Has Kevin Federline Switched His Style?

12/07/2006 at 01:26 PM ET

Kevin Federline has cultivated a very definite, um, style — those cropped pants, the tank tops, that sideways baseball cap, the never-laced sneakers, the chains — but all those accoutrements appear to have vanished while on tour. Yes, it seems that Federline has gotten an image overhaul, starting with his shaved head (au revoir, cornrows!) and a series of funky, printed blazers. In fact, if you missed the change, his publicist sent out a press release recently trumpeting Federline’s transition from street to chic, including his new “fabulous well-stated sport jacket with an open collar shirt” and the retirement of the “signature gold chains that he wore around his neck.” Ah, Papa Federline, we salute you and your maturing fashion sense. Tell us: What do you think about Kevin’s new look? Is it an improvement?


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deebee on


Tiffany on

He is softening his image so he can get custody of the kids. His lawyers are dressing him.

sharon on

Not so much of an improvement.

Whitney on

Who cares what he does. Hes a loser! He thinks that he will get custody of his children but, don’t you have to have your own money to be able to support and take care of children?…lol. He doesn’t have any of that.

carine on

Still looks like crap – always will.

Susan on

What was Brittney thinking when she hooked up with this loser in the first place? Clothes don’t make a person.

A on

*sigh*…i guess it’s a step in the right direction.

Kim on

You can put a monkey in a tuxedo, but it will still be a monkey!

carousel on

no thanks either way.. he’s is just trying to look better so he can get his kids so he can extort money from Brit. Why else would he be fighting for custody of those Sean and Jayden and not Kori and Kaleb ? Geesh what a great dad.

Bunky on

Yep – nothing like an untucked shirt, silly blazer, rolled-up jeans and ugly sneakers to project that “I should be given custody of the first two kids whose mother I didn’t abandon while she was pregnant” look.

Amber on

I agree with Tiffany on this one, he is still the same messed up dude as before; just he is hiding(faking) behind those clothes to gain custody of Sean P and Jayden James.

Britney I love you to bits and always will, but you need to start dressing and acting like you want the custody of your babies and not want the courts to say your an unfit mother and put them in the hands of your faker soon to be ex-husband so he can drain you of all your hard earned money. Though I believe you will win in the courts, as for K-fed I hope you fail in life altogether you jigga-beau.

Summer on


Stephanie L on

When are we going to stop hearing about this guy?

Larona on

In the words of my girl Beyonce “let me let me upgrade you’…lol

Jessica on

I agree….he wants custody of the kids so his lawyers probably told him to straighten out.
Poor guy…..thinks he’s gonna get those kids. never gonna happen K-Fed!!

Melissa on

I agree with Tiffany. The suits are dressing him in hopes of getting bigger paychecks.

KLN on

I am glad to see at least one of the boys’ parents is growing up and acting as a parent. Brit needs to follow Kevins led now!!!

LA on

He still looks like a “banger”….as in gang banger.

Erika on

He’s still gross.

Jan on

It is a bit better. At least he doesn’t look like street trash. Now we just have to find a new job for him. Rapper, he’s not. As far as kid custody is concerned, I don’t think either Kevin or Britney make a great parent. I think it’s good for people to get out with their friends — I’m not up for punishing parents and making them stay home all the time — but both of them seem to do an excessive amount of “partying”. Not much committment there. It seems that the two boys are more like pets, or an “It” Hollywood accessory for Brit.

Alison on

The press release was actually sent by Kevin’s lawyer’s spokesperson, oddly enough. I don’t care too much how he dresses but it’s smart to dress up when you’re in the middle of a custody battle.

Anna on

I would respect the change if he had done it when he was married to Britney, not now that he’s in the middle of a divorce/custody battle. This is the same guy who up to 3 months ago was mouthing off that he would be damned if he gave a F what anyone thought of him or how he dressed. My, how things have changed. If he had put half as much effort into his “image” back then as he does now, maybe the public wouldn’t have hated him so much, and maybe he and Britney might still be together.

As for who’s the better parent, I still go with the one who put her career on hold to have and raise those kids. She may have been partying way too much in the last few weeks, and I really wish she’d stop, but at least, she was there in the last 2 years. Kevin was too busy pursuing fame and a “rap” career and talking about going to Africa with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

Elda on

He needs to just put a bag over his head because he is a loser, a real man doesn’t ask for spousal support!!!!

Rock on

just trying to make it look like he has changed. All an act, I’m sure he will be looking nasty again soon.

Crystal on

I agree with everyone….what was she thinking and your right clothes don’t make a person. And clothes sure don’t cover a persons appearance

k.b. on

Give it up!! You just can’t fix ugly, no matter what you put on.

carla on

he still sucks

Sheryl on

Amazing how the transition comes now. I agree, it’s a ploy by his lawyers to create an image that shows responsibility. But like the other comment said, you can put a monkey in a tuxedo, but it will always be a monkey. Let’s look at the track record, shall we: the guy who had a girlfriend hooks up w/Britney, doesn’t tell Brit that he’s in a relationship already and flies off to be with her while she’s on tour, breaks up with his pregnant girlfriend, continues to “live large” on Britney’s money by flying to Vegas every other weekend, partying and club hopping. Tries to convey a bad-ass attitude, when everyone just sees him as pathetic. This is, after all, the same guy who went to Vegas while his wife was 9 months pregnant just a few months ago. Then this overhaul. Ha. It’s gonna take a lot more than new clothes to make this pauper a prince.

christina on

His clothing is alot better, but u cant change the man inside. He is still slime.

Andrea on

What a TOOL!!!

Estrella on

I dont know why somobody’s clothes determines what type of person they are…but hey the change is good. Look number one, is quite dated, and not age friendly. Look number two is still edgy yet mature. Props!

Ann on


kevin who?!!
o that rapper wannabe?
o that guy whois askin for spousal support?
the guy who thinks he can sell album?

kevin who again?

mom2two on

good lord. i think they deserve each other. he’s icky and so is she but at least he’s dressed and not flashing his bits and pieces all over town.

Vanessa on

The guy need to get a life, Brittney isn’t any better, they are both a joke and deserve each other. I only feel bad for those cute little boys.

allison on

I think he looks a lot better, who cares who’s dressing him? He’s looking much better than Brit these days (and seems to behaving better as well). Hopefully, HE’S wearing underwear! They’re both trash and deserve each other.

mel on

He’s being told what to wear, but nobody can forget the crap he wore before and the things he did. Family man? Dressing nice? Whatever. I’m not buying what he’s selling.

Chris on

It really doesn’t matter what he does to try to improve his image- he has already blown that up! Just get packing and get out Fed-EX!!!

Alyson on

Seriously, why are we still talking about him? I don’t get why he’s famous….. he never did anything or achieved anything on his own!

Meredith on

Better, but he is still a loser.


Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Merissa on

Okay its a slight improvement
But given his past look and Britney’s present look, the children might end up in the orphanage

Angie on

No matter what Kevin wears, he can’t change who he is. His new look is obviously an improvement. It’s said he couldn’t look this professional during his marriage and even his own wedding.

kim on

After what I have seen from Britany, Kevin should get custody–someone other that her should! Seems to me she’s got a new love–Paris………… :0

Joann on

Other than a poor shave… what improvement??

KJ on

I think him and Britney need to stay together – they’re both disgusting! Unless they both do some serious cleaning up, and not for appearance only, neither one of them deserve custody. Honestly, I’m sick of both of them and have no pity for either one of them.

Kim on

Kevin should get custody of the kids-someone other than Ms. Spears should! Seems to me shes got a new love–Paris Hilton.

Lacey on

I think Kevin is a Loser, and no Judge in his right mind would give him custody of those kids. I know Brit has made some mistakes, but I am totally on her side, she is a good mom and people just have to let her be, so she and her kids can be happy together, hopefully without Kevin the wanna be rapper.

Deb on

Who cares what he looks like, until he fixes his character and personality nobody is looking!!!!!!

Jess on

I wonder what’s he doing without Britney! Ummmm…
well, he does look good!

sarah on

Yes, kevin really looks good with his new style. God bless!

Deb on

Who cares what he looks like, until he fixes his character and personality nobody is looking!!!!!!

LG on

He wants custody of his kids? yeah right! where’s your money coming from K-Fed to raise your kids? From the spousal support that he wants to get from Britney! This man is a gold digger! He is too much! Brit married him, okay. And if he’s really a nice man the he shouldn’t have agreed to do it knowing that he has a gf, a daughter and another on the way. And stop acting like you’re black because you are not!

Anonomous on

He might just be dressing up to get custody of his kids, but Britney seems to be dressing down in order to lose custody of her kids…..look who is smarter now.

Pooh on

Kevin needs to fine himself a job and Britney needs to grow up now that she’s a mom. If she wanted to party and show her private parts to the world, then she shouldn’t have had kids, period.

Teri on

Once a looser… always a looser. Look boy, you can’t but expensive enough clothes to make you a man!!!

Liz on

I agree with the negative comments above, clothes don’t make the man, he is still slimy looking and love the comment why isn’t he fighting for custody of the kids he had with the one he abandoned during her pregnancy, Classy guy, NOT, Fedex has no talent, class or anything else to offer anyone. Go Brit go, thankfully she woke up and got rid of this loser. I hope all goes well for her.

Janice on

Well, we’ve heard him rap….enuff said. Maybe he thinks this will make him look better for his next step at fame. Even tho the 15 min’s are over

Cathy on

You know it’s really none of our business what goes on in this divorce it’s their business, but out of the two I would have expected to read about Kevin going out and partying and making a butt of himself as usual. But instead Britney, the mother of 2 little ones is out everynight getting pictures taking of her with no underwear. Getting drunk, pictures of her passed out. I understand her wanting to enjoy her newfound freedom, so go out with the girlfriends once or twice a week, but what she’s done is totally bad parenting. The pictures of her will never go away and her boy’s will one day grow up and hear about them. How disappointing for her as a mother.

yungmomma21 on

He seems to have improved from his trailer park look he had before he looks much better these days, He is not a bad looking guy to begin with, alot are just hating on him cuz hes young and has 2 baby mommas and some kids, at least hes trying to grow up unlike Britney these days

Stephanie on

This guy needs to get a life and a stylist too.

cin on

LOSER!!!!! What a great dad Ha Ha Do you ever think he thinks about his kids in his quest to rip off more money from Britney. Who by the way should not be punished for going out and having a good time while her kids are in bed. Everyone makes mistakes but at least shes a good person unlike kevin.

nicky on

I think Brit made a huge mistake when she messed up with Justin and got married to K-fed. It was pretty obvious that their marriage was doomed.
Britney needs to start wearing a bra before those things she calls breast reaches her knees.
Make over or not K-fed is still a looser who is trying to make a huge withdraw from bank of Britney.

Amy on

That’s Sean Paul’s look! Stop copying!

libellule on

No one cares whether he dresses good or bad, what he des, where he is or if he was even able to sell one single record, he is the worst guy Britney could have picked up. She is probably not the smartest either, but come on Brit’, you deserve much better!! And by the way:let’s forget about Kevin!!

lesley on

do any of you even really know this guy to make a judgment?! i think its so funny how we take what the media says and trust and cling to every word ….you really think we are going to hear of any of the good things he or Brit do? NO!! that doesnt sell folks..leave it to the courts, and for him not having any money you dont need millions to raise a child, people raise children on average paying jobs everyday….

Kiki on

“ahh papa federline, we salute you and your maturing fashion sense”. Seriously? The guy took a shower. His handlers, if he even has handlers, threw him in the shower while he was passed out and shaved his head. Then they burned his clothes and layed out new ones on his bed at the Motel 6 down the block where he’s staying. Can we please move on? Can we please talk about something important. Like….why Paris doesn’t go out with her animals anymore? Are they dead? Did she accidently have them made into a belt? Did Nicky throw them at Kevin Connelly? Did Lindsey Lohan kidnap them again??

Denise on

It’s not the clothes I have issue with. It’s what’s underneath and in that head of ihs.

Kiki on

geez Lesley simmer down…..this is a People.com blog not the United Nations. For that you would need to be on angelinajolie.com

MK on

He isn’t trying to get the kids, he doesn’t care about them. He is just trying everything to be famous. Now he wants to pull a Nick Lachey and look like he is the good one, since Britney is going out. Wake up Kevin! Its never going to happen, Nick actually cared.

misty kilmer on

I think its really funny how anyone is saying anything about being dressed, don’t you know that until recently Brit had help with her clothes too? As far as parenting, at least he is not being fake like her and trying to be portray something that your not, she is acting like she is a good parent, but she went out before she got prego w the second w him but that was ok? Either way I have a lot more respect for Kevin than Brit, at least the boys will not have to live down the fact that there mother let everyone see her goodies and will be talked about till they are grown! All the Brit lovers need to seriously look at her actions before, during and after the boys and see that Kevin never changed and she tried for her “PR” so she looked good but even in her wedding she was being so slutty and she is just picking up where she left off after being a mom was not the “in” thing anymore!

Kerri on

Maybe he’s finally growing up.

Judy on

What a total loser. Can’t rap, can’t dress, and certainly can’t change. Watever he has on, he still looks like a hood rat.

Lisa on

Come on now. Do they really think we are stupid?? His lawyers are dressing him, trying to make him look respectable and fatherly but we all know he is nothing but a loser and a cling on and Britney is smart to be getting rid of him. No one in their right mind would give HIM sole custody of those boys. His love of his children have been well played out in the press, He doesn’t have any and he is only using them to get more money from her. He is sick. Just ask Shar Jackson about his love. If she had as much money as Britney, he would have wanted those kids too. But she didn’t and he moved on to greener grass to get his bank padded by Britney.

Kay on

I’m no fan, but man, cut the guy some slack, it’s not like he was pretending to be anybody different when she married him. At least he made an effort of sorts. Let’s just let him fade back to wherever it was she found him! Why are we trashing him, she picked him and said yes to marrying him too! There is such a thing as birth control, did she not know this?

Wildflower on

His look didn’t impress me before nor does it now, and everyone can see it is a ploy to gain custody. The sad part in all of this is it is two children trying to play grown up with real children’s lives at stake. Neither of them should have been having babies…they are too selfish!

Lauren on

It’s an improvement from before. But, he’s only dressing like that to get custody of Sean and Jayden. What a loser!

Trish on

I think the looks pretty good. Much better than Britney right now.

leighann on

he is only changing his wardrobe for his custody hearing thanks to his lawyers. why is he fighting for his children with britney did he forget about his other two? he is just an attention grabber loser trying to mooch off people to get into the spotlight

SonjaD on

Since he is a “dad”, and the rap career has been a “dud” – it’s definitely time for a style change. However, with so many uncertainties in his life right now – it’s more a desperate cry for H-E-L-P!!! I hope the public hears it before it’s too late.

J on

What a pathetic piece of crap. I sure hope his 15 minutes are over soon so he his ego can deflate. Loser.

karen on

One word for this guy………………LOSER!

Co on

A turd is still a turd no matter what it/he decides to wear.



Kelly on

I still don’t think he looks that great. And as for the people defending Britney; I am a huge Britney fan and am honestly disgusted with her actions the last few weeks. I agree she is acting WAY more trashy than Kevin. Even if this is all a scam for the custody and money battle then I say go Kevin. He may be a scum bag but her actions are not going to defend her in court and if she is that dumb then she deserves to be parted with her kids and money. Those kids were just an accessory to her and she has no concept of what it means to be a real mom.

enigma on

hee-hee………I totaly agree with Kiki’s two posts!
My compliments to Kiki…………very funny indeed!!

Amanda J on

I think it is all for show, so he will look “good” when the battle for the boys and money starts..once thats over I think the new look will be over too.

LilyZaBrat on

He’s a toad. No amount of kisses will cure that.

LKD on

Its like they have switched roles! Now he is being all good to get the kids. It wont last long!

Linds on

A bag over the head might do the trick. But, he’s still a creap no matter what he does.

Jonna Humphries on


Samantha on

They are both trashy. At least he is taking a lesson from Britney and not over “exposing” himself. hehe

Kim on

Kevin Who??? I do believe his next attempt on the clothing line will be topless….because his next venture will be in adult movies. Usually that the way it goes, remember “Bob-it”…he’s gotta get some monies somehows.



Jennifer on

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS MAN! He is trying to make a living by making music. He has done nothing wrong. Just because he wasn’t a “Justin Timberlake” doesn’t make him an evil, horrible person. Leave the man alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stace on

He is cleaning his image for court and with Brits partying ways, he is looking better (but still not good enough)..
bottom line she has money, big money so she’ll win hands down and will party her way to the end!

Michelle on


Jayden on

Just because he changed on the outside does not mean he changed on the inside too.

Nancy on

I think we need to focus on the real matter, the kids, who cares what he looks like. He’s still a loser.

Jayden on

Just because he changed on the outside does not mean he changed on the inside too.

Ashleigh on

I think he’s a low life. He only ever wanted her money anyways. Who’s to say who is and who isnt a fit mother or father, I know from tabloids that brit has had here screw up with the kids too. but yeah clothes do not make a person, that is a matter of fact.

Jayden on

Just because he changed on the outside does not mean he changed on the inside too.

Denise on

As far as I’m concerned Briney and Kevin deserve each other. They are both out for money and publicity. Neither one truly cares about the welfare of their children, and if they did we would not be seeing pictures of any of them out and about partying. Take a cue from Reese Witherspoon. There is a breath of fresh air. A women who is dignififed and does the right thing. Britney and Kevin are a joke, and anyone who buys all the b.s. is just as bad as they are.

stefanie on

i think he looks good, but i also think since he is trying to get custody of his kids hes trying to look better and britney is doing a good job of helping him look better too!

Tracy on

I think that both Britney and Kevin need to grow up and take care of those boys that they brought into this world! They deserve better!
Keep in mind that some day these boys are going to grow up and be able to read all the trash that is written about both of them….would you really want your children to read and see pictures of you both acting like 2 year olds.
Grow up and learn where your priorities are!!

meg on

fashion sense? what fashion sense? he still looks like he got dressed in the dark.

Euridice-Mozambique on

Oh!!!people, people, people.Stop ripping off the poor man. Yeh, he is after Brit’s money. But then again, Britney chose him, hehehehhhehehehe.

Linda on

BRIT…YOU GO GIRL. Do your thing. So what if she’s going out…it’s been a long time. And who cares who her new ‘best Friend” is…she’s not hurting anyone. Now for Kevin..WHAT A JERK!!! He actually thinks he has a ground to stand on…PLEASE

Gen on

Those poor kids….

Both parents are apparently immature, selfish, and undeserving of such gorgeous children. In an age where so many families want to adopt, this is just another display of parents using and abusing children in a fight over money.

Mo on

What kind of man leaves his pregnant girlfriend and child in the first place. Loser! I can’t even stand to hear his name on tv or see it in the paper! I say we boycott the losers like him! Anna Nicole, K-Fed, Paris…all those losers that are famous on other peoples coat tails!

Karen on

He’s just trying to drum up some way to make money now that his golden egg has hatched and flown the coop. Too little too late. Obviously he didn’t care enough about Britney to improve his image. The reason people hated him was because he looked like trash and trash doesn’t belong with Britney Spears.

Lee on

The only people who are going to suffer is those kids!!! If Brit gets the kids, who do you think is going to watch and raise them while she is on the road touring? If Kevin got custody, who do you think will raise them then? Call me old fashioned, but I believe when you are a parent, your kids come first. I understand the need for “alone” time away from your kids, but going out every night, flashing your private parts, partying with Paris Hilton till the wee hours of the night! That, to me, does not signal a good parent. I am raising a child by myself, making just under $30,000 grand a year and we do just fine.Brit’s worth what, tens of millions of dollars!!! why does she need to put out another album and tour? My feeling is this: if Brit really cared about her kids, she would raise them out of the public eye and then come back into the limelight when they were older.

Tina on

Now he blends in with everyone else on the block. “He’s a “NOBODY”. “LOSER”. Get a life. Try something other than, singing, dancing, or acting. Cross those off your list.

jonna on

how many people are going to comment on britney atleast having enough money to support the kids,it’s not about about
having the most money,it’s about being good parents.
i wish the best to both of them for the kids sake.

Britt on

Can he please fall off the face of the earth. I’m sick of hearing about him. He sucks in everything he does. He’s a loser!

Rummy Faber on

What in the world was this girl thinking of when she married him? Did she really think he was marrying her because he loved her? My guess is he will clean her out financially before its all over. Real men don’t wear earrings!

Cathy on

Kevin and Britney are both stupid. I think her more then him. . .when you want to be a young mommy and play house for two years and then decide your husband is a loser after two kids. . .why NOT leave the babies with a nanny. Her money is endless. . .Britney MAKE SURE to set your phone alarm on there precious birthdays. And taking the baby to the bar on it’s birthday is a BAD MOMMY.

Nora on

he needs to keep trying, its better than not trying. And Brit, I love you but you need to stay home w/those kids when you are NOT working…. you brought them to this world now take care of them or given them to me.

lemons on

Federtard is a loser and always will be… I am sick of hearing about him, hiring a fake ass attorney to make it look like all of the sudden he cares (about 2 of his 4, I repeat 4, kids)? When is the last time the press even got a picture of him with any of his kids? Quite some time, huh? The only reason the chains are gone is because Brit stopped paying for them and Fed ex can’t afford them on his own.

kristina on

still ugly…..

sherlain on

Gross……always has been and ALWAYS will be, I hope that Britney shapes up or she’ll end up as low as he is.

naomi on

hes tryin to get britney back (oops he did it again)

Jeremy on

Why is everyone being such haters!! You are all jealous. I have two points to make. ONE) There have been a million cases where not as wealthy girls marry Rich men and have their children. When the divorce comes the media and fans 99% of the time either take sides with the woman and argue she deserves half of what the man has or just don’t care. TWO) This is to everyone reading this. If somehow you had a daily contact with a sexy rich celeb that you enjoyed being around and had a chance to end up dating them, you can not tell me me you wouldnt jump at this chance. Kevin took this chance. The monetary sum he is going to receive from Britney after the divorce is finalized is not going to put a dent in her pocketbook. Everyone here would love to be in his position. It gave him a shot to do what he loves. Sure his album was not successful but he can honestly say hes doing the one thing he wanted to do in life. Can any of you say that? So in conclusion, stop hating and admit you are just jealous.

Nora on

he needs to keep trying, its better than not trying. And Brit, I love you but you need to stay home w/those kids when you are NOT working…. you brought them to this world now take care of them or given them to me.

Wildflower on

So what if she is going out?!? Are you serious….she has a new baby at home who probably doesn’t even know who its mommy is….

I don’t care if she hasn’t celebrated her birthday in two years, when you become a parent, you put your self second, a lesson she hasn’t learned yet. Being a parent is a blessing, not a right. She should treat it as such.

Owned on

Some of you ppl need lives to be commenting on this as if your opinion actually means something. Oh wait, so do I. I’mma going to find it now, bye.

Julie on

I wish both he and Jennifer Aniston would go away – I’m so sick of hearing about both of them!

me on

i can t wait to the new britney(she promise that)!!!stop to talk about this guy!!he is nobody.and he ll never get the custody…sean and jayden are happy and wealth.

Anita on

Why does everyone give K-Fed a bad rap? He’s just another dude doing his thang!!

viola on

I think Britney could calm done a bit and PLEASE keep the panties on in public.I know how it feels to not beable to hang out and not have to worry about the KIDA all the time.BUT right now its about the KIDS………………….
AND only the kids so get your act together theres plenty of time to party later

Lori on

Let’s see how well he continues dressing when he doesn’t have Brit’s money to spend anymroe!

sarah on

He is a trashball. No matter what he wears, he can’t avoid what and who he really is.

lady121 on

Well, atleast he looks better than Brit’s croch shot. Smart man, cleaning up and flying straight.

Alison on

To little To late

Sarah on

I’m not a fan of Britney or of Kevin, but here’s my two cents. I think that Britney while she is acting very imature for her age and for being a mother, has the right like everyone of us to go out and have a good time. I think that she needs to learn to wear undergarments but otherwise remember that she was very seldom out with anyone other then Kevin when they were together. You always heard about the wild parties that Kevin was at but never heard about wild parties that Britney was at. Kevin needs to grow up. He needs to stop living in his dream world and wake up to reality. He has no money and no rapping talent. He needs a job that would bring him to a life that most people have.
I think that Britney did the right thing getting rid of him. He was freeloading her for her money and for her connections nothing more. To tell you the truth I don’t even think he loved her!

Jelena on

Damn, he looks good!

jojo18 on

Ok, I don’t know why some people are saying its an upgrade for Kevin. Did you take a really good look at what he is wearing ?..He was better off wearing some shorts and a tank. His new look is still unfitted..But I do agree with some comments, he is only “dressing up” ( if you call that dressin up) to win this custody battle. And even though I don’t really like Britney, I believe she should get the kids. I don’t think she is a bad mother, sure she may have little incidents here and there, but I’m sure that has happened to us when we were younger. It was just made into a bigger deal because she is famous. And about the partying thing ? Who gives a f**k ?..She needs to go out and party once in awhile. Taking care of two kids 24/7 is very stressful. Mothers need to unwind from time to time. People just need to shut up, and stop being in her business all the damn time.

Jen on

Kevin is a piece of useless money grubbing crap! I’ve read all the posts and someone mentioned about Shar and the two kids he has with her… why isn’t he fighting for custody of them too? I also think that Brit has been going out for fun with the girls, who wouldn’t after being attached to a loser like that! She has an amazing nanny to watch her children… while they sleep, because she can afford the best. She’s in the public eye because we put here there! The fact that she’s made a couple of errors in judgement the past couple days in no way reflects how she feels about her kids or what kind of mom she is. PLEANTY of 25 year old moms have nights out without the kids. But none of them have a clan of photographers following their every move!
Kevin needs to get a life. His need for spousal support is just a way to have him keep living the good life. He’s using the kids as a way to get more money out of Britney. What he needs to do is go live in the roach infested apt that he’ll be able to afford and see his kids on weekends under supervised visitation…. it’s not like either of them know who he is…. he said on a live show he hadn’t been home in two months the day the divorce was announced! To a 1 yr old and a 2month old.. .well some dad he is.

Jen on

That new look is supposed to be an improvement? Yeah right. The clothes don’t make the man, and he is still as pathetic as ever. Him and Britney both need to grow up and make their kids their first priority, which its quite obvious they aren’t. Both are out partying all the time, how much time do they actually spend with their children? What kind of role model are they for their kids? Neither one is a fit parent, and it is very, very sad.

Chloe on

As soon as he takes care of his kids with his OWN money, then I’ll think of him in a different light.
Otherwise, this is a publicity stunt to get custody of Britney’s kids (his money bags).

Lori on

Still a LOSER!

jen on

Ugh, I wouldn’t call that an improvement, he still looks trashy. Both and him and Britney make me sick. Your children need to be your first priority and it it quite obvious that is not the case for either one of them. How much time do they actually spend with their children, out partying all the time and making the choices that they do? Grow up already.

Heather on

Once a loser, always a loser! You could put him in Armani and he would still look like a chump!

M on

Nothing to do with him is an improvement.

jen on

Ugh, I wouldn’t call that an improvement, he still looks trashy. Both and him and Britney make me sick. Your children need to be your first priority and it it quite obvious that is not the case for either one of them. How much time do they actually spend with their children, out partying all the time and making the choices that they do? Grow up already.

Chrys on

I still think he’s nasty, ugly, gross and will always wonder what Britney was thinking… from lobster to fish stick… ??? *vomits a little in her mouth*

Diana on


HER on

In my personal opinion, why does anyone care?? Everyone has a bad page in their life and most of us hope we can turn the page and forget about it. It is their lives, their business and their choices. The sad part is that there are two children involved. The kids didn’t ask for screw ups as parents, nor did they ask to be raised by nanny’s. Frankly, i think it is pathetic that we give so much attention to celebrities. Get over it and worry about your own life and issues rather than someone elses.

Jenn on

Nasty!! He’s gross no matter what he wheres.

Jenn on

Why isn’t he fighting for his kids with Char Jackson?!….Can you say MONEY. Nothing like being a parent who picks favorites…Sorry poor kids I have to try to get my kids with the rich mama!!
What was Britney thinking….

Juls on

I think this “new style” has come forth because he knows if he doesn’t clean himself up and act more like an adult he has not chance in getting his children from Brit. Then again. With her recent partying and public drunkeness he is looking like a better parental guardian. I would never want to be in either of their positions.

Barb on

As I don’t personally know either Britney or Kevin I can’t judge them. We only go by what the Media say’s. At least Kevin is putting more clothes on than taking them off. I think flaunting your sexual parts several times within a few day’s, when you are aware cameras are clicking away at them shows the core of a persons values. Kevin is not a good rapper but did do a decent job on a small acting part he had in a CSI episode.
The whole situation reminds me of the Mike Tyson vs. Robin Givens episode. Everyone thought she was a witch and poor Mike. It totally ruined her career. As we all now know, she was telling the truth and he really is a violent animalistic person.

Juls on

I honestly think he looks good. I think both Brit and KFed are just bad for eachother. They both just didn’t compliment eachothers style.

I believe his attitude and his “gold digging” techniques that he used with Brit is changing peoples opinion of him. He is a very good looking man. Just needs some guidence. His mother must have not been a big part in his life or he wouldn’t have treated Brit the way he did. Good luck to him and his future.

Jamie on

Kevin is such a wannabe! It doesn’t matter what he changes he’ll still be a nobody!

Sara on

Yes, it is an improvement… but it is not truly him! It will not improve him image. K-Fed will always be K-Fed!

nancy on

Who cares, he is way past his 15 minutes of fame. He is a user, he doesn’t even pay child support for his first two children. Thank God Britney finally came to her sences. His lawyers are dressing him up to try to get more money out of Britney. Bye Bye Bye Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate on

His lawyers are definately dressing him so he can get custody. What a loser…neither Kevin or Brittany should raise those kids. They would have a much better chance without their parents around!

Milla on

Why does Fed-Ex feel the need to send out a press release to tell us he’s been updating his wardrobe???

Oh of course… no one came to his concerts so he had to find a new way to stay in the public eye (as an eye sore).

deebee on

I get the feeling that his new “image” is a vain attempt by his attorneys to make him more appear more respectable. They failed. Miserably. Everyone knows that he doesn’t want full custody of the kids, just full rights to Britney’s money. Notice that he hasn’t made a move to change the custody arrangements for the 2 kids that he had with Shar? Bad, bad, bad.

janedoe1083 on

better but still not close to being classy

Dave on

You can’t polish a turd. He is still a low life dirt bag. In five years no one will but his kids will care who he is.

Angela on

I don’t think we should be acknowledging anything Kevin does. He was famous because of his wife. What has he done that’s relevant? NOTHING.

Melissa on

He looks more adult like but he’s still a loser. Everyone is right, he won’t get custody of those children because he has NOTHING. No money, no real job..NOTHING. He THINKS he’s a rapper but he’s a nobody. He needs to grow up, seriously.

Kat on

Let’s be real, Kevin now has very little money. Britney has cut off his credit cards. He can’t be out and partying all the time. If he has any hope of worming more money out of Britney, he has to look like a grown up. It’s all the lawyers doing. Don’t know how he can raise the kids, when the money runs out…if he were to get custody. He only wants more money from the settlement. So fake. Why didn’t he grow up and look grown up, when he was actually married to Britney?

Debi on

he’s still trailer trash

esther on

Britney beware looks like he is listening to his lawyer about trying to look cleaned up so that he can win the judge over versus Britney’s new found freedom partying streak. A dog is still a dog even if it stops barking. A court fight for divorce and custody can be really ugly and he is doing everything to make sure he makes Britney look unfit–don’t give him the upper hand, Britney.

Sarah on

kevin is disgusting…tank top or jacket…GROSS! What did Britney ever see in him?!?!

Laura on

Like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.

Sheeba on

Once a loser always a loser. A real man doesn’t leave his pregnant girlfriend and first child. He was out to score some big time money and he did. Funny thing is he never fought for custody of his first 2 kids because she didn’t have money, now all of a sudden he is the “loving father?” no – he wants to be wealthy at the expense of his other two children. If and I stress IF he got custody he would still be a worthless human being and probably a crappy father. He is looking for party money and that is it.

Terra on

I think he is gorgeous!!!!

shopoholic on

too bad he could’nt dress like that when married to brittney. And…….around his kids? yeah what a great example, still looks ghetto to me

sara on

much better, but hes still a loser.

Drax on

People should just leave him alone. Look at Britney she’s as trashy as him if not more. She and the rest of the world complained that he partied too much now look at her. Why does she want to divorce him anyways…she doesn’t even work. She was an exploited child who became a million air. If she complained about him being a terrible husband because of partying why is she doing it now? How is her partying not the same as his? She’s not smart.

Taylor on

His “tranformation” is such crap! More like media ploy set up by his advisors so that he seems more “acceptable” in his bid to get his little cash cows! Hopefully, they have a smart judge who sees thru this garbage cause you know that is what it is. What happened to “This is who I am yo! I’ll never change because the public wants me to. I’m from the ‘mean streets’ of Fresno!” He can’t have it both ways as his “people” and he are saying this is the REAL Kevin…make up your mind buddy…either way, it isn’t likely he will win his bid for sole custody!

Katie on

yeah i think he looks better. I am not going to say he is a loser because i dont know him.
But I am going to say his soon to be ex-wife is the current mess up with all her partying. So I can at least say that she needs to go home and be with her babies so that they can know her and think of her as mom instead of their nanny. SO what if she hasn’t gotten to party in a while WELCOME TO BEING A MOM!

Rita on

I wondered how long it would take before someone realized that he never even tried to get custody of his kids with Shar, but all of a sudden he wants full custody (AKA full child support) of those little boys. Could it really be that his first ex didn’t have the same money as his second?? Nah, you gotta be kidding me????
As for his clothes, he never will look like he has class, and the “well-stated blazer with open-collar shirt” is a joke. Still looks unkempt and ugly.

bO on

Trash will always be trash

Heather on

I agree with Kim… A slimeball in a suit is still slime. It doesn’t change who he is.

Jen on

As long as he’s wearing underwear….

Look, he’s trying to give us a good image for the sake of the battle that lies ahead. And as of right now, he’s MILES ahead of Britney Spears, and for the record, based on HER parenting skills, or those that we’ve seen, and we KNOW how she is, I’d give the kids to him in a heartbeat!!!

Anywho…Kevin can be a really attrative man…still a slimeball!

Stephon on

I don’t know why everybody is hating on Kevin. Britney is a grown woman and no one put a gun to her head and made her marry Kevin. After the first baby Britney knew about birth control and should had used it. Britney is just as bad as he is. Why such the hate on him. You can only allow a person to do so much to you. And the same way she got Kevin is the same way she lost him. What goes around come around.

Stef on

Why is everyone hating on Kevin? So what if he’s broke and you think he’s trailer park trash. Britney is a grown woman and no one put a gun to her head and told her to marry Kevin. Britney knew about birth control. She just didn’t use it. The same way she got Kevin is the same way she lost Kevin. What goes around comes around.

alex on

Once a loser, always a loser!! No look can change that!!!

Alex on

No matter what Kevin does he is still pathetic. Clothes don’t change anything. Sorry… I agree with most folks here.

anoymous on

give me a break. nobody wants to see to see that ever, past, present, or future. give our star gazing eyes a break and stop feautering him period. britney did so lets give the pop princess a little credit and leave her trash where it belongs.

Tory on

I like the 2nd one. it is more important looking!!!

Tory on

I like the 2nd one. it is more important looking!!!


lisalisa on

I think he is trying to get the public on his side.

Courtney on

He looks great. He’s a good guy I think.

Anita on


Jenny on

Look, at least he is trying to change his image and make his own money. He was given an opportunity to sleep with money and took it, like no ones done that before. As for Britney, you are who you hang with (Paris Hilton), talk about losers. She is a mother now and should act like it not trash.

Tuesday on

Um, yeah. He’s still a dirtbag. He’s nothing but gold digging scum!

Ashley on

He is an talentless slimeball no matter what he wears. He represents the armpit of society that everyone is either embarressed for or ashamed of. What’s he going to do now that he can’t ride the Britney Spears gravy train anymore. Flip burgers? Face Isles at Riteaid? Drive through operator at Wendys? Oh wait, he’ll just sue Britney for spousal support & 1/2 her stuff. What a loser!! You’re not fooling anyone K-Fraud, K-Freeloader, K-Fed or whatever you call yourself. Just go move back into the mobile home with your parents and sponge off them.

LookingLikeItsHot_NOT! on

Trash is trash no matter what bucket you put them in! He was saving these Ucky clothes for the rainy days… awwww! The tank tops and cropped shorts looks like pajamas to me. He made the look of a guy jumping out of a woman’s window and forgot his clothes at her apartment cos’ he had to run coz her boyfriend or husband just pulled in the garage look very fashionable. Who knew??? Only Kfed could pull off that look – he is used to running around in his pajama shorts and underwear tank top – or sneaking out the back door! See ya!

Kelly on

So what — some publicist, some lawyer and some stylist put their heads together and came up with a thought — “hey, K-Fed, ditch the slimeball image, put on this funky blazer and magically, people will think you deserve custody of your golden tickets (oops… I mean kids)”. This guy is still a trashy, talentless womanizer, no matter how you dress him up. As for the makeover — eww…. the guy makes me nauseous. Wonder who he’s gonna knock-up next? Angelina?

Not a Brit fan anymore on

I think he looks way better … I might even say hot, too bad Britney couldn’t take a lesson from him … or his lawyers … or PR rep. At least one of them seems to be doing well after they filed for divorce.

Jennifer on

I just wish this guy would go away. I hope in 2007 I never have to hear of him again. The only reason he is famous is because of Britney so now that she has cleaned house, can we all move on?

mel on

He could have improved his image while he was with Britney and instead he embraced the trash slime ball most hated image and made it even harder on her. Also Kevin if you want to improve your image, get more than 2 jackets…one of which your friend was wearing before. You can tell he’s poor.

Suzie on

he looks a lot better, i’m surprised coz britneys the one acting trashy lol

Brittany on

He’s still trashy- no matter what he puts on.

AB on

Give the guy a break, that girl thinks because she got money she can marry and dunp who ever she thinks, well she is wrong, marriage is about life, u fight for it, k-fed was happy with his girlfriend, and that girl took him away from his children, she just wanted to have children with him, that all, cause she knew that the kind of person he was before, u can change somebody with your money, she just have to grow up and live that boy alone, l feel sorry those kids

Viv on

He is a good looking man, she is a pretty girl,no matter how much money, they are both a little trashy, I wish them both happiness and love

karrie on

I share the majority opinion that he’s trash,but I do like the printed blazers. Any idea of the brand or where to buy them?

KFed does clean up well– on a superficial level at least.

Lee on

He is doing better, maybe someone will help Britney out now?

Mandi on

There’s probably a whole lot more going on under the surface that no one knows about. Even so, the public image for both of them is not at an all-time high. Either way, it looks tacky and irresponsible when you father multiple children with multiple mothers. Birth control is not only the females’ responsibility! Don’t make babies if you can’t support them.

JD on

I think it’s terrible how the public reads some tabloids and assumes they know what’s going on with Britney and Kevin. How would you feel if people were judging you and were making nasty comments without knowing either sides of the story? Although the way that Britney and Kevin behave at times leaves a little to be desired, I don’t think it gives us the right to make such mean comments.

mrc on

Why is this loser still being talked about? Haven’t we had enough of Fed-Ex?

Nicole on

when is he going to drop died?

Dena on

This dude is a major TOSS. To the left, to the left…everything you own in the box to the left. Move on Gay-Fed. Your 15 minutes is UP.

Jenny on

Yes, he does look better, but that still doesn’t set aside the fact that some people should never be allowed to reproduce! You take a guy that knocks up his girlfriend twice and leaves her during her pregnancy to hook-up with a pop star princess. He’s definately a loser, but Brittany’s a dumb***. She knew the circumstances when she entered this trailer park relationship… Now that she has procreated she needs to work on raising her kids to not be anything like their parents.. and she needs to shop where there are more things to choose from than dresses made to fit a four year old. If custody battle is what they’re playing then Kevin..get a real job, Brittany stop hanging with the likes of Paris and enjoy your kids while they are young and hollywood hasn’t left it’s ugly stamp on them!!!!

abc123 on

Ok, so you mean to tell me that all it takes is a blazer to make it seem like you’re dressing better? Yeah right, ok.

Cammie on

Why didn’t he think of doing this prior to losing Britney. Also, what is up with him on WWE Wrestling, get a clue.

jessica on

he is trying to look the part of a capable father when thats far far from the truth they say he cried like a baby when he found out the brittany filed. I think the only reson he cried was b/c his free ride is over now he has to try to make a living. the only reson he wants the kids so he can collect the child sapport so he can live off of that. what a loser

Lindsey on

I really don’t think that the new image will help his music career or in his divorce and custody proceedings. He should just give it all up and go back to the broke guy that he was and still try to ride on Brit’s coat tail as much as he can while he still has a little time left.

melissa on

No its not an improvement- he looks just a stupid as he did before. Maybe even more so. The pants are hideous!

Stefani on

I’ll never like him!

Elle on

He’s still a turkey no matter how you dress him up!

O'Wryly on

What to think of his new “look” … it’s not like he’s suddenly the epitome of sartorial splendor. He STILL looks like he’s dressed in clothes that were someone else’s castoffs. As far as bashing him for his lifestyle, he’s no better or no worse than his spousal unit. Neither one of them seem fit enough to call themselves parents and maybe, just maybe NEITHER of them deserve those children. Let them be raised by decent people while there is still hope for them! They are young enough to forget their unfortunate draw in the parental lottery.

Allison on

I’m sure all the comments above are right on since each of you have met him personally and really know him for him. The media wanted you to hate this guy and you do. Shar herself has made statements that she thinks he’s a good guy.

Also, you must not forget, Britney went after Kevin. She has stated as much and I feel for him b/c if anything, he did what most guys do and fell in love w/ the wrong thing. She is the one who wanted to push out babies, now to leave them at home. Someone must have forgot to explain that, no, it’s not OK to leave your kid’s home. That’s what becoming a mother is all about. If anything, his biggest mistake was getting wrapped up in someone CRAZY like Britney.

All the haters, judge away, I’m thankful on your behalf that your life isn’t out there to be judged. I’m sure you are all perfect citizens…..whatever.

Oh, one last thing – it’s really none of our damn business anyway.

ha on

he’s a no talent freeloader!

Heather on

He has no taste (other than Brittany). He’s a no talent free-loader!

kkkklllllllll on

I hate him and think he is a dork

Ashley on

To be quite honest I don’t really see a difference in the way he dresses. So you put on a blazer and a fresh shirt. Give yourself a round of applause. Maybe when you get “dressed up” you can get rid of the running shoes and put on some different pants instead of ALWAYS wearing jeans.
He fully did this because Britney was out partying and he probably thought, ‘okay now that everyone is talking about Britney being a bad person for going out and partying, I will look like the good and responsible guy so I can get custody of the kids’. So explain to me why you didn’t want custody of the other two kids??? Oh wait maybe cause THE MOTHER has no money. It is so obvious on why he wants custody and if people don’t see that then they are blind. I can not picture him with two little ones. He would probably have a nanny taking care of them with Britneys money. THANK GOD BRITNEY IS NOT WITH THIS TRYING TO BE BLACK GUY WITH HIS FAKE ACCENT AND EVERYTHING. NOW BRITNEY ALL YOU HAVE TO DO NOW IS STOP HANGING OUT WITH PARIS HILTON AND EVERYTHING WILL BE GREAT FOR YOU….OH AND ALSO DRESS YOURSELF A LITTLE BETTER. NO BOOBIES FALLING OUT OR ONLY 1 NYLON ON. YOU HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD…GET YOURSELF A GOOD STYLIST!!!

Angee on

I think he’s sexy ;)

Barbara on

What did Britney think was going to happen? The guy had another woman pregnant when they were dating. She should have known then that he was not a responsible person. I hope someone in her camp had a pre-nup signed before she married Kevin. It he was not responsible enough to take care of his first 2 children; he will not be responsible to take care of his 2nd two children. Brit–just because you are attracted to someone doesn’t mean that person is good for you. I think you should have taken longer to get to know this guy before you got those papers.

Angee on

and I forgot to add, that he can call me anytime and have some more babies lol

Lord Fochwad on

I think his change of style has definatley matured with him. I think he realzed if he wants to go anywhere in life he has to have a good presentation. He’s come a long way the past few years. I also feel he learned a lot from his split from Britney-it may have helped him too. Kepp up the good style Kev!

Drax on

HELLO! Look at past pictures he has always worn these kind of jackets with shirts. Why does he look different now that he’s not with Britney Spears. Give me a break! Look at what she wears! HELLO is everyone blind or what?

araceli Baptista on

I believe Ferderline is just a clown… that Bitney was supporting all this time. Besides he look pathetic.

yhasmin on

Ugly az hell!!! Both of them!!!!

abc123 on


Jen Stone on

No matter how he dresses, he still comes off as a bum.

one orange on

He would look a lot better if he actually wore fitting pants. Right now he looks like he has no idea how to dress nicely and present a clean-cut image!

ana on

he looks like crap and he is by far THE MOST HORRIBLE GUY EVER (after my ex boyfriend of course…..)

Pat Valencia on

He’s still a slob.

Joyce on

Everyone is so against this guy…who cares what he dresses like? Don’t get me wrong I do think that he’s a loser, but Britney ain’t so innocent herself. She needs to keep her knockers in her shirt and start acting like a mom. If any of us normal people partied the way she does in the middle of a nasty custody battle we would lose our kids. I think both Kevin and Britney are unfit.

Rebecca M on

He is a loser….. no matter what he wears…. nothing will make him look better!

All I can say is….. TRASH, TRASH, TRASH

tally on

I am not fond of either one of the two.. but if it was not for the money do you really think he would asking for custody/cleaning up? Give me a break…. he doesn’t want custody of his first two. If I was a judge I would have to point this out. Shar does not have the same amount of money, so why go for custody of those two.. that is why. Personally neither one of them is fit to raise a cactus…. I understand getting your freedom, but Britney has no excuse for being out partying. When you have children, you should put them first. If you did not get all of your “sowing your oats” out of the way, umm, you should not of had children. Not saying you can not go out and have fun every now and then.. but no need to get really drunk and go without underwear.

marie on

he will forever be a loser, no matter how he dresses!

Bess on

He needs a new hair style ,and fast !!

denisemelody on

He is trying to look good to get the kids, Britney was only with him to get the kids. She dumped his sorry butt just after giving birth. He is nothing but a sperm donor!

Debby on

K-Fed is a money grubber. I have thought that from the beginning that he was after her money. Don’t you think it’s odd that she was pregnant SO soon. Either this guy can’t keep it in his pants or he thinks the more kids he has the money he will get. When have you ever seen him not off running around and instead home with ALL 4 of his kids….he is a LOOSER !!
Good Riddens & and about time Britney !!

kell on

he’s looking waayyy better than Brit these days, good for him :)

ExoticGoddess on

There’s a sexy hot man in there still waiting to get out.

So glad to see the munchkin shortpants go away.

He has great hair and I can’t wait to see that maximized rather than minimized as has been the case.

I’m writing a song just for Kevin called, “I’m not afraid to be sexy.” The lyrics go, “I’m going to get sexy for you as soon as I figure out how then, I’m gonna let it all hang out cause I’m not afraid to be sexy for you baby just tell me what you wanna see.”
Copyright 2006 – ExoticGoddess

Sunni on

Nothing like using your kids to get money. Not as if he could care less about having custody, he just wants the almighty dollar. As Carousel said, he never bothered fighting for Kori and Kaleb, why? well let’s see, could it be cause their mother cannot support to pay or his NO talent projects, like Britany’s dollars could. Come on K whatever you want to call yourself. You are a loser and a user. You left one woman for more bucks and now you just can’t let go of the other for her money. Get a life, but first earn it.

Lake on

Ok, first of all I could careless how he is dressed, and mind that it does matter only to the courts what you are wearing in the court room. But they do weigh in on alot and it is all up to the each parents attorney to prove who is the best parent of the two, and who the judge believes. There is more to a cusody hearing than clothes. They will take into account every single thing both of them have done and not done. So they are in for a nasty hearing and a very public to boot. Now getting back to the reason, is it an improvement? Well i covers more skin and has less of a wanna be vibe.

sandra on

i think kevin is cute no matter what he has on i think everyone should just give him and his style a chance

RossB on

well, i guess it’s a change for the better.

Tracy on


Pablo on

Why he didn’t fight for custody of the other children he has? Obviously he knows with Britney’s kids he can make a profit

Borat on

He still looks trailer.

Karli George on

I think Kevin is so fake at anything he does!!!!!!!!!
He needs to find something he is really good at and stick with it. Each week he is trying to do something different to make money and it only makes him look worse. He needs to make up his mind.

ejk on

i think its good that kevin is trying to make a better impression. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!
and i think we can excuse britney from her recent behavior. she’s got a lot on her hands at the moment and if the partyings gonna help her relax. whats the problem?? clubbing might not be the best way to sort out her problems but shes still young. shes got a life ahead of her. she’ll be back to her old self wen the kids are sorted SO LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

Jeannette on

It could be better. But what ever he feels he needs to do to get 50% custody of his kids. Nice that A guy wants his children at all.

Sam on

His choice of clothes are ok. But for the love of God can guys start growing some hair again. 98% of guys are ugly with no hair.

night on

He might be a looser, but it seems his soon to be ex is more of a looser. He seems to be the more stable of the two at the time, and at least he realizes that he has to clean up. Brittney on the other hand seems to take her separation as a time to party and expose herself. It seems Kevin WAS the mature one in that union. His change in appearance shows that he realzes this and that his kids mean more to him than any of us ever thought.

crystal on

At least we can bet that he is wearing underwear. I love Brit but she is really making herself look like a bad mom these days not to mention a $2 hooker. Those kids are screwed no matter what!!

Mona on

He is nobody whitout Britney and will soon be forgotten.

Pchy on

I think he’s just doing that so that he could look good in the public eyes while he’s in the process of getting a divorce. On the other hand, Britney is off showing her wild side. Pretty smart from his attorney’s side to make him do such a sudden chnage. You can’t change anyone just overnight. The sad thing about this whole thing is not about kevin and Britney but for the 2 small boys.

John Sharp on

Kevin Federline is nothing but a small-time no-talent poser who’s ridden his wife’s coat-tails to celebrity status. We can only hope that he’ll disappear for good now that they’re getting divorced.

Kari on

either way kevin is fake and looks like crap and I hope he doesn’t get custody of the kids.(sandra: how is he cute? wtf)

Anonymous on

Hey looks like trailer trash. Face it, both he & Brit ARE trailer trash. You can dress them up as much as you want & they’ll still be what they are: TRASH.

Jen on

i like it it says im over you Brtitny

Carmen from Brooklyn NY on

He still is a very unattractive man nobody I will date. Looking very sloppy and dirty if you ask me

bella on

He’s totally doing that for the camera. He looks nicer. it actually kinda makes since…he wants custody of his kids so he dresses like a suitable father of two children

Jennifer on

There’s not much of an improvement. All he did was take off his hat and add a couple of shirts. If he’s going to try to look like an adult he can atleast tuck in his shirt and put on dress pants and shoes.

casey on

I think he sense of style has become better but he’s still ugly

shelbi on

hes a total suck up. hes just tryin to show hes capable of having cuatody of his kids but sorry 2 say, he aint nuthin but a party animal

kristina on

he looks HOTT

andrea on

The courts may as well toss a coin on this one. Neither of them in my opinion are fit to have those kids. Also, he could walk around wearing a 3 peice suit and still be a loser. Both of them are losers. Those kids deserve so much better. They need parents who will actually RAISE them. There’s an idea. Look at Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow. They are amazing Mom’s. They actually raise their children. They are with their children the majority of the time, not off galavanting with girls known to have a bad rep anyway and partying/drinking the night away, sleeping in cars and whatnot. I mean, come on. Ridiculous. Yeah they (Brit and Kevin) may be proud of their newfound single life, but they have forgotten that they are parents first and foremost. Divorce is not an automatic excuse to go out and do whatever you want in order to celebrate a new life. It’s a time to get your act together, grow up, be there for your kids.

Kathryn on

You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig… With his extrodinary LACK of talent what else is left for him to do but extort money from Brittany?

finah on

i think people need to stop hatin on him, cuz it’s not even.
SPOT HATIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loopy on

I think Kevin Federline is amazingly gorgeous.

Anni on

K-Fed is not that bad of a perosn so leave him alone..ok?

Tammy on

It doesn’t matter how he’s dressing; he’s still a loser dad who was very rarely with his kids. Yes there were mishaps with Britney but the more time you spend with the kids, the more likely it is that those mishaps will happen with you. The fact that she was with the kids so much more than he was makes it likely that they happened more often with her. He never stood up for her…even when she stood up for him and for their relationship.
A loser is a loser…even in Armani

anonymous on

he is weird from the start.

TiffanyC on

Its just for show. Clothes dont make the man. its what you do that counts!!!!! his lawyers are helping him.

embee on

He has no style . He is a wannabe and his clothes represent that.He can’t handle custody of his first two children much less the newest two babes . 14 minutes and counting…

Melly on

It’s all a ploy to get custody of his children. He’s being smart so I commend him on that. It looks like the tables have turned in this family saga with K-Fed being the mature adult.

Kristi on

I agree with Tiffany, it’s well maneuvered play by his attorneys and his publicist to make his image more mature and civilized for his bid in getting custody and alimony of the children. With all the partying Britney has been doing lately, it is (unfortunately) making him appear all the better – image wise.

Jenifer on

K-Fed will always be disgusting to me!

Shannon on

K-Fed “Still needs” a lot of help with his new look. He needs to try on some dress pants, that fit!

Nu on

i am soory to say that everyone should think about the real reason the trash married Britney! He and Shar were in it together from the start for only the money. I just wish that she and justin could get together again. there’s nothing like you first love and cameron, come now justin look in the mirror on that one.Hey even better the home town guy she married for 55 hours would have been her best choice.

molly on

he looks better than he did before but it still wont get him custody of the kids if thats wut hes thinking.

hoogee on

Yeah, I agree his lawyers are dressing him. He also thinks people are going to buy his CD (yeah right!) if they start taking him seriously. I don’t like the rolled-up pants. He’s never going to have a singing or acting career in Hollywood. He doesn’t have any sort of fan base except hate ones. The only job he’s going to get is a back-up dancer or burger flipper.

janie on

K Fed is just a guy who hooked up with a rich broad… and ensured his survival with a couple of kids. The real person who should be smacked is Britney whats her face… she grabbed a man who left his pregnant g/f for a piece of booty – what man wouldn’t??? Britney had the money and the no class behaviour – she got what she deserved. Does he look better?? how do you dress no class coupled with no brains???

Isis Fiorito on

Old look = With Britney’s money
New look = Without Britney’s money

ana on

He is so cute, keep up the good work, kevin!!!!

Jessica on

I think that he’s a loser and with out Brittney he’s nothing!!!

Trish on

Once a loser always a loser.
He was a loser in high school and still is a loser now.
I agree it appears his laywers are dressing him because he is trying to get custody of the kids and alot of Britt’s money.

Kat on

Gosh, hes even uglier than what he was be4

Ophie on

who cares if he’s the next vanilla ice, or if
lawyers are dressing him, atleast he doesn’t look
like some run down two bit hoe flashing his junk
for the pap’zzis

As for the comment on the first page: “Real men
don’t ask for spousal support” – that’s horse@$&%
If he’s gonna get custody of the kids.. which
honestly I hope he does, since he seems to have
a decent head on his shoulders, he should get
support… same thing if Miss Spears was asking
for alimony…. double standard..once again..
it’s okai for women to ask for it, but for men,
it’s a big no-no.. just crap!

As for my comment about his head screwed on
straight somewhat – atleast, like I said, he’s not
flashing his bits for the world to see. Yes he
might have a washed up rap career, but that doesn’t
mean he can’t be a good father.

I’ve never been a fan of brit, nor will I ever.
She looks like crap…always.

Who the hell goes partying for 2 weeks straight
just when they file for divorce…TAKE KARE OF YER

oh well, just some poor children who will be raised
by ever changing babysitters.

frig – just send yer kids over to Brangelina…

Ronee on

Britneys not dressing him anymore!!

Alexxis on

You can take the party look of the man, but it will always be with him!

Tina on

The only reason why he’s cleaning up his act is he’s trying to look good for the custody battle. He’s only using his kids to take more of Britney’s money. I hope the courts look and see that he isn’t doing anything with the other two that he already has, and considering he left Shar Jackson while she was still pregnant with the second one.

K-Fed is a loser. You know what they say: “Once a loser always a loser”.

Eva on

Upm hes still gross

cindy s. on

I think he looks great. I think he’s trying to clean-up his image and I say good for him. Give him the benefit of the doubt-maybe he’s trying to do the mature, responsible thing and be a good role model for his children.

Jelena on

I think he’s sooo fine!

amry on

he is trying to change his fashion for his kids.most likely the work of his lawyers,he can afford it for now.

Lisa on

It is so sad that he thinks changing his clothing will make him seem like a more fit parent and even more sad that the interest he has in his youngest two babies is to extort money from Britney.

Mariza on

Wow! An America’s Most NOT Wanted look! He looks like the wind got really knocked out from under him – so sad!

kIM on

Is anyone in America starting to think that maybe just maybe, k-fe was keeping brit on the straight and narrow. Some of the photos we’ve seen of her in Australia lately are vulgar. Beware all parents keep your daughter away from paris hilton. LETS GIVE KEVIN A BREAK – HE’S NOT THAT BAD. EVERYONE JUST LOVES TO HAVE SOMEONE TO PICK ON- LETS TURN OUR FOCUS TO BRIT’S PARENTS – THEY NEED TO REGIGN THEIR DAUGHTER IN – FOR THE SAKE OF HER BABIES

Nancy on

did all of you know that every time you comment on him his status rises in the gossip world.
Stop writing about and to him , just go cold turkey and he will vanish.
His looks are good but the person he has shown the world he is , is an ugly ugly person.

lauren on

yes. definitely an improvement. he look way more sexy even though he’s revolting.

tdawg on

i agree with Tiffany,he’s just cleaning up in preparation for court. You can take the boy out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the boy.

Stephanie on

He is a LOSER any way he looks – just a wannabee who will nevabee!!

BarbP on

Still a looser, if his lawyers are dressing him, they too are fighting a battle they cannot wim!

Michelle on

Ugh.. What a looser. He thinks wearing a pink shirt and shaving his head will help his career? He’s divorcing a Mega Pop Star. His 15 minutes of fame are over. He’s such a creep!

knn on

who cares!!!! tha only reason hes even in the magazines and news is because of britney!!!! so… in a way… she made him!! and no matter what he wears he wont get custody of his kids… they are all britneys! hes a loser with a bad voice!!

Melissa S on

I agree, his lawyers are dressing him to get custody of his kids. He just might get it too if Brit keeps partying.

Cindy on

First of all I think you all should stop stressing out before someone has a heart attack!!!

Second– K-fed is and will always be a loser no matter what he wears. And he is a G-O-L-D Digger. And I agree with everyone who has stated he only wants them kids for one reason only and that is spousal support.

Third- Britney needs to start acting like a mom and grow up before she regrets what she has done one day.

Fourth– I can not stand either one of them. All they are concerned with are themselfves and not their children, how sad is that?

angeldelights on

i don’t care what anyone says, i think he is seriously hot. Also has anyone ever thought that he was the victim in all of this. After all Britney knew what she was getting into- also the way she had those kids v fast and then suddenly she leaves Kevin. It was obv he was highly fertile with the other kids, so maybe she was the user and not him. He was star struck by her and who wouldn’t have been. Plus he looks seriously fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rob on

I think Kevin is a nice looking guy and don’t know why people are so hard on him. I’ve said before, he AND Britney said I do 2 years ago. And she’s been no prise lately either. What has Kevin done so wrong for all the hating? He married a rich star, many do. That doesnt make him a bad person. He looks just fine to me. And seems like he’s trying like hell to be positve and to shrug off all the hate towards him. What would we all do if given his opportunity and situation?

Abadab on

Kevin federline is a joke compared to Britney Spears!!! He still isnt classy and yeah for Britney’s actions lately, she just freeed herself from him any girl would do that since she hasnt in almost 2 years. Parents are aloud to go and have fun! Just since she has started to go doesnt mean she doesnt take care of the kids! Those kids are getting takin cared of… kevin is a jerk! he wont get the kids!

adriane on

The Vanilla Ice of our generation. GET A LIFE!!!!

debbi on


Lindsay on

I like him

Lindsay on

i like him


he acts and looks like TOM ARNOLD now,YOU GO FEDDY!!!!



L on

He still looks messy

Leah on

For those of you defending Britney about going out, it
seems that you most likely are not parents. When you make the decision to have not one but two children, you are making the conscious decision to put the partying and such on hold because you are now responsible for a child (or children) that need you. I had my first when I was younger
than Britney without the benefit of millions of dollars or nannies. I have NEVER driven with my child (or anyone else’s) not securely in his car seat, let alone moved a car with him in my lap. I am sure some of you will defend her and say as a first time mother she was scared. Well, a parenting class would have helped Kevin also has it on TAPE her going out and not being home with the children for a week straight (NOT at work) and not wearing underwear (having pics of your cookie taken on no less than 3 occasions is not good-it’s indecent exposure) IN ADDITION to putting Sean in danger. For anyone else, the judge would not have to think about it twice and award the father full custody and supervised visitation for the mother. Kevin has been seen going out, but NOT putting his children in harm’s way. In fact, he could say it was all PR since he had a CD out and other business obligations. Even with his children with Shar, he’s been a very present father. I think he’s smart. He’s looking better and better while Britney looks worse and worse. Her lawyer is most likely banking on her celebrity to get her through this, which is a bad gamble. With millions of dollars, she has had ample opportunity (more than most) to be educated on how to be a good mother and surround herself with people to help her. She has chosen not to. As a parent, I can choose to go out drinking with my friends or be at home with my children. Remember, she has TWO. The baby right now is waking up every few hours and where is Britney? He’s obviously the only one taking the divorce seriously. He’s a good looking man, always has been. He obviously has been told that clothes make the man.

CBB on

He still looks like an ass, it’s that stupid smerk he always has on he face.

krystal on

i like it kinda

Rochelle on

People may think he’s a loser but he bagged the Britster and she’s totally hot too! His new style rocks and is totally chic…. his soon to be ex-wife’s new look…no panties? Come on now, who’s trying to look like a good person for the kids? Hope he gets them!

Amy D on

I am sorry ,but a loser is a loser no matter what you dress them up in. All he is trying to do is look good for the press before he goes to court.

Lynette on

k-fed will always be ugly nothing will help him.

Lale on

Regardless of whether or not he’s a dope, KFed better start looking at some new designers. I recommend the George label, which is available at Wal-Mart, because I don’t think Brit’s going to subsidize his babies any more. Popo isn’t getting much from the settlement, and Mama Shar hasn’t been working much, so let’s save some money for the little ones. Thank God there’s only one girl- the world doesn’t need four more strippers!

U-BET on

Well, i think he’s hot…and i like the old style better, i hope he ‘ll get back to “trashy-normal” soon…what’s wrong with being a street trash anyway?! lol i’m totally the same and proud, not so rich and famous yet, but it’s the matter of time….

Margaret on

That doesn’t look better to me….The jacket looks to short and the pants look like they have seen better days. What is the appeal of the trash crap clothes he wears? None of thoese things he is wearing seem to fit. He should model him self after some real stars…George Clooney, Ben Affleck, etc. How does he think they got in the sexiest man list…Not by dressing like him. To bad about the marriage and kids…but that’s what happens when kids have kids. They need to take Grown up lessons…come to think of it there should be a class like that.

Chowder on

Sooo sexxyy.!

Debbie on

He looks a little more grown-up now. He looked like an adolescent with the hanging crop pants before. Maybe he is trying to grow into the part of adult and father. It’s taking him two relationships and many kids.

Soldiers Wife on

Unless people on here know them personally, you don’t know both sides to the story, so theres no need to judge.

Ellen on

Leave K-Fed alone. You all are just jealous that he was in to the money. He did not go after Britney trashy ass- she went after him. You can tell she is trash when photos were printed of her pregnant and BAREFEET COMING OUT OF A PUBLIC RESTROOM. I lost all respect for her. She is trash. Besides- it was Britney that asked KFed to marry her. Leave the man alone. Britney got what she wanted from him and he got what he wanted from her.

crystal on

I guess you are sayin they are 2 peas n a pod. He still is nasty, but soo is she. I feel sorry for those poor children lets pray that her mom is in the picture( but she did raise Brit) Hopefully they have an awesome nanny that spends plenty of quality time with those babies.



soreal on

He looks real good. Lets be for real now, i think brit needs to clean her life up. Everyone is putting the blame on kfed but really brit is the trailer trash, just look at her. She looks a hot mess. Anyways kfed is doing much better without brit.

kate on

im not a prep but anythings better than the way the idiot looked before. either way though i feel sorry for the kids. what kind of a future are they supposed to have with him and britney as their so-called parents. im not a mom or anywhere even close to being one as im just 17, but i still think its very sad.

Janine Taylor on

you can take the man out of the gettho but you can’t
take the gettho out of the man

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