Are You Ready To Give Up Uggs?

11/09/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

One of the most loved-and-hated trends of the past few years has been the emergence of Uggs — originally popular with L.A. girls like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the look spread like wildfire. To be honest, I fought the trend for as long as possible, only succumbing to their cuddly charm in the midst of a blizzard last winter. I know the pastel look, especially the bedazzled variety, have long worn out their welcome, but can’t I wear my tan ones when the temperatures drop? Do I need a new pair of boots to keep me warm this winter? What about you: Are you ready to give up your Uggs? If so, what are you replacing them with?Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Jules on

I am not throwing mine out all together…BUT this year, at the ski lodge, I am sporting warm wool and cotton socks under rubber wellies!!! oh so cute.

Erica on

Well, Paris sure has the money to replace her dirty Uggs with at least a clean pair for starters. Uggs in general? I too waited as long as possible before I finally planted my feet in some. And by this time I was able to get a very good knockoff version at Target for 30 bucks. I wore them probably once and gave them to my sister. They are very unflattering. Everyone looks like bigfoot. They are over!

For snow, as old ladyish as it sounds, I wear waterproof Totes boots or lace up Timberlands. Both waterproof and warm and not ridiculous. For non snowy, but cold days I also have a pair of Airwalk boots I got at Payless that are superwarm and black suede.

Heather on

Not a chance. I just bought mine a few weeks ago. I don’t care if they’re ugly or in style or not, they’re warm as sin. I’d rather be wearing them than a pair of ugly grandma boots (which is the only alternative currently in my area), so yes they will be on my feet this winter whether they’re in style or not (my Marc Jacobs bag can make up for it I guess!)

Wendy on

I will never get rid of my uggs. They were a great investment! When the temperatures drop they are so perfect and comfortable. I think the only thing un-cool about them is when they are worn in the summer, with mini skirts!

Alisa Lopez on

Why would I give up the most comfortable winter boots? They may not be the best looking boots out there, but for once…I’m going with practicality rather than looks! They’re like putting on slippers everyday…only made for outside, cold weather.

Joanne on

Thank you Wendy!! Why should I get rid of my Uggs when it gets so cold in NYC. I love the fact that it is now “out”. Get the hell out of here with that mess. Question: Who decided it was out? A bunch of idiots from SoCal? Well, I live in NYC and it actually gets colder than 65 degrees here so I will continue to be tacky and warm.

emily on

im 13 and and they really are the style in my area now.
i was recently at a college football game with some friends and almost every other girl was wearing them to keep warm.

Shasha on

I willl never throw out my Uggs.I have 2 colors (Purple and Classic.Even if they go out of style they’re staying with me (same with my wellies)

Sophie on

No way I’m giving up my Uggs! I live in Wisconsin, where it’s cold from October to April. I don’t care if a few selective LA ladies say they’re out…they are comfortable, well made, I think cute, and perfect for our seven months of winter.

janis on

I agree a love, love, love my uggs. Im not one to succumb to fashion rules, i think they are the most comfortable warm shoes, and i look forward to putting them on. I will never get rid of them as a matter of fact i buy a new pair every year. Not the pastel ones though, just tan or chocolate. And never, never with a miniskirt…..ewwwwwwww

Elizabeth on

I also will still wear my Uggs. I honestly don’t care if they are not in style anymore when you wear heels all week at work, they feel like HEAVEN to wear all day on Saturday. Plus I live in NYC and I still see plenty of fashionable ladies rockin’ Uggs.

Mags on

I live in New England…they are a necessity for warmth in the late fall/winter. I also waited to get on the “Ugg bandwagon”…and now find myself owning 5 pairs! They are pointless in the snow, being suede and all, but on a cold day they are perfect to throw on. I don’t think they are a ‘trend’ anymore…more of a staple of a fall/winter shoe wardrobe (IN COLD CLIMATES!)

Andrea on

Who cares if they are ugly?! When it’s blistering cold outside and your toes feel like they’re gonna fall off, comfort supersedes fashion. They are so warm and cozy. I totally agree with the last post.. Uggs with mini skirts are hideous. I think they are actually cute when worn with jeans and a nice sweater and a scarf or something. :)

Sherry on

i just wore my uggs last weekend. i was on vacation and the temps were calling for my uggs. i won’t be throwing them out anytime soon.

bridgett on

The shoes are nasty looking just like their owner!!!!!!!!!

cate on

i hate uggs. theyrs so ugly! i have hated them ever since i first saw them. the tan ones are ok (sorta.) but the pastels are just awful.

Niko on

Heck no. I work three jobs and my feet need to be cozy! Uggs all the way.

kim on

I’ll never get rid of my Uggs, even if they are UGGLY. Who can really wear 3 inch heels to go shopping and walk around in the winter? Not I!

kimlove on

I had a pair of uggs when I was 17, I’m now 27, we lived in the Northwest at the time, so I liked mine for a few years back then but I guess when everyone else started wearing them, it kind of was my cue to stop, you girls who say every other girl had them on, do something original! You don’t want to be like “every other girl” As for allternatives, the wellies sound cute, if we’re talking about serious snow, uggs will leak through.

Andrea on

I agree that the pastel Uggs aren’t that attractive looking, but I love the chocolate brown Uggs and the Tan ones.

arty on

Of course not. I love them so! Including the pastel ones. I do not think they are ugly either. They seem like a fine choice for, lets say, a quiet cold evening to the movies (no one suggested to wear them in a nightclub or should ever have in the first place).

Mitzi on

I will NOT be gving up my uggs!! Of course they are ugly -what do you think uggs means?! But they are warm and comfy!! I have my dress boots that are super cute, but for warmth and comfort I go straight to my uggs!! I do agree that Paris needs a new pair – hers are looking a little scuzzy – and a neutral color might be a good idea.

Jenny on

They are the most comfortable shoes to wear during the winter. Why would I get rid of them? Sometimes comfort and warmth has to overrule the end of a trend. If you love something, you should wear it:)

Christine on

I’m Canadian, and Uggs are still huge here… though that’s probably a result of our -40*C winters, not style. Despite the cold, I’ve never bought into the hideous trend… I’d rather freeze than slog around looking like bigfoot all winter. I have a cute pair of lined black leather boots, with a 1″ heel… they’re warm enough, durable enough, and I don’t feel frumpy in them.

Allexa on

I think people should wear what they want to wear, when they want to wear it. I am tired of celebrities and or the media deciding when something is out of style. If you like it, wear it!


love love love my Ugg’s!!!never give up:)

Susan on

well, I HATE the boots, but I love the mule slides…I have some and they are the warmest shoe EVER…Living in Minot, middleof nowhere, North Dakota you need warmth. However, they are not good for walking in snow, they will leak through and if you don’t take care of them they will stain the suede, so you really can only wear them on dry cold days.

v on

NEVER! You will rip my uggs away when I’m dead. Once you’ve worn them you never go back. Mine are the tall chestnut & they are perfectly ratty and I’m in them all weekend with jeans. I didn’t like the whole dress & Uggs phase, but they are practical & amazingly comfortable shoes. Who cares if Paris is still wearing them or not?

Lucy Bintz on

I love my Ugg’s. But here’s the thing, you never wear them in the summer. What’s the point?! They are SO comfy and they look cute with a pair of jeans or when I’m up in the mountains before I go snowboarding. Keep your Ugg’s, they’ll never go out of style. Just make sure you put them away when spring comes!

Cindy on

I still wear Uggs, but it’s the cute lace-up ones from the current season, NOT the pastel ones.

chrissy on

i love my UGGS. never ever will i get rid of them. they are so practical, warm and cute. the perfect commuting shoes for work and awesome with a skirt.

Vivian on

NEVER! I live in Colorado and they are absolutly the most comfortable apre ski shoes ever! Don’t care if they are out. I really don’t think that comfortable will ever be out.

Stephanie K on

they might be making their way toward the back of everyone else’s closet, but as a college kid in the snow belt of ohio, i’m keeping mine. they’re not only perfect for walking to your 8AM class in the snow, but are quick to throw on and are more comfortable than anything else.

Gemma on

There is no way i will ever give up my Uggs – they are just the warmest, most comfortable boot ever. I don’t even care what they look like when they’re on because they’re just too damn good to even think about not wearing them!!

Jenn on

I’m keeping my pink Uggs! They are the most comfortable things I own, especially for the Chicago winters. I think they are better looking then some of the other boots out there. I’m sure people who live in colder weather will continue to wear them!

Mary Ann on

I live in Buffalo and I’ve had my black UGGS for ten years. I’ve never had anything more comfortable or warmer on my feet. I will never give them up. It’s not a fashion thing; it’s a winter survival thing.

Liz on

Why should Paris get rid of her Uggs? If she wants to wear them, then she can! I’m not wearing pastel uggs, but I would like a new pair of tan ones…and I guess you can tell that I’m not giving up my uggs either!

Britt on

Maybe the pastel colors can go, I never liked those, but I just bought a pair of tan look-alike uggs with fur instead of the shearling…it may sound tacky, but they’re really adorable, it dresses them up and makes them different. But I also have a pair of tan wedge suede boots from last winter that were a pretty big hit, and are coming back this year that are a step up from the basic uggs. I work in an expensive all designer-label mall in cold Michigan and have already seen tons of people with their Uggs on, so I know when I’m wearing them again this year I won’t be alone.

sapna on

I’m not giving up my tan Uggs! They are an absolute lifesaver in the fall and winter and one of the most practical footwear purchases I’ve made in a while. Another practical purchase: a pair of black knee high rainboots – another lifesaver! Living in the city and walking everywhere is a lot easier thanks to these smart buys ;)

Carrie on

not so sure about the pastels but i will probably wear them for the rest of my life.

Latiya on

I will NEVER, EVER give up my UGGS!!!! They are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever stepped in. I live in Philadelphia where the temp can drop down to single digits. Leave UGGS alone and get rid of the skinny jeans!!

Tiffany on

L.A. and Hollywood HARDLY sets the “trend” for the more fashionable here on the EAST (a la NYC, Philly). With that being said, UGGs are actually USEFUL here when the temperature drops… how annoying is it to see fake tan, fake blonds in L.A. running around in a tank and shorts with Ugg SUNDANCE II (of all boots!)?!?!! It saddens me to the point where I resisted the trend of the classic Uggs (and got the even more useful Larkspur… all leather, waterproof, 10″ height, PERFECT for snow…now sold out!)… but have finally ordered my first classic talls today. Can’t wait for them to arrive, but UGGs are not a trend; for anywhere else besides CALI, they are a classic!

Jennifer on

I love my Uggs… I could care less if they are still considered “trendy” or not. Uggs are so comfy and practical, and if you know how to dress ’em up right, can look very classy. They are heaven on your feet.

Andrea on

No way. My boots are way too cozy to give up and my Kylie clogs are still too cute. Besides, it’s not like I care if they are “out” this season. I didn’t buy them cause they were “in” to begin with. I bought them because they are way comfy! Wellies on the other hand will never touch my feet since I do not were man made materials on my tootsies!

Maggie on

No, sorry, I can’t give Uggs up. They need to be used properly (as with all clothes), but they’re too comfortable to fall victim to “trend”. They *were* trendy, now they’re just a staple.

Elizabeth on

I have two pairs of UGGS- both in pink. I love mine and am going to wear them regardless to what people think.

joy on

To Andrea, who said that her Uggs are pointless in the snow: I got some leather/suede moisture protection spray from a local leather shop, and it works wonders! (Could probably find the same kind of stuff at Wilson’s or any quality shoe store)
I wear my pink Uggs all winter! I’m in the Chicago area, and it’ll be a while before I’m willing to give these babies up! I also see them all over the place, being worn by cute, stylish women who also want to keep their toes from falling off!

Mell on

I know that they are now “out” but, I can not resist. I am buying a new pair this weekend. Being that I live in New England and not LA, I think I have the right to wear the fluffy and oh so warm boot.

kasey on

honestly i don’t care what any one says about my UGGS, i just bought a new 300$ pair last week, i live in boston it gets COLD here in the winter so i need them. no one is going to tell me what i should or shouldnt wear ( unless it is completely hideous/outrageous)

Cari on

I love UGGs but i also think an alternative for rain snow … are rain boots from target..they have some that are stripped polka dot and tons of other sute ones and they are only 19.99. I just orderd a pair today!

Kaylyn on

Although I reside in the dreaded “So Cal,” where everything “fake,” “tan,” and evil dwell, I still use my ugg’s on a regular basis. Even though the temperature NEVER drops below 65…that’s actually very untrue. Although I’m positive there’s no comparison in temperature to all you mid-wester’s and east coaster’s, morning walks to 8 a.m. university classes are pretty chilly. I wear mine with socks because for some reason my feet sweat. Now THAT is unfashionable.

Oh well. Don’t they know that “out” is the new “in”?

Gwen on

I think what’s out, and never should have been IN, was the trend of wearing these godawful things in summer with mini-skirts. You have Paris to thank for that. The things are warm, so by all means, rock em if you’re trekking through a blizzard. As a winter insulator they’re in, but as a fashion trend, oh how OUT they are, and thank goodness for it.

Deb on

I’m with Wendy… and I’m from Central California (for those of you who don’t know… it does get colder in many parts of CA than 65 degrees….!) I don’t care if they are “out” ….. they are warm and comfy and I just bought a new chocolate brown colored pair! And I agree that Wellies can be cute ….. but not as comfy!

lori on

NEVER WILL I GIVE UP MY UGGS!! I don’t live in LA. But you don’t have to, to know stylish women everywhere will continue to wear UGGS for comfort. NO, not to a Ball, or an event but for everyday running around NOTHING compares to the Uggs.I discovered Uggs on a trip to Australia in 2000!! The Aussies wore them at that time in the winter. They were sp comfortable. They and warm in winter and cool in summer. I Came back to the US two years later and they were all the rage!! I never bought them for style and will never get rid of them because of comfort. Never will have a closet without a couple pairs!! Sorry Hollywood Fashionistas or stylists but comfort NEVER goes out of style. And I would be my last dime most of you are closet UGG wearers yourself!! ;-)

Allison on

I have two pairs. I honestly love them… they are the only things that keep my feet warm. I never pulled the skirt and Uggs look, and I don’t own the pastel ones either. Neutral and dark colors are best.

Angela Davis on

I think they are cute still, Im so sick of hearing whats out and whats in…. be an individual people… if you like them wear them if not dont but dont judge people based on their BOOTS!!

Allison on

I bought my Uggs in 1992 and ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My husband thinks they are ugly, but they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Never get rid of them.

Cristina on

I will never give up my tan Uggs! I live on a ranch and these are the most comfortable, warmest and easiest shoe to slip on and off. I’m also going to be wearing them alot this winter because of the fact that I’m pregnant and due in December and again, most comfortable (especailly with swelling feet), warmest and easiest. My boyfriend on the other hand would have the Ugg factory blown up if possible. He calls them Fugglies!!

Gretchen on

I’m sorry, but who decided that UGGs were out of style anyway? I can see that wearing them with a skirt is dumb, but here in Michigan, I live in my UGGs. I’m not willing to give them up, and I think they’re still hot.

Lola on

Pastel, non-pastel, classic or tall who really cares? People have been saying Uggs were over from the moment they started but unlike other “trends” Uggs actually have some practical application (at least in come parts of the world) and therefore will never really go away and who really cares if they do or not.

If you don’t like them, don’t wear them and if you do then continue to work them for as long as you enjoy them and don’t worry so much about what others think is in or out.

Now crocs are another matter…

AB on

I still have held out on ever buying a pair, cause I never thought they were cute, but they must be pretty comfy if everyone is as attached to them as they claim here! I agree though, that when it’s freezing outside, ANYTHING that keeps you warm is worth it, fashion approved or not.

Mary on

When Uggs first came out, I didn’t like them, but I soon changed my mind after I tried my sister’s! Living in Chicago with the temps below zero in the Winter, all I care about is warm and comfortable feet! And they do look cute if worn with the right outfit!

Maria on

I don’t plan on buying the classic style Uggs (will buy one of the new lace up ones) but I have tried them on. They looked awful on my feet, but they were the WARMEST suckers ever. And living in Montreal, they would be perfect for our subzero winters!

meg on

I love my PASTEL UGGS and refuse to give them up. I might look stupid, but you will never hear me complain about cold, sore feet!

Joanne on

Stop being so sensitive California girls. Sheeesh.

Rachel on

i personnaly have never owned Uggs and im not thinking of investing in some any time soon i think they are just as sloppy as wearing tracksuits to the mall and the only thing they actually go good with is sweats and only when they are from arepostal idk if i spelled that right sorry im kinda having some problems lately lolz oh but as paris still wearing them ya know what she needs to get over them her house oops no mansion is like her own personal shopping mall so her wearing uggs after like its ten yr fase is crimenal

rachel on

i have two pairs- medium length tan ones, and chestnut slippers. i will NOT be giving them up anytime soon- they’re comfy, stylish, and everyone is wearing them around me.

Kristin on

He[[ no, they are the most comfprtable pair of shoes I own. I also have a pair of their slippers and they are awesome, too. I am a Chicago girl too and let me tell you they are GREAT in the Windy City!!

Vanna E Langdon on

Give them up? No way. I had these boots back when they were UGHs by Eddie Bauer (20 years ago) and still have that pair, that’s how much I like them and they were great before and they’re great now. I agree they’re not the most attractive footwear, however, I bought them for warmth. And, believe it or not, fashion repeats itself…

Swedishgirl on

Okay, I live in sweden, and it’s cold here most of the time, but still – leave those ugly UGG at home! They look awful, and not flattering at all, do you really want to ruin an entire outfit by putting on these gigantic “socks”? It seriously looks like something you could wear to your pyjamas!
This season has really cute ankle boots, if they work in sweden I think it works whereever you live to! :)

Johanna on

Uggs are the most comfortable thing around!! Nothing feels better on your feet after a day on the slopes!! Anyone who thinks just because they are not the most attractive things that they should be “out” probably has never tried a real pair on..and oh yes, there is a difference!! I can’t wait until it is cold enough for me to pull them out!!

Emily on

My Uggs are still one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I wear them around the house, on errands and to my boyfriend’s place on cold nights. They really cannot be beat for comfy, warm warm warm shoes. Mine are blue (wow, like Paris’) and while I wish I had the dark brown ones (or the taller ones), I am fine sticking with these since I spent $130 on them. Fight the death of the trend and just wear them if you like them.

kate on

I have to agree with most everyone else from here..I DO live in SoCal it does get colder than 65 degrees, although not frigid and they are just so comfy that who cares if they are in or out…they are great for trudging through flea markets and doing weekend errands….But what do i know i’m a fake blonde, with a fake tan….although i do know that WELLIES were like so two seasons ago…come on people

Jessica on

I love ugg boots!!! i wear them all the time. they are perfect for the winter!!

Haley on

There’s no way in hell I’m throwing MY Ugg’s out!! I LOVE them! And I think they’re way more stylish than a lot of the crappy styles that are coming out lately!

holly on


sharon on

Sorry but I gotta have the Uggs.

Lillian Gorham on

How about we toss Paris out? No more nothing. She is a drunk driver.

Haley on

Lillian, I am LMAO from your comment!! I totally 100% agree! LOL

Jacqui on

Keep the Ugg’s, lose the Paris!! She’s trash!

CC on

They are the ugliest things I’ve seen and I can’t believe that people actually wear them in public. MAYBE for slippers or wear inside the house but that’s about it! Trust me, where I live (Montreal) is very fashionable and here Uggs are SO last winer.

Danielle on

First off I don’t wear them b/c they are in style. I have worn them for over 10 years and it had nothing to do with trend or Paris (Hilton that is). If you are a surfer or know a surfer chances are they have Uggs. So for me it’s a surfing thing b/c they are great to keep your feet warm after being in the cold surf. So for me I will never be w/o my Uggs.

Jen on

Uggs are so passe. To everyone wearing them for comfort – Wear them around the house. To everyone wearing them for style – there’s boots that are comfy AND in style… I picked up a pair of Dior moonboots last winter, theyre super comfy, super warm, and totally current even this year.

Denise Jones on

Never, they are the most comfortable winter boot on the planet. I am a landscape contractor and can work an entire 12+ hr day, of heavy duty work, rain or shine and never have a foot complaint. My hands may like hell but my pedicure is always beautiful. I must own a least a dozen pair ranging from old,leather and waterproof to tall, soft and sexy. Uggs are a friend forever!

Tash on

No way! My UGGS are here to stay!

Tove on

When I was in Australia a few years back, I learned that Aussies laugh so hard at the “cool, fashionable, trendy” famous people wearing UGGS everywhere. They told me that UGGS (as they are imported to the USA from Australia)is short for “ugly boots” and ONLY hillbilly sheepfarmers I Australia wear them! No smart trendy person would get caught wearing them Down Under! So much for cool famous people in USA! hahahah…

Jessie on

Give up my Uggs?? NEVER! I am a home care nurse outside of NYC and own 4 pairs that I rotate around to suit the weather. (tall,short,gripped bottoms) They are an absolute necessity if you live where there is frequent snow, ice, slush, freezing temps, heavy rain, sometimes all in the same day. You would have to pry them off of my dead warm feet! Besides, my feet are in the best shape ever! No more bunions, corns, foot pain….they are heaven! GOD BLESS UGGS

Abbey on

omg they are like the coolest things ever!!
i wanted to buy some for myself, but they are too expensive… like $150.00, and i just bought some burkinstocks

julie williams on

Uggs are not a fashion trend, they are a way of life. If you’re super concerned with the latest in boots, and let’s face it , “who’s Not?”… well go buy another pair of boots, or two. But some days are just “ugg” days.
Julie Williams Hot Springs Arkansas.

Deanna on

I like Uggs! I won’t stop wearing them! I think Paris should be on top of fashion, isn’t that why she’s famous? But for me, I like Uggs!

sweet lily on

I love my uggs i have two pairs, black, and chesnut, they’re the classic high boots. i must admit if it were’nt for paris no one would no about this cute and compfy trend!

Kat on

Ladies, I understand that Uggs are great for those of you that live in cold climates, but please, please do me a favor! If you have the pastel type and they get extremely dirty and nasty, REPLACE THEM. I’ve seen way too many pairs that started about pink and are now a gray, muddy color, yuck! They aren’t a great fashion statement in the first place, but when they are dirty they are awful!!

R on

I have to say that I never really liked uggs since the beggining. They look great for like playing in the snow but the people who wear them with skirts and shorts, it’s just like, Did you forget to take off your slippers?

Emily K. on

I own a pair of baby blue Uggs and there is no way that i am going to stop wearing them. Their so warm and cozy and i dont care what anyone else says, I think their cute.

Lisa on

Now Paris is too old for UGGS? Whatever! I’m 28 and will never give them up. I think my mom is getting a pair, oh my!

claire on

for denise jones moon boots are the UGLIEST things i have ever seen my chesnut originals are way better and they do work in the snow and dont leak cause i spray them its very easyand i live in toronto and everyone still wears them but even if they didnt i would still wear them theyy are the comfiest boots ever and perfect for after skiing but on the other hand CROCS ARE SO UGLY!why dod people wear them and they are saying uggs are ugly!

claire on

my birks are so comfy but im so sad i have to throw them out now and they just got worn in!!!o well i will go to my uggs

Robyn on

Ugg boots have been around for decades — in Australia. Those Uggs that everyone wears in American are ripped off from what we Aussies have been wearing for years. NEVER have they been a fashion statement here. No one dares wear them outside their own home or beyond a trip to the local supermarket. That Americans talk about them being fashionable and cool is just ridiculous. Uggs can’t be out of fashion because they were never in!

Lucy on

Thank you for finally recognizing that uggs need to go. I’m so sick of seeing them everywhere. the newest trend is ULU boots, they are just as comftorable and much more fashionable. Although, all of you animal lover may not approve…

Aimee on

All my friends told me how ugly they were last year, and I could of cared less because once you put your feet in them you don’t ever want to take them off. I ended up getting the slippers and all. Now all my girlfriends are sporting them…and why? because they are sickly comfortable…they now all thank me. Nothing that comfortable can go out of style!!!

Natasha on

If Paris wants to wear Uggs, then let her! People act like it’s a crime because she’s still wearing them. If she likes to wear them, then leave her alone, and just shut up about it.

Bridget on

Dosen’t she know space boots are in??? With the billions she has, can’t she at least by 6,000 dollar ugg shoes…those blue ones look cheap!:-D

LJ on

These Uggs are hideous! I have never liked Uggs–they look like Eskimo boots, and I know that guys hate them. Like Paris, some girls at my school still insist on wearing them; not only do they look out of sync with new looks, but their boots are dirty! Trash the Uggs–go for high, black boots with heels instead.

Bela on

I am not getting rid of mine! They are the tan ones, and they keep my feet warm and they are super comfortable. I think people should just wear whatever they what, and forget what people say is in or out. What keeps your feet warm and comfortable is what is in!!

Carli on

I am not giving up uggs! I don’t have them yet, but I want a pair of black ones! I don’t care if its out or if its in! They just look so comfy…. and according to what…. hmm… pretty much EVERYONE on this said, they probably are comfy! So I am getting them! And no super-trendy people are gonna stop me!

Andrea on

Uggs are OK for cold weather, but not as a fashion statement. There is a difference and someone needs to tell Paris that wearing a tanktop and Uggs do NOT go together.

lauren on

i luv her uggs i dont blame her for wearing them they are really comfy! But maybe wear them with a nice pair of jeans instead of red hot pants!

Ednora on

I hate them and I always have. what do people see on them? they’re sooo ugly. ewwwwwwwww

Eveleyn on

Like Stacy Clinton on WHAT NOT TO WEAR says “I hate that word…COMFORTABLE!” It’s like a get out of jail free card for crimes against fashion.
If you want to be comfortable in the snow it’s one thing, but wearing these hideous things just because??? In style of NOT, they’re BAD looking.

And why are so many people so adamant about keeping these?
So resistant to change. If they were cute, I’d say, don’t change em, but face it, they’re ugly boots.
If you’ve been wearing the same shoe for 10 or 20 years…that’s a major rut. Timberland boots are just as warm and waterproof and cuter in my opinion. My best friend bought a GORGEOUS pair that laces midcalf and has a little faux fur on top. SO CUTE! Be WARM AND FASHIONABLE! Tough love ladies! Look fabulous and sexy and you’ll feel better about yourselves. If you can’t part with them, I guess there are worse things in life, like….

A concerned clothes addict

NICOLE Richards on

are u crazy why would anybody get rid of their uggys

katie on

I love my uggs. In St. Louis alot of people still wear em’. I like to follow fashion and these arent in in the fashion world but they’re comfy and warm for fall and winter here. I have 5 pairs(no pastels) and i think they’re cute with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into em’ and a cute chanel or marc jacobs bag with some kind of abercrombie sweater(even though designers and just one plain store but thats okay.) They’re comfy and warm and in style in my area(I’m the trendsetter and person to follow in fashion in my area.)

micheleeee. on

Who cares what is a fashion statement or not?

As long as you are comfy, just like Ms Hilton

Gwen on

Ugly or not, the UGGs have to stay. My feet would be cold all winter without them. I’m more into being comfortable than I am into worrying about fashion. Let’s face it, in that picture, it isn’t the UGGs that make Paris look like a street lady.

Lana on

I love my uggs!!!!!! and all the ugg haters are just jealous…if you don’t like them, then don’t wear them, it’s that simple…but i love mine, we should be happy that a COMFY trend had finally come that everyone can wear!! (instead of skinny jeans and giant sunglasses, which look ridiculous on most people by the way).



Mari on

I still wear and love my uggs. I own some short and long sand colored ones. And I can care less if they’re outta style aslong as they look cute with my outfit and keep me warm during the winter.

karlye on

I am Australian, My feet have been lucky enough to wear Uggs since I was kneehigh to a grasshopper… I am never going to surrend them.

karlye on

p.s we wear them in Oz for comfort not style, maybe to the local supermarket, friends house, service station, dropping the dvd’s off etc… Yes they are ‘ugly’ boots (UGGS) however, most Aussies have a soft spot for them and most Aussie own a pair (even if they say they don’t!) LONG LIVE THE UGLY BOOT!

Anna on

I just got my first pair of uggs, like about 15 days ago. Everyone in my town has them, and they are cute, and they keep you warm! You can wear the uggs in different ways. You can have your pants tucked into them, roll the uggs over so you can see the fur, which is really cute!

alex on

They may be old by i cannot stop wearing mine. Everytime i go shopping to find a new pair of winter boots i always end up wearing my uggs again. It’s hard to find a nice pair of boots that will keep your feet warm in the harsh winter. I am not ready to give up my uggs.

amy on

OMG uggs are so ugly …..ewwwwwwwwwwwww

Kate on

Please, people. Everyone was wearing them three years ago. Stick a fork in them, they are done. Put some warm socks on under some cute boots and SUCK IT UP.

Mari on

I think uggs are the ugliest shoes ever made, BUT they’re warm and cosy. I’m never getting ridd of mine either. I live in Norway, and the Uggs are perfect for the cold winters we have.

Stephanie on

I still like uggs. Plus she looks really good in them so it’s good that shes not trying to stay up with the greatest fasions. I really like them so I think she should keep them as long as she wants!! I love Uggs & Paris!

Parking Lot on

Paris Hiltons uggs= Trash bin!!!!!
She has MORE than enough of money to replace those suckers!!!! ne ways…………Uggs r STILL in!!!

Sarah J.E. on

no way i’d ever get rid of any of my 4 pairs. i love uggs. who cares if they are unflattering ( as a comment earlier stated), there’s an article of clothing for everyone that isn’t the best. it’s all how you wear it- do it in confidence and then if someone challenges you, stomp them with your boots.. haha.. paris is always in style. shes one of my role models. y’ll can think uggs are outta style or you can just update your confidence and keep it real

Bianca Hurst on

Now that’s what I’m talking about those are so stylish nice pick mabey i can go with you shopping.

brianne on

are you crazy!i love can buy them in every different color they go with anything jeans or sweats.i think of them as flip winter you have boots and in nthe summer you have flats and flip flops!

Lindsey on

I have them in a tan color, and I won’t be giving them up for a long time. I love them, but it helps that very few people in my area have or ever had them.

Fc on

I have owned a pair of Uggs for 2 years now and they are just awesome, but between my wife and a 12 year old daughter I rarely get to wear them myself.

Sunny on

oh my gosh uggs are still really great. i love mine and i don’t think i will be giving mine up any time soon. way to go Paris, i love that you are still rocking the uggs.


I live in Canada, and it gets really cold, and there is a ton of snow, i will wear whatever works as long as it’s not too ugly, and i personally think you can just change your footwear when you get inside, but when I am out walking in a foot of snow i will being wearing UGGS!!

adrea on

i love my uggs!!i have a short pink pair and ive just ordered the new rainier style in black.

Isabel on

I never really liked uggs… they do look rather silly. But one good alternative are the mukluks which are really cute and you can even get in real rabbit fur. They keep your feet very warm and are very stylish!

Amy on

NO!! Ugg boots are soo warm..and the days that its too cold to even just wear thick socks..its much better to throw on the pair of uggs..there incredibly comfortable and warm!!

Alexandra de Bock on

Ooh! Why do they always comment on people’s clothes? I like Paris Hilton’s style! She has the body in which she can wear anything and still look good…

Cheetah on

i love, love my uggs! i will never give up to them

monica on


Cassandra on

I LOVE Uggs, they are comfortable and SOOO warm. There are quite a few downsides though: they aren’t altogether waterproof, they get dirty easily, and they are made with sheepskin and shearling. Don’t get me wrong, I own a pair that just recently got wrecked in the rain and I am going to get a new pair as soon as possible. Whoever said it was great that you can get Mukluks in rabbit fur: that’s sick. If you can get perfectly good Mukluks in other materials, why would you want to kill rabbits for no reason? And Monica, you need to calm down. It is kind of annoying how people are always rating other people’s clothing, but it doesn’t give anyone a reason to get mad at people just because they don’t like their opinions. In brief, Uggs are great and no matter what the trend is (being a high schooler there are a lot out there now for me) , they will always ROCK for me. :) :)

Natalee on

Why would I get rid of my Uggs? Because someone who is a fashion correspondent or a fashion stylist says so? Ha, I don’t think so. I can care least if Uggs are in or out, I don’t follow the “rule” of the celebrities. I don’t hop onto the next best thing, besides, shoes can go along way with me. I will wear out their welcome, before I just throw them in the closet or in the garbage, because they’re not in the “in” with Jessica Simpson or Mary-Kate Olsen.

I live in New York and I need my boots. I can care least when it comes to style to decide whether to wear my Uggs in the snow. Style does not rule my decision over whether I get frostbite on my toes or not. I have family that lives in both Pennsylvania, Mass. and Con., and I go to visit quite often and I need my boots there also. As for my color of boots, I have pastel colors along with the black and tan ones.

Bre on

Whether you live in NYC or SoCal (i live in SoCal) Uggs will always be in…. like every single girl wears them at my school…. no matter what the temp, well maybe not 80, but you get it

Babydoll on

i live in Kent, England.. U.K.. etc etc..
and at the moment Ugg boots are ‘the-in-thing’..
and me and my friends all wear them every where!!..
to school and everything whether we get in trouble or not..
my friends and i are all very much into fashion..
and whats the problems with Uggs and skirts..
if you wear them right!..
i personally have a pair of slippers resembelling Uggs to wear with skirts, i odnt wear the real thing as i think the slippers look better..
but still if you thought about it there is a certain cuteness about them and Uggs are not ugly at all..
people only think they are because your feet appear quite wide and round at the toe!..
i love Uggs and i wont stop buying them.. after all im on my third pair.. why break a habit of a life time!..
and who cares whether Paris Hilton wears them!..
i wouldnt wear somthing just because a so-called celeb was wearing it.. or something like it..

Hannah on

Okay okay I will admit to first being interested in UGGs because they were popular. I tried on a pair and fell in love. Now I have 4 pairs of boots and a pair of slippers from them. I’ve had problems with my feet since I was a baby- no no they’re not deformed or anything but its hard for me to wear all things with heels and even certain kind of flats if they lack support. This presents a problem because I love fashion and one of my passions is shoe shopping! AND even though UGGs are apparently “out of style” they are practical to the average American, who does not lead the same kind of life as a celebrity. There are times to pick comfort over fashion and even still I don’t even think they are that ugly. What makes UGGs uglier then Sperry Topsiders, Birkenstocks, or any other comfortable shoe! These shoes were new things at one time and grew to become staples in many peoples wardrobes. And seriously who cares what people in Austrailia care about them. They are thousands of miles away and a different culture. I’d rather wear my UGGs on those days where you just need to be comfortable. The real world is not one big fashion show- even though sometimes I like to pretend I’m in one!

luver girl on

UGGS are so in where i live that the teachers have knock offs. Im 13 and i love my ultra tall black uggs. And you so can wear them in the summer with a skirt. as long as it matches!!

Vicky on

I am not going to throw mine out! I love them cuz they keep my little footises warm and I wearm them for warmth!

sarah on

Meg on

Oh get over it, the trend is OVER.. It was never about what a great pair of winter boots they are – these boots WICK in moisture and have ZERO traction in the snow. Moonboots are very warm and I don’t see you people running around those. These “fashion people from LA” were the ones that made your ugly boots stylish to begin with. That’s what fashion is! Go ahead and keep wearing them to keep your feet warm but DON’T think you’re stylish and fashionable while doing so.

what? on

She’s ridiculous! So what if its got sheepskin on it? If she doesn’t like it…don’t wear it, but she doesn’t have to make a huge statement about it. Who is she anyway?

Tammy on

I am a Northern Canadian Girl who lives in Finland and until there is proof there is actual skin of the sheep on my boots, I am wearing them. We have been told there is not, it part of the natural shaving process and I am not sure I believe it is anything else then that. I think Pam might have been misinformed and if now, please show us this fact is true. These boots are the most comfortable, stylish boots I have had in a long time. I LOVE mine and am not ready to part with them until proven they hurt animals when made. I personally think they don’t hurt the sheep.

Jennifer on

I would NEVER give up my UGGS! EVER! They are so comfy and pretty, I just love them!If fact, I have 3 pairs and I wear them EVERYDAY! Everyone should try them! The knockoffs are NOTHING like the real like the real UGGS ( I have had them before!)

Adela on

no wayy mann i love uggs got a couple of pairs my self!. they are cute, warm, great matchung with anything colors && i lovee minee!!

Lisa Rice on

Ugly is in. The sweats half-a$$edly tucked into Uggs (or some atrocious pair of 80’s-looking boots) is hideous. People claim they’re doing it for sheer comfort. BULL. They’re doing it because they see EVERYONE ELSE doing it. American Apparel is pushing it’s snarky “Ugly” thing (which pseudo-“hipsters” fall for) and the sub-Paris Hilton bimbos have theirs. It’s all crap.

Do you really look in the mirror after putting on this get-up and think. “Like, oh my God! I , like, look soooooo, like, CUTE! LOLZ!). All I can say is: better YOU than ME!

Get some style people. Sheeesh!

Marie on

UggofAustralia on

We love UGG boots!!

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