Is Katie's Disco Look a Do or Dud?

11/28/2006 at 03:25 PM ET

It’s not unusual to be inspired by classic cinematic looks — Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall — but John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? Katie Holmes wasn’t even born yet when the disco-tastic movie came out in 1977, but she still looked suspiciously ready to do the hustle in her white YSL suit and black blouse in Paris last month. And she’s not the only one — as you can see in our gallery, Annette Bening and Faye Dunaway have hopped on the Tony Manero bandwagon too. Tell us: Would you wear a suit like Katie’s? Is it retro-cool or a moldy-oldie?

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Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty; (Inset) Everett Collection

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jonezy on

Well, I guess we can see how many people really give a darn about what Katie Holmes wears. Mid afternoon and no comments!!!!

Tiffany on

I am bored, so I will use a quote from the best movie ever made The Dukes of Hazzard (sarcasm)

~”Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white after labor day?”~

bj on

Katie Holmes is Tom Cruise’s wife,,, while her taste in clothes is unapealing on her I think people just like to see her. Got to say she is NO Nichole kiddman,, Nichole was Chanell reborn, classic,drop dead beauty and she could handle the press and her self. It seems Katie is a stepford wife for Tom. OH well that is what he wanted.

Sammy on

I think this is gorgeous and she wears it well. This shouldn’t be classified as a trend, I think it’s a timeless, polished look.

Heather S. on

Normally celebrity bashing really annoys me, but Katie just gets to me. It’s not her fault, I guess, just TomKat in general… what a downgrade from Nicole! I’d like to see her dress like less of a 60 year old woman, and perhaps with all the money she and Tom have she can buy some makeup–even in their wedding portrait she looked SORELY in need of a powder!

Mrs.Borrego on

I don’t like her outfit. She looks like she is Tom’s age with that suit on. She needs to relax and dress how she used to when she was with her ex-boyfriend.

Teresa on

I’ve looked at the other women in this look and I agree it looks suspiciously like John Travolta’s yet I think that Katie-alone-can pull this off. The look works for her but no one else apparently. I love her looks now and she always knows what to wear for her and not to just follow trends.

Bunky on

Once Annette Bening is rocking an outfit – and make no mistake, she rocks it – it’s a clue that it might not be right for a mid-to-late-20-year-old. Ironically, it’s Nicole that starred in “The Stepford Wives.”

Courtney on

Hate it.

KC on

Katie looks awful in this suit. It is not the right fabric at all for her. It looks like a frumpy wrinkled mess. She is way to young to dress like that anyway. You can obviously tell Tom is telling her how to dress. She looks about 20 years older than she is. Plus she wore this next to a dynamite looking Victoria Beckham. You just can’t compete with that. Say what you want about Posh, but at least she dresses younger than Katie does, and she usually looks better, too. Plus, did anyone else think the photo TomKat sent out of their wedding look like a prom pose from 1987? That was by far the worst wedding photo anyone has ever released by a celebrity couple. They both looked awful!

Melissa on

Why does Kate Holmes have to change so much since last year….every pic I see her in, she looks like such a poser. I think she’s a pretty girl, but she looks as if she is “playing a roll”….like she is some type of royalty or something. I mean, big deal you are married to Tom Cruise, he’s so short, and acts so corny sometimes. And what’s up with their wedding? I mean, is it really necessary to spend that much money ever? Loving one another should be a private thing, it just looks like tom needs attention or something. And kate is his little puppet.

Natalie on

I think she looks pretty incrediable and effortless. very few people can pull it off and she does!! Katie is a STUNNINGLY gorgeus woman and she very rarely makes fashion mistakes

Elaine on

There is just waaaaaaaaaaay too much serious ugly in that outfit.

micheleeee. on

I’ll vote a do, I guess.

Vanessa on

Please, enough with the comparison of Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, Holms and Penelope Cruz!!
They all are beautiful women who dont have to be jealous about the past.
Would be very nasty if someone compares me with my boyfriend ex girlfriend…
I agree, Katie looks great, and I must ad, it is weird Nicole is never near her kids, Connor and Isabella, what is wrong with this woman anyway??

Eli on

I love Katie in that outfit, she’s always very classy, not as a lot of other celebrities who are always almost naked when they are out!

Sonya on

She looks great!!!!!!!!!!

Jess on

mabey you shuld model your attire after a woman in the twenty first century

Jordan on

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! It’s sexy and very professional. She looks beautiful and comfortable, which is absolutely sexy by itself. I love the loose pants…and who cares if it’s white. If she can keep it clean nothing else matters…except that it flatters her miraculously.

Eliza on

I love katie! She ‘s a natural beauty and she looks always pretty and classy.

Rebecca on

I think she looks wonderful! She really reminds me of Jackie O. Timeless!

Brenda on

I actually thought Katie Holmes looked pretty great in that outfit until you mentioned John Travolta and his white disco suit. Now I feel like giggling when I look at Katie’s photo, though I do agree with Bunky that Annette Benning manages to pull off the look, Travolta not withstanding. On the other hand, Katie Homes is no Annette Benning!

Elisha on

It doesn’t look great on her, but it doesn’t look bad…although I have to say, since she’s been with Cruise she haschanged, physically. She’s not that classic, all-american beauty anymore, she looks like a robot…and what’s with the hair?

Lacey D. on

I think she looks good, but she ought to have gotten the pants hemmed. They look too long on her.

Amelia on

I think she looks great, if that is the style she has chosen. She does dress a lot older than most girls her age, but she pulls it off in a way most younger women couldn’t.

Rebecca on

Katie looks classy and cute in this outfit. It may look a little “old”, but at least it’s not trashy. Her bouncy curls and natural makeup freshen up the look.

AnnieM on

She looks nice. I also like her pre-wedding party outfit (peach blouse with pants).

Mintie on

Retro cool, european fashion; looks great!!.

Robyn on

I feel that Katie is acting so much older than her years. I preferred Tom with Nicole, but apparently he enjoys robbing the cradle. I feel bad for Katie. She had her whole life ahead of her and now she is a young mom without much of a career ahead. And lets be honest, you KNOW their marriage is not going to last. Then where will she be? I liked her alot better with Chris Klein.

Mary Dugal on

I tend to think that Tom has full control over Katie. I’m not sure she is allowed in public unless Tom approves. That said, I’m sure Tom pulled that out of his closet for her. They are the same size….

stacey on

this makes her look really old

Kristin on

I like Katie during the pre- TomKat years. She was the girl next door, now she is Tom’s arm candy and let’s face it- her career isn’t exactly a high profile one on her own merits. Its all due to the TomKat craze.

KDJ on

I think she looks great! From what I read, the odds of her marriage to Tom lasting is not good but I wish them the best and hope they live a long happy life together and enjoy every minute with their daughter. Maybe there is such a thing as true love – I hope so for them.

PorFavor on

i don’t like this style..but i like Kate Holmes :)

Angie on

I think Katie looks stunning and mature. She is soooo pretty and she looks sophsicated. She is very lucky and blessed to have the life she has, so why not enjoy it if you got it, FLAUNT IT!!!! You go girl, and I wish you nothign but love and happines with Tom. Just so you know, I wanted to marry him too. LOL
Much love

Brianna on

I think she looks nice in this outfit and her hair is pretty. But has anybody noticed how…uhmmm…VACANT she has been looking since hooking up with TC? Like he hooked her up to the E-Meter and sucked her brains out. Scary.

Sarah on

Katie definately can pull this look off! She looks great…waaaaaaaaaaay better than the other two.

Krista on

Everytime I see a celebrity bashed for what they’re wearing I think the same thing…why are we not bashing the designers??? These are all designer outfits, so why not place the blame on the correct person, the designer, and not the people who wear them. The designers start the trends, its their fault.

Ps…I love Katie’s outfit. There’s nothing more classic than a suit.

brandi nation on

i think she always looks besautiful in whatever she wears everybody else is just jealous

Janette on

Why does everybody need to know “celebritys business”, Katie Holmes-Cruise is a natural, she can wear anything and get away with it, and so what if Tom is older than her, it happens everyday with us normal americans trying to make a living and have love! I only hope we will soon see her in a good movie again

Leila on

Look, I think Katie can handle her own, she looks great and doesn’t need everyone trashing or getting all up in her business. 2 thumbs up for being as private as you have been and I wish nothing but the best for you three. Both of you are my favorite actors out there, hope to see more of you.

chris on

John Travolta looked much better in that outfit! Really,
you’d think she could afford to have someone advise her on her
fashions or lack thereof!

chelle on

Katie looks good in anything… i like the outfit. she pulls it off better then John does… too bad she married an idiot!

Farrah on

BLECH!!!! FUGLY!!!!!

Kim on

I don’t like her bangs at all!! They’re way too short! She looks like me when I was 4 and took the scissors to myself!

Soledad on

She looks alright, I guess. She always looks as if she is trying too hard to fit in to the A-list scene. I mean before she was falling off the radar, and now she is sitting next to the likes of Will & Jada Pinkett Smith & J. LO!!! C’mon these stars are A-List Celebrity. And lets face it Katie wasn’t even on the B-List!!!

rubie on

I am so sick and tired of katie/tom. she was never mention
much until she became invloved with tom, so what does that tell you

crystal on

Not been a fan since I saw her in Blockbuster in Wilmington NC recalling all the “famous” people she knew or worked with. Those bangs are just hair loss from having a baby. glad mine didn’t fall out like that, whew.

vicky on

A lot of the cloths she has been wearing have been more and more less revealing.. I wonder if Tom has anything to do with that? She does not look like she is young and hip and full of life like she used to…

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