Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

11/30/2006 at 02:30 PM ET

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

Not a very eventful episode — or at least not as eventful as I hoped it would be. The episode kicked off with the girls pairing off with a male dancer to learn flamenco, which was super-sexy and fun. Then they had to actually perform their new steps in front of an audience, which definitely scared Amanda. Melrose, you evil prude, I love you in your pics, but I hate watching you on TV! I want you to just BE NICE! CariDee was a pretty good dancer, but Eugena rocked out in the dancing and won the challenge.

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Photo:The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

Dancing can be tough, but getting in an icy pool and pairing up for the photo shoot? Shouldn’t this competition be about their individuality at this point? They need to stand alone. Shine! My cycle, we went to Phuket and shot hanging above water by ourselves. They really needed more of a modeling challenge, not a physical endurance test. Being in such cold water is a dangerous risk, and it’s even less fun to shoot with another girl.

Caridee pulled off amazing shots in the water, but it was freaking cold. I really felt her pain when she developed hypothermia from the cold water, and it must have been so difficult to try and push yourself to your physical limit and still know when to pull out. She didn’t want them to think she was being difficult or not trying, but at the same time they told her that she needs to be honest with them about her body — tough choice!!

When Michelle went home last week, the power between the twins was gone and Amanda got weaker left on her own this episode. She said she wanted to win for her sister, but shouldn’t she want to win for herself? I loved every picture she took throughout the entire show. Twiggy was right, though — that girl had no coordination. Let’s face it, sometimes you really need some coordination in modeling. I’m sure her awkward style and high fashion looks won’t give her any problems in the future with finding work, so Best of Luck to Amanda! She’s a sweetheart!

The Season Finale is next!!?? WOW! Did you happen to see the Cave-like runway? Can’t wait to see who will come out on top!

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Erica on

This last show was irresponsible on Tyra’s part. I understand having to endure cold for certain swimsuit shoots. I even understood last season when she put the girls on ice. But to have these girls submerged in freezing water for long periods of time seems a lot more dangerous to me. What photographer does that? and if he does, don’t work for him!!!

And for my loverboy hottie Mr. Jay to laugh when he saw Eugena’s lip trembling. (I think I like him a little less, not a lot, but a little!)

That just pissed me off. I kind of wanted to push them both in the pool with them. What is this show coming to?
Between that and the bulls I think she is trying to push the envelope for ratings at this point. She hides behind the fact that she is “showing them the real world of modeling.” I’ve loved this show, but it’s starting to turn my stomach!

Erica on


I thought you were amazing last season. So funny, cool. I would have loved to hang with you! I thought you’d win.

But why do you hate Melrose so much? She’s ok. Annoying, but a hard worker and she doesn’t care what people think. I like that. Everytime you put her down, I ask myself why you let her get under your skin so much? You sure never let Jade!! Anyway, take care. You’re still cool to me. And I really don’t think Melrose will win, so fret not. To me, it’s clearly Caridee’s. The judges have a love hate thing with her, but more love. But hey, I’m sure you already know who wins!

Elaine on

I am so happy they got rid of the twins.

But seriously. Did they really need 10 eliminations before they realized how AWKARD and MEEK those twins are?

Sam on

Last night’s episode was very sad to watch. I think Amanda is beautiful and it was really sad to see her go home. All of the pictures the girls took in the freezing water were GORGEOUS! Eugena’s “foot-balancing” act in the water annoyed me but I’m glad she made it to the next round.
Caridee was BEAUTIFUL last night! I couldn’t even BELIEVE she was suffering…If she would have been eliminated, that would have been horrible! Imagine getting eliminated for doing the best you can with your body reacting like that!
I like Melrose! She strives for perfection and is determined to win, at the cost of being a jerk most of the time along the way. Her photos (excluding the 1st) are always beautiful.
The Season Finale is driving me crazy! I’m so excited! At this point, I wish all of the girls could win!! ):

Lindsay on

That’s how I feel too Derek!! Oh man, wasn’t that funny when Jade said “This is not America’s Next Best Friend”! That was hysterical. I didn’t like Jade at first, but towards the end I did. When I first saw her pic on the ANTM site at the beginning of the season I turned to my husband and said, “I think she should win.” that’s before I saw how kind of crazy she was! But she worked hard and gave it her best. I wonder where she is now. She definitely had a unique look. What gets me is wy they let “older” girls on, or at least their definition of old, and then tell them throughout the whole competition…You’re too old.

Stick with 19 year olds then! Why put older girls on there…to play with their dreams?

Patricia on

Yes, I totally agree with the Melrose thing. She has worked the hardest and has had great pictures and has won practically every challenge in the competition. I definitely think she deserves to win. In addition, she is the only one that knows anything about fashion! I mean I’m not saying you have to have good clothes to be a model but fashion needs to be something that you know about and care about and Melrose definitely knows fashion. I think it’s really weird that Joanie always puts down Melrose. I mean she wins all the challenges and takes great pictures but you never seem to say a nice thing about her because of her personality. I really don’t think she is bad at all. This is a competition and she wants to win and I don’t think she is being an “evil prude” I think that she wants to win and you can tell. If anything, I think that Caridee is just as selfish as Melrose, if not more. All she cares about is herself and how she wants this so bad and she is always crying. I think that she is overrated and does not deserve to win because of how she acts. She is just not classy enough to be a top model.

misscat on

joanie, sour grapes much? what is with you calling melrose evil? someone who tries their hardest to win something she really, really wants is not evil. she’s not putting anyone down, she’s working at a competition. what’s wrong with you? you were my favorite last season and these little blurbs you write are quite frankly, a turn off.
at this point, it’s really caridee that is annoying me actually. she has a boyfriend at home, right? why was she sucking the face off that spanish guy at the dinner? i dislike her unprofessional attitude and inability to control her emotions. what was that she whispered when melrose’s name was called at elimination? it wasn’t something nice.
i have no idea why eugena is still there…she has taken ONE good photo, she looks vacant in all the other ones.
team melrose all the way, she annoys me the least and takes good photos consistently.

Mary on

Melrose is so fake all the time! I dont know how anyone can like her? Like on the latest episod why Mrs Jay was at dinner with them, what a dumb ass look on her face. She looked like she was spastic. And during the dinner didn’t Mrs Jay ask a question to Eugene which Melrose decided to answer. She is the oldest but acts like the biggest kid she should just grow up!

I also dont like the fact that she was making fun of caridee because of the cold water. Some people cant handle cold water as well as other people can, there was no need for her to say thoes comments that she did.

Daisy on

I have a love-hate relationship with Melrose. I know you have to have a tough skin when you’re a model, but I think Melrose’s skin is just way too tough. In almost EVERY episode she says something to the effect “i’m better off being alone” or “I don’t care if I make any friends”…but you know she really cares. She’s insanely competitive. She has to be the best. Although that’s a good quality for a model, it’s not a good quality as far as getting along with other people.

In this competition she’s got almost all positive comments. Even her negative comments are wrapped in positive ones. It’d be interesting to see if she has a meltdown in the real world of fashion, when they critique her nonstop.

Also, her overly competitive personality makes me wonder if she really wants to win America’s Next Top Model or if she just really wants to win.

I’m rooting for Caridee all the way!

Amber on

I am not going to watch it next Wed, I think Amanda should still be there and was the best out of the four; I still think Eugena should have went.

This season is very upsetting!!!

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