched or glued to their scalp at some point, most of the times or all the time. Some you can never tell. So if the chick is having a bad hair day like we all do once in a while, that is cool too, just reminds us that they are normal like us. Now, to “Sarina” who in my opinion now is obviously anorexic, no healthy person would make such a comment. She is not FAT, she carries a healthy body weight for her age and height. It is healthy to allow yourself to keep a healthy meal down and not PUKE it right out in order to fit in what is considered “trendy” these days-“bony, sick looking, starving and fainting”. Now to “Starla” darling, she has a beautiful strong pair of legs, reminds me tina turner, these legs me dear are not common especially in hollywood, the chicks got legs to carry her voluptuos banging body, loads of dough and all that fame that comes with it. Just let her be, we all make some awful decisions some times, as long as no one is physically hurt, let’s move on.

Bebo on

That outfit is HOT. Enough said!

kate on

i hate her, i hate that dress, and i will probably hate her new movie. she’s fat.

Melissa on

My first reaction at seeing that picture was “What would Tin Gunn say?” And i’m thinking that he’d say it looks like Santino designed it.

The dress is hideous! If the color doesn’t scream for attention, the feathers at the butt does.

Jennifer-Rose on

Renata, I didn’t say ALL black women. I said black women and I stand by my comment. When the magazine refers to the girth down there, they are referring to her hips and behind as if she should want them to be smaller. Why? She’s not fat by any means and it is culturally ignorant to judge her body by another culture’s standards. What’s wrong with having a larger lower area. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think its healthy for young girls to beoverweight, but many girls ARE healthy at a heavier weight. The comment should be made on the construction of the dress, not the construction of Beyonce’s body. And just because there are black girls that prefer to be skinny does not change my comment are the fact that many of us do like to have a little more “down there”.

franchesca on


MzVanillaSky on

Don’t like this look. Hair is WAYYY to big and I really don’t like fake hair anyways!! Glam or not… be you!! When she said she has two different personalities..her WHOLE persona has changed for me. I mean really…. that’s a bit disturbing. ESP for young girls to hear!!

leta on

i think she may have chosen this dress to hide the fact that she’s lost weight and some of her curviness. she has already said that she prefers her more curvier figure, so maybe this dress made her feel better about her thin figure.


I think it’s totally hot & works for her… reminiscent of some of the crazy get-ups that Carrie from Sex&the City wore… you go B!

anna on

beyonce is beautiful, and anyone who’s saying her legs look “big” is ridiculous. beyonce represents the opposite of the 90-lb actresses that promote anorexia to young girls today. please, stop with the remarks, because in all acutality, beyonce is thinner than most american women. GO BEYONCE, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!

prettygirl6 on

Beyonce looks like a lady. No, this dress may not be something that should be worn everyday, but it works for a glamorous celebrity as she is. Kudos for Beyonce being one of the few young ladies who always attempts to be ultraglamorous and respectable. Especially in the wake of other sluts who are learning that it is appropriate to wear underwear under their clothes. She is a rolemodel and is the last person who needs to be blasted. I am happy that there is a respectable Black woman for everyone to admire. The Paris’, Lindsay’s, and Britney’s could and should take a note!

Jen on

I think it looks adorable. I probably wouldn’t wear it, but it looks nice on her.

p on

i absolutely HATE this dress… i agree with the others… she always looks like she is trying way too hard!! and what’s with the pageant pose in every picture?? she never seems natural.. always like a piece of porcelain…

p on

and don’t forget guys.. she is from Texas!!

Jen on

Bad singer….Bad dress…..

Catie on

Its ok
Hair looks like it always does? Doesn’t it?
The dress is fine except fot the back which is horrible.

graccey on

beyonce looks good all the time,i love that dress,i think it’s gorgeous,that sexy body will look good on anything,work it girl,love the dress and ur songs 2,don’t let haters stop u,keep ur heads up.

Jessica on

Peacock butt

andrea on

I’m sick of her… Her hair is always soooo fake! If you are photographed in eveeery party , people get sick of you! Make them leaving wanting more; that’s the secret!

Lindsay on

Okay so i was vavoomed by the hair..i mean she looks so good with curly hair and i was vavomed by the front of the dress. But the back is a different story. I mean i seriouly thought her small figure needed some butt cusioning!!!! there are like pom poms stuck up her dress. I didn’t know that was the latest thing!

Taquinisha on

Yall needa stop hatin on mah grl! She is BEAUTIFUL! But I gotta admit, that dress was kinda FUNKY LOOKIN’!!! But hey, as long as she can sing and dance… it’s ALL good baby!

Becky on

It’s a hit! Why not?!? Go for it, Beyonce!

nic on

I never liked her, she is full of herself

Mariza on

100 to 1 odds are that she is having some insecurity issues lately. Maybe since she has turned 25 years old, in Hollywood years that’s old. Maybe she is trying to get attention so she’s going for the WOW factor. I agree that she should at least have worn a pair of jeans and a classy shirt. That would have been great. My goal is never to look way beyond my years or way too young. But golley-gee-wiz don’t dress up like an old lady, you’ll get old one day and then you’ll start dressing up like a young teen. Her hair is soooo 90’s too. It’s time for a makeover!

marie is in da house on

it looks good in the front but freaky in the back!

lindsey on

I don’t thinks her hair looks that bad……..her dress is cute from the front, but when you see the back it’s horrible. It just doesn’t flatter her, she is such a beautiful women……..the dress didn’t do her any justice

Carmen on

The back ruined the dress for me

Carmen on

The back ruined the look

Penni on

Ohhhhhh good grief! Did she look in a mirror? Obviously not!



rosaura on

That is a complete disaster, I’m sorry B!

sarah on

i dont like the dress.
but i must say she looks great!
absolutely beautiful.

Mikayla on

Hair:Eh. Not her best. DEFinately not her worst!
Dress: Ick!:P What was she thinking? ugh. what a hideous article of “clothing.”

Mikayla on

Hair:Eh. Not her best. DEFinately not her worst!
Dress: Ick!:P What was she thinking? ugh. what a hideous article of “clothing.”

Lanica on

A beutiful lady she could have done much better, with the way she dresses and man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

micheleee. on

I like both the hair and the awesome dress.

CS on

No I do not like Beyonce or her looks. This girl is a pig. She is into a major power trip that is all about herself. The only thing Beyonce cares about is Beyonce and what expensive new dress she can put herself into.

Dee on

I love Beyonce`, and her hair is great, but the dress is horrible!!! It just doesn’t fit her curvy figure.

dlove on

That dress is just plain ugly.

Linda on

I think she looks stunning…..the feathers might be a bit much, but stunning!!!!

Charlene on

The dress is cute from the front, the back is not that flattering but “B” can pull off anything…her hair looks fine!! I think people are just hating and trying to find things wrong with her about now….give credit where it is due, she is a beautiful, fabulous entertainer, very successful and well spoken for and people just can’t stand that. To Beyonce I say keep doing your thing girl!!

Frab on

Ugh- there was nothing culturally insensitive about that statement! Beyonce is a curvy girl so they were saying because the way the dress puffs out- it adds some extra girth. It has nothing to do with her being black!

Cha4ya on

I would love to see how most of the people with ugly negative comments on this post actually look like. I bet most of you are butt fugly! Stop hating, at least she doesn’t have some pancake flat arse and sticks for legs and she wears panties unlike some of the other trashy celebs in this mag.

Danielle on

Maybe Beyonce actually liked the dress, and she is entitled to wear whatever she pleases. As for the “massive thigh” and “fat” comments, you are all a result of a dellusional culture. I’m American, I’m white, I’m tall and a slender to small atheletic build and according to your warped stardards I would have “thunder thighs” as well.

Danielle on

If the girl wants to wear the dress then she entitled to wear the dress. As for the “hugh thigh/ leg” and “fat” comments… you are a result of a dellusional culture. I’m tall and I have a slender build but according to your warped standards I would have “thunder thighs” as well… To all you who believe that this lady is fat, you may need to go and visit a psychologist.

Danielle on

If the girl wants to wear the dress then she is entitled to wear what she pleases. As for the “hugh thigh/ leg” and “fat” comments… you are a result of a dellusional culture. I’m tall and I have a slender build but according to your warped standards I would have “thunder thighs” as well… To all you who believe that this lady is fat, you may need to go and visit a psychologist.

Lindsey on

I think she always looks great….her behind looks alittle odd in this dress, but from the front she looks beautiful..

Cathy on

I actually think that it is very cute.

yen on


gypsy on

She looks like a bad cher impression.

Becky on

Regardless of her outfit, she is a beautiful woman. Those of you who think she is fat…shame on you. This mentality of what is thin and what is fat is the reason so many young girls are risking their health to get to what society deems is an acceptable weight. Please, quit judging people by their size. It’s ok not to like her music or her acting ability but she is a young woman that is completely confident in the person she is and for that we should respect her as a role-model for all young ladies.

andrea on

i’m laughing over here. i agree with previous posts.. it closely resembles a peacocks bum. on top of that, the color is horrid.

KC on

I like the hair – the dress not so much but definitely have seen worse! I am not sure I would wear anything that would make my behind protrude anymore than it already does naturally!!LOL

NickNack on

The material and color looks like a prom dress or a bridesmaid gown…there’s nothing wrong with being glam on TRL, just as long as you don’t look like you took a bridesmaid gown and had it shortened.

sheik on

The dress is ugly as, you know what. It might have been better for someone with a smaller backyard, but Beyonce is fortunate to have more than enough junk in her trunk. BTW, after looking at the back, first thing that came to my mind was an aquatic ostrich (I know that there’s know such animal, but if there were, it would look just like that).

Angel on

Beyonce is a beautiful woman but her fashion sense sucks. The whole outfit – dress, hose, shoes, and that hair! – looks tacky. She doesn’t need to go over the top to stand out in a crowd. Her natural beauty and engaging personality does that for her.



Jennifer-Rose on

Frab, once again my words have been taken out of context. I will explain to those of you who dont practice close reading. The fact that Beyonce’s body is judged by ANOTHER CULTURE’S STANDARDS IS CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE!! Whether she was black, Latin, or of another ethnicity, my opinion would be the same. You’re right it has nothing to do with her being black. It has to do with her not being white. There are women of every size in every ethnicity, but the dominant culture is the white culture and we judge beauty by that culture. We are not talking about hair color, or clothing style, something that can be changed to fit in with what’s popular. We are talking about the size of someone’s hips, something that they were born with and it is wrong. People mag should be criticizing how the dress maybe doesn’t enhance her beautiful skin tone, or play up her best features, but it criticizes how it makes her hips look bigger. All I’m saying is what’s wrong with bigger hips. Bigger hips gives you an hourglass figure, which used to be the way women wanted to look. Now they all want to look like skinny little boys with no breasts and no hips to speak of. Most of these Hollywood women can’t even have children without the help of drugs because they’ve dieted their reproductive organs into oblivion. Beyonce has a healthy looking, normal, grown woman’s body. I’ve yet to EVER hear a man, OF ANY RACE say, “Oh yeah, she’s too fat!” Have you? Nope. It’s only women that call her fat. And to the people that were offended by my making reference to her ethnicity, take a cultural studies class and then call me. Stop being so afraid to admit when culture is a factor in judging beauty. Only white people made a huge deal about J.Lo’s behind. As a black woman part of a Latin community, my friends and I (and Jennifer’s sister Lynda), all found it culturally offensive for something that many of us had (a larger backside and hips) to be pointed out as exceptional or to be made fun of. Ethnocentrism is the judging of another culture by your own and it’s not fair. So Frab take another look at my original comment and think about the comment made by people mag and you will know that I’m telling the truth.

abc123 on

I like the color combo, but it’s the back that looks crazy. The back looks like an upside down peacock. If it weren’t for the back, the dress would look nice.

shoediva in Michigan on

Well I’m a HUGE Beyonce fan. She is one of my favorites and I don’t think this is her best look, but it’s not as bad as some of the comments. Beyonce is curvy and shapely and as a curvy/shapely girl myself, I am happy she’s in the spotlight. She usually gets it right when it comes to knowing what works for her figure, but this dress does add to her hip area and I was surprised to see the feathers in the back – most women, regardless of race, don’t want any more added to the hip and butt area. I think she wants to take more risks and this is one of those times when her stylists: Mom Tina and Ty Hunter picked a risky ensemble. As far as it being too glamourous to some on the thread, check out her pics on 106 & Park recently, she had on jeans and a hoodie and looked FABULOUS – so she DOES get casual chic, her FANS know this. AND she represents GLAMOUR – its a trademark for her and THAT’S why she wore the dress. It’s not my favorite look and NO ONE can look perfect ALL the time, but that’s okay Bee – it’s lonely at the top girl! You’re the BEST! beyonceworld.net – check out the galleries and for those that are green with envy, too bad!

tigersbaby on

I think the look is very cute. It is a hit. She is a trend setter. This look is very chic and so now.

Dominique on

When you have a booty like Beyonce does you DEFINITELY don’t need a dress that’s puffy in that area…bad color, bad dress…bad, bad, bad!

Hub on

i think she wanted to feel like a peacock!

muffin on

i think beyonce looks like a drag queen!

chrissie on

beyonce is a good looking person,inside and out but his dress is kinda crazy.i like the front its cool but the back is kinda scary. am not dazed though cos i know how well dressed she is, she dresses well than most celebrity so she deserves some applaude. everyone makes mistakes.

amanda on

I think the color is good and the front is ok but the back is like a peacock. she already has the junk in the trunk we dont need to add to it!

wendy on

Am I the only person who doesn’t like Beyonce? I think she has a good voice and a kick-ass body. But I always feel like she tries way too hard with her fashion. I feel like her mom is playing dress up with her still. I just can not deal with her style, she needs to tone it down same and look more natural.

lee on

The dress is cute from the front, okay from the back. Her hair looks fine. Nothing to really criticize

Jari Hopkins on

Beyonce killed that outfit, it matched her shape perfectly not many people could have pulled off. Some just need to quit hating on the girl because shes shinin’

liz on

i was wondering if she had gotten dressed in the dark as i was watching trl yesterday it horrible from the front and the back

Haley on

Blech!!! She usually looks so great, this is definitely an off day for her. Oh well, everyone has an off day every now and then, especially in Hollywood!

Tiffany on

OMG Wendy I totally agree I feel Like I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t like her either!! The dress was horrid as was her hair!! SHe always over does everything!!!

Exotic Goddess on

She was thinking, “I’m a peacock, I need some tail feathers.” Next time the tail feathers will be longer and in the full spectrum of rainbow colors.

erica on

The colors are cute, but more for spring. The dress is too short and tacky, especially the back that looks like she sat on an ostrich. Without that back, the dress would be passable.The silver shoes are ugly too. Her hair is too big and dried out looking. She looks better with a natural look. Not “hating”, it’s just the truth.

Nellie Saintilmond on

I love Beyonce style.

nellie on

I love B. She has a great sense of style. You go girl. Haters stop hating.

Kjersti on

Eeewww! it doesn’t look good!

Kellie on

The first thought I had was ‘peacock’…. I don’t like it.

Pyele on

she looks gourgeous. If anyone can rock that look then it is defenetly B. and talking about RACE, yes, for us in Africa, a girl must have something on the behind to rock a look, (and to turn heads)and Beyonce proves that! being FAT, a big NO, I saw her, she is not even close to being a bit fat. she is a healthy looking woman that hollywood have forgotten, coz they all strive to remain skin & bones like hunger-striken-millionares!

cg on

B can careless what you guys thinks…she has made tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$!!! she gots what she wants. she can wear whatever she wants can be as big or small as she wants…SHE HAS MADE IT WERE SOME OF YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EVEN IMAGINE.ohhh, get over it!

Tammy on

Why is everyone being so nice. This is not a question of her beauty. She’s beautiful. But lets face it this look is terrible!

Kiki on

Well this certainly isn’t her finest moment, but it isn’t as terrible as some of the things celebs have been stepping out in recently (read: Britney, Paris, Lindsay, etc.) The hair is a bit much, I agree, but the dress would be okay if it didn’t have that huge poufy thing at the back.

Karen Tulk on

You picked this outfit as the worse! I think Brit’s black doily with the pink bra and barely there black panties is the worse. I think that if Beyonce was much shorter, this would look alright. But I don’t think this is the worse. People’s recheck all the pics that you have posted on your site this year.

Emma on

i absolutely love this look, she totally pulls of the back and the shoes go so well the dress. The hair is great because compliments the whole style of the enslemble.

mel on

I hate when people call her B.
It’s so annoying, her name is Beyonce. Beyonce is B. Jennifer Lopez is JLO. It makes them sound like trash, well, in that case…maybe it fits.

Leah on

I think she looks adorable too! I really like her style it is different and very unique she would not be Beyonce without her style. Great color!!

Laela on

I like the outfit but I will say it is not the weather for the dress. it is real pretty and she looks great, as usual, but I agree with most she should have been more casual

night on

This lady has great curves, and looks even better now that she has put some of the weight she lost back on. She is gorgeous and talented. But the dress….it makes her look large…and she is not large….it is not flattering to her lovely figure in the least.

ty on

She’s overexposed right now.

Lynkeisha on

Beyonce looks amazing!!!!!!!! This really looks nice and I think da dress is very cute and different. She looks like the queen she is.

andrea on

that outfit confuses me.

Aussi on

Um, beyonce, “Shake your tail feather” is just a song.

mikey on

She looks like a poor peacock with its tail feather cut-off. And oh dear, those shoes look rather ugly with the ensemble. Not to mention the fake hair (as always) and the fat thighs. I gotta run and throw up!

dee dee on

I normally like everything Beyonce wears but for some reason, I didn’t really care for the style of the dress. The hair was gorgeous and the color of the dress was fabulous, but the style could have been a little better. But I still love her and love her creativity and style!

dany on

i like the hair, its not ugly. i have got to admit that the dress is a miss but i am still a huge Beyonce fan!!!

Morena on

I think Beyonce is a great dresser, but this dress is much more for the Grammy’s than TRL for teens. She totally could have rocked some leggings with a pretty skirt, and some heels. This dress was a little too much.

Jen Stone on

She must have gotten dressed in the dark!!


I do not think this outfit does her any justice. She is a beautiful person inside and out, but this dress is silly.


I do not think this outfit does her any justice. She is a beautiful person inside and out, but this dress is silly.

Selena Santiago on

um.. she look a mess… see… she so hollywood now that she doesnt expect anyone to say anything bad about her .. but the hair… looks like a wig.. all that money and she got the cheap weave… the dress.. COLOR is cute on her skin tone but the dress looks like a ghetto fabulous maid dress…



nicole richie is anorexic on

I think this dress is gorgeous except for the feathers in the back.
i think beyonce is a great role model and she definetely respects herself!

Alfie on

when we look at the front, its georgous…but if you slowly look at the back, everything disaster..too many feathers..but the dress is absolutly VAVA VOOM!!!!

Sabrina on

UH, NADIA? shhhh…

Ashly on

Her hair is very pretty.. but she has a big booty, so the feathers DO NOT flatter her ass!

T on

I applaud any individual that is willing to try something new. But that dress is absolutely horrible! I don’t think it complements her figure …her hips look bigger and wider and the bottom. Don’t do it again.

Beth on

The dress is ugly, it has a weird cut to it. The earrings are too much with that big hairdo she was sporting.. and speaking of which, her hair looks horrible. Beyonce is a beautiful woman, but this whole ensemble was a disaster.

Mel1983 on

I think that Beyonce is a wonderful performer and actress. But he dresses and hair sometimes are over the top,and I also think that the color she has on is ugly. But hey, you cant be beautiful all of the time. Give her a break!

Jolene on

I like this look also. I don’t fancy the back of the dress all too much, but all in all, I think it’s a cute dress. Absolutely fabulous. Her hair also looks fantastic.

julie on


Glenys on

Halloween is over Beyonce! Were you trying to look like a peacock?

lacy on

Beyonce is sssooo beautiful, but that dress look like she just took neon fabrics and tryed to make a dressin like less than 5 minutes, beyonce rocks though, her hair is cute, i just hate that dress

Jere' on

I think the color looks great on her. The front of the dress is okay but the back is not.

Bre on

Byonce has a totaly different fshion sence but can pull of anything off she has the looks and she has the body 4 it

chantelle on


Amy Grace on

I think I just vomitted in my mouth a little bit….

Maria on

I think her hair is cute…the dress is cute in the front. But what is going on in the back. It looks like it got stuck in a shredder and was returned!

s on

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!!!! and when she appeared on OPera she looooked even worse

kimberly on

I think her hair and dress looks very nice. Beyonce is a very beautiful black women.

Nunya on

I don’t think she was thinking. In her opinion, everything she does is great. Well, you didn’t pull this style off at all. Bad dress from her clothes line of B-Wear. Granted she does look nice usually outside of her new narcistic personality, however she’s not perfect and in this case made a misstep.

Get it right, get it tight!

lorelay on

beyonce knows nothing about style and even less about class. she is a great singer, but she should relay more on ther stylist (other than her mother). everytime that she insists on her own choices is BAD. VERY BAD! who buys a dress that is, besides gree, big, flufy and has flurs on the butt? Not talk about putting it on!

GoddessLu on

This outfit is hideous! I cannot BELIEVE anyone would really like this beyond 1991! Not only does it make her rear HUMONGOUS but the hair is Texas Pageant Queen Nasty and the color looks like she’s going bridesmaid (maybe because Jay-Z won’t step up?). Beyonce is a beautiful girl who normally dresses quite well for her body type. This was just a mistake all over.


Bey looks beautiful! Her hair is great, healthy and voluminous. The dress is too glamorous for TRL, but never too glamorous for Beyonce!!!

QHgirl on

I think she looks okay from the front, the dress is nice and so is her hair, but from the back it lookes like she’s Big Birds Cousin and shes ready to sproute wings and fly away!

elle on

She looks like a bird

Lidia on

Beyonce always looks stunning! If I had her looks, I would wear nothing BUT glamorous clothes. She reminds me of the days when I use to play with my Barbie dolls. I had tons of clothes for them and I couldn’t wait to change their outfits….


She was thinking about Lil’ Kim ,haha.

Susie on

This here dress is one of the ugliest dresses I have seen in a long time. I am not sure how people let her leave the house like this. This looks like a cheap waitress uniform from some sleezy joint too. There is no class in this here green creation. Also the back of the dress still amazes me every time I see it. I just think oh my Gosh. Her Mother dresses her in these awful outfits all the time. Whenever she looks good it is a dress by a proper designer. I am a nobody who is not famous and wealthy but you could not get me to wear this mess. Also I have just about had it with this girl. She needs to disappear for a while.



Ms.Allen on

It was just a bad dress day.It happens!B is B and one bad dress day is not going to stop her.The girl is “BAD” as in good BAD : )

Hotmamaof2 on

I think Beyonce is a very beautiful women and people just hate on her because she not out there like other celeberties, she carries herself well and is always properly dressed for any occasion and i dont blame her. The way the media is always up in their faces i would want to always look my best to. Now about the dress loook the color and the front of it, but the back i dont know if the was a wise choice, but overall she is beautiful as ususal and can get away with wearing whatever. You Go Girl!

Hotmamaof2 on

Why is everyone talking about her weight she is nowhere near fat, even before she lost the 20 pounds for her role in Dreamgirls, Did we forget about that. And her legs are not fat either i think she has the next best legs to Tina Turner. Why we can’t just be positive instead of always finding something negative to say about someone that is idolize by many girls as a role model and a good i might add considering you cant say that about many celeberties.

SHERi on

Kudos to Ms. B (aka Sasha) for struttin’ her stuff like a proud peacock. I wouldn’t consider wearing it but she has what it takes to pull it off.

shaddy on

her hair looks great!! as usual..but minus the dress!

tasha on

Beyonce is a fly girl anyway … I think she looks great … The back of the dress may not be so forgiving however, Beyonce can still get away with it …. not everyone can ….I love the color and style … She has done better but also done worse

La La on

The feathers in the back are a bit out there but it’s cute!!!! and she’s be-a-u-ti-full!!! Yes she’s on TRL but hey it’s a fashion statement and teens love fashion!!!

Donna on

I personally think she looks beautiful…. she always does. i think huge #1 fan doesnt think so!!!!!!!!!!!

Candi on

I love it. I think she looks beautiful as always. The dress is fabulous and her hair is beautiful too. I have curly hair and despite what some may think, it isn’t EASY to get it flat. I love it, it is full of body and curls. She is dressed for where she is at. I doubt she would wear that to a premeire, she is on TRL! Young and hip is their theme.

Lisa on

I think Beyonce’ is the essence of femininity for this generation. I like the dress, but not the color. She also needs to tone down the hair in 2007 and save the “big hair” for her concerts, etc.

Mallory on

well, the dress is not necessarily have the most flattering cut i’ve ever seen, especially in the back, it almost looks like they killed Big Bird, dyed him blue, and stuffed him up her skirt. and i agree with the earlier comment that this combo might have been too dressy for the occasion. but better too dressy than too messy eh? i will also say this for Beyonce, she looks pretty classy most of the time and carries herself well. i also have to give the girl credit for taking a risk. that’s what usually goes wrong with these fashion disasters, people try to take a risk with their look, and they unfortunately crash and burn… close B, but no cigar this time

carolina on

i think that she look cute the only bad part of the dress is the back but beyonce looks good in every thing

anne on

she just looks ridiculous

mia on

tina is slippin!

Princess on

she looks awesome but that 10 dollar lookin weave? no no

Dee on

Oh my, this is HORRIBLE.. It time out for the big, bouffant tresses and time for something more sleek and sophiscated. And yes, please refrain from accepting fashion advice from mom. She didn’t do well with Destiny’s Child and she’s certainly not doing well w/your look. You are a beautiful person and the above picture does not accent your features at all.

Nicole on

She looks a damn mess!!! Beyonce…pleeeez stop it!!!! Enough is enough. Why would you dress up for TRL anyway? Just wear some jeans or something. Please calm down with all the ball gowns and prom dresses.

nicole on

I think the dress is a nice color but maybe there is just too much going on in the back of it. Her hair has been like that before so im not sure what the shock with it is, but she still looks beautiful

amw on

The dress is hideous!!! I know she has a look of her own but I seen her do alot better!

AshleyJ on

I think that this was a total miss on Beyonce’s part, but oh well…no one looks perfect all the time. I do give her credit for at least covering up and not looking like a slut like some of the “stars”. Next time though Beyonce, put a little more thought into your outfit. You don’t have to dress so outrageous for TRL. You looked so beautiful in your Irreplaceable video when you wore shorts and a T…use that look more often.

Rae on

I think the front look good, but the back is a distaster! Too much going on. The blue at the back is actually nice but the fringe? HORRIBLE!

Bea rose rodriguez on

This dress is a little over the top
and im guessing her mom designed it
ugh!! house of dereon needs to maybe
let a real designer dress beyonce?
come on its trl

D. M. Collier on

Beyonce is a beautiful young woman who doesn’t need to wear a bunch of frou frou. Was this another costume from the House of Dereon? Beyonce, you do not need anything to make your Booty look to ‘Licious”. This was over-kill honey.

Simon on

Maybe she just wanted to shake her tail feathers????

Destini on

THe front of the dress is adorable, but from the back- she looks like a big turquoise BIG BIRD!!!!!

Sherry on

From the front the dress is awesome. I am not thrilled with the back so much. Her shoes look good on her.

Lanyea on

what was she thinking that dress is realy ugly

Melanie on

She looks like a bird!

julia on

I think Beyonce is beautiful in whatever she wears i think its rude to be insulting her hair its beautiful and its what is in not out as you say people shouldnt insult other people because you dont have what they have and that teal dress is beautiful and if it is giving her more behind then let it be if she has a behind she should show you shouldnt be ashamed of what you have or how it looks like if you love it then it doesnt matter!

Eva Yousif on


Racchel on

Well i don’t find anything wrong with her hair at all, i think volume is great and even better with curls. and the dress looks fine in the front, i’m dissapointed in her though, not because of the big bottom in the back (although i’ve always felt that feathers are not meant to be on dressess.) but because ever since B lost weight she’s become a little less fashion-sensible


B is always fly! i love it!

Ulga Bon-Bon on

OMG!!!! I think she stole this look from a ostridge!!!

CK on

This subject has nothing to do with race! I think it is so juvenille how some comments have been focused on being black! It has nothing to do with a HIDEOUS dress!

LTC on

well…..in a word……YUCK!

meena on

She looks great in that girl. The dress is a miss but she always pretty and i will always be her fan

Sheila on

Beyonce is GORGEOUS! She has classy sex appeal, unlike some of the TRASH we see on this site and in the magazine! She’s a REAL lady! So STOP the HATING HATERS!!!! She will be around for a long time!! Big ups Beyonce you DIVA YOU!

Londie-Pooh on

Every single last 1 of yall need to be quite, because she looks good. Ya’ll just hatin on her cause she can dress betta then yall. Let her wear anything she wanna wear. It ain’t yall that is wearing it so why ya’ll giva a damn. Yall always tryin to bring a sista down. You stupid hoes. Theres nobody that can pull that outfit off betta then she can so back off.

lizz on

i love the dress but just not for TRL. the hair is cool to-i like the curl. i love the bracelets and shoes

Lexi on

Well, the front of the dress is really cute but i have no idea what happened in the back! And, who cares if it is dressy on TRL, its New Year’s Eve!

Bre on

Well from the front the dress looks very nice. When you get to the back its a hot mess. 1. The dress has feathers near the butt when she is already curvy. Also the weave in the back looks like it was rushed

Alyssa on

What’s up with this outfit?Beyonce is gorgeous but that dress makes her butt look like texas!

jen on

this is an OUTRAGE come on EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS UGLY, AND WAY TO TACKY. looks like something from a thift store.

Speakin' Truth on

I think you all are playin’ yourself if you think that this dress is cute. If this was some regular person, no one in their right mind would say that this dress is even close to being cute. Everyone one is so quick to defend Beyonce but it has nothing to do with her, if it’s ugly then it’s ugly regardless of who is wearing it and that dress is ugly!

Cassidy on

The dress is GROSS BUT Beyonce is beautiful in whatever she wears so the dress doesnt matter, I mean, It’s Beyonce!

SA on

No matter who you are, you can still look bad. Beyonce is adorable and beautiful, but she needs more class in what she wears… it’s just SO EXAGGERATED, AHHHH.. the bling, the puffs, ahhhh! Her face gets loset in all that.

She didn’t exactly follow the KISS rule.

Shanelle Fields on

I think beyonce looks good in what ever she puts on. Yall need to stop hatin on her and find out what her secret is so you can get a big ass bottle of it!!!!

Lola on

I think she has hit a bad fashion. The dress is cute its just the back needs to be fixed and it needs to be longer than it is.

Lola on

I think she has hit a bad fashion. The dress is cute its just the back needs to be fixed and it needs to be longer than it is.

madi on

beyonce has ALWAYS been my rolemodel.
what can i say?
like youve never had an “off” day with your hair at school?
i still love all her fashion and she isnt one of those celebrities who you have no respect for!

SA on

Looks awful, sorry, and the way she’s posing with it, just….awful, like a blue big bird.
she is so attractive it’s too bad

Emily on

i like how the dress looks at the front but im not sure what was going on with the whole poof thing at the back…i like her hair i just wish the waves were looser

Ana on

The answer to the question is easy: She wasn’t thinking!

Ronda on

She looks a hot mess. And the big hair should go. I wish she would get a real fashion designer and stop allowing her mom to make her outfits. All of her outfits make her but look so wide. Big hair-wide but, doesn’t go together. Even though big hair is suppose to make you look smaller, it just aint working for her.

sherow on

Beyonce, All of the NON-haters love and appreciate your style, beauty And talent. Anyone who has something negative to say about her probably either lives in a trailer, or cant stand to look in the mirror! So the best they can do is HATE!!! Don’t worry though, save your money up and MABEY a doctor can help you look half as good as she does. Don’t hold your breath though. THanks to all the sisters (of all colors) who know how to praise a woman instead of bash them.

SA on

honey I’m a woman of color, and I do like to look at myself. lol we’re not talking about the celeb herself, nobody’s “hatin” her lol you’re so cute. we’re just talking about her dress not herself.. :p

Mr. Ben on

I am so tired of this porn gal. So non-beautiful, totally trashy.

sherow on

Ben you sound like a total goof. Chuckle, golly gee, that gal….Where the heck are you comin from? Brad Pitt must be your type instead…Am i right?? cmon now! You can not like someone’s style, but you dont have to go there!!

master20 on

Beyonce is a hot mess!!!!!!! i guess anything strange is considered stylish these days! uuuggghh can’t stand her, only because her fans make her out to be Jesus!

J-- on

Im less than 160 lbs and 5’10” so stop saying stuff like that!
ITS RIDICULOUS, if you have a healthy BMI your good
your not only insulting Beyonce when you say shes fat, because there are ppl out there WAY BIGGER than she is so stop sounding so insecure!

Angel H on

I totally love Beyonce and the hair looks great, the shoes look great(even tho she has size 12 feet literally)despite the size of her feet they are fabolous. Now the dress; the dress itself is beautiful (except for the bird feathers or whatever the hell those are) but just not on her. Dont get me wrong Beyonce is a beautiful women with lots of curve ( theres nothing wrong with that) but this dress adds to her already shapely body. Its a little bit too much for TRL thats something she could wear maybe during a performance(minus the bird feathers) or somewhere else, but definetly not TRL. I love beyonce, shes my idol but this dress is a fashion DONT!!

char on

i like it its differnt and fair play to beyonce she in afraid to show of tht lovly figer of hers xxx

kimme on

What is that stuff in the back of her dress?

jenny on

I agree with some of the girl’s comments. I have a body like Beyonce’s as well, small waist, wide hips and butt and thighs, a 36-27-39 frame, and even though I must admit this dress isnt flattering it’s not because it makes things look bigger, because for all you little things out there, in case you didnt know, that’s what guys like. It’s simply because that dress wouldnt look good on anyone.

RU on


Diamond on

I think she looks pretty as always. I just wish i could find this ond dress she had on so i can get it made and wear for prom.


Beyonce looks so cute. If I could were that piece I would!!!! Adorable!!!

Junior on

ur the best lookin no matter wat

shannon on

I love it beyonce and i love you

alejandra on

I think the dress is pretty from the front but not from the back…i love the color and the heels match it well…i like her hair because it’s big like mine=] i love it beyonce

Denny A. on

i don’t care son i think beyonce is the hottest woman on the planet and any look would look good on her!

Nicole on

Beyonce will never go out of style…she looks great all the time even if the outfit is not pleasing.. she wears them like no other. She is beautiful, multitalented DIVA…anyone would love to meet her!! Love the BIG HAIR! Shes a trendsetter!! So don’t hate. Be respect with comments. **It’s just your opinion anyway** The front is cute but the back has too many feathers but nevertheless B looks great! We LOVE YOU B!!!!



X-maniac on

I think it’s a HOT MESS! the front has all these flaps and layers of fabric, and wait is that, is that some feathers in the back. ARE YOU SERIOUS! It looks like a prom nightmare! Did she sit on a bird and poot? And then the shoes. Why silver? I mean with all the money that i spent on all those CD’s with Destiny Child and these 2 Beyonce CD’s you couldn’t find anyb shoes to match the dress. She could of atleast taken some of those stupid feathers off and stuck them on the shoes.

I blame her mother for the dress. She made her wear it.


gilbert robinson on

i love this look at first i questioned it but now i see the shoes and the back and i love it…this is a creation to watch as well as her career

Isolde on

This dress is nice… But i think Beyonce is too fat for it. Sometimes she looks better than on this picture… I saw the picture of her without make up. OMG monster!!

F A Mo US * on

BEYONCE OWNS ! i love this dress it`s gorgeous she ` couldve dressed a little more casual since IT IS trl, but HEY WHO CARES ?!

MiLe on

i love beyonce and she looks amazing in everything she puts on …. beyonce u will be always in my heart:D

Khristine on

Don’t like the outfit, love her hair, and defenitly love her!!!!!!! Whoooooooooo! BEYONCE ROCKS!!!!!!!!1

fine lil shawty on

ive alwayz loved beyonce’s style its so urban n stupid fresh n always makes her luk fly but dis dnt do nutin for her

i aint no homo but her ass cute alri but it luks supa sized wit xtra fries n dis pic

her hair is very cute tho

kevina on

i love this dress i tink it is very creatative an differnt i think it suit beyonce. im workin towards becoming a colthes desginer and i have a whole protfoleier full of my dseinger and i have never seen anything like this.

Sam on

this dress is hot!!!
and her hair looks awesome as well..
the designer of this dress is known for these sorts of dresses, and this one is defintely one of her best i love it


Zara on

The dress would have looked sooo much better without the feathers in the back, however i see nothing wrong with her hair.

Caroline on

oh have mercy, she looks like a pecock!

renae on



Rachel on

It’s little too busy in the back side.

Rachel on

did she sit on a peacock or something?

abdikram khaliif on

She looks so good that my eyes became crying for hours and hours

mary on

bee looks stunnin ere
the dress is gorge
her hair is too
if anyone had the chance to look like that then u probably would take it!!!!!
anyone who agrres with me
say i agree and put a smiley face :)
any one who doesnt dont comment :/
bye bye

Rachel on

I think Beyonce always looks stunning,
the dress was ok but the only thing
i didn’t like about it was the feathers
in the back and hey after all Beyonce’s
been through so much she should deserve to dress
fabulous everyday

Dair on

I think she looks great as always. As far as the extra on her bottom…SHE’S BLACK. Black women have curves and big a$#es. Its natural for us and men love it, well black men atleast. That’s one of the reasons she is so admired today. Her body is beautiful.

latexgirl on

Beyonce is super cool and one of my most favorite singers in the industry. I have all the songs sung by her in my music collection. I love to listen her songs. She looks awesome in the beach wear,

nonya on

the dress is pretty, eveything is perfectly, if u have nothing better to say then keep ur negative points in ur head.if u wer in an afro and a outfit that is not eye-catching, u wouldn’t want to be online right now.

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