Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

11/16/2006 at 04:22 PM ET

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

The episode kicked off with the girls taking an acting class with coach Tasha Smith in L.A. to learn to let out all of their emotions. My personal opinion is that Melrose is crazy, but she’s a damn good model. And I am so impressed at how Caridee really shows her honesty and passion for the competition, as well as being brave enough to reveal her secret about not wanting to live at one point in her life. Click through to the next page to read the rest of Joanie’s Take on this episode.

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Photo:Bryan Lynn & Denise Crew/The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

After the lessons, the girls had to act in silent films — and they did a great job! I can’t believe they had to munch down on lemons and drink prune juice! Did you see Michelle puke it back up? Priceless! And the winner is. . .Caridee! She found out she won while watching the film (the amazing price was winning a guest spot on One Tree Hill). The girls also found out they were going to Spain while watching the film too! So ingenious! I was so stoked for them!

Once in Spain, the girls partner up with male models to film a Secret commercial in completely in the Spanish dialect Catalan, but that wasn’t the biggest problem. Turns out that Jaeda’s man doesn’t like Black girls???!! Smack that boy up! The girl is fine as hell!! He’s totally missing out! Jaeda wasn’t able to control her emotions during her commercial and broke down. Surprisingly after her previous win, Caridee wasn’t that great either. Eugena shined, as well as the twins.

During the elimination, the girls finally confront Melrose on trying to make them look bad. I’ve been waiting for them to say something to her like that for weeks!! Thank you girls!! But, Jaeda was sent home. She really has had nine lives, as Tyra said. I was sad to see her leave. She was so beautiful; she just couldn’t pull it together. Good luck to you Jaeda, you’re so amazing!

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Margarita on

awww i feel so bad for Jeada when that stupid guy said he didn’t like black girls. I would of slapped him. melrose did awesome this week as always and i love her! I can’t wait when one of the twins leave becasue then the other one will like have a nervous breakdown cuz shes all alone

Elaine on

get rid of the twins! get rid of the twins! GET RID OF THE TWINS!!!!!! (100x over)

Honestly, they are SO boring. They are beautiful, but they are not amazing. They are not top model material. I’d much rather see Melrose (who I’ve disdained since the beginning) to win this and not the twins. They dont even want it!

Shasha on

From the little preview of next week Caridee might be in some trouble but if she is eliminated she’ll alredy be a winner as she revaled something so personal about her and Jaedea’s boy was a a-hole but she should have delt with it and by now I would have hoped that she got over the hair I mean come on….

rose on

I think the twins and eugena should be the next to go. I hope caridee wins she’s the most beautiful one on the show.

katherine on

i think that caridee is awesome i hope she wins !!!!!! she is always happy and so FUNNY !the twins are dumb and i cant beleive i of them cant even kiss !??!?!?!!? oh well good luck to all of you except the twins eugina and melrose !!!!!!!

emily on

melrose really ticks me off.
yeah she has a pretty face and takes good pictures
but she is amazingly annoying.
did anyone else notice that melrose said before the judging that she was nervous because this was one of her worst performances…then after the judges said they liked it she says “yeah i stayed up an extra two hours to practice”
she is lying to the judges to make her look good and the rest of the girls look bad

krystal on

I was so glad to see Jeada leave! I was sick of hearing her whine about her hair! The twins are boring and really all they do it take good pics. I think that Caridee and Melrose deserve to win be they want it the most!! Even though Melrose is annoying she really wants it!! I am rooting for Caridee bc she is all around the best and has the most potentional. If she gets booted then I wont even have any more interest in watching it any longer……oh yah and there is Eugena too…I forgot about her so I guess she isnt really anything great either then.

Aurielle on

Er, the twins definitely didn’t shine during the commercial. They were disasters! I was pleasantly surprised by Eugena finally stepping it up and I felt bad for Caridee. As for Melrose… :/

sh on

i think that ugly melrose needs to leave. She is so annoying and i just want her gone! Besides she’s like 100 years old. no one wants an old model.ewwwwww! i love CARIDEE she needs to win. i hope she doesn’t go home next week. i hate the twins they are so ugly and plain. there not hot or sexy so they just need to leave now! anyone agree?

Melissa on

I’m probably in the minority here, but I LOVE MELROSE! This is an competition, which is something that the other girls seem to be forgetting. Melrose seems to be the only one who understands that and thats why she keeps winning and doing well. Also, who among use would not, if giving the opportunity, to make ourselves look good if it gives a heads up in an competition. I know i would.

I’m probably in the minority on this too but i’m hoping Caridee leaves next week. She and Eugina needs to go.

I’m hoping for a Melrose/Amanda top two with Melrose winning the competition.

Also Joanie, can you try to be less bias towards Melrose and read some of Nick Verros blog of the last season’s Project Runway. He was non-biased but quirky at the same time.

stylemaven on

I am so tired of everyone whining about Melrose. I guess some people just can’t handle greatness.

J. on

I think Caridee might be going home next time, did you see the preview of the next episode? She supposedly makes some enemies, that’s so sad, she’s my favorite!!! :(

Melissa on

Must have to do with the names, cause Melissa you took the words right out of my mouth… well at least with the first paragraph. Everyone is just hating because Melrose is doing so good. They all could have stayed up to study but they chose not too, so that’s their problem. I thought for sure they were going to get rid of Caridee for ratings and (not to be racist) because Tyra seems to keep people of her color longer. So I was happy when they didn’t because Jaeda’s time was up. I’d love to see Melrose and Caridee as the final two cause they want it the most and deserve it the most!

Rachel on

Dude melrose seriously needs to get a life. Those twins are ugly and eugena whatever her name is is ugly. Caridee just had a bad day yesterday. Melrose is hidious.

Rachel on

melrose needs to go home. she thinks she is wayy too good and i think she needs to deflate her head. i also dont know why they are keeping both the twins on, eliminate one pleasee. but caridee is my faovrite! i hope she wins!!!

Emily on

at the beginning i really didnt like the twins, but i am starting to like them now. they are normal people with normal lives. I really really dont like melrose, i think she is fake. and i have to add that my absolute favorite model was brooke, and i was very suprised when she went home.

Danielle on

I LOVE Melrose, and I think people should stop hating. She DID stay up two extra hours to study, and it showed. If everyone did that then they wouldn’t have sucked. If this is your DREAM, to become a top model why not put everything in it. Some of those girls dont deserve that oppourtunity, Melrose is not one. She commits and she works on which angles look best for her. If Caridee had mentioned it, no one would have said anything. I think everyone needs to jump off

Kate on

ok yes melrose is annoying but you have to admit she is one of the best models. (by the wy shes not ugly) but you guys have to remember this competetion isnt about your additude its about being the best model. and thats melrose. and yes i think the twins should go home cuz there too tall and not good but tyra likes them. i miss brooke she was good.

Leigh on

No, Melrose isn’t “ugly”, but the have to do too much airbrushing on her, because of her million moles! And you should never be mean to people because you never know when you are going to have to work with them later.

I hope Caridee doesn’t go home, but she probably will just because my favorites never win!!

j on

this model looks like a man

misscat on

hey joanie, time to stop being to biased against melrose, you’re begining to sound like sour grapes. melrose tries her hardest and puts in extra effort to go far the the other girls resent her for it. talk about a mature attitude *rolls eyes*. she takes the constructive critism from the judges and photographers and then works with it. she always is trying to better herself and there is nothing wrong with that.
personally, i’m disgusted at tyra, the other judges and the producers fo the show for not getting jaeda another model to work with. nobody should EVER have to put up with racial harassment in the workplace, ever. i know they weren’t in america and the workman’s rights aren’t the same there but this is an american show and jaeda should have been shown more respect. if tyra considers herself a mentor to these girls then she should have gotten jaeda another model to work with. unopposed racism is unacceptable. all models need thick skin in this buisiness but tyra seems to think that black skin should be thicker than white. boo on tyra banks.

Sarah on

i think they are going to pull a big shock for top model and have 2 winners! and those winners will be the twins…. that’s just my thought,why else would they both still be there? i think there were better people than them but they have to both stay to shock the ANTM audience! if they dont win then i think obviously that Carridee or Melrose will win since they are the best.

Melany on

I agree with alot of you that Melrose is not my favorite. And if attitude was all this was about I think she would have been off the show a long time ago but the fact still remains that this is about modeling and when the chips are down the girl does bring it all! I think the rest of the girls need to remeber that this is a competition. I have a feeling it may come down to Melrose vs. Caridee and to be totally honest I believe Caridee should win. She is a well-rounded individual and is down to earth and at the same time she is a absolutely awesome model. But going based on the previews for next show I’m just not sure where she’ll land. Guess we’ll see….:)

TheFireKitten on

I too like Melrose! She is very committed. She is trying extremely hard at the competition. It just seems (in my opinion) that the other girls are just getting upset because she is doing so well and that the judges see it also.

distar on

This show to me kind of revealed what a bunch of idiots the girls are. Come on all they had to do was memorize a few lines in Catalan and they all fall apart. I speak 6 languages, including Catalan, which is basically Spanish but with a few twists. It’s not Mandarin or something totally unfamiliar to the girls. I mean really, isn’t Spanish almost like a 2nd language here in the US? None of the girls have an ounce of sophistication.

Cheers to Melrose as she was the only one who even tried memorizing her lines, and I don’t get why everyone hates her. She’s the hardest working one there. And glad to see Jaeda go- she looked like a boy to me.

Amanda on

I think it was about time they got rid of Jaeda! I was so sick of hearing about her hair. I think it is a big toss up this season though. I don’t like Melrose’s attitude but she can model and I think Eugena is annoying and all her pictures look the same. As for the twins, I like Amanda b/c she is not a typical model looking girl but she takes beautiful pictures. I think Caridee is beautiful too but I think she is in real danger next week. I guess we will have to wait and see!

Kira on

I want the twins to go home or at least one of them so that I can see what the other one is going to do. Melrose is not my favourite person in the world but she seems to understand the challenges and she really wants it so she does well and I can’t hate her for that. I love Caridee and I really hope the finale is with her and Melrose because they have the mose potential. As for Eugena I thought she should have gone home a long time ago.

Daisy on

I would think when Joanie says “my personal opinion is…” you could allow her to have her own opinion. She admitted that Melrose is a good model, just that she’s crazy. Fortunately for Melrose, you mostly need to be a good model, and as long as you’re not a total jerk you’ll be o.k on personality, too.

I personally could care less for Melrose and the twins. Eugena seems to be kinda swept under the rug by the producers. I like CariDee. I liked Brooke, too, because she was so positive, but alas, she’s gone.

cayem on

If you don’t know why everyone hates Melrose, then you should go back and watch all the episodes where she talks bad about everyone behind their back, and gets caught some of the time. Plus, she was so bossy at the beginning, she really got off to a bad start with the group.

Jenna on

everyone needs to get off Melrose’s case! as far as i can tell she is the only girl who brought it all into this competition! she’s not a witch like everyone accuses her of, she’s smart and beautiful and obviously wants this or she wouldn’t have won all the challenges! Caridee rocks as well!

Christine on

I love Melrose. She is pretty amazing, I think they just try to make her look bad because they need an enemy on the show.

Kissy on

Personally I think that they kicked off the only two girls with the strongest model features, Anchal and Jaeda (SP). However they just didnt put it out there which was really disappointing. Either of them could have easily one if they tried harder. I think that the twins are the most unattractive girls on the show. I hate the way they slump up the runway to talk to Tyra about that weeks pictures. They have terrible posture,no personality and NO BODY!!They are like straight sticks no boobs no butt, which is soooo unattractive. I know models are not supposed to be curvy but for chirsts sake they look like they have the body of a twelve year old boy.I will be really disappointed with Tyra if she gives in to the industry standards of a model!! It’s time for some change!! It makes me so angry that they keep on going to the next week,each wednesday i pray that they are going to be kicked off!!! i cant wait for the week when one gets the boot, I know its mean but its going to be so funny to see the twins freak out!!!

Donna on

I Love Melrose, I love CariDee, the twins take good photos Ug-gina must leave. Jaeda was one of my favorites, sorry she’s gone. Are we going to have a Blonde-white-winner this season?

Lizzy on

I actually love Amanda and Michelle. They seem very down to earth, and are nice, but not doormats. And yes, Melrose takes great pictures, but she is unethical and rude. Sure, it’s a competition, but there’s no reason to tear others down, boast, or boss others. Caridee is altogether pretty awesome, but sometimes she seems like she won’t cooperate.

marlet on

i think jade was great but what i cant undrstand is why that guy was on the show in the first place he not liking black people is total bull crop these people need to look into there self before gettin people on the show to be with theses girls because it was unfair for jade

KW on

Caridee just screams “Supermodel” to me. SHE has THE LOOK and really does need to win. I am nervous that Melrose will win and I can’t really stand her. Also…she is thin and has a model’s figure…but her face is so ORDINARY. I can find 50 girls hanging out on a street corner on any given day in Santa Monica that are much more model like than her. She’s doing well because she’s good at competition, but she isn’t a true supermodel to me. CARIDEE NEEDS TO WIN! If she doesn’t, I don’t think I can watch the show again. If she looses…I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings drop.

Sarah on

The twins SCARE me!! They can’t walk, talk, pose, NOTHING!!!

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