Does Tori Spelling Need a Maternity-Style Makeover?

11/29/2006 at 12:30 PM ET

Many women struggle to maintain their signature style during their pregnancies, but Tori Spelling seems to be having a full-blown identity crisis. She’s already abandoned her hippy-style, featuring pigtails and paisley smocks, for a look more befitting a Vegas showgirl than a new mom — a sheer, rhinestone-laden minidress with sparkly heels. We’re all for looking sexy and feeling good while expecting, but Tori might want to take a few tips on how to do it from ladies like Heidi Klum or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Tell us: What do you think of Tori’s latest look? Is she a hot mama or in need of a cool new style?

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Photo: Michael Germana/SSI Photo/Landov

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Daneyell on

This dress is way too short for an expecting mom. She needs to tone it down some and start getting ready for motherhood. Not saying she needs to lose her fashion sense, but maybe she should take some shopping advice.

Bunky on

I don’t know – Tori looks pretty good here. The sheer whatever-it-is camouflages the fact that the skirt is pretty short. I’m not sure I’d go with this look at, say,
8 months, but right now it looks alright.

Though it also doesn’t look like she’s gained an ounce of baby weight? Is that healthy?

Allison T. on

If this outfit makes Tori feel sexy, I say she should go for it. Besides, I think anyone who owns a pug, not to mention an extremely well-dressed one, has inherently good taste! So good for Tori!!

Heather on

Poor Tori! Heidi has made it look easy for so long, everyone has forgotten that it really isn’t! While Tori has looked better, at least she’s fighting the urge to wear a mumu for the next 4 months or so!

yvette on

Being pregnant makes you feel ugly or sexy (depending on the day). I say good for her. She looks good and she looks happy. And I commend her for staying away from the hair bleach for the time being.

jules on

Tori looks adorable!!!!! The sheer overlay is the perfect cover-up and far from showgirl. Furthermore, paisleys with pigtails would look ridiculous on the red carpet anyway.

Audrey on

I’m all for being yourself, but I think this is crazy. She looks more like a hooker on the street than a soon to be mom. As a mother of two, I respect myself and my children enough to cover up. I agree, she should be taking tips from ladies like Heidi Klum and Brooke Sheilds on maternity style. I also agree with Bunky on the baby weight issue…

Kristin on

I have seen her in better pieces but I say flaunt what you got even if you are expecting.

Erica on

This dress really looks cheap! And when pregnant women try to look “sexy” it just looks silly! Heidi Klum was the best dressed pregnant mama hands down!

ABC123 on

NOOOOO!!!! Why Tori, WHY??? This look is NOT SEXY!!! There is a way for you to be sexy and prego, but this is definitely not the look to go for.

Rebecca on

Pregnant or not, I don’t care for the dress. Looks kind of silly to have the fitted satin under the longer, sheer panels. However, she does look better than she has in recent photos.

asd on

I think the dress should just be a little longer.

O'Wryly on

I’ve always felt that Tori Spelling tries too hard … but then given her looks {or more to the point – lack thereof}, it’s perfectly understandable. She’ll do anything for attention, figuring that negative attention is better than none at all. She is the epitome of tasteless tacky fashion atrocities and try as she might with her late daddy’s gazillions, she just couldn’t pull off ever looking good. And now it’s all moot…..

Mrs.Borrego on

I don’t think that Tori has ever had good taste in clothes.

Becky on

I agree that i don;t think she has ever dressed nice, her clothes have always been too short or tight. I mean she always had a nice body but she is not a very attractive woman. Myabe she thinks she still does have a nice body, which she does. Being pregnant is amazing! if this makes her feel good, why not? She is a million more tomes covered up than Brittney with all of her T & A hanging out. Tori is trying to be sexy and the sheer makes her appear modest.

But Heidi Klum no doubt was the best dressed pregnant woman i have ever seen.

Rosiebabe on

Tori Spelling need to dial 1-800-Heidi Klum hotline for clothes advice.

Holly on

Absolutely horrible. Try some naturally brown hair, some earth tones and definitely lose the thick heeled rhinestone shoes!

Ashley on

She looks great in this photo. Just because you are becoming a mother doesn’t mean you have to dress a certain way. Yeah make sound decisions concerning your child but as far as wardrobe goes…get off her back until she shows up in something that actually shows off her body.

caisidy on

yes she needs a makeover.

Mandy on

Yeah it’s short but who cares? Everything is covered. If she feels cute and sexy in the dress then let her be.

Stephanie on

Personally, I think the dress is a bit on the short side, but hey… when you’re pregnant I say where what makes you feel good. It’s hard to feel sexy when you can’t see your toes and if this works for her… all the power to her!
Also, you aren’t really supposed to gain fat while pregnant, most baby weight goes into increased water and blood volume, amniotic fluids, etc… so she may just be lucky and not get huge everywhere else!

AnnieM on

Completely horrific!

Shannon on

I’ve seen a heck of a lot worse!!


Jennifer on

I think that she looks good. Good for her for wearing what feels sexy to her. We all have our own style and I am happy for her that she has guts to wear what she wants.

Yashee on

I think this is the best she’s looked during her pregnancy. Her hair looks fantastic!

Hannah on

You go girl!! I think it is wonderful that women are now wearing flattering clothes that don’t resemble potato sacks.

emily on

ew fugly shoes
hm flats maybe?

krystal on

I think that she looks great!! In the past Tori has never been favourite, but pregnancy does agree with her! She looks great and the dress looks sexy and trendy at the same time! Go Tori, you look great!

Emma on

I think Tori has great legs and she can pull it off. But doesn’t she looks a little sick with her pale hair and face. She should try to be more playful with her makeup espacially if she’s wearing black.

Angie on

I think Tori looks pretty here, but this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time, if ever! She is in need of a serious make-over!

lisa on

The dress is not maternity and you can tell. The fit is bad and it just looks ugly. She needs some fashion tips from Heidi Klum, QUICK!

Linda on

Tori is just fine. Leave her alone and let her enjoy her on sense of style

Sandy on

It could be worse. Look at what Britney wore when she was pregnant. That was heinous. But Tori could benefit from having a stylist. At least to point her in the direction of a consistant style. She does have a good body and she seems very excited that she is pregnant. She just needs more classic, tailored looks.

Linake on

Wow…I can’t believe it’s 2006 and people are chastising a woman for not dressing like a mom or not according to her body shape. Tori can wear whatever she wants…despite being pregnant.

Amy on

I think if you look that good while pregnant and dressing like she is makes her feel sexy, then why should anyone else care or judge her for it. Some women have mixed feelings about getting fatter and all of the hormonal changes involved. I think pregnancy is the one time in a woman’s life when she can do whatever the heck she wants to. After all, she’s creating something extremely special and I think people should just leave her alone.

beth on

OMG Tori looks so good! I love the dress with the perfect sheer overlet……PEOPLE she is NOT heidi klum she is TORY get over that ….she looks great

laura on

this dress would be better if the under dress wasn’t so tite but honestly people……this shouldn’t even be an issue or discussed. who the f cares?

chris herold on

i think when u are pregnant whatever appeals to the individual is sexy

anne on

Laura you cared enough to comment …..Tori looks amazing

Rita on

I think if she has the money to wear whatever she wants, then go for it. Doesn’t mean the rest of the world will like it, but at least she is happy. She probably saw this picture and thought “Now why did I do that??”. I’ll never have enough money to pay for 1 of those shoes, let alone the whole outfit, so more power to her if she wants to waste her money.

shannon on

tori looks beautiful wished I’d looked that good while pregant. Laura if you dont care why say anything?

cc on

I say she looks great, and I agree with everyone else she could look worse. And not everyone has a super model body so stop comparing her to Heidi Klum… no one, not even you, could live up to that standard. And if I remember correctly when Maggie Gyllenhaal first became preganant, everyone was hating her style… your body is changing, it takes time to find what fits and makes you feel good. Tori look fine people!

medide05 on

If this makes her feel sexy then good for her cause lord knows that when you are pregnant it is really hard to feel that way. I.M.O: The dress is not that bad, maybe if she would have chosen a different pair of shoes the outfit would have been a total hit.

Tina on

She is usually cute, but this is all wrong. Even if she wasn’t preggo, it would still be too short and too low and weird.

hexxuss on

I think if this outfit was about 1-2″ more loosely fitting (it’s bunching up it’s so tight – not attractive), and about 5″-6″ longer on the skirt, that it would look great.
Tori’s been a horse of another color for some time now though, and I have to say anything is better than those ridiculous pigtail things that made her look 12.

Carrie on

oh god

Sarah on

I think Tori looks just fine. I am tired of stars being put under a microscope for the way they look. She is a happy “mommy to be” and should be left alone to enjoy her pregnancy.

Amber on

Her dress shows way to much leg for her age(in that picture), her maternity fashion has been a crisis perhaps she should take a few tips from Maggie Gyllenhaal and Heidi Klum since they look well put together and fresh for(when they were) expectant mothers.


I think that Tori looks great and the dress is very cute and sexy however, I do agree with others that it is toooo short for a pregnant woman to wear. It would look much better if it was a bit longer.

Brianna on

I don’t care what she puts on her body because CHICK LOOKS LIKE A DUDE, MAN! All that money and not one blessed thing a plastic surgeon could do to improve that face. She looks like a freaking pug dog.

Lynn on

Ok, think about how sylists dressed Jennifer Aniston during her Friend’s pregnancy. She wore short dresses and belly baring outfits. There’s nothing wrong with a woman showing off such a miraculous change that’s going on with her body.

Allison on

I think she looks awesome. Wish I had access to clothes like that when I was expecting.

Beth on

I don’t know if I would go QUITE that short or, er, sheer…but I really don’t think its that bad. Its hard to find cute pregnancy clothes, and I don’t have to walk a red carpet like she does and try to look cute at the same time! I say more power to her, just try to keep it a little covered up.

Heather S. on

The pug comment was perhaps a little mean… I think she looks beautiful lately. She wears happiness well! The dress, however, isn’t quite right, but it could have been cute, and the stripper shoes have got to go!

A on

Brianna—>don’t be insulting! I have a pug and he is the cutest thing in the world!!! lol

Heather S. on

A– you’re right. Pugs are the most adorable dogs ever!

Jen on

So trashy. Mothers-to-be should be preparing themselves for motherhood not turning into hookers.

KDJ on

Brianna, I was thinking more along the line of a horse, but oh well, bless her heart. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and her baby is healthy as well. She can dress however she wants as far as I’m concerned since I don’t ever plan to hang out with her.

Emily on

I think Tori looks very stunning here!

Lisa on

Okay, she might feel goog about herself, but this is a definate no-no!!!!


I don’t understand the issue: She is in her second trimester and people have an issue with her pulling off a cute dress? Maybe women (who are women’s harshest critics) should realize how hard it is to be pregnant and feel sexy. As for Heidi and Brooke, they wore tight outfits. It’s all the same. The fact that you wear a T-shirt that looks like second skin, does not make you a more conservative mother-to-be. TIght clothes is tight clothes no0 matter what clothign category it falls under.

Andrea on

I think the dress may be a tad bit too short. However, I think she looks absolutely amazing.

Rachel on

she never had a good taste in anything!!!!!

birmingham on

i think that she needs a general make-over. the dress makes the cut for hiding her expanding waistline, but there are stylish way of accomplishing that than a decreasing hemline.

Jennifer on

I say “GO FOR IT!” Believe me when I was pregnant, sometimes I didn’t even want to leave the house. If this is what makes her happy and feel nice/sexy/pretty, then good for her!


More like a make under… I think Tori is so pretty. I admire her style. I DO NOT think she looks like a hooker nor do i think its tasteless. I just think its a tad unflattering. I give her props, shes got alot of confidence to be wearing this as pregnant as she is. She definatly needs to loose those shoes or shes gonna have one hell of a third trimester. Shes not big enough yet for a maternity dress. Give her some credit gals at least shes trying!!!!

Colleen on

Ugh…She needs to get over herself and dress like a normal soon to be mother. The dress wouldn’t be so bad if it was 5 inches longer and not as tight.

Mari on


Esme on

CUTE! Love it!

Kerri on

I personally think she looks great. If it makes her happy, then so be it. She looks better than Britney, to be honest, and nothing like a showgirl. And the sheer overlay does add a nice touch to it.

Karen on

I think Tori looks great – I love the shoes – I was never able to wear such high heels while I was expecting. I met Tori in person in April and she is so pretty in real life and has the BEST hair ever!

Jennifer Brown on

I think the outfit looks great let’s just hope all those boob jobs hold up during and after pregnancy

Allison on

Tori Spelling has come a long way in style over the years. She has definately gotten prettier as she has gotten older, but I would agree that her clothing is not the best choice when expecting. It’s okay to be proud of your body when pregnant (there’s nothing more beautiful then a woman having a baby), but there is line that shouldn’t be crossed. Her dress is much too low and too short.

Todd Nuckols on

When you are el prego anything goes!

Allison on

I take that back..its fine on top, but is definately too short. Give it a bit more length and not so tight and it might look okay!

erica on

The dress could have been a little longer.

Other than that, she looks really cute, she’s just so proud and feels really sexy, it shows. Her hubby probably makes her feel wonderful too. Not a bad thing!

Dawn on

She looks like a fool! I guess her inner demons are fih=ghting about being a sexpot or being what she is, a preganant woman. Pregnant is SEXY but not if you dress in an unflattering way.

Melissa on

Tori has good legs, and she is wearing heels that are more think than the usual spikey heel you see these women wearing…Also, I think women look sexy when they are prego, and she doesn’t look too bad or inappropriate.

Ashley on

O that is horrible!! No way, she definitly needs to start wearing maturinity wear.

anna on

why has no one mentioned angelina jolie, now that was one well-dressed pregnant woman.

Ang on

Tori looks stunning. People tell her she ain’t lookin’ sexy enough while she’s pregnant, so she tries to look sexy and people still aren’t satisfied! Typical….

sarie on

she can honestly wear whatever she likes…i like this look better than her sloppy hippy look…if she feels sexy while pregnant, well i think she should make the most of that…pregnancy is a wonderful time for women!

Deebee on

It’s almost there, but not quite. Maybe if the dress was a little longer and had a little more flair to it I think it would be really cute. Not bad for Tori though.

Amber on

I say she looks good. I am a mom of a 6 month old and I say wear what makes you feel great and beautiful!!

cathy on

who gives a Sh%t!!!!!!!!!! she looks fine and the people that are saying negative things are the ones that probably gained mad weight and still looks pregnant/

Sarah on

I congratulate her…for not letting her style be dictated what the other stars do. The dress doesn’t look like a showgirl’s with the sheer. And who wears pigtails on the red carpet…?

Jessica on

uhh… i don’t think sooo……….
but in this picture i think she should…

Kylene on

I actually think Tori looks very cute here. Yes, the dress might be a little short, but it is covered up by the overlay so it doesn’t appear to be as short as it is. I think she looks great, and let’s be honest, anything is better than the pigtails and smocks she was sporting pre-pregnancy!!

Emily on

Maybe being pregnant makes her feel sexy and if she wants to show that off then I say go for it. And this outfit hurting anyone? or is anyone losing sleep over it? Probably not. If she feels good then it shouldn’t matter to anyone else.

Kellee on

I think she looks darling!

Nickolle on

Oh my god! She looks FABULOUS! I love her style!

Luz on

Come on, leave her alone !! She looks fine, it seems that she feels good about herself and that is awsome. Yeah, a little short, but who cares. I think some of you guys are being to harsh on her, we’ve seen worse on other people.

Bre on


Shauna on

I would have a blast in this outfit when I was pregnant. I hope she did too! It looks great.

Ashley on

i think tori looks nice..shows that you can still dress sexy even if you are prego!

Jennifer on

I love it! I think she looks great

Sadie on

The only thing that would have improved this outfit is if Tori had brought her pug along, too!

Kelly on

I think Tori looks great. As an expectant mom myself I say if you still look good, then go for it. People should just let her be and just be happy for her. You can clearly tell in the picture that she is just glowing!

Liesl on

If the dress would have reached around the knee around and lost that sheer thing, it would look a bit better. All in all she looks cute!


Rebecca on

I think she looks fabulous and proud to be expecting. Good for her!!!

Danielle on

I think she looks HOT! People would say she looked to old fashioned if she wore jeans and a maternity top. Plus, who knows where she was headed that evening. I think she glowed in this photo.

Danielle Peterson on

I thought she looked very nice at the AMAs and just because she is a mother to be doesn’t mean she has to stop feeling/being sexy. She still looks very good for being 5 months pregnant. At least she isn’t letting her stomach hang out of a tube top and a pair of baby jeans!

Vi on

She looks fabulous!!!! Any, and all, of you bloggers out there
would have loved to look this good in your third trimester. Way to go Tori. It shows she’s taking really good care of herself.

With all of these starlets out there showing everything they have to the world, it’s nice to see someone looking sexy, yet classy. Show a little skin, sure. But make sure it’s appropriate, not x-rated. Tori does a stellar job with this outfit. This dress shows her amazing legs, and cute belly, to perfection. She looks great.

B on

I think that she looks great!! If you look that good when your pregnant go for it! I’d wear it!

KAT on


Eva on

I think she needs a little help in choosing the right outfit. The dress itself is the problem as that sheath seems to draw the eye down to the hem. You don’t really see her–you’re just drawn down to the bottom of the outfit. Weird!

jack on

i think pregnant women should cover up, it looks nasty when they try to show their fat off. Just because shes famous doesnt mean she looks nice in everything she wears.

Angela on

The thing about Tori is that she always looks good, but she’s trying too hard to look good. The vanity is written all over her face, so she’s not attractive to me.

WonderWoman on

Tori needs her hair darkened and needs to use Heidi Clum’s stylist.

meg on

i think she has a great figure but that dress doesn’t go! as she is pregnant she should wear something down to her knees!!

Suzi on

Tori honey, what a slutty looking little outfit! It will never get you “mother of the year”! Yikes! Definitely a make-over is in dire need!

Suzi on

Tori looks trashy! Make-over now!

les talented on

Ahhhh! Heidi looks amazing and tori does not! that is the only way to put it nicely!

sam on

I don’t think its anyone’s business how someone else dresses it is their perogitive. I however do believe that Tori is dressing even stranger since she has been pregnant.

Berenice on

I think she looks good. When you are pregnate you have all the right to feel sexy. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

olha on


Jackie on

She looks great! People have to stop being so critical. I hope I look that good when I’m pregnant.

Sina on

I think she looks good! If you got it like that, than why not flaunt it!! If if were me, I’d do the same. No, she doesn’t need a makeover. She looks fine! More power to you Tori!! Congradulations!!!

Jess on

No way is that a becoming look for her

Heather on


Mila on

She looks wonderfull and never better !!!!!

lia on

oh my god! this dress does not adorn you, Tory dear!

Shawna on

I think this dress is way too short. Tori should aim for something longer with an empire waist.

night on

She looks OK in this dress. She is Tori Spelling after all, what else can you expect. She has always been just this side of ugly , so why would pregnancy change her. Any woman who would walk around with that awful boob job thinking she looks good can’t be expected to make wise choices in any other part of her life. All and all…not bad…for Tori, that is.

Paula on

She should be using something thats longer and a little more loose around her tummy…that outfit is terrible for a mother to be…she just doesn’t look like a mature happily married confident mother to be…she doesn’t look good at all..

Alice on

Tori has always been tacky, I wouldn’t expect anything less of her. But that dress isn’t anything as bad as Britney wore when she was pregnant.

desiree on

she looks absoluty redicuilos i think she needs some advice! being pregnant is a wonderful thing and when you dress like that it dosent look wery wonderful

rylie on

that dress is beyond short for an expecting mom…plus i think its completely ugly….she needs to dress her age and get ready to be a mother….i mean what kind of example would she be setting????

Cassie on

She is gross! Can’t stand her. Wish she’d GO AWAY!!!!

Angela on

I personally don’t think Tori looks awful. She’s sampling the sexy look as a mom. At this stage in her pregnancy, she looks fine in that type of outfit. As she gets further along, she needs to find something more appropriate.

SeaChelles on

Dress is fine. It’s the black roots that are hideous. Why do brunettes, who go blond, allow their dark roots to show like that? Tasteless.

Emily on

Tori Spelling is such a beautiful woman but showing that much skin pregnant isn’t behooving. Real style is abotu going with your own vibe and wearing something that flatters the figure–that dress doesn’t do either and she just looks cheap.

Laurie on


Erin on

Tori can buy anything she wants and she chose that ensemble? I’m thinking no to the whole outfit. It’s a bad idea pregnant or not.

Lar on

Tori has always been a little on the tacky side. Hello 90210!

chopsueyluey on

To me she finally looks ‘healthy’ and not starving, the extra weight makes her look well, healthy. No one I know would let me (pregnant or not) leave the house looking like that but then hey, I live in Idaho ;o)

Johanna on

since when does motherhood equate to frumphood? Let her have her fun, with all the plastic surgery she has undergone, she deserves fun!

Dee on

I think Tori looks hot! Just cause your pregnant doesnt mean you have to dress like it.

heidi lier on

I think she looks wonderful. Her body is gorgeous, she hasn’t let that eating for 2 get to her figure. Good for her. It you got it flaunt it.

PrincessL on

Honestly, I think this look is tacky. The sheer-overlay looks homemade and so non-couture/designer. The clunky heels add more weight to the entire look. A thumbs down from me!

Ang on

Re: the comments about comparing Tori to Heidi, bear in mind the minor fact that Heidi probably got given designer preggo clothes to wear, so of course she’s gonna look great.

Deanna on

I think he married her for money…………an’t be for her looks.

ANN on

Tori needs to grow up and dress like a married/pregnant women instead of dressing like she’s still a teenager, she would be way more appealing to people if she did and not be a joke like alot of people think of her.

Mintie on

NOT a hot mama; poor fashion choice. UGHHH!

meg on

i think she looks very pretty.
i personally wouldnt wear the dress because its just not my style but she looks good in it. adorable shoes!!!

terra on

After looking at todays review of her maternity style in her “shmock” (12/01/06 star track), I just keep wondering, can her wardrobe keep getting worse as she gets further along?????

Tobie P. on

I say u go girl. This is her time to shine and she isn’t hurting anyone. Pregnacy is a time to feel beautiful on the inside and out. Let her be who she is!!!

heama603 on

I think Tori looks great here. Heck she looks better here then when she is not pregnant. Go Tori!

Stephanie on

I think she looks great. I agree, I wouldnt wear this at 8 or 9 months of pregnancy. But there are no rules to say that she can’t wear it now.

AC on

I saw that pic too, terra. I like Tori and her wardrobe isn’t gonna change that, but the bottom line is that she doesn’t have to justify what she wears away from the spotlight. She has no obligation to dress up and given ppl USUALLY rag on her no matter how she looks, there’s no incentive for her to try.



Haley on

I don’t think her dress is THAT bad, but definitely not her best moment. Should be a little longer, etc. etc., but she sure is glowing! Whatever she feels comfy in I say go for it.

Even though I don’t think she’s that attractive, that pug comment was mean!

Natasha A on

I think Tori looks wonderful. When you are pregnant you start thinking less of yourself. Sometimes you might not feel beautiful or you might feel FAT. Tori is none of that. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

sandra on

She looks great. OK… sometimes she looks a little cooky, but maybe that’s just how she’s feeling that day. Even when people tell you “You Glow”, when your pregos, you sure don’t feel that way, so always try to dress better than how your feeling.



jessica on

i dont like this dress much at all. maybe if it didnt have that net type thing over it and she wasnt pregnant. i think for her she’d look good in a long flowing dress.

heat on

I say she should go for it. Now, when I was pregnant I showed it off and a woman shouldn’t have to feel ashamed and cover it up. That is where the saying flaunt it when your pregnant comes in. I did and yes there may be those who think it is so bad but those are the ones who would cover up.

LaRae on

I don’t think her outfit looks that bad, I have seen much worse come out of Hollywood, I also think that Tori is a very pretty girl. And as for Tori not gaining much weight being pregnant and it not being healthy I only gained 7 lbs pregnant with my daughter and she came out a healthy 7 lbs 12 oz. (that wasn’t by choice, I was very sick), I am sure Tori has gained at least that by now.

Travis on

I think that she should rethink the outfit, but personally, I think that here lately Tori has looked better than she has in months! Makeup looks great, along with her hair. Perhaps it’s just that maternity glow.

Deborah Bouma on

I think she does! It’s not very pretty what she is wearing.

Starr on

Tori, you go!! She has been throught alot and haveing a baby dose not mean you have to dress like your mom! She looks wondeful I wish I had looked so hot when I was expecting. Tori keep going you are a wonderful woman who has earned her spot in the world!!

TLC on

I think Tori looks great for a red carpet event. I have seen other stars that wore far worse outfits while they were pregnant including wearing t-shirts with their bellies hanging out. The high-heels are no-no during pregnancy though. Flatter shoes are not as appealing but safer.

cambria on

i think this dress looks fine on her. she’s not pushing it all, i don’t thik she needs advice from anyone either

terry walker on

i think she looks good. the dress is a little short, but she looks and i think that thats what matters.

Kecia on

Leave her alone! She looks fabulous! There is no prego rule determining a woman must look like an umpa lumpa for new mommy respect!

kristina on

i think she looks fine. god who cares what she wears. shes from hollywood not kansas. of course shes not gunna go around wearing what most bible bangers think you should wear. who said pregnant women should wear certian clothes. she has a better body than most ppl who are commenting anyway. let her wear what ever she wants. for god sake she is pregnant she probally dosent feel very sexy.

garry on

i think she looks great the way she looks now she doesnt need a makeover

Hannah on

What is she thinking? I am 6 months pregnant myself and i would not be caught dead wearing anything like that. She needs to take some of Heidi and Britney’s preggers style.

Yemisi on

Toti Spelling’s dress is quite tight and @ short, but so long as she feels comfy then there is no issue but she cld get a clue from fashionista such as Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani etc

Cat on

I think she is beautiful. I say let her wear what is comfortable for her. As others have commented, “It isn’t easy being pregnant!”



athi maso on

I think the dress is way to short for her being a mom. She has no style she needs to go on a shopping spree pronto.

lucy on

she should dress like a mom to be because that will show she is ready to be a mom.

jana on

it’s ok withthe whole lookand the dress, but i don’t think it’s healthy for preggers to wear heels!

s.k on

um yeah.. ugly

alexis on

i think this dress is gorgeous and hot! if teri likes it she should stick to this style and go for it:)

nette on

i don’t think she looks that bad considering she is not cute at all. i think this is actually the best she has looked EVER. idont know how she’s wearinng those shoes at 8months pregnant but you go girl….

Malorie on

I think she looks beautiful and if she’s comfortable, than who cares how short the dress is! Do you guys know how hard it is to get comfortable and feel sexy/beautiful when you’re pregnant?! More power to her.

Carolyn on

Simply put, Tori is very needy, fashionwise. Looking trashy is not IN for new Moms.

Wendy on

I say good for her, she’s a beautiful woman, pregnant or not. I wish I had that much class when I was pregnant.

Janet on

I think she looks so cute there are mothers who would love to look the way she does

Sam on

i love it..and if. Its hot

sam on

i love it, its hot!

Betty Kight on

No Mam she does not need a new look. She is fine. Some who are not pregnant needs NEW LOOKS ALL OVER!

Heidi on

Just a little bit I mean if the dress was as long as the sheer is and there is no sheer the dress would be stunning but im sure after a few kids she will have her styke down pack.

Andrea on

just because a person just had a baby doesn’t really mean they need to go flaunting their post pregnancy body. i had a baby 9 months ago and while i think i look great, i don’t go around in sleezy clothing showing the world my goods, and i especially don’t go around without panties for crying out loud! there is no excuse for it. talk to ANY respectable guy and they will tell you modesty is way more attractive than a girl in a mini skirt who’s boobs are popping out everywhere. real men are not attracted to these types of women, i’m sorry to say. leave something to the imagination ladies! men like a bit of mystery in this area. alright i’m done ranting. my point is, i realize she may be proud of her body, but she can show it off in a classy and sexy way rather than looking like a prostitute.

Andrea on

i am an airhead girls. my post was meant to go in the britney forum. my apologies!! let me start over :

i think tori looks beautiful. i wish i could have looked that glamorous while being pregnant. more power to her :)

i think i’ll head to the forum i was originally supposed to be in now. again, sorry about that mix up everyone.

Butterfly on

Pregnant ladies are supposed to look cute, not sexy.

Ketiwe on

No No!!! its like the more her tummy grorws the more fashion misses she makes!!

Blondeheiress on

With a tell all book on the way, a new marriage, a baby on the way, the loss of her father, and her estranged relationship with Mother. Tori has a lot going on. Her style reflects this. Oh the life of an heiress! Tori has a lot going on and her style reflects this. Professionally speaking, I would like to see a new hair style. Her hair looks dated.

kathy on

tori i cant stand wat she wears SHE NEEDS A SERIOUS MAKEOVER.

Claudia on

If Tori would have just worn the black dress, she would have looked great. But with the lace overlay, she looks a bit cheap.


Claudia on

If Tori would have just worn the black dress, she would have looked great. But with the lace overlay, she looks a bit cheap.


Sunni on

Sorry, can’t make a good comment on a woman who’s now husband and her cheated on their mates. I will say that I hope she has a healthy baby.

Crystal Bogan on

I think Tori looks astonishing in this dress. Look sexy for as long as you can tori.

lola on

looks like white bread in a bag.

Lauren on

I think, being pregnant is very difficult after having 4 children. It’s important for tori to feel sexy. And if this does, it does. No questions. She can pull it off!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

night on

Tori looks bad in everythng she wears. This is NOT one of her worst looks though. I’ve seen her in much much worse. But I have finaly decided what bothers me about this woman….She looks EXACTLY like one of the guys in “White Chicks” when he was in drag as a blond woman…’s kind of scary acutally….poor dear, imagine being a woman who looks like one of the Wayans brothers in drag.

Virginia on

I have to aggree with the previous poster. This lady is Fugly and she looks like a drag queen. Now she looks even worse with the two pigtails.

Ang on

tori’s been looking great the last month or so-good for her! anything to get the insatiable vultures off her back…

Isabella on

I think everyone should just take a step back and let Tori be Tori, in my opinion she looks great!!!

Tracey on

Tori looks amazing here.. The dress is a knockout and so is she in this picture.. Anyone who says otherwise has either never been pregnant or doesn’t have a sexy bone in their body or any taste for god’s sake!

You Go Girl & Way to go on Cathcing such a hunk of a man!

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