Denise Richards' Big, Bad Billboard Bouffant

12/05/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

What was she thinking? At last night’s Billboard Awards in Las Vegas, Denise Richards stepped on stage to introduce Gwen Stefani’s performance, but who could focus on what she was saying — all we could do was stare at that massive, teased bouffant on top of her head! It almost looked like she bought Beyonce’s B-Day album, saw her hairstyle on the cover and said to her stylist, “I want my hair to look something like that.” And while it might work in still photography, Denise ended up looking more like a chorus member from Hairspray than a dynamic diva. Tell us: What do you think of Denise’s hair-raising look? Was it all in good fun or no fun at all?

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Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Hutchins; Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

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yen on

i didnĀ“t know birds nest were a trend for this year

andrea on

You have got to be kidding me on this one, lol. Wow. One of the worst I’ve seen.

Mrs.Borrego on

I’ve always seen pictures of Denise Richards and she always looks fabulous. I don’t know what went wrong with her hairdo! Its horrible! I watched her present the award last night and I could see she kept trying to balance the big do as she shaked her head from side to side. REALLY ANNOYING..and her voice was also ANNOYING!

Ashley on

Personally I think her hair always looks messy and unkempt…. saying that this look is absolutley hideous, what was she thinking??

Jenna on

Aw, I think it’s fun! Definately Texas hair, but fun.

Stephanie on

what happened? Denise always looks good, this is VERY BAD! She must of taken advice from her 80’s rocker boyfriend, Richie Sabora…..

Kristin on

Yikes! And Yikes!

Elda on

Denise is just a beautiful woman she can’t do no wrong!! Her eyes are so breath taking, i think she looks great. You go Girl!!

phoenix on

Oh… it isn’t that bad. It’s a cute, fun hairstyle. She’ll probably only wear it this once. What’s wrong with doing something a little different once in a while?

Tanya on

I don’t know what has happended to her, but she has gone down hill….her hair is hideous…more a less a home for the bee’s.

Alicia on

This picture makes me laugh!

KC on

What did she do to piss off her hair stylist? Thow a lap top at him?

Amber on

I like the hair style, it just does not really suit her face really.

Angie on

Denise has gorgeous hair when she styles it right! She needs to fire her stylist, and find a sane one right away!

martine wilson on

Scary, if you ask me!! very 80’s

Bunky on

I guess Charlie got the good hair in the split.

Stephanie on

Looks like her hair and career have gone to crap after stealing Heather’s man.

KJ on

Wow! I think it is a bit much for her small face but she is so beautiful that she can wear it like that and still look great. She always looks so happy with Richie and he’s not hard on the eyes either. Much happiness to them both!

MJ on

HORRIBLE! Why was she even there in the first place?! And she totally butchered her Monologue to introduce Gwen Stefani!

SL on

I don’t know who told her she looked good because that was not at all appealing! where was the fashion polisce when you needed them? Denise don’t ever do that again!

sharon on

hopefully a one time hair thing. or she could move to Arkansas and stock up on White Rain.

skanoobie on

it makes her look like an aged rockers old wife

AB on

I don’t think it’s THAT bad. They’ve got to get tired of thinking of new ways to do their hair all the time. What’s one bad hair day? I’m sure I’ve had way more than her!

Axelle Lynne on

I think that her do is absolutely georgous, i love it! there is nothing wrong in playing with your hair a bit. So she decided to take it up a notch, what the heck…surely our hair do’s don’t have to be like everyone elses. I bet you had she gone for one of those comon hair do’s in all know which one i am talking about, nobody would take notice. “Dare to differ”. At least we know that she brushed her hair before leaving her house….I must say though i saw those hair bashing comments coming. LOL . I loved it..sensational..flirty.

Soda on

I agree with a previous poster: What was she doing there anyway??? She doesn’t belong there, I don’t care who she’s dating. I was on her side with the Charlie split until she hooked up with Richie Sambora. Now I just think she’s a snake and I have no respect for her whatsoever.

Cindy Muma on

JOKE JOKE JOKE—That girl just can’t get a break! I think she should just be a stay at home mom and leave the glamor look to Heather. It just never works for her.

Merissa on

What the hell happened……..and what is that on her head………………those were my first and honest thoughts


It was ridiculous looking, she couldn’t keep her head from swaying back and forth…probably made her dizzy!!! She’s has always been an idiot and now she looks like one.

Lisa on

Is it 1993 again?????? Holy Dolly Parton Hairdo Batman!!

Cathy Chavez on

Well i saw the award show, and when denise came out all i could keep my eyes on was her hair!!! she’s so pretty that with that hairstyle it just did not do her justice!!!

maggie on

OMG! She looks like she’s trying out to be a showgirl!

Tammy on

My husband’s comment when she walked out was, “It’s Marge Simpson”.

Melissa on

Maybe she’s trying out for a new movie: “Prom Queens Gone Wild”?

Heather on

it looks terrible…i don’t like her one bit. and her voice was very annoying

CB on

The hairstyle is definitely not a favorite of mine. More Hollywood Oscar type hair, than Billboard Awards show. She is a very beautiful person but she should KEEP IT REAL.

emily on

bad hair day?

Stephanie K on

let’s be honest here, people (and PEOPLE), denise has WAY bigger problems than her hair … which i will say usually does look better than this, but seriously, what can we expect from her?

Jennifer on

I think that she needs to fire her hair stylist first and then get a grip on what looks good and what does not!

Diane on

Oh my GOD! Worst ever

Courtney on

OMG! I know! When I first saw, you knew she was asking for publicity! NOBODY would think that is an attractive look. And I dont know if it was just the pictures I happened to see or not but she looked REALLY disgustingly thin. The whole look is just gross.


I think everyone is just saying her hair looks bad because that is what is written in this article. Followers! There is nothing wrong with this hairstyle, her hair looks real good.

observer on

It is not that bad.I think we have defintally seen worse. At least she wasn’t pulling a Britney where you could see where her bob ended and the stupid long extensions were showing.

I won’t comment on her personal life, not really a place in here for hair! :-) jmhp!

Kate on

Sharon, no need to bash Arkansas. My guess is you’ve never been there. I have lived there and I’ve lived in L.A., and I would definitely pick the former over the latter. Some people prefer a quiet life and really don’t care about, um, cool hairstyles. Because you know, that’s what life’s all about.

gb on

It looks like she has a shihtzu on her head

Ann on

I think she just realized she’s dating someone from New Jersey.

Courtney on

Am I the only person that likes it?

I think it’s pretty!

j on

what on earth…ann–hilarious comment above!! i haven’t seen a pic of her outfit or anything, but w/that mess on her head it doesn’t even matter. maybe she should give her stylist a vacation??

jennifer on

I dont think this hair do is that bad, i mean i seen worse for example christina aguileras hair style back in the days when she use to over do it. But denise richards hair in this pic, i think is fine, i mean it does’nt look beautiful but it also does’nt look hideous……She still rocks.

Courtney on

Those are actually good pictures of the hair too, all the others on Getty Images make her look just AWFUL! Its bad trust me for those of you who think she looks good! Take a look at some other photos!

Amanda on

I like it!!! My hair was similar (less messy) for my wedding in June. Just because not everyone likes it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it.
PS– Everyone at my wedding loved my hair.

O'Wryly on

I personally cannot stand Denise Richards but from what I’ve seen, her hair isn’t that bad compared to Gwen Stefani’s swirly-Q do. Now THAT’S a laughable hair disaster.

Bonnie on

It looks hideious Denise. But so does your life….

KJ on

What the hell is up with the Arkansas remark? There are a lot of very beautiful and intelligent people in Arkansas. I’ve been to a lot of other States and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Don’t knock it if you’ve never been here. Maybe some day Denise and Richie will visit Arkansas and she can wear her hair any damn way she pleases.

Anonymous on

i saw stuff like that at prom

Annie at on

OMG, what was she thinking is right!

Kathy on

Heather was probably home on her couch sipping champagne and so riddled with laughter at such a spectacle that her drink may have escaped through her nose….and that’s with the mute button on…..if she HEARD her little speech/introduction…..then Heather may have had to call 911 due to hyperventilation and heart palpitations!!!!

love on

Denise looked horrible.

Listerino on

She looks terrible and you can even see by the fake smile planted on her face that she KNOWS it looks terrible. But you can’t blame her – it was probably her stylist that did it.

Andrea on

okay so i missed her introduction the other night. what’s all the talk about? i heard she butchered it, but how? fill me in ladies! :)

Britt on

MAJOR ’90’s going on…NOT flattering at all, it simply doesn’t look good.

erica on

Bad on Beyonce, bad on Denise

Keke on

You pple stop hating…….the hairdo is not bad but it is not what we normally see her wearing. Her personal life is her personal life, and as long as she is happy…screw the haters!

KAT on


maud on

om gi totally love it!! now please excuse me while i go throw up!!!

Star on

I personally liked her hair, okay call me strange, but being in the modeling business, I have had my hair arranged in far worse coifs then what she sported. I thought it was sexy and different looking from most of the celebs we see.
She’s a very beautiful woman and can wear her hair any way, and that still comes through..

Star on

Oh and this is to poster Stephanie who suggested Denise must have taken advice from her ’80’s’ rocker boyfriend ‘Richie Sabora’. It’s Richie Sambora, Stephanie, and he is no 80’s rocker. Bon Jovi are still selling out stadiums, and are just as hot if NOT hotter than they were in the 80’s..

Melissa on

I think it’s cute. Flat hair bores me. It’s not like she styles it that way on a daily basis, give her a break!!!

jennifer on

I like her hair, is not as bad as other celebrities i’ve seen, for example christina aguilera back in the days……denise is still a lovely girl.

micheleeee. on

Oh gosh. This hair probably took hours to do.

dee on

the bride of frankenstein hair do

Ketiwe on

i think she sud live the hair stlye wit beyonce,n do her thing!!!coz that is a no no!!1

regina on

*lol* sometimes i wake up with a thing like that on my head. i usually go and comb my hair than. just a little advice, denise..

Christina on

Come on y’all!!! Stop hatin’ on her just cause you wouldn’t have the confidence to try something different. The hair is cool. As for her personal life….it’s HER personal life and if she wants to be with the guy she has a right to. Anyway, get over yourselves and quit judging…y’all probably don’t look half as good as her.

Ang on

it looks like denise got hungry and stole the danish out of gwen stefani’s hair, started eating it, saw gwen coming and had to shove it somewhere to hide it.



robin on

why does hair always have to be straight and long to look good? chill out people, it looks better than probably all the people’s hair that don’t like. Change is fun! Go Girl.

Pink Cat on

I think I finally found Hoffa! He’s in her hair, and hey waite, I think I see the Lindburg baby, and Wheres Waldo!

DeeDee on

I think its unique and classy

shopoholic on


ninfa morin on


marty on

oh come on, this is still WAAAAY better than anything Cameron Diaz shows up with. At least she put some effort into it. Big hair is still OK in texas!

SaraS on

Oh no no…this was not a good choice at all!

Becky on


abc123 on

WOW, her hair is one big crazy mess! Plus, it makes it look like she’s at least 50 years old.

Robyn on

I thought every female had at least one friend who has the guts to say “Um, you might want to rethink that hairstyle/outfit.” Guess Denise’s girlfriend was unavailable. Oh, that’s right, she stole her girlfriend’s ex-husband. Never mind.

c_skfan on

I like her hair, she looks beautiful.

Jessica on

This just proves what we all already know…she’s no Heather Locklear!!!!!!

A on

It looks like some prom hair.

Lillian Embray on


dani on

this is painful to watch. does she know that she looks like an old granny rocker?

dawn blagborne on

god only knows what she was thinking!!!

erin on

no. just…no.

Carina on

Maybe she isnt making enough money to have her hair done professionally and she tried to do it herself….it backfired bigtime…gross!

Shannon on


Me on

Here hairstyle isn’t so bad- on a Texas beauty queen or an evangelist’s wife. Maybe she’s channeling angels with those frosty tipped bangs!

m on

first of all, no. i think it looks stupid.
and second of all, to the person who said “definitely texas hair,” have you ever been to texas? i’ve lived in texas for 18 years and i’ve never seen someone shove all their hair on top of their head like that.

friend on

I sooo agree with comment above….(observer)

Jess on

Maybe she was late to the awards and needed to throw it up quick…if not that SHOULD be her excuse!

chopsueyluey on

This too shall pass…….

Jennifer on

Hey – who cares about her hair in this picture – look at this woman! She is stunning in every aspect. She’s a wonderful Mom, good hearted person and she is absolutely beautiful. As with all experiments, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! She is still an A+ in my book.

Amanda on

Nice rat hat.

daviid on

Run Richie Run!!!! Heather could pull that off; Denise can’t and never will! Heather and Richie forever!!!!!

Jennifer on

The sad thing is she looks so proud…..

Trixie on

Denise looks awful….she looks aged….call it karma, call it guilty consious bc she can say what she wants us to believe, but we know the truth….she backstabbed her girlfriend and that is not cool, but Heather will come out on top.

marie is in da house on

deary what were you thinking?! you need help mary!

karrie on

I like Denise,but this hairstyle is unfortunate. She would look fantastic with a smooth updo though.

Char on

She’s not that pretty, it’s the make-up that helps those Hollywood fake-ups. Kati Kim is prettier and smarter.

MollySemanian on

Hey Denise – Marie Antoinette called. She wants her damned hair back.

Piper on

That’s horrid…

abc123 on

Who cares about her hair??? Isn’t this the whole purpose of the picture? She could be stunning and beautiful all she wants but did you say good hearted person??? What kind of “good hearted” person you know would go after a “friend’s” significant other (or even ex-significant other, for that matter)? Be for real! Let’s just concentrate on the hair!

ALouis on

Damn Denise, you looked horrible and you also looked like you are 60 years old. Go see a plastic Surgeon.

Heather on

We are not in the 80’s anymore!

Wildflower on

Hairdo is horrible and she looks WORKED! Maybe it is the sleepless nights she lays awake thinking of how she screwed over a friend? naaaa…nevermind, that didn’t seem to bother her any. Then again, look at the “catch” she has…if I were Heather, I would tell her to keep him. Yuck! Hey Ritchie…get a hair cut, man…the 80’s are over!

ana on

WOW, THIS IS HORRIBLE. looks like a birds nest

Selena on

Defenitly the scariest hairdo I’ve ever seen.

lori hitchcock on

i like it!!!!

Hoolia on

LOVE IT! This is a really hot look. I’m planning on wearing this on my wedding day I think it just complements her features so nicely!

starwoman on

shee look like a dame fool

Heidi on

Yea, theres a fine line between a messy bun and a birdnest for cryin out loud!

eman on

the eighties called they want their hair back!!
you trusted your hair stylist to much fire him or her!!!!! it’s a mistake you can’t take back!1

Sunni on

A wonderful mom does not back stab her friends. She’s not that pretty, her deception shows in her eyes and every move. Heather can at least hold her head up and know that she is the woderful mom.

Cindy on

Outside of her personal life, the hair do is a mess and just doesn’t look good on her. It is just too much for her face, it seems to over power it and that is all you see when you look at her with this do. Sorry Denise, nothing personal, but next time try something smaller.

Cathy on

Obviously she was too trustworthy of her ” hairstylist” to double check herself in the mirror!! =D this was the worst hair do to end 06!! Bad Denise!

Nanette Lund on

Denise Richards , is beautiful.ButI would think she would want people to see her as a beautiful woman. It’s not like she needs an eye catcher. I think it was cute for the 70’s prom and winter formal.Is she just needing the attention and this is the best thing she can come up with.I believe the girl next door look is her best shot.Now this is only about her hairdo,not the way she lives that would take up to much time .

Nanette Lund on

Denise Richards , is beautiful.ButI would think she would want people to see her as a beautiful woman. It’s not like she needs an eye catcher. I think it was cute for the 70’s prom and winter formal.Is she just needing the attention and this is the best thing she can come up with.I believe the girl next door look is her best shot.Now this is only about her hairdo,not the way she lives that would take up to much time .

Carly Smith on

I wanted to know when big bird did people’s hair!!!

night on

Hoolia, maybe you could have doves fly out of your hair at your wedding…they would have not problem nesting in there for the ceremony, then as you greet your guests about a dozen of them could fly out of your head.

Jeannette on

Yuk. Yuk. These stars think there all that.

Mona on

Oh my! Someone get that woman a mirror!

Michelle on

This is not a great style for her. If she had worn a chignon and french twist, it would have flattered her face and gorgeous blue eyes.

Yessie on

Was the hair stylist drunk or hired by Heather to get back at her? LOL

tyler on

i luv it

Rachel on

I actually like this look. this hair style is worn by a lot of women and for others to say that it looks like a bird’s nest is just wrong. They are just jealous that they can’t wear it and pull it off themselves. And as far as backstabbing goes, obviously Heather wasn’t doing much for Ritchie if he left her and moved on to someone else. It’s not Heather’s or Denise’s fault, it’s all Ritchie’s.

Salma on

i think it looks good

Jenifer on

I hate it! Most people can’t stand Denise Richards anyways…and now with this hairstyle, people are going to think she’s even crazier!

Toni on

Give the girl a break. She is a very pretty girl and the hair is not that bad. I have seen a lot worse on Heather, Madonna, Pink. How about Little Richard? Now there is bad hair!!!!!

mojo on

A trashy hairdo for a trashy person! Very fitting. Her hair looks as cheap as she does.

Nicky on

Sure it’s big but it is pretty. Not all that bad in my oppinion. Give her a break.

Brittny Michelle on

Is she serious? That is all I can say about this birds nest of a mess on TOP of her head!

K on

Did she even look at her hair before she went to the awards or did she just run out thinking everyhing would be fine because she looks very happy with her horrible head nest.

Nikki on

This one takes the cake!!

Kathyrn on

She was trying to do Beyonce’s hair do on the front of her B Day Album, but it didn’t work!

Ashley on

I think it’s cute… it’s not a look everyone can pull of but she sure as hell did!

aj on

you people are so cruel…this is about a hairdo and of course you make it about her personal life…which by the way when do we ever see aged heather out and about…besides her stupid dates with spade at mr. chows…this is a cute hairstyle for a cheesy billboard awards show…who’s fun…she doesn’t walk out of the house like that…we should all be so lucky to be able to try and wear our hair a different goodness…get a life!



Mia on

If my Dad were alive today he would say that Denise looked like she had been pulled through a hedge backwards (British wisdom at its very best). But the really sad part here (and let’s face it, there are many)is that she seems so pleased with herself and that rats nest! When I occassionally wore my hair like that in the late 80s – yes, I will admit it, but it never, ever looked that bad – my best friend Jenni said I looked like a pineapple. Obviously, Denise needs a Jenni in her life – and not a pineapple….

Melissa S on

I kinda of feel like I am watching the tryouts for American Idol. Doesn’t she have anyone who loves her enough to pull her aside and say. “Ummm, your gonna make a fool of yourself”.

hoogee on

Not completely terrible, just a bit big. If it was a bit smaller messy bun, she would look cute.



UAO on

Sweet Mother – that looks like the unholy spawn of a furbee and an electric blender. Kill it before it breeds.

Danita on


Shauna on


lili on

what is she thinking
is this a birds nest or a hairdo

Kelsi on

I think Denise Richards looked much better when she was single. She was stylish and had GREAT hair. Wat Happened???

Rose on

aw, give her a break. Even though it’s not the best hairdo, i’m sure it was just for fun.

Franny on

I think her hair looks pretty. She should wear it like that more often.

kiki on

i hate it

ashlynne on

It’s sadly makes her look older, she is a pretty girl and that modern beehive just doesn’t help her.

Lynette on


Amy on

Denise looks hot. People need to take that stick out of their as$es and have a little fun. Everyone in Hollywood has crazy hair and they all try new things to show their individuality. Get over yourself and stop being so serious.

Lindsay on

Just wait for it! Wait for it…. agh i told u a birdie was going to pop out.

Lale on

It’s not her fault- hot air rises and she was, after all, opening her yap to blather on and on about Gwen Stefani. Why does such a pretty woman have such a horrendous voice? And can’t the cue cards smart her up a bit?

Carrie on

Wow… I never thought I would say that Denise looks bad… but hey, the truth is the truth… she looks bad!!!



Tracey on

I think her hair was awful. Everyone has a bad hair day her’s just happened to be on television for all the world to see. Sorry Denise better luck next time. I agree her voice did sound a bit annoying too. All and all she had a bad night. I would take a bad night like that any day if I could go home to Richie Sambora.

Confused! on

Why was Denise Richards even at the Billboard Music Awards? She is getting old, and she is not even that pretty, or talented..?

berenis on

What was she thinking her hair looks ugly who ever told her that hair due was a YES then they reaaly arnt her friends!

emily on

i think denise richards looks good and whatever makes her happy

@sh! on

Eww! What a rats nest!

Reenie on

Even with the terrible hairdo, you have to admit Denise still looks good.

Donia on

OH PLEASE! She looks like there is nothing going on behind those eyes! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????

Donia on

Bad, Bad, Bad! Poor Denise!

ah on

it looks like a bad prom hair style… that is missing are a few tightly spiraled curls. Opps.

K on

That looks disgusting.

Sierra on

OK, she is a beautiful girl, but this was the most hideous style ever. I always thought she was a bit nuts…this proves it.

joy white on

what was hid in that mess i wonder….

Andria on

LMAO @ bird nest trend, that got me laughing, oh my god Denise looks awful she looks like as if she’s about to tip over because her hair is so big.

SKY on


KP on

So why are we so critical of this young woman who is very beautiful no matter what, plain without all the makeup or galmed up? And whats so bad about stepping out of the box–so what if she is not another same old thing on stage. If you ask me to many of the Hollywood crowd all look about the same, and is becoming boring so hu-ray to Denise!!

jaggy on

what’s wrong with you, people? I don’t think it’s bad…It doesn’t had to be so big but it’s not that big so it would look awful. I think she looks pretty.

Li on

It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s striking…what is not to like?

I think she looked stunning

cs on

This hairdo is trashy. The idea that women do wear this hair style is true. But their stylists usually know what they are doing when creating this look.
This hair do goes to show what a bimbo DR still is.

Carol on

Oh my goodness..hideous like her, a loser!

R on

QUOTE: ”This hair do goes to show what a bimbo DR still is. ” (cs 10:08)

um, I hate to break this to you but hairstyles do not denote the type of person one is. Otherwise I think 90% of the human race would be in prison for federal offences to the human eye. To say such a ridiculous thing makes me wonder about YOU and your difficulty with understandng that you do not know this person whatsoever, nor the circumstances that have led her to where she is in her life; if YOU,cs my dear, had any class, then you would maintain your OWN dignity and do the rest of the people readng this and SHUT THE HELL UP.

hernan on

dennise is so beatifull

gutenmter on

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Shannah on


Quinton Rosado on

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