Nicole and Ashley Top PETA's Naughty List

11/28/2006 at 12:30 PM ET

We already knew that PETA was letting Lindsay Lohan off the hook this year, but others have not been so lucky. Nicole Richie tops PETA’s annual worst dressed list, along with fellow fur-wearers Ashley Olsen, Christina Ricci (slammed for wearing reindeer fur on a magazine cover) and Eva Longoria. Noticeably absent from the list is last year’s No. 1, Paris Hilton, who has apparently had a change of heart and only wears fake fur now. Think that was Tinkerbell‘s influence?

For more on Nicole Richie’s style, click here, and for the scoop on Ashley Olsen, click here.

Photo: MWD-Madison/X17

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j on

these two ‘fashion icon’ wannabes need to educate themselves on the fur trade. to me, they look sad and ignorant, not stylish in any way. get REAL girls, and wear FAUX fur!!

Misty on

Oh No…PETA’s worst dressed list. What ever will they do now? Whatever….PETA are a bunch of drama queens that get together to stir things up. If they want to wear fur, it is their right as Americans & they can tell PETA to shove it.

Anonymous on

Oh…well, didnt Nicole Richie say in one interview that she would never wear real fur and that it’s “gross”? I guess when you are a superstar, you can go back on your word.

But what’s the use? Fake fur looks just as good as real fur without killing an innocent creature. I mean, gosh!

s on

I wouldn’t say PETA stirs up a bunch of drama – they are there to educate people who probably don’t know the full story on what they’re eating and wearing. Just the same as the groups/organizations who educate people about anything else, like politics, drug awareness, stds, & a million other things…so if your tell PETA to shove it then you can tell all the other educators that to, because its your right as an american to do what you want right? So when you get an STD because you’re uneducated, looks like you were just asking for it.

Misty on

Yes, S you are right about educating…but there is a difference in educating & outright cramming something down your throat. There is a way to go about stuff & it just seems to me that every single time I turn around PETA is “name calling” or outright bashing people so I have lost a ton of respect for them as an organization. People automatically jump to conclusions about people who wear fur but maybe several of them are simply uneducated….but aren’t given the chance because PETA has bashed them and already passed judgement.

AnnieM on

I’m with Misty. I could go on about being at the top of the food chain, but I won’t………opps, just did.

Tee on

I have to agree with Misty and AnnieM. If you want to educate, go right ahead. But stop trying to force people to “your side”. It’s our right as Americans to wear what we want to…fur included. Top of the food chain is right…!

Shane Cisneros on

Fur has been around for centuries so why make the big deal now? Indigenous people all races and cultures have worn for centuries so why not in these modern times? I think both the girls look great and their furs adds texture to thier somewhat ordinary ensembles.

Aiden on

Can they really tell from pictures if it’s real or fake? And if you can, then the statement “Fake fur looks just as good as real fur without killing an innocent creature” is wrong.

Wear whatever you want.
I agree with Misty and most of the above.

Rebecca on

Not only is fur gross, but it doesn’t even look pretty. Sad to see people still wearing animal pelts in this day and age.

Aiden on

Oh my goodness, I just visited the PETA website and they do horrible, rude things. They could go about doing their business a little more tastefully.

Peta Guy on

Hey Misty…

I think you should look at Peta’s website and see what they do to the animals to make a fur coat.. Its very cruel and inhumane all in the name of fashion… I realize Peta is an “in your face organization”… They are definitely out there and want to get their message across.. Do you have a pet? Just think it could be made into a fur coat in South Korea… educate yourself before you make rash comments

Mrs.Borrego on

I respect what PETA does. I respect Nicole and Ashley and any other human that decides to wear the fur. We are in America and therefore people have the right to do what they please. PETA has just as much right to put people on the Worst Dressed list if they want to and the fur wearers have the right to wear whatever they want. I personally wouldn’t wear real fur. Real fur or Fake fur? Whats the difference? I’m sure fake fur is cheaper so I’d probably wear the fake fur. Who is going to know? Nicole and Ashley could lie and say its real if they wanted to and everyone would more than likely believe them.

Vanessa on

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH please people !!!

Respect other people’s choice !! if you dont like fur, dont wear it, but dont make others think the same as you.

Maybe you love your dog as same as your mom, but not all of us do it.
This is the problem with the American, want all of us to think the same as you… BLAHHHHH

Cristina Dias on

Statments like “it is their right as Americans “, “We are in America and therefore people have the right to do what they please” or “It’s our right as Americans to wear what we want to…fur included” it’s the sadest thing i’ve ever heard and read!! Just because you are AMERICANS you think you have the right to do whatever you feel like?? I’m sorry but you are WRONG! Specially when it comes to do something so ridiculous as wear fur from innocent and defenseless creatures. Get some respect for other forms of life that has the same right to be respected and protected.

Jessica P on

I’m respectful of anyone who wants to live a vegan lifestyle. I’d like the same respect in return for whatever lifestyle I choose. Furthermore, PETA’s “in your face” fanatical campaigns are somewhat likened to religious fanatics in my book… I don’t like to be “educated” through fear, gore, and guilt.

AJ on

Worst dressed is right – talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve – or really the lack there of – fur is cruel.

mary on

real cool people wear fake!

Cristina on

It’s seems that everyone respects others opinions, but they don’t respect other forms of life! We don’t need to wear fur to survive the cold! We live in the 21st century, it’s more than time for us to realize that there are things that we have to let go, and kill animals just to be fashionable it’s one of those things.
Being a person, and per se on top of the chain, doesn’t take away our responsability, it’s exactly the oposite. As “thinkers” we have the obligation to separate the right from wrong and protect the “weakest” link. Maybe PETA has a shocking way to pass the message, but even thoug it seems that it isn’t shocking enough!

doug on

Haha serves them right. I used to think little Ashley Olsen was so cute on full house but now that shes a fur-wearing hag, I lost so much respect for her. Since when is Nicole and Ashley’s fur coats more important than the lives of 60-100 animals who are horribly tortured for their skins?

It’s not “down your throat” education. It’s reality. Check out if you even want to consider why fur is so controversial.

Courtney on

Im all for PETA. I hope they put JLO on their list again too though. IM SO PROUD of Paris Hilton.
Nicole, give it up!

Andrea on

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals.

Seriously though. I think Peta is out of control. I am very much an animal lover and it makes me sad to think of an animal suffering or in pain, but why do you all think they were put on this earth?? There is nothing that anyone can do to change the fact that animals are going to be killed for their meat. It’s something that is always going to happen. Sorry to break it to you. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of them being killed and I would like to imagine that they don’t feel pain. However, I do enjoy a good filet every once in a while. Sorry.

Andrea on

P.S. Another thing that I find incredibly ironic regarding PETA members is that they are hardcore ANIMAL rights activists, but most the time support a womans right to choose. Isn’t this a double standard? So.. it’s okay to kill a baby, but you’re basically going to hell if you kill an animal?? lol. Ridiculous. I think PETA is full of a bunch of idiots personally.

Alloy Jane on

Cristina, you took the words right out of my mouth [or rather, keyboard]. Besides, you don’t have to be vegan to have a sense of compassion. If the reality makes you feel guilty, it’s because you know you are wrong. It amazes me that people get angry at those of us who are fighting for the lives of others, animal or human. This is exactly why when we are not at war, so many people live in fear of alien attacks/abduction/probing. I’ve always felt the alien obsession had to do with the collective guilt of having abused our power as thinking creatures. We cook up something smarter and stronger than ourselves, coming to do to us what we do to our fellow, lesser Earthlings. It’s the standard psychological procedure of tyrants.

Jessica Lynn on

no it’s not right to make everyone think like you.

but it’s ok to do that when there is really only one smart choice.

and that smart choice is don’t be a freak and wear dead animals parts

alvin on

Andrea, so you say you love animals yet eat them? And PETA is filled with idiots you say? Haha.

M on

Every one is entitled to their own opinions. However, to say that the only reason animals were put on this earth is so you could eat them…is wrong, not to mention ignorant. What kind of animal lover would ever say that?

Meg on

You don’t have to love PETA or be a vegetarian or whatever to realize that the fur industry is cruel. Many animals are skinned alive and trapped in inhumane ways. What about the seal pups who are clubbed to death every year in Canada, or the numerous dogs and cats (many of them are pets) who are trapped, abused and eventually skinned in China? Should we be allowed to wear their skins in the name of fashion? There are plenty synthetic fur alternatives that look just as great as real fur and aren’t as expensive. Plus, you don’t have to live with the fact that you’re wearing the skin of an animal who suffered immense cruelty before he or she died. I would think people are wealthy (and as untalented) as Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen would be a bit more humane and buy alternatives, but I guess I’m expecting to much.

shaleah on

omfg get over it its fur OWELL last time i checked we lived in america where ppl have RIGHTS get over it its just a little fur & no one freaks out about roadkill on the side of the road so chill!


It is everyone’s right to wear what they want- however I do think it is quite ignorant to say that animals were put on this Earth so that we could eat them… not only ignorant but wrong. Killings animals for food/nutrition is okay to me, but killing them to wear their fur… I don’t know, it’s not like we need to do that to keep warm anymore. I agree that PETA is way too in your face but I do think their main message is correct. If you don’t feel any compassion for an animal when you see how badly they are treated than I really do feel sorry for you. But again- just my opinion you don’t have to agree.

*ker* on

Omg i tink day shud wear faux fur…wats da point in wearing real fur?????????But dere lukin gr8 as brunettes!!

Lilly on

Real fur is great, I would never wear fake. I am getting a brand new fur coat for the Holidays, and it is my choice to wear it. No one can tell me not to. It’s a free country after all.

dee on

I support people deciding what they won’t wear but I don’t support people telling others what they SHOULD NOT wear, particularly when they use gorilla tactics. I heart animals but I do wonder whether PETA got more upset over the large number of abandoned animals during Hurricane Katrina or the larger number of displaced and economically disenfranchised people whose condition was made worse by this storm. Just a thought…

April on

This is sickening. I’ll never wear real fur

April on

Real fur is tacky

April on

fur is tacky

Cristina on

Again: Living in a free country doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be resposible. your freedom ends when others freedom starts, including the animals!

"T" on

Cristina Dias, For you to make this quoted statement “Just because you are AMERICANS you think you have the right to do whatever you feel like?? I’m sorry but you are WRONG!” is an ignorant statement. Actually, when it comes to this situation, we Americans can do what ever we please. Until the day our government makes it illegal, the people that choose to do so, will. I personally do not see the excitement of wearing animal skins, but, to each his own.

Emma on

Living in a free country means that I can do anything I choose as long it is legal. And if I choose to wear fur, I couldn’t care less what anybody else thinks. My freedom to choose does not end. I care about my family, my children and my job. And what is happening to the animals really does not concern me that much. Might sound cruel to some, but it’s true. I enjoy my fur coat, and my baby daughter loves hers. Again, that’s my choise, and NO ONE can tell me what to wear or not to wear. Or what and how to think. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Andrea on

Just b/c a person eats animals doesn’t mean they “hate” them. I have pets. I enjoy them. However, I will go out for a burger or a steak once in a while. So yes, I can be an animal lover and eat a burger every now and then. It’s not like that’s a new phenomenon. This just confirms to me why I think (and always will think) that PETA members are militant idiots. PETA is just full of a bunch of attention hungry people, not to mention clueless. I just read a news story where PETA accused a church of having a live nativity scene, only they had the wrong church. They freakin protested outside of this church and the pastor had no idea why. hahaha. Idiots. Honestly, I think people will do anything to make a statement. Right now it’s “cool” to be vegan. It’s “cool” to be an activist for something. I question whether or not some of these people are actually genuine about it or if they are just trying to fit in. Also, I will say it again. PETA in my opinion care more about animals than they do people. Hence, most of them are prochoicers. Like I said before, they can support the tortorous murder of a human life, yet go to every length for an animal. Backwards if you ask me. Also, it is biblical that animals were put here for food. We also have dominion over them. That’s straight from the good book, so don’t take that up with me. But hey, that’s a whoooooole other bulletin. ;-)

Amber on

I don’t understand why they(Peta) pick on people just for wearing or eating animals, what do they think most of thier ancestors did way back then eat fruit and wear leaves? NO I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT…

I don’t think this really matters to most of the celebrities that do eat or wear animals, and that they made the worst dress list on Peta cause they wear animals; I think it’s an easy thing for any of us to shake off and say IT’S MY LIFE.

Andrea on

I’m with ya on that Amber. Come to think of it.. they wouldn’t last two seconds way back in the day. They would starve to death b/c they refused to eat meat.

Bre on

i agree with Misty AnnieM and Tee…PETA can take their educating elsewhere and leave these girls to wear (not to mention look great) what they want…

fake fur would probably be kinda on the lil animals but if they want real they can have it! PETA is way too emotionally obssed!!

bre on

S— we arent talking about STDs…. sry but get with the program

M on

BACK IN THE DAY, people ate meat because they had to. But they respected that animal, they treated it with dignity, they were killed humanly. Every part of the animal was used. Today, people waste food, they don’t care that the steak they are chowing down was once a living, breathing creature. I’m a vegetarian, my husband is not. I would never ask him not to eat meat, but only to realize what it is, and to appreciate it.

Courtney on

First of all, WE GET IT. YOUR AMERICAN. YOU HAVE CHOICES. You have the choice to understand that wearing fur means supporting an industry based on cruelty and horrific torture. But it’s sad to know that many will ignore this choice and keep on shoppin’ and not givin a damn. Wearing garments made out of DEFENCELESS creatures fur is just sick. See what you are buying, and if you can watch an animal being skinned alive after its been taken from its mother and held captive in a rusty cage for most of its life, and you can still buy fur? Well congratulations, you should make the record books for being a human without a heart (or brain for that matter)

Gail on

to Courtney:
since you are voicing your opinion, here is mine. you have absolutely no right to tell other people what to do and what to wear, and you definatelly have no right calling people names. We all have opinions, and even though I am a strong supporter of furs, and love them, and will wear them with no problem what so ever, I don’t go so low as to call you or anyone else who has a different opinion on that matter names. So learn your lesson, and be a little nicer to others.

Andrea on

Human without a brain? haha. You might want to spellcheck before you make that comment first of all. Also, just because someone chooses to wear fur or leather, etc., doesn’t mean that they don’t have a heart. I bet you ANYTHING that right now you are using something or own something that has come from an animal. It’s virtually impossible to own something nowadays that doesn’t come from an animal somehow. Funny thing is, I bet a lot of the people that say wearing fur is cruel and inhumane own a pair of leather shoes, or maybe even have furniture that has some kind of animal hyde, i.e. leather. You’re probably even wearing a makeup product that was tested on animals. They’ll say it isn’t tested on animals, but how can you be quite certain? Trust me, I’ve had many vegan friends, so I know what I’m talking about here. People will go so extreme as to even get all natural towels, sheets, etc., yet have a product or products in their home that has come from an animal in some way. My point is, some of you (*ahem* PETA) need to get off your highhorse. Leave people alone. Stop shoving your beliefs down peoples throats. You are NEVER going to change the world. The way you people act, I would be surprised if you changed one person’s opinion. People are still going to eat meat and wear materials that come from an animal. You are not going to change someone by acting like a looney fanatic and badgering others. Also, you might want to examine products you have in your own home before you point the finger at others. ;-)

A on

Ashley and Nicole might as well throw roadkill over there shoulders and call it fashion!

Andrea on

Only roadkill would be a lot more bloody and still have flesh on the fur. I think their way is better ;-)

Cristina Dias on

To “T”: So where is the MORAL aspect of the problem? If people don’t call attention of the governments to create laws againts things that are wrong, they’ll never become illegal. Laws don’t grow from the trees, the public opinion has a lot to do with the creation of regulations, as you, certainly, know. I think is very arrogant to say that we can do whatever we feel like just because isn’t illegal, or because you are americans.

Jess on

I think that to wear fur is wrong and if the PTA thinks that it is important to call attention to people that wear thoes furs, than that is there perogodive. I also think that mabey this may make the people that care about thoes lists stop wearing thoes furs or atleast not buy new ones.

A on

Yes Andrea their way LOOKS a lot better but it is STILL A DEAD ANIMAL!

Andrea on

A: I’m fully aware of what it is, or I would not be posting here. Thanks for the reiteration though.

em-uh-lee on

Unless you’ve looked at this issue from both sides of the spectrum, you have no right to be arguing. YES, PETA is quite extreme. They make extreme points. In America we DO have the freedom to do what we want, even if it means wearing fur. And i’m not going to deny the fact that people are capable of more than animals. BUT, i’m still a vegetarian. my set of morals (which MAY be different from yours) says that wearing animals is wrong. i PERSONALLY believe that PETA has good points about animal rights. But because of what i believe, will I attack people who believe that it is ok to wear fur? NO. because THEY are entitled to their own opinion. I respect their opinion. Even though i was essentially called an “idiot” in an earlier post, my choice not to attack that writer by calling them names makes me the “Bigger Person,” and i’ll choose maturity over hostility any day.

Sunni on

They could be wearing faux furs. May all be fake, so we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. I have some fake furs.

Peg on

Yes,we do need to respect peoples decisions but these animals are killed with cruelty…

We are making a big deal about it now because we just realized we are killing innocent animals, they cannot speak for themselves so speak for them…

Educating people is not wrong… and how would you like an animal wearing you, treat the way you would like to be treated

Jamie on

I believe people have the right to do as they choose also, however, not at the expense of an animal suffering a cruel, painful, sadistic, death. If you watch the videos on PETA’s website, (if you have the stomach), you might just think twice about putting an animal’s skin on your own. The images are harsh, but true..

Perhaps if there was a more humane way of creating fur clothing, (I would still not agree with it), the issue wouldn’t weigh as heavily on a animal lover’s heart.

Some people have made the statement, that perhaps the celebrities are uneducated.. I’m sure in their efforts, PETA, has contacted numerous celebrities about these issues and made them aware of the terrible manner in which fur is acquired.. so if they are uneducated, my guess is that it was their own ignorance or denial.

The fur trade is evil. Wear your own skin, not someone else’s..

Audrey on

Well….I say let them do what they please God put animals on this earth to clothe us!
I love fur especially vintage fur get off their backs they have style which means you guys probably….DONT! No offense or anything I love the animals but wat use are they if you cant eat them or use them for clothes (sorry if I offended anyone but I have a right to say what i perfectly please to say!)

Nai on

Okay, I would just like to start off by saying that Nicole and Ashley look like walking sticks. It is pretty disgusting (almost as disgusting as the dead skin they are wearing) to know that our youth are more than likely looking at little Michelle Tanner, or Ms. Tabloid Queen and saying “I want to be like that.”
I am a vegetarian, and a proud PETA member. What some people on these bpards do not understand is that you do not have to be an avid radical to be on the same side and have the same view points as PETA. I know that PETA is very rad and out there, but they are speaking out for the animals who cannot speak out for themselves. I would like to see any fur wearer visit the site and view one of those videos. If you still have the decensy to put on the ur of a lifeless victim, then you truly cannot comprehend right from wrong. Speaking your opinion is not wrong, but speaking an opinion that IS inhumane is unacceptable!

Take Care!
God Bless!

Rhys on

PETA? the bunch of kooks who have members up on animal cruelty charges, who kill the animals given to them for re-homing. who have the stated intention of stopping all pet owning, who want all hunting and culling of wild animals to stop even in areas where the predators have been killed off so the wild animals will eat the vegetation to nothing and then starve slowly to death, who wouldn’t assist saving or feeding snowbound stock because they were just going to be slaughtered for meat in six months anyway, who distribute inaccurate and vitrolic propraganda to minors without parental or school consent, who have a school visitor visiting children who is a convicted felon, and whose president was involved with a firebombing of a lab?

PETA is to ALF as Sinn Fein is to IRA… the vocal mouthpice spewing garbage for a terrorist group.

I shoot my own animals and tan my own skins. I dare PETA to come thow paint at someone with a rifle in his hands!

ballea on

do you notice that they both are wearing things to keep them warm or is it just my eyes tricking me. i would know what that means cuz i have the same problem they have or had. i think they are both beautiful tho!

sloan on

i think pete needs to lay off alittle yea u belive people shoulnt wear real fur well i agree, but im not making rude and mean comments about the people that do.if u want them to stop wearing real fur than put that dont put them down for not doing what u want them to do. dont hate appreaite lol

Amy on

Peta is an extremist, blinkered group that uses violent propaganda to persuade ignorant people that everything we do to animals is wrong. I notice how these videos of a couple of fur farms, in other countries, has no date or company name of the farm – propaganda likenesses. I feel it is wrong to simply watch these videos and then not question what you see, yes there is a horrific picture playing, but look at the bigger picture. Animal rights activists have forced the fur trade off our own soil, where rules and regulations were put in place to stop the inhumane killing of animals. This is also a video from God knows when and the farm has probbably already been shut down and fined. What they do not show you, is the farms where they DO kill the animals in a perfectly reasonable way, and in much the same manner as any reputible live stock farm. They also have no idea wether these furs are vintage, which case it would be a disgrace to let it go to waste. The animal has already been killed, it is even more disgusting to kill an animal for nothing, than for a fur.


Angel on

I am not going to sit here and try to say what people should or should not wear. Its a personal decision that everyone has to make. But I would hate to see what would have happened to someone you many, many years ago when fur was all there was….

Makayla Gonzalez on

I always support the cause of PETA.*.’

Tungsten Carbide : on

i would love to be a member of PETA, i love to protect animals rights`:*

Zener Diode on

i always admire PETA, they really protect some of the helpless animals on this planet “..

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