Dogs In Strollers? Tori Spelling Practices On Her Pooch

12/19/2006 at 02:00 PM ET

We’ve seen Tori switch up her maternity style from hippy to vampy, but now she’s testing out baby-like accessories — this time, taking her dog out for a spin in a stroller! While out walking with husband Dean McDermott and two other pooches (who walked on the ground), Tori pushed her pug Mimi La Rue in a mesh-sided stroller. Is the pug too pooped to trot or is Tori feeling out what being a mommy is like? Guess she’ll find out soon enough when her baby boy arrives in the new year.

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Photo: Flynet

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Sher on

It looks as if Mimi could benefit from some walking. Poor dog is quite overweight. Tori needs to save the stroller for the baby-to-be and give the pooch some much needed exercise.

J. on

I think the whole dog stroller is a tad silly, aren’t walks for exercise?…but I must say that this is Tori’s best maternity look yet. Very normal, and comfortable. I hope to see her like this more.

Daneyell on

Poor Mimi does need some exercise…badly! But I

LKD on

Ok this makes no sense!!! I could see if it was a cat, but hello your are supposed to take your dogs for walks so they get exercise!!

Bunky on

You can tell by this Pug’s white, droopy face that she’s at the age where she’d rather watch the scenery go by than have to power herself forward. Good for Tori for entertaining Mimi without straining her. She certainly doesn’t look like she’s itching to get out of there.

Giving your dog a last name, however, is something we should talk about.

Niko on

Tori has looked really pretty lately. She looks calm, relaxed and happy. Good for her.

pepperjack on

ridiculous. wait for the baby & let puppy-doo walk of some of that kibble.

amy on


Cathy on

I think that it is cute. She really loves her dog. . .and I think that she will be a great mom. I feel bad for her not having her mom there for her at this time. Best of luck to her and Dean and there little baby boy.

Rebecca on

Tori has been quoted as saying that Mimi has bad hips… She is not practicing for her baby!

j on

i LOVE this. i have a pug myself who loves to walk, but mimi isn’t a puppy anymore. it’s CUTE people! dogs are members of the family as well. go tori, go mimi! :)

yen on



CeA on

ummm.. is Mimi’s foot broke?? No… it’s another Hollywood thing that everybody will start doing now,, Way to go Tori!!!

CR on

That’s stupid!

LeeAnne on

NEWS FLASH- I have a 10 year old pug with severe arthritis in his hips and he cannot walk more than a half mile or so without being in pain. I just saw on another website that Tori was quoted as saying that Mimi LaRue has bad hips. She babies that dog, and has done a LOT for animal rights charities. I don’t particularly like Tori Spelling, but she is a HUGE animal rights activist…so instead of criticizing her, let’s commend her!!

Mrs.Borrego on

I have to say this picture is silly. Why would you be strolling around your dog in your soon to be born baby’s stroller? Disgusting to me.

Rue on

It’s not the baby’s stroller, it’s a stroller made specifically for dogs. The dog can’t walk that far, I think it’s great that Tori takes her out and gets her some fresh air and entertainment.

CeA on

OKAY,, then if Mimi does have bad hips every bump the stroller goes over the dog feels it and probally hurts the dog!!! Also, I am a Nurse and I’m not saying people are dogs but lets face it scientists insist that the human body is alot like dogs and cats , and I know my patients who have arthritis and bad hips rather stay put and not be jolted around….give Mimi some fresh air yeah ,, but not in a stroller..

Elda on

I bet that puppy is so spoiled, i love it!! Soooo Cute!!!

Melissa on

I like the idea of a doggie stroller and that its a good idea for dogs who can’t walk far. I would i love to buy one for my one dog who is blind and can’t get out of the house that much. Good for Tori for giving Mimi a chance to get out of the house.

Heather on

I love the idea of the puppy stroller! As long as the dog is getting the amount of exercise he needs, there is no reason why he shouldn’t get a ride every now and then.

Plus, it really is convenient for times when the dog is better off confined to the stroller. I’d rather that than risk the puppy getting stepped on…Or having to carry him the rest of the day, after he gets tired…

LeeAnne on Tori is a HUGE supporter of animal rights and this organization…let’s take a look at the positive things she does!!

KDB on

We happen to own a dog stroller for our Teddy Bear puppy. It is great when you are in crowded areas. It prevents the leash from getting tangled in other people and it prevents her from stepping or eating anything bad on the ground. Plus you would be surprised at how many people just think how adorable and practical it is. You are allowed to take your puppy many more places with you by them being surrounded by mesh. They are welcome in most places as long as food is not being served. Again, we believe it has been a great purchase!

A on

This is a cute idea. I have a pug and they don’t like long walks. If you absolutely want your puggie with you on your walk, why not put him in a stroller? And for whoever thought it was her future-baby’s stroller…c’mon! She’s Tori bloody Spelling. I’m sure she can afford a second stroller…

Annie on

Seriously, Tori, dogs are meant to be walked, not pushed in a stroller!!

amber on

I love the stroller, i think its so cute, if i had a little dog i would buy it one too!

Sarah on

I think this idea is yet another way of wasting money that could be put to much better use elsewhere. If we were to take a look at what’s going on in our world these days, I’m sure we could come up with many ways to do just that.

wildflower on

If it is true that the dog has bad hips, I think it is great. The dog needs fresh air even if it isn’t up to walking by itself.

As for Tori, I think she looks great.

Lizzie on

I find it extremely cute that her dog has it’s own stroller. Her dog is probably older, or maybe it has a health problem or something so don’t be so quick to pass judgement! I love Tori’s outfit too!

Shar on

This is not a bad idea. Perhaps, the exercise is for Tori and not Mimi. It gives them a bit of bonding time…and the dog may be less jealous of the baby in the long run. My goodness! There are a lot worse things than this. Lighten up…and Happy Holidays, everyone!

sharon on

too cute!!! my dog is aging, it looks like Tori’s dog is too, and I think he would enjoy a spin around the block in his own stroller.

Kate on

I think it’s great that Tori is getting her little angel out of the house any way she can, especially if Miss Mimi La Rue has hip problems and is aging (like my own Pug). Pugs have other issues such as blindness and back probelms which can prevent them walking on their own but they should still be able to enjoy going for a walk even if its assisted! Good for Tori! She looks great!

night on

Hey, I never thought I’d say it…but Tori looks GREAT!! No cleavage…no bizzare clothing…just a normal looking woman walking her dog…she looks wonderful.

Ang on

god, u can really tell who reads the other posts before commenting and who doesn’t….

steph on

no wonder the dog’s so fat!

Beth on

I agree that dog stroller is a good idea if you are going somewhere that doesn’t really allow animals – like the mall, or a store, but they were out taking their DOGS for a WALK… probably in their own neighborhood, so why that little pug is taking a ride rather than exercising is a mystery to me!!

Debbie on

For all the people saying that the pug needs exercise then you don’t know pug dogs! I have 3 and my one pug has a luxating patella. They need tender loving care and mimi larue is older as you can see by the gray face. it is great that Tori is caring for her and using the stroller – the dog definitely looks like she is enjoying it! Go Tori!

Leslee on

My brother has a pug and he is horrible on a leash almost to the point that he is a danger to himself. I think the dog stroller is a good, safe idea so at least the dog can get out.



camille on

at least shes trying thats more then britney can say

Sammy on

What a cute pic! Tori looks great and Mimi look comfy. What a cute pet stroller. I have one for my cat and he loves to go for walks in it. There are actually a lot of pet stroller models on the market right now. If your interested check them out on!

Ang on

tori was recently mentioned as 1 of world’s best celeb dog owners, so she must be doin’ something right!

LG on

my goodness! let the dog walk!

O'Wryly on

It’s a sad state of affairs when someone spends more quality time with their dog than with their children {achtung, Britney!}. This dog – Mimi, that is – doesn’t look like she’s capable of walking across a room much less around the block. At least she’s getting fresh air. I have a 27 lb. Maine Coon cat that lives for his afternoon forays on harness/leash. He would never deign to ride in a stroller – he would be deeply affronted. You just can’t stop and sniff every blade of grass or errant insect that way, you know! Leave that to the vapid poodles, pugs, and chihuahuas of the world.

Haley on

Give me a freaking break. Unless she’s practicing for motherhood, this is really pathetic. At least let your poor dog out to get some exercise, don’t put it in a stroller like a freak! Duh.

Augie at Just Pet Strollers on

The amount of criticism of Tori is really unwarranted. Pet strollers can be a really great idea for some people and some pets. It’s been reported that Mimi is having hip issues, and I think it’s great she spending time with her pooch rather than leaving her at home. Pet strollers are also great for older pets, trips to the vet, and taking pets places where they might not be welcome to run loose (such as cafes or festivals). So long as Tori and Mimi are happy with the dog stroller, that’s all that matters.

Ang on

grow up haley-mimi has BAD HIPS. and grow a brain and some eyes too and read the comments before yours other YOU look like a freak, not tori.

Haley on

Ang~ Yeah, it sounds like someone needs to grow up, and I don’t think it’s me. As I see it, the comment “before mine” was on the same side as I was! So who is the idiot now? Hmmm? While you’re at it, learn how to correctly put sentences together. Loser.

Reggie on

Ang, you’re just one of those people who needs to talk cr@p to everyone else. Get a life.

Ang on

if ur pet is merely fat, then yeah, let him or her walk, but injury is another issue. it could have been a long walk, we don’t know. but mimi does walk-a lot. she just might have been sore that day or something or not feeling well. and as for my internet shorthand, it’s very common and i’m not ashamed 2 use it! (and i have seen much worse). i’m sorry i called u a freak haley, i shouldn’t have, but i have seen soooooooo many people who diss tori then u try and explain why she’s doing something and people still don’t want to listen and it drives me nuts. celebs like to spoil their pets sometimes and have the money to do it so why not? i wish i could have gotten my cat something nicer for christmas, but i couldn’t afford to.have a nice christmas anyway haley, u too reggie.

for anyone who DOES like tori, please check out my new board:

(and Augie, I have linked to JPS in 1 thread so I hope that helps your business =) )

lacy on

i think that the doggy stroller is cute


I super adore the doggy stroller, its super confortable if you have a puppy that wont cooperate with you while going on the usual walk in the mall or where ever!! I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!

elle on

I have 2 admit that’s pretty weird

chas on

Being a pug owner I know they cannot do too much exercising and are prone to illnesses due to the weather, overexerting themsleves, etc. The stroller is a great idea. Especially for a pug.

rachel b. on

it’s cute and she is getting ready to be a “mama” and practicing on her dog in a stroller instead of a fake baby.

Rio on

Holy Moly! I bet that dog is FAT!!

Lea Go on


As what i read on this posted article, i found out the informativeness of this
kind of topic. For that reason i opened up an idea and some knowledge in this
field. well, you made just did a great job..more power!

Lea Go
Pet Strollers

Carol Jaskulski on

I agree with dogs needing walks, but the stroller is ideal for certain occasions. Flea Markets, malls, injured dogs, and the elderly.

Melanie on

Since dogs cannot tell you how much pain they our in!!! Thank you Tori..If that was your child you would make sure he or she was in a stroller.and not in pain!!! you go girl..You going to make a Great Mom!!!

Caroline on

so much for “walking the dog.”

Cindi on

HI, I understand that it looks dumb to walk your dog. When I adopted my black pug I did not know the danger of walking him too much in the summer heat. He could actually drop dead after walking too much in the heat. It may not be too hot for me but it is for him.
My dog is not overweight so he has a better chance
but if I have to I wlll walk him in a stroller, what I do is let him walk for 15 (the max) then I get to walk as much as I need, it is better than leaving him at home while I go walking.
So we may look silly but it is better thn leaving them home alone.

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