What's Borat's Best Look?

11/08/2006 at 12:55 PM ET

The box office returns make one thing clear: Americans liiiiike fumbling faux Kazakh journalist Borat (otherwise known as comedian Sacha Baron Cohen). His moviefilm Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan held the No. 1 spot at the box office after opening last weekend. But the verdict is still out about one thing: Borat’s fashion sense. While he tells PEOPLE that he doesn’t need a stylist – “I able to put on my own shirt and antipants,” he says – he could use a some coaching. At least, he’s been trying to step it up a bit on the red carpet –witness these three dazzling looks. First, he goes Mr. Hollywood in a skinny tie, shades and a shiny suit. Then, there’s his “casual tourist” look. (Who doesn’t love a purple fannypack?) And finally, Borat models a barely-there chartreuse “banana thong.” (We’d love to see Mr. Shorts Matthew McConaughey wearing one.) Now we want to know: Which Borat look do you give your thumbs-up to?

Photo: Barnard/Rex USA; Richard Young/Rex USA; WENN

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Joann on

What in the hell is he thinking he is a mess

Shelley on

Banana thong? EEEEEEWWWWWW, so gross!

Jess on

I think he is absolutely hilarious. None of these outfits are flattering but I think that is the point and for that I love it!

tahlia on

he rocks my world lol er actually my funny bone. borat is rather hideous-looking in all his outfits, but as Jess said that’s the point! can’t wait for more wacky get-ups!

kat on

haha banana hammocks rock my world. and borat is so sexy fabulous. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. it’s not about fashion. it’s about comedy. and which one makes you laugh most? banana hammock!

RT on

EWWW that is so disgusting!!!

beth on

I love the fact he felt it was neccessary to wear dressy socks and shoes with his banana hammock thong get-up! I suppose I prefer him clothed, but the man has guts to be wearing such a revealing outfit for millions to see.

Cat on

Niiiiiiiiiiiice! I liiiiiiiiiiike!!
Wah wah wee wah :)

Krista on

Work that thong, Borat!!

Jackie on

I can’t stand this guy.

Samantha on

Do people honestly think he’s being serious fashion-wise? He’s hilarious! I personally like the suit best though.

TD on

Hes a fake. I saw his movie. It was funny. Then found out he ripped off a guy who has been doing the same exact comedic sketches since the early 90s. FAKE FAKE FAKE. Naughty Naughty! Check out the real Borat: http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Movies/11/07/borat.cagri.ap/index.html

Ashley on

I love it lol, he is soooo funny!! If anyone hasn’t seen his movie already you must it’s hilarious!! And I agree, I really don’t think he’s serious about the bananna thong and fanny pack, he’s a comedian, he’s trying to be funny duh!

Emily on

ahahahhaha how hot is THAT?? it’s not suppose to be attractive, it’s suppose to be… hairy… haha thumbs up to the banana hammock =)

Chantelle on

I LOVE the banana hammock! I got to get one for my boyfriend!
In my country, he would be number 1 prostatute. :)

eye4style on

The best part is that Sasha Baron Cohen is actually pretty darn handsome in real life, out of character! And he’s Cambridge educated! *swoon*

michele on

What is that? Cover up that body YUCK!!!!! He needs some serious waxing. ugh. Now im gonna have nightmares.

Bunky on

Who wears a fanny pack right in front? What a maroon.

natalie on

I think he looks sexy. I like the banana hammock thong, he so sexy to me. Mostly because of his sense of humor and his crazy antics.

emily on


Andrea on

LOL that is just wrong.

Brandy on

That lime green banana hammock is HOT!!! I am going out today to get my husbad one….and I might splurge and get him a fanny pack too!!! Thanks to the Borat, I now know REAL fashion sense!!! HA HA HA HA

Kristen on

That takes guts. But it’s funny as all get-out!

christin on

For Bunky who said “what a moroon” needs to learn how to spell (it’s moron)if you think you’re good enough to criticize. He’s supposed to be funny and disgusting, it’s a character people! If you’re one of the people taking him seriously, get a sense of humor!

Jordan on

First of all, Borat is one of the GREATEST, MOST HISTERICAL characters ever to exist! I love the movie and I hope he can keep going with it, although the element of surprise is lost.

None of these outfits are very good…but have you seen Sasha Baren Cohen OUT of the Borat character? I mean have you ever seen him as himself?!?!? HE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE…almost sexy.

hexxuss on

I think I prefer him with clothes on, so I don’t go blind lol.
As for the “what a maroon?” — That’s the same like Bugs Bunny uses/used all the time…

Haven’t seen the movie yet, but am planning to.

Bunky on

Christin – where to begin? Back at you with the spelling and the not criticizing, given I wrote “maroon” and you wrote “moroon”. Of course, it’s not really clear why I would need to be a good speller before I could criticize someone for wearing a fanny pack. Also, I was indeed evoking Bugs Bunny, which certainly clued hexxuss in to the joke…but not you.

Mintie on

Thumbs up for the neon green banana thong; with socks and dressing shoes, what a fashion statement. Have to admire the guy; he is a genius at marketing himself. Funny or not; like him or not; every one is talking about Borat.
Good on you Sasha!

Kristin on

Banana Thong, oh yes. Where can i get my guy one of those.

kybos on

i love your guys’ maroon/moron thing, such a serious discussion issue. that made me laugh almost as much as the *beautiful* banana hammock. what guts he has to go out like that!

Gab on

What is he thinking? Stupid and EWWWWWWW!!!!!!

RT on

I know this is probably the wrong thing to be thinking, but what does the back of the banana hammock look like?? HAHA

jessica on

That takes balls, to pull off a banana hammock thong. It takes balls. What does the back of that look like??

Bonnie B. on

its a lot better than any of Sasha’s Baron Cohen’s “Ali G.” outfits, I’ll give him that much.

Christine Ferrara on

not so pretty

mono on

DISGUSTING! Both his outfits and his humour.

tiff on

Get a clue people… he’s a comedian, his outfits are supposed to be funny.
For those of you that don’t get his humor~ you’re exactly who he’s making fun of! Sascha Baron Cohen is quite handsome, and he’s engaged to a beautiful woman. Go see this movie!

jane says on

Bunky~ who wears a fanny pack AT ALL!???? EVER???!?

Anne on

Okay, so it’s easy to see in the photos that his “sense of fashion” is tongue-in-cheek and it’s also easy to figure out from his “humor” just what cheek his tongue is firmly implanted in. I find him tedious and so very unfunny. To each his own, I s’pose.

puck on

This was a disgusting movie and I’m shocked that cinema has sunk so low. I walked out and asked for a refund! Give me some Will Ferrell any day to this idiot pig.

Listerino on

Although it’s hideous you’ve got to give Sasha Baren Cohen some cred for being brave enough go out in public wearing that thong thing for his character. That’s got to be the scariest thong in existence… Who in the hell besides borat would wear something like that??

Can’t wait to see the movie!

pink lilys on

uhhh…no body wants to see that!

Haley on

Oh…my…God… what the HELL is he WEARING in that 3rd pic? Not that the other ones are any better, but at least they wouldn’t give me nightmares!! Barf.

jul on

…borat is a comedian, not a real person, his clothes are almost like costumes, the girl below me is an idiot.

shar on

Understated is always best…in voice, writing, fashion, and humor.

Rebecca on

I love that man….I cried so hard during the big sceen. He is SO hot as the gay guy lol What’s with the haters and maroons?

diana on

mmm, the thong…he has a nice bod,so he may as well show it off!

diana on

mmm, the thong…he has a nice bod,so he may as well show it off!

penangGAL on

Sasha Baren Cohen has got my vote in Asia! We all love him here esp. his character in Ali G. We are keeping our fingers crossed for his new movie arrival to Asia so we can keep getting lots of hard laughs fr his acting!! Hahahahaha…

Sarah B. on

LOL..He is so funny! And any man that can have enough guts to do something like that is very sexy to me!!!

AnnieM on

Thank you for consigning me to lifetime of therapy!

Mintie on

RT, Jessica, the back of a thong is just a string. Don’t even want to think about it. eeww!! lol

Vanessa on

He is not funny at all.
He is ridiculous, and there is a lot of difference between being funny and pathetic.

junebug on

The thong is a speedo, but Borat doesn’t know how to put it on!
And what’s with all the lack of a sense of humor, people?
All you who are disgusted need to lighten up!

lalala on

PUCK, you went to this movie without a clue? Come on.
Borat, I liike you. High five!

Haley on

Well Jul, sorry to say I had never heard of him before, nor did I know that his outfits were costumes. Don’t be so catty, not all of us are in “the know” as much as you obviously are. Reeeowr!

sharon on

The thong shot cracks me up every time I see it.

dahlia on

Vanessa, if you don’t think he’s funny, why are you wasting your time talking about him. Yeah, pathetic.

RT on

Can someone please tell me how he made it into People’s “100 sexies guys in 60 seconds” Video?? What is sexy about him??

funfun100 on

Borat ROCKS!!!! He looks hilarious in all three!!!! NOTE: for those who think he is racist to jews, well he’s (the comedian) is jewish himself.
I like !!!!!

Vanessa on

Dahlia: why not to focus on the question and answer it instead of being mean with me ???

Is not my fault that the guy is not funny for me at all and this is a free country where I can say whatever I want.

If the guy is funny for you ok, but dont try to make people think the same than you. There are lots of people here who say this guy is funny or not, so please give me a break and get a life.


dahlia on

Vanessa, Ooohh “get a life”. Hahaha. I have one AND a sense of humor. Just because you have the right doesn’t mean you should say whatever you want. I never told you what to think, just curious why you criticized him so harshly. You wanna be that harsh, then deal with people calling you out. Borat would have a field day with you.

kelsey on

omg. what a hottie. :D

LeeAnn on


Natalee on

LMAO! That third picture of the banana hammock has got me balling! Of course I pick that outfit, it suits him, lmao. Just kidding. He is hilarious and these are just costumes to suit his humor. I really don’t think the real person, AKA: Sacha Baron Cohen would actually wear a banana hammock to a wedding or something, unless it was scripted or something. This is a character people, where is your sense of humor? I just can’t stop laughing.

Michelle on

I think I am going to vommit… He is not good looking in anything he wears lol… But funny…

Quinci on

Borat is not funny. Not even slightly amusing. Not at all. The third picture is utterly disgusting.

sharon on

amazing… bet Sasha’s thong has gotten ten times more blog time than any porn shot… EVER!!!… lol, kudos. Think its sexy in a weird way, would love to see the back.

Carolina on

Wa wa wi wa….!!!! he is great !!!

katie on

hes funny and all but that one on the far right is just wrong!!!



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