Is Pink The New Blonde? Rachel McAdams Thinks So

12/19/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

We’ve seen Rachel McAdams do chameleon-like transformations into a brunette in The Family Stone, a blonde in Mean Girls and a redhead in The Notebook. But at a recent event with Al Gore, she appeared with an even more unusual hair color — hot pink! As the actress is not currently filming, we can only assume that the punkish fuschia streaks are just for fun. (Wonder if boyfriend Ryan Gosling digs them too?) Tell us: What do you think of Rachel’s punkish pink hair? Would you dye your hair that color?

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Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage

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Shannon on

I hate it, it makes her look like she’s a rebellious teenager. But if that’s how she wants to express herself than whatever….

anon on

she is so gorgeous she can pull anything (even pink hair) off!

arty on

I absolutely love Rachel. A bit of an edgy look, but she does look sweet.

rocka on

Rachel can have any color hair she wants and still look beautiful. I love her! Personally, though, I like her as a brunette.

pinky on

i like it.i think people should think outside the usual hair color box if so to speak.i dyed my hair purple after really blond-platinum highlights and after a few washings it turned pink in some areas.its really funky and fun.u go girl

Zzzzz on

She looks good in all the colors and she’s one of my favorite celebrities. She’s basically the same age as people like Lindsay Lohan but has the common sense to not go clubbing every single night. I like the pink highlights, they’re snazzy.

Ashley on

She is so beautiful and usually looks so classy and lovely so I have to wonder what the HELL was she thinking? This is hideous!

Nina on

That girl can look good in anything.
But I wouldn’t try it, no way!



Sexy Mistress on

I think she looks gorgeous and she can pull off anything so let her. Personally I also like her as a brunette!!!
Lets Go Rachel!

Rebecca on

Love Rachel McAdams- she always looks pretty, even with the pink streaks. It’s a fun and funky look and I would try it if I had blonde hair and didn’t work in a corporate environment!

steph on

I think she looks silly. Still love her though.

p.s. Rachel is 30, not 20 like LL.

marla on

I love it. I think it’s super cute. It’s awesome that she is mixing up her look with a little pink for a while.

Bunky on

It makes her look more approachable. Though I don’t know if that’s what she was going for.

Jennifer on

She’s actually 30 so she really isn’t the same age as people like Lindsay Lohan. I think it looks good. It’s fun to experiment.

laura on

i love her. she’s private and exudes this sort of “calmness” about her. but she looks like she’s 15 and she’s going to a punk rock concert.

Molly on

I have to agree with the majority of comments here. I love Rachel and she always looks so nice….but this look is not cutting it!! I dont think this is going to last long so, I think a good rebellion is good for a short period of time. She looks so much better with natural hair color!!

Susan on

While I could never dye my hair pink, I think it looks fun on Rachel. Regardless of her hair color, I think she is a great actress and a beautiful woman. Why not be a little crazy every once in a while?

Misty on

She can pull anything off, she is a classic beauty.

Scarlett on

I love Rachel but this pink hair needs to go! She’s 30! This is only something that works on teenage rebels.

tracie on


Eli on

I like her a lot, but I don’t like her hair

RT on

If this is the “worst” thing she does to express herself, then I think that is great. She seems to have a level head on her shoulders and like Zzzzz said, she doesn’t go clubbing everynight. I love her movies.. she is a great actress!

julie on

i think it could look interesting if it wasn’t in chunks the way it is .. and i hope she has a good salon to go to (of course she does). when i was 16 i dyed my hair hot pink for a concert .. since my hair is blonde it soaked up the dye and wouldnt release it when it was supposed to wash out, so i had pink hair for 6 months instead of the 1 night for a concert that i wanted it for .. oops!

Linds on

She is so pretty, but this looks like that Spray-On hair color that football fans use to go tailgating.

Pam on

LOVE IT!! Why not have fun, it’s just hair. It’s not permanent like a tatoo, it looks like she’s having fun with herself in a healthy way, and not party-hopping like other younge celebs her age.

Cc on

She looks fab! Love it! Not many can pull that off, but she obviously can! Go girl…

Kari on

Love her, but not the hair!!

Becks on

I love it. I think it’s edgy and classy all at the same time. She looks beautiful!

Heather on

Rachel is a knock-out, and kudos to her for always appearing to be so well-balanced. That said, she simply looks better without the pink.

Jaymee MacKenzie on

As someone who has already had her hair hot pink for a coupe of months I love it. I have the pink underneath but it still comes through in a new way. It is starting to catch on more now however, being seen on Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls and the novelty is wearing off.

cate on

rachel mcadams is amazing. i love her. but i dont love the pink hair. i liked her best as a red head or with that honey brown color.

Maurine on

I have wanted pink hair for a long time, however, I don’t think it’d go over too well at work.

Alice on

Don’t really think she is the kind of person that can pull off pink hair but like someone else said, if this is how she expresses her rebellion instead of going out getting wasted with no underwear on, than more power to her. At least she mananges to be rebellious and classey.

Sheila on

She is a beutiful girl, but i dont think its a good look for her, that pink hair is so 1995!

Angie on

No matter what Rachel McAdams wears, or how she looks, she’s amazing! She’s beautiful anyway she looks!

krista on

Actually Rachel just turned 28, and if she wants an edgier look between films…….go for it!!

Beckie on

I lover her she is SO Pretty and the hair looks great. I mean she is one of the most prettiest women alive!

Jordy on

she can soo pull it off. i love it!

jennifer on

I live in Germany and here it’s totally acceptable to have bright pink, orange or red hair, or any other color.

I’ve known quite a few “older” women with pink hair and it usually looks great. You can’t put an age limit on style. If you’re 29 it’s OK, but if you’re 30 no way?? That makes no sense.

If it fits your style and taste, do it!!

Christine on

I love it! I had pink streaks in my hair before; they were a lot of fun… there’s nothing wrong with being unconventional – Hollywood’s got way too many bleached blondes as it is. I admire the creativity.

LKD on

I love her, but the hair not so much! Sometimes you just want to have fun and do something a little different and fun!

Beth on

Rachael McAdams is so cute, and a really talented actress. I think she just felt like messing around with her hair, do something really different.. I think we’ve all had moements like that where we needed a change. and she is still pretty, however, I will not be attemping this look!

Liesl on

I like it. But personally I would have done dark purple, LOL!

Elda on

It’s ok but i like her better in brunette, i saw her in the movie “Red Eye” and she looked beautiful in that movie! Darker hair brings more of her beauty out.

Christina on

The woman is almost 30… Come on now, it’s time to put the pink hair to rest… Not cute at all, or mature for that matter. I had green and teal hair when I was 15, ten years ago! Move on, new trend. Go brunette, she can pull it off!

Chrystal on

I love Rachel and I think she can dye her hair whatever color she wants:)

Letty on

I don’t like the pink hair on Rachel, she’s so pretty with the brunette or blonde look…

She looks like a punk rocker with the pink hair :(

KC on

Since when did being 30 mean that you can’t have fun and experiment with your look anymore? I think it is cure on her, and if she waited until she was 30 to dye her hair pink, who cares? Everyone goes through a fun, flirty stage at least once in their life! I say go for it, and have fun! I think it looks great!

PJM on

She’s too old for it

Leah on

I personally think it wasn’t an appropriate look for speaking with the former Vice President of the United Staes but whatever she likes I guess.

ashley on

well I actually think the pink would look better if it was all over, but this would not be my first choice of color. Shes always gorgeous!

mimmi on

I think it’s cool. I’m 37 and going to put pink streaks in my dark brown hair. It’s no one’s business but your own what you want to do and if others don’t like it too bad for them.

N. on

Okay people. IT’S HAIR!!! GET OVER IT! I am 37 and have 3 kids and have added pink streaks and pink chunks many times to my auburn hair. It’s fun and seriously no big deal. Rachel looks just fine.

sharon on

what a fun look for lighter colored hair! love it!

MO on

I dyed my hair pink once… when I was 14!!!

I think her pink hair looks stupid! She should immediately wash it out and try again! She looks like she just came back from the fair and paid $5 to get her hair spray painted.

Alicia on

Is there anything she can’t pull off? I hate to admit it but I think it looks really good. I could never wear pink hair but she seems to look amazing in any hair colour.

CeA on

I love her!!! She is still pretty. You go girl :)

Martine on

Awful, stick to one colour you will look much better, i never understood this look!! Skunk comes to mind, a bit like Nancy O Dell on access hollwood, not flattering

Lydia on

I don’t think that pink hair is for everyone but some ppl can pull it off and Rachel McAdams is one of those ppl.I love the hair color on her it looks cute. Its a girly punk kinda look. I love it!

Heather on

Love her! Hate the hair color. It distracts from her beauty. She should stick to a natural color.

les Talenteld on

ewww! yuck! she is a pretty girl and does not need pink hair to get noticed!

Sara on

Ilove Rachel McAdams and her hair in all of her movies and her pink hair now looks great. i love it!!!

Angela on


Shanna on

I think it looks beautiful.

isa on

love it, too cute

Crissy on

I think the looks awesome but she took it a little too far. I personally love to experiment but for her it looks to extreme. And by the way Rachel is NOT 30 so i think that shes so influencial and an amazing role model to people like me.

sam on

It’s not her best look, but it’s fun to try things like this once in a while. Oh and btw, I really liked her as a brunette ,with bangs. But she’s beautiful anyway.

Cheryl on

It looks stupid. Maybe if it was colored evenly it might look okay. She’s a little too old for this.

Jenny on

I love her hair! She is so Gorgeous that she can pull anyhting off, and she is an amazing actress, she is my favorite actress! And her and Ryan make such a cute couple!

marie on

i think it’s cute. she is so pretty no matter what she does to herself.


i think it looks cute and different, besides she is always have to change it for work , why not go crazy on the down time!

audrey on

does it really matter what it looks like? she is doing something for herself and taking a bold step at that and i give her major kudos for that. being an actress for a while she probably never got the chance to experiment like that.

Jill Lattanzi on

Of course I love it, I have two large streaks myself! And to all who don’t like it, loosen the heck up and step out of your comfort zone!



Melina on

I love Rachel and think she is very beautiful and sweet. I’m not to sure about the pink hair but I’m sure it won’t last to long. I think her and Ryan are the cutiest couple and wish them all the best.

keke on

you know when i first looked at the photo i thought it was the lighting and not that she actually dyed her hair…she is a gorgeous woman and of the many young starlets out she exudes a great level of class and respect for herself at all times, the hair may be edgy and very retro, but at least she is carrying it with dignity, which makes everything better…imagine britney with pink hair and her see through outfit again….what a mess!!!!!!

Alisha on

Rachel is so cute, she can pull of this look. We know in her different movie roles, she likes to change her hair color. If this makes her happy— than bravo!

emily on

she looks beautiful in any hair style…… even it being pink!!

Abby on

is it just me or dont you think shes joking? that hair style aint serious

Deepti on

wh wrote:

PJM | Dec 19, 2006 12:51:39 PM

She’s too old for it

she looks fab.

Jen on

I think it looks great on her. I couldn’t pull it off, but it looks good on her.

marie is in da house on

its okay but not horrible but maybe she should dye it black

Christy on

I don’t think it looks bad. But she defiantly does not pull it off. Herpersonal style is not punk, so she shoudl not dye her hair pink

franchesca on


pookie poo1 on

i hate pink hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love pookies!!!!!!!!!!!peace

Annie on

She is gorgeous – I love her ! The pink is a NO – no .

night on

Looks like she is having some fun.

jessica on

She looks great, but I prefer her as a blonde or brunette

grace on

i think she looks getto and extremely ugly,she doesn’t look like celebrity people.

grace on

i think she looks getto and extremely ugly,she doesn’t look like celebrity people.

Mollysemanian on

Well, at least she’s not running around flashing her crotch like some other people in the news. That’s the best thing you can say about this pic.

Kiki on

Pretty cool, but I would like it better if the highlights were purple and the rest of her hair was brunette (my favorite color on her).

Christlynn on

She is simply beautiful and her hair color, no matter what it is doesn’t change that!!

colleen on

i lover her and to be onest i didnt no she did this but wen i did i smiled cause i just got it done 2 days ago and didnt like it cause it wasnt waht i asked for but now am feeling better bout it .

andrea on

she looks like a punk rocker without flowers in her hair … she is prettier with her natural hair color.

Abby on

OH NO! What happened? I have always thought of her as sort of the elegant type. Now she is a punk rocker? This look worked on Pink but it is not working for me.

rachel on

i have pink streaks through my black hair it looks totally awesome

Diana on

I LOVE Rachel and i think it looks awesome! She really can pull off anything.

MollyAnn on

My sister does hair and I have finally talked her into giving me some pink high lights so I love it. The roots need a touch up but other than that there really pretty.

idna meek on

oh. my. GOD. I actually like it!! It looks snappy, rebellious, but with a hint of style. Rachel looks so sweet, she can pull most of it off. Personally, I think she looked best as a redhead.

Rachel on

Hate it!!! Love her. She is an amazing actress,she can make one fashion mistake.

nisha on

ewww i dont like it at all she does look like a teenager

ASH on


Glenys on

Maybe it was Halloween? :)
She’d look cute with any colour hair, but I think if she likes pink, she try a shade of strawberry blonde instead.



Lizz on

If my boss wouldn’t fire me, I would die my hair pink any day! And she looks hot.

Nunya on

I was out at a bar drunk and I woke up like this. Couldn’t get the rest of whatever this pink stuff is out of my hair.

Melanie on

I think that if Rachel wants to add pink into her hair, than go for it! It is ONLY haircolor….it isn’t permanant. The only thing ever permanant you can do to your hair is cut it off. Let her have some fun. I’m 32 and a mother of 3 and play around with different colors in my hair. It is all just for fun. Live how you feel, not how people feel you should just because of your age.

rachel on

1 word UGLY!!!

natalie on

LUV IT !!!!!

Karen Tulk on

No, No, No! Ok, I am asking again, why can’t famous people hire stylists?????? She lookes so pretty in Mean Girls. Why doesn’t she just stick to blonde


She has the courage to try new things all the time
It doesnt matter what colour her hair is or what
she’s wearing, she looks
great in whatever she does.
Even if she goes bald she’ll still
be as cute as ever.







La La on

It’s a bit of a suddne change but hey, Rachel is a doll and you have to love her!

irene on

she should have dyed the rest a lot whiter blonde

then it would have been a lot cooler!!!!!!!!

shaddy on

i personally dont like it but i guess its sumthin different rite? different is always good…

SHERi on

I am soooooo not feeling it but I’m not the one who has to wear it (thank God).

tasha on

I love it …. I think it looks best because it is her being who she wants to be …. Different is IN …

elle on

I think she looks good in anything and it doesn’t make her look stupid at all!

Nicole on

I think that it is ugly, she could pull it off for a week but washout would definitly be the way to go. it looks like she did it in the dark by herself

mallory on

i never thought id see the day that
lyndsay would be sober
britney and paris would pair up
or that Rachel McAdams would dye her hair pink
needless to say, it’s a disaster.
and i always thought she was so stylish
way to let us down Rach…



jackie on

I would never think she would do something like this to her hair, but i like it cuz i’ve dyed the underneath part of my hair bright pink like this before and as a matter of fact right now the underneath is like a bright red (first bleached then fiery red color on top) and i’m not a punk. But she looks so pretty otherwise and i think it’s kinda cool she did this like lindsay and paris are so into their looks and afraid of criticism that they’ll never do such a thing, but she seems more kick back and relaxed and doesn’t care what the press or anyone says about her and shes just being herself in the moment and i like that.

Reeta on

I love it!!!

Ian on

I love it I would dye my hair pink in a second

Lovin' my Ragin' red locks on

Since when did self expression have an expiry date? I just had bright red highlights put in my hair…no,they aren’t chunky like Rachel’s but they are as bright as a crayola crayon and cover a hell of a lot more area. I love them and I dare anyone to tell me that I don’t look smokin’!
According to a lot of you I’m an old fart at 31 years old and maybe ought to have opted for grey lights instead!
I feel for ye who judge the fun lovin’ people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and not look like everyone else!

Montana on

I hate the hair but i love the person! she is awesome!

Erin on

i think that Rachel looks great! she’s the type of person that can pull of almost anything.

Blondey on

Im blonde and i have pink streaks n my hair ( btw pink is my fav colour!), but they are underneath and all my friends love it! even my managers at work tell me to keep it! They say it’s like my own lil unique thing. I say if she wants pink, do it!! you only live once n especially if ur an arty person u can get away with it!

Katie on

never better!i adore her whatever she wears

Jaime on

I hated them at first but they add a little edge to her sweet look and she can pull them off.
i liked her best as a redhead but i like this to
Rock on Rachel

Victor on

Rachel could dye her hair battle ship gray and dress in a potato sack and she would still be drop dead gorgeous. I love you Rachel!!

lynn on

I think someone may be feling a little anxiety over turning 30 and is trying to act like a teenager. But I still love her.

nicole on

i love it!! she looks great and i am glad to see a change in hair color

Ashley on

I think Rachel McAdams is one of the hottest gals in Hollywood. I think if pink gives her a little spice and she knows what to wear with it, she will still be beautiful.

Carly on

it really depends on how you put the pink and hers looks almost like an accident! it looks like mess, its gross.

annie on


Brian on

I like it,she’s trying to get attenation and it working.It got mine!

tiara on

um, actually she’s 30. NOT close to lindsay lohans age, like someone else said!

alesandra on

Does she know that she didn’t star in the movie ‘Pieces of April’ …i think she needs to get it looks horrible…

Erin on

Holy cow! Rachel looks amazing in anything! I think her pink hair is a brave move, and hey, she can pull it off! Rachel is my role model and I suport any deciscion she makes! She is a great girl and realy keeps herself up well! I love you Rachel!

me on

So what’s the big deal? Who hasn’t had pink streaks at some time? People are acting like it is shocking. Of course, I had pink in the 80’s, but then, she wasn’t born yet, so you can’t hold that against her! Love her!

Alice D on

i happen to dig it =o]

Marina on

I love Rachel, she’s so gorgeous, her beauty is so different to any other hollywood star, she’s unique, she could even have blue hair, and still look amazing. I’m sure ryan doesn’t care about her hair color, beacause he’s got the most beatiful woman in hollywood…

Calicraw on

Some Canadians show their support for a Cancer research project by dying their hair pink every year for an event called the St.Valentines Hair Massacre, which they shave off (bald) on Valentines Day. It raises money for Cancer research. Those who wish to show their support put pink streaks in their hair. Rachel is Canadian, maybe she’s showing her support for the good cause.

Nicole on


Katy on

I love it! She looks gorgeous and I would definitely try it

Kelsey on

I love Rachel McAdams! Shes the greatest! I think the pink streaks looks really cute on her. I think she looks beautiful no matter what her hair colour is; they suit her.

Kelsey on

I love Rachel McAdams, she is a wonderful actress and a great person. I think she looks beautiful no matter what hair colour she has…she can pull anything off and look great!

jamie on

i think that she looks good in anything, since i got used to the pink hair after 2 seconds. it looks cool.

Cara on

Okay, I’m tired of all the people arguing over Rachel’s age. She IS 30! Her DOB is October 7, 1976. Which means she turned 30 in October! Ugh! She will be 31 this year. Perhaps you all are getting her age mixed with Ryan’s? He’s 27… She can do whatever she damn well pleases with her hair! She’s a grown woman, and in a month, it will be a different color. :) Cuz that’s Rachel, and she likes to color her hair. I also agree with the person who said they liked her best as a redhead in The Notebook. LOVELY color on her!

Jes on

She’s beautiful no matter what. When she starts shaving her head is when you cross the line…

Charlotte on

I don’t think it suits her. Rachel is cute and elegant, and pink hair doesn’t flatter her.

Jennifer Sanchez on

She looks like a teenager in this photo. She is such a beautiful girl and she should show it.

joelle on

Looks like Halloween to me. But she is beautiful anyway.

Kristen on

Hey, Rachel! 1999 called. It wants its hair trend back.

Fellow London/St. Thomas Native on

Her hair is not age appropriate at all, but like everybody else who has commented she is my favourite actress and is the one celebrity I admire. I hope she decides to go brown/red soon and move on from this pink phase.

Nora on

Rachel Adams is a true fashionista! She rocks the pink hair and is even MORE adorable with it!!

Jamie on

She is gorgeous…no matter what! She is my favorite actress!!….BTW…she isn’t 20 or 30…she is 28!

Joyce on

She can do whatever she wants. She is her own person and I like that. By the way, whoever said the she is the same age as Lindsay Lohan is seriously mistaken. She is 28 years old. Know your facts before you post stuff. She looks beautiful with the pink hair, and the fact that she has the guts to express herself is more than I can say for myself. (Though I dont think the military would approve of pink hair… :))

ABon on

i love it.
im dying my hair pink.
people need to lighten up if you don’t like it
because it’s awesome!

Jennifer on

I really love it and i think i wanna try it out bcuz it looks soo kool

Deanna on

She should have used Atomic Pink.
it would be brighter and last longer.

megan on

Wow I love this – this is absolutely amazing! Who cares if she’s thirty-some years old? Dying hair unnatural colours has nothing to do with wanting to be a rebellious teenager. It’s just something people do – for myself, it’s a hobby, and to me, it’s no different than collecting stamps or knitting. I love having different coloured hair, no matter what the closed-minded people think of me. So Rachel, rock on girlfriend!

p.s. Deanna, I agree – SFX:AP would’ve TOTALLY been brighter.

Lo on

I love it! i mean i have blonde hair and i dyed it pink i i think it rules!! nothing wrong with it

Zeeshan on

Amazing……I like her a lot and she is one of the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.

carly on

i would like it better if her hair was brown with it…..she is gorgeous but i don’t love the pink with the blonde……..

sjl on

get over it i think people who point fingers should be checking themselves out.

most will find they should keep their yaps shut.
(along with staying indoors so no one can see them.)

Meredith on

I love how she changes her look so often. I loove the pink hair especially. It proves that just because someone has pink hair, doesn’t mean they’re a freak.

chelsea on

its just another color, whether society approves or not, it looks great and i love the fact that shes making a statement.

Tanya on

My hair IS that color! :]

SANDY!!! on

i really liked it! soo all of you people that didn`t , to bad for you ;D GOO PINK <3<3<3<3<3<3 yay yay yay yay!!

electric on

I personaly think pink hair is awsome …..this shows that she has the balls and the self-confidance to do whatever she wants. alot of people should be more open minded. she can look punky if she wants to but if u were the hair the right way it could look funky and glamour

S S on

i think she looks awesome.
Pink is cool ;]

lvhandbags on

kdsfg on

fdfsgs on

Angel Baker on

don’t you just love the eyes of Rachel McAdams? she has some pretty eyes..”.

Ellie Hughes on

what i love about Rachel McAdams is her eyes and lips, she does look gorgeous.*,.

Natural Treatments : on

Rachel McAdams’s dimples are so adorable and cute, she really have that killer smile`-`

Beard Trimmer on

when it comes to beautiful smile and beautiful teeth, Rachel McAdams have it all -,~

Elle martins on

I have had pastel punk in my blonde hair for the last two years.I absolutely live it!and believe it or not I do get many compliments.I agree pink is the new blond

nba on

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