Tara Reid's New (and Improved!) Look

11/14/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Is that you, Tara Reid? The former Taradise star reemerged over the weekend at the Hollywood premiere of The Fountain looking nothing like her former self. Gone were the harsh makeup, bleached-blonde hair and skimpy outfits. Instead, she glided down the red carpet in a form-flattering little black dress and pointy stilettos. Softly muted makeup and pretty ringlets completed her stunning transformation. We were completely caught by surprise: Just when we were ready to count out the onetime all-American starlet, she gives us a glimpse of something pretty Tarariffic. Tell us: What do you think of Tara’s new look?

Photo: Jean Catuffe/INF

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Stephanie Basanta on

I agree, Tara Reid now looks sensational. Hopefully she can continue to show this side of her. I’m very happy for her.

Amie on

Good for her, much improved. I hope she can keep it up. She looks great.

Triffit on

OMG, she looks stunning! This classy look suits her way better so hopefully she’ll never go back to the old trashy one. She seems to have lost weight too… Anyway: positive transformation. Two thumbs up Tara!

Amber on

Tara, pass some of that glamour to Britney, she could use it right about now. What a great look!

camille on

Good for her! She looks great!

Kristen on

I think she looks great. Good for her.

Julie on

While Tara is cleaning up LINDSAY LOHAN is becoming the new Tara. Everytime I see her now she looks like she only slept 3 hours last night and is having a really bad hangover!

Well done Tara! Well done!
And Lindsay my dear… go spend some time at home, please.

Heather on

I think Tara looks great. Now I just wish that Christina A. and Britney would take hints.

Paula on

Big improvement.

Joan on

She looks great!

lilac on

She looks great! It most likely means she’s stopped abusing alcohol. Good for her!

Raphie on

She looks beautiful, I could barely recognize her…

sharons on

LOVE it!!

Tiffany on

I wish Tara would continue this “put together” trend of hers. She looks beautiful and soft. It’s time to grow up Tara…

viki on

A new Tara!!!

Kash on

She;s finally determined she doesn’t need to be int he spotlight to shine…
She looks amazing…B Actress or not, her quirky charachters makes her unforgettable and the media needs to lay off her. Let her find herself.

Itzel on

Wow! She definitely looks like a whole different woman! I almost didn’t believe that this is her in this picture.

sharon on

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

brese on

She looks 100x better. Now, what to do about Lindsey Lohan who just…well…we all know, Britney Spears who needs to get a clue, and Paris Hilton, who needs to get over herself?!!?

AnnieM on

Bea-U-Ti-Ful! What an improvement! There is hope for all of us.

AnnieM on

Bea-U-Ti-Ful! What an improvement! There is hope for all of us.

Suzy on

New but improved? I like new better, as there was nothing to compare to improve? There was nothng good at all about Tara Reid, her look, her attitude, her drinking problem, etc. How can you be improved if you weren’t even ready to be improved???? She never had it in the first place!! Tara, you are trailor park trash and should go in a hole and stay there for a very long time!!

Megan on

I think she looks Beautiful!

victoria on

I think that Tara looks really nice. I just cant see past her guest spot on the view(not to mention taradise). She just seems like she is burnt out from all the booze or she is taking plenty of valium. Best advice to Tara I can give is that you look really great, just try not to speak and you will be ok.

Carrie on

I really hope she keeps this look up. She is going back to the American Pie days and looks great like this. Hopefully she is starting to act her age.

Renata on

I think she looks beautiful!
I hope she looks beautiful inside as well!

Jessica on

Very very classy and polished, excellent!

Angie on

Does not even look like her! She looks remarkable! Keep up the great work Tara.

j on

she looks really, really good. PLEASE maintain this look, tara!!

Kristin on

SHe looks alot less party girl than before. Maybe this is the start of imporving her overall image??

Dianne Doyle on

Stunning, now she looks absolutely amazing.

Trish on

She looks great!

simon on

She looks good, but her past behavior still leave sa bad taste in my mouth….that and her annoying voice

Lauren on

Look what happens when you start reading your own tabloids and grow up!!! Congratulations Tara, you look great as a woman~!!



Danielle on

I hear everyone saying how great she looks but I think that she looks great because she probably feels better about herself. She doesn’t feel the need to wallow in all that is fake and plastic because she is probably finally happy with herself. GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

beth on

Tara Reid is 30 or older and it is definitely time that she start acting her age, not like a crazy 18 year old who was just let loose from strict mormon parents. I do not think 30 is old, but old enough that she needs to have her act together.

Jen on

Tara looks so beautiful! She’s always been beautiful but the past couple of years have looked rough. Congratulations on the new look!!

funfun100 on

Oh my… What happened to the old Tara? Did she get a fashion consience?? I LOOOOOVE this look! To me it doesn’t even look like Tara at all she looks so good!

Jenny on

She looks lovely and mature (finally!)

Annette on

Tara looks amazing…..looks like the former “bad” girl has finally grown up.

Taylor on

She looks like Kelly Ripa!

cate on

i think she looks gorgeous! love the dress. love the hair. good job tara. very much improved.

danielle on

Tara looks sooooo pretty .. but there is still one problem she can not act for beans

manny on

I knew she had it in her, she just needed a little growing up. She is beautiful.

Quiese on

She looks great. I’ve seen a few years back when i worked at Arden B. in the Garden State Plaza and she was a mess with that bleached blonde hair and so muched make-up on her face that she looked like her face was going to crack. So this is a good look for Tara.

sal on

where can i get one of those cute grey jumper things shown in i really love my

Vonnie on

For a woman in her thirties, she’s finally starting to dress her age. Very sophisticated, very elagant, very nice. I’m no fan of Tara, but I applaud her on this look. I hope she keeps it up!

Becky on

She looks beautiful. I hope she is not a one hit wonder like Britney Spears.

Bruno926 on

Much improved but she could use a good undergarment. Looks too lumpy.

angela on

I am so happy she is better and looks so good. She seems much more satisfied with who she is inside and out now. Good for her. I wish her all the best because she really is a beautful young woman.

Anne on

Beautiful – she will be one of the big comebacks this year

stylemaven on

She looks like a classy Hollywood lady.

Cory on

She looks great… until she opens her mouth. Then it will be the same old Tara Reid.

liz on

looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

J. on

Tara looks great, very classy and sophistacated, a real lady.

vickie on

thank god Tara grew up and turned into a beutiful woman maybe she’ll get her career back . you go girl

Liz on

LoVe iT! She’s beautiful!

hfm on

This is a vast improvment!! She doesn’t look like a sloppy, drunk hillbilly!! Does anyone else think it looks like she got a lil bit of the ol’ plastic surgery on her face?

Deb on

Has she had plastic surgery? Something about her looks completely different, I barely recognized her.

laurs on

Tara is looking FANTASTIC these days. She’s really come a long way towards repairing her image. Now she needs to work on her vocabulary and public speaking skills.

Deena on

Please! Please! Please! Keep it up! This is long overdue!

Kenia on

Tara looks great! SO MUCH BETTER….

Rose on

She’s glowing! Could she be pregnant??

CR on

I am proud of Tara, she has made a positive change and I hope it improves her career too!

Marissa on

She looks very ladylike, hopefully she can stay that way!

Stephanie on

no more Tara Gone Wild????? looks like she finally decided to grow up!!! Go Tara you look Fabulous!!!

Chris on

Looks can be decieving!!! Once a party girl, always a party girl!!!

Lili on

She looks ah-mazing…good for her we looks so chic

Malissa on

She looks fantastic!

Erin on

Tara does look amazing..very sleek and put together well. Maybe know that her plastic surgery nightmare is over she is much more confident.

mell on

Love It!!!!!

sasha on

She looks great, 100% better then before.

Elda on

You go Girl!!! Go Tara!!!

c~ on

She looks great, and I hope she keeps up this wonderful new look. For those of you haters out there, everyone deserves a second chance and it seems like she is really trying now so give the girl a break!

dawn blagborne on

this is the nicest she’s looked by far…

bssrj on

I think she looks stunning. When you look good, you feel good. Hopefully, the inside matches the outside. Keep it up Tara.

Kathye on

OMG She looks great so much better than the little oopsi on the red carpet look , Maybe that beacuase she’s actually descent looking and dresses. E might want to consider her back for the show…Hmm well see

AC on

About time. She didn’t have to look like a tramp. This is much nicer.

Brock on

Hello, she had plastic surgery. What do you expect?

Brianna on

Wow – for once she doesn’t look like she woke up in the gutter. Although I kind of miss the old Tara – the glaring red alcoholic eyes and the unmistakeable hair of a woman who just got gang banged

jenny on

she looks great! i way like her better. stars look better when they dont where skimpy outfits!

Toni O on

WOW!!! Can’t believe the change. Keep it up Tara.

Carla on

This look was long overdue and I hope she keeps it up! She looks like a real woman now. She’s finally grown up, now lets hope this puts her back on the map!

Molly on

Congrats Tara! you look great!

Angie on

I think Tara has just re-invented herself as other celebrities have (Cher, Madonna). She has made a huge improvement! Everyone at sometime in their life knows when it’s time to grow up and Tara is no exception.

liz on

WOW! Fabulous, just fabulous. People will take you a little more seriously now! Good for you!!

Linda on

Tara looks great and much better than before!!

Michaela on

Good for her. When I watched her on Taradise, I thought she was pretty annoying but I also notice two things about her (no, not her crazy boobs, but something else) She is very nice, and she also loves life and loves to have fun! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with her one night? She’s cool. She was nice to all of the staff people, etc…Sure she’s out there, very animated, but in a good way I thought, not a b&*tchy Paris Hilton way. So happy that she is looking better now.

Beth on

She looks great there but how did she look at the end of the night…..huh

sweet lily on

awww.. i know she had a difficult time with her surgery so happy that she is doin well!

Michaela that is mean u don’t even know paris! how could u b mean to her! even though it is paris she has feelings too!

just b classy!

Jen on

I have seen Tara out many times in hollywood. i always thought she looked terrible. she looks happier and ready to start over. her partying 20’s are behind her and now she is sophisticated in her 30’s. (i can’t believe i am commenting on this) but she looks good…

Dale Jones on

I love it. She is really beautiful and talented and now maybe the world will actually take her seriously.

anon on

Hmmm…. I am glad that she made a change for herself , but there is something about her that makes her fake.

Suki on

Tarrific! She’s giving LaLohan a run for her money$$

Steph B. on

She actually looks like a classy lady! Well done Tara, keep it up, please!

ashley on

wow. She looks amazing. its about time!!! For the first time in a long time she actually looks lady-like!

susan on

she looks fantastic.. so glad to see she is doing so much better after all of her troubles.

Michaela on

Oh please sweet lily,
You have a right to post, but if you have nothing else to say but to disagree with me, why waste space?
Have your own thought and go with it. Or is there nothing on your mind?
Have your own opinion and post it but don’t tell me to “be classy.” Talk about “being mean”. Practice what you preach or your name might be changed to stinky lily.

Elizabeth on

I agree, she looks chic and elegant! Seems like she stopped drinking….

Libby on

This is the best she has ever looked. I hope she stays this way, maybe people will start to take her seriously.

melanie on

Tara looks fantastic!

Tiphani on

She’s naturally a beautiful woman, and this look definately brings out her natural beauty. I’m in awe…which certainly classifies her new look as “AWE”-some!!

pamela on

Kawabunga dude !!!!!!

Jennifer on

That doesn’t even look like her. She’s beautiful here.

LindZ on

What, this is natural?!?! Tara appears to have had some cheek implants or something…I have to admit, she looks a LOT better!

Natalee on

I have always thought Tara was beautiful. She has classic looks. She is blessed with such a pretty face. Tara probably feels so much better about herself and more confident (without all the alcohol and partying ways). She can still have fun at her age, but she has to set her limits and not go out every night and get trashed and do some striptease on a table or something to that extent. She has classy looks and she CAN put them to good use, and maybe more will take her seriously. She should take advantage of a face like hers. She exudes beauty in this photo, and I hope she keeps this look up. Someone commented on her show “Tara-dise” which I saw, and I agree, Tara looks like she loves life and she seems so nice and sweet, but than she would go out and get trashed at a night club and Tara looked so hung over and tired, and she just didn’t know when to stop. There are limits one must set, and I hope for Tara’s health, she has cut back on the alcohol, partying ways and takes herself seriously. There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to stay home and be a homebody and cuddle up to a good book and read, besides we should be doing more of this more often, hehe. Kudos for Tara and she looks beautiful.



LG on


Ta-Shona on

I always thought that Tara Reid was pretty. It’s good to see that now, she thinks so too. Good for her!

Angelica on

She looks AWSOME!!

Rochelle on

Tara looks great, if only Lindsey Hohan took a cue from this maybe people would like her better.

Rochelle on

She looks great, if only Lindsey Hohan took a cue from this new transformation, maybe people would like her better.

Megan on


Emma on

She looks great but she needs to know how to stand. Pull those shoulders back and cut the faux pidgeon-toed thing out. Stand like you know you’re beautiful!

jo mama on

Why would you change how you look completely? Just because she looks different doesn’t mean she is any less of a skank.

rachel b. on

Tara Reid has grown-up and i like her new look!

Alex on

Awesome Tara looks so much better now!! Hope nothing is going to change …And now she is even more sexy, beauty and attractive than Paris Hilton or Britney Spears even though she is older. GO TARA !!

greg connelly on

I will say this a million times she the hottest girl i haveseen in a long time

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