Jennifer Garner: From Frumpy to Fab!

11/30/2006 at 12:34 PM ET

Wowza! We’ve gotten so used to seeing Jennifer Garner in mommy mode — comfy clothes, no makeup — with adorable daughter Violet, that we almost forgot what a knockout she is! Hitting the red carpet at the GQ Men of the Year Awards (husband Ben Affleck is featured in the issue) last night, the star sizzled in a strapless purple Versace minidress, tousled waves, and sexy peep-toe pumps. And if anyone was wondering if Baby #2 is on the way for Ben and Jen, her taut physique lays all those rumors to rest. Now, that’s one hot mama! Tell us: What do you think of Jen’s red-carpet look?

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Photo: debbie vanstory/iphoto; inset: flynet

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yen on

she looks a bit like a man,in both pictures.

AnnieM on

I think she looks very beautiful (not the most flattering photo of her face, but still better than a lot you see out there).

Mrs.Borrego on

I have to say that the tossed hair doesn’t look that great on her. I love the purple dress and her shoes are fabulous. Who knew she has such sexy legs? I don’t think the actual picture helps her much. Here she looks like she’s saying “Okay, so what do you think? I’m a hot mom right?”

Yashee on

She looks fantastic! Hot Mama!

beth on

she does look like a man I though the VERY same thing!

O'Wryly on

If she was going for glamourous, she forgot the make-up … from the neck down, however, she looks great PLUS she doesn’t look like she can be had for a buck fifty and a tootsie roll. PAY ATTENTION, BRITTANY … you might accidentally learn something about how a mommy can play dress-up without looking like the “psst … meet me in the alley” type.

Brenda on

She looks like a man?? Um . . . I think she looks absolutely fabulous!

enigma on

All I can think about is how Sydney Bristow would kick some butt in that cool purple dress and give a good roundhouse punch…hee-hee……I wonder if the color choice has anything connection to her little Violet!? Jennifer Garner has always seemed to be more real than most Hollywood Celebs. I hope she stays that way.
Cheers and “you go girl!”

Sarah on

I can see how some people might say that her facial expression is not her best…but how can anyone say she looks like a man?!?! She looks great!

Ashley on

I agree with Brenda, Jen looks all around amazing in this picture those of you who say she looks like a man, I don’t see it at all….

Fynn on

Sorry, but in the Star Tracks photo of the same dress, she looks like she’s wearing a bath towel. The dress just doesn’t do her upper body any favors.

KC on

Beautiful. Sexy. Sophisticated.

Vi on

OK, if she looks like a man to some of you, you are definitely
seeing the wrong type of men.

She looks ultra feminine, and amazingly beautiful. Motherhood and marriage agrees with her. But then, being married to Ben Affleck would put a glow in any woman’s cheeks.

I think jealously is a nasty emotion to express in a blog. Shame on those who have.

I wish her and her lovely family all the best.

Tara on

I usually thinks she looks great but I actually think she looks like a transsexual. Her face definitely looks like a man in both pics.

Amy on

She looks awesome…Maybe Britney needs to be hanging out with her instead of Paris. Perfect example of how you can look sexy without looking like a cheap hooker….britney.

jojo on

She is my fave celb you hear/see her just enough to keep you wanting more…
I think she looks GREAT!!

Louise Kearson on

Her body is smoking hot, but I have to agree her face looks very man-like in both pictures.

beth on

Her hair is beautiful, but it just doesn’t look right on her. She has a great body, that dress is gorgeous, and she is beautiful, but something about this look is just off!

Lindsay on

I have to admit that I love Jen Garner, but I do think she looks a bit manish. For her height and body-type, I’m not sure that style of dress is best for her, though the color is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe if the dress went to her knees…regardless she looks amazing especially post-baby.

Sandra on

Women should embrace what they have. It is refreshing to see a celebrity do that. No fake eyelashes, no sprayed on tan, no hair extensions. Jennifer is a natural beauty. I respect her more for putting herself out there as she is instead of hiding behind something she is not, or doesn’t have.

Angie on

Jennifer Garner looks amazing! She has this natural beauty to her that we could all hope to have ourselves!

amanda on

i think she looks horrible, totally man like. People don’t need to lie to her and tell her she looks great when she doesn’t

judy k on

MAN!??? Sh e looks great. Jennifer Garner is easily one of the classiest celebrities. She is beautiful, down to earth & even makes Ben Affleck appealing. Marrying her was the smartest thing he ever did. I’d much rather see & read about her than get an hourly update of what Britney, Paris & Lindsey are up to!

kristen on

I think she is a two-face. She looks great in the purple and discusting in the blue. I don’t care who she is married to, if she wants to look good for her husband than she better get dessed and put on some make-up every day. Any woman that looks that masculine esspecially needs to take the time to primp.

Nicky on

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! SHE LOOKS GREAT! I didn’t know she has such a sexy body. Beautiful, Glamorous, Sexy, and Sophisticated. YOU GO GIRL!

Amber on

I’m not a really big fan of Garner, but she has made quite a few movies that I very much enjoy watching; She looks very well put together in the purple dress.

klarrisa on

i think she looks hot for being a mom she like a miltf

Andreina on

Wow! she’s starting to look like her HUSBAND! It’s true what people say: live with someone and you start to look alike… She was prettier pre-Ben.

Ariadne on

Jennifer looks gorgeous and shows she can be a great mom and look fab too!

Kristin on

A man, what?????????????? She is sizzling!!!!!!!

tammy on

can we say PAT

VT on

I personally thought the same thing when I first looked at the pictures, “Wow! she kinda looks like a guy!”….But hey, when you wake up to Ben Affleck every A.M, I don’t think it matters what we think…I’ve seen her look better..

mainemom on

Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank have always struck me as similar in that make the most of what they have. Not classically beautiful or even pretty, they’re actually rather plain and horse-faced, but interesting-looking. They do have strong jawlines, and that’s really the bottom line. That’s why when you see Pam Anderson with Kid Rock, you think, huh? He’s got a weak jaw, which makes him Joe Blow average. Amazing what makeup and being physically fit and confident will do for you.

Amy C. on

She looks beautiful, glamorous and happy – I wish I had that bod!
You people should stop being so mean.

Darrylynn on

she looks like a half man half woman YIKES

Kristin on

WOW! Looking good! Ben is the lucky one (not Brad, sorry).

kaye on


Amanda on

I think she looks absolutely amazing!!!She’s got talent,looks and the right Man and a baby girl in her life.
She a beautiful young woman.

Jessa on

Ya she totaly looks like a man, that was my honest first reaction.

Nichelle on

I think she looks cute. She’s not beautiful, she’s cute. And Ben adores her. She’s a good thing for him after that whole JLO fiasco. And their little baby is a doll!

Vanessa on

I also think she is masculine, such as Felicity Hoffman and Hillary Swank.

Her shoulders are huge, so IMHO, she would look better with another type of dress.

Ramona on

She’s absolutely gorgeous. Love her and Ben together–they seem so down-to-earth which doesn’t happen too much in Hollywood!!

Jennifer on

She looks great but I don’t know if the dress is right for her. I love seeing her in “mommy mode”. That’s what most real people look like. Its nice to know she can dress like herself in comfty clothes. Good for her, for not having a fake tan or extensions. She is one of the most ‘real’ celebrities. Not everyone gets dressed up to go to the supermarket. And when she does get dressed up, it looks natural, not like she tried too hard. Grats Jen on being gorgeous!

j on

how does she look like a MAN??! i think she looks gorgeous!

tanya on

Jennifer Garner is one of the hottest out there. She is one of the lucky few who CAN go out without makeup! Everyone slamming her is only jealous. She looked amazing before Violet, and this is proof that she looks amazing after! Go Jennifer!!!

Luz on

oh my god, some of you people are so mean… Look at that body, she looks absolutely fabulous!!

Mawleegurl on

I love her and she looks great in that dress. I would do her in a heart beat and I don’t even swing that way.

The O.Z. on

I have always loved her “Down-to-Earth” looks, she is a breath of fresh air compaired to other celebs such as Britney & Paris. While I agree with some that she could use a dab of makeup, I feel that she looks beautiful nonetheless.

Mary on

She is not very pretty and you are right, she does look like a man dressed like a woman

Alice on

I don’t love the dress but she is beautiful regardless. She has always been natural, confident and classy, just like any woman should be.

Courtney on

I dont think her face or hair looks good AT ALL at the GQ event. The hairs way too big and the makeups off. Dress & body- beautiful!

Kimberly on

You know..I wonder what some of these people look like that are saying these mean things. Jennifer looks great!! It kills me how critical people can be!

Leanne on

I usually don’t post anything on here, but I think Jennifer looks amazing! She gave birth to Violet a year ago tomorrow and she looks fabulous! My daughter is 15 and I wish I looked as good as Jennifer does a year after having a baby! You go girl!!

Alix on

always a big fan of jen garner on her capabilities as an actress as well as a person. regardless what critiques said, i think she looks fabulous, frumpy or fab. :)

Julie on

I think Jennifer is beautiful, both dressed up, AND in mommy mode! Good for her for not being afraid to be herself. I think she is very classy!

Erica on

Her daughter’s name is violet and she is wearing…Violet. Funny.

I wore a dress like this to my sister’s sweet sixteen. Only it had a matching “crop” jacket and the year was… 1990!

Ella on

I think she looks good, even though the dress of choice is not something I would wear. As for looking like a man, well most men are not shaped like that. For goodness sakes, the woman has great legs. a tiny waist and a small bust line. But that does not make her look like a guy. Not every woman can have a size “C” cup. The dress is not that flattering, but she does look sexy.

Erica on

It’s funny when people say Jlo fiasco.
I am far from a Jlo fan, in fact I think she’s an idiot and kind of full of herself.
But, Can anyone tell me what she actually did WRONG to him?
(except dress him in some funny suits)God forbid, a Boston guy spends some money or time on a Latina!
And she actually expects him to do what she says without raising a fuss? What woman wouldn’t want that?
Stop the presses.

If I recall, Wasn’t he the one in strip clubs or in Vegas. When Kevin did it to Britney we all cried, BOO HOO. When Ben did it to Jennifer we turned our faces and blamed her.
But oh, no, thank God he didn’t end up with that “latina hussy”.
How is Jennifer Garner any different?
She’s been married too etc…
que es? racismo

Tracy on

She looks awesome. All of those that said she looks like a man are just jealous that they are not that good looking.

naturalbrownlovely on

I think that she looks great….wonderfully fit body, not anorexic. She looks a little taunt in the face and I don’t think that is the best photo angle for her….but I think that she has a natural beauty. We are so used to seeing the same ole folks all dolled up at ALL TIMES we forget what real women look like. Kudos to her for looking fabulous after a baby and supporting her husband. The rest of y’all wish that could look that great after a baby or anytime. PULEAZE people.

Tiffany on

I think she’s beautiful either way. I can honestly say I like her hair straight, though. I think it doesn’t look too great wavy like that, but she can pull it off. As a mother of two babies, (16 and 4 months – 1 year apart), I can say that I definitely understand her “mom” look! It’s comfortable and practical, and I definitely think she’s a great mom, from what we’ve seen…which is nice that she doesn’t flaunt her daughter in public! She takes being a mom seriously, which is what somebody else needs to do, too, or she’ll quicklky be losing her kids to Fed Ex.

Rita on

I don’t know any man that looks like that, but maybe some of you do. I think she looks great. She has always looked like the girl next door to me. Who says you have to dress boxy or ugly just because you have toned shoulders and a small bust???

charlotte on

Wow. it is truly amazing how nasty some people like to get about celebrities. If talking trash about Jen makes you feel better, then I feel really sorry for you guys. You can say you don’t like a dress or the style of someone, etc but calling them nasty names is just plain old mean-spirited. I’d like to see how much better you can do in front of the paparazzi.

on a more positive note, I think Jen looks fabulous!

Evelyn on

I think people are saying she has a “manish” face not body.
Which she does.

belai on

i love her look! i love the way she glams up.

einna on

Wow! She looks terrific!
She looks like a man? I would give everything to look like her!
Very sexy and her body is great.

micheleeee. on

Jen eQuals hot no matter what she wears!



Rebecca on

Jen looks HOT! She has somewhat angular features, but I don’t see anything “manly” about her. Love the new haircut.

sarah on

Jen looks awesome!!! I love that she took her time losing her baby weight and didn’t feel the need to rush and shed it all in about 3 months. She is such a great role model for young women. Ben should be thanking his lucky stars!

tillie on

I love Jen, but in the picture of her in a dress, her face looks sort of weird.

lori on

I think she looks great, Jennifer just seems like a great person, period. I love her movies and she is a great actress!

Haidee on

She looks hot!!!!!!she’s always been beautiful and i love her…..

Lar on

To all of you who think she looks like a man, I’d like to see any of you pull this look off! Stop thinking in Hollywood standards and appreciate that she is a beautiful woman!

chopsueyluey on

I saw her in a different pose same night/outfit. Her hair looks great and healthy. Super legs & shoulders!! This picture of her is not one of the best but….I am going off the other one. She looks great!! Way to go!! :O)

Samantha on

i think jen is gorgeous in her picture from the red carpet. as for the other picture she needs some work but i mean really how many people do you know that look good all the time especially when they have a baby and get no sleep.

Johanna on

she looks unsure of herself as if she is thinking that everyone is scrutinizing her body since she had her baby, and that no matter what she looks like, someone somewhere is going to say something negative. she is probably standing there saying, “crap, I wish these photographers will go away, cause as soon as I move my face they will take an unflattering picture of me. She is a natual gal, and is not so concerned about posing, as she is about living. I do not understand the public’s interest and obsession in picking at public figures. It is the public that made them “famous” otherwise they would be next in line behind us at the grocery store

Leilani on

The manish face doesn’t bother me, but her very broad shoulders I don’t dig. What makes her pretty is not really her looks, (she’s not the most attractive girl) but her disposition. She seems like a nice person. She either looks really bummy or really glam. What about just looking kind of good consistently? I know, I know, she’s a new mom, blah blah, You could still look casual and cute. Nice jeans, some flats, a little lip gloss.

dior on

It looks as if she’s trying to dress sexier, and frankly…it’s very akward to look at. She doesn’t seem to be her usual self. What’s so wrong with being bland, if that’s how you really are? I mean, especially if your husband is the exact same way, what’s the point of changing up your image for him?

By the way, Ben is milking his new “wholesome,” family man image for all it’s worth so he can get that Oscar he’s been dreaming for. I always knew he was a careerist. He’s only happy if people are praising him. Insecure people are always looking for validation.

Cindy on

There you go America. You finally have your whitebread, pure, wholesome, golden Bennifer you always dreamed of. Be grateful, and quit blaming J.Lo for everything. That includes you, Ben!


Wow…I never realized she had such a fan base. Do you really think she’s hot? Men don’t seem to comment as much as “star” struck females do. Does anyone think she will start to “slut” out like the rest of Hollywood now that the baby is old news? I thought the men would want to talk about her “bod”, but women seem to LOVE IT. I’m not feeling her though. YIKES!!!! keep it in the closet!!!

Brenda T. on

Jennifer looks wonderful on and off the red carpet. She’s the real deal and I like it that she doesn’t pretend to be perfect all the time. I’m glad she’s not a diva. I’m a mother of three and I dress very casual, sweat pants, shirts etc,.. Some days I don’t even fix my hair, I let it flow natural. Bravo to Jennifer, she looks very happy.

Brenda T. on

That is so sad to hear people say rude and cruel things like Jennifer looks like a man. Far from it. Jennifer has it going on. She’s got a beautiful baby girl and a hot husband. She living life on her own terms and I say “BRAVO”. I can’t wait to see her kick butt again. I miss Alias. That was an awesome show.

kathy floyd on

I think she looks cute but she needs to look good more often. Yes, she is a new mom but she always seems to be dressed sloppy with no make up. Ben must have been shocked to see his wife look good for once..Take care of yourself more Jen just cause your a mom does not mean you have to look sloppy all the time..

Paula on

Too short of a dress for her age.

Jen Stone on

She looks smokin’ hot!!! She lost the baby weight reasonably, because her daughter is about to be 1 year old. I applaud her for getting in shape the right way. She is beautiful.

K on

She needs to add some “sparkle” in the neck area … looks blah!

brice on

is that a woman or a man?

Alisha on

Jen looks Great! Anyone who can juggle a career, children and a husband that hot is golden in my book!

Sandy on

Marriage and motherhood agree with her. She radiates happiness and looks beautiful..You go girl!

wendy on

it may be mean to say it, but jennifer garner does have a unique face that is both pretty and interesting, and because of her striking and strong features, she sometimes looks a little masculine. although i think she seems like a nice, down to earth person, she’s a celebrity and what we do is judge them. i don’t think she ever dresses very well- it’s always a little “off,” and she always forgets something crucial. in this instance, her makeup is too plain, enhancing the man-ishness and the hair is a disaster. less poofy if you want to go curly or just straight would be better. fine if you want to think she has a great body, but a great dresser she’s not.

serina on

she has a very manish look..the purple dress makes her shoulders look like a football player…and the face well can we say man like

Cheryl Hibbitts on

She looks awesome!!!

Merissa on

I love jen but fact is fact …………i always found that she had a hard face……………and i’m not saying that to be mean………..I find she looks better in the picture below in the momma mode

denise on

this chick looks like a guy

Mary K on

She has always been very pretty.

Andrea on

I see a lot of people commenting on how she looks like a man. I think that she has very strong facial features, but I don’t think she looks like a man at all. I think she’s gorgeous and I think she’s a wonderful Mom and a very good example to others (unlike Britney these days). She’s a role model in so many aspects both on the inside and the outside.

Jen on

I think she looks awesome for having a one yaer old.

Mike on

Atleast she looks a Gazillion times better than her husband’s Ex. Jennifer Lopez..A Gazillion times better..And she don’t wear alot of make-up..She goes for the natural look…ABSO-FREAKING-LOOTLY LOVE HER..She is a Knock out…

Haley on

She looks awesome all fixed up, she definitely got her figure back! …but DAMN, she should always wear makeup! Eeek!

ilovejohnmayer on

She looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly on

She looks wonderful in the purple dress. But I don’t think I like the tan

Audra on

I think she is gorgeous…the dress and hair are beautiful and she does not look like a man!!! I love her because she is so down to earth and such a good person that is a celeb and still has morals ! She’s great!

Roxy on

Jennifer, is the most realistic hollywood mother out there. She’s good at everything,acting,looks, being a wife and a mother.She’s a great mother always with Violet!!Sh’s soo sexy!! Always because she’s very pretty and confident!!You go girl!!!!!!!!!

Roxy on

Jennifer is soo sexy and thin!! Ben is good at choosing woman!!Jennifer lopez and Jennifer Garner are sexy woman!!!! I agree Brad can’t choose good woman

Roxy on

Jennifer looks flattering and very sexy!!!

Seree on

A GUY?!?! What the heck are you people talking about? I think she looks great, and she’s definitely gotten her figure back!

Cindy on

Jen does not have a pretty face, but I think she is a very real person. She obviously did something right…she got one of the hottest men in Hollywood; however, I believe him and J Lo would have made a cuter baby!

Lauren on

I think she looks awsome. I love how she doesn’t always dress to impress. More celebrities should understand that is isn’t what the media or the fans think about you, it’s what the people who care about you think. I really doubt that we’ll hear Ben complaining anytime soon.

Deborah Bouma on

I have seen better…sorry!

jenna on

non of our business. she can wear what ever she wants to… by the way i like the dress. :)

Alex Doll on

I think that she looks fabulous! I would kill to have her body and style.

L on

What are some of you ppl smoking? She doesn’t look like a man at all!

And neither does Felicity HUFFman…not “Hoffman”.

Courtney night on


Bella on

Jen in the past was adorable and had such a girl charm sparkle in her eye. She seemed radiant and naturally beautiful a couple years ago. Now, she seems to be very hard looking on the face and I’m not seeing the glow. Where is it as she is married to Ben and should look her BEST as he sure does.

I would compare Jen to Nicolette Sheridan as her face is hard and somewhat masculine, but body is tone and strong. I think Jen is in wonderful shape after a baby, she just needs to get that cutesy look back.

jennifer fan on

i gotta say, i love jennifer garner, but this ensemble doesn’t do much for her! and its not a great pic of her face either… and her hair looks better in the frumpy pic!

Jennifer Monroe on

I think Jennifer Is a classy person, and not a lot like the rest of Hollywood which is superficial. I like the fact that she is not ashamed of the person who she really is; which just so happens to be pale and not that attractive sadly. I think she is average when she dresses up but after all you can make pretty much anyone pretty with a hairstylist, makeup artist, trainer, dietician, ECT. But you must consider that looks are not a reflection of personality and of course we don’t know her personally but she seems to be a pretty down to earth person, at least as far as Hollywood goes. As for Ben… Well we won’t go there.

Kelly on

I used to not be a big fan of Jens tell I started watching Alias. She is a real person not a vain hollywood fake.
All the pictures of Jen out and about she is just being herself…a mom and wife. I truly think her article she just put out is great. She talks about her body being out of shape and the after affects of having a baby. I love it and I love her. I support her and her family!!! I would love to be a size 6-8 after a baby!

whit on

absolutely stunning!!! the people who said she looks like a man need to get some glasses!! i mean, come on!

Dawn on

For those of you who think Jen looks manly, you need to have more than your eyes checked. Cudos to her for being able to carry all looks… Mommy, Wifey and Celebrity. She is the ultimate nice girl done good, and stayed nice through it all. This is a woman to watch in the future of the silver screen, both in front of and behind. And if Jen ever tires of the continual scrutiny stateside… we in Vancouver will welcome her and the family with open arms!!! Afterall, we have Starbucks too and will even spring for a vente or few!!!!

Chloe on

Jennifer – I am such a fan. You look beautiful and your daughter Violet is gorgeous too! It’s great to see you back on the red carpet look fabulous! Can’t wait to see your new movie!

Karen on

She is beautiful. I admire her more a normal girl to a stunning swan.. go jennifer. But i also have to include some fyi, my Victorias Secret Campaign 1995…I just cant sleep without my Teddy… lol… was she there then?

nona on

i agree so much with u amy.. why is britney hanging with paris?? Yes she’s young but she’s a momma now and she’s flaunting some scary body parts!!

but yes Jeniffer looks great, sexy yet sofisticated and real!! guys who said you need to wear a pound of makeup to be pretty? what happen to natureal beauty :S?
you go girl!

Renee on

Jennifer looks amazing! She is a natural beauty. She looks great with or without make-up. I think alot of women put on too much make-up and it doesn’t look good. But Jennifer always has that natural look.

reenie on

i don’t think this is very flattering to her. her dress is way to short and her make-up is very over done. jennifer looks beautiful with natural looking make up. and the mini dress can actual use more material.

Logan on

what an amazingly attractive woman.
completely drop-dead GORGEOUS!
always has been, always will be.

yousef alabdallat on

she looks great and very sexy
I love her very much i have all
Her pictures she’s awosem realy shes great

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