Do You Like Beyonce's New Red-Lipped Look?

12/05/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

We’re used to seeing Beyonce in modern-goddess-mode at red-carpet events — soft waves, colorfully defined eyes, and glossy lips. So, we almost had to check that the singer-actress wasn’t in character for her role in the upcoming Dreamgirls when we saw her in red lips, penciled brows, perfectly-set retro curls. But, she was actually using a friend’s birthday party last week to test out a new look. We think Beyonce can pull off any style, but we can’t decide if she should keep the new look or stick with the tried-and-true? Tell us: Which is Beyonce’s best look: Red-carpet goddess or red-lipped retro?

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Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage; Mat Szwajkos/Getty

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J.D. on

I like the red lipstick with thick black eyeliner retro look. I do this look often as well, seems to get a good reaction. The other look is nice as well, more emphasis on the eyes for that one. She generally has cool style.

Rob on

She’s beautiful hands down. But I just don’t like the red on her.

Laura on

Stick with the tried and true…

heavigal on

I can’t say i like it cos its too loud! Dump the look beyonce.

Carla on

I don’t really like Beyonce or her red lipstick!

Lisa on

She still looks attractive, but the first look is better. The red lipstick makes her top lip look too big and she looks a little older with the heavy curls. But its ok. Some people just like to change their looks sometimes. No biggie. She does not look like a diaster. There are lots of celebrities who go through more drastic changes and look horrible. But Beyonce still looks very lady-like.

ryan on

omg i dont like the red lips at all, natural all the way

Desiree on

I am not digging the red lips. I think Beyonce looks better as the red carpet goddess.

Merissa on

I prefer the nuetral look to the red lipstick
Other than that does this girl even have any character or personality………..She’s just so blah like a doll just there……no nothing

Mz. Gosey on

I do not like her new look. She looks like a baby clown. I like her look before when she all natural. Now she looks dull and her skin has no glow. Besides “RED” lipstick makes her look cheap.

Becca on

She looks TOO made up. I like her better before.

andreina on

No! no! noooooo!

Mel on

I think she looks beautiful in both — however the red lipstick look reminds me ever so slightly of a very mid-90s makeup style, it’s missing something to achieve the full va-va-voom 40s look. Gorgeous nonetheless.

Maggie on

It’s a nice look for her-especially for winter. Her other look is great for summer but winter is a time when you can really pull off that Old-Hollywood look.

yen on

she looks pretty in both pictures,although maybe that shade of red is not the best for her.

Terra on

It is just terrible!!! Such a beautiful woman ruining her look with lipstick!!!! Please Beyonce – keep it more natural and all you……..

Jen Stone on

She always looks beautiful, no matter what she wears.

nicole83em on

No..I dont like her hair this color looks gross. She looks better in the first picture.Her hair looks like horse hair. Id be scared to touch it.

Sammy H on

Hmmmm….We all know that the girl is gorgeous but I think she should leave the red lipstick for Gwen Stefani.

Sarah B. on

No, I don’t really like it, but Im sure someone will!

julie on

She looks better with natural lips, the red is too much

cc on

Natural is so much better.

MollySemanian on

She looks MUCH better with natural makeup. She looks like a drag queen on the right.


Hmmm… I think she looks horribly fake in the right picture.

Daneyell on

She looks more “old Hollywood” with this look but I like her look before much better than this. I think this makes her look like she’s trying too hard.

Jessica on

I don’t care for this heavy color on her. It overwhelms her face instead of flattering it. She’s beautiful though and I think a slight change of change/intensity would work great.

Jessica on

I don’t care for this heavy color on her. It overwhelms her face instead of flattering it. She’s beautiful though and I think a slight change of change/intensity would work great.

Angie on

Beyonce looks much better with nude shaded lipstick; the dark red is too much on her full lips!

Molly on

I don’t like the look. A lot of celebraties are wearing red now because it’s in style but there are very few people that can pull it off!

Nicky on

OMG Natural..She looks ugly in that Red lipstick..EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..And does her eyes change color. I thought it was naturally brown. Never know with celebrities. The Natural color lipstick look Beautiful on her. Natural is always better.

Kristin on

I don’t like Beyonce at all, so NO

Kristin on

I don’t like Beyonce at all, so NO

zlytygrysek on

I think this new look is great!

distar on

that doesn’t look like the right shade of red for her

Jennifer on

I think they are both totally different looks, both fit for different statements and perceived images. I think the red lipstick is classy and elegant. With her more traditional make-up, she looks like a real star, not her usual persona as a pop star. It is hard to go wrong on a look, when you are beautiful and have individual style.

Sheila on

No, this color doesn’t work for her complexion. But since she’s Beyonce I guess she thinks she can pull it off. Somebody need to tell her!

janelle on

i definetly like her natural look better! the red lips make her look older.


I’ve always thought that less was better and in this case, the more natural lips are more appealing.

florencia on

With those red lips she looks like Thalia in the ’90 when she work in “Maria la del barrio” she looks horrible.!!!

Jessica on

I like red lipstick, but not on my fave girl in the industry. Sorry Beyonce! not your style at all! but i still love you!

Cindy on

NOOOOO!!!! Taking away from her gorgeous face. When you can’t get past the red hooker style lipstick.

j on

she looks MUCH better in the left pic. her style is too over the top for me. she plays up the diva thing too much.

Dani' on

It looks just ok. I think that is the wrong shade of red for her.

Misha on

Oh my – she looks TERRIBLE in the picture with the red lipstick! her hair color is all wrong and she looks like she stepped off the set of Dynasty! Yuck! She’s so beautiful, she doesn’t need so MUCH of EVERYTHING! I think she should always be simple & sleek…

andrea on

I agree with a previous post, she does look like a drag queen on the right. The red lipstick and drawn on eyebrows are not flattering at all. This looks like something I would see maybe in the early 90’s.. very outdated.. almost resembling old school J-Lo.

Josie on

No she does not look good in red lipstick. She is absolutely beautiful and the lipstick makes her look cheap and plastic. When are stars going to realize that just because something comes back in style that not everyone can wear it! LESS IS MORE!!!!!

MJ on

I am not a Beyonce fan, but I think she looks much better with a “natural” look. Dump the red lipstick, girl!

Tawny on

I believe she should stick with the tried and true. She is a gorgeous girl and should stick with the look that we are used to.

Brin on

I think the red lipstick makes her look old beyond her years. She looks softer with the tried and true.

Zen.duh on

she looks pretty regardless. would that we all did = (

andrea on

Agreed Josie. I think they’re trying TOO hard to be “glamorous” and it’s obviously not workin too well for some of them.

Chrissy on

No on the red…stick w/the tried and true!!

Christine on

She looks gorgeous – I love her hair. Not everyone can wear bright red lipstick, but it looks fantastic on her. I wish that true retro would come back, instead of all this 80’s crap.

jamie lee on

she loks washed out in red…her skin tone is much more vibrant with pink lips

Lisa on

I think she looks too made up with the red lips/heavy make-up/set curls. She looks better when she lets her natural beauty shine through.

Desiree on

There’s nothing wrong with trying a new look every once and awhile. Beyonce has nice lips so the red looks good. I do think that the nude look suits her better though.

R.E. on

I like both styles. I think it depends on where she’s going or what she’s doing, which look is better. I really like the red lipstick and curls, I love this old fashion, and it looks fantastic on Beyoncé. I think it’s cool to mix it up sometimes, do something new :)

R.E. on

I like both styles. I think it depends on where she’s going or what she’s doing, which look is better. I really like the red lipstick and curls, I love this old fashion, and it looks fantastic on Beyoncé. I think it’s cool to mix it up sometimes, do something new :)

Tiffiny Eilse Shipp on

Beyonce is beautiful- in red lipstick, on the red carpet or natural without it all!

Mrs. Lawrence on

I think the “red lipstick look” makes her look older and not in a good way…it’s like one of those looks you’d upgrade from. She’s still pretty but the look is not.

gwen on

The red is fine on her, but she should tone down the rest of her look if she’s going to wear red lips. The pageant curls, the heavy eyeliner and brows plus those giant earrings is too much. That’s what makes her look like a drag queen.

Nikki on

She looks like a disater with the red lips and the big curls in her hair. she looks better when she has the red carpet look. Natural looks the best on her not the new red retro thing

Erin on

No, I dont like the read lipstick on Beyonce. Even though she’s a gorgeous celebrity, the best sometimes can make mistakes like this. I like the red goddess look better even though I’m not so into the green eyeshadow.

jessica on

i think she looks like barbie and that she is missing her ken. what i mean is she looks fake and plastic

O'Wryly on

Maybe mama can sew her a chic bag to cover her head …

p on

i hate that look on her… she tries too hard to be something else… she was going for the j-lo effect.. doesn’t work on her!!

rio on

make her looks much older!

Joy on

Its definately too dark! This is not a good look for her. The eyebrows, hair and lipstick don’t compliment her skin at all! First look was better!!!

lil mec on

it makes her looks old

Amber on

Red-carpet goddess is what makes her look the best, the red-lipped retro look makes her kind of look fugly really. Her hair in the retro look is too dark and that type of red lipstick does not look good on her.

Denny McLaurin on

I like Beyonce’s new Red Lipped Look. But really Beyonce is so beautiful, that she can definitely work any look.

Mac on

No I do not like the red lipstick. I think it makes her look too hard. The pinks gave her a softer look.

Lisa on

uh…no. She looks better natural.

Hal on

Absolutely no red lips. The girl is gorgeous. Why add the distraction.

sharon on

Like it? no.

medide05 on

For some reason she looks older,and older not in a good way, in the picture w/ the red lipstick. I think she should just stick with her old make-up.

KJ on

Beyonce looks entirely too old with the red lipstick. She’s a beautiful girl but the red doesn’t do her justice.

Sanja on

She looks gorgeous in both pictures. In the first picture she looks natural, while in the other one she looks like a Hollywood starlet, so you can’t really compare. I like her better in the first picture, but it’s not all in beauty, it’s in style as well.
P.S. The 2nd picture is bad.



amee on

omigod, she looks so much better with a natural look. maybe the retro look would be nice if she toned down the hair a little, maybe slicked it back into a bun and wore a feather headpiece or something. but in this look she just looks outdated.

Judy Smith on

Beyonce is so naturally beautiful that she doesn’t have to tried that hard. The red lipstick and penciled in eyebrows don’t become her. She’s a awesome beauty and that should be covered up by so much makeup. Now as for the movie, that’s different, but other than that, go aunatural girl, you rock !

Amber on

I lovelovelove the red lipstick on Beyonce! What HAS to go is the penciled-in eyebrows. They don’t look good on ANYONE! I think that neutral make-up with bright red lipstick is very glam. It gives people that “Wow!” factor.

tee on

That red plays up the rumors of her breath being bad. With that red on her lips it looks like her breath is bad Bey stick with the natural you would think Jay would have told her that

South Carolina on

I would have to say I agree with Tee. Nice point Tee that red really makes her look bad like she has been blown up or something I would say as a guy that red makes me a little scared to even go near her lip I just might get blown away when she gets to opening her ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Karen on

She is a beautiful girl, but the red is aging and makes her look like an entirely different person.

roslyn on

I think that it makes her look a little older.Everyone needs a new look every once in a while. But anything that Beyonce’ does with herself is banging.

luccetty from curacao on

Beyonce you look nice with everything,but i like you more with the Red-carpet Goddes look .
curacao love you Beyonce in papiamentu nos ta stimabo.

kristin on

beyonce is definitely not my favorite but she is a beautiful woman…just not in the red lipstick!!

Ellie on

Beyonce is gorgeous no matter what, but the red lips make her appear older.

roxy on

Beyonce never looks that good but I have to say she probably looks best with the red lipstick. When she doesn’t have curly hair her hair is too puffy she looks like a witch

Lauren on

She is beautiful regardless but the red lips seem to make her face plum a little more, the nude look give the face a slimming effect…

Brandi on

NO!!! I like the old look better. Now she doesn’t have that glow to her.

Jess on

The red gives her face a weird apperience that i just cant pur my finger on.

ashley on

I think that JZ has got a spell on her cause this is not the beyonce I know. Girl needs too wipe off the red lipstick and go back to the all natural!!!!!!!

ashley on

I think Jz needs to have a little talk with her and not let her go out in public like that anymore!

Jamilah Reeves on

Beyonce is my girl period, but I like red-carpet goddess better. She looks more her age. Love u Bee!

monalisa on

simple is always better beyonce,ilike to see you because i come from curacao where people are AfroCaribean look and i feel more natural more beauty you are beautyfull beyonce.

peggy on

i like it she is so hot

chris on

If you think about it the more natural look is the picture on the right. You see people walking the street everyday on their way to work looking just like that. The public has gotten use to her total glammed up look when they see her natural with light makeup on they get bent out of shape. I am not digging the red lipstick either I believe a softer plum or dark pink would have been better. But to me the picture on the left she has way more makeup on. The picture on the right her hair is more of a natural color and she doesn’t have all that eye shadow on looking like a porn star. Thats whats wrong with us we see these people on tv made up so much we think they really look like that everyday.
They don’t, they look just like us because they are regular people. To me she looks very natural the only thing she needs to do is change the shade of red. Red is a color of power and maybe she feels as thou she can were it because she is a big name out there not to mention who she is dating.

Angela C. on

I like to see Beyonce in all natural and earth tones…Red is too out there for her….She’s very beautiful and have over powering features that using earth tones and a few sparkles actually bring out her features even more….

Andrea on

i think the only thing that looks good about her on the right is her eyes. other than that, in my opinion she looks a lot less natural. her hair is a terrible color and it almost resembles a wig. her eyebrows look like if you even slightly touch them that you’ll get black stuff all over your fingers. i don’t even want to know how long it took her to untangle her earrings from her hair. her skintone sort of looks a bit gray and there’s just no glow to it. it’s just allaround a terrible look in my opinion.

Haley on

Definitely the one on the left! She looks great in that one, but too plain or something in the one with darker hair and the red lipstick.

Ann on

I think the natural look works best on her. She looks fake with the red on.

Liz on

I like the natural look on her better. It’s not just the red lips, she also darkened her eyebrows in the second pic. It just doesn’t look right. Granted you could put the girl in a potato sack and she’d still look beautiful

KAT on


ketiwe on

she is beautifull,but sud live the redlipstick along!!

Mel on

I love Beyoncé very much but she looks younger without red lipstic and dark hair. When I saw pictures I`ve seen Beyoncé on the left but the picture on right wasn`t her. She`s young and she should enjoy in her natural look where she is apsolutly beautiful.

Inna on

She is gorgeous, but I like more red carpet-goddess.

jessica on

beyonce is very pretty n she looks pretty with her red lipstick but i think she looked better the way she was before

regina on

she is so beautiful, but she should stick to the natural colours. something in the pic on the right screams 80s. or dynasty, like somebody mentioned before.

Mare on

I’m so tired of Beyonce, are there any real stars out there anymore?

Dana on

I don’t think the red lipstick is hot on B, I think she is beautiful with just a touch of gloss like she normally wears.Sure she is able to pull off any look but not the red B, but I’m still your #1.

sherow on

Carla, and the rest of the haters that dont like Beyonce…..
YOu are soooo jealous of my girl “B” She’s got it going on in every way, and she’s sweet on top of all that. Don’t worry mabey one day you will get your chance to shine, and stop being a hater! Actually, if it weren’t for haters like you, yall would be out of a job! Let the haters hate!!

Kassandra on

I love Beyonce!!!!! But she should REALLY dump the look.
It looks HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sherow on


Can we be that critical of what color she chooses to wear? I dont think so. Let’s imagine that your pic is next to hers, whether with red lipstick on or lighter colored lipstick…..Would any of you haters hold a candle next to her? Prob not. She will continue to rock on with beauty, talent, a great personality, and enough guts to go for her dreams. Stop being so will take it’s toll on your looks.



grapefruit on

I dont think they are hating their opinion was asked and they gave an honest opinion but anyway i could care less shes beyonce the prettiest woman on earth. who cares if she changed her lip color

Bea on

I LOVE Beyonce, but I think this look makes her look older, like ’80’s OLD….. She looks like a Pagent monger(like she been doing pagents since she was like 5) yea….No

Is She BEAUTIFUL….HELL YEA!!! But is that Lip stick ….Hell No….

Stick to the Fairly Natural lip color……. Love YA

aarin on

she look nice it is just that she does not look good in red

Pink Cat on

I love Beyonce shes red hot! Now get rid of that fugly JC!

Kathleen on

The red lipstick has to go,

mjwe on

i like both looks. the red lipstick reminds me of selena, which is a good thing. its good to shake things up. i remember when i was SICK of seeing jlo with her light hair, dewy, oily skin, with white lips look. then BAM! she darkened her hair and wore red lipstick. its what she needed.

Shana on

I think the Red and the almost natural lips makes her look very exotic. I like the look.

Beauty on

Beyonce is beautiful no matter what, but I have to say that I like the first look because she looks more natural & refreshed. Red lipstick is not for some people.

Ms Patterson on

NO! This is wrong for her. It makes her look to throwback 80’s which is “in” but just not for her.

Mel on

i think that beyonce is beautiful and being from the caribbean, alot of persons think that too. she should stick to the more natural look cuz sometimes less is more. the red lipstick doesn’t look like her. it makes her look sooo different and a bit older than her age but she still looks good. beyonce take it from someone from the caribbean who adores you stick to the natural look ok… u r still great!!

Randie on

She looks way better without the red

ABC123 on

Did someone say baby clown? LOL. But the red lipstick makes her look at least 10 years older. Like someone said before, the different look doesn’t make her look terrible (like it would some celebs), but I like the first look better.

yvette on

Im not liking the red lipstick she looks too old!

Tia on

I dont like it. the bright red takes the attention away from her face.. she looks like a clown.

dawn blagborne on

you must be joking!!

Gina on

I love the red but no everyone can look good in it. She can rock it!! You go girl!!!

Veronica on

I think she looks pretty both ways!

Alisa on

Beyonce is hot hansa down whatever she wears but i think I prefer the natural look….

Kendra M on

Beyonce is a gorgeous woman, no questions asked, but I prefer her natural look to the red lipstick.

anna on

i don’t like her in any way.

shine on

Beyonce has natural beauty but RED lipstick is not going well on her, at least in this pic………She’s still pretty though.

-- on

She looks great either way. The red-lips is more of a matured look, and it probably doesn’t fit for every occasion. I think she can pull it off, though.

Jen on

I personally don’t think I would wear the red lipstick look, but I think some celebrities look great in it! Some look better than others.

Angela Brackin on

she is a gorgeous young young girl! this red lipstick makes her look at least 10 years older than she really is.

chopsueyluey on

Ear-muffs!!!! It’s WAY too loud………..

marie is in da house on

its a different look for her and i like it, its very different from her orignal glamself

Lulu on

she looks better without the red

Lulu on

i agree with ya’ll, she looks better without the red

Ashley on

Beyonce is a modern day beauty. She doesn’t need all that makeup. Red Carpet Goddess all the way.

Nikki on

She looks fake

chloe on

she has to take care, the more it goes the more shee looks like Jennifer Lopez

jessica on

I don’t think black people look good with red lips.

Steph on

I cant stand her anyway. but she looks worse with red lipstick

Wildflower on

Beyonce is a beautiful woman, she looks good with or without make up, but the red lips look a little harsh on her. I think she looks best in more natural colors…with her beauty, she doesn’t need to over do the make up.

Nicole on

I think the red lipstick with her hairstyle make her look much older than she really is…

mindy on

Bad Bad Bad!!!!! She looks about 35 or 40 with the red.

ana on

ehhhhh, its alright. not jumping up and down, but ok.

beth on

I think she is pretty either way. I LOVE the red hair!!!

Christine on


Rebecca M on

Doesn’t really matter what we think… she is beutiful no matter what! People have too much time on their hands!!!!!

Sandra on

I think Beyonce is beautiful. The red lipstick does not look good on her. She looks good in soft colors.

ms me on

um no the red lipstick has to go it reminds me of the 80’s when we used to wear the fusia with the black lip liner. Beyonce’looks better ala natural! and so does the hair color it doesnt give your face a natural glow it looks drabby and matt like! Go back girl go back!

wanda on

she looks better as the red carpet godess- her face looks more vibrant and yet natural enough. in the other pic the red makes her lips look too big and the hair color kind of fades her. either way she’s gorgeous no matter what, but her first look is better.

sasha brown on


bob on

i think everythign from the new hair the huge earings and the big red lips is wrong

Amanda on

She looks like she is from the 80s, and i love the 80s, but i think that she looks aweful!

but i do love her!

Ashley on

I can’t stand her stupid cultural name. English names please, not ebonics.

mary on

the red ages her. i perfer the smokey eye pale lip look on her.

kay on

The HOT red lipstick makes her look older then she really is. That’s stay natural which is always better. Besides she is already beautiful and she doesn’t need all that mess on her face.

Sunni on

No, the red makes her look to harsh. The first picture is so much softer and prettier. The second picture also makes her look older. Beyonce, you are so pretty, lose the red.

Sunni on

No, the red makes her look to harsh. The first picture is so much softer and prettier. The second picture also makes her look older. Beyonce, you are so pretty, lose the red.

catrinel on

i like beyonce’s new red lips look, but i guess only for the holidays… we should all try to add extra red, gloss or sparkle for this time of year, but all in all she does look better less dramatic…

emily on

i think beyoncé looks good anyway. whatever makes her happy,and thats most important.she is very pretty.

emily on

i think beyoncé is very pretty just the way she is

MiniBlitz on

i prefer the first look, its more natural n flowy,,,,the ither one she shud leave to the other celebz i.e xtina,

Hayley on

Beyonce always looks amazing. I dont ever think i have seen her look bad. She looks fabulous!!!

farhin on

wtf!!! omg wat teh hell are you guys saying???? she looks BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS!! PRETTIER THAN YOU GUYS WILLL EVER BE SO SHUT UPP

farhin on

wtf!!! omg wat teh hell are you guys saying???? she looks BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS!! PRETTIER THAN YOU GUYS WILLL EVER BE SO hushhh

a on

this look is smoking on xtina, but beyonce? not happening

julie on

i like the natural beyonce

corinne on

nobody should wear red lipstick,it ages you big time,including beyonce,also whats up with the new hair…
definitely not liking the new look,ages her alot.

Emily on

The red lipstick overpowers her other features. She’s a beautiful woman but the other look brought out her eyes and skin tone more. It’s just not a balanced flattering look for her–it’s though she’s a kid trying to play dress up with grandma’s makeup.

NiNi on


Kat on

No way!! this look makes her look like a tranny!

nia on

i rlly dont like the red lipstick on her at all,it makes her lips a lil’ 2 big .

ssyd on

she is beyond gorgeous but the red is a bit toomuch. i really like the eyeliner in that picture though.

Kelly on

i like the red lipstick…i think its the hair that makes her look awful!!…eekkk…her hair looks my my grandmas!..those black roots and light brown ends…r just horrible…it washes out her face. And the style is just so uptight and old lady-ish. I think beyonce is beautiful but the hair has to go!

s on

The red doesn’t work. Do like French women, stick with what works. For life.

Michelle on

Beyonce is a beautiful young woman and very talented. With that being said, I prefer her previous natural but sexy look as being more flattering and more youthful. The new look is decidedly a more mature look and it is not as flattering to her.

kim on

i love this new look for her! i think she looks absolutely gorgeous!!! the other look i like as well she can pull pretty much anything off, but i think that the bright eyes would be good for a night out and the new look would be good for the red carpet or other important events!

rachelle on

I think that the red washes her out.i like it better without! sanx

Joss Stone on

I love Beyonce. She has a laid-back personality and really knows how to pull her desired looks off! But I belive the soft curls, light lips and colored eyeliner works best for her. The red lipstick makes her look so tense. Either way, Beyonce is absolutly beautiful!

Vicky on

Sorry Beyonce it just doesn’t work for you.

jenny on

first one…wayyyy better. Beyonce is just far to gorgeous.. and I mean that in an old hollywood way…to have dark drawn in eye brows, bright red lips, and perfect hair. She should stick to the glowing natural look. I think shes the most beautiful star in hollywood but i must admit i thought nasty when i saw that second picture

Nicky on

To be honest when I first saw the picture of her on the right, (the one w/ the red lips) I thought it was a pic from a long time ago. She’s to hot to be doing something like that!

Brittny Michelle on

Softer is always better; with her looks, I think the darker makeup turns her into an older looking woman… not always a look to go for. It seems as if she was playing in her mother’s makeup.

Kavan Sweden on

She always look beautiful but she looks better in soft color.

delight3700 on

I think she should keep using the brown weave and drop the red lip stick. She should keep in mind “everything is not for everybody”!

Tammz on

I don’t like the red lipstick. It doesn’t suit her…She looks too diva and dramatic

jennifer on

she looks like she working another “profession”. I agree it’s a bit loud! If you got the lips u dont have to enhance it to make it fuller! She cant pull it off!

Jo on

go beyonce, still stunning no matter what lippy you have on!

Marcela on

red? No way.



char on

Beyonce is dark skinned, so she can pull off a variety of looks with her makeup, but the retro defined eyes, and penciled eyebrows are more of a “no” than a “go”, shes beautiful, no doubt, but the softer look, is much better.

Lynn on

Beyonce is beautiful with red or not. I love the red on her.

bee on


night on

I don’t care too much for the red, but it does not matter when one is as beautiful as this woman…she can get away with anything.

Find out on

Beyonce is fake, everything abouther is fake. I do not have respect for her. Both pictures are ugly. She’s nothing without money, just a regular chich with weave. Why do you people worship her and other celebs. Get a life losers.

chrissie on

i am beyonce’s number one fan and i amtotally not cool with the red lipstick but i cannot judge her;maybe its a party where every lady must wear red lipsticks cos i have been to that kind of party. trust me she is not the red lipped type. i doubt if she keeps this picture.
p.s has anyone seen her irreplaceable video? OMG I AM OBSSESSED WITH THAT VIDEO!!!!

chrissie on

i am beyonce’s number one fan! i must say i am not into the red-lipped stuff, bee is a totally beautiful person but i cant judge her because you dont know what occasion it is cos it might be a party where all the ladies are requyired to wear red lipsticks cos there are parties like that. I LOVE BEE SHE’S IRREPLACEABLE.

me on


Deidra warfield on

She looks older than her mother in the second photo with the red lipstick

sarah on

she looked like a transvestite!

Lynkeisha on

Yes it looks great!!!!!!!!!!!

Londie-Pooh on

I think it is cute that she is tryin to do somethin new. You cant keep doin the same thing over and over again. Keep doin yo thang gurl.

Tasha on

If you don’t like Beyonce or celebrities, why are you here loser(s)?

angel on

b is too beautiful for all that makeup. she has georgeous skin, she needs to let it show through. too texas!

alyssa on

i liked her da way she was before,however dis kinda suits her too

juri on

oh my! this is so difficult to choose. i guess the one on the right……..

rachel b. on

not really, her lips are too dark for her earth tones and should color-switch it.

brooke on

she looks ulgy but i am a fan of her

Bre on

She still looks like a monkey but with the red lips she just looks like a monkey that stumbled upon a glass of cherry kool-aid.

BeyonceFanatic on

the red lipstick makes her look TOO old no offense B.

Ali. G. on

I don’t really care for Beyonce at all, but everything about her new style just looks false and stiff. The bright red lipstick, the frozen in place curls, and the hard drawn on eyebrows all looks like she’s trying to hard to have that old Hollywood glamor diva look. It’s just not working!!!!

Summer on

Beyonce is oh so beautiful and glamorous and she can clearly pull off any look damn her lol. But seriously though does anyone know where she got those amazing long chandelier earrings on the second picture they are amazing. I want them or at least something like that pls help

keke3000 on

Oh my god I think that she looks nice but neutral colored lips with some lip gloss would have been more casual for a birthday party.

Rachel on

I don’t like the red lip look becuase it looks unnatural and a little too ” va-va-voomy ” for me.

Ashley Walker on

Beyonce I really adore you but the red ain’t it preety lady please stick to the natural your so beautiful.

denisa on

damnnnnn she’s hot whit that red lips.whatever beyonce is nice always.::X:X:X:X::X

berry on


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