Are Cameron and Kate Dressing Their Age?

11/30/2006 at 05:00 PM ET

Who’s older: Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz? If you looked at photos from last night’s New York City premiere of their film The Holiday and assumed Kate — based on her severe black Zac Posen suit and pulled-back hair — was older, you’d be wrong. At 31 years old, Kate is actually three years younger than micro-mini-wearing Cameron (also in Zac Posen). The verdict? These ladies just aren’t dressing their age. Can’t you picture Diane Sawyer in Kate’s suit and Lindsay Lohan in Cameron’s glitzy frock? From the neck down, these two could be mother and daughter! We usually love Kate’s sophisticated style and Cameron’s fun-loving ways, but maybe they should shake it up and swap closets for a while! Tell us: Do you think they are dressing appropriately for their age? Do they need to?

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Amber on

34 Diaz, 31 Winslet. and Kate looks amazing and is dressing her age, were as Cameron is dressing like some ditzy like 19 yr old; for one thing her dress is way to short for her age and should hit above the knee or lower not high to the thighs.

Yes I think once your out of your teens you should be dressing like an elegent lady, not grandmother like either just nice and casual/classic/elegant not trashy/punk/goth/ect.

sannajohanna on

They both look great! Cameron’s outfit isn’t even slutty ’cause her shirt covers a lot and her skirt shows her great legs. Kate’s suit also flatters her figure and light hair. Both look really classy.

Elaine on

Kate Winslet always looks classy.

Cameron Diaz is just weird.

anna on

kate winslet is also a mother, so it makes sense that she is dressing more conservatively than Cameron Diaz, who is not even married

rakel on

I think you´re so wrong on Camerons dress, that´s so not a young dress, I think even Cameron is to young to wear it. First of all it´s ugly and second the fabric looks like something a 70 year old woman would wear. The only thing that suggest´s it should be worn by a younger woman is that it´s short. Cameron and Kate should both re´think how to dress, maby they can call Jen Aniston, she knows how to get it right.

Brenda on

I agree Kate Winslet’s outfit is too severe. I must say I’m a big fan, though, so I’d like her in pretty much anything she wears. Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, looks silly with the dark hair and the too-short, glitzy dress—I’ve certainly seen her look better on other occasions!

lisa on


Courtney on

I think they are dressing just fine. Cameron looks outstanding, I even think Kate Winslet should have worn somthing more out there. They both look awesome.

Trinity on

I think that Kate looks amazing! She is dressing classy and perfect for her age…. Cameron also looks good, just not my style. But if you have great legs at 34 why not show them off!

Nicky on

Cameron definitely need to dress her age. Kate looks classy as usual.

Erica on

When ugly knees and legged J.Lo wears a mini…everyone says she looks great (to me she looks like a pair on toothpicks)
She’s all of a sudden fashion forward and she is older than Diaz.
But when Cameron who has the legs for it, does it she is dressing too young?? Cameron was a model, she has long beautiful legs that are perfect for a mini!

Fashionwise, both dresses need help. Kate’s is pulling at the seams and rippled. Who made that dress? Nick Verreos from Project Runway? (I love you Nick, but we all remember the Daniel V makeover fiasco where the fabric he used showed EVERY SEAM!) As far as Cameron’s dress, too shiny and tacky. Both girls could do a lot better!

June on

Kate can pull off anything she wants to wear. Cameron does look a bit Lindsay-esque, but she looks great in it

CC on

WTH are you talking about People? They both look great. I’d kill for Cameron’s legs.

andreina on

Kate looks like my grandma, also she needs bigger hair. Cameron’s dress I like for her, but loose the black hair. Her features look too hard. Go back to blond. I like better pale brunettes, not tanned ones. Tanned women look better as blondes.

candace on

i think they both look amazing. Cameron has a fun free- spirit personality and it shows in the way she dresses. She’s not slutty or trying to dresss like shes 12. Shes only in her early 30’s she shouldnt be dressing like a mom or her grandma, come on now. Kate is naturally gorgoues. She has an elegant sence of style. She knows what appropriate and whats not. They both look extremely classy and thats what counts.

Nat on

i love cameron’s dress! she looks great as does kate. for a premiere, kate actually could have done a little bit more with her outfit. regardless, they both look good

Vanessa on

Kate looks like a NYC lawyer…

And Cameron, well, you cant call her classic.. or funky.. or retro.. or… phee.. she just get dressed and that’s it, this is why she is fresh and nice.

She dresses for herself, not everybody else. =) you rock CAM !!

Jess on

I think that they both look very good i think that Kate could have done something better with her hair but all in all its good

Sarah on

Cameron looks fantastic! She’s still young, she’s in shape and she has great legs. Why wouldn’t she wear a short dress? Kate looks great too! I can understand, though, why she would wear a more conservative outfit.

Kate in DC on

I completely disagree – I think Cameron looks great! In fact, when I saw pictures of her in her miniskirt today I was inspired! I’m 29 and in a long term relationship and recently realized I’d gained some weight over the last few years, and seeing Cameron in a minidress this morning was real inspiration that I can get my high school body back (ok, maybe not totally, but at least I don’t have to resign myself to dressing like my mother). Women should wear what they’re comfortable in. Right now, I dress more like Kate Winslet, but if I had the legs, I would definitely be rocking Cameron’s mini! And remember, 30 is the new 20.

emily on

i like camerons dress
if you are lucky enough to have those amazing gams at 34…who wouldnt want to show them off?

Kate on

BTW: you totally pulled a double standard – 2 entries below this one you show Jennifer Gardner in her fab purple dress which covers WAY less than Cameron’s and you praise her – but Cameron follows the fashion rules and highlights only one part (legs vs. cleavage). Jen’s a mom – is it appropriate for HER to be dressing like a mom? I think if you’ve got it, work it.

Desiree on

Cameron doesn’t even look 34 so why should she have to dress like it. Besides she is so young spirited and has a great body. I wouldn’t cover those legs up if I had them. As for the dress, she could have done way better. Also, Cameron should have stuck with the blonde hair, I think the brown hair makes her look a little older and way to tanned. Kate on the other hand looks way better in more sophisticated outfits. If anything Kate’s hair should be pointed out. If she had just worn some curls or something, the outfit wouldn’t look so bad. But her boring, sloppy hair is what really hurt her look. Love her pumps though!

Catie on

Kate looks hot – not older than her age!
Cameron doesn’t look bad but i don’t think she looks the best she has ever looked.


By the way andriena that is not correct actually from Brittney spears to Lindsey lohan in actuality a girl who is more Exotic or Ethnic looks better with dark hair virses a girl with paler skin looks more washed out with darker hair. than a girl with darker or browner skin tones, but maybe you know or maybe you dont but its definitely noticable.

jasmine on

Kate looks smashing. The dress and its middle “web” is definately older than she is. She has always had a sultry, soft and beautiful body. The choice of black is chic but a smooth black would flatter her natural voluptious curves and lend itself to her natural beauty and excellent shape.

Diaz…I don’t know what to say …what’s going on with her? She just doesn’t look so good these days. The dark hair, it just doesn’t work for her. The natural blonde compliments her fair skin and blue eyes. This dark hair thing some of the actresses are doing, really doesn’t fly -it really doesn’t,-specially not on Diaz. This outfit as well is just plain wierd. Regardless of age-she can wear and do the shorter skirts and should-but the shape, material and patterns are so un-flattering. Its like she went into a fabric store and picked up a “kite” and put it on. Its just downright un-flattering-on all fronts.

For a moment, if you just put age aside, and this obsession even in this culture with age and with women in roles like “Mom’s”-I say, accentuate your best, body and all-Mom or no Mom, but do it with class.



April on

I agree with another poster. Kate Winslet is a mother.



Desiree on

I think Kate looks gorgeous. Not really liking Cameron’s dress, although I dig the dark hair.

Jen on

I think that Cameron Diaz wears that dress better that Lindsay Lohan could. It suits her long physique, and I think she looks good. She’s covering up enough on top to balance out the bottom half.

Rita on

I love both outfits!! If I had the bodies they have, I would wear either one. Granted, I would wear Cam’s out dancing & Kate’s out to a dinner or awards banquet, but both look beautiful on their respective wearers. I agree that Kate Winslet is the classiest woman in the business. I also think Cameron is beautiful in a completely different way. I would kill to look like Kate!!! Great job, ladies!! Wish Cameron would go back to the blond or a lighter brown hair color, though. That color is too drastic for her complexion. :-)

Kelly on

I actually love Kate’s suit…I’m 24 and would probably wear the same thing to work. I think she looks absolutely beautiful and very sophisticated…not old. Cameron does have the body to pull off her outfit and still looks very young so I’m not judging her. I wouldn’t wear it but I’m also a bit on the conservative side.

Jan on

What on earth is wrong with Cameron’s outfit? So women in their mid 30s aren’t supposed to show their legs and wear mini skirts? Hey, if I wore that when I was a teenager, I would probably have been kept home until I changed. I’ve seen the stuff at H&M, and if I had a daughter I wouldn’t let her out of the house with her behind showing under 10 inches of fabric. The 20s and 30s are for being fun and certainly you should be allowed to show some leg. Especially if the legs are like Cam’s. Why the hell not? In my opinion, Kate’s outfit is schoolmarmish, and likewise, Gwyneth Paltrow has also dressed too old. Relax girls, you’ve got your late 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s to button up. I’m not saying to be slutty, but Cam’s outfit is cute. Now Britney? Those outfits are trashy. That’s the difference.

Rebecca on

Both look good- not their greatest looks, but not bad in any way. As a 31 year-old, I’d wear Kate’s dress depending on my mood, although I would have glammed up the hair a bit. Probably wouldn’t wear Cameron’s dress, but wish I had her legs… maybe I’d consider it!

tillie on

I think Kate looks really pretty and classy but Cameron looks ditzy and like she’s trying to be younger than she is. Kate’s suit is conservative, but she wears it really nicely with those cute shoes and trendy dark nails. Woo, go Kate! I don’t mind Cameron’s style in general, but this outfit….well let’s just say it wasn’t a favourite.

chopsueyluey on

Sorry but…it is almost like Cameron trys to look unattractive. She should get a new stylist for sure. The hair color makes her look older and hard and that dress….yikes! I think she looks like ‘normal’ cutie Cameron in her new film though :O)

chopsueyluey on

Sorry but…it is almost like Cameron trys to look unattractive. She should get a new stylist for sure. The hair color makes her look older and hard and that dress….yikes! I think she looks like ‘normal’ cutie Cameron in her new film though :O)

Laura on

I think that they both look fabulous. I love Cameron’s young and fresh style, it totally suits her.

shopoholic on

yeah….i kind da agree with tillie

Vi on

Kate Winslet is, and always has been, a beautiful, sexy, classy woman. She shows you can dress beautifully without having to show your all to the world. Because she is covered doesn’t mean she isn’t sexy. Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that’s the sexiest. Brit and Paris just haven’t figured that out yet, more’s the pity.

Cameron, on the other hand, looks like she left the lower half of her outfit at home. She should have called Kate for style advice. Why do women think the have to wear less to look more sexy? It’s idiotic. Cameron, go home, fire your stylist, and dress your age. We’ll all thank you for it.

CC on

Why pick on Cameron and Kate when you have Britney Spears looking like she got dressed in the dark? It’s so lame.

jenny on

Since when is 34 so old that you need to cover up? Are all of you teenagers and 34 seems really old to you? She looks great period. She doesn’t just look “good for her age”. I agree with CC and think People is way off on this one. Age is just a number, and if you can pull it off and look good, then what’s the problem?


Is anyone really surprised at the way these girls and women are dressing? Women have continued to allow themselves to be used as “sex bait” for almost EVERYTHING! I often wonder why WOMEN stick up for celebs that continue to degrade themselves such as Brittney Spears etc. Why would ANY women want to sit and look at half dressed females anyway? I read the comments and some women are like GA GA over these sluts and I’m wondering …WHY? When you can see up her crotch…Well…She’s too giving!!! Stop saying that if a women has a nice body “$” they should show it. What kind of nonsense is that? RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS!

Rosa on

They’re entitled to dress any way they like. I’m sure you wouldn’t want 30-odd people dissecting your clothing anytime you stepped out.

connie on

I am not an american and I am not living in USA, but seeing this comment on Cameron Diaz and Kate made me decide in writting. The thing is that they have different style and it has nothing to do with their age. You dress in a way that makes you feel better, not the way you supose to. My mother is 50 years old and she dresses like a young woman and that proves that she is young on the inside and has a ”happy” style. See yourself in the mirror and than ask why do you dress this way.

Lauren on


Claudia on

The both look great!

liz on

I think Cameron looks fantastic. She is one of those fortunate women who can wear anything and make it look good.
She is gorgeous.

I have question for you, People.
What do you think about your “favorite” star, Britney’s latest drunk, trashy, bimbo look? Why don’t you write about that! If you did, I would even start subscribing to your publication once again and you might gain a smidgen of respect you have lost since you have become the unofficial mouth piece of the Spears. Why not just change the name of your magazine to “O, Spears?” Many people are appalled by your ass kissing.

Emma on

I think they both look amazing! I don’t always love Cameron’s style, but that dress is FABULOUS! It’s not Lohan-short and she sure has the legs for it, so who cares it she’s 34?! And if Kate wants to look demure, that’s her perogative. She looks beautifull!

Mary Konstas on

Are you kidding me….dressing their age? Who today dresses their age? Woman at any age should dress it up, down,sophisticated,and of course sassy!!!!They looked GREAT!!

Mary Konstas on

Are you kidding me….dressing their age? Who today dresses their age? Nothing was wrong with Cameron or Kate’s looks. They looked just fine. Dress the way you wan’t; there is no limit- just don’t over do it!


I think they both look fine. I think people should dress in what makes them feel good. Cameron is 31 not 61 how can you possibly dress to young at 31? Unless you have on a shirt that says I stole your boyfriend. Tina Turner wears short skirts and looks great. If it looks good who cares how old you are. Are you suppose to dress like a grandma cause you are over 30? People are just jealous…

Diana on

Actually I think that Cameron looks fabulous. She is young and fit, plus she’s with “Justin Timberlake,” if she were to dress older she will probably pass as his mom. I think she is just trying to keep up with fashion and wants to remain looking youthful. As for Kate i absolutely adore her. She makes it okay to be normal and beautiful. I think she looks amazing and I do feel that she is dressing based on taste. She is a classy and elegant star so of course she has to dress the part. I would not change anything about their look. Now when they start dressing in mini skirts, hanging out with Paris Hilton like everynight or wearing weave that does not even look worth it, then we can talk.

Kaye on

FASHION is VERY PERSONAL. And fashion should be COMFORTABLE. Kate and Cameron has different personalities and they are wearing what they feel most comfortable and I admire people like that. It means how SECURED and CONFIDENT they are right now. Thumbs up to them! Love you guys!

P on

They both look great. Yes they are dressed very differently from one another but they both have different styles. Kate is more classic and Cameron is more trendy.

Jessica on

Who cares what age they are; as long as a women has an awesome body I think they should feel FREE to wear what they want. Com’on, if you had Camerons body would you want to cover it up?

EChizzle on

I think they both know what works for them. Both dress appropriately for their age. They look great.

J. on

I think their choses suit them perfectly. I would never expect anything different from either of them. They both look beautiful and always do. Age is just a number, it makes a difference when Kate is married with children and has a completely different figure than Cameron. Kate exudes maturity, not that Cameron is not mature, but she is more spunky, and it shows in there choice of clothing.

Jen on

I think Cameron looks fantastic. Kate is beautiful too, but this is not her best look. The hair is much too flat.

yen on


Jenni on

I have to say that Kate Winslet is my favorite actress. Her beauty, class, elegance, and talent certainly outshines many of the Hollywood actresses of our generation. Kate’s outfit is very conservative, yet elegant.

Cameron, on the other hand, is beautiful in her own way. Sure, her hair color may not be as flattering, but who cares? I do think, however, that the outfit she has on resembles something left over from the sale rack at a 70’s department store. I wonder why she couldn’t have picked a more toned down look.

I think that actresses need to start paying more attention to what they wear. With all that money, why can’t they dress in a more refined fashion instead of looking like trailer trash?

Where is the grace and elegance that Hollywood once was?

Just my thoughts…

Stephanie on

I think they they both look amazing. And it is such a nice change to see Cameron in a skirt, instead of her boy’s jeans. (William Rast),com_browse/task,product/celebrity_id,268/product_id,1946/

Mandy on

Hey, if ya got…FLAUNT IT! Cameron definitely has the legs. Kate looks wonderful also. They just have different styles. Is that so wrong?

liz on

Suggesting that a women should dress “her age” is a setback to our fight for equality.

Carolyn on

Since when does your personal life have anything to do with how you should dress? I don’t hear anyone complaining that K-Fed should stop wearing grungy white tank tops and ball caps “because he’s a father” – he should stop wearing them because they look awful. On anyone.

As for Kate and Cameron, Kate is actually showing a fair bit of (tasteful) cleavage, whereas Cameron looks like she raided Blanche Devereaux’s closet, circa 1986.

Dimitra on

Kate is dressing like an old lady, Cameron on the other hand looks fantastic, who cares how old she is, her legs are amazing and she’s super hot.

Liesl on

I would so wear what Kate is wearing but with a different hair style. Maybe shoulder-length loose waves…

Mary on

They look smashing! I adore Kate, she looks classy as always.

Alicia on

They BOTH look beautiful.

Mrs.Borrego on


I agree with you Lisa!

Merissa on

WHY OH WHY did she dye her hair black????? Its not for her And Kate needs more hair it looks thin and wispy

Andrea on

I think they both look good. Kate looks absolutely amazing in my opinion. Cameron should have stayed blonde, but what girl doesn’t try something new every once in a while? I’ve had every hair color known to man. The dress is pretty, but needs to be just a tad bit longer. As a matter of fact, the dress looks like it is supposed to be longer. I’m not really getting the style of it. Anyhow, they both look pretty.

Diana on

Oh Im sorry was there a book or something that stated certain ages have to dress a certain way. I must have missed that one. I LOVE the way their dressed, rock it for how ever long life will let you! If you got the body of cameron,and scarlett WHY not?!?

nicole on

if ur hot why not!!!!!!!!

Mellie on

You know what- Kate’s dressing like a mom and Cameron’s not- big surprise!! Cameron is fun-loving and single (hey, she’s been dating Justin for 4 years, but refuses to marry!), Kate’s a mom, married- I think that the questions shouldn’t be “age” it should be “roles” because based on their roles, they’re dressing exactly right!

Wow on

What do you mean Kate is YOUNGER than Cameron? She looks much older.

Mille on


Angela on

It’s fine as long as they can pull it off. It’s not like Cameron is 70 years old wearing a mini skirt. The dark hair does have to go though. I also agree with other posters, once you have a child, you clothes style does change.

Kathy on

cameron looks like a transvestite,
in every picture i see her in, she could easily pass for a man with a wig on, there is NOTHING feminine about her. and i KNOW she is not giving her 2 cents about sexy jeans??? what does she look sexy in? ?i want to see this??

susie Q on

i think both of them look horrible in those outfits, lets face it both of them are ugly, old, and have no sence of fashion. But keep on trying ladies.

SA on

None of you, especially the person with the above comment look as good as that. they’re both adorable. how can you doubt kate winslet…honey try lookin like that in mid 30’s with 3 kids, gorgeous eyes, face, smile, curves….

elle on

I think women should be able to dress however they fee or want. damn those socio-rules. it should apply to all people, whether a celeb or not. there should not be rules on how one wants to dress, whether its for self-expression or just dumb-publicity. stop it judgmental people.

elle on

I think women should be able to dress however they fee or want. damn those socio-rules. it should apply to all people, whether a celeb or not. there should not be rules on how one wants to dress, whether its for self-expression or just dumb-publicity. stop it judgmental people.

jesshiee on

I think there clothes kinda match their personalities. Cameron with her happy go lucky/ flirty and Kate with her sofisticated look. I dont think they should change.

temo on

i love kate and i love cameron

vicky on

kate is so cut & sexxxxxy in titanic
i love her

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