Share Your Thoughts on This Week's Story: Anorexia Takes a Life

11/24/2006 at 10:00 AM ET

This week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine features a story about Ana Carolina Reston, a Brazil model who tragically died from complications due to anorexia at the age of 21. Following the August death of a Uruguayan model from heart failure during a fashion show, Reston’s death adds fuel to the outrage over too-thin models. Click here to read the story about Reston. You may also read our previous post on the PEOPLE’s cover story Pressure To Be Thin, by clicking here.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on this tragedy, or weigh in on the growing debate over weight issues in the fashion and entertainment industries, feel free to leave a comment here.

Photo: L’Equipe Agence/AP

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shopoholic on

it is so sad how theese models will do anything to make them skinny:(

Amanda on

Sadly, a person feeling so incredibly undesirable is common in our perfection based society. Ana was a beautiful girl, and it really is a tragedy that she felt that she had to compromise her health for her looks. I am a mother to a 3 1/2 year old girl, and I am trying so hard to raise her with confidence and the knowledge that she is beautiful no matter what. (which she is) My thoughts and prayers go to Ana’s family.

jenna on

She said, “I can work more if I’m skinny.” Who are the people giving more work to the skinny models? These are the people who need to change. Designers/the industry can deny it but it’s true that they are the ones giving more work to the skinny models. If they had stopped making excuses and pointing the finger at “society” then Ana wouldn’t have died to get more work.

Vanessa on

It is a shame that in a very short time 2 models died.

But this is common in the fashion industry, actually, it is nice that we now know about this, because we didnt have this information since the families were ashamed of telling the media.

You have for example Kate Moss, she had lots of problems witn food, and nobody knows. And now that she was fotographed consuming cocaine, she is like an icon, received a price & multimillion contracts. Why would they do that?

We see all ads telling about external beauty, but what about internal?? Publicists should do something about this and pronto.

And I’m also sorry for Lindsay Lohan, another girl who had eating disorder and now they said she was discovered in her hotel room with an overdose of cocaine.

Do something people, react to this.

Stacey on

I truly feel for this beauty’s family. Watching someone you love shrink in size and being obsesed with what enters her system. I know this because I have anorexia and it just kills my husband and parents to watch me shrink. I use it as a control devise when nothing else in my life is controled. It is just the way I deal with stress. So many people misunderstand this disease and think that you can stop at any time. It causes more stress to an anorexic.

My deep wishes go to her family for all the horrible feelings they are feeling now. And have felt for the last couple of years.

Traci on

It is a difficult subject for most women to address. I have suffered from both anorexia and bulemia. I am 5′ 6″ and on my wedding day, I weighed 98 lbs. That was over 3 years ago and since then I have gotten the help that I needed and have not had a relapse in 3 years. I don’t believe you can blame eating disorders on one factor, such as the modeling industry, peer pressure, social anxiety, self esteem and many many other environmental factors can contribute to one falling trap to this disease. The best thing we can do as a society is make people aware of the disease and find ways to help those affected by it. I was a trained dancer and the pressure to be thin was always there, since I was 13. But, finally with the support of my friends and family, I stopped allowing the thought of extreme thinness control my life.

Kelli on

I think this woman is gorgeous and it is so sad with this industry these days showing that being pencil thin is what has to be done to “keep” careers. People are dying and waisting away. I think the new thing for the models, that they have to weigh a certain healthy amount is excellent ! People can be beautiful in any shape, size or color.

Sandra on

This is a real tragedy, my condolences to her family. I wonder how many more models have to die before the fashion industry reacts. Thumb up to Madrid fashion week for taking a stand for respecting the limits of the human body and requiring models to be at a healthy body mass index to be able to work the runway. Hopefully the rest of the fashion world will learn something from them.

tameia betran on

I would like to send my prayers out to the this models family for there great loss. Words can not express how deeply sorry i am that you guys have to deal with such a tragedy publicly. But, then we as the people have to ask ourselves is it fair to blame the media, and the industry for every model that struggles with anorexia, or bulemia. Me, myself I try to look at every situation from both sides. I believe that the media has a role in some situations. But, not all. It is in my opinion that sometimes some of these models are crying out for help. Like there trying to escape from themselves, or should i say there is a war within that only they know about, and the’re trying to fight it alone. And when confronted about there abnormal behavior they live in denial. At this point i feel we as the people need to pray. And pray that god get into the minds of his children which is us, and guide and direct his people the way he feels they should go.

Tameia Betran

elizabeth on

I feel very sadden that society has brainwashed us into thinking that slim is pretty or better. In reality nobody is perfect and were all different in our own way. We need to think of our health more then what we look like outside. Anorexia is something to be taken seriously and I think they should stop targeting the actress when they look like they are gaining weight, cause that is showing us that we are not accepted for the simple fact that we gain a few pounds. Now even girls that are in 5th, 6th grade are worrying about they weight. We need to spread the word that too skinny is not pretty or better.

Ashley on

it is so sad that people will be willing to die just to be skinny

bob on

it is all the industry’s fault. u certainly dont have to posin all young models minds. skinny isnt always beautiful!

Wild Mili on

U wrote “Uraguayan” and its URUGUAYAN!!!

no-duh on

Some people have no common sense of knowing whats right and wrong.

Rachel Gretzinger on

I am sorry but these people choose to be this way. Yes it is sad, but they choose it. It may be a cause of the way they were raised, but they do choose that lifestyle.

Mariana D. on

My comment it’s about Nicole’s crisis and how these kinds of model can we affect, specially in teenagers, I know that these kind of girls need attention & I think that she’s looking for love or something like that. I feel very upset because a lot of girls try to do the same with her bodies, I agree with the article because show us that it’s only a girl who has nutritious problems & how she’s solving that problems with specialist in nutrition. I hope that girl believe in herself & not only in what the people say.

Mariana D. on

My comment it’s about Nicole’s crisis and how these kinds of model can we affect, specially in teenagers, I know that these kind of girls need attention & I think that she’s looking for love or something like that. I feel very upset because a lot of girls try to do the same with her bodies, I agree with the article because show us that it’s only a girl who has nutritious problems & how she’s solving that problems with specialist in nutrition. I hope that girl believe in herself & not only in what the people say.

Brooke on

I must say something after dealing with my sister going through it and three of my best friends, two of them being hospitalized and one being held at home since her father is a doctor. The truth of the matter is when people claim that those suffering from anorexia choose to live that way, they are not only building walls between themselves and those suffereing from it but also between the reality of the situation and the lies they are told. Anorexia starts as a disease of the mind. If these models had cancer we would not look at them and blame them, we would sympathize and try to raise their spirits. Anorexia and depression is the same only a disease of the mind. Their minds have been filled with ideas and thoughts that they have to look a certain way. They are simply deceived, lied to, they dont have control. They fight as hard as they can but they can’t do it on their own, that is what hospitals, nutritionist, and therapists are for. True anorexia is something that can take a life to battle, and it cant be simply cured with medicine. The world needs to treat those who suffer from it with the upmost respect, and only try to help them through it instead of condeming them; that only makes them feel less of themselves. The media does play into the sickness but it is not the sole factor nor is only the person’s choices. Factor after factor play into it. I hope that one day we can learn to support instead of condemn and try to learn where they are coming from and how we can help them move on from the sickness of it all.

Shasha on

First off I would like to give both models families my condolences for their losses. My friend was a model and as soon as she got offers she started eating very little then it turned in to not eating at all.We shared an apartment and everyday she came in looking weak and depressed.One day she collapsed and when she was feeling better I said to her “You know what, now that you know how skinny you got to be a model. I want you to go down there and quit.And If they ask you why tell them because I’ve already damaged myself enough and I’ve worried the people around me.

And she did.The feeling of your best friend becoming alarmingly skinny minute by minute is scary and depressing and I know my friend would have enjoyed modeling if it wasn’t for all the things about being skinny.Some people said she threw away her dreams.I say she made herself a better person by quitting.

Kaye on

DO YOU KNOW WHAT???? its PARIS HILTON …….. yes, since Paris Hilton became famous, there has been a BIG pressure to be thin just like her. Before, it was only the models, but when Paris became famous, even stars like Lindsay, Kate B., (etc.) and of course her BFF Nicole R. are joining the bandwagon and are way too thin now ….. and at E news I heard that Paris HATES Jessica Simpson and thinks that Jessica is FAT!! Can you imagine that??? Paris did not even think that her sister NICKY is (for her standards) ALSO FAT!!! In fairness, Jessica S. and others like Beyonce & JLo should be role models for someone with an an ideal body because they look CURVY and most of all … HEALTHY!!!

I wish that a body like MARILYN MONROE would be an ideal one in the NEAR future!!! God Hear My Prayer!!!

Natalie on

I understand how this happened to this girl. Maybe she did take things a little too far, but Im not a model or an actress, and I have tons of pressure to be thin. Pressure from everyone these days….family, friends and the media.

Erica on

This woman was beautiful. If you ever watch America’s Next Top Model you will see how if you are even a little “curvy”, no one wants you. And then they wonder why these girls have eating disorders?

Lee on

I was saddened to read about Ana Reston and am so sorry for her family’s grief.

At the same time our society needs to wake up to the astronomical amounts of women who struggle with all types of eating disorders (approx. 10 million according to the NEDA) and for anyone touched by this disease it is a terrible struggle for all involved. We watch these women disappear before our eyes (i.e.: Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan, and others) and then we are not surprised when they pass away? (Like Reston’s relatives who were “grieved, but not entirely surprised.”) It starts with each one of us taking a stance on (for starters); fashion shows with too skinny models, emaciated models in magazines and on TV, and the constant bombardment of images that promote “thinness” in an overly obese society! Then we need to be educated on how to help women and men struggling before it is too late!

Furthermore, this article should have been titled “Anorexia takes LIVES!” Not, “A LIFE” Anorexia and other eating disorders take millions of lives every year! An eating disorder is a slow suicide. Of course, no one begins an eating disorder trying to die…but once trapped by the lies of the addiction one can do nothing but succumb to the constant demands the addiction requires. I myself almost died from Anorexia eleven years ago. I was trapped in a dark pit of constant obsession about food and weight. I lost friends, health, and almost my life. For some reason I was given a second chance after an almost deadly suicide attempt. I am now living free of the trap of Anorexia eleven years later. My life is a miracle…it IS possible.

I am not your average story, most end up like Ana Reston or struggle for the rest of their lives. But I encourage you to please write a longer article in People that doesn’t detail numbers and sizes of those struggling, but one that discusses the deeper issues that surround eating disorders, and then another article that gives HOPE. Tell the story of, “YES…you can die from this disease…Yes it is deadly…but YES…YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT!” There is life without an eating disorder! I am proof of that! Others need to come out of the woodwork and tell their own stories as well!

Sarah on

FYI, she was forced to model as a means of earning money to support her family. It was the industry that pushed her to be skinny.

chris on

When looking through the pictures in the photo section (#10) I was shocked at how skinny kate bosworth is. What happened to the muscular surfer babe she played? Her knees in particular are so thin I HAD to look away. When will hollywood get the fact that people do not enjoy seeing PAINFULLY skinny models and or actress’s. Do people think that it is a coincidence that Marilyn Monroe, one of the sexiest women ever had a little meat on her bones? Thanks Chris

michelle on

As a woman who has suffered from anorexia and fought the long struggle to get my world under control, it just makes me ill to hear the modeling agencies saying this is unfair to women who are naturally petite. Well shoot, then they can just join the women who are naturally curvy, have big frames or who are short and thereby excluded from the modeling industry. Put the models on a cheesecake and cheeseburger diet for a few weeks and we’ll find out who is “naturally petite.” What a load of b.s….

micheleeee. on

This is sad. And it seems us in the USA are the only ones with a problem this serious. What is happening to us?

Natasha on

I thought that this was one of the saddest stories ever. Seeing as how i was once anorexic myself. I understand all the pain that she went through, and i understand the pain of her family. I am so saddened, however, that she was not fortunate enough to recieve the help that she truly needed and deserved. I would just like to put out there for all those young girls, eating disorders are a very scary thing to go through, and if you or someone you know has an eating disorder i recommend that you get help soon. You never know when the choices you make today, will save someones life tomorrow.

chrissy on

I would like to know why the articles about this tragedy dont mention the psycho designers name that hired an 80 something pound woman (only that she was on the runway) so that people can make informed decistions about whose clothes they buy? To me if they want to be that irresponsible and if they truly think it is right then let the media put a name to this tragedy. If the designers wouldnt hire them unhealthy they would gain weight to meet the ideal, I gaurantee you. Personally I think that they feel if the woman looks good (curvy) people will notice the clothes less.

Val on

Some people are confused as to what this disease is all about. It is a sickness, not a choice. It has everything to do with self esteem and feeling like one belongs. It is total control over what others cannot control and a method to feel better about one self. It should not be confused with a desire to lose weight. I am an anorexic that has found a sense of peace in my life and no longer the need to abuse my self to feel better. But it is an on going process. My prayers are with her family and others who have not had the chance to find that inner peace.

illyana on

it makes me really sad seing all those things that are being published about food disturbes. i had both anorexia and bulemia.. i wanted to became a fashion model, and since im tall, i decided to try a strange diet, in which everything i ate was some vegetables everyday, and water.. when i realized, i was trying, but i couldnt eat anything else.. ive lost 30kg.. i became thinner than ana carolina reston, cause we had 1,74m and at this time, my weight was just 37kg. i could have died.. i was very luck i didnt had not even a flu when i was ill. i gave up on moddeling, but i still have a lot of problems dealing with food.. im always concerned about how i look, and i still have bulemia crises sometimes. im on treatment since i was 13, and now im 18. i have so much to say about those illnesses.. i wish i could talk to every single person in the world who suffer from those things, but i dont know if i can.. so here’s a shorty version of what ive been through. my family has helped me a lot and they also had suffered a lot, the treatment is not cheap at all, at least here in brazil, i could pay for a great car with the money i have spent through all those 5 years, and the information available doesnt help, it makes it worst. i would like to share everything i know with people who are interested.. so, you can contact me, and i can try to help, to be supportive somehow.

Nanci de Fátima C. Garcia on

I’m from in Brazil.We are more time sad with plus a death for anorexy, not for being Brazilian, but for the always events ahead of this terrible illness, provoked for so serious diet imposet by the Agencies of Fashion to the models. Some steps will have to be take urgently, so that incan diminises this pratical on the part of these models.

Sue on

I really believe this industry of exploting thin to very thin “IS IN” models…is absurd! Has any of the managers of these women and yes, men, ever struggled with this horrible disease? It is a disease! Girls and not only girls, men also, look at these models as ROLE MODELS????
Come on now….it is proven eating un healthy will harm and even kill you! I have had a family member that has been dealing with this issue for a few years…believe you me, it is one of the most horrible things ever!! Yes, this family member wants to look like a model like in the magazines….I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE ANYONE SO HORRIBLY THIN AND MOST IM PORTANTLY…..MAL NOURISHED!!! THAT ALONE WILL KILL THEM AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO REALLY BEIEVES THESE MODELS ARE SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL! Give it up now, isn’t it better to be REAL like most of us and enjoy your body that God gave you and be happy!

Melinda on

I can’t wait until the day when we value being healthy over being thin.

Karen on

To think that the only way you can get or keep a job you must be so thin….
When the public eye is on you, you’ll do anything to look your best. Only what you see and what we see (the public) is 2 different things. We see “to skinny”, they see “not skinny enough”. Very sad.

AnnieM on

I’m with Rachel G – I believe that there are certain folks predisposed to this sort of thing as it has been occuring long before fashion was mainstream (believe Freud or some other long-ago analyst delved into this). Anyway, it is a shame girls spiral out of control.

Lidya on

it’s really sad to see women and men would go this far to get a job or to be beautiful. Ana was a beautiful girl and you see models, but you don’t see that they’re probably suffering on the inside. Not only models now affecting girls everywhere but also actress. Some people who live under poverty does not have the same choices we do and its sad to see us take things for granted, when people around the world doesn’t have the luxury as we do. it’s amazing how we see the world change, not for the better but for the worse. Life is precious and you only get to live it once, make it count.

Yelena on

But, she doesn’t look anorexic!

Melissa on

This story is very, very sad, however I think it’s frustrating that this particular topic of “Models being too thin” is getting so much global attention, when this situation is effecting “regular” women and men all over the world. My best friend of 20 years died last Oct. from bulimia and she was 29 years old. It would be nice if every person affected by these diseases would receive as much attention as these models are. Maybe that way this epidemic would finally get the financial help and support it so desperately deserves. Everyone’s life is equally as important as the next.
M – Boston, MA

Carrie on

I simply do not understand how these models and actresses can look in a mirror and think that a skeleton with skin is attractive. When I see Nicole R. or Lindsay L. or the Olsens on TV in their tiny bare little dresses, I shudder. They are bones, with fleshless legs and bony protruding knees. I don’t get it.

Ellie on

What a horrible twist of irony that “Ana” is the name anorexics use as a personification of their disease. I think that People magazine and the rest of the tabloids have alot to answer for when they promote stick thin women on the front cover with the words “Bikini Body” screaming out at ordinary women making them feel deflated and greedy. Normal people cannot afford nutritionists and personal trainers we should stop the perpetual cycle of low self esteem that is being bred in women by showing them images of unachievable “perfect” bodies

Marilyn on

Its very tragic.. I hate the fact that society is so harsh on the way a persons weight.. It makes me so angry that all they hear is that they need to lose weight when they are already skinnier than most people.. SHAME on all people who pressured her to be so skinny

Brenda on

How many more women must die from anorexia? I was almost one of them. I have been struggling with anorexia my whole adult life, now, at middle age I have had two heart attacks and done untold damage to my body, my metabolism etc. The media and celebraties are in some ways adding to this disease, but, the pressure on women to look perfect comes from all angles including men, airbrushing the photos to be flawless. Our society appaludes the rich and the very very thin, lets appalude the imperfections that make us beautiful. These models and stars are showing the women of America how to die. Trust me, you will die from starving. One way or another.

vivi_rebelo on

Yes…this girls are pressured to be skinny(I’m from Brasil and I saw that her modeling agency doesnt even thing she died of anorexia but from other things…which is just ridiculous)…but lets just not put the blame all on them bc…the girl started to avoid food when she was still a little girl…and later on she started to not eat at all…I’m deeply sorry for her family…but their ignorance kind of played a huge role at this girl’s death…because when they would say for her to eat she would get mad and they didnt want to get in a argument so they stoped sayin’…just ridiculoussss…you cant do that…if she is sick and she cant admit that…is the “job” of the ones who love her to take her to see a doctor…its really sad that this kind of things happen nowadays…but is certainlly not a fault of lack of information but it is for believing that something like that it will never happen to someone close to us…

Barbara on

I am struggling with anorexia as we speak. Anorexia is a horrible mental and physical disease. These stars are sending the wrong message to women. Once you start starving to be thin, to look like the models, to wear the clothes, anorexia takes hold and won’t let go. I am recovering from kidney failure, heart failure, and was on a feeding tube so I could be thin. Now, my goal is to be healthy, and to stay alive. Maybe we should say that Anorexia kills. If you starve it will kill you. Society wants us to be rich, to be thin, thinner, thinner. Anorexis will let you disappear, disappear into your grave. this is a serious problem with all women, young, middle aged, and older women. there are women from 18 to 60 years old in the hospital with me.

Tara Graybill on

My prayers go out to Ana’s friends and family.
I wanted to write a comment because it frustrates me to hear and see people reactions to the disease. Anorexia is not all about “being skinny”. That is only a symptom. There are probably far more reasons why this poor girl girl died at such a young age to this disease. I just wish people would look at the real reason behind this disease then just the symptoms (losing to much wieght). There are so many reasons why a person would turn to an eating disorder in order to cope. Eating disorder is the same thing as a drug addict. It all depends on your drug of choice. I think now that to deaths have accured in the past month we should take this disease more seriously. Its not just about being skinny its much deeper. Trust me I know.

janice on

My heart goes out to her family. The pressure to be thin is everywhere. They told her she was too short for the runway. She was under so much pressure to look thin and beautiful, just to work. It is a sickness you get in your mind that won’t go away. Everything you eat you worry about making you fat. Shame on the person who told her she was too short, it started a time bomb ticking.

dawn blagborne on

i think it’s a shame that 64% of the american people are
obese.. being anorexic isn’t good either.. but, neither is
being obese.. thank god i’m neither…

Common Sense on

Only in the vain, materialistic world of fashion and in suburban chicks with too much money and not enough genuine problems in life (being homeless, not having enough money to buy food, being gang-raped as in Darfur, etc.) is anorexia a “disease.” Until I see scientific proof that an anorexic has abnormal chemical balances in the brain, as with depression, will I believe it’s a “disease.” Same with alcoholism and drug-addiction. Chemical dependency is not a disease, either, it’s weak-willed, but I digress. Anorexics outside of modeling only do it because they are self-centered and want the undivided attention of all those around them. Anorexic models do it to look “good enough” to model, but if they had any self-respect and were worth anything other than just their looks, they would find a profession that valued them, not just their bodies. In short, this is not a tragedy – this is just another stupid, shallow girl who starved herself to death without care or regard for her poor mother or anyone else.

reyna on

Is it a coincidence that both of these girls are South American? This isnt just an American problem- as a person very familiar with South American cultures, there is ALOT of pressure on women in many of the countries to look perfect, voluptuous and beautiful. It is no coincidence that plastic surgery/dieting is highly common in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

This isn’t just a model problem, or an American industry problem, it is a global problem now that should be dealt with.

Lauren on

Is the temperature falling, or is it just me?

It’s saturday morning, and I’m watching Designing Women. Everything’s going famously. I turn on my computer and check my e-mail, nothing too exciting. But while the internet’s up and running, I decide to go to google and finally research the Supermodel who died a few weeks ago.

The fact that I have to search Ana Carolina Reston via the keywords “supermodel dies” strikes me as sad. This woman functioned as a walking hanger for ten years before her death at age 23. And, even in her death, she’s only claimed the title of “that supermodel that died of anorexia”. A nameless face on an emaciated figure that’s now lying in a coffin somewhere – that is this poor woman’s fate.

I doubt this woman’s tragic death will be of any real consequence to the masses. In another month’s time, she will be conveniently forgotten. Sure, there are the newly inforced medical check-ups for runway models. But I doubt that this will keep dangerously thin women off the ramp in the long term. Many will see this woman’s death as just another sacrifice on the road to sales. And she is not the first, nor will she be the last if this abhorrent trend of gaunt chic continues.

And, outside of the fashion world, other women and men are trying to shrink their way into oblivion. Many have succeeded. What is the response to this? For one, the Banana Republic began producing a size double zero earlier this year. Also, Nicole Miller is releasing a “sub-zero” line this fall – which is exactly like it sounds: clothing sized below a zero. Does anyone else find this notion as chilling as I do?

Today, young women and men can find “thinspiration” on pro-anorexic websites. Pro-anorexic websites? Are you kidding me? This is a disease. It’s a serious, debilitating and deadly illness. But because our culture is rewarding those who suffer from it, others are now seeking to garner this diagnosis.

In reality, there’s nothing glamorous about the fate of Reston. She didn’t get the chance to explore life or to really grow-up. Instead, she fell victim to the hypothermia brought about by an increasingly cold environment. It seems that the freezing temperatures have made us all numb to the severity of this situation.

Dinorah Rivera on

I just have to say that it is so sad to see women suffer so much and die just to be accepted. But again, the real issue is not being addressed. We have this news and instead of tackling the pressure behind this behavior we still allowing the model companies and the people behind the distorted view of a woman to get away with murder and not as a saying but in reality, as the requirements leads to murder. On the other hand I believe that we as women are just allowing this to happen by accepting the conditions and being so critical and so insecure. Let’s work more in who we are and less in what we pretend to be. I congratulate Spain by setting a new standard for models as if we continue in this trend we will have just cadavers walking down the runway. We need to stand up and set the pace. Mothers, do not pressure your daughters to be what we would like to look like. Women in general, let’s help to built a better and healthy society. Let’s be strong and beautiful and have less casualties.

cari on

I really believe anorexia is a problem that affects the whole world.Children and specially teenagers are really exposed to this illness because they see skinny celebrities and hope they can look like them. Although the fashion industry has a lot to do with this problem,families have to take care of the children and explain them that looking skinny is unhealthy and that their life is much more important than their look.

vanessa on

I think that they should put normal size women in magazines and on the cat walk its so wrong puting anorexic women in mags and on the cat walk. I do feel sorry for Ana Carolina Reston death but it waz her choice to be anorexic and i actully don’t know if she has children or not but if she did can u imagine when the childern got older to understand wat anorexia is they would be so upset and that is so unfair to them I don’t know if u can tell but i’m in grade 8 and I waz leaving a comment cause i’m atcully researchin anorexic models but I did alwys think about anorexicmodels cause I waz bulimic for a shost period of time but i have stoped cause i can’t handle the pain and how upset my loder sister waz when i told her I don’t won’t to be mean or anything but I am actully the skinny one in my family and i’m the one who is bulimic and not my sister that is not the skinny one so I feel really bad I just won’t say I don’t think any1 has a good reason to be anorexic or bulimic for any reason i tell my friends be happy whoyou are and don’t care what other people think if u do change the way u look it is only gonna matter to the people u see daily and you were created like your are cause that is what makes everyone of us different.

Anonymous on

i am a young girl who has recently been hospitalised with anorexia and i’d just like to say that reading some of these comments that imply anorexics choose to have anorexia just makes me realise how little society actually knows about the disorder.
Don’t you people understand that we only choose it because it has taken over our minds! It’s all we think about 24/7 and nothing else matters. i hate the way some people look at me like it’s my fault that i can’t eat and it’s my fault that i think i’m fat when i’m not. i wish i could tell you all what it’s like, but unfortunately i can’t. So, to all you people that wrote the awful comments on here you obviously know nothing about anorexia and i’m truly sorry about that because i doubt it’s your fault you see anorexia as a suicide attempt!

Beth on

That is not right for girls that model to get that skinny! It’s not hot.. Its nasty and i dont get why people would want to look like that… plz be careful and dont be like that.

Brianna on

It is so sad to see all these beautiful women kill themselves ust to be a model

Brianna on

I think that deep inside these girls are crying for help. All I can say is that please do not do that to yourself. You should love your body not try to hurt it

enigma on

Hey Anonymous,

I will not claim to know much about anorexia nor will I judge those that choose to be this way but, I am very curious, why do you choose to be anorexic or why be this unhealthy? Being this unhealthy is parallel to being obese.

Is it because of insecurities you have with your innerself?
Is it because you crave attention to be noticed?
Is it because you feel you are not loved by those you love??
Are you afraid of something or need to say something but don’t know how to talk about it?? Well, I don’t know how it is for you so, maybe some of my questions are too much for you….????

Well, I hope your 24/7 thoughts are consumed with being HEALTHY….you need to be strong mentally and physically!!

I wish you luck in your quest to get better and STAY BETTER!

Remember to learn to love yourself first and foremost!!

Cheers and Good Luck!

pinkladieee on

it is a shame but it is addictive! i have been through it and although it drives you mad you thrive off it and it becomes like a drug… weird i know but i sort of miss it. but if you are not anorexic,,, do not try it!!!

Anna on

weird we have the same name..anyway, it’s not only the beauty that most anorexics are worried about. It is genrally the feeling of acceptance. When you look at it more closely, there’s a deeper problem than just trying to be beautiful…

Amy on

you know whats really sad…. she doesnt look all that thin. to us, we think of the malnourished kids in africa dying of starvation. this just goes to show MANY people are on the brink of starvation and the standard has to change

Shanda on

This growing epidemic has hit and is now reaching far beyond just the modeling scene. It has hit our everyday lives. I work in an athletic retail store and I have to convince women daily that they have great figures and are not fat. It has pretty much hit women all around.

leeAnn on

it is so sad how theese models will do anything to make them skinny.

But this is common in the fashion industry, actually, it is nice that we now know about this, because we didnt have this information since the families were ashamed of telling the media.

Judy on

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els on

I have had anorexia since i was 16,im now 21.Although the media and images of these thin models had nothing to do with me developing my eating disorder,i would say it has had an effect on my attempts at recovery.From experiance of talking to other suffers,i have heard a common theme that although it never played a role in the development of their eating disorder,it has played a part in fueling it,and preventing the want to recover,having constant images of extremely thin models and celebs.I do feel that many young girls see these thin models but are ot aware of the serious health effects and consequences of their low body weight,this i feel is a problem that can be improved,largely through awareness and education.

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