Britney and Gwen Work The Necktie Look -- Will You?

12/06/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Women wearing neckties comes back in style every few years — Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Shannen Doherty in Beverly Hills 90210 — and that time seems to have come once again. Britney Spears broke out her tie (and her all satin-outfit) while clubbing with new BFF Paris Hilton in Las Vegas, while Gwen Stefani wore hers to a promotional event for her new record in Canada. We’ve also spotted Janet Jackson, Fergie and Jennifer Love Hewitt rocking ties lately, too. Tell us: Will you wear ties? Do you think they’re sophisticated or silly?

Photo: mwd-mbf/x17; George Pimentel/WireImage

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Logan on

I think they’re silly, but those ladies look awfully cute!

Kim on

I noticed the gum in Brits mouth before I noticed the tie. *Ugh*

Barbara on

I personally see nothing wrong with women wearing ties. I did it and would do it again if I found the right look for it.

Whitney on

I would wear that style. Not every woman can carry it off though. I guess you have to have the look!

Jenna on

No, it looks gross.

j on

so far this look is silly. even the most trendy women (gwen) haven’t really pulled it off yet…

ali on

i love britney, but i’m not into the hole hair extentions stuff, i think she looked better with her soft brown hair,but i still love her and she’s a pretty girl.however i’m not really into gwen



A on

Leave the ties to the guys please…

Angie on

I would wear a tie with an outfit, but not like Gwen & Britney are. I’d wear a tie like Jessica Alba did a few months ago; she wore it really loose and flowing, not tight and tied up like this. I don’t think this particular look is flattering on either girl.

Bre on

I like the tie look better back when Avril did it. I hate Gwen’s hair right now. Am I the only one?

Erica on

I loved vests in high school a la Shannon Doughtery. I love vests now, the small fitted pinstriped ones. But a tie? Never did that, never will. Looks kind of dumb. And didn’t Avril Lavigne try to bring them back once? Didn’t work for her, doubt it’ll work for Britney.

gigi on

I think they look really silly, especially Britney.

M. Hughes on

If you think reeeeallly hard, back to like, two or three years ago, you will remember the frenzy that Avril Lavigne caused the tween crowd with her perpetual tie-wearing! I mean, this girl has style! She rocked the tie with t-shirts long before Britney could squeeze herself back into a satin shirt.

amy on


Candi on

I honestly think that the ties are over. No one has ever pulled them off and no one will. I guess you could say the same for Brits hair extentions. You would think with all that money she has that she could get a better hair do and better clothes. Pretty girl but terrible style. I think it fits Gwen, she can’t pull it off, but thats her ORIGINAL style.

marie on

yea i would rock this look, i like at, they both look great but i dont really like britney’s hair though, she looked better with the bob.

andrea on

um… no. ties on a girls neck is just ugly in my opinion. if you’re going to wear a tie, wear it around your waist as a belt or something.

Sarah B. on

No, I don’t like this “trend”. On another note, why does Britney always insist on showing her chewed gum…gross!

Bunky on

I do the tie look all the time. But I’m a *guy*.

Rebecca on

I like the ties- they are playful and fun. I think Britney overdid her look with too much satin… and I won’t even get into those awful extensions! Gwen’s tie looks a little better, but can we have some real hair already? Definitely think some girls can really make this look work- I would even give it a try!

candace on

Normally i wouldnt pick on brit. Why because its just plain obvious. The tie style fits gwen, pretty much anything does. She’s fun flirty and unique which is more than i can say for most of hollywood. She sets trends and she doesnt follow them. Gwen can even make a tie on a woman look classy and feminine. Brit on the other hand, looks like she chose her outfit out of k-feds closet. Forget the gum its a bad picture and shes happy and laughing get over it. She looks sloppy and like she didnt try at all. I dont prefer gwens hair but as long as shes stays gwen who cares. sorry brit but the “comeback” opportunity is quickly passing you by, in fact its running the other way.

nicole83em on

I think they both look silly. But they always BOTH look ridiculous most of the time. Neither of them have any style. Gwen tries way to hard to be different,but she just looks stupid.

Kimberly on

I was so not even go there as the tie things has been done and it was over played when Avril did it and everyone and there punk look did it. I won’t be wearing one anytime soon as they are so uncomfortable.

Christy on

I wouldn’t wear this, but Gwen always looks cool. Britney always looks like an idiot. With a tie or with out.

Andie on

ok – did the tie thing back in the 80’s. If the 80’s are cool – then I think I’m going to throw up.

jenna on

Ms. Spears is such a cow. I wish Gwen would tone it down a bit- she’s really pretty but the hair and crazy outfits stand out way more than her pretty face. As for Brit- I wish she would just go away. She isnt classy and she sure as hell isn’t trying to win any ‘Mother of the Year’ awards.

Jenna on

What the heck happened to Gwen? She used to be so stylish and cool. Now she just looks more and more ridiculous every time I see her!

regina on

ouch, it hurts my eyes to see britney next to gewn. style-wise they are worlds apart. gwen can carry off anything and will look stylish, while britney will look like trailer-trash, no matter how many ties she wears. and damn, pls someone cut of her bad extensions, it’s terrible!

andrea on

i beg to differ. i disagree that gwen can pull anything off. she looks absolutely ridiculous every time i see her. her outfits are outrageous and if you see just an average person walking on the street looking like that.. most people would laugh. i like her makeup in this picture, but the hair, my gosh. i’m assuming it’s a wig? if not, it sure as heck looks like one, and a bad one at that.

Mintie on

Love the tie look; not for everyone though!



Amber on

I’d wear it(not in black though) and I think they’re quite sophisticated actually.

micheleeee. on

What is up with Britney’s hair everytime I see a picture of her? I mean, does she do those extentions herself? And when she does, does she not look in a mirror?

And I disagree with you, andrea. What is wrong with people that they cannot accept different kinds of fashion. It’s a shame that you would even think that people would laugh at someone who dresses different walking down the street. BLEH!

Courtney on

No, but it looks awesome on them!

Elicia on

I think it looks sexy. I’d wear it. Girls/woman in general can pull off any manly look (at least to an extent.) As for men, they can’t really get away with wearing any women’s clothing. So my advice, people stop hating! On Brittany’s part, you have to realize she is now a single mother barely getting back out there and Gwen, she’s always had her own type of style, leave her be.

shelly on

I cant say i dont like brits new look because she doesnt have one i think shes still trying to get back into the swing of things. as for gwen , anyone who says she has no fashion sence i would ask them if they have there own line of clothing? L.A.M.B. (almost all of which is actually created by gwen and who has all the final say)is an extremly succesful clothing line. The outfit shes wearing is a costume people its for a show shes a performer hello, you know the whole stroy of her being in the extremly succesful no doubt and then going solo and also being succesful? THe outfit def fits the show ( billboard music awards) gwen can be classy, elegant,and funky. I dont know too many other people who can do all 3 without looking stupid. Oh and andrea obvioulsy you havent read too much of people because if you did you would see the photos of what gwen actually wears when she goes out.

Merissa on

I dont really fancy them but Gwen does look good in it though
Britney still looks a mess

ashley on

i personally think that they look ridiculous… just becasue youre a clelebrity doesnt mean you could get away with everything! ugh! horrible!!

lil mexsi on

i hate gwen and it looks better on jessica alba anyways so stop tring so hard gwen gosh!!!!!!!!!!

Diann on

Ties can be cure if done right. I’m more botherd by the hair in both of the photos.

Diann on

Ties can be cute if done right. I’m more botherd by the hair in both of the photos.

night on

The reigning queens of tacky , both on one web page. They both look terrible..neither one knows how to look classy. They both need new stylists. And Brittney needs a shrink as well..but that goes witout saying.

sharon on

Okay trend I guess, but not my style.

Jen on

I wouldn’t wear it, but the look cute on Britney Spears!

abc123 on

I probably wouldn’t wear the ties, but they both pulled it off.

Carrie on

Silly, silly, silly!!!

N on

Its funny how people say it looks good on Gwen and not Britney. It looks the same on both…..UGLY. And Im sorry Gwen wears weird outfits too….AAs far as Im concerned neither one of them can really dress. Every now and again they wear cute outfits. And Im sorry Gwens hair looks just as messed up as britneys sometimes. Both women are bad when it comes to fashion!

fegieferg on

britney looks trashy.gwen is a classic legend.i love her bans.she is maga styleish.

maryg on

Women wearing neckties can be funky – but you can’t wear big fat men’s ties. Wear it skinny and sexy! Wear a Girl Tye.

Jen on

I like the way Gwen wears the tie-straight and clean. I wear ties sometimes because they are powerful and have a classy feel to them. There is nothing wrong with women wearing ties. I think Gwen would wear it better if she x-ed the hair in this picture and rocked the tie with her signature rockabilly up-do to toughen it up a bit.

molly on

I think it is up to the individual to choose weather or not they look good or bad i don’t mind them these girls are pop stars and are a suppose to start new fashions.

KT fr Cda on

Damn no!

alex on

um….uh….why the heck….TIES! they r over rated

hollistergirl on

i really like it and gwen stefani i love your song wind it up and the sweet escape!!! your my inspiration!!

miss x on

Bad enough that Britney looks like she just got bit by a rabid squirrel near her trailor. But then Gwen has the same look too?? Poor Brit Brit. At least unlike oger face, Britney’s hair looks to be her nartural. (lets not kid ourselves, both are bald: ohh so sexy) But both are fugly if you ask me. But for whatever reason, I feel bad for Brit, but just wanna pee myself with laughter when I look at Gwen!!!!

Joanna on

Women can wear the shirt and tie but it works best if kept smart and feminine. ie wear a plain pink or white nice collared shirt with a properly knotted tie and match it with a nice skirt and high heels. I sometimes wear the look to work or out shopping.

robin on

i love the tie look and totally agree with joanna from 3/11.tied tight and shirt form fitting with nice skirt,its a very sexy and powerful look. thats why britneys look and career took off like crazy.i am a guy who loves this look on women.too bad more girls dont like this.its pretty hot.gwen looked great last night on idol.its just that interesting combo of women wearing a mans look,but yet if done right skyrockets the sexuality of it.yet its weird when men wear dresses,it just doesnt look good at all. now why is that? maybe because women have worn the tie look for decades,yes check back even to the 30s and we are more accustomed to it,or perhaps theres just more men who like to see this look than women who like to see men in womens clothes.who knows,i just think its hot.joanna,if you read this,are you single?:)

tracie on

I recently wore a tie to a wedding reception because it looks great with my suit. The only problem was guys grabbing my tie and making it crooked and loose. My collar also got twisted up.

Mary on

I think that if you do it right, it looks very chique. It can also look like you’re a waitress at a restraunt. You just have to be careful about the way you wear it, just like everything else :)

Chip on

I think that neckties on women are sensual and sexy… but not every woman can make it work. But I wish more would try!

Ellie on

Actually, I like the whole tie-look. It’s sassy, and can be prep with a hip plaid skirt, or pu nk-rock with a dark tank and jeans. I love it! I want to go buy a tie now… YEAH!

Rachel on

I really cant take my eyes off of thier hair. Its just too distracting.

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