What Trends Are You Ready To Retire?

12/04/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

As we head towards the New Year, we’re pondering not only our resolutions, but what we are content to leave behind in 2006. And as always, there are a few trends that have just worn out their welcome. Blinged-out cellphones and sidekicks, like Paris Hilton’s bedazzled number, are just one of the fads on our scrap heap for next year. Tell us: What trends are you tired of? What don’t you want to see in 2007?

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carolina on

Get rid of the skinny jeans! I never thought that such a trend would come back in style. It looks bad on almost everyone (except for the celebs you see here) and people seem to wear them in some extremely ugly forms. It’s almost like people think that they’re defying fashion by following a bad trend.

Rob on

There’s many things I’m tired of of Paris Hilton….but that phone is very low on the list!
And as far as other trends. HAAAATE those Ug Boots! And tired of those raty extensions. These chicks get their hair cut and and everyones like oh wow risky & daring move! And then to only put extensions in for 6 months until it grows back out anyway. I mean wha’ts the purpose?

olina on

I really like her shellphone!

Chelle on

How about getting rid of the SUPPOSED DIVA sunglasses with a lens as big as your head? It is NOT attractive. It looks ridiculous!?!?!? It looks like oversized sunglasses that you would buy in a trick’r’treat shop??? It is amazing to me the “fads” that have come and gone. Atleast the women who wear the HUGE sunglasses have awesome UV protection???!!!??? ha ha…Sometimes bigger isn’t better ladies….

Christine on

Leggings! And skinny jeans!

sheri on

The trend I am most tired of is Paris Hilton.

Rara on

Uggs there’re so ugly and ready 2 go.

lil on

Skinny Jeans. Yar.

Adrianna M on

I would be ecstatic to NOT read 10 headlines a day about Paris, Nicole, Britney, Lindsay and Jessica! Surely there are other people People can write about?

rebecca on

I am so ready to get rid of those horrible non-natural daily changing hair extensions. One day short, the next day it’s past your shoulders; what are they thinking? No one would notice? Think it’s natural? For special events, maybe, but not a daily thing. Gotta go, over, done.

erin on

skinny jeans! yuck. bright red lipstick on pale skin. eww. leggings! blah. And those little slippers everyone wears as shoes with skinny jeans. I reallllly hate those!



Wendy O on

Leggings, fashionable bandages, latching on to a worthy cause or religion to make yourself look cool, and then dropping it shortly thereafter, going commando under short dresses, dressing like you’re homeless on purpose…

j on

time for paris hilton to ‘retire’. or the paparazzi could find a new subject?? one w/interest??

Michele on

BIG OVERSIZED sunglasses have got to go! Absolutely not attractive whatsoever, no matter who puts them on.

tammy on

lets retire the britney spears trend

Sarah B. on

What trends am I ready to retire?? PARIS HILTON, big sunglasses, oversized bags, uggs, hair extensions, JESSICA SIMPSON and all of her “trends”….



chrystee davenport on

No way!! I absolutely love blinging out my sidekick!! It’s so fun and pretty! That trend needs to stay, but what needs to go is ballet flats and ankle boots! So ugly on everyone who wears it!! Nobody can make it look good.

Jaquion on

First I think every thing Paris dose is wonderful and will alway’s last as well as Nicole Richie. Peoplr just don’t understand them and are just JEALOUS and and the B!(TH that said she is tired of Paris she is a nobody and she can shove it Because Paris and Nicole is hear to stay

Nicole on

Can we get rid of Paris Hilton??

Shay-run on

note to snarky2: OMG! Too Funny! Love your wit and I couldn’t have said it better my self!! Oh, and the trend that needs to go is: Normal, everyday people taking offense to what the media says about celebrities…as if they actually know them.

Monica on


Maryam on

I’m tired of people who criticize other people’s grammar, when they should check their own first.
Ok.. Now back on topic.

I love all the current trends. Most of the clothing now are made for comfort. I love the skinny jeans, because they look awesome tucked under boots.
I love the sunglasses, becuase they let you go incognito.
I love the red lipstick, because it looks good on me. It doesn’t look good on everybody though.

Carolyn on

Low-rise jeans. Not all of us have bellies worthy of public viewing, and it’s darn near impossible to find comfortable-rise jeans that aren’t ‘mom’ jeans! I’ve had two kids- I’m in good shape, but the belly isn’t pretty anymore- give people like us jeans that look good without forcing us to display nastiness!!!

Bets on

Can we have more interesting celebrities? I’m pretty sure Paris doesn’t care what I have for lunch, so why should I care what she has? Let’s people watch some interesting people for a change.

Shanz on

First thing that needs to go…flats…all flats! Unless they are tennis shoes or flip flops you look like a fool wearing them. Second thing is skinny people…nobody looks like that and last time I checked, dressing as a skeleton is only supposed to happen on halloween. Third and final thing to go is being obsessed with people’s breakups/families/babies. Yes, if you are out partying, you are asking for your picture with no panties to show up in the news, but please lets leave the trend of the media bombarding into people’s families and relationships behind.

Tabitha on

Get rid of Paris Hilton!

Chelsea on

I agree, come on Paris
how rich are you, can
not afford something else?

Ana on

Fake breasts… that’s a trend that should be out of style.
Even Paris would agree with that.
UGGS will never be out of style they are classic of cold weather. Maybe people should not wear them all year but they are so confortable… confort never goes out of style!

snarky2 on

Here’s something that can go: People with poor grammar and worse attitudes thinking that everyone who is tired of seeing the same celeb faces ad nauseum is jealous. Hardly.

Jessica on

The following items are hideous: Uggs, skinny pants, leggings, huge sunglasses, mini dresses that look like shopping bags

SLiz on

My trend that can go? People who don’t proof read, use proper grammar or know how to spell.. Oh and also people who think the world revolves around an unattainable celebrity lifestyle. Trends are exactly that.. Trends.. Their sole purpose in life is to come and go. Who are we to judge what others like or find fasionable or cool? I’m sure all of us criticizing others choices in shoes, phone accessories or make up would find it to be a bit offensive is someone had turned the tables onto us. It’s the holiday’s after all. Where’s the Christmas Cheer?

Ann on

Thank you snarky2, that is exactly what I was thinking. I am not jealous of Paris, actually I feel somewhat sorry for her I feel a lot of stuff she does is for attention and I think if the press moves on and stops focusing on her and others that maybe they will get their life straighted up. I don’t look to celebraties to figure out what to wear, I wear what I feel comfortable in and what I can afford

April on

Here’s a list of things that I would like to never see again:
1. Paris Hilton
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Nicole Richie
4. Britney Spears

celebfreak on

carolina i hope that skinny jeans do not go out bcuz i love them with all my heart! so PLEAZE stay in style!

A on

Here’s what I think should be retired: skinny jeans, white boots, hair extensions, fingerless gloves, cowboy boots, and platinum blonde hair (a la Gwen and Christina).

skinny jean lover on

okay i have to say i luv skinny jeans and big sunglasses and leggings and a big fan of xtentions! so i hope they dont go out of style! but i do have to agree the ug boots could go and so could paris hilton!

J. on

I would have to agree with the comment about extensions, they look bad most of the time. Why cut your hair just to put in extensions anyway? I also could stand to see a little less Paris Hilton.

L on

Let’s get rid of Paris Hilton the way Jimmy Kimmel got rid of K-Fed!

Mrs.Borrego on

I think the cowboy boots can go.

jana on

uggs, leggings, super oversized glasses, skinny jeans.
i’m ok with the ohonescause it’s more like a personal thing and you can do whatever you want with it!
but please ppl don embaraas yourselfes with uggs, leggingsm skinny jeans or super oversized glasses. you look UGLY!!!


The one and only thing that should go out of style is people wearing things only because they’re “trendy”. The girls (and guys!) with original, quirky fashion sense are always going to be the most impressive to me, I mean, how much creativity does it take to grab something off the rack at Nordstrom?! Everyone needs to buy what they love, buy what’s flattering on them, and stop obsessing over prices and labels.. !

Autumn on

Super skinny celebs, I’m not bothered by natural skinny, but this insane death skinny isn’t just ugly, it’s dangerous.

andrea on

I’m seeing a lot of people suggesting we get rid of Uggs. Do you people live where it’s cold?? Uggs are a MUST when it’s so cold outside that you can’t even feel your toes anymore. At that point comfort supercedes fashion. Also, I think if you wear leggins the right way, they can be cute. I agree with the previous post though.. figerless gloves have got to go. I think the whole “rocker/trashy” look has got to go in general. Also, please people.. there is such thing as a brush. Another thing about skinny jeans.. they are cute, but not the ones that are like so tight they could almost look like leggins. There are skinny jeans that aren’t THAT skinny (if that makes sense). Anyway, that’s all I suppose :)

Heather S. on

Ok, I love my skinny jeans and flats. They look great if you wear them right! Think long tops or heels if you’re wearing a regular top. And I love my big sunglasses, but even I will admit those are goofy.
Meanwhile, and maybe this just happens because I’m in KY, but I could live my whole life without seeing people’s rolling, dimpled fat coming out of their clothing. Let’s cover those muffins up, ok ladies!

Dominique on

What needs to go are skinny jeans!! who looks good in those? NO ONE!!!!! so get rid of that style cuz it sucks!

andrea on

I agree with you on that Heather! … and Dominique… some people actually look good in skinny jeans. Like Heather said, you gotta know how to wear em. If you don’t wear them right, they look horrible. I know how to rock em. ;-)

Merissa on

Skinny Jeans must go i hate those i’d never wear that and i’m a slim person 120lbs, 5’9
I just hate those
And i like Paris Hilton by the way esp. her songs Stars are Blind and Turn it up

Jess on

I must aggree with everyone else. I think thoes glasses that cover your whole face are not becoming at all. I think that the skinny jeans people wear okay but the real problem is that most people dont wear them right and it makes their butt sag, no good! I think that Celebritys that try to do stupid things and then complane that they are in the spotlight needs to go! The leggings were no good way back when and for some reason they are in style under skirts and stuff! I think also the thing that buggs me is the style that shows the rolls of your stomach. I know that their are alot of people that look good standing up but almost everyone has rools sitting down. The phrase hott… and the ones that made it popular.

Steph on

well i love
-Skinny jeans (not so hot on some)
-Big sun glasses
-leggings aer so cute(not under shorts? and all you cheepos out there who think they are all cool cause they think they are in style need to look in a miror becasue sitches,sirens,urban behavior yah not in)
-UGGS are so warm and cute(again not the ceep want to be uggs.. i have to addmit uggs are a little over warn but its because cheep stores copied.. ex:Pink fake uggs with flowers on them?)
-Red Lip Stick is soo hott
so for all you people who think those things arnt in anymore.. yeah to bad because those things will be in for a while..sorry.. UGGS arnt ugly and skinny jeans look good.. expcet on the emo people who think they are cool?

Leilani on

Don’t knock skinny jeans just ’cause YOU can’t wear ’em! i look cute in them, and i’ve seen other people look cute in them. it’s just fresh compared to the same old bootcut/flare jeans we’ve ALL been wearing over the last 8 years or so.

Uggs are fine; but moon boots and those bright, plastic croc shoes i see people wearing need to go.

bananaces on

I like most of the fall trends. I don’t like them when people only wear them because they’re popular. Sometimes I see people wearing skinny jeans and their legs look frickin’ stubby and short. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT SUITS YOU! I love leggings (especially with flat boots and a vintage shirt), baby doll dresses, ballet flats (even if i don’t wear them – they make my legs look short and fat), flat boots, oversized bags and shades… Trends that should be ditched are the Michael Jackson gloves (hello LiLo and Parisite) and Uggs.

andrea on

YES!! lol. Crocs. PLEASE get rid of these.

and… kudos to all of us girls that know how to wear skinny jeans and leggins.

also… how about we get rid of boot cut jeans! :) thank goodness they are on their way out anyway (if not out already).

C on

Things I’d be happy to never see again …
fake orange spray-on tans
ankle boots with dresses
bad brown dye jobs like Cameron Diaz
sloppy baglady outfits
big as a car handbags that look like they’ll make their little skinny owners fall right over.

Sarah on

I wouldn’t call Paris or Nicole a trend so I would have to say that the trends I hope to go out of style are white boots, skinny jeans, red lipstick, uggs, crocs and hair extensions. I love ballet flats and am okay with blinging cellphones, oversized sunglasses (as long as you don’t go overboard) and leggings.

Serene on

paris hilton and co, their assortment of extenstions (UGH!), lack of underwear (too much of one thing but not enough of the other?!), can all retire en masse.

there are many other ‘real’ celebs that people can focus on and that we’d actually appreciate reading about!

my vote will also go for skinny jeans. but not for big bags, i love those. i was a big bag fan before they were trendy. oh and i love red lipstick as well.

enough said.

shopoholic on

geez burju what up with the cursin dont b hatin!

i hate hate hate thoose bling cellphone things so dumb so tacky!

jen on

Paris Hilton does not need to go. She is a girly fashionista with a great and cute style, and glamming up her phone is cool. What needs to go are Ugg boots-style isn’t about comfort, and skinny jeans-although some people can wear them. And the celebrities that need to go are Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise-I am sick of them!

jen on

Paris Hilton does not need to go. People are just jealous of her because she’s pretty, rich and famous. She is a girly fashionista with a great and cute style, and glamming up her phone is cool. What needs to go are Ugg boots-style isn’t about comfort, and skinny jeans-although some people can wear them. And the celebrities that need to go are Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise-I am sick of them!

Jen on

Note to Jess- I agree! I love Stars are Blind and Turn it up too! rock on!

orangekrush on

and people. wear long torso’ed shirts with LOW RIDER JEANS.
plumberbum is a public bummer.

Callie on

I sick Of Everyone with hair extensions either be real or grow your hair out

Sarah on

Get rid of:

Skinny Jeans
Skinny almost barfing celebs-models
Head scarfs being used as head bands “axel rose”
Arm Tatoos-bands

ayla on

skinny jeans is beautiful as long as it fits the one who is wearing it. it’s not that bad at all, i like wearing it if u’ll ask me,

Melissa on

I actually don’t really mind Paris and Nicky. They are kind of stupid acting (more so Paris) but that’s the lifestyle of a young person who has no morals, and has access to money 24/7. It’s too bad, paris’s focus is so much on clothing, instead of doing the things that really matter in life….or perhaps becoming a bright, articulate business woman….but everyone goes through what they need to in life, in order to get there.

Axelle Lynne on

I LOVE my skinny jeans, i am lucky that i can wear almost anything that i want. If you wear something that is first of all classy and is the right fit for your body, i think that it is cool. I do not see anything wrong with that. And for all those people saying that it is an old trend…HELLO so are flare bottom pants..back in the days our parents used to call them Belle Bottoms. Life is a cycle, it evolves. Just because you don’t or can’t wear something is not enough of a reason to knock it. Let those who can and want to enjoy it.

Piccyhoeface on

First of all I would challenge SLiz to actually proofread HER post and then she can yank about everyone else’s mistakes and grammar. TYVM.

The trend I would like to see gone forever is the trend of society believing we need to emulate people like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, et. al. They are what they are; 99% of us “regular joes” will never and shouldn’t want to live up to that.

Zen.duh on

cell phones are a great invention. no doubt about that. how a person ‘outfits’ his/her cell phone is a matter of personal taste, would you not agree? mine is black—understated. Ms Hilton is greatly concerned with appearance, and her cell phone garb reflects that. let’s let people have their own style. there’s nothing wrong with having your own preference.

Laura on

I’d like to get rid of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

April on

There is nothing wrong with boot cut jeans. They are the only jeans that are flattering on almost every woman. Skinny jeans and leggings are nauseating, and they need to leave…bring on the boot cut jeans!

yen on

the anorexic look.And red lipstick,theres nothing wrong with wearing that colour but now everyone ones to wear it and its just annoying

andrea on

Thanks for your opinion April. However, I intend to keep rockin the skinny jeans b/c, not to be vain, but I look hot in them, simple as that. ;-) If ya got the body, why not right? .. and after having a baby 9 months ago I think I’m doing pretty good to be able to wear them and look good! :-P

Jande on

– The Whole ” I am not going to eat because I will get fat” has to go. Please, I am sure there is plenty of men in this world that love curvey woman. Get over yourselves.
– Jessica Simpson I am tired of looking at her.
– The Big huge sunglasses [ come on some of you have pretty eyes.]

for the skinny jeans. I love them. Their are pretty much the only jeans I wear.

micheleeee. on

I would like the shrinking celebrity women to stop making being skeletal a trend. EAT A SANDWICH!

Anna on

I like the UGG styled boots, but not the uggs, they make you look like you have cartoon character/mickey mouse feet! They really are great for keeping you warm so that cold wind doesn’t slip in between your shoes and pants. But it looks pretty awful when people ROLL up their jeans just to show them off.

andrea on

I love leggins, but I think leggins worn as pants needs to go. It’s disgusting. You may as well wear a pair of tights/pantyhose with just a shirt. It’s awful. However, leggins worn under a skirt or dress I think is way cute, and if it’s cold outside but you need to wear a dress or skirt for something, it’s nice to be able to throw a pair of leggins on underneath and still be fashionable :)

sam on

nothing.al trends are in! They’re trends. duh

Penni on

Fake hair. Lose the extensions and be real, ladies.

Sarah on

I’m sick of all the divorces, every couple in Hollywood seems to be breaking up, why even bother getting married. I see Tom and Katie’s wedding and all I can think about is all the headlines that will be blaring there divorce in a few months. Something’s wrong in this society, seriously. I think it’s because everyone jumps into bed before they even get to know each other well enough.

Amanda on

The one trend that is finally being noticed is that curves are in! Now if the fashion designers can get this through their heads, we curvier women may be able to find better form fitting fashions! I can’t tell you how many times I have shopped for pair of jeans and my size is always the 1st to go yet there are about 10 pairs of sizes 00-2!!

Mary on

I disagree with Amanda. The trend that needs to go is VANITY SIZING. I hate going into a store and find that a brand’s XS is too big on me, leaving disappointed and empty-handed. Or walk into another store and find that all the size 0s or XS are all gone. Designers need to stop inflating sizes to cater to an overweight America.

Danielle on

I see many posts about assorted styles of pants. My vote is wear the pants that suit your body. Don’t squash yourself into something trendy to prove that you can and don’t worry about what someone else is wearing. Personally, I prefer heels to flats, because the further my bum is from the ground, the better it looks. Red lipstick at a party is nice, but probably not necessary at the grocery store. Huge sunglasses look silly, like you’ve been playing dress-up in your Mom’s things. Finally, here in Canada, Uggs come in real handy.

jc on

retire every trend. lets start fresh

darkangel on

skinny jeans!!! they have really gotta go!! i dont think they look good on anyone….i love leggings though..they look soo cute with mini skirts and/or boots…don’t start fighting now!..everyone has their own opinion!…i would really like MICRO mini dresses to go too..they’re just very short..they can look good with leggings though! …giant glasses make you look like a bug!! they’re not THAT ugly though..i think…kinda cute
..i love blinged out phones too!! very cute…ugs r cute…well not all of them..i still love em!! theyre soo comfy! flats..they good look on some ppl same with red lipstick..well same with almost all the things…you guys need to wear stuff that looks good on YOU…

Rux on


amber on

Tiny sizes the average american is what a size 12, i’m a 7-9 and i have such a hard time finding any pants to fit me, most sizes i find are like 0-3 i mean come on, whats wrong with a little curves?

erica on

In no particuar order:

1. jeans that are 200 dollars
2. shapless little girls style clothes
3. singers trying to act
4. clay aiken
5. the baby as accessory
6. tanning spray
7. pregnant women showing their tummies in shirts that barely cover them, so not sexy
8. shopping in stilettos
9. tracksuits
10. t shirts that double as billboards



K on

Trends that need to disappear:

1. UGG boots. People who wear them with shorts and mini skirts during hot LA summers look seriously stupid.
2. The ginormous sunglasses. They make people look like flies!
3. Skinny jeans–because they do NOT look good on everyone.
4. Low rise jeans. Sometimes they show off way more than anyone needs to see (think thong lines, etc.).
5. Anorexic skinniness. I love women with voluptuous soft curves, like Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson. People who are WAY too skinny look like unhealthy skeletons. I’m not a big fan of Nicole Richie’s, but her thinness scares me. She looks like she has a medical problem.
6. Trashy, overly revealing clothes! I hope Britney Spears is reading this. Showing off tons of skin does NOT automatically mean you’re sexy.

Julie on

Trends that have got to go? The cokehead Kate Moss look. I’m sick of her, and she’s dis-gust-ing! And so is her Bf. If she’s going out of style I hope she takes Paris, Lindsay, Nicole and Britney with her!

katia on

What is wrong with big bags? Even before they came into fashion I could not understand those who use tiny pink handkerchiefs instead of a proper bag! These tiny bags have also tiny little handles …brrrr

Tereissa on

I am so tired of seeing the jeans down to your needs fad. They are not attractive and who wants to see what kind of underwear someone is wearing, pull them up where they are suppose to be.

Carrie on

Oh, I am sooo done with Crocs. Everyone wears them at school. I suppose they’re okay for an extremely casual day and in a neutral color like navy, but everyone has them in neon green or yellow and they don’t go with anything!

I do like skinny jeans, but I only have one pair and it’s going to stop at that. Right now I love those Audrey Hepburn cropped pants but it’s a little cold here in Michigan so they’ll just have to wait until spring :-(

I’m tired of message tees. I have some, but I wear them to bed as pajamas. My parents are the only ones who ever see my message tees. I like those vintage-inspired t-shirts but with an actual design on the front, not a logo from the 70s.

Paris Hilton needs to go. Or, she needs a new look and some humility. I really don’t care what she’s up to or who she’s dating or which club she and Britney Spears went to last night or whether or not she hit Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay’s time is up. She needs to sober up and start working towards that Oscar she wants before she turns 30. I don’t care what Karl Lagerfeld said to her the night before. She hasn’t stepped out in an amazing outfit in a very long time. But I suppose it’s hard to look fashionable when you’re too drunk to look straight.

Margaux on

Out with skinny jeans, leggings, huge glasses, ankle boots and Ugg boots (whoever says they are necessary in cold-weather climates is full of beans. I’ve toughed out Wisconsin winters my whole life and never used anything remotely close to the Ugg boot).

In terms of personalities..let’s PLEASE get over Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Jessica and Nicole.

OH…and anorexia and bulemia are not trends, they are diseases. Since when are diseases supposed to be trendy?? Will eczema and leprosy be the new trend for 2007?

andrea on

i don’t know how durable your body is, but mine can’t tough the cold without uggs. sorry, but i would rather my toes me warm and toasty than not be able to even feel them. i’ll stick with the uggs. that’s when comfort comes before fashion. besides, they’re cute. i’m not into the ones with the little ball thingies and all kinds of strappy things or whatever, just the good ol’ fashion uggs. they’re a must for me and i really don’t care if someone thinks they’re ugly, i’ll still wear em.

i will agree that anorexia and bulimia need to go. i can’t imagine that these 80 lb girls are looking at themselves thinking they’re fat! besides that, it’s good to have a little meat on your bones for crying out loud. look at people like jennifer anistion. she looks amazing. you would think sienna miller would get a clue and START EATING. it’s not attractive.

also, the whole “dumb blonde act” *ahem* (paris hiltion) needs to go. it’s not funny. it’s not appealing to men (if that’s what they’re trying to do). people will genuinely think you’re dumber than a bag of rocks. on top of that, it’s stinkin annoying. quit dumbing yourselves down ladies and talk like you have some brains.

-melanie on

I think skinny jeans should be gone – except for underhigh boots. I think skinny jeans& leggings should be in small sizes only alot of bigger people wear them and it makes them look even worse. I think ballet flats ankle boots and uggs. They dont look nice.


Skinny jeans are popular every were in world almost exept from America. My friend was there in the summer and she said that the Americans is very ugly dressed..I think she may be right

ili on


Victoria on

all of you people commenting about leggins and skinny jeans probably dont have the body to wear them. I absolutely LOVE my skinny jeans! What i would like to see go is those UGGS…now that is a trend to get rid of!

Heather S. on

You are SO right! My size never makes it to clearance, but the racks are toppling over with the big sizes! And all I have to say about this post is that I see some serious fat girl issues. People are right… just because you can’t rock a style doesn’t mean I can’t! There are trends for people your size, just stop complaining about the styles for skinny girls!

Andrea on

yeah that’s irritating. i’ve just had a baby 9 months ago and keep gradually losing weight and i can’t find my size on the racks hardly ever! .. especially at like gap or old navy.. they never have my size on the clearance racks and it makes me so mad. i just bought a pair of skinny jeans and they may as well be loose fit jeans, lol. ah well. anyone know where the best place is to buy skinny jeans? (and reasonably priced as well.) ?

regina on

IT girls, dammit. everybody is ‘it’ already. it’s so boring. go and earn you rep, ladies. and no, i don’t mean by wearing no panties or crashing into paparazzi..

amani on

I would have to say the overtly FAKE look that has risen to fashion supremacy in the last few years. I think we can all do without the tangerine tans, fake ratty hair extensions, and next to nothing in terms of daily attire. I think the natural and casual sexy yet classt look far outweighs the unclassy and fake trends that all the celebs sport. I am not hating jsut stating the obvious, that most women look better in their natural skin and beauty as opposed to imitating the trends of paris, jessica and the others.

with that said, leggings, skinny jeans, ankle slouchy boots(80’s style), fur, have go to go.

Theresa on

i hate the huge sun glasses… it’s like ppl enjoy having bug eyes! and the uggs are so gross. I seriously think they just forgot to finish spelling their name ugg…ly!!!

Chanel on

Midlle Parted hair i hate it!!! Peolpe please side part ur hair it looks soo much better!!!

Sammi on

I am so tired of seeing those bug eyed sunglasses. Take them off the market. Please!

dean on

I think that hard plastic headbands should deffs. go away! They are grtoos and look cheap, i mean, come on now!

Dianne on

I really don’t get why everyone hates uggs so much, they are so comfortable and so cute. PLus there really good when its freezinng outside. But I defintly think skinny jeans should go. They look good on a few people but really bad on most.Another one that needs to go is oversized bags and purses.

Pink Cat on

Get Rid Of Paris and Tell Brit to go home and take care of her babies! Tell them both to put on panties!

Chantel on

parents who dress their daughters up like strippers. and teenz that want to look like them.. blah.. lol

Colleen on

Please, please, please, can we take the lame, boring, sex-crazed reality shows off MTV. Laguna Beach is not quality television. If MTV wants to excel at good, strong television, they seriously have to cancel almost every show they have. Also, product placement HAS to go.

calgon on

There are so many things trends and people who should retire.

1. Celebrities who shoot their mouths off about politics like their opinion counts more.
2. Mixing names together like “TomKat” – and speaking of…
3. Tom & Katie, their relationship, their baby’s age, his insanity
4. Brad & Angelina and all of their self promotion – actually…
5. All celebrities who are do-gooders but have to call a camera crew first. Donate, adopt, help all you want. Just shut up about it and THEN you will be a true humanitarian – not a media ‘ho’
6. Drunken party girls – their names have already been mentioned enough.
7. Making having a child a trend. If you’re not ready or willing to make the sacrifice to actually be a parent then don’t. These are children not props.
8. And on the fashion front…please get rid of low rise pants! I don’t want my backside hanging out and I don’t want to see anyone else’s either!

Sandile on

Paris Hilton, alien looking sunglasses but i do like the skinny jeans.

Lindsay on

I’m tired to see artist partying like teenagers, I’m tired of anorexia and plastic surgery. I’m tired of snob stras. I’m tired of Paris Hilton, finally…

Kristen on

Trends that need to disappear, and stat:

Skinny jeans, leggings, UGG boots [those were out of style two years ago…seriously], fake-looking hair extensions, ankle boots with pump heels, religous fads, having Rachel Zoe as a personal stylist [and the drug habit that seems to follow], extremely skinny women, jeans tucked into boots [sorry, it looks stupid], not wearing undies with a skirt – and then flashing your goodies to everyone, hanging out with Paris Hilton one day and fueding with her the next, and finally, EVERYTHING that Jessica Simpson does and wears.

abi on

I LOVE SKINNY JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE FLATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LEGGINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although I’m not a fan of the big sunglasses, the flashy cell phones or the tiny skirts that result in girls flashing everyone!!!

But please remember that these girls don’t set the trends its others like nicole kidman, kate moss, halle berry, and sienna miller that set the trends that these idiots follow.

why are you focusing on them?

please give me some info on real fashion icons, not immature girls with no purpose or intillect

kate on

Get rid of imitation designer stuff. Don’t get that fake Fendi that has E’s on it instead of F’s or the Coach bag that has G’s instead of C’s.
The fake stuff looks really trashy!

Rebecca on

PARIS HILTON! I think that America has spoken….we are tired of this self obsessed ignorant person. I think it would be impossible to think of one selfless thing this ridiculous girl has ever done…she is way overexposed and everyone is tired of it! WHO CARES ABOUT PARIS!!!!??

Jill on

Sorry people, but aren’t you getting tired of flare and bootcut?? I mean seriously, why not switch it up? skinny jeans are better then those bell bottoms that used to be hip. Or incredibly wide leg’s. I love the skinny jeans. Keep alive the skinny jeans!!!

Jody on

UGGS ARE CLASSIC. Skinny jeans are hot, and leggings are delicious, what’s more; ankle boots are awesome. Just because they are trends doesn’t mean we need to hate on them.
Trends that need to go:
– ponchos…
– stripes and polka dots
– patent heels.. i was stupid and bought a pair, that trend is not going to last.
– the token puffy parka
– those boleros that tie under the boobs. kjsahfhas gross.

ABC123 on

First, please don’t attempt to use the word “intellect” unless you can spell it.

Second, some of you have put comments on here like “who really cares” well, if you REALLY didn’t care you would NOT POST COMMENTS.

Back to the subject, I would have to say that leggings would have to be the thing that has to go.



Sarah on

Skinny jeans TUCKED INTO BOOTS. Nothing from the 80’s is stylish. It was the worst time for fashion. Skinny jeans…maybe…skinny jeans tucked into boots…never

azritj on

1. Fake TAN, -paris are you still doing that^^..
2.skinny jeans= does make you look short and fat,unless ur not wearing high heels

and btw: to all who want big sunglasses to go away…I dont think they will, if you saw ss07 runway shows, they will still stay big in 2007 !

Alice on

Jerry Springer
Reaity TV
Win a million dollars shows
celebrity worship
money worship

AshleyG on

Well…obviously NO ONE likes the skinny jeans…and for them to make them in plus sizes….ok NO….have you seen a plus size….NEVERMIND!!!! The boots that come up to your ankle and are VERY lose!!!! Eww…and well pink and every other color you could think of extentions! I hate trends! >;o/

Chrissy on

I think we’ve all confirmed that we have different styles. It all depends on what you personally can and can’t wear. I only wear skinny pants when I tuck them into boots, that’s the look that works for me. I don’t do leggins because they make my legs look funny, but I have seen plenty of girls that can rock them, it’s just not for me. I love my Uggs and I will probably wear them forever, no matter what the “stars” do.

Anna on

Ewwwww i hate those ugly skinny jeans!!!

dusty on

Get rid of skinny jeans!! Talk about giving girls in high school more of a complex about their bodies. And we wonder why there is an increase in the number of cases involving anorexia and bulemia! These poor poor girls– this is one trend that should go— and go fast!

RJ on

I’m tired of Paris Hilton.

Someone with some taste on

I’m tired of drunk 1/2 naked ex-rock stars and socialites making fools of themselves on a daily basis. Grow up girls!


The whole celeb thing! Really who cares! There are more important issues going on in life at the moment. I would hate to think as a society we have become this superficial that we have indeed brought these meaningless subjects to the forefront.

steph on

i like skinny jeans…they just dont look good on over weight people, everyone else looks great in them :) Paris Hilton is a dying fad though

Stephanie on

ankle boots with a shirt or dress is the WORST thing I have ver seen. I rather be naked….

sarah on

leggings. either wear pants or a skirt. pick ONE, not both.

A on

Let us PLEASE ditch the Paris Hilton trend…ooh, and leggings…but I’d be amenable to people wearing leggings and leg warmers even if Paris would just go away.

Ames on



i love all the cloths and Accessories right now. i love the red lipstick because it makes your teeth look white and it makes you not look washed out. I LOVE NICOLE RICHIE!!!!!!



who cares on

here are the things i hope everybody ditches that i have never worn:
1. Leggings
2. bubble skirts
3. Skinny leg jeans
4. fake tans
5. breast surgery
6. zac efron
7. rap

Somie on

Well personally I think skinny jeans are stupid and make people look wierd, its like 80’s all over again. I also think hair extensions look fake and are a trend that hopefully will not last long, but I don’t think that it’s the celebrities faults that they are ‘sometimes’ style retarded, I mean who can blame them for trying to be different.

Susan Bawden on

So, So, So, sick of Paris Hilton!!!! It’s boring to keep reading about someone with no discernable talent.

Tara on

Everything Jessica Simpson does is annoying. Please take the whole Simpson family and drop them off in the Baltic Sea so we never have to hear from them again!
I would never ever again like to hear someone compare Angelina Jolie to Mother Teresa. The woman is a loony. How can they ever allow a woman to have children that is a cutter? I guess Cambodia and Ethiopia aren’t concerned.
The trend of adopting foreign kids is pretty annoying as well. Babies are not an accessory!

Geena on

let’s retire paris hilton

Bre on

i think copying exactly what other people wear should be out. come on, be your own person…. and what do u all have against nicole and paris, leggings and uggs, and skinny jeans??? o ya, fake tans should go, their gross maybe natural colored skin is actually pretty….

Angela on

Headbands! They’re for elementary school girls!

Jen on

Note to Danielle,
I totally agree! I never find my sizes-1, 3, small, just the sizes for big people and I am sick of it.
And note to Jess and orangekrush- Yes! I love Paris Hilton and her songs “Stars are Blind” and “Turn in up! Rock on!!! ;)

Chloeee on

I think skinny jeans are nice and its easy to fit my boots over top of them.
I HATE HATE HATE HATE hair extensions and fake nails. EWWWWW EWWW EWW. fake nails make your nail bed brittle and unless u cant grow your own (really cant grow them as in they do not come out) then they should be banned.
I love mini dresses and red lipstick
FLATS are here to stay!
some people cant wear heels, im 5’11 and i dont want to be another 2 inches-plus taller just because flats are out!
Flats are a great way for taller girls to dress up their outfits without breaking an ankle or looking like a giant.
ALSO- People who are addicted to bed tanning, what kind of person in their right mind would ruin their skin on purpose?! something is wrong witht hese girls that ignore the scientific facts that prove that tanning is really bad for you, and expensive!
my olive skin is here to stay!
and i loveeeee red lipstick everyone should try to wear it as least once!
–EMO kids. get over yourselves and get soem style, you picking your dirty laundry out of the basket doesnt mean you have a sense of style. most of you are fakes anyway and have great lives but act depressed, your not different anymore, go away.

-- on

NO SKINNY JEANS!!!! THey look so bad on practically everyone! Even some of the celebrities people expect to see looking ultra-chic all the time can’t pull skinny jeans off. And the zippers at the bottom? Please–forget about them, and we’ll all pretend it never happened.

Misty on

UGG boots are UGLY!!!!!!!! that is why they are called UGG boots!

Kimber on

PLEASE we need to get rid of ballet flats, they are disgusting! And Big bows and flower apliques, so eighties.

Crazy8 on

Trends that need to go:

*Trying to look/act like a Celebrity – be yourself
*The “It” status
*The skinny jean (yes, I can’t wear them, but I think there awful still)
*The “HUGE” sunglasses – I have bigger glasses, but not white ones and not ones that make me look like an alien bug
*Have people seen all the versions of UGG’s? Yeah, some are ugly, but some of the new styles are really nice
*I’m wearing leggings right now, so they can stay
*Papparazzi (sp??) needs to become almost non-exsitent – I’m sick of seeing the SAME celebs over and over again…do we really need to know who just came out of the bathroom with whom?? Or who partied with who? I think I’m canceling my subscription to People magazine – then I don’t need to see all the shallow people and things that irritate me so……
*Tabloids need to go!
*having to be skinny and/or trying to be skinny by anorexia and wearing the red band as a sign to the world your an anorexic
*shirts with saying on them….bye bye
*paying millions of dollars to be the first mag to have the baby pics! And basically making the baby and accessory!
*Last, but not least: people picking on other peoples opinions or grammatical errors in these comment areas!- give it up!

meee on

1) skinny jeans. and not because i don’t look good in them myself like some people on here suggest. it just isn’t 1991 anymore.

2) not wearing underwear under short skirts and dresses. talk about unsanitary for the rest of us sitting where you sat last.

3) shirts that are longer than your butt. is it a dress? a shirt? both? i’d like to be able to correctly identify a piece of clothing.

4) leggings. once again, it is NOT 1991.

5) uggs. i don’t care how cold it is where you live, you can find warm boots that actually have style or at least a general shape to them.

maggie on

too-skinny jeans should probably disappear, for the good of all mankind. but moderatly skinny jeans.. like straight ones.. those are keepers. you can still put them into boots, but they don’t give you that bulimic-meth-head-who-just-threw-on-their-old-jeans-from-middle-school look

and sorry paris.. you should have retired a LONG time ago. your like.. soooo 2005! and that’s NOT HOT!

Mel on

I am so over spots! They are way too overdone and there are so many other cool patterns. And stripes!

andrea on

First of all i’d like to say that i like all of the current trends….fashion designers start and end all trends. Even though some trends they parade on the runway are’nt practical, they can all be applied in moderation and look hott. I LOVE leggings and skinny jeans. If you don’t look good in certain trends don’t wear them,but there are always a couple anyone can pull off. The people who comment on hating skinny jeans and leggings are obviously saying this because they can’t pull the look off, and when they see other ladies wearing them on the street they get jealous…..don’t worry girls,you can wear the bubble trends!!!

andrea on

First of all i’d like to say that i like all of the current trends….fashion designers start and end all trends. Even though some trends they parade on the runway are’nt practical, they can all be applied in moderation and look hott. I LOVE leggings and skinny jeans. If you don’t look good in certain trends don’t wear them,but there are always a couple anyone can pull off. The people who comment on hating skinny jeans and leggings are obviously saying this because they can’t pull the look off, and when they see other ladies wearing them on the street they get jealous…..don’t worry girls,you can wear the bubble trends!!!

Sylvia on

What is wrong with skinny jeans?? I love skinny jeans, any one should wear them if they have the body for it…it you have a thin body, then sh!t, skinny jeans look good on you. They should not be out !!!


I’m really tired of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Do these girls actually have talent, or are they just famous for being famous? Do they have fans? I could really care less what they’re doing, how big their rings are and what they ate for breakfast. Enough already.

v on

Paris Hilton. She is neither pretty nor talented so why give her the time of day? Oh yeah, she is rich, I forgot.

teal on

I love skinny jeans, flats, sunglass. But what really needs to go are those bright croc shoes (what is their purpose) and people living through celebs. How cares what they eat at dinner and what time they left the club. And people leave Paris, Nicole, Jessica, Lindsay, and all the others alone. You may not approve of how they live their life and you may not think that they have talent but the fact still remains that you come to this site daily and pick this magazine off news stands and still read about them.

Florence on

how about getting rid of Paris Hilton?!!!!!!!

Joy on

skinny jeans must stay! I love them :)

Angela on

The title is What Trends are YOU ready to retire, so if you don’t wear skinny pants, you don’t need to retire that item. Skinny pants do not flatter my body, so I don’t wear them, but they look cute on the right body frame with boots. I’ve hated large glasses from the beginning, so I don’t have to worry about that trend either. Clothes that are too loose fitting or too tight. I still have a belly I have to work on, see something I like, but it just doesn’t flatter me.
Off topic, some of this stuff, like the jersey dress, vests, & jumpers, I haven’t worn since high school or junior high (early to mid 90’s).
Angela :)

Ashley on

Hmmmm………..Computer talk. Hello, does anyone know how to spell anymore. It’s just plain laziness. You don’t have to get the pen and paper anymore, just type. Please. Also, I have to say, I love the Uggs. They are supposed to be ugly. Sometimes you have to sacrifice fashion for warmth.
Things that need to go: Skinny jeans, ballet flats, leggings. Leave Paris and her posse alone. They are who they are. You can’t get rid of people, especially when we created them and keep adding feul to their fire.

Leah on

I love Ugg’s and Skinny Jeans
Uggs are good because they are comfy and cute and great at keeping your feet warm. also, they come in a variety of colors prices sizes and styles. which means that unless you like absolutly despise them, theres a pair for everyone. and skinny jeans… if ya got it ya should definatly flaunt it. no offese to bigger boned people but if you dont fit into them dont buy them they wont look good on you and they probolby would not fit comfortably!:)

Carrie on

Who cares if the trend is in or out… Why can we just express our selves the way we want to?

abc123 on

Ok…the purpose of this topic is to share your opinion(s) on what trends are to be retired (or not). So obviously whoever created this topic cares enough about it (and so do we) or else we would not be discussing it. No one said don’t wear what you want, but if you don’t care then you really don’t have to write a comment about not caring. Honestly, if you didn’t care, you would have not felt the need to comment.

Ariel Lyn on


Even though my friends look good in them
they need to go they are only for people who have toothpicks for legs.


my mother was wearing those when she was a teenager stop bringing trends back from the past!!!!!

debdeb on

if Paris Hilton has it , i use that as a sign that i dont need it. she’s over rated, and overestimates her importance in the world.

alina on

TO EVERYONE THAT POSTED!!! it doesin’t matter what u all SAY!! or want. people r still going 2 wear skinny jeans,
leggings,big sunGlass’s ANYWAY!! they don’t care what u or anyone think’s about what they wear. and I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!! so u all better get use 2 it BRITNEY’S HERE 2 STAY!!!!! but can we get rid of “k-fed”?? he’s a stupid
GOLD$$$DIGGER!!!!! and nothing more. hee hee.


paris hilton. i just love her. she absolutely doesn`t have the “natural” beauty, but DAMN how sure she is about herself! that`s the reason why everyone adores her. even those fat ugly losers who`re sayin that “ou, she`s stupid uh, she`s slut and oh…” i say, they`re jealous. and pathetic, of course.

Morena on

I think that we should totally get rid of Leggings for older women. I think that they look great on teens and kids, but I have seen some grown folks wearing them,and it didn’t look right! Please people let’s leave this to the kids and teens.

Colleeniee on

Uggs are sooo cute and comfy andd warm…….people who dont like them have no style and are just jealous cuz uggs dont look good on them. leggings are also cute if warn with cute skirts, dresses, or long tops. dont wear them if your insecure about your legs, and DONT wear them in any color other than navy, dark gray, black, or brown. if you do you look ridiculous. i LOVE ballet flats they look good with everything and they are comfortable i dont understand why so many people dont like them…whats wrong with ballet flats?? and i dont wear skinny jeans cuz im only 13 and 5″ so i would look stupid and they would NOT look good on me but on celebs i think they look cute. but ill always be wearing my good ol’ stretch hipster flare jeans!

Maci on

There are alot of styles that have to go!! Including Skinny jeans and ballet flats!! NOT GOOD ON ANYONE!! And i think that paris needs to go!! THANKS!!

Jessica tomasula on

ok first of uggs are so cute u might not like them because you cant affored them ok i can and skinny jeans there ok only with some things cant ware dark jeans with a light color shirt also leggings i no ware i go to school you have to ware leggings with minny skirts i do hate when people ware them just by them selfs ok and dont judge people when u dont no them like jessica s just because magazines say stuff about her dose not mean any thing ok also i love uggs and skinny jeans and over sized sun glasses and purses so get over it u guys are all losers get a life

Nicole on

I agree with most people. Uggs need to go. I don’t care how comfortable they are, they are terrible! I mean really, your bathrobe is comfy as well, but I don’t see it becoming a trend. It’s not about the money, there are tons of Ugg knock-offs, if people actually wanted the boots. Now really, Jessica(from the previous comment), considering your terrible spelling and the fact that you have a dress code at your school, you are probably too young to even grasp the concept of fashion, so don’t blame others for their awareness.

Dorez on

Let’s retire the media’s obsession with so-called celebrities who are only famous for being rich or for their rich parents etc.

Low-rise jeans. Only the tiniest of teenagers can pull off that look. But it’s dated now. So, let it go.

And I agree with you about those blinged-out phones. They need to be recycled.

– Dorez

Taylor on

Well i think that most of you are -WRONG-
.Skinny jeans look great if worn properly(but not on boys)
.I love leggings.I fink they look really nice under shorts and skirts
.Ballet pumps(flats) are cute and look great with almost every outfit (in the right colour obviously)
.I dont really like the bright red lipstick but i suppose everyone is entitled to there own opinion
.Ugg boots are great and perfect to keep your feet warm in the winter and make you look great to

Stephanie on

OR, we could stop with these stupid trends and instead wear what each individual wants to wear. If someone wants to wear skinny jeans, so be it. That doesn’t mean you have to wear it. You can only change your own opinion, so why attempt to influence others in your direction when it’s not neccesarily going to happen?

Mako on

All trends stink. Wear what you LIKE, people.

cris on

get over yourselves. i’ll wear whatever i want. if i feel like wearing my skinny jeans, uggs, or leggings then so be it. who are you to judge? and get over celebs if it weren’t for people like you then they wouldn’t be famous. so whos to blame? all you people who buy into that. READ A BOOK!

Emma Watson's #1 Fan on

I don’t care if something is not “in”. I wear what I like, what I find attractive. Could we get rid of Paris Hilton though?

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