EXCLUSIVE: How Britney Got Her New Look!

11/16/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

Call it Extreme Makeover: Britney Spears edition. Not only did she debut her new body on The Late Show, but she also underwent a three-day total makeover with top stylists Rita Hazan and Ramy Gafni. “It was a major transformation,” star colorist Hazan told PEOPLE. First up was a bright, blonde bob for Britney. “She called me and her hair was a medium brown and we took it to really pretty light golden blonde. It signifies how sexy she is!” When Britney’s hair was finished, Gafni reshaped her eyebrows and did her makeup. “I met with her the Monday she did Letterman, at about 3 p.m.” he says. “And she had to be in the car on the way to the show at 3:45!” Gafni was pleasantly surprised at how laidback Britney was. “Most celebrities I’ve done will hold the mirror up and want to see every hair you tweeze. “She said, ‘I like a smokey eye and dewy skin but otherwise, do whatever you want.'” And the end result? A brand-new Britney.

Read more about Britney’s style here on Off The Rack.

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beth on

I think Britney looks great! I think her stylist razored her hair a little too much, it looks really thin now. And I’m not really sure what she was trying to achieve with the bangs? But, I am not trying to diss on her because she does look beautiful, and I’m happy for her that she broke up with Kevin and is getting her life on track.. I’m ready to see a picture of Jayden. I am guessing she put it off because she did not want to do a ‘family’ picture with Kevin. But, I think it will be great to see her with her two boys, and we will probably see that when she is ready to discuss her reasons for getting a divorce with People or Oprah.

bridget on

I didn’t know she wasn’t natural….better said any one in hollywood…….wink wink

Michelle on

I think she looks terrible! I don’t like it at all

Bunky on

She washed that man right out of her hair!

Mags on

Makeup and body look fine…but I don’t like the hair on her. Way too severe. She looks so much better with big, curly hair in my opinion.

Christy on

Wasn’t it reported that she was wearing a wig? I think she looks good but oh so different in all the different pictures that are popping up.

Rebecca on

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is *off* in her appearance now. She looks a heck of a lot better lately, but the haircut doesn’t look right on her- almost looks like a wig in this photo. Her face looks different too, but maybe it’s just a side effect of the strange hairstyle. Either way, I’m glad she’s moving on and hopefully will be happier without “Fed Ex”!

terra.hull on

She is beautiful – but the new do needs to go – She looks better with longer, fuller hair.

tamaruni on

She looks more refined, but she doesn’t look like herself. I liked her hair the different ways she did it before; when it was *her* trying different things for herself; what’s odd about this photo is it just doesn’t look like her hair, and it’s sooo straight, but doesn’t look like a “healthy” straight; it looks like it’s crying out for conditioner: too fragile looking. She said she liked dewey skin; her stylist needed to give her “dewey hair”, too, which is usually what Britt has. SIDE NOTE: I am very impressed that she is one of the few celebrities who neither seems to despise NOR perform for the cameras that follow her around: she seems to accept their presence and just keeps being herself.

charlotte on

I really like her new do and it makes total sense why whe would want to cut her hair! getting rid of her man and two babies to take care of? people really need to lay off of her about her new look. I think she looks great and I hope she’ll be able to deal with the public mess that Kevin is probably going to put on. He’s definitely not going away quietly. He’s gotten too used to that lifestyle! It’s so pathetic.

Laura on

Looks like a wig!

Andrea on

She certainly looks better than before, but her hair is kind of odd for her I think. She has too many flyaways, and her bangs are strange. She should have done side-swept bangs or something. It is a million steps up from before though, I will say that.

brian on

this is great

Tiffany on

She looks like she is 40 years old.

Angie on

Thank God Britney finally came out of her hynosis! I’m happy with the life transformation, but the hair just doesn’t look good on her!! The color compliments her, but the cut is too blunt. But, she is glowing, and that’s the first time in a long time! Go Brit!

donna j on

that hair style has to go it makes her look to old. She is to young to have a style that sharp…..

Courtney on

GOREGEOUS!!!!! Im ready for Brits comeback.


chloe' on

I think she REALLY looks like a COUNTRY RAGDOLL(yee hah) the short hair doesn’t fit her

Joey on

Britney looks horrible…..not that she ever looked that good but the stress from the kids and K-Fed has probably gotten to her A LOT.

Allison on

Britney may look a little frayed around the edges, but after 2 kids in record time and a really bad marriage, no wonder she has aged! On the other hand, considering everything she’s gone through, she looks pretty terrific—I mean money can buy you great stylists and a trendy new wardrobe, but it can’t, in the end, buy you happiness.


I think she is wearing a wig and her makeup makes her look old…

Rachael on

I think she looks great with the dark chocolate hair, but a cleaner style… she does look good here though- her hair does look better loner though.

Andrea on

Wow, you all are right, she does look old. She looks old in the eyes or something. She needs new makeup.

Amaly on

Wasnt that supposedly a “wig”
it looks good tho :)

Norma McManus on

I am glad Britney Spears is getting on with her life; but, that hair style is horrble! Shame on the stylists who made her look like an old woman!

ruth on

she is not the same when she was popular

erin on

she looks like she is 40 years old.

Ana on

The hair do or the makeup make her look much older than she really is. And you can barely see her eyebrows, making her look a bit washed-out. But the hair color is really great. If she’ll work on it, she will look better soon.

Akilah on

Have to agree, her new hairstyle and hairstylist need to take the back seat. Jessica Simpson… please hook Brit up your stylist…

Carolyn on

I think it makes her look more mature like a woman with two children should look!

Agnes on

I don`t agree with you! I think that she looks great with that hair cut!!! I didn`t like her black-hair look. Now, she`s mum of two, so she should look more adult and she does. Mayby she wanted to show Kevin and other people that she`s able to bring up her sons without Kevin`s help!

Nancy on

That is definitely a wig!

senna on

I don´t like her new hairstyle at all!
I think it looks terrible!
Britney-where did your long, blond, wavy hair go?

maya on

She looks good, but her hair dosent go to her face, if she changes her hair style she will look amazing.

annieoakly on

you guys all have NO sense of style. Britney’s new look looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She has finally caught up with the time and gotten herself a sophisticated look. She DOES have two kids now, she shouldn’t look like a floozy anymore. Britney looks gorgeous, finally.

annieoakly on

you guys all have NO sense of style. Britney’s new look looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She has finally caught up with the time and gotten herself a sophisticated look. She DOES have two kids now, she shouldn’t look like a floozy anymore. Britney looks gorgeous, finally.

Libby on

She looks cheap and i don’t like her hair color because it matches her fake tan.

Rick on

WOW DAMN i wish my wife looked that good after just having a kid in September… Get ready for a HUGE Britney Spears Comeback… Just watch!!!!

Tessa on

the eyebrows are over-bleached. but the wig looks nice.

night on

Rick…how has your waste line held up during your wife’s pregnancy? Did you gain a few too, maybe around the gut area? Maybe SHe is whishing you looked more like Federline?
Brittney looks good in the photo..and YES it is a wig…but check her out in some more recent photos…she looks like her old self…boobs bared….dresses too short…still the same woman ..maybe with a better stylist when she gets on TV…
Still…congrats to her for dumping the dopey husband….can’t wait to see her rake him over the coals.

princess on

whtz wrong with britney? she was, like, one of da cutest teens eva…n then, 5 years later, just look at her now….she looks like a 50 year old granny! britney, britney, britney….u used to be so beautiful….i want u to go back to the way u used to be….don’t let some sucky guys muck up yr life….u rock….wake up girl…

teresa on

hi! I realy like her new look. I am Spanish and here Britney was the best singer but now whit her two sons it looks realy dificult for her and for her career. bye of a Spanish girl who love this magazine

Jazlyn on

Looks like an old bag! Poore Brit…

elax on

I think this new style doesn’t fit in her at all.She looks so old…

Mayritaa Mendez..! on

Britney looks stunning and happier, she seems better of from “k-fed”, she should live her life and next time think more about what she got into! Yeah we all know what I mean even she does.. Brit, Congrats you look stunning! From your Dominicans Fans

ksenia on

i hate her hair it is ridicoulus !!
she better grow it out

Misha Mei on

Her new hair style and make-up makes her look like she’s in her late 40’s. Britney spears is known as the young, talented, and needless to say SEXY super star. Please…BRING THAT SEXY BACK!

Charity Chaboyer on

She looks really old in that picture, and her hair does her no good, she looks better with long hair and no bangs or it would look better if she swept them to the side.

Lisa on

Brittany is very pretty, but she does not look like herself here.Needs long hair back.

Natalee on

I love Britney and was excited to hear she FINALLY took out the trash, also known as “K-Fed”. She probably wants to shed her teeny-faze and become more of a sexy, but classy mother figure, and also wants to work it into her career also. With this hair cut, it would look good on someone else, but she is young, I think 25 (?? I can’t remember her age), and this hair cut makes her look too old. I do love how she went back to blonde, but unfortunately, in my opinion, I don’t like the hair cut. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I think these kind of hair cuts work with people who can dress the role as well. Her choices of fashion just doesn’t work with this type of hair cut, and just makes her look odd. She is still young, and she needs to be young and hip. She can be young, hip, sexy, classy and a mother all at the same time. When I saw her do this appearance on David Letterman, I just thought her fashion choice was just too much for her (her dress was way short). She’s trying to look grown up, but she always funks it up with something that just makes her look way off. I think she should go back to the longer hair and just do different styles from there, like the loose waves or something. Britney is a very pretty girl, and I’m so happy for her that she made a decision to dump that worthless “K-Fed”. Too bad she had children with him, because he is just a user and garbage. The things he is doing, trying to damage Britney, and this is his scheme to get publicity for himself. He’s got 4 kids and can’t even support them. He’s got to marry a suga-mama to get him some money. He can’t even support the 2 kids with Shar Jackson and he wants full custody of his kids with Britney, yeah right. Grow up Kevin Federline, get a real job, because you can’t rap. With the so-called “street cred” you did have, was with your ex-wife. This is a loser girls, please, keep your eyes open, so you don’t get scammed by the other hundreds of “K-Fed’s” out there.

Jo Torgie on

well i think Britney’s hair do would look much better on me! i’m not sure, from living in New York City this hair has been razored WAY too much. she’s also now got wrinkles under her eyes….ohhhhh britney you’re screwed. Kevin is now your hair :(:(

lorieen on

Brits hair looks absuloutly amazing. it makes you look so much more professional. but it makes you look so much older than you really are. if you put it into some low pig tales or braides it would look fabulous.

tianna on

a comeback, yes! now maybe some of us will start to take her seriously. she looks older now and like she has matured. i love the new look! :)

tianna on

comeback, YES! she looks like she has matured and looks amazing. i like the whole do because not every celebrity has it. shes different and im glad she finally made a bold statment like this. shes smart, calls it quits with k.fed and then changes herself completly showing off her amazing body and how hot she is. more attention for her:)

millis on

I think Britney looks so good. She’s lovely.

Britney Jean Spears is the best! Love Brit:D

Sarah on

I definitly think her hair and make-up make her look a whole lot older than she really is. And is it just me or did her eyebrows seem to vanish? Where the hell are they? They defintly blend into her skin. It looks terrible :( but her body does look really good!

Sarah on

I Britney is better off without Kevin. Now she looks happier because of leaving him. I can’t wait to see pics of Sean and Jayden.

Taylor on

she needs to go back to the hair stylist

Paula on

look at the hair Britney ….very good , and she must go to back from her styles :):*:*:*: greatings Brit:)

Penelope on

She looks terrible! Go fix your hair girl!

Mikaela on

I dislike all her looks with K-fed, he was so bad for her & her career. Get a makeover & go win your divorce.

Erin on

Her hair looks awful, but it will change tomorrow. I am just happy she got rid of her loser husband, Kevin. I just feel sorry for the 2 boys. She is going to make a rockin’ comeback!!



EEf on

BRitney looks beautiful
I think So

Tim on

I think she looks good. The hair is a wig. I think she just wanted people to know that she is serious and she’s not a teenager anymore. Just like every other pop star, she will have 50000000 new looks, especially when the new album comes out. Every video she will have a different look.
Keep up the good work Brit, your fans are waiting.

Courtney on

I think she looked better with long hair and as a brunette.

elena on

Hey I think britney is great now!!! She´s finally free and she is pretty & thin again!

pjoihegkjbn on




E on

She’s wearing a wig and her eyebrows are far too light. Would be a cute wig for someone older with more delicate features, but Britney, though she looks cute, isn’t rocking that wig what-so-ever. And her makeup looks washed out, that color lipstick doesn’t compliment her at all.
However, it’s nice to see her attempting a “polished” look. She is looking better, she just needs to wear her real hair and lose the fake stuff, it’s so ugly.

tonia on

I think she has too much make-up on. She is a beautiful girl and the make-up makes her skin look old and dull. I like her haircut, but I like the brunette color better.

Amy on

Her make-up looks terrible. She said she wanted a dewey look, but it looks dull—it makes her look old. She’s not very pretty.

Umari on

Wow. She looks pretty good. Except that carpet on her head. It looks totally unnatural. It’s almost as if someone just threw it on her head and hoped it would fit.

Jessie on

Her hair looks way to flat, thin and fake. Not a good style for her.

MCT on

She didnt cut her hair, it is fake, just like lindsey Lohan had it a few months back.. But she still has her her..She still look amazing though, compare to when she was with that gold-digga kevin..

melissa on

She looks great!!!

Jeniffer on

This styling is for a suburban housewife-Too boring! Brit needs to get more snazzy and a younger stylist. The wig looks like they just dumped a bottle of store bought hair coloring on it, and the cut is suited for someone with thicker hair. I actually believed she went on as a surprise without getting touched up by the make-up artist when I saw the show. She needs airbrushed makeup and more depth to her color (hair, make-up,clothing fabric) and fake eye lashes. Also, a little “Preparation H” under the eyes, or a celebrity worthy pricy equivalent, is also needed for Brit to look her best.

Cindy on

I dont like her new look! She looks better with natural long hair! She seems to have thin out too much on the right places. She seems to be focusing too much on her past youthful, single life and look but I really think she should spent the energy and time with her two infants. I don’t understand how she can be in Miami, NY, Las Vegas all in a week. Where are her kids? How can you party with a newborn? Besides leaving it to your nanny, don’t you rather spend it with your new baby! She has all the money in the world to retire and take it easy! She was even wearing a belly shirt after 2 kids and recent C Section – Thats MAgic!

Sandee on

She looks old.

beth on

I just wanted to add that since I’ve seen pictures of Britney out with Paris Hilton and stories of her taking her pants off at a club, my newly earned respect for Britney (for dumping Kevin) is fading – fast. I was really hoping that Britney would still blow us away with great music and performances while not forgetting the fact that she has 2 babies at home. Going out and partying and getting drunk seems immature, and while she is only 24, she needs to be a responsible mom… Still wishing her nothing but love and happiness… but I’m disappointed!

Bobby Jack on

i tink this look is frizzy i mean look at her hair!!
(it can’t get more frizzier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
well that is just my opinoin but i dont know bout urs.
i personily tink she should change it………FAST!!!

katie on

All that I am seeing is “She looks OLD!, she looks like she’s 40!”
I’m in my teens and I want to know, when did 40 become old?
I think she looks great

Kriste on

She definitely looks better, but I have to agree w/everyone else, the hair do has to go.. It’s not Britney.

Lisa on

I think it’s sad that just because Britney has dumped her husband she now has seemingly dumped her children. It’s awful to think that they are getting the brunt of the hostility and backlash of a failed marriage. It’s like all Britney thinks about is Britney and making this grand entrance into the spotlight again.

And as far as her new look, it doesn’t look good. Not the wigs, not the bare belly tops of yesterday, and certainly not the hanging out with the likes of Paris Hilton! OMG, that has disaster written all of it!

LG on

Brit does need to make herself look good for her comeback to continue and make a living. Brit is not thinking just Brit..she is doing what it suppose to for her kids. If she is making good money, it means she can provide good things for her kids. Simple as that. Some people are thinking bad. If she hangs out with Paris that doesn’t mean Brit is like Paris already.
I am happy for Brit, she has made a good decision and her look is fine. I liked her longer hair before she has kids.

antonio gonzalez on

i think what britney is the best in the world, and nothing and no body can to say the contrary abut this. her does what she want because is the more big in the song and her look is very beauty because she is wonderful

JP on

Britney is a beautiful young lady with too many bad raps lately. I feel so sorry for that fact that her personal life is so revealing of the pain this young mother is suffering. Live and let live people and leave her alone. I know we all love hearing about the stars, but when are we all going to figure out that we don’t need to have a feeding frenzy on their bad luck! Wish you the best Britney and hope that whatever God’s plans are for you that you listen to you heart and abide yourself and your children in angel wings! God Bless

night on

I think the hair is a wig guys. But with all her money why can’t she buy a wig that looks like healthy hair rather than straw?

justice fowler on

I think it’s great. Back to the old Brit that we all love and know so well.

Lexis on

nice do girlfriend

JMTM7904 on

Trash is trash no matter how dressed up it gets. Please.

Lisa on

I think she is fine… but i don’t like the color… and yes, maybe curly is better…



mimi on

i think its funny that so many people feel the need to comment on her and say she looks bad when you know she looks at least 10 times better than anyone whos posted any of the comments. i have a feeling all the rude ppl are overweight and not cute

Sarah on

I think she look old and is trying to get attention but she would look good if she was a old lady.

dannielle on

hay girl you need to start all over again, and make you self look much better and pick your self up a bit or people going to think bad about you huns so start all new.
lub yah

Amber on

i think her hair looks brill have u seen her new hair style
well i love brit i am a girl and not a lezzie but i realy like her and i will suport her because i am her biggest fan.

jordan montgomery on

why did she cut her hair. now she looks lik a hoemo

christine on

she ‘s right now boilled…non hair at all…my godnes!!!!!

Judah N. Wenkel on

What`s a country ragdoll, -is it 3 grammy winning Carrie Underwood ? Faith Hill, SheDaisy & others like them ??

Why, do we care weather Britney Spears shaves her head or not, -is it because the entertainment media/industry made her into a style icon ?
-Leave her alone !!!
J. N. W.

Lexi on

I think Britney should do what she wants she looks beautiful no matter what. And I think that it’s pathetic and horrible that people keep on saying things about all the changes she makes. She’s entitled to do whatever it is she wants with her body and her hair and face and everything. I can’t imagine what it’s like being a celebrity with 2 young kids and no husband and people constantly talking about how bad you look or why u did that or that. Leave her alone Brit ure gorgeous no matter what.

Marlena on

tooooooooooooooooo frizy

dee on


wesam on

I love you Britney in this new look….or any look

kristine on

she looks like holy heck! bad makeup and wrinkles make her look 40. and she needs to lose the wig.

Christa on

I think Britney looks WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 old

Chloee on

Oh, my god! It’s horrible! Her hair is so strange!! I think no hair was not a bad idea…

cheyenne on

thats not her she is pretty and young and plus i should know and in this pic it looks like a 30 year old so its not even her and britney is27 so bla bla continue on with the **** but this is not her

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