Mini Skirts: How Short Would You Go?

12/13/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

We’ve seen some alarmingly short skirts lately — skirts so short that they make raising your hands above your head a big no-no! But some people, like Katharine McPhee at the Billboard music awards, seem to pull it off without worry. Nicky Hilton opts for a safer, mid-thigh length in Miami, while Jessica Biel cuts it off just above her knee in this one-shouldered number. Now it’s your turn. Tell us: How short should mini-skirts go?

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Photo: AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN; Gustavo Caballero/Getty; Michael Buckner/Getty

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Schotts on

Katharine is such a star. She looks the best of the three.

O'Wryly on

Why is it that most women that wear minis have thighs the size of giant sequoias?! The look only works well if you’re young, thin, and leggy. Otherwise, have a wee bit of class/style and keep it just above the knee. This way the general population won’t be subjected to your personal preference in undergarments or lack thereof.

Traci on

If I had legs like that I’d go the Katharine McPhee route!

Nicky on

It depends on the occasion how short your skirt should go.

but there are definite limits
when you bend over, or sit down, or lean over, your skirt shouldn’t show your business.

When standing your skirt shouldnt be higher than your BUTT!

What Miss McPhee is wearing is appropriate for an event like Billboard Music Awards. skirts should be FUN and Sexy
and NEVER Trashy! Katharine McPhee pulls it Off just Fine!
she looks Hip, Trendy and Fresh!

She sort of reminds me of a Young Catherine Zeta Jones!

I don’t really like what Nicky Hilton or Jessica Biel is wearing because it’s not very flattering to their figure.
It does Nothing for them.

Nicky Hilton’s outfit looks too baggy and she looks like she’s wearing something that you wear when you go to sleep.

and the Draping of Jessica Biel’s dress is awful!
She has a Banging BODY! but she ends up looking Lumpy and Frumpy in it!
Tsk! they should take style cues from te Youn Un’ Miss McPhee!

Queena on

I actually think that it’s a nice change to be able to pull off a miniskirt in a classy manner. Jessica Biel’s length is also good, but hers and Nicky Hilton’s dress look nowhere near as attractive compared to Katharine McPhee’s. I’d personally be more concerned about the overall design and style than worry about the length.

BR on

why do we have to come so close to seeing their cootchies?
In hollywood they either have no clothes on at all or they dress like they are homeless and have to wear all their clothes at the same time.
Mid thigh is ok anything higher than that is offensive. no matter what you look like.
People talk about girls wanting to starve themselves and be thin at all costs and the people that make comments on here are outraged, why can’t they just be happy.
the 3 women pictured above I am sure are very thin in person, thinner than the average person and someone commented their thighs are as big as sequoias, hmmmmmm maybe that is one reason girls are getting sick.

Heather on

Actually, if you look at the pic of Jessica’s dress in the little black dress section, it’s the same one and she looks stunning. But I agree, this photo is not the best! Good to know even beautiful women can take bad photos!!

Floret on

I’d totally go with Katherine’s!! that girl is beautiful.. she can wear anything she wants!

Charles on

As a middle-aged man I personally never go above mid-thigh with my skirts.

McPhee looks great, as usual, and the other two are in serious need a fashion intervention!

The one in the middle looks like a black hospital gown with football laces up the front.

And the one on the right would look great as a strapless but that sash across the shoulder simply does not work…Ms Biel is beautiful.

Jessy on

Nicky’s looks like a maternity dress, and Jessica’s just looks strange.

Katharine could wear a grocery bag and look good.

fourwallsandnoyou on

McPHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Debra on

Nicky looks pretty drab and doesn’t belong there with the other two. Jessica looks great, and Katharine McPhee looks AWESOME!! At times on American Idol, she seemed to either be too conservative and embarrassed about her body, or slightly too daring (yellow dress). She has now managed to find the perfect balance and is dressing SPOT ON for each occasion. Way to go, Kat!

Sian Remi on

Katherine’s dress is a bit trashy to me. The plunging neckline and mega-short skirt are overkill.

abc123 on

If one could pull it off without overly exposing themselves (and it’s flattering to the body), then go for it!

j on

knee length for me, but it just depends on what the individual is personally comfortable with and knows what looks best on HER…

Maggie on

I’ve never really been a fan of hers. It seems to me that she is always act like she’s “all that”, when she isn’t. I believe her choice of clothing is more of a shout to “look at me” rather than just trying to look good.

Kate on

Katharine definitely looks AMAZING in hers… not to mention her fun spirit is radiating through. That girl is going to be a big star. The others don’t look bad, but they look semi frumpy.

Alicia on

Giant sequoias!??!!! Where?

emma on

Who is Katharine McPhee? Another wannabee celeb…The other two look great!

Paige on

My first thought when I saw McPhee– stripper!!!
Nicky’s outfit is a little baggy, but I think it looks cute on her!
Jessica’s dress is adorable! She can pull anything off! It’s a little hard to see her figure because the background is black as well, but it looks like there is a little roushing (sp?) around the waist– which might cover a little of her figure but it’s still flattering without being OVEREXPOSED.

Janessa on

Jessica Biel is beautiful but that’s not the best dress. The length is fine, it’s the one shouldered thing I don’t like. Katharine McPhee looks absolutely amazing.

Karen on

O’Wryly, are you insane? While I admit that the dress is a bit trashy because of the plunging neck line, Katherine does not have big legs. It’s comments like that that turn girls into twigs like Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie. You probably think they have great legs. Now with that off my chest, I think that if you have good legs, you can wear short dresses and skirts, but don’t go for the plunging neck line or anything else too revealing. It just looks like you are trying too hard, and it comes off trashy looking.

suzanne on

Jessica Biel looks classy. Nicki is ok, almost too thin. Katharine I don’t know who she is but her skirt is too short.

Elda on

They all look beautiful but Jessica out beats all of them! She’s more than beautiful!!

Amy on

Are they wearing panties?!!? Thats all i care about. Katharine is looking very stunning these days. Classy not trashy! I don’t think she looks trashy at all. Type in ‘Britney Spears’ and then you will see the definition of trashy.

sharon on

too short for me but Katherine is young and her body is good enough for this dress. glad we weren’t subjected to her bending over, tho. why does Nicky Hilton look so thin?

Angie on

I love the dress Katherine is wearing! It suits her body type and her age, but doesn’t cross the line. I’d wear that anyday! The other 2 dresses are nice, too. I like Katherine’s the best, though!

jess on

Reading through these comments, it’s obvious that the american idol fans are trying to bombard yet another board. It’s always so obvious since the general public has no idea who Mcphee is. She’s a joke outside of american idol. But on topic I say Jessica looks the best. She is pure class, not imitation.

me on

O’Wryly are u on crack? giant thighs? where… were you accidently looking at a pic of yourself with a mini on? I think McPhee’s skirt is a bit short, but it does not look bad on her. If I had a body and legs like that, I’d be flaunting my stuff all the time!

laura on

no. only because my legs are so long it will look like i’m wearing barbie’s clothes.

Jane on

I agree with some of the others. It completely depends on the age and the occasion. Being young and wearing a super-short dress to a music awards show is one thing. Wearing that same dress to meet the President of the United States or your boyfriend’s mother? Probably not.

stevie on

Age has a lot to do with it. I don’t care how hot someone is, if you’re over 30 keep it to just above the knee; if you must wear mid thigh wear opaque tights. Otherwise you’ll look like you’re trying to hard to still be in your 20s. And the 30s are fabulous!

Jen on

Katharine looks great, she’s young and has a great figure, so she can pull it off. SOmeone above said she looks liek a young Catherine Zeta Jones, which I can totally see!



caro on

i worn shorter

Rebecca on

If I had legs like Katharine McPhee’s, heck yeah, I’d wear a skirt that short! She looks fabulous. Personally, I don’t wear skirts much at all, and only long. I’m no prude, but my legs are not all that pretty. Katherine’s dress is a little low cut, but she’s not overexposed- the drapey top compensates.

Kayla on

Katharine looks amazing. Really I feel bad for any other woman pictured next to her. She just shines. Beautiful.

angela on

If I had legs like a chicken too.

sierra on

I think that Jessica Biel looks the best. Nicky Hilton is too thin lately. I don’t know the other person but I read through the posts and gather she was on American Idol. I’m not too familiar with the show, but her skirt is a tad too short for my taste.

andrea on

i like the length of jessica’s better. nicky’s dress makes her figure resemble that of a pencil. it hides any curves she may have. it’s just a sad excuse for a dress. katharine looks like a prostitute in that dress. hideous. you know people can see straight up her skirt when she sits. not very attractive.

Jen on

I think they all look great!! I personally wear a skirt that short because I don’t have the body to pull it off.

!! on

McPhee should invest in a longer dress or she is going to pull a britney!!!

enigma on

When I was McPhee’s age I was wearing sexy clothing all the time! McPhee is very pretty!
The point of this type of dress, is to show off what you’ve got, how you carry yourself in a revealing dress, and to see how many guys find you sexy and want your #!
Nicky is not pretty, the only reason why she ever gets photographed is because she’s Paris’ sister!
And, Jessica’s dress……..I am sorry but, it’s not THAT short it’s just above her knees and it looks annoying to wear!

And……….Where are the “Gaint Sequoias O’Wryly?”
I know they are big trees in California.

Amber on

I’d go to about knee length therefore I’d have not much to worry about my panties showing when I sit… Jesica Biel looks the most classy out of the three.

ashley on

Katharine’s dress looks like it came from 541 or Rave. You can be young, have a hott body, and still dress in fabulous clothes.

Colette on

I go mid-thigh with my miniskirts. I really don’t think any of them are doing it right. When wearing a miniskirt the legs should be the main focus.

Christine on

I think all three of the girls look fine although I’m not too fond of Nicky Hilton’s dress. And in response to O’Wryly’s comment about Kat’s legs being the “size of sequioas”, it’s because of people like YOU that so many girls have eating disorders. Katherine has a great body!

Nicola on

Kat’s is much too short. This look is sleezy, Jessical Biel looks classy and has a classy attitude too !!

Shannon on

Personally, Katharine’s dress looks downright trashy. And there’s nothing spectacular about her legs to be wearing a skirt that short, either. Plus, this photo captures a really idiotic-looking facial expression for her. *Shudders*

Erin on

okokok mini skirts are wayyyy hott no biggie i would wear them anyday if i could i would wear mine every single day soo quit complaining bout it

kep on

American Idol fans all need to grow up, people can find her attractive and even know who she is without watching the show. I see posts like the ones here everytime this girl appears anywhere. And then people wonder why the show isn’t taken seriously. Oh well it would appear Katharine is beyond all that now.

btw she looks great, all of them do

daniel on

well im 33 and have been wearing skirts for 26 years and i say if u got the body and legs for a short skirt then y not wear it?…i love my skirts short….

Jake on

I think Katharine looks great. She can pull off sexy without looking trashy: few can do it! Shes going to be a star, and I hope she has a great career.

David on

c’mon, Katharine is obviously the best looking out of these three. She has so much star factors and that dress is HOT
btw her new single is amazing as hell, I Lost You/Dangerous really nice, can’t wait for the whole new album!

Rafaela Nunes on

DAMN, If I was as hot as Katharine McPhee I would walk around naked all the time. Saying this, I love what she is wearing (In awards like Bilboard and MTV it’s okay to use short skirts… and hell if I had great legs like her I would expose it time from time) as well Jessica Biel. Nikki is the only one I really didn’t like it. It’s not flattering.

KAT on


kate on

katharineĀ“s dress looks perfect! I want the same..

Palmyra Mattner on

I absolutely adore what Katherine is wearing.
So what if the dress is short!
Its so cute!
PS:Jessica Biel’s dress is not short!!!!

Ainsley on

I don’t know what all of youa re thinking. Nicky looks the best by far. Her dress is super fashionable. Jessica’s dress is great too. Katherine: looks slutty and trying WAY too hard.

brett504 on

How High should a mini skit be? Well that depends on who great legs one has and how old one is. Its ok if the gal has great legs, but some of these actress should not wear them there legs are terrible.
In fact some of these actress I wonder who dressess them they look terrible in some of these outfits.

Janie on

Katherine McPhee is a baby star but will be a big star one day soon–she has an amazing voice. As for her dress, it’s the perfect length for her pretty legs and appropriate for the event she was attending as well as for her age. Nicky Hilton, unfortunatley, looks a bit like a stick insect; her dress is too baggy and does nothing to flatter her figure. Jessical Biel could wear a burlap sack and look stunning (she’d probably just add a belt and go with it…). She either has great style or a great stylist-she always looks beautiful. I say, wear it short if it’s right for your body and age, but please, for the sake of a little class, don’t forget or neglect to put on proper undergarments!

Sarah E. on

Wow! I love the dresses all three of them have on. They look stellar. Kat’s is more my style but I’m head over heels wanting Nicky’s.. it’s classy and simple looking.

rachel on


who cares on

katherine is pretty, but the skirt is too short.
Heres the thing: 15-25- mid thigh
26- 30 a bit above the knee
30-40 right above the knee
40+ knee length or lower. unless your are from hollywood.
And they’re legs are not fat. I don’t wear skirts, i wear jeans a a t-shirt everyday. I am in college.

Stacy on

I think Mcphee looks cute. Hilton no but I like her face and hair,nice tan. Biel Yuck she always has a boyish look but still I think a cute black flowy thin strap or no strap dress with red shiny pumps would be great! Sometimes I think none famous people have better fashion sense then famous people do.

Katelyn Miller on

OMG… Katharine McPhee is so pretty. if i had legs like those i would definately wear short skirts

Brigitte on

I think that she looks a bit slutty. The highest I would go is mid-thigh.. and I’m still a teenager! Katharine’s is way too high and even if you want to wear something that short at least balance it out with sleeves not a plunging neckline and open legs! If you think that’s classy, better take a closer look at how Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn dressed like

molly4558765 on

i would definetlty go for the nicky hilton look!!

Yolanda on

i think the shorter the better… heck yea!

Malorie on

Katherine deffinatly looks wonderful and if i has the thighs i would wear skirts that short. but i think that i like nikki’s the best

katie on

If you are comfortable in the Mcpheever length then you should go for it, but keep in mind that people most likely will be staring at your legs and not your face… if you are going to a function where the majority of the guests are males then think about how much you want your company to listen to you when you talk. You outfit will only be as distracting as you let it be.

Molly on

I don’t want to worry about seeing womens’ vaginas when I’m out in public. Famous or not, I think she looks like she’d get in the backseat of a car for 20 bucks. If it wasn’t for her professionally done hair and makeup she’d be mistaken for a cheap prostitute.

melanie on

Kat you look great. For all of you hermits that don’t know who she is…..Does American Idol ring a bell??? Hello??? She is a fantastic singer and she looks absolutely amazing and if I had legs like that I would show them off for the Billboard awards too!!! Damn right!

Rudy on

I definitely think that McPhee’s look is quite stunning, and that the length of her mini is actually pulled off nicely. Usually I kinda laugh off the length of most short skirts…come on! We don’t need to see that! But for an awards show, I think that if you have the body, go ahead and pull it off. Also, no one can stop you, either! If she’s comfortable dressing like that…more power to her and her mini.

Ana on

The length of Katherine’s skirt is fine but the top is to revealing and too bare for the skirt length. I’ve always followed the rule that if you wear a really short skirt you should wear a top that covers you more than is left more open, that shows a whole lot of class. By the way the person who said they’ve got giant thighs, im really disturbed by that comment, get a life man! HOW THIN DO THEY HAVE TO BE?!!

Zoe!!! on

catherine is just trying to be funky and fun. She’s not trying to be provocative or anything. She’s young and loves living her life.

jjei on

i would go as short as possible. thanks god i have great legs and even better self-esteem for it!


i would go as short as possible. i have killer legs, why would i want to hide them? so, i have awesom legs, great self-esteem and i`m fabulous. jealous? =)

kennedie on

Kat I think looks the best

hoogee on

Even though I do LOVE Katharine’s outfit, I don’t think I would wear a skirt that short. Did she even sit down at all? I would probably wear a skirt about Nicky’s lenth. I just don’t care for Nicky or Jessica’s outfits.

Leggy on

giant sequoias? more like athletic, powerful, strong shapely legs. McPhee’s legs are sexy. they actually have very nice definition and tone to them where you can see that she works out and maintains her body as opposed to the anorexic twig stick girls who make athletic girls look like goddessess. she’s EARNED the right to show off any damn part of her body that she pleases. id appreciate McPhee’s look anyday over some skinny chick who probably doesn’t even work out, just throws up instead, and despite her thinness still has cottage cheese thighs (and we all know theres plenty of those out there)

Jana on

I think that they all look really good. BUt they might be jsut a little to short for me.

Emily on

Definiately McPhee- the other ones don’t even come close!

Shanice on

Katharine’s skirt length is really too short and it is unnecessary for her to have to wear it that short especially with that neckline. She did not dress like this on American Idol. I feel like she is feeling like she has to change her image in order for people to pay attention to her and that will draw people’s attention away from her amazing voice and towards the way she dresses.

Jen on

The mini skirts are great-Kat’s length is perfect-it doesn’t need to be exposing or trashy. I think the mini skirt is really sexy when worn with a shirt that has sleeve and a high neck line, that way you are showing off one asset and leaving the rest to the imagination.

Chloe on

now that is SHORT! I do believe that if you think you have ‘killer legs’ or whatever you can show it of but when you sit down the whole world can see your crotch? that’s a bit too far I’d say… the shortest i would go is definitely nicky hilton’s skirt… and i have nice legs too so dont go around saying people who have more respect on how they look like are just ‘jealous’

Sage on

Jessica looks lovely and her dress is a lot longer then McBeaver, but Kat’s dress is way to short when the top is so low as well. You can get by with one or the other. Having both ends showing just looks trashy.

Lydia on

I would go with nicky hiltons. I love her style!!!! Kathrines is waaaaaay too short. Nicky has it the perfect length.

Betsy on

i would absolutely never wear a skirt that short, she looks trashy

Tootsie on

She is sooo fat and thinks way too highly of herself!
Get a life Kat!!

Brooke on

Ugh! Nicky Hilton looks hideous! Katherine McPhee is obviously the best.

Quinci Barlow on

Katherine McPhee is not a star. She was on American Idol, but she didn’t win. Her skirt is too short, it doesn’t matter how young or thin she is. Get a longer skirt. I like Nikki’s dress, it’s just a little too big for her and Jessica’s dress is very cute at just the right length.

Brittany Ann on

If I had her legs, hell yes I’d wear that!

meena on

Katherine mini skirt is not for you girl, stay with the long dress it makes you look beautiful. Go back and look at your american idol show and it will tell your how to dress

aaliyah on

Katherine McPhee is dressing like a hooch now. I thought she was this sweet innocent woman but maybe not. I guess since she won, she can do whatever she wants to

ebony on

yes i would wear a skirt very short because i have long legs and tights are in and short skirts are in as well.

Chelsie on

Jessica looks best, short but classy!

jez on

This is ridiculous! wearing skirts as short as kats is just asking for trouble and attention. she used to be “The american sweetheart” kind of girl but then she changed to the short skirt edgy girl.

arleen cross on

MCPHEE absolutely pull it through with a touch of glamour and yet simple…..Love it.

jordan on

Trashy…i never really like Katherine. She was always too full of herself for me. And I don’t want to see all that when I look at her. It’s not a good example for younger girls either.

Barbara on

Nicky is good opsion cause the thing is wearing thing that make you feel good and look pretty it is not to see who gets the slotiest look!!!

Margaret on

I don’t think Katherine can pull it off. It makes her thighs and stomach look fat.

M.Will on

Katherine McPhee looks like a McHooch

Kinsley on

I think Ms.Katherine’s skirt is trashy. I do not think it is the length of the skirt but the top of the dress and all. It looks like something a stripper would wear (not for long). But if I had those legs, I might wear it too, just because I can!

Get over urselves on

OK, here’s the thing. Most girls really do look trashy in skirts like this. Mcphee does have great legs, but you can tell that she is uncomfortable wearing something so foriegn to her. Bur for the record, WHY DO YOU CARE? I mean really get a life! So what? You aren’t wearing it so why do you care. And for all of those peole trashing O’Wryly, LEARN TO READ. He never said anything about those women in particular. Nicky is a stick but it’s none of your bussiness.And Kat is just trying to separate herself from American Idol. I mean, when you see her, can’t you just picture Simon Cowell? She wants to be thought of as someone who isn’t just “that girl from american idol” I honestly don’t blame her.

marissa on

I think that nicky hilton looks best becuase it’s not super short like katherine mcphees, but not as conservative as jessica biels.

jeygee on

I just hate Katharine’s sense of style. She’s trying too hard to look as fashionista as other celebrities when in fact, she’s nothing like them. And oh, her, once bulimic? Thats ridiculous! She’s chubby, how dare her confess that she’s had an eating disorder. I guess that’s just one of her tricks to be the center of attention. I just dont like everything about her..her voice, her moves, the way she pretends to be somebody she’s not, and the way she dresses herself..HIDDEOUS!

Megan on

To the person who commented above…excuse me? Anybody who had/has an eating disorder probably go through a lot of self concious days, and it doesnt help when some one says ‘how dare you have an eating disorder’. It hurts me to think, that people actually have feelings like this, because I wouldnt want anyone to say things like that about me, so I would never say that about another person, especially about someone I didnt even konw…

becca on

Really short cause the shorter the hotter

Maddie on

UMMMM…there is such a thing as over doing it. I mean, come on! When you can see your butt from the front it’s a LITTLE too short!

Angie on

I personally think Nicky Hilton looks the best. Her dress isn’t quite as form fitting but by far cuter than the rest. She looks cute and classy, where as I’ve never really cared for Katherine. She just acts like she is better than everyone else but I have to say she looks ok.

andrea on

its really hard to pull off that katherine mcphee look .. shes looks great and i’d go that way!

lisa on

mini skirts it depends on whether you have long legs or short legs if you are tall it should be halfway on your thigh if you are shorter make it a shorter skirt so you look taller

Abby on

I personally Katherine’s and Nicky’s. Short skirts are sexy! Katherines look is so lively. The dress so fits her personality. Although Nickys look is sexy too.Though it would look better with a mid-waist belt. It doesnt flatter her upper figure but it does flatter her legs.

Liz on

Katharine REALLY needs to take one more look in the mirror before she goes out next time. This little piece of fabric she is wearing looks DISGUSTING! Maybe she could try actually getting some hips and butt on her, then trying it again…

Katie on

anyone who wants to can wear a mini skirt… unless ur fat

kaitlyn on

WWOOOOOOOWWWWW now! Personally i think Kat’s dress is waaay too SHORT!!!! I would definitely opt for a little bit longer length like Nicky did. At least SHE can bend over without exposing herself to the raving media!!!!

Cheri on

I say if you’ve got it, go for it…..

Pamela on

Honestly, this is a fat girl revolution… if they make it in our size we will wear it. WE DONT HAVE A WEIGHT PROBLEM!!! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH OUR WEIGHT…
Thansk Katie, loving my mini.

Kelly on

Heck yeah………..if I had her legs I would ;-)

Nicole on

WOW I go McPhee short and shorter catch me in the summer and you’ll see for yourself. The shorter the skirt the longer your legs look ladies.

who cares on

I have really long legs too. So I find it hard t o look good in minis. I look like aspider. lol. I also am a TOTAL tomboy who is o n this site to make fun of it. So I have no problem w/ shorts but i ave issues with skirts.

lovestory on

I have a question for the person above who said “the way she pretends to be somebody she’s not”. How would you know that … Do you know Katharine? Somehow I don’t think so. All three examples above are flattering if you have the legs for them and if you can pull off the shortest, more power to you!

Kat on

I think kat looks adorable!! it is not majorly about who she is! thats not what syle is!! I think how ever you feel the most comfortable!! it depends on your confidence and modesty! its up to you!

Haley on


Shannon on

“Liz | Dec 24, 2006 3:46:04 PM

Katharine REALLY needs to take one more look in the mirror before she goes out next time. This little piece of fabric she is wearing looks DISGUSTING! Maybe she could try actually getting some hips and butt on her, then trying it again…”

Wow, I could not agree more!!

Jennifer on

If I had legs like them, I’d wear short skirts all the time!

Alice on

I think you should either show the legs or the cleavage, not both at the same time. Its looks a little too Mariah Carey for my taste.

Savannah on

Katherine is the only one that looks cute in those pics. the others grls look stupid!!!

Kassy on

Okay just to let people know in my opinion no Kay didn’t dress like this on american idol. But ppl need to realize she was also not that thin. She worked hard for to look like that and if your complaing on how she looks obvioulsy you need to do some work on yourself, Cause you would be dress that way as well and ppl would degrade you as well so thinka bout somethin before you say it… oh and there are ways to wear a skirt that short and sit down without your panties showin. its called learnin to cross your legs the right way which obviously you ladies never learned and in my opinion thats sad not her dress…

priddylady on

In the bed maybe.

Mdith Kearly on

I actually think that Nikki looks the best….. It’s the perfect length.

Kiki on

Katherine McPhee looks really good in that dress. Nicki Hilton looks AWFUL (no offense, it just doesn’t do much for her shape and the cut is weird) and Jessica Biel, although she is gorgeous and really in shape, looks awkward in that dress. But Katherine can pull it off!

Katie Becker on

I think Kathrine McPhee needs to get off her high horse about the whole “food battle”. If I were her I would want to become a star because I truly disserved it, instead because I through a pity party for myself. Come in Kat… Im sick of hearing it. Obviously you are great now, especially if you can wear such a short skirt. Shut up….

morgan on

I think that McPhee goes a little far here. and while i understand it is Hollywood, it looks like if she bent over, well, we would see ‘business’. go a little shorter next time.

Grace on

I think all the dresses are adorable. How short is too short? Personally, as long as you can’t see the goodies you can go as short as you want…it all really depends on how tastful it is. If the style is trashy, then you will look trashy. Now, once you are about 25, you might want to consider investing in a little bit longer skirts…

Cheryl on

Just because you have a beautiful body, doesn’t mean you should show it off. The stars look so ridiculous most of the time. Nicky seems to pull off the best outfit, with a babydoll dress. As a grown woman, put through Catholic School, you learn that when you dress everyday in conservative clothes, you feel appreciated by your face, not your body. Othertimes, when a woman has experienced assault of some issue, she may not feel comfortable showing her body, and remember these clothes tempt assault in our society. I am a dress size 6, hour glass figure, and think I have a pretty good body, but I will refuse to show it off. The body is meant for the person, not anyone else.

Kristina on

I would never wear a skirt that short because i don’t have the legs for it, but generally celebs rock the look! Katherine and Jessica do, Nicky not so much. As long as it’s a classy sexy instead of sleezy it’s okay. Plus, you have to know your own body and what you can wear and rock it!

Jessica on

i like nicky’s the best out of the three. i think that Jessica’s is not very flattering on her and that katherine looks a little trashy. pick one asset and flaunt it…legs OR bust, but not both. nicky’s is hip, trendy, and shows off her great body and makes her look young and fresh.

jane on

ok well heres what i think i think katherines dress is way too short… jessica nd nickys dressses rnt short but i agree that they are extremely unnatractive

also katherines dress also has a plunging neckline even though she looks good she should not wear a dress like this because it is much to revealing

Ulga Bon-Bon on

Mini Skirt? The only skirts that should be worn should be below the knee at the shortest!!!! When you need a microscope to see a girls skirt that has gone to far!!!

Olivia on

I think that Kathrynn looks the best out of all of them!!! :)

Olivia on

I think that Kathrynn looks the best out of all of them!!! :)

lizz on

katherine looks really good- i love her hair!!! the dress could be longer but i like the belt and bracelet. nickys dress could be nicer if it was better fitting a differnet neckline (no bottons) and with spagetti straps. jessicas dress is nice but i think she should have worn her hair up.

erin on

I think that only some people can wear short skirts and I think that Katharine is one of them the other two look ok but Katharine looks realy cute and fashionable.

Maria on

When I looked at this photo the first time I thought Nicky Hilton wore the best length, and that’s the length I would reach for. but… apparently I would go out with a miniskirt, and the length of Katharine McPhe’s because that’s what I did for a couple a weeks ago. and it was my mom that made it clear that my dress was.. short. so it’s hard to really know. it depends on the occasion and stuff like that.. I still think Nicky looks the best! (:

Tyler on

Not only is Nicky Hilton the ugliest celeb she has a night gown on

nicole on

well my opinion they look ok but like they said the skirt should never be shorter than you butt. cause then it just looks sluty but beesides that the look gorgious in those skirts.

SK on

Katharine looks FABULOUS! Her hair and makeup are fresh and radiant. Some people in the same dress CAN look like a stripper but she doesn’t have that look in this dress. For those who commented that she looked like a stripper, imagine Pamela Anderson in the same dress and you’ll realize that Katharine isn’t sporting the glittery stripper eyeshadow, pale pink metallic lipstick, clear platform heels nor does she have cleavage offensively hanging out of it. I read alot of comments saying it looks bad because it’s not your personal taste. Just because something may not be your personal taste doesn’t mean someone else looks bad in it. I personally think mini skirts can look very sexy paired with the appropriate top or drapy sweater. The key is not to wear tight, cropped and short everything all at the same time. I pair shorter bottoms with longer tops and sexier tops with jeans or pants. Knowing how much sexy to wear at one time is what makes something sexy.

Jenna on

If i had her legs i would wear it too! however being conservative like i am i almost think she’d look less of a skank if she chose one are to show off, legs or plunging neckline. showing off both, to me, looks very street corner.

Jazzybelle on

First of all, wearing a very short skirt when it is almost showing your privates is gross. No need for that, it does not matter your age it mattters do you have any pride in your self. Its just plain and simple trashy! You can be a star and not dress so revealing. You can wear a skirt that is not so short and look appropriate and beautiful. And be appriciated also. In my opinion when you dress revealing and dress like trash you pick up trashy men! It does not matter if you are a teenager or a mom or grandma, dressing revealing is not needed, you people should be role models! And what is up with all the anerixic woman that can’t even keep an outfit on them. Gross! Having curves and a real body without implants is the way to go. If you ate somehting and did not starve yourself there would be no need for implants… Duh!!!!! Anyone can pay the money to have implants or get lyposuction but are real beauty is someone without surgeries and silicone or botox or lypo! I think america and its famous are forgettting what true beauty is. If everyone looked the same it would be a pretty boring life! Get real! you can change yourself all you want but you can’t change who you are on the inside and that is what matters! you can’t cover that up!

jennie on

that is right! You make up who you are, when you dress trashy u are known as trashy just look at revealing Britney spears, she is nasty and how embarassing for her children. She showed off her privates and her poor boys now have to live with knowing that there mom is trashy! How sad! Cover up girls, woman, celebritries wear a normal skirt and dress appropriate! Dress right!

Jazzybelle on

How can you people say Katharine McPhee is classy she had a eating disorder not a very good role model and complains about her weight when she is a toothpick how gross! SHE DOES NOT LOOK CLASSY SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE NEEDS TO GET HELP AGAIN! There is nothing flattering about her skirt so short that if she bent over things would creep out! Umm, learn to dress appropriate and classy having your privates out is not needed and please start eating and complaing for publicity how fat you are you are a toothpick!She looks like something you would see on a street corner selling her body for extra money for drugs, too skinny!!!! Eat girl eat!!!! And please stop your whining! Can you say looking for attention!

miranda on

i agree woman are being to free on what they wear and it shows too, most marrages can’t last lately in hollywood cause they are all trashy and showing there stuff on sites and out at clubs etc, no pride in themselves, no boundaries, you dress slutty don’t think you are going to find a real loving and caring man. You will just get one that drools about everything with legs and boobs etc. for all he knows it could be aman in disguise wearing a skirt and he thinks it looks good! Do you want that! then keep wearing trashy minis and revealing tops!

ava on

what happened to just dressing like a normal woman, a longer dress or nice btton up shirt and slacks. Woman have gotten to revealing and that is why anorexia has begun to be a problem and no one is happy with themselves. Just dress normal and wear what is appropriate not what reveals the most!!!

jennie on

I agree with the writer Cheryl, Just because you have a good bod does notmean you have to flaunt it, its nice to see someone speak to you because they are interested in you not just your body! All these men respond – oh what a hot body do they actually care who she is inside! My grandfather was murdered cause he went with a woman that had a flattering body and she killed him! You never know what the package contains!Careful guys! Or what the package might have!

ava on

jessica biel looks best! She looks appropriate and covered up and elegant plus her dress is hte longest yet not showing her chest also!

Emerson on

Kat just keeps getting trashier and trashier. She tried way too hard on Idol to sex up her image, and it was definitely over kill.

jennie on

I agree with you Emerson!

miranda on

Kat looks just like a cat he eyes look so pulled back probably from making herself throw up so much! NASTY!!!!!

jennie on

HAHAH, PULLED BACK EYES FROM VOMITING, THAT IS GREAT! eNOUGH SAID! looser McPhee – stop trying to be revealing and you looked better before with some curves before you vomited so much! Now u look like a hoochie and with no class at all!

melanie on

– No Fever for McPhee!!!! wearing a very short skirt when it is almost showing your privates is gross. No need for that, it does not matter your age it mattters do you have any pride in your self. Its just plain and simple trashy! You can be a star and not dress so revealing. You can wear a skirt that is not so short and look appropriate and beautiful. And be appriciated also. In my opinion when you dress revealing and dress like trash you pick up trashy men! It does not matter if you are a teenager or a mom or grandma, dressing revealing is not needed, you people should be role models! And what is up with all the anerixic woman that can’t even keep an outfit on them. Gross! Having curves and a real body without implants is the way to go. If you ate somehting and did not starve yourself there would be no need for implants… Duh!!!!! Anyone can pay the money to have implants or get lyposuction but are real beauty is someone without surgeries and silicone or botox or lypo! I think america and its famous are forgettting what true beauty is. If everyone looked the same it would be a pretty boring life! Get real! you can change yourself all you want but you can’t change who you are on the inside and that is what matters! you can’t cover that up!

Brooklyn on

Katie looks absolutely amazing! If I looked half as good as she does in that I’d test it on my fiance. I’m sure he’d have no objections :-)

Lala on

as long as u have nice legs and some undergarments on… the short skirts look amazing!! Way to go girls u look HOTT!!

chris mckenzie on

i think kat can go all the wayy up. she could walk around in her underwear and it would satisfy me

rachel b. on

if you have long, slender and killer legs why not show them off in a mini-skirt.

Jess on

I wear mini skirt myself.
I’m not a model (but not fat too), think that girls should wear mini, but the lenght of it should tell everybody that she is a LADY!

great mini skirts are on, mine is there too :)

Jenny on

I love wearing skirts, and only the shortest skirts! But I only wear my really teenie tiny ones at parties.

Julie on

I love wearing mini skirts, but it depends on the size. I don’t like them so short that I look slutty, but I like them short enough, so they are still flirty

Candy on

I prefer the look of Katherine’s skirt and I think it looks great on her. I’m in my mid forties (I’ve been told that I look 15 years younger) and this is the length that I wear to work with my business suits. I work in Ft Lauderdale as a legal secretary and I also wear tan or beige sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose with a nice pair of pumps or high heeled sandals. I think that the pantyhose give my outfits a more professional look. I’m 5’5″ 115 lbs and have been told for years that I have awesome legs. My husband loves the way that I dress and I can tell by their reactions that the male attorneys that I work for do also. The point that I’m trying to make is that age is not necessarily a factor when it comes to wearing short skirts. It’s your total appearnce and how you present yourself.

Barry on

I like women that wear very short skirts. If women have the body for it “why not”

Emma Hull on

i TOTALLYY agree with palmyraa –
her fashion awareness amazes me!
fb<3ag ox

styllee watchh –
mann its the bestt (:

Nat & Emma on

we love the dresss & so what if its short !
i need to practise my tennor horn –
latter girlfriendss !

lovverrryouuu x

Martin on

Actually the shorter the better. A girl does need good legs though, but length wise a mini skirt should be daring. As for showing off underwear, if your skirt is in danger of that, just wear nice matching knickers like Tennis players do.

No thongs though please!

Ske on

Great article, i’ll be reading the other ones for sure!

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