Gwen Stefani's New Look: Is It a Hit or a Miss?

11/22/2006 at 05:00 PM ET

Goodbye Harajuku Girls, hello Disco Fever! Gwen Stefani is the master of creating a signature look for each of her albums, and for her highly anticipated “The Sweet Escape,” she has done it again. Gwen hit the red carpet at the American Music Awards last night in a heavily banged platinum wig, white shorts and a keyhole top from her L.A.M.B. line, and sky-high gold stilettos. Gone is her red lipstick and rockabilly hair, replaced by heavily-lined smoky eyes and nude lips. Of course, she still has her ultimate accessory — hunky hubby Gavin Rossdale. Tell us: What do you think of Gwen’s new look? Is it a Hit or a Miss?

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Photo: Danny Moloshok/AP

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Erica on

This look makes her look old! I hate the shorts. They just don’t fit quite right. She’s usually gaudy in a good way, but this look doesn’t work.
But I do like Gwen in general.

Liz on

She looks creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that hair!!! Total miss1
Sorry Gwen!

Maren Knight on

Total miss. She usually has a beautiful classic sense of style, but this is just trashy. DON’T DO IT! Note to Gwen: STOP YOURSELF BEFORE YOU DO IT AGAIN!

candace cooper on

I love Gwen. She is truly unique and always tries something different. I love how she reinvents herself and I this look on her. Shes so gorgoues she could pull anything off. She looks awesome after having her son.She is who she is and she doesnt let anyone tell her how to look.

Chrissy on

All around disaster.

Norah on

She looks like the character Michelle Pfeiffer played in Scarface. Does anyone agree?! I dont like this look for her.

ch on

really bad.

Erica on

Yes, she looks like the Scarface character. As a matter of fact, she mentioned that the character was inspiration for her latest line of L.A.M.B. So maybe she is taking that inspiration to heart!

Bunky on

Usually she seems much warmer and accessible. This outfit’s a little harsh. Plus it doesn’t look right without George, Judy, Elroy and Astro.

donna on

i love the look, i love people that make fashion thier own and Gwen does it well. So rock on. Any negative comments are from people who follow the norm. so rock on rock on.

meme on

She tries too hard.
And she looks bad.

hfm on

I like the wig’s style on her. Maybe if she cut her actual hair it would look even better because it would obviously be natural! I do agree she looks like Michelle Pfieffer a la Scarface, which is not a bad thing!! I do not like Gwen’s over-all style usually. It seems like she is trying to hard to be in your face and noticed, and not like she is just doing her own thing. She usually looks silly and costumey which is not a good thing for a 30+ woman!

Tink on

It’s not one of my fave things that Gwen has ever worn but she is still one of my fave people and I still totally admire her style. I do think that the wig is a bit severe and I really miss the red lips.. She can pull anything off because well that is just Gwen Stefani for you~

Mrs.Borrego on

She tries too hard?! What the heck! Gwen is the fashion It girl. Have you seen how many celebrities are rocking her L.A.M.B. clothes line? She is definitely the trend setter. She’s always rocked on her own, doesn’t let anyone tell her how she should or shouldn’t dress. Gwen was doing the red lip thing since she started in the music industry and now you see all those celebs doing the Marilyn Monroe red lip thing. I for one love her!! She is an inspiration to alot of people. Go Gwen!! I love you!

leslie on

it is so annoying when there are different opinions and when people say they don’t like something, they’re labeled as

can’t people have more than one opinion? and the people name calling..what does that say about you?

Mrs.Borrego on

Oh, I forgot to rate this.

Definitely a HIT in my book.

Karrie on

I think she would look better with out the wig and the shades.

Mary on

You know what I always notice in pictures like these? The background people! It’s so funny. They look so everyday compared to the celebrities! Check that out in more celeb pictures. It’s funny!

Anyone else here love Gavin’s haircut. It’s cuter tan that long larry appleton look he rocks.

Vanessa on

She looks like a drag queen to me.

And I agree with meme, she tries too hard to be cool.. EWW

Janice on

Wigs are ok, when they don’t look like wigs that is! But here she looks like somone trying to hide out in the witness protection program.

BusyBee on

Looks bad, too plastic. It hides her face too much. She looks really pretty in her “Wind it up” video where her hair is swept to the side with a pin or something and she’s wearing nude lipstick.

amee on

really? i love her look! i wouldn’t wear it myself, but i think it suits her personal style.

Kathy on

I don’t see what all the fuss is with Gwen…I do not consider her a style icon at all! I think she tries too hard to be like Madonna!

Lucy Yohin on

First Madonna goes 70’s with confessions on a dance floor,
now gwen with the sweet escape.

Abby on


Krissy on

As a new Mom, you really try to feel good about yourself after the baby comes and Gwen is back after having the most beautiful little man; in addition, she is working hard at getting back her figure (which it looks like she has) as well as trying to get back on her feet in the music industry! I agree that she has always been an “It” girl for the fashion world, but please give her a break on this one- she is trying to reinvent herself in a very tough and cynical industry and trying to keep things new and exciting for you, her fans. As a wife and mother myself, I think she is a classy lady and I for one am happy to see that she is back and better than ever- at least she is not running around without her pants in public for all of the world to see (Britney)!

Evangelina on


Nat on

She looks awesome. Something new for a change, totally scarface, love it. She’s got the best style and she’s a great mom.

Saba on

I think she looks freakin’ amazing; C’mon guys, you guys think Britney looks could with her slighty less fat body (and chubby face, meaning only 1 thing: LIPO) and Gwen looks bad?! She looks like a model. But to to the Hollywood stars: I don’t think you should be shooting out kids, they make you look like Hell (Gwen, Britney, etc. looked MUUUUCHHHHH better before, fashion challenged, but better) and your marriages will not last, either.

Nicky on

Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! and this is coming from a “straight” female..dammmmmmmmmmmmmm..why the hell do people hate so damn much…Expecially other’s getting really annoying..Gwen u look HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! LOVE THE LOOK! HIT!

dawn blagborne on

i agree with ch she does look like that character
michelle pfeiffer played in scarface… she looks bad….

Exotic Goddess on

It’s a retooled version of an outfit I wore last summer only, my version had a lot more class and sophistication. Nicolette Sheridan also wore a version of it on Desperate Housewives just last month. This past summer, I caught a stalkeratzzi snapping my photo and then speeding away.

I agree with “hfm” above, Gwen tries too hard. She comes across as trashy. Sort of like a vampiress in drag, often coming close to a bag lady’s look. Her music’s a rip-off as well.

I start trends. To prove that I start trends I made bet a few years ago to someone close that a style would sprout after I’d invented a look. Designers inched closer to the look and finally nailed it after one year. I watched the celebrities and store displays until they finally got it precisely, colors and all.

I used to draw outfits I planned to make and discussed starting a fashion line with a friend. I missed my opportunities at celebrity and making the most of my fashion ideas, but there’s still a chance. People come up and ask me if I’m an actress or they ask if I’m a musician all of the time.

sarah on

I think the outfit is OK but the sunglasses make her nose look weird. That was the thing that stood out to me when I first saw her picture – what happened to her nose?

Melly on

Total Michelle Pfeiffer rip-off. Gwen is cute and all, but she’s no Michelle Pfeiffer, it just seems like she’s trying to hard.

Exotic Goddess on

BusyBee at 6:45:07 is right. She does look like someone in a witness protection program and the wig is so pretentious.

Funny. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m still laughing.

katie on

I think it’s cute. Not something I would wear, but Gwen can pull it off.

amanda on

Gwen looks gorgeous like usual! Notice the great new LAMB clutch she is holding! I want one!

lana on

she looks good any what ever she wears.

Janice on

Hey, I said it…Janice…Not BusyBEE…(the witness protection comment) HEHE…glad u liked it!!

Missy on

When I saw this photo I did not recognize her. I was trying to figure out who the transvestite was(or who the drag queen was attempting to impersonate). She looks HORRID like this!!!

Cathy on

I’m not a big fan of this outfit… it just me or does her knee’s look funny?? That was the first thing I noticed.

shopoholic on

i like it because it is gwen, she takes risks and chances with her look,she has fun playing with and that is her style! go grl!

Sandra on

LOVE the hair, compared to how she usually wears it.

Stephanie on


Mona on

Yes, sure. She takes risks.
And this time, she lost!
Sorry Gwen!

jess on

this photo doesn’t do her new look justice. the pics on her website are much better (although touched up etc..). you have to admit she gives everyone a run for their money in the style stakes.

ana on

Totally fake wig! she is a beautiful girl, and does not copy anyone. She is the most original artist out there in my opinion many try to be just alittle like her such as!!! Great Body, Nice clothes but Horrible Wig.

Katie on

I’m not crazy about the outfit itself and the hair, but it looks great on Gwen.. She can pretty much get away with wearing anything..

Kaye on

GWEN ROOOOOOOOOCCCCKKKKSSSS!!! She is the ONLY one who can pull off edgy clothing. HAVE YOU SEEN HER NEW VIDEO???? I Love the Black dress there!!!! YOU GO GWEN!!!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

Madi on

The hair is a disaster but I like the clothes. The whole ‘G’ symbol resembles Gucci so don’t try making it your own Gwen. All in all the clothes are a keeper but loose the hair!
But dont get me wrong I really like Gwen!

lexxi on

It’s a miss.Her hair with bangs just doesn’t flow along with her natural beauty.

Kat on

I have to say I’m sitting on the fence. I like the top, hate the shorts, the wig is OK and the heels are fab. The make up would be nice if she weren’t wearing the tacky sunglasses. I have never been a fan of the big bug eyed sunglasses.
I am a long time fan of hers, so I have to say “Gwen…. What’s with the wig?”

Ellie on

i love gwen! i actually like her hair, and i like that she isn’t wearing bright red lipstick for a change! she looks amazing after having kingston! overall she pulls the look off but its not one of my favorite gwen looks.

Lili~ on

I declare war on DISCO FEVER!
(insert sigh here)



This one makes her look like a space cadet from barbarella!
Would this qualify as a BAD HAIR DAY?

Cheers ;)


Alison on

its the music awards so i think its ok if she tries something fun. i think she looks great. and her body is amazing after having a kid.

mae on

I really never liked the way Gwen looks… I think she really is ugly

Tala Haykal on

I hate gwen’s look. i mean she looked so much better before. I hate those shades and that wig it makes her look older.

Sarah on

One of the worst disasters of her time.

angie on

I’m a huge Gwen Stefani fan- but i’ve got to say- this look is certainly not her best! It reminds me of 1998 No Doubt-

Josphine on

She is so weird. and she looks silly

Annie on

I hope this re-invention is NOT permanent!!
Make-up is fine, but the hair and clothing are not good!

mmmm I wonder if Gavin likes it ?

judyk on

Gwen Stefani tries WAY TOO HARD! This time is no exception. I can’t understand why a woman that looks so good when she is “naturally” made up insists on outfits and in particular makeup that is borderline ridiculous

LG on

I think Gwen is always trying too hard and be different. I never like her style, i don’t know why.

SSAGIS (sweden) on

Come on, she´s cool (;

auroramia on

God I love her to pieces, but I flinch when I see this look.

ivy on

TOTAL MISS. sorry gwen but don’t like it at all. much better before.

Debby on

I think this look is great!! I don’t think there has ever been a look that didn’t suit Gwen…She is a very beautiful woman and looks good in everything she wears.

raf on

Appart from the fake hair maybe, she looks really really great!!!Even more with her husband next o her

Sain on

I love it, no doubt!!

She’s absolutely the coolest girl and I admire her for her courage, her very own taste in everything which she is definitely not afraid to show!

Tara on

i like the clothes but the wig looks hideous, normally her style is quite nice but that wig just bothers me. also it may look better without the shades, overall i think she looks good she only had a baby a couple of months ago people.

carol on

trashy.. its funny how her husband looks better then her lol

Irving on

Hey Gwen. I have appreciated your music and style. I was always pulling for you and Gavin to get it together..HAPPY HOLIDAYS and may you and your family have an enjoyable holiday season

night on

This is her typical style. Tacky. Though I do agree that she looks like a really terrific guy in drag. This woman is the queen of TACKY.

moisesmecrzy on

I love Gwen, but I HATE this look!

Courtney on

On anyone else it would be a miss but we are talking about Gwen Stefani here. She’s known for taking risks & looking out there and people love her for it. Those looks are what sets her apart from all the Jessica Simpsons and Paris Hiltons.

Antonia dheere on

she always looks great in everything so shut up! she made her way through by having a UNIQUE sense of style

Emmi on

I love it. It’s a hit for me. I think she’s beautiful, and if she’s going for the “Scarface” (Michelle Phieffer’s character) the 70’s look, so be it, I think that look is sexy. I like the fact that these looks from the 70’s and 80’s and some inspired from the 50’s are coming back. They were gonna come back sometime. I also love how, stars like Gwen will go with an inspired look and twist it into her own classic fashion of the 70’s. I think she’s beautiful and if this hot mama can rock the shorts with those legs, so be it. She’s a trend setter and is always daring with her looks, which is a plus. I’d rather see something new and fresh for a change, than see the rather boring look all the time on the red carpet, it’s like trying to predict a mans fashion, it’s always gonna be the same, but for the women, we can try new and experiment with all different kinds of looks.

Naz on

she looks good no matter what! i dont think she needs to dress like everyone else to look good. she knows what makes her look hot… so i think the look is a hit ;)

Caroline F. on

She looks like a grandma! Her hair makes her look like an ugly doll!

Torelle on

Wasn’t Halloween last month?

Kristin on

She’s always been a woman of her own style. Now I don’t like the wig on her but she is looking great post Kingston!!! Kudos to her, she looks awesome.

Rebecca on

I don’t think it’s a hit or a miss, just somewhere in the middle. Gwen looks good, but the look is a bit over-the-top. I’m just so happy and relieved to see that she FINALLY tried a new lipstick shade and new hair style. So tired of seeing the weird pulled-back, puffed-up in the front hair and same ol’ red lipstick.

Pam on

Some say they miss the red lips but although I am not crazy about the overall look she has going here, I am really happy to see a more natural make up look!! She is pretty with the make up but I think she covers up her natural beauty too much with the red lips all the time. No one has red lips all the time. The toned down makeup is great, I just wish I could see her without the glasses. Plus she looks great after childbirth too.

Donna on

I love the outfit! I think she looks HOT!

Ashley O'Connor on

Don’t you think Gwen resembles a character in Austin Powers? Tone it down a notch please.

Alicia on

Why cant she just go back to the way she was, back in the tragic kingdom days. With the bras and baggy pants.

Christyn on

im lovein the legs but i think its a miss!!!!!!!

AnnieM on

Yikes! I think my cornea has been burned!

Cindy on

Not only do I think it’s a miss….I wish I would have missed seeing this photo. I like Gwen’s outrageous looks but this is weird.

Thaiha Vo Le on

Gwen totally looks awesome! The other look was getting boring anyways!

Natalie on

i like what she’s wearing, i just don’t like her hair.

Maria on

I hate this look. I don’t think she EVER looked pretty. Not a big fan of her music either….sorry!

BN on

Total miss. It looks like a Halloween costume. Maybe a retro James Bond girl look, but not attractive on Gwen. Sorry it looks cheap.

ABC123 on

Makeup? Yes. Everything else??? NOOOOOO!!!

Olgaki on

It’s a huge hit…!

I love it she is the absolute godess…!

Olgaki on

It’s a HUGE hit.!

She is the absolute godess…!!!

Se knows how 2 dress up…!

erika on

hmm i’m sorry. how can you judge people’s styles through just ONE PICTURE and say her style sucks overall? that is just dumb. i love gwen stefanis style, its creative. those of u who dont like it have no fashion sense. u should appreciate changes.
i’m sorry, but if this is creepy, then u haven’t seen creepy. get a life.

abc123 on

Ummm, I don’t see where many people are talking about her overall style. I do believe some were referring to THIS PARTICULAR picture.

Rich on

Hit! I can’t really think of anyone else who could pull off a look like that, other than Gwen.

meg on

eww hate the outfit and the bangs. she looks much better with her leopard print dresses and no bangs.

Rebecca on

This look is horrible. She looks like a washed up soap star.

cathy on

Gwen, love you honey! Hate the hair! Please don’t grow up and old before your time. I love “your’ style and this isn’t it.

Temeisha on

I love her new look. It reminds me of the Sharon Stone character in “Casino”, sexy, hip, chic.

memememe on

Uh ok wanna be Ultraviolet….

Val on

I love Gwen, HATE the outfit

Jenny on

The look fits her well..And this is the music awards we are talking about. Music should be funky, which she is!! I love her for taking chances. Take a look at her other choices!,com_browse/task,celebrity/celebrity_id,376/

Audrey on

I don’t think this is Gwen’s best look. The straight-across bangs do not really work, and doesn’t everyone know evening shorts are out? Personally, I feel she always pulled off the Harajuku look well; what is the reason for change?

samantha on

She needs to lose the bangs. I like the clothes and the man!

Laurie on

The look is okay, maybe if she changed the colors a little it would not look as bad. She is so milky on her pale skin, the wig and white outfit just washes her out. Keep the hair and makeup, ditch the look of clothes in WHITE on pale skin, it never works, I don’t understand why people think it does. She can pull anything off, I love she can be who and what she wants but don’t go over the top, its way to much! Sorry Gwen, love ya, but I have to give my opinion since this it was asked for.

mell on

the only thing that is a Hit is Gavin!!

nata on

Hey well i think that she looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! well of course she has a few misses but i think she can getaway with anything that she picks out.of course this outfit is a little out of style but it will come back in just because of her.

pattie c. on

I don’t understand why people are so critical. They need to stop. She looks great. I love change. I am one to get bored quick of the same thing. She is not boring, she is unique and I am sure she does not care what others have to say.

Sally on

I like everything but the hair and the shorts. If your gonna wear hot pants, get ones that fit your body, and if your gonna put a wig on, put a nice one. Actually never put a wig on, only realistic extensions.

shangella on

I personnaly dont like her new style. the hair cut isn’t the best. Nelly Furtado as also opted for this hairdo… But she LOOKS GREAT for someone who just had a baby!

andreina on

She looks like a clown. Before and after too!

Karina on

I love Gwen whatever she does and i think that she looks beautiful. People judge a person by their appearence and i think thats it is wrong.

Phyllis Buttermore on

She is a little old to be dressing like that. and it is not appropriate.

april on

i love this look its something new, and gwen is always making her own fasihon statement,besides she is gorgeous anyway.

Nika on

Yeah, this isnt working. I hate shorts and heels, its so tacky. And why is she wearing a wig? I dont understand this look. This is just bad.

luz on

She is Gwen after all, she can wear whatever she wants, that’s her job. Even though I wouldn’t wear what she is wearing, she can pull it of. Don’t miss the red lips, hate the bangs.

Rachel on

Don’t like it, pefer her old style. The outfit is fine , it is the hair that is bugging me!

Monique on

She is brave. But I can’t help think of Austin Powers with that look. I hope she likes her new look and I especially hope her husband loves it.

melanie on

I love her hair, I think it looks great….everybody needs change once in a while……and were all much to hard on the celebs these days….. HIT ALL YHE WAY GWEN!!!!!

jenn on

I don’t see what all the fuss is about Gwen. Who says she is original? It’s obvious she is copying several people and trying to label it as her own. I see a bunch of Marilyn Monroe, Maddona and even Cindy Lauper. The girl needs to grow up and what’s the deal with all of the chinese girls she keeps around? I even heard she doesn’t allow them to talk. She def. wants attention and has to dress up like that to get some as well as surround herself by real life china dolls.

Rachel on

one word:miss

Yvette on

Can you say Michelle Phiffer on Scarface!?! She looks like girls straight out of the 70’s but whatever floats her both

Molly on

I hate this look! She looks weird. The hair, the clothes, the glasses, all very weird.

juan felipe on

she looks like a L.A.M.B

SBJ on

Oh Gwen Hon , Well this is a Total miss Sorry !the Hair ohmy that does not fit her at all,, Gwen dont tri this again be your self and but on some clothes that were you :O

Jami on

This is a miss! What happened to the cute wide eyed Gwen that we all fell in love with? I miss her…

Sandra on


jay on

kinda looks like charlie and the chocolate factory.

K on

she looks Great!!! I wish I could say I looked like that!!!!

Nanino on

I HATE the hair! The top is cute, belt hot, chain ok, perhaps bermuda shorts would have looked better. The shorts a tad too short. I’m not feeling the aviator-esque shades either, perhaps a pair of smaller Tom Ford Shades would’ve been better. I do like the subtle make-up tho. Nice change ;) Whatever the case, Gwen still Rocks!

krista on

I don’t think that this style is wokring for her. Usually Gwen can bring out any stle and it will look great on her. this is just not the best of her, and i hate her hair, she should go long again.

belinda on

I think she looks horrible. I love Gwen, but she really missed with that look.

MIsha on

Love her, love her! She looks fabulous with the post baby body! I think that she looks too cool for school!

shnitzel =o on

I’m not going to say Gwen’s style sucks, but it’s way out of date. I think style in the 70’s was even worse than in the 80’s. Okay, well no more crop-tops and low rise pants, she just had a baby! She could go for a great looking style, without showing her stomach, and without looking like she has disco fever. And for the wig… well, that is the most wig-ish looking wig i’ve ever seen.

Amy on

Is that a wig??????

gnardieh on

the 90’s called, no doubt it wants its classy and stylish gewn back.

marie on

Her outfit is cute…her legs are always fabulous…but I’m not feelin the hair…and it does kinda look like a wig…but I give her props for tryin sumthin new!

Nic on

Hmmm i love gwen’s sense of style, but this is just BAD! What’s with the hair looks like a wig or maybe it is! HAH yea not a fan!

Bethany on

i think i like her before she looks kinda fake with the hair and then the whole disco thing it isnt working 4 her but she will find what she likes and it will look good she is really pretty and i like her music!

emily on

If you know Gwen Stefani’s style, you know that it is sometimes a bit out there. This is an example of something ONLY Gwen Stefani could pull off. If anyone else tried this look, it would definitely be a disaster, but since Gwen is Gwen she can work it! Plus it doesn’t hurt to have the best accessory ever, GAVIN ROSSDALE! And she does have the right to show off those legs after having a baby!!!

Nancy on

I hate this look. She looks terrible.

Misty on

She looks like a villian from a James Bond movie that gets killed off in the first 30 minutes. The look is too much like a costume. Her hair pushes the entire look over the top. Even Gavin looks unimpressed with her fashion choice.

Alloy Jane on

Well, since Christina Aguilera stole her retro look, she probably felt obligated to return the favor and look like a tranny. If it wasn’t for the wig, people probably would’t be poo-pooing this look as much.

Illie P. on

Gwen looks great after a baby and i think that she was trying to show off her recovered figure. I’m afraid that if she keeps dressing like this she’ll lose Gavin like every other Hollywood couple, SO PLEASE STOP

alison on

I thought she was Tori Spelling!

Jess on

good for her getting back out there and in such good shape after giving birth. She has never been the type to wear the everyday she always thinks outside the box and wears random things.

katie on

Im sorry but this is just creepy. I love Gwen’s style but this is just wrong.

princess on

I dont know about this one, she’s pulling the 80’s look way too far.

Kirby on

I typically would hate this look but Gwen always looks great!!!! She is so cool

marinae on

I love Gwen! but this is a definite miss!

Alfie on

4 me the hair was back to 70’s..that mean its B-E-A-U tiful..the short was perfect..and i love the belt..its look totally awesome..emmm the sunglases..oh my god..i love huge sunglases and its fix wih her..and i hink its different from the past..


Beth on

I can tell Gwen’s been working hard on her body, it’s rockin’ – and the outfit is hot too, she has great legs and she’s showing them off! But the look got ugly when she put on that hideous wig (which has a bad hairstyle)and maybe if her hair was different, those tacky sunglasses wouldn’t look so bad. I don’t get why Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson (just to name a few) wear extensions/wigs. I get that it is cool to have short hair one day, and long the next, but even with all of their money, the extensions look cheap and fake. It’s weird to not see their scalp at all, just a netted line… yuck.

Drew on

Gwen Stefani is a fox! Always on the edge of fashion with new looks from interesting and random(in a good way) influences/muses. I think people shouldn’t be so uptight about what she wears. She’s enjoyin herself. Love ya, Gwen.

April on

It looks alright. At least she isn;t redoing the same thing over and over.

T.J. on

Gwen has such great style. I think she looks great from head to toe. Sleek, hot, and sexy **that’s Gwen**

stacey on

i like the top and shoes but the shorts and hair not so much.

Lisa on

Great Job on the clothes!!!!The hair doesn’t do it for me Sorry!!!!!!!

Smitty's Mrs. on

I’m sorry it’s too hard to concentrate on Gwen with that Gavin beside her!!!!YUMMY!! Ok seriously do not like this look on her. I normally like her style but this is just YUCK!!!

Chele on

I think that her outfit is too cute she always seems to wear things that are out of the box and makes them look good ! You Go Girl

becky on

I think she looks fabulous. I love the way she takes on a new look and a new persona with every album she makes.

She has changed the way people look at fashion before and I’m absolutely positive she’ll do it again.

Besides who is more stylish than Gwen??

Brianna on

Mercy. What IS she wearing? It looks like an adult-size onesie. Her husband looks embarassed.

camaron on

she looks sophisticated and still edgy. not everyone can bring the disco.ness back and make it work. gwen is so ahead of everyone that most people won’t catch onto this for like half a year!

Yvette on


colette on

I actually really love this look. She can pull it off.

Tracey on

I love the outfit and shoes, but that wig is ridiculous!!
Overall, I’m not a fan of Gwen’s various looks…

valerie on


funfun100 on

What on earth was she thinking? It is ugly, horrible but very Gwen-like. Hasn’t she always worn weird and wonderful things?

cree on

The natural look was better, See… what happens when money gets in the way. You end up looking like a store window manakin.

rakel on

She always looks like a caracter out of The Wizard of Oz, the worst style of all of the stars out there. Try the normal look Gwen at least some of the time.

Katie on

Do not like

Ashley on

I think she looks great!! She just had a baby and her body is looking great she should show it off!! Those shorts look great on her she has beautiful legs, most women would kill for them.
Now the hair im not craz about but she can definitly pull it off, she can wear things that most people would never dream about wearing. She dares to be different and I LOVE that.

Kaylee on

I think her look is a hit!! She is unique and who cares what people think. I think this looks is funky and fun and I love the hair!!

L_A_M_B on

gwen i love you! great style, you can pull anything off

GEE on

….G L A M O R O U S…..
She mixes Hollywood Glam and Rock very well!

Jessica on

I think Gwen looks okay, but I she can definately do A LOT better than this. She has a very unique sense of style in everything she does, not just her clothes, and she’s able to pull it off. But she can definately do better than this. Rock on Gwen!

Elizabeth on

Total Miss. Ditch the wig and go natural!

Danielle Neet on


haha on

she really looks O L D!
me no likey

Lauren on

I usually hate her outfits but this one is cute. I would wear it. Personally, I think we should stop worrying about her outfit and start worrying about her disgusting makeup and hair color choices. She looked good in the video where she had brown hair and light makeup. She has natural beauty and she’s wasting it.

Leila on

I always love the way she looks. Gwen can always pull everything off, she just has a style of her own that some people won’t understand or want to. So, there will always be someone hating on a star but I commend her for looking gorgeous everytime I see her.

gorda on

j like her she is pretty,,but her new look with the hair on that picture j don’t like because she looks like very very old…

gwenda on

HIT! i love the retro, and the combo. cool

Madi on

Hey Gwen, Try again!

Jacqueline on

I honestly think she is trying to hard this time around. Total MISS

night on

Who is this in the Gwen Stefani costume?

samantha on

you d loook so much better with the goofy hair … otherwise you re beautiful. i love your sense of style. the best i ve seen so far.. but please loose the hair puh-lease

Mary on

Completly a miss for Gwen,b her hair is so wierd and bright and so r her clothes

Kate on

It doesn’t matter what Gwen does. She is always wicked beautiful. She can pull off anything!!! Rock Steady, Gwendolyn Renee!!!

carly on

she looks hot…always working it gwen!

Michelle on

oh yes it is a hit if her name is…MissPussyWillow starring in a re-make of an old James Bond movie…Ya….

kim on

Well, i dont think im feeling it to tough.I dont know y these woman in the industry have babies for example brittany spears, and then the comeback is trashy. I like Gwen because she was always classy to me. This look doesnt do anything for her.

Walsta on

She looks like a member of a 70’s soap opera cast. Is that a wig or her hair? Maybe loosing those bangs would help a little. I say she scrap the whole look though

Diana on

UUMM Yeah, love ya Gwen, outfit,shoes, husband, even sunglasses…UGH! YOUR HAIR. Did you ask someone from the streets of skid row to donate that wig. NOT flattering at all.

Mariela on

Her body looks great, but the outfit looks very dated. And that hair is just horrible!

Erin on

I love this outfit. It is completely different than what is out there now. Her legs are amazing and the shorts fit perfectly fine.
She can wear a paper bag and look good.
the outfit is funky yet is classy at the same time, she is only showing leg, not like a lot of others out there that feel they need to show off everything. i LOVE it.

stacy on

why??? is all i can say about gwen at the moment because i think this look is awful,its really aged her and she doesnt need to do it,shes always looked fantastic for her age and has a great figure despite having just had a baby in may.ive always thought shes a little ‘fake’ but that suited her and she carried it off really well but this is horrible.i think her hair looks like a wig too no dont like this look at all.

Veronica on

I hate the look, used to love her until she went to left field. She is a beautiful woman and more so now after having had her baby, but not a good look for her, it does make her look much older.

Hayley on

Gwen always goes over the top. To me, she looks fine. Its nothing we havent seen from Gwen. Love it!

LaLa on

HIT…HIT…HIT!!!!!! You look so damn gorgeous! Bella mama! keep doing your thing!

Peter on

Gwen’s new style rocks. Classic and crazy. Don’t you get it? She’s trying to shout out loud a mad, crazy and nughty-sexy image. Her hair and color is original and uncommon, she’s like against fasion and the glam-flow. Gwen, a rebel and honest goril of course, love ya. Not all that stupids hairs colors and cuts like Beyonce and all Hollywoods “classy” image that it turns out to be ARTIFICIAL AND SHALLOW. Christina (“Tell Me” Video) and Madonna (“Jump” Video) and Britney’s new Japanese haircut are going straight hair too. So definitely is a HIT.

jordan on

her new look is a hit

amy on

the wig is weird but i love her new makeup! instead of that red lipstick, she looks so much more natural like in the video “cool”. Suits her I think

Erica G on

Smokin body, but…the outfit is a little much.

Tasah on

hey i like gwen bc she is veary talented and she is reallly cute. My aunt met her and she said that Gwen was really nice and someday i belive ill meet her and her baby.
Koollll thing that i will never get is that since i am a babysitter it would be kool to babysit her child but that will never happen. Hey Gwwen this is Tasha

Tiffany on

I love it I think she looks great and I think that most people are not ready for her sense of fashion. It is definitely a hit for me!

Rease on

I totally fell in love with the Harajuku look. She looked so awesome for Love.Angel.Music.Baby but I don’t think this new look is very good. Definitely a miss. Sorry Gwen, I still love you.

lest on

i think gwen looks hot this way. the eyes and the wig are gorgeous.

laura on

Think its great, strong, sexy and cool!! Gwen always looks great.

dove on

omg gween is like da best dreesed hollywood icon ever she is an inspiration for young designers all over the world like myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up gween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mwah love dove

dove on

omg gween is like da best dreesed hollywood icon ever she is an inspiration for young designers all over the world like myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up gween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mwah love dove

Joy on

dont worry Gwen i like the way it looks on you. Actually you look nice in anthing. OK so dont listen to anyone else you just be who you want to be. dont listen to anyone else ok unless you want to. i really hope you see this cause its true and i am a really big fan. so if you can email me.

duygu on

well i totally love gwen’s style, she is so unique and gorgeous and whatever she does is a new era.. so this new style is good i think. For so long she had really exaggerated hair and make up (which i think, was like the signature of her, really suits her) and maybe she’s tired. this a time for her to be plain, nude in make up. So GO GİRL!!!

Lu on

Gwen looks beautiful, sexy, and independent of any current trend. I’m all for it but the wig can go. She doesnt need it.

Sabrina A.K.A Jewel Denile on


jessica on

all you stupid people that dont like it or think she is trying too hard, shut up because i think it is a total hit. anything she wears looks great to me. and if you dont think so,come back when your over 30 and have had a baby, and let me see if you look this good!


Gwen looks great i think so and every one shold cause she the besgt sing and dessiner and she can wear what ever she wants

Lauren on

I love Gwen Stefani, and I love her new stuff, but I loved when she was with the whole Harajuku girls. She still is. In her “Sweet Escape” video she uses them. And in her new songs on her latest CD she still makes references to LAMB, which was all about the Harajuku girls.

Gwen fam on

Did anyone see those legs?

OMG, WOW. incredible leg muscle, shape and tone. 10+

Jhoane on

She is so pretty!

melkunze on

I love it. She is always out to create new fashion. It’s about her boldness more than anything and not falling into the same old trends.

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