Is Tom Taking Fashion Cues From Katie?

12/01/2006 at 04:00 PM ET

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (and baby Suri!) are returning home from their honeymoon, rested after their lavish nuptials in Rome. Katie is in step with the island spirit in her floral halter, and Suri is adorable as ever in her all-white. But Tom . . .he looks like he might subconsciously be taking fashion cues from his new bride — his black buttondown under white blazer is awfully remiscent of Katie’s black and white suit that she wore in Paris in October. Is it just part of married life to blend your styles, or should Tom stick to his own taste? Tell us: What do you think of Tom’s look?


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Patty on

I think they all look great!

Lindsey on

I think that they look good – Katie more then Tom…but he does look more like her bodyguard then her husband…

Vonnie on

Personally, I blended my style with my husband’s, and I know a lot of other couples who have done the same. I think it’s nice. They look well put together, like a family. Not a fan of either of them, but I hope for the best.

Maya on

Whatever he wears, Tom will always be sexy:)

Bunky on

I think Katie’s still wearing the pants.

Also, she’s like 3 feet taller than he is. He needs to poof his hair more to even things out.

janedoe1083 on

I think it’s really sweet! As different as they may be, I find their sense of style to be very tasteful. I think it comes from Katie, she’s always been classy!

J on

I think that tom has been in a whole new element with Katie than before. I think that it is just expected that he blend his style with his wife while he is in the swing of new things.

Pearson on

I like the style Tom has had recently a lot. I think you are going to see more of it in fashion circles shortly. He’s definately a trend setter and the black shirt with the white jacket is awesome. I noticed in his wedding shots the use of vests with his suits too. A very good look to bring back if you ask me. They sure are a beautiful family. I wish them allthe best.

liz on

I think it’s just a freakin’ black button-down shirt with a basic white blazer. Who cares if Katie wore a similar outfit months ago; people have always worn black and white. This is not even worth talking about. Seriously? Black and white was Katie’s idea? Shut-up!

Michelle on

Tom and Katie look great together. I think maybe Katie is helping Tom dress just like every guy’s gal!! :) There’s always a woman behind a stylishly dress man…right women! Hopefully they won’t let the media get in the middle of this relationship!!

Eli on

Suri is ADORABLE!!!

Jordan on

IT’S TOM CRUISE PEOPLE!!! HE LOOKS GREAT IN EVERYTHING! Katie Holmes’ black under white ensemble from last month was absolutely ravashing on her! She looked (and looks) beautiful!

Haley on

He is SUCH a tool, I absolutely cannot stand him anymore… what the heck does Katie see in him? She looks cute as always, he looks like a guy with short-man syndrome.

Leisa Maree on

Love them both – they look great… Tom always looks incredible and Katie is beautiful.

Brenda on

I don’t think he’s copying Katieā€”I think he has fellow Scientologist John Travolta in mind!!

Elisa on

Tom ‘s still hot ! I like his outfit…Katie ‘s stunning and baby Suri ‘s the most beautiful happy baby I’ve ever seen! I love them

Renee on

Katie looks SO great!! It looks like she got a great tan, it fits her well. She’s just glowing!

Tom, on the other hand… even though it kills me to admit it, he’s still an attractive guy, but he drives me crazy!! He’s just over the top lately, and I have lost all respect for him.

Heather S. on

Suri is the most beautiful baby every! Too bad her parents are so wildly annoying.

katefan on

I dont think Tom is channeling Katie with his outfit. Its a beige jacket anyway -not white. Tom, Katie and Suri look wonderful. Tom has always dressed classy, and Katie always has too. They are adorable together.

diana on

he looks quite sexy in blue jeans and much more relaxed

Kelsey on

I think he looks fine in this.
The only think I want to know is…
why are you guys freaking out about how short he is?
He’s always been short.
& NO! he’s not three feet shorter than Katie, more like 1 or 2 inches!
Some people here are really retarded.

Heather on

Everyone has different taste in men but I still think Tom looks great. I hope he can get back to looking like the M.I. 3 guy he was really good looking in that movie. Except for the glasses (but I am not a fan of big glasses) Kate looks great too and I hope she starts acting again. Suri is a cute baby. I wish them all the best and hopefully the media will leave them alone for a while and let them be a family.

Anne on

He has aged and put on some weight in his face, and what is going on with his hair? Katie looks burdened, physically and emotionally, kinda strained looking but it could be just the shot. Just an all around strange situation.

pam on

who care about tom or katie? the real star here is SURI! How cute is she!!! I think I like her the best of all the new babies on the hollywood scene. I mean all babies are angels, but she is my favorite!!

lisa on

i love her bag! does anyone know the designer?

Melanie on

I LOVE her sunglasses- anyone know what brand/make they are? I want them!!

Korla on

Is it just me; or does their baby look slightly asian?

Soledad on

I think Katie looks good. Hopefully someday she look even better on her own and realize she doesn’t need Tom. I simply think she is blinded by a fantasy and her childhood fantasies but someday that fantasy just may end so watch out Katie!!!

CD on

Does anybody else think that Suri looks nothing like Tom or Katie. Also, she must be going to be tall like her mother as she’s awfully big (long) for a six-month old. She’s still a cute baby though.

Cate on

Please find out the designer of her bag! I love it!

JHC on

Why do they all have the EXACT same hair colour? That’s just TOO much togetherness!!!

Elda on

A beautiful family was my first thought when i saw this picture, I wish them the BEST!!!

Megan on

I think they all look adorable!! I think Tom’s outfit is relaxed, it is nice, and Katie shirt is adorable, and Suri IS adorable

Erin on

I think he should get a haircut – it might make him look less like Katie’s dad and more like her husband.

Jenna on

Who cares about Tom. Does anyone know the bag she is holding

Aymee on

I think they look wonderful together! Both are beautiful people including their child.

mia on

Personally I think he is dressing very young for his age. He looks like he is trying to dress like her ex Chris Klein. He’s an old fart and she will grow old of him soon. What are the odds makers saying about the success of their marriage..something like 30-1

Robin on

They all look so great! What an adorable family!

Angela on

that is NOT a white jacket. It looks classy.

Deborah Bouma on

I think they get fashion cues from each other. You can see they have fun togehter! Deborah

Kaye on

Just let them be happy! And just let then wear WHATEVER they want to wear! Be happy when people are happy together! It is good karma!

meg on

fashion-wise, they’re ok. katie especially.

however, i’m still disturbed at katie how carries a somewhat humongous bag WHILE holding suri. i know some women who can do it, but with katie, it’s awkward. maybe she could’ve slung the bag over her shoulder at least, so she can support suri more. or tom could’ve carried the bag for her.

just my 2 cents of opinion.

still, cool bag though (this is a fashion poll, after all).

Lisa on

Suri is a beautiful baby! That said I think that Katie looks way older than her 27 years in just about any picture taken of her since she hooked up with Tom! Katie your young and attractive . Dress It!!! not like a 35 plus year old!

audrey on

Tom cruise has always dressed up really nice, ever since the Top Gun days, he always look ravishing in any pictures i saw, unlike katie, she was just a starlet , who looks very common and ordinary when she was still with Chris klein until she hooked up with Tom Cruise, instantly she was out looking very classy, im sure its because Tom Cruise is providing a fashion stylist for her and a personal shopper so she would look elegant and they would look fit together as the then girlfriend of ravishing Tom.

j on

what a fantastic picture of them. i’m as sick of these two as everyone, but they look GREAT.

Kaye on

YSL Rive Gauche Bag ……… that’s Katie’s bag.

I think that it is made of Ostrich Leather so its waaay more expensive than the others in the same model. Check for this bag. Its about $ 1,500 a piece.

Mintie on

As a couple I really like the way they look; colour coordinated, good fashion sense.
Suri is 8 months old, for those that think that she is too big; and she definitely has her dad’s eyes.
Tom is getting ready to play a senator on his next movie; you know how most of them (senators)look: heavy with funny hair.

Baylie on

I think that Tom’s jacket and shirt look girlie. I wouldn’t have worn those colors with blue jeans. Looks like they were the only clothes he could find at Walmart that fit him. Was he shopping in the men’s section?

Marge on

They look great together as a family………..although the baby does look a bit asian…… wonder they didnt want the press to see

Denise on

Who cares if they match? They are in love, have an adorable baby and a bright future. All you jealous people out there want to bash him for jumping on Oprah’s couch. . . give me a break. I don’t know one single woman who wouldn’t give up her closet full of shoes, stash of chocolate and all the chick flicks in the northern hemisphere to have a gorgeous, rich and available man declare his love like that. Everyone needs to get over themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa on

I think Katie or Kate- whatever has been really pushing the envelope with fashion lately. Normally, she looks well dressed; young, and age appropriate. But now, she looks flashy, and like she is trying to fit in with people like that played out spice girl…..I think her and Beckham are ridiculous as a couple. I mean, come on, give it up! You guys are not God’s gift to anyone! Get over yourselves already!

zen.duh on

why-y-y-y is “Tom’s look” of importance to anyone other than Tom and his wife? Children are being stolen and forced to be soldiers elsewhere in the world. Tom looks fine and let’s move on to what’s important.

KJ on

I think they are an adorable couple and Suri is so precious. Tom is a nice looking guy and I like his different style of clothing but his hair always looks greasy. To me, he looks much better with short hair. But, if Kate likes it like that – who am I to say what looks best? I wish them lots and lots of happiness together!

sharon on

What is up with his hair? Is it fake or what?
Suri is such a cute baby, tho. :)

robin on

i have lost alot of respect for tom crusie,but i am glad to see he is dressing better, with the suits. now if he can only ditch wearing those tight jeans all the time. i like the way the real hollywood stars dressed tears ago, like Clark Gable not that was class.

benji on

tom is bad in this pic

Me on

Tom will ALWAYS look hot.
And Katie will always

They look absoultly GRE-AHH-T!

Candace on

More of a question than a comment. I love the sunglasses Katie is wearig but do not know the designer\style. If anyone knows pls. post as I would love to find a pair. Thank you

dusty on

I think Tom looks good. What I actually want to comment on is the baby… she totally looks just like Tom! SO cute! :)

night on

Tom’s outfit is not bad, but his hair looks strange, and married life must suit him, as he has gained a bit of weith in the face.

Jess on


Nikki on


nicole on

Tome Cruise is one of the ugliest heffers i have ever seen.
maybe thats because im 16 and only old women like him?
hmm guess ill never know.

Monica on

Does anyone know who the designer to katies glasses Im going crazy trying to figure it out.

Monica on

The designer to Katie Holmes sunglasses is Roger Vivier a legenadry shoe designer you can get them a Saks Fifth Avenue the # is (212)940-2298.

Monica on

The deigner to Katie Holmes glasses is shoe designer Roger Vivier you can purchase the glasses at Saks Fifth Avenue the contact # is (212)940-2298.

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