Fantasy Gifts: What We'd Buy Britney For Her Birthday

12/02/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

It’s been quite a month for Britney! Filing for divorce, hanging out with Paris, and now she’s celebrating her 25th birthday today! We actually have a few thoughts on what gifts to get her, you know, if we had unlimited budgets and were actually friends with her. Anyone who fits those qualifications, feel free to crib from us! (Paris, we’re talking to you.) What would you get Britney?

1. Looks like Britney has worked hard to get her body back post-baby No.2, so how about some new workout gear like this Skull Fleece Juicy Couture tracksuit and these adorable pink Adidas sneakers? And if she wants to listen to cuts from her upcoming album, she could put a new Ipod Shuffle into these Everlast groove shorts, complete with an Ipod pocket.

2. Now that she has two little boys, she is going to need some more mommy supplies. We think she’d love these colorful Diapees and Wipees bags and this ultra-luxe Miabossi diaper bag to put them in.

3. We love that Britney is back to blonde! To make sure her hair is always perfect, why not give her a kitschy No More Bad Hair Days Kit? And since she’s been sporting headbands like her BFF Paris, we’d give her this chic metallic one from Jennifer Behr and this Chick by Nicky Hilton headband (just to keep it all in the family.)

4. And to welcome her new house guests, how about candles to make the place feel cozy? These Zents candles in relaxing Sun and warm Fig are pretty and yummy. And we’d stock her guest bathroom with these great kits from Kiehls, featuring mini sizes of all their classic bestsellers.

Test your knowledge of the Birthday Girl by taking our pop quiz. Study up by reading all about Britney in Off the Rack by clicking here.

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Gina on

How about getting her some PANTIES?

Amanda on

Better question: what are you going to get ME for MY birthday?

c.c. on

A stylist!

Claudia on


Linda Warrenbrand on

I think that Britney is in need of an assortment of undergarments.
I would give her undies with the day of the week printed on the front to help her stay organized!

bilibilouba on

Panties !!! This one is way too easy !

Alia on

your ideas are really great.. im going to steal some of them.ok so here goes
What I’d get Britney for her birthday?

1-since its her favorite designer at the moment I’d get her some of these (i dont mean it in a rude way)

2- A Diapees & Wipees bad in Sorbet Disco Dots

3-Given her love of romantic novels I’ll get her PS, I Love You by Cecilia Ahren

4-She seems to ba going out a lot lately so how about a YSL 2-in-1 bracelet + makeup

5-Zents candle to make her current place feel like a home in ORE

6-A scrap book including pictures of all those speacial britney moments from the baby one more time vid, the VMAs performances, crossroads premieres, pics with her babies, to her current single party girl status

jaja on


cheri on

What would I give her? A pair of clean underpants, definitely. Poor thing…

Laura on

I think the obvious gift would be underwear.

Kristy on

I think everyone should get her a pair of panties and a real big reality check.. Britney.. where are your kids?? the nanny should never be mistaken for the mommy.. I understand that you want to have a good time, but showing off the “goods” and partying all night when you have 2 babies at home is never a good idea.

Shannon on

Some underwear.

SenseinKY on

What she needs is some class and to fade back in the woodwork.

liza on

i’ll give her a lot of panties for sure :D

Kristin on


Michele on

UNDERWEAR!!!!…. she obviously needs them

Michele on

Um, for Britney’s birthday, I would give her suitable undergarments and Dr. Spock’s book about raising children. Oh wait, you actually have to BE with the children in order to raise them. Nevermind.

Debby Atkinson on

I would have to recommend some parenting books for Ms. Spears. Her night-life activities do not reflect the standards of a good mother. It’s a tragedy that two young children will suffer the effects of another self-indulged media personality.

Lala on

I would definitely get her some new panties,but I’m not sure if she would wear them….

Frieda on

I would give her some underwear.

Lisa on

The best to get her at this point is some panties. :)



Jenn on

I would buy Britney some panties and some Class.

I dont have anything against the woman, but flashing herself to the paparazzi is very untasteful. (Especially for someone who has kids!)


I would buy her a pack of panties. Not any kind of panties: Victoria Secret panties, so that she can be sexy and cover up her parts that have been all over the news. Sorry Brit I’m happy your back, but please where PANTIES!!!

Stephanie on

Well for Britney’s birthday, I think I would be happy to buy the girl some underwear since she obviously doesn’t seem to own any!

Jessica on

I’d get her a bunch of panties and some common sense.

Monica-la-Mitraille on

A good book of HOW TO BE A GOOD MOTHER

cara on

Since one cannot buy her class, that is off the list; instead, though I would give the girl a piece of cloth to cover her sagging boobs. Not sexy at all.

Courtney on


I’d get her some cute clothes that are both sophisticated and sexy.

I hope she has fun today!

Margaux on

Yeah, I would also give her a pack of panties and a big dose of class.

I’m just wondering how a mother of two has so much time to go out partying every single night?



anna on

OMG ….britney is becoming so gross..what happened? she is worse then ever going clubing with no panties on is nasty ……

Jake on

How about an all-expenses paid one-month stay at a convent so she can get her life’s priorities back in order!

rakel on

I´d give her some peace to do her thing.

O'Wryly on

Some panties … better taste in “friends” … some humility … a smattering of class … some maternal advice. I have to say though, I’m truly beginning to wonder if she even WANTS her children. Given her performance as a mommy since becoming one, I think that maybe she is just not cut out to be one and secretly hopes that they’ll be taken away from her. Sure, she would play the outraged indignant put-upon mommy for 5 minutes for the sake of appearance and the media, then she’d run off to another soiree with Paris and be over it. I just don’t think she has what it takes to raise happy, healthy children since she is so obviously troubled in so many areas herself.

Lizzie on

Panties, common sense…and a stylist!

Jo on

Um, how about a turtle neck? Time to cover up, buttercup.

karrie on

Since it seems Britney will be bombarded with undies, I think People should arrange a group playdates and invite women like Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani or Reese Witherspoon, who all seem to be grounded and good parents. For pete’s sake even Shanna Moakler seems to have it together. Next time she has girls over for dinner–like in the video recently featured on People–she should invite Britney.

Britney really needs someone other than Paris Hilton & Co., to reach out to her as a mentor and a friend.

Jrock on


A on

Since she already has enough money for all the material things she could want, I would like to give her something money can’t buy: a clue.

Karen on

I’d give her a huge hug. It’s amazing how one 25 year old can inspire so much hate, jealousy and envy in the press and public.

Mark on

I wish her nothing but total happiness. She’s human and she can do what she wants to. The haters are jealous. She’s perfect, sexy, and a very talented singer. I can’t wait for her comeback in 2007. Britney I love you. And keep on doing what you want and don’t listen to these people saying to give you panties. Do what ever is comfortable to you. Love you.

Jicara on

FIRST, everyone chip in and buy her some UNDERWEAR!!!! For goodness sake, I think that everyone will agree that the last thing a MOTHER should be showing is the actual area the children she has came out of. SECOND, lets give her some psychologist sessions because if she was with K-Fed, broke up and now is with Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohen partying and doing lude acts, then she needs some COUNSELING!!!! Come on, she needs to straighten up and be a mother to those children!!!! She needs to stop thinking about herself and think more about those children that depend on her. I’m sure if the newest addition could talk he would tell her that he doesn’t like to drink milk tasting like Johnny Walker! As my last comment, I will say that maybe the above is worthless and we should just hope that brain transplants become successful!!!

lg on

I’ll give her some class and she’s in need of a stylist like yesterday.

tina on

It looks like britney’s fans are losing respect for her. I wonder why?….jeeeeeez

carol on

I would give Britney a nice day at the spa,it sounds like it’s been a very stressful month for her with everything going on. Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t take care of herself to the contrary she should take care of herself so she can take care of her children.Also just because she is a mom doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t go out and have fun there is nothing wrong with having fun ladies so lay off Britney let her have her fun…. Happy B-Day Brit!!!

jessica on


Amber on

OOOOOOh if I was her friend I’d so get her one of those items you mentioned like the Ipod Shuffle, Diapees and Wipees bags(the polka dot ones are so chic), No More Bad Hair Days, Chick by Nicky Hilton headband & kits from Kiehls all sound like great gifts for her.

25 yrs old and already a mother of two, wow she has definitely accomplished so much in her life already; and thats just amazing.

Arianne on

i’ll give her underwears!

Sandi H. on

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the love of god if your going to get a gift for somebody who has children, DO NOT give them a gift for their children or to help them with their children. GIVE them a gift that THEYYYYYYYYYY would want. Think of her as a person on their bday not a person whos a mommy on their bday. I’ve experienced getting gifts for my kids, and I’m just like they get gifts all year round. I just wanted one day where I would get gifts I would want, not the kids/ for the kids.

Sandi H. on

Seriously get over the panty thing. How would you feel always being put down by your husband and stuck with the kids all the time, and your status as pop princess slowly going away because your husband ‘thinks’ he is actually a good rapper but really stinks. Of course you would want to make up for allll the time that you missed being able to smile and have fun and party, I’m sure this is just a spurt of relief and saying I’m back (going to be a little rusty at first and make some bad choices, but go back to the way she was when she was the pop princess).

Courtney on

I also agree with Karen!!

Heather on

My first thought matches the rest of you: PANTIES!

Tabitha on

I would give her some class, new friends, and definitely a better stylist!!! And don’t forget a good swift kick in the @$$!

Allusen on

What I want to know is where are the pictures of her flashing the paparazzi? No one has seen them, and therefore none of you can actually say that it happened. Do any of you know what she does all day? Are you watching her at home at all hours?

Shut up and quit being rude. This was supposed to be a nice thread about her birthday and you all turned it into a trash talking session.

Happy Birthday, Britney. You are a good person, even if other people are rude and judgemental.

Andrea on

Um.. actually Allusen, the pics are posted ALL over the internet, as well as (with certain parts blurred of course). Do some research. Also, considering the way she is acting as of late, it is only expectable that people are going to talk. She has shown herself to be extremely irresponsible, and quite trashy. She has 2 babies at home that she leaves every night so she can go out, party and get plastered, and flash her goodies to the world. It is her fault people are talking about her in a negative light. If she wishes that people not do that, maybe she should clean up her act a bit, starting with being a Mother.

Back on subject. Hm.. For her Birthday.. I would have to say that I would get her a sytlist of course, a few parenting books, a few counseling sessions to overcome her party addiction, some panties, new friends, class, some yoga classes and i suppose a day at the spa is in order. She needs to discover other things that make her happy besides galavanting around with Paris and Lindsay and partying all night long. There are other methods of happiness out there.

karen on

i would give britney a good STYLIST coz da girl haz 2 many fashion misses dan hits but she’s a pretty girl and i cant hate her since shes dumped that golddiggin husband of hers 4 good its about time dat she realized dat he alone wanted her for her MONNEY.

Shar on

OK. I am not THAT Shar. At first, I was happy she dumped K-Fed…thinking how he has children and is partying all over the country and then I see she is doing the same thing also. No use fighting over who is worse…the mom or the dad…but right now, I feel extraordinarily sad for the children. From their actions, it seems like the children are pawns in what may be a very ugly divorce. I hope they can get over this, get on with their lives, and grow up the way that Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards did…no matter how horrible Sheen seemed, i give him props for saying that he is happy his children have Richie Sambora in their lives.
Hopefully, whatever happens, K-Fed and Brittney can get over this time in their life and accept new partners in each others’ lives and wish the best, for the sake of their children.

And, yes, before reading all of the entries before me…I also thought…Panties.

Rylee on

A BRA!!!!!

jennifer on

How about a very good BRA and some panties, also some knee
length skirts to keep Brit looking like the beautiful girl
that she is.


I would get the girl some underwear. She has been lookin not so stylish these days. Maybe a new wardrobe.

Sofia on

Britney, Happy birthday hon! Now that you got rid of the Federline (and thank goodness for that), could you please keep getting your act together and STOP getting derailed in the Paris Hilton black hole? If you want sole custody of your kids, what is the judge going to think of you if he/she sees that you’re partying as hard as Kevin? Britney, you are a MOTHER now. Grow up. It’s time to GROW UP. Show some responsibility, get back in the studio, take care of your kids, and please, dress appropriately. Be sexy, not slutty. Show some class, girl. You were great before, you can be great again.

laisa on

i will give her some panties!!!!

shopoholic on

wow from what i have seen and read …Panties it is

M on

i agree.. get Britney Spears some PANTIES, please!! She’s a mom, should be a better example than that..

Jo on

seems she’s going to receive a supply of panties enough for the next 10 years…

Jenn on

Britney seems like a nice person when you hear the interviews, and sure she may need some her time after filing for divorce, but you would think she would spend it somewhere else, other than Vegas, with someone who people dont already think of as a bad influence.
And you would think too, that she would dress more appropriatly for a mother of two. Just because you are a mom doesnt mean you have to cover up completely, but you dont need to go out dressed like a skeeze either.
I wish her all the luck in the world to find what it is in life she is looking for. And maybe now that she is getting a divorce she will be able to find that and maybe some peace too.

Jenn on

And I would give her a word of advice for her birthday:
“Britney you are a beautiful person, now its time to put on some decent, (yet still sexy) clothes and get your life together.”

Listerino on

>SenseinKY | Dec 2, 2006 8:23:25 AM
>What she needs is some class and to fade back in the >woodwork.

Right on! Totally agree.

How about giving her a stylist that can do a total overhaul – she needs underwear, less trashy clothes and a decent haircut code red!!!

Jade on

The girl doesn’t need hugs or prayers. She and her publicists know exactly what they are doing by flashy her bald fanny around. It’s all just a ploy to boost her publicity, and just you watch, she’ll get even more famous. Didn’t Paris Hilton? Either way, I’m not buying her CD, I never have.

beth on

I think what Britney really needs is an agent/representitive! Someone to keep her naked ass in line – point out things NOT to do if she is trying to have a career comeback and is in a custody battle! I’m glad to see that she spent her b-day with Sean Preston at the zoo, but what about Jayden? That poor baby needs his mama, not grandma or a nanny, or some marine security guard. I wish I could show her how blessed she is, anhow she is just wasting this precious time in her childrens’ lives.

j on

bday present ideas for brit:
mothering skills

Elda on

Britney i still love you girl but you need to slow down on certain things and cover up some things. Common mija I know you love you yourself more than that! I would give you a HUG for Christmas!!!

andrea on

Jade, I fully agree with you on this. Isn’t it sad that you can become MORE famous by galavanting around pantiless showing your goods to the world? Odd world we live in.

P.S. I’ve never bought any of her cds either. I personally think her music sucks.

Merissa on

Well i’d get her 1. Pride/Class
2. New Stylist (makeup and hair)
3. Underwear (cause she seems to have none)
4. Friends (cause if she’s hanging with paris then she must not have anyone else…….they probably turned their backs on her……..poor thing)
5. A book on parenting

Jen on

Give that woman a bra she doesnt wear one!

Lacey on

I would give her a break thats all she needs. She is now going to be a single mother, whos getting over a divorce, you people act like you’re saints. So you feel you can pick on her because why? so someone has a picture of her without underwear im sure she has lots of them. Not saying its rather nice to not wear them but oh no she made a mistake. Honestly people get off your high horses. Shes someone who was married to a not so perfect person, and was pretty much pregnant for the last 2 years so shes gonna go out and have a good time(week) for her birthday, good for her. Happy Birthday

Jackie on

How about a class on parenting skills? God knows she could use it!

marnie lilian on

maybe panties yeah panties

Melissa on

How about a stylist. The girl does not know how to dress well. It’s like as if she looks in her closet, and just throws a bunch of items together, and if it looks slutty, then its a winner….Oh and some birth control pills, and maybe an education. Please Britney do something with your hair, and stop acting like a hoochie mama!

Sheila on

A Self Help Book on how to keep good company.

zen.duh on

I feel bad for Ms Spears. She could do or be just about any worthwhile thing she wants, yet she so often seems to choose a low, low road. I’d give her one of the new, trendy-but-true-to-the-text Bibles. A famous songwriter wrote: “All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life.” that’s what i want for her.

stacy on

a decent fella perhaps? i dont have a problem with britney at all and i think she has done so well getting shot of mr no good but she seems a bit blind when it comes to choosing a man.

Megan on

How about buying her some panties considering shes been in alot of public places with no panties on!

KDJ on

She needs a swift kick in the butt for her birthday. She is an absolute disgrace and so is her friend, Paris. I have a 14 year old that acts more mature than both of them put together.

sharon on

CLASS! Which she is surely lacking.

Destiny on

get her lots of spa gift certificates!

isabelle on

I first want to wish brit a Happy Birthday. As a mother myself i just want to say every parent deserves some time for them selfs. You go girl, Enjoy your freedom and keep being a good mom to those precious baby boy’s. Just keep your playtime safe and classy.Good luck with life.My gift to brit for her birthday is good health and happy life.

chopsueyluey on

A giant high-five for getting rid of the Mister. It won’t be an easy road, but at least you’ve lost the dead weight. Best of happiness :O)

Tricia on

Can’t forget the Underwear!

Elisa on

I think everyone should just let Britney get more loose.LOL
Besides, she is young and cute!


jess on

How about some jewelries? HUH SHE LIKES THOSE!!

(why do you people have to be sooooo mean????)

Latoya on

I would give the girl some panties,a new hairdo,fresh makeup, and a new style period and a new stylist.

Ally on

Ummm…..maybe a LIFE!

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