Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

11/27/2006 at 12:00 PM ET

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

This was the episode of everyone crying! It goes to show you how hard this competition is and how it can get to you on the inside. The episode kicked off with Tyra talking to the remaining five about harsh realities. Come on, we all know she really wants to see who is weak and what she can do to push all of their buttons. Not that there isn’t truth in it, though. Harsh criticisms are part of the game and of the industry, and you have to build that shell to make it far. Maybe Tyra does really want them to become strong.

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Photo:Jim De Yonker/The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

I’m still not seeing a sharp winner. I loved Jaeda, and now that she is gone, my favorites have dwindled a little. Melrose is consistent and good at it, Caridee is beautiful and full of spunk, and the twins are so editorial and natural. I’m a strong supporter of the girls who are strong, understand the competition and respect it. Eugena is probably the best girl for that role as a Top Model at this point. She is growing and becoming a winner in my eyes.

Still in Spain, the girls were sent to meet with Pancho Saula, the director of Elite Barcelona, who organized 10 “Go Sees.” During the Go Sees, the girls did okay, but 10 in four hours? Wow, I thought riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand was going to be tough, and I only had to go to five! The girls were rated on their appearance, personality, book, and walk. And Amanda can’t walk to save her life. Melrose won, and chose Caridee to have a nice dinner with her as her prize.

The photo shoot was a bunch of bull! Literally!! I couldn’t believe it! The girls were sent into one of the last active bull-fighting arenas in Spain to do a photo shoot with a live bull. No rodeo clowns or anything. With the always sexy, always intimidating Nigel Barker behind the camera, the girls either pass or fail. He is so tough to shoot with, believe me, I was there once.

At elimination the girls were asked who had the most and least potential. Apparently, Michelle just didn’t want to be there, so she was sent home. Its down to the top four…but who will pull through?

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Showing 22 comments

AnnieM on

What is that on her face/head??????? Yikes again!

H on


Sharisse on

I just think that Michelle did that so her sister would have a better chance of winning.

enigma on

Where are the classic beauties!?! This girl looks fricking weird not pretty or beautiful or stunning!! America’s idea of beauty (and not to mention singing and/or fashion) has gone out the window!!
America’s next Top Model is the definition of superficial and stupid!!

jhkd on

what did caridee say that offended nigel?

Leigh on

One episode I love the twins and the next episode I don’t. They are too up and down in their performance for me. But I do agree with Tyra that they winner should WANT it. But I don’t think she gave up for her sister, I think she gave up because she doesn’t believe she is good enough, so shes not letting herself want it. I think Eugena did the best this week. And I agree with “H” on the top 3. And then I have no idea on the top 2, I’m so undecided!!

AMY on

I think Melrose should win – she works the hardest by far!!! The other girls don’t want her to win because of that. She would actually do well outside of the show. The other girls wouldn’t know how to handle their careers without ANTM. You would actually see Melrose in the media.

eman on

i think amanda should win!!!!
melrose is ugly and caradee looks like ever other blonde girl, not a very original look to her or melrose.

eman on

i think amanda should win!!!!
melrose is ugly and caradee looks like ever other blonde girl, not a very original look to her or melrose.

Erica on

Nigel was holding a pole (to later be used as a pseudo cape for the bull shot). And as he was holding it up, charming Caridee said, “Looks like you pulled that out after last week’s panel”. (Not verbatim, but something to that effect)
Come to think of it, she was like a matador taunting that cute Nigel who became a raging bull.

So everyone gasps at her comment, Nigel storms out speechless with a furrowed brow and Caridee starts to think her ANTM days just got stomped.

Then Mr. GORGEOUS (or Mr. Jay)mmm, mmm, mmm, that matador outift!! Why is this gorgeous man gay? It’s just not fair. If you need a girl one day, PLEASE CALL ME! My number is 555-ILOVEYOU. Anyway, that was a digression.

SO Mr. Jay, the hottie, scolds Caridee in front of the other models. The constant Caridee “scandal” heats up as members of panel bring her to tears and she writes a note that she reads (how high school!!). WOW, You’d think she tore up a picture of the Pope or flashed her breast at the Superbowl!
Queen Tyra forgives her, but not without giving her some of her all knowing wisdom about how to treat people. And then everything is back to normal in the land of the pretty people.

Amber on

OMG Michelle went home? I so missed last weeks episode, I so want Amanda to win now but it will probably be Melrose.

Megan on

I really think that Melrose should win. She is the most consistent. She looks good in her pictures and does well on the challenges. So what that the other girls don’t like her. They are just jealous. That’s how all girls are, they hate the girl that does better than them in anything.

Sam on

Melrose can be mean sometimes but honestly, in a few episodes in the past, the girls gang up on her for her determination to win. She could be nicer but I think if someone wants it as badly as she does, they should get it.

I agree with the judges decision to send Michelle home; she didn’t want it at all! Amanda did want it, though, and while both could use some improvement, I think Amanda would turn out the best. ~.^

Moniqua on

Madonna needs to seriously GET OVER HERSELF!!!! As the rest of America has:-) i agree with aforementioned commentators that it looks like a wig and an equally unattractive Sharon (AKA Slut) Stone. i did not watch the “Confessions” tour either, enough already WITH HERSELF. She calls herself “spiritually enlightened” and a mystic Jew. Neither is for real as then she would not be mocking and ridiculing a true Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ. How low will she go? So low that now she not only has to “buy” someone else’s child but she ended up stealing it, when the father who is now remarried, ASKED for his son back.

Thank you Great Britain for taking her in. Now you see how unlucky you are to have her reside in your country! A true POOR, IMMORAL and UNLADYLIKE TYRANT and certainly NOT A ROLE MODEL for children. Is it no wonder she has been giving her book away, as no one will buy it. What comes around goes around, Ms. Ritche aka Ms. Ciconne, and certainly not anywhere near a Godly MADONNA! Maybe she should change her name to SELFISH MEDONNA!!!

divalisious. on

Carriedee loved he runtill she went into the loonie bin and told nigel to take teh stick out of his ass from last ilimination, omg shes got to learn how to behave theres a time and a place for everything even to insult nigel behind teh scenes not right infrount of a camera.
Melirose love your pictures hate the additude, girl chillaze, but other wise ur hott.
Eugena please start to show some personality and go a little wild maybe u shoudl spend some time w/ mis wild carried, you rlly grew as a person and a modle on thsi show and have standerds and values i wnat u 2 win just start to b urself and open up to teh camera, it loves an dso do i.
amanda i hate you, you look really skinny on camera please go eat some food, you need to become more comfortable w/ur slef and what u do, you should stop thinking and just go for it, i liked ur sister better but well cant always get what u want dear, and plus u need 2 make people on tv remember you, as urself taht the only way after teh show agences will wnat u and rember how u were and what u 2 work w/ them.

Erica on

what? did anyone understand that last post?

Erica on

Personally, I am sick of Melrose winning everything! I can only imagine how the girls competing against her feel. I don’t know if Melrose is just THAT good or what, but I wish someone other than her would win every once in a while. If not, why don’t they just call it quits and name Melrose the next Top Model?

Mrs.Borrego on

I hope Melrose wins and I’m really happy that Michelle went home. She was getting annoying.

Mrs.Borrego on

I didn’t understand that post by divalisious either.

night on

Does anyone know a good plastic surgeon who might be able to get that growth off this womans face? That thing is hideous. One would think that in this great country of ours no person should have to go through life with such a deformity.

Angel on

A blonde needs to win. Caridee is in!
Melrose looks too old.
Eugena looks like every other girl in the mall.
They dropped the good twin.
What else can I write?

willie on



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